[Exclusive] Hear Glen Nicholls Brooding Soundtrack And See A Variant Poster For THE DEMOLISHER

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 14:07

Glen Nicholls reveals a taste of the new aggressive and dark sound for the upcoming Latefox Pictures film, The Demolisher directed by Gabriel Carrer (In the House of flies). Glen Nicholls is the founding member of the electronic outfit Future Funk Squad hailing from the UK and has done countless remixes for The Prodigy, Moloko, UNKLE, Hybrid, Muse, Mylo, Stanton Warriors and Bomb The Bass.

The Demolisher chronicles the story of a man named Bruce (Ry Barrett), an ordinary repairman tormented by a crippling sense of responsibility for his disabled wife Samantha (Tianna Nori), a former policewoman and survivor of a gang-related assault. Bruce’s increasing hyper-sensitivity to the injustice suffered by his wife steers him down a dark path of vigilantism. His rapidly disintegrating mental health, paranoia and overwhelming sense of condemnation, Bruce channels his inner-rage, punishing young woman, Marie (Jessica Vano), and finding refuge in a world of intense violence.

Featured below is the red variant poster, an exclusive for Bloody-Disgusting made by the crew at Latefox Pictures.

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Steam Update Brings New Content to ‘Slender: The Arrival’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 14:04

Last month, Slender: The Arrival came to Xbox 360 and PS3, bringing with it brand new content. Today, all of those goodies made their way to PC in the form of a free update that’s available now for everyone who owns the Steam version of the game. Aside from additional optimization and improved game performance, the update also adds two new levels that can be seen in this announcement trailer.

Anyone planning on returning to Slender: The Arrival, or are you too busy with Alien: Isolation and/or The Evil Within?

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Peek Into ‘The Art Of Composing For The Walking Dead’

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In case you missed it during the season five premiere of The Walking Dead, there was a short clip that featured Bear McCreary discussing his favorite aspect regarding composing for the show. The clip shows McCreary in the studio, conducting an orchestra, and speaking to the camera directly about his passion. Check it out below.

Fans of the show have been craving an official soundtrack release since the show premiered. However, it appears that AMC has no plans to release said soundtrack.

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[5 Skull Comic Book Review] “Prometheus: Fire and Stone” #2 Is Mind Blowing!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 13:51

“Prometheus: Fire and Stone” #2 picks up exactly where #1 left off with the crew entering the Xenomorph invested ship only to be quickly dispatched in any number of horrific ways.  There is as much juicy plot development here as there is carnage and mayhem.  This is one of the most exciting books I’ve read in recent memory and beyond that is successful in a multitude of ways.  “Fire and Stone” needs to be read all together to really appreciate how much greater it is than the sum of its parts but, as a flagship, “Prometheus” is consistently exceeding expectations on its own.

WRITTEN BY: Paul Tobin
ART BY: Juan Ferreyra
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: October 15, 2014

Review By Eric Switzer

Tobin is spinning a lot of plates in this book, and so far not a single one has fallen.  This book has a lot on its shoulders: it has to tell an engaging story with interesting characters in just four issues while both feeling true to the limited source material and expanding upon the ideas and events from the film, then it has to integrate with the other “Fire and Stone” books creating a larger narrative and giving the other stories more depth without ruining what those creators are doing but yet find a balance that feels cohesive and important.  “Prometheus” is doing all of that and more.

It is arguably the main event in this cross-over story.  It was the first one released and  introduced the characters and events in the other books.  This issue gives a lot of insight into the other titles and I’m consistently impressed with the depth that Tobin is giving this story.  In no way is it straight forward, rather more questions are asked before others can be addressed, “Fire and Stone” feels like a deeply complex and carefully constructed narrative.  It is something you may not have expected from these franchises, but I for one am delighted by it.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention Ferreyra’s work. His panels are breathtaking, his creatures are imaginative and horrifying.  This book took me twice as long to read as other books because I was so engaged with the art.  Like Tobin, Ferreyra is a master of balance: his work is raw and kinetic yet finely detailed.  I’m really blown away by every aspect of this book.

