Mick Taylor Returns to ‘Wolf Creek’ In a Web Series

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 20:38

Mick Taylor is among the greatest slashers of all time, and even though it feels like Wolf Creek 2 would be the final entry in the franchise, the Aussie slasher will be taking his carving talents to the small screen.

Australia’s 9 News reports that subscription video-on-demand service Stan announced it has signed a production development deal for a six-part “Wolf Creek” series!

John Jarratt will return as the villain Mick Taylor in the series, which is currently being developed by director, writer and producer Greg McLean, who was behind the first and second Wolf Creek films.

In terms of a timeline, the series continues after the hilarious and awesome sequel, now on home video.

The series is being produced by Screentime and Emu Creek Pictures.

Wolf Creek and the character of Mick Taylor have become household names, and the opportunity to tell a rich and complex story in his world in a high-quality drama series is a thrilling creative opportunity,” Emu Creek Pictures CEO Mr McLean said.

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Motionless In White “Break The Cycle” Music Video Behind-The-Scenes Photos (Exclusive)

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Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with metalcore band Motionless In White to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their official video for “Break The Cycle”, which comes out tomorrow! The song appears on the band’s latest album Reincarnate.

The 12 pictures, which you can see below, shows the band performing in a room lit by candles with empty picture frames, some hung askew. Also in the images you’ll see a creepy elderly woman that looks very much like Parker Crane (aka “The Bride In Black”) from Insidious, as well a demonic creature that is reminiscent of Ig Parish’s character from Horns. Well, once he gets a little roughed up, that is. Overall, it looks like this video is going to be right up the alley of any horror fan!

Make sure to snag Reincarnate via iTunes.

Motionless In White online:
Official Website

Tour dates:
-Motionless In White Headline Tour “Beyond The Barricade Tour” : Feb 20 – Mar 29
-Motionless In White w/ Slipknot and Lamb Of God : July 24 – Sept 5

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After Dark’s ‘Bedlam’ Check Into Home Video

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 19:49

Treatment here is a nightmare…

Staying alive is not what the doctor ordered when Bedlam checks in on Digital HD and On Demand April 14th and on DVD (plus Digital) April 28th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

When George (Edmonds) seeks treatment for his mental illness, the hospital is a darker world than even his demons could conjure up. Now, he’s fighting to survive his cure…at Bedlam.

From After Dark Originals, Bedlam stars Guy Edmonds (Super Awesome!), Peter McAllum (The Tunnel Movie) and Johnny Boxer (Pros and Ex-Cons).

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A Really Great ‘Backcountry’ Poster Fights For Survival

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 19:43

Based on a true story, Backcountry, which stars The Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Eric Balfour, follows an urban couple who go camping in the Canadian wilderness – where unimaginable beauty sits alongside our most primal fears.

IFC Midnight has finally set the film for release, scheduling it to hit VOD and digital platforms March 20th.

Alex (Jeff Roop) is a seasoned outdoorsman while Jenn (Missy Peregrym), a corporate lawyer, is not. After much convincing, and against her better judgment, she agrees to let him take her deep into a Provincial Park to one of his favorite spots – the secluded Blackfoot Trail.

On their first night, deep in the forest, they have an unsettling encounter with Brad (Eric Balfour), a strange alpha male with eyes for Jenn who may or may not be following them. Alex’s desire to quickly reach Blackfoot Trail only intensifies. They push further and further into the woods, Alex stubbornly insisting that he remembers the way. After three days their path disappears; they are hopelessly lost. Without food or water, they struggle to find their way back, the harsh conditions bringing out the best and worst in them, pushing their already fragile relationship to the breaking point.

When they realize they have entered a bear’s territory, being lost suddenly becomes the least of their problems. Terror, horror, will, and survival become paramount.

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[SXSW '15] ‘Pod’ Trailer An Intervention From Hell

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 19:40

Playing as part of the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival’s Midnighters section is Mickey Keating’s hotly anticipated Pod, which will World Premiere at the fest running from March 13 – 21, 2015 in Austin, Texas.

The first trailer has been released and features Lauren Ashley Carter, Dean Cates, Brian Morvant, Larry Fessenden, and John Weselcouch.

In it, “A family intervention goes horrifically awry within the snowy confines of an isolated lake house.

