Robert Englund is Not Playing Freddy in the Next ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’

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Because some people have trouble reading…

Robert Englund talks a lot. I mean, he talks a lot. Every single time I’ve interviewed him I prepare only two questions because he will basically take over the conversation. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, compared to other stars, it’s pretty awesome to have someone who actually cares to answer questions asked by the fans. Englund is a good guy in my book.

With that said, let’s flash back to last week when we ran this report from a lengthy interview with Englund. In it he speculates that New Line could be thinking about remaking Dream Warriors as the next A Nightmare On Elm Street, while also stating that he’d love to return in some sort of cathartic cameo role.

If anyone actually read the article, they would see that Englund is basically vocalizing his desire to be part of the franchise, even if it means he won’t ever return as Freddy Krueger, for which he played in film eight times.

A day later Jon Barkan followed up my piece with more Englund sound bites that shared his thoughts on Freddy being a child molester.

Even though Englund goes on and on and on and on, at no point does he even imply that he would return as Freddy.

Between hopeful readers looking for meaning in an otherwise interesting story, and hack websites sensationalizing his quotes for traffic, Englund’s statements were being misconstrued as if he were running for President… or at least a return as Freddy.

So, for the last time I’m explaining to all of you that he will NOT BE PLAYING FREDDY in the next A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Englund also wasted his evening sharing the following tweet that should put the nail in this ridiculous rumor’s coffin…

Just for the record, I will NOT be starring