Eric Switzer  is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at ericswitzerfilm@gmail.com

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[Comic Book Review] “Cutter” #3 Skillfully Channels the Revenge Genre

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 13:44

Last week’s issue of “Cutter” had Jeremy and the townsfolk (who’d all wronged Emily Higgins in some way or another) devising a plan to lure her out and end her once and for all. Unfortunately, that ended with one of their buddies losing his head, literally. This week, issue three of “Cutter” is a tight race against time to save lives and figure out exactly how a dead girl is perpetrating these grisly attacks. Only in this issue, Jeremy has lost his band of brothers and must go at it (nearly) alone.

WRITTEN BY: Seamus Kevin Fahey / Robert Napton

ART BY: Christian Dibari

PUBLISHER: Image Comics / Top Cow

RELEASE DATE: October 15th, 2014

PRICE: $3.99

Issue three focuses on Jeremy and town sheriff, Ed. While Ed believes that it’s Emily committing the crimes, he is slow to admit this to Jeremy. As they snoop about town, including Emily’s old house, they find mason jars full of body parts—kill trophies. They also find Emily’s journal filled with excerpts about her life, proving what we already knew…she was bullied, hated, smacked around, and treated like dirt by her classmates; the very classmates being picked off one-by-one.

When Jeremy receives a text from Ed to meet him at the old Elementary school, he (very naively) goes to meet him only to find he’s been tricked…immediately followed by a blow to the head. Without spoiling everything, the issue ends on a very bad note for Jeremy, he’s in a tight spot and now he’s both suspect and witness to the crimes of Emily Higgins (of whomever…)

“Cutter” is a really fun, spooky, classic supernatural slasher comic for the month of October. There is nothing profound about it, and so far, nothing too unique. But I’m really enjoying it. It’s a bit of horror candy, if you will. The art is fantastic, truly a gem for a weekly comic. It’s impossibly detailed and the tones follow suit with the writing from panel to panel. While there are quite a few characters, frankly too many to keep up with, the comic does a great job of narrowing in on the ones who matter so that when one of them is hacked to bits, you at least care a little bit.

This comic is reminiscent of films like The Grudge, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Carrie. And while it’s steeped deeply in the tropes of the revenge-slasher genre, there is something brewing underneath that I’m fairly certain will shock us all. Not sure what it is and I could be completely incorrect, but there are glimpses here and there of something unexpected around the corner. I highly suggest picking up this comic for a fun, thrilling romp in the revenge madness of a dead girl. It’s a perfect way to prepare for Halloween.

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[Comic Book Review] “Criminal Macabre: The Third Child” #2 is Deeply Emotional

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 13:36

Niles and Mitten have created yet another heartbreaking issue of “Criminal Macabre,” this time with even more breaking. “CM: The Third Child” is without a doubt the most raw, uninhibited, and personal arc in the decade long “CM” history. Issue two slams the reader into all new territory with two particularly poignant scenes and a sorrowful moment of unexpected violence (you’ll know it when you see it and you’ll feel deeply for it). There have been a handful of horror comics to touch me so deeply, and “CM: The Third Child” is sitting right on top of that list.

WRITTEN BY: Steve Niles

ART BY: Christopher Mitten

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: October 15, 2014

All of the paranormal and supernatural creatures of LA are rioting, fighting, massacring, and generally being wholly unacceptable. The comic opens with Cal using his newfound aggression to wipe out a fair amount of these good for nothing monsters. If you ever doubted the brilliance of Mitten’s artwork, check out Cal slicing off the heads of an entire crowd of monsters with his fucking wing!

As with last issue, Mo and Adam can only sit back and watch as Cal slaughters and smashes his way into figuring out who he has become. The issue takes a sharp emotive turn when Cal flees the scene and shows up at his family members’ gravesites. For the first time in the sordid saga of “Criminal Macabre” we see Cal break—utterly shattering into a million little pieces—and there are no words to describe the emotional shock and awe I felt when Cal utters a few simple words—begging, pleading—for help. This breaks so many molds for Cal and the entire series. This, readers…was a gigantic moment in the history of “CM.”