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Lazerpunk Releases Video For Doom 3 Inspired Track “Worldeater”

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 18:00

Budapest electronic/retrowave artist Lazerpunk has released a video for his track “Worldeater”, which comes from the Game Over album. The footage uses a speedrun of the lost mission from Doom 3: BFG edition. The music works incredibly well against the backdrop of sheer unadulterated mayhem, carnage, and violence.

You can download Game Over for free via Bandcamp.

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Journey Into ‘The Pyramid’ On Home Video, Extended Ending!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:52

Gregory Levasseur, who worked with Alexandre Aja on the screenplays for High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes and Maniac, will see the release of his The Pyramid on Blu-ray and DVD May 5, 2015 and Digital HD April 17, 2015.

Special Features include a New Extended Ending, featurettes “Partners”, “Fear”, “Space Archaeology”, and “Egyptian Myths”, as well as an Image Gallery.

In Pyramid, “The ancient wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who’ve dared to uncover their secrets. But a team of U.S. archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they unlock the horrific secrets buried within, they realize they aren’t just trapped, they are being hunted.

Ashley Hinshaw, Denis O’Hare, James Buckley and Daniel Amerman all star.

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See the New ‘Ghostbusters’ Together For the First Time!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:46

Now that Columbia Pictures has locked in their new Ghostbusters, it’s going to be fun to speculate what they’ll look like in costume.

In terms of how they’ll gel together? Well, we can see that right now!

The “Saturday Night Live” 40th Anniversary Special brought together pretty much all the big names in Hollywood, including all four of the new ‘busters.

Leslie Jones, one of the newly cast members, shared the following photo of her with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon. It’s fun to see what they look like together…

Bridesmaids‘ Paul Feig is directing for a July 22, 2016 release.

Ok I'm exhausted but this week was epic!#winning pic.twitter.com/T70ay2YGtA

— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) February 16, 2015

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Blumhouse Gets Behind Horror Film For “Families”

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:36

While no details are available, THR is reporting that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones director Harald Zwart has signed on to direct Blumhouse Productions’ latest microbudgeted horror film.

Robert Ben Garant (Jessabelle) wrote the script that’s geared toward families.

Blumhouse’s Jason Blum is producing with Garant, while Jeanette Brill and Couper Samuelson will executive produce.

Zwart directed the 2013 YA adaptation Mortal Instruments and also helmed 2010′s The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, which grossed nearly $360 million worldwide.

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‘Nightlight’ Trailer Haunted By a Flashlight?

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:30

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods directed what is being styled as an innovative take on the found footage genre told from a singular point of view.

Nightlight, in limited theaters and On Demand March 27th through Lionsgate, Bloody Disgusting has landed the film’s official trailer!

For years, the Covington forest has been shrouded in mystery, with a dark past as a final destination for troubled youths. Undeterred by the news of a classmate who recently took his life in those woods, five teens journey into the forest for an evening of flashlight games and ghost stories. But their plans go awry when the friends awaken a demonic presence, an unseen evil that will seize upon their deepest fears—and plunge them into a nightmare of absolute terror.

Shelby Young, Chloe Bridges, Taylor Murphy and Carter Jenkins star.

The deeper you go, the darker it gets.

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NECA Shocks Us With An ‘Ultimate Leatherface’ Figure (Toy Fair)!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 17:24

Not since 1998 have we seen Leatherface treated so well.

To commemorate The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s 40th anniversary, NECA has unveiled the remarkable new 7″ scale ‘Ultimate Leatherface’ as he appeared in Tobe Hooper’s 1974 slasher.

NECA revealed the masterpiece at the ongoing New York Toy Fair. It comes rocking an all-new body featuring over 25 points of articulation, plus 2 equally gruesome interchangeable heads. Leatherface comes with chainsaw, knife, mallet, meat hook, cleaver, and a vinyl apron. Loaded with features, detail and articulation, and packaged in a Deluxe 40th Anniversary window box.

NECA’s ‘Ultimate Freddy’ is out now, which already leads to speculation that an ‘Ultimate Jason Voorhies’ is up next!

McFarlane Toys introduced us horror fans to Leatherface in both a bloody and regular variant edition as part of their inaugural Movie Maniacs line back in 1998. It was impossible to get back then because, not only was there no way to pre-order online, but the warehouse employees at all the toy stores were bribed to pull the toys by local comic shops. It sucked.

Anyways, fans now get what they deserve with this absolutely stunning new figure as shown below. If NECA can find a way to triple our shelf space, we’d buy that, too.

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Jerod Boyd Of Miss May I (Interview)

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 16:15

Metalcore band Miss May I may have struck a goldmine with the name of their last album, Rise Of The Lion. The quintet from Troy, OH have been fighting and clawing their way to the top of the game, steadily releasing one album after another, each doing better than its predecessor. They’ve also toured relentlessly, sharing the stage with acts such as Whitechapel, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Pierce The Veil, and more, not to mention appearances at Rock On The Range and the Rockstar Mayhem Festival.

Horror fans might know their music from Saw VI, which saw their song “Forgive And Forget” appear on the soundtrack.

The band is currently on tour with August Burns Red and Northlane and we caught up with drummer Jerod Boyd to discuss the future plans for MMI, including details on their upcoming fifth album, as well as his love of gaming.

Bloody-Disgusting: How are you doing?

I’m good man! How are you?

BD: I’m doing really well! I hear tonight is gonna be a blast. A lot of people have been telling me that the shows and the setlist for each band has been spot on.

Yeah, we’re having a blast! The shows have been really awesome, better than expected. We’ve been doing a lot of these radio festivals and nu-metal sorta tours lately, which I guess would be the best way to describe it. You know, like Five Finger Death Punch and we did Mayhem Festival.

Now that we’re doing this tour, we’re back to the fanbase that we had in the very beginning. Not younger fans, I guess, but now that we’ve done all those other tours we have these older fans that come out rather than the typical, and I hate to say it this way, the “scene crowd”, you know what I mean? We wanted to touch based with them and tell them, “We’re still here. We’re not going anywhere.” We were out there picking up new fans and doing things like that rather than sticking in the same place and staying there forever. We needed to break out and become part of the actual metal community.

BD: You said that it was like coming back to the fans at the beginning. What were their reactions after that period?

It was mainly just last year because we did a lot of overseas stuff as well, doing those other festivals like Download Festival, Graspop, Rock Am Ring, all over. So, it was a bunch of out of the country stuff and that obviously required us to not be touring in the States. Now that we’re back here again, I can’t really remember our fist tour State tour, besides Mayhem, which is silly.

It seems like the fans are totally okay with it because it’s been a year and they still remembered us and enjoyed the new stuff. The set brings new songs, and old songs, and we’ve got songs from every album. Yesterday, we were finally just like, “Cool, this is the set we need to keep doing.” We’d been changing the set every day, testing things to see which would work best and the original idea seems to be the good one [laughs].

BD: You spoke about a lot of festivals you were on, both foreign and domestic. Do you see that happening again this year in the summer?

It really just depends on what we get offered for this summer. I can say that we have things planned but I can’t exactly say anything right now. But we are definitely staying busy. I can say that it will be something within the States, although that’s not saying that we can’t go to Europe or something like that. We just have to see what’s offered.

BD: Do you see a difference in the audiences in Europe versus the ones in the States?

Well, a regular show and a festival show have almost a completely different feel. I mean, when you’re at a festival it seems like almost everyone is there just to have a blast. Sometimes when you play a venue show, let’s say you’re headlining, maybe half the crowd might know who you are and half the crowd might now. That’s when you think, “Aw, darnit!” But when you go play a festival, everyone just seems to want to see music and experience it and have a blast. Most of the time, they’re drunk anyways [laughs], which is fun! Why not go to an outdoor festival with your buddies, get drunk, and then slam around and crowdsurf!

BD: You stated that there are plans that you can’t go into detail about yet. What future plans can you state openly?

Well, we’re going to be going in to record our fifth album and I can’t say who with or anything like that. However, we’re really excited, we have probably over 20 songs written for this album. We may not put all 20 on there but we always like to create more music all the time. Let’s say we write a song that we all think is really good and then next month write a song that we all think is even better. Then we go back to the other one and think, “Man, it’s not as good as this one here.” This way we have options and can say we wrote a ton and we get to pick out the best of the best stuff.
Those are our plans coming up. We’re still writing every single day and throwing out ideas. But how we are is that we like to work together as a team, so a lot of our writing gets done when we’re not on tour. A hint of that is after Mayhem we took a three month break. We did play Knotfest in California and Japan and then we did a little run and that’s all we’ve done besides write write write write write. So people might have thought, “What happened to Miss May I?” But it’s us trying to prepare for the next album, the next chapter of Miss May I.