Meanwhile, Hemlock is back and has teamed up with the bubblegum-baby-demon-blobs to essentially destroy the world and bring about the elusive Third Child. Which leads us to the second poignant, gut-wrenching scene. But I’m not going to spoil that. Because I want your jaw to drop as hard as mine did.

Niles is hiding a lot of messages in plain sight. His deft writing makes this an extremely fast paced and enjoyable read, but the deeper meanings, the hidden darkness, the wholly personal messages are there if you want to see them. Like I said in my review of issue one: this emotional river runs wild and I have a feeling we’ll be touching on issues like self-acceptance, addiction, forgiveness, and most importantly, redemption. Issue two is pulling absolutely no punches with these difficult subjects. The biggest war Cal is fighting right now is inside him and it’s very possible he might lose.

Mitten will forever and always blow my mind with his art, but never have I felt so deeply about his images as I do in “Criminal Macabre.” Take a look at Cal’s wings and the way they both blend into yet demand attention in each panel and come back to me on that. Mitten has captured the horrifying essence of everything this comic stands for while continuing to keep the art “loose,” as it were, leaving it up to the reader to fill in some emotional blanks.

In the end, LA is fucked. The vampires, monsters, ghouls, werewolves, etc., are irate and up to no good. Cal’s past is catching up with him and Mo can no longer come to his rescue. Hemlock and the demon babies are destroying humanity and the Third Child is coming. This is a shit storm of grand proportions and we have two issues left to resolve it. My heart aches for Cal and my anxiety for his wellbeing (along with Mo and Co.) is palpable. Next month’s issue cannot come soon enough.

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New ‘The Woman In Black: Angel of Death’ Release Info

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 13:31

Relativity is moving The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death, the sequel to the hit 2012 haunted house film that starred Daniel Radcliffe.

Originally slated for release on January 30, 2015, you can now mark your calendars for January 2nd.

The fright sequel is directed by Tom Harper stars Jeremy Irvine and Helen McCroy, and takes place in the same house 40 years later when a group of children who are evacuated from London during World War II come to stay and awaken the house’s darkest inhabitants.

“As bombs rain down on London during the Blitz of World War II, a group of school children are evacuated with Eve, their young and beautiful schoolteacher, to the safety of the English countryside. Taken to an old and empty estate, cut-off by a causeway from the mainland, they are left at Eel Marsh House.

One by one the children begin acting strangely and Eve, with the help of local military commander Harry, discovers that the group has awoken a dark force even more terrifying and evil than the city’s air raids. Eve must now confront her own demons to save the children and survive the Woman in Black.”

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Come See the Real ‘Fear Clinic’ Chamber at Screamfest!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 13:25

Fear Clinic, the latest excursion into unrelenting terror from acclaimed makeup effects wizard and writer/director Robert G. Hall (Lightning Bug, Laid to Rest, ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest II), will have its world premiere screening at the prestigious Screamfest Film Festival on Wednesday, October 22nd at the historic TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in the heart of Hollywood (details below).

In addition to the first public screening of the highly anticipated shocker starring horror icon Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, Fiona Dourif, Thomas Dekker and featuring the acting debut of Stone Sour and Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor, Screamfest will be holding a Q&A immediately after the screening with several cast and crew members in attendance including Taylor, co-star Felisha Terrell and award-winning FX creators Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson.

In addition, the actual “Fear Chamber” used in the film will be on display in the lobby of the TCL Chinese 6. Do you dare enter?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
FEAR CLINIC World Premiere Screening and Q&A
6:30PM – “Black” Carpet Arrivals
7:30PM – Screening; with Q&A immediately afterwards
Stars Corey Taylor, Felisha Terrell, Brandon Beemer;
Co-writer/producer Aaron Drane and Producer Mark Johnson;
Special FX Creators Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson


TCL Chinese 6 Theatres
6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028


When trauma-induced phobias begin to re-emerge in five survivors a year after their horrifying tragedy, they return to the “Fear Clinic,” hoping to find the answers they need to get cured.