BD: What do you think that next chapter is going to sound like? What should fans expect?

We’re definitely going back a little more to the heavier sound like from our first album. But on top of that we’re going to try and incorporate larger choruses, like “Dawn” off of our new album and also “Refuse To Believe”. And maybe “Hey Mister”, off of At Heart. We’re really just trying to get the real “raw” and “brutal” feel back into it, maybe some breakdowns that people will be able to pit and dance to. We’ll definitely have some nice some circle pit style riffs. We want people to be having fun the whole time.

BD: So it’s writing for the whole audience? The entire Miss May I crowd?

Exactly! And always how Miss May I have written is that we like to pretend that we’re playing live on the CD. Sometimes we don’t like to overproduce things. Sometimes we like to just go in there and say, “This would be sweet live! Whatever’s coming next is going to be super fun!”

BD: I’ve heard a rumor that you are a fan of horror video games! Is there any merit to this?

Of course! I’m a huge fan of horror games! I’m a fan of games in general but I do really enjoy some horror games.

BD: Tell me some of the ones that stand out to you.

If we wanna really go back, the first one that I played was Resident Evil for Playstation 1. It was amazing and it got me hooked. I was super scared of it, actually. My dad bought it and I was so scared because of the opening cinematic. I was maybe 7 or 8 when he was playing it. I wanted to see more, even though I was scared. Always been a fan of those games.
Now, with the new generation, I have a Playstation 4, I’ve been playing this game called Outlast. I thought I’ll try it out and it’s one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played. That game is really fun just because they took a whole new spin on it. Your guy doesn’t have any weapons. All you have is a camera, which has a light, but that light will run your battery and you’ll be stuck in pitch black. So you’re in this insane asylum with all these monsters and you have to find things and run and hide under beds and in closets and lockers and stuff like that until these guys leave, so that you don’t alert them. All this while trying to find out how to get out of this insane asylum, because all these doors are somehow locked up.
I remember playing it in pitch black because I wanted the full experience. I remember, right at the beginning, there’s a guy in a wheelchair and he’s all messed up. So I slid against the wall thinking, “Okay, I’ve played enough horror games. This guy’s gonna hop out.” I walked by and I was thinking that it’s coming, it’s coming, any second now, and there was nothing. I walked into the next room and there’s a TV with static and a bunch of crazy guys sitting watching it. I saw a button that I had to push, or something like that, and I thought, “Duh! I’m going to push this and they’re going to freak out. Classic scenario!”
So I push the button and hide in the back. I start to come out and they’re all still watching the TV. So I keep hugging the back wall and go out the door, thinking to myself, “Okay! I guess I’m fine!” Totally forgot about the guy in the wheelchair. Tried to run past him and he suddenly jumped on me, screaming “Help me!”. That was the only time while playing a horror game that I actually screamed. I was just so scared! [laughs]
Then there’s The Evil Within, which is a great game. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ve been really enjoying playing it here and there.
Then, I don’t know if you can count it or not but Diablo III has been one of my favorite games. I always played Diablo when I was younger and then when III was coming out I was counting the days until its release. I love it. I don’t know if you can count it as a full horror game. I know that it takes place, at times, in a sort of hell environment but it’s a little gruesome persay but it’s not like The Evil Within or Outlast, where anything could pop out at any second and I’ll scream.

BD: I remember when Diablo II came out and my friends came over with their computers and we had a LAN party. By the end, there were pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling!

[laughs] We did the same thing! My neighbor got me into it. He brought his computer over with his buddy and we’d all play around. I played a Paladin and it was awesome. Until everyone started hacking.

BD: Jerod, thanks so much for talking!

It was a pleasure! You be safe and have a good one!

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What Famous Monster Are You?

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 16:00

As a kid, we all had those fantasies where we wished we could be a vampire or a superhero or some kind of amazing fictional character that took away our weaknesses or defects. I’d often build towns out of my Legos and then stomp on them as though I were Godzilla or some other gigantic monstrosity.

So let’s get a bit nostalgic and try to recall those days to see which kind of famous monster you’d be, based upon a few simple questions!

I turned out to be the “Gillman”, which states:

You are the dweller of the deep waters! Whether you haunt the waters of a local backwoods lake, an alligator infested swamp, or a remote, tropical lagoon, you are every swimmers worst nightmare. You’re a bit of a loner, preferring the company of your finned companions, but you secretly yearn for love and can’t resist a pretty face. All who try to interfere with your quest for the ideal mate will meet their doom beneath the waves!

You know what, I can live with that.

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Watch Guy Cihi Play ‘Silent Hill 2′ for the First Time Ever

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 15:44

This is cool. Guy Cihi, who you may recognize as the voice and face of James Sunderland, recently played Silent Hill 2 for the first time ever. I can’t imagine being a part — a big part — of such an influential video game, horror or otherwise, and not trying it at least once, but until recently, Guy hadn’t played the game he helped make so memorable.

Silent Hill 2 was one of the first horror games I ever played, and it was definitely the one to hook me into this genre. In a way, I owe my gig here at Bloody Disgusting to this game. Thanks, Guy!

I’ve embedded the first part of his lengthy playthrough below. If you want more of it, head on over to the Play With Friends Hitbox channel.

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‘Evolve’ Review: Monster Hunter

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 13:46

Evolve, the newest game from Turtle Rock Studios, is a 4-versus-1 first-person shooter in which soldier “Hunters” team up to battle a human-controlled monster in a variety of alien environments. It has all of the expected characteristics of a multiplayer-focused game, including perks and skins, but what separates it is the main conceit: Asymmetrical multiplayer.

That is itself an interesting design choice, not entirely new but part of a growing trend in the industry. In that way, this game is basically an end-boss battle played over and over again.

Even though the concept hasn’t been done to death, Turtle Rock Studios has a proven track record worthy of making Evolve a major 2015 release. The team’s most acclaimed effort, Left 4 Dead, still boasts an engaged online community, so it should go without saying that Evolve is blessed / cursed with high expectations.

The game showed really well at industry and fan events, but as with any online-focused game, the question remains: will it hold a player base well beyond the initial grace period of its release?

Despite some issues concerning the game’s longevity (and DLC plans), Evolve nevertheless remains a challenging, stable, well-realized gaming experience.

In Evolve, players choose from one of four Hunter classes: Assault, Support, Medic, and Trapper. Assault is your basic soldier, while Support protects the team and offers additional firepower. The Medic class is tasked with reviving injured comrades, and the Trapper tracks down the monster. Each possesses its own strengths and weaknesses, and the dev team has made sure to balance the game so that you can’t just choose a class and then go in guns-a-blazing, unless, of course, you have no real desire to defeat the Monster.

In addition, players can choose to be the Monster, and the variety of monster types ranges from the Godzilla-esque Goliath to the Cthulhu-ian Wraith and the classic Kraken. Like with each Hunter class, the Monsters possess different abilities. Goliath breathes fire and pummels hunters into submission, the Kraken rains down lightning on hapless warriors, and the Wraith uses teleportation and subterfuge to kill off Hunters en masse.

Besides evade and kill the Hunters, the Monster’s function is to level up by killing and devouring the less domineering creatures in the game. Monsters begin at Level 1 (relatively killable) and end at Level 3 (nigh upon invincible), so the element of time becomes extremely important.

As players progress in each class, they unlock new characters, whose powers and abilities differ from their “classmates.” Unlocking them in multiplayer modes requires players to master the current character’s abilities, measured through hitting certain numerical benchmarks (6600 damage, and so on). The progression tips the odds in favor of the hunters, but at no point does the struggle become easy for the hunters. It’s a continuous struggle.

Regarding upgrades, the way that the game engages players with numbers, too, is kind of fascinating. It has a pretty in-depth system for interpreting data from matches and using that data to reward or encourage players. After each match, for example, your performance is compared against the worldwide baseline, which then informs how your play stacked up.

During matches themselves, the Monster is so overpowered, to defeat it will require a concerted effort from the Hunters. That goes for each of the three (currently released) Monsters. As mentioned above, a gang of single-minded vigilantes is much less likely to take down one of the creatures than a cooperative unit. It really comes down playing the class.

If everyone plays the character as intended and the team works together — and they manage to track down the monster before it reaches Level 3 — it’s not impossible to earn a quick kill.