Dr. Andover (Robert Englund), a fear doctor who runs the clinic, uses his Fear Chamber to animate their fears in the form of terrifying hallucinations. However, the good doctor soon begins to suspect that something more sinister may be at work, something that yearns to be more than just an hallucination…

FEAR CLINIC will be released by Anchor Bay Entertainment in early 2015.

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‘See No Evil 2′ Clip Delivers a Fake Scare

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 13:25

See No Evil 2, which features star wrestler Kane as “Jacob Goodnight”, a psychopath that goes on a killing spree, will be available on Digital HD and Video On Demand this Friday, October 17th, and on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD) and DVD (plus Digital) on Tuesday, October 21st.

Starring Danielle Harris (Halloween, Hatchet II), Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, Freddy vs Jason), Greyston Holt (Lost Boys: The Tribe), Chelan Simmons (Tucker and Dale vs Evil), Kaj Eriksen and Lee Majdoub, from the pic directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary), check out this clip in which a rag tag group of teens run around scared.

A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise Amy (Harris) on her birthday. But the surprise is on them when the one-eyed corpse of brutal psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) unexpectedly rises from a cold sub-basement slab. Their wild party quickly turns into a terrifying slay-fest as the sadistic mass-murderer resumes his savage rampage complete with hooks, surgical knives and power saws.

DVD and Blu-ray special features will include: “Twisted Twins (Soska Sisters)” featurette, “Autopsy: Dissecting the Kills” featurette and “Kane’s Goodnight: An Icon Reborn” featurette

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Zack Snyder Directing ‘Justice League’; News On ‘The Flash,’ ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Green Lantern’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 12:22

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara has revealed plans for a two-part Justice League, while also revealing plans for six other DC adaptations.

First, Zack Snyder, who is the worst at telling a story (I can’t stand anything he’s done, except Dawn of the Dead), is directing both of the Justice League movies. He’s currently working on the hilariously titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for 2016, although the title may have implications towards the Justice League franchise. Justice League will be broken into two, and released in 2017 and 2019, which means Snyder will have to be behind cameras before BvS is released.

The Suicide Squad will get a 2016 release, while 2018 will see both The Flash and Aquaman swimming to the big screen. According to Variety, The Flash will be played by Ezra Miller, who was fantastic in We Need to Talk About Kevin. The story revolves around Barry Allen, a scientist who awakes from a coma and is gifted with the power of super speed. Allen is a part of the Justice League and it is expected that Miller will have some sort of cameo in the upcoming pic Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice where that team is likely to be unveiled. Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman, as previously reported.

Tsujihara also revealed that they’ll be remaking Green Lantern, hoping to wash away the taste they left in our mouths with Ryan Reynolds. Too bad it won’t be done until 2020. Yeah, 2020 – that sounds like the date in Blade Runner, The Terminator or Alien.

The coolest news is that by 2020 we’ll also get a Cyborg adaptation.

That’s a lot to look forward to. What’s interesting, though, is that there’s no mention of more Superman or Batman films. Maybe they’re attempting to avoid fatigue?

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‘Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse’ Infographic!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 12:07

The Grocery Coupon Network is getting into the holiday spirit with an infographic of their own- a “Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” to help you be prepared if (when) the dead start to rise.

My favorite portion breaks down zombie speed, something I haven’t seen before:

How Zombie’s Speed Has Evolved
Dawn of the Dead (1978 Movie): 0.4 Steps Per Second (SPS)
World War Z (2006 Novel): 0.7 SPS
Night of the Living Dead (1968 Movie): 1 SPS
28 Days Later (2002 Movie): 3.9 SPS
Dawn of the Dead (2004 Remake): 4.4 SPS
World War Z (2013 Movie): 6.7 SPS

And the average person? … 3 SPS walking and 6 SPS running, so you better hope you encounter some of the more leisurely zombies.

Anyways, check out the graphic below and get more Halloween Treats here.