However, let the monster reach Level 3, and it becomes a lot — a LOT — less pleasant to track down “the target.” If that happens, you’ll spend a lot more time watching other players from a postmortem position, waiting for the Dropship clock to wind down so you can rejoin the match. Not only that, but the ultimate maguffin for each level comes in the form of a reactor that can be destroyed by a Level 3 Monster, so players are encouraged to take the thing down anytime before that final evolution occurs.

All of this is to say: if you’re the Monster, the game is a whole lot more simple. Your job is to evolve (level up) and destroy every single thing in your path. I will say that I found myself more excited to play the basic Hunter than to take on the responsibility of tormenting the four-person team, but I also cannot deny that I’m probably in the minority on that.

In addition to the seismic destruction put forth by the Monsters, each environment is filled with an abundance of hazards, including man-eating plants and other creatures. Even if finding the Monster requires some tracking, you’re not going for an idle walk in the woods. There’s still plenty to kill and maim you within the confines of the arena.

Logistically, the matchmaking works well, based on my personal experiences, and it seems to do a fairly complex job of evening out the fairness of play in each individual match. No Level 20 player is going to be paired with a Level 1 beginner. The dev team boats on the Evolve website that balancing is one of their main concerns, and so far I think they’ve done a fine job of keeping games interesting.

That process is further streamlined by the way the game front loads user preference in choosing a Hunter class. New players are required to rank the classes 1-5 (including the Monster), and the matchmaking attempts to accommodate those wishes. I’m sure class popularity might complicate that somewhat, but I’ve managed to be Hank (Support) at least 75% of the time, which was, honestly, surprising for me.

Furthermore, I didn’t experience any lag or slowdown, even when the game warned me that my internet connection might cause some issues. The load times might guard against that, but it’s definitely nice to play the game without a drop in frame rate.

The game looks awesome, from the highly-stylized Hunters to the environments, which are definitely modeled on the game’s influences. One arena, for example — The Aviary — is reminiscent of, say, the jungle from Predator. The cartoonish character designs are somewhat reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, and that’s not the only place where one could draw those kinds of inferences, but the overall aesthetic works.

Evolve is serious but doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is definitely a plus.

Its only real problems, in my opinion, extend from the time players will potentially spend waiting. The load times are nowhere near those of, say, PS1-level, for sure, but being a multiplayer-only game, the wait times will be more significant. The game runs efficiently in a lot of ways; all I’m saying is, maybe have something by your side while you wait for matches to begin.

That fact is compounded by other non-action-oriented aspects of being in-game in Evolve. The discrepancy between the time spent hunting down the Monster and actually battling it can be quite wide, depending on the skill of the Hunters / Monster. That particular factor can account for much more actual playtime than one might expect. A few matches have dragged on far longer than necessary merely because the Monster successfully evaded our searches.

Ultimately, Evolve is a solid multiplayer experience, but it is also quite ambitious. Putting out an ostensibly multiplayer-only game plants a seed in the minds of gamers, and that question is: What is this game’s shelf life? For much higher-profile brands, like Call of Duty, the question doesn’t matter, precisely because the series is guaranteed to have players. For a new intellectual property, the uphill battle is acquiring and keeping users.

Still, Evolve is, despite the controversy over its DLC plans, an extremely solid and stable game experience. I’ve had zero problems connecting to servers or engaging in the game’s various play modes. The sort of repetitive maps can be problematic down the road, I’m sure, but for the time being, I’ve hardly noticed it.

The Final Word: Time will tell if it holds players’ attention the way it wants to, but judging by the studio’s plans for supporting the game through DLC, it appears that Evolve will continue to garner attention long after this week’s initial release. In the meantime, I’ll be hunting Monsters.

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A Really Cool Piece of ‘The Thing’ Fan Art

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 13:40

The Monster In Box has created a speed painting that will give you chills.

Check out this beautiful fan art for John Carpenter’s 1982 The Thing that shows R.J. MacReady (Kurt Russell), shotgun in hand, approaching an alien-infected corpse.

In the classic, scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.

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[Advance Comic Review] Mike Mignola’s “Frankenstein Underground” Redefines The Monster

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 13:05

“Frankenstein Underground” #1 could have easily proved to be an embarrassment of riches, but thanks to an incredibly tight script and haunting art it not only succeeds in adding depth to the titular character but cements itself as an essential part of your pull list.

Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Ben Stenbeck
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Mike Mignola
Publication Date:March 18, 2015

Hellboy, for me, has always succeeded on the depth of its cultural insight. At its best it took all of our fears about the monsters of urban myth, and pitted them against humanity. When nothing else would defend humanity, the sheer form of prince of darkness rises up to guide us back to the light in the world.

Mignola captures a monster’s heartache through the opening pages, taking us through the monster’s storied history. His script is quick to remind us, Frankenstein is not a man, he is nothing, or at least perceives himself to be nothing. Yet, he is a marvel, a wonder, a guardian, and he is being hunted.

The brisk narrative brings us up to speed on what the monster is, and just how in the world he gets underground. The walls between worlds are thin, we’re reminded, and as the story goes on Ben Stenbeck does his best to push the world to new heights.

The history of the monster is a visual tour-de-force. Showcasing just how amazing Dave Stewart’s colors are with every panel showing us a different style in a different era. It’s a intoxicating way to open the book, but the work of Stenbeck and Stewart remind you that not everything you thought you knew about Frankenstein was true.

I was truly unsure of how I was going to feel about this book. I couldn’t fathom what else could be said about this character, and I wasn’t sure where the story could go. Luckily, all my fears were quelled within a few pages, and I was left in awe by the final panel.

The comic doesn’t concern itself with exposition overload, instead Ben Stenbeck is left to fill in the blanks of the Monster’s own troubled past. While Mignola carefully moves the pieces of the puzzle you thought you solved into a terrible mess while making you feel for the monster, a monster unlike anything we’ve every seen. There is humanity left on the page, because the struggle feels natural and compelling.

So where do things go from here, I can say that I didn’t expect the title to be so literal, but I can’t really say much else other than buy this book. This is another homerun for Dark Horse, another incredible chapter to Mignola’s world, and a story unlike anything you’ve ever seen from both. It’s compelling from cover to cover, and manages to exceed expectations with haunting art on almost every page. I wish I could read #2 right now, and frankly damning myself for reading this one so damn early.

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The Disco Fries “Ramuh” Video Premiere (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 13:00

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with New York production duo The Disco Fries to bring you the exclusive music video premiere of “Ramuh”, their brand new single which they say is inspired by Final Fantasy as well as The Walking Dead. The duo state very simply for this video, “Shout out to the indoor kids.

The video, which is 100% animated in a very “Cartoon Network” style, shows both Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic leading a beachfront concert when they’re suddenly pulled into their laptops where they must battle against hordes of zombie ninjas, monkeys, and regular people.

The title is a reference to Ramuh, who is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy universe. In the video, there is an old man who fights beside The Disco Fries and he looks incredibly similar to character from the game series, specifically FFIX.

Head onwards for this exclusive video premiere!

Disco Fries online:

Tour dates:
2/21 – Stage 48 – New York, NY
3/7 – Whiskey Bar – Portland, OR
3/13 – Ruby Skye – San Francisco, CA
3/14 – Luna Nightclub – Pomona, CA

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Take a Look at ‘The Evil Within’s First DLC, The Assignment

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 13:00

Bethesda has released a painfully brief teaser trailer for The Assignment, the first of three add-on packs Mikami and Co. have in the works for their survival horror game The Evil Within. This DLC will follow Sebastian’s partner, Juli “Kid” Kidman, and I’m sure it’ll involve copious amounts of gore, barbed wire and glowy-eyed walking corpses who’s hobbies include long walks on the beach and skinning people alive.

The Assignment arrives in March, so expect to hear more about it in the coming weeks.

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‘Hooked Up,’ Shot On An iPhone, Gets U.S. Release

bloody disgusting - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 12:48

Pablo Larcuen claims his Hooked Up is the first ever feature film shot entirely on an iPhone (I’m pretty sure we reported on one about a clown last year). Either way, it will arrive on VOD and DVD via Uncork’d Entertainment April 7, 2015.

Stephen Ohl, Jonah Ehrenreich, Julia Molins all star in the found-footage horror that has the best plot synopsis ever: “Party, alcohol, sex & blood… in Barcelona!

In the pic, “Two young friends from New York travel to Barcelona to get over the break up of one of them. But things won’t go as expected and they will end up trapped in a house where they will have to fight an evil girl and the evil inside them.

Orphan and House of Wax‘s Jaume Collet-Serra produces, too!

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