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Another ‘Dark Was the Night’ Leads to Screamfest Premiere

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 12:01

Latino Review shared the second poster for Dark Was the Night, which stars Kevin Durand, Lukas Hass, Heath Freeman, Sabina Gadecki and Nick Damici.  

Directed by Jack Heller from a script by Tyler Hisel, “A long slumbering evil is awoken in the trees, outside the remote town of Maiden Woods. Isolated and threatened it sets its sites on the townspeople, as Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) attempts to overcome the demons of his past, so that he may protect those that he loves.

You can see it soon if you live in Los Angeles! Dark Was the Night is set to premiere at the Screamfest horror film festival, which runs from October 14th-23rd at the TCL Chinese Theaters. The premier is set for this Thursday, October 16, 2014 – 7:30pm followed by a Q&A. The participating cast is lead star Kevin Durand, Bianca Kajlich, Sabina Gadecki, Heath Freeman, & Steve Agee.

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Justin Symbol ‘V Ω I D H E A D’ Album Stream (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 12:00

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with industrial group Justin Symbol to bring you the exclusive album stream of V Ω I D H E A D, which comes out today! The album features tracks that include ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist Daisy Berkowitz.

Frontman Symbol states:

a concept record which takes the listener on a disturbing and beautiful journey through the psyche of a character named the “Voidhead”.

You can purchase V Ω I D H E A D via iTunes.

Justin Symbol online:
Official Website

Tour dates:

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No Joke, Real Clowns Say “Freak Show” Contributing to “Clown Fear”

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 11:54

An absolutely bonkers story just came out of a clown car over at THR.

The site is reporting that real life clowns are angry with FX’s “American Horror Story: Freak Show” for depicting clown in a negative light. Yes, there’s actually a group of clowns that are bitching and moaning about the killer clown, which was teased in the series’ premiere last Wednesday.

The FX series from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk revolves around Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch), a serial killer who stalks couples with scissors and imprisons children in an old school bus.

“Hollywood makes money sensationalizing the norm,” bemoans Glenn Kohlberger, president of Clowns of America International, the nation’s biggest clown club. “They can take any situation no matter how good or pure and turn it into a nightmare.

“We do not support in any way, shape or form any medium that sensationalizes or adds to coulrophobia or ‘clown fear,’ ” Kohlberger told the site.

The site then smartly addresses “clown fear” in entertainment over the last century, pointing out scenes in Poltergeist, “IT” and more. Click on over for more on that and to see what c-creator Ryan Murphy has to say about the clown in “Freak Show”

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Who Will Direct ‘Leatherface,’ the ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Prequel? (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 11:31

We exclusively broke the news for Bloody Disgusting readers that a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre was in the works – one that it would tell of Leatherface’s teenage years.

Our scoop was confirmed, further adding that Seth M. Sherwood would be penning Leatherface, which would take place before Tobe Hooper’s 1974 cult classic, making it a massive franchise prequel.

Millennium Films, who was behind the 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D, is once again producing with Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman and Carl Mazzacone, for Lionsgate.

Bloody Disgusting has received exclusive inside Intel that Millennium has been taking meetings with directors over the past few weeks. While many would excite you guys, here’s the two “teams” they’re targeting.

From what I’m being told, Millennium’s top choice are Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, the duo behind the slasher masterpiece Inside (À l’intérieur), as well as Livide and the forthcoming Among the Living. The duo were also courted for New Line Cinema’s A Nightmare On Elm Street years ago.

Also on Millennium’s radar are Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, who helmed the absolutely incredible indie Starry Eyes, to be released by MPI/Dark Sky Films this coming November. You’ll see that these guys have serious slasher potential.

It should be clear that, as we’re told, neither party has signed on as of this writing, and that these are Millennium’s top choices. As always in Hollywood, things can change in an instant. Keep it here for official word as it comes in.

Who would you like to see behind the camera for Leatherface?

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‘There Are Monsters’ Art, From the Director of ‘The Strangers’!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 11:20

With the American Film Market gearing up for this coming November, we’re starting to get all sorts of goodies sent our way.

We’re the first to receive the official sales art for There Are Monsters, which is written and directed by The Strangers‘ Bryan Bertino. And if you saw his Mockingbird on VOD this past weekend, you also know that he’s still behind quality horror.

Here’s the official plot crunch attached to the art:

From the creator of The Strangers comes a world of the lost; freezing spitting needles of rain, thunderbolt lightning, hypothermic cold and disorientating utter darkness.

Mother and daughter trapped and tormented in a black forest by a screeching creature – it is unlike anything we have heard before. Not human. Not animal. Like a thousand horses, like a mother’s clamour, a baby’s wail, a father’s howl.

Their relationship at breaking point, 10-year-old Lizzy is all out of faith in her mother Kathy (Elisabeth Moss) but tries to stay brave and fearless. Kathy, on the edge, barely keeping it together, knows that only a mother’s protective love, her most primal instinct, can save her daughter from what’s lurking in the darkness…

Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” fame is starring.

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‘Jason Voorhees Vs. Sarah Connor’ Short Film Released!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 11:06

Last month we reported on “Slash/Up”, a multiverse fanfilm web-series from the creators of the “Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness” fanfilm.

Each episode will pit a different set of retro movie/geek culture icons against each in a totally unique, story driven mashup, wrapped around by debate and commentary,

The first episode, which premiered today on YouTube Channel WTFLOL, pits Friday the 13th franchise icon Jason Voorhees against The Terminator‘s Sarah Connor!

The production value is serous shocking, and the makeup effects work astounding. I love the 80′s synth score that sounds like an old NES video game, too. I get all sorts of fan films submitted, but this one is damn impressive. “You’re terminated.” Classic.

A Kickstarter has also been launched to help fund their next episode, ‘Freddy vs. Neo’.

The short was directed by Brian Rosenthal and stars Derek Russo and Nicole Marines.

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“The Walking Drunk” Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See This Week!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 10:49

Kudos to Marca Blanca for cutting together this hysterical “The Walking Dead” spoof in which he uses the theme music to introduce real life zombies – drunk idiots.

Watch as real life “zombies” roam the streets in “The Walking Drunk”. My only wish is that this were longer – or had some footage of me in there.

Get more Halloween Treats!

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Militia Vox “Rid Of Me” Music Video Premiere (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 10:00

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with New York musician Militia Vox to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for “Rid Of Me”, which comes from the upcoming EP Bait (out October 31st). Militia is the frontwoman of Judas Priestess, the only all-female Judas Priest cover band.

Militia Vox states:

Thematically, this song and video are centered on a very specific female archetype- a lady everyone loves to hate… a madwoman; she’s “The Rejected Lover.” Nothing is scarier than a lovesick woman. This type of woman has historically been both feared and celebrated, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Medea (the Greek tragedy, NOT the one that goes to jail!)… I find these kind of women fascinating because every female has the capability to let her love cross the line and spin out of control out of desperation. If she feels like her desires are not being reciprocated, there is hell to pay. PJ Harvey is a goddess for writing these words. It’s a perspective that you rarely hear expressed in music.

You can pre-order Bait via Bandcamp. Also below are the dates for Vox’s “Times Scare” performances, which take place in Times Square, NY.

Militia Vox online:
Official Website

Tour dates:
Monday Oct 20- OPENING PARTY
Monday Oct 27-”Rid of Me” Video Event
Sunday Nov 2- New album BAIT Record Release Event, 10pm

Times Square, NYC (669 8th Avenue at 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036)

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‘Urban Exploring At Night’ Goes For the Panic Attack

bloody disgusting - Wed, 10/15/2014 - 09:49

We love a good scare, and so do the guys at Panic Attack.

Panic Attack Productions is getting into the Halloween spirit with a new series of scare-themed videos that will debut right here on Bloody Disgusting.

The first of many is ‘Urban Exploring At Night’, where the team hope to induce a panic attack on Bloody readers. Watch the video below and then tell the Panic Attack team what you thought. You can Panic Attack Productions is getting into the Halloween spirit with a new series of scare-themed videos that will debut subscribe here for more.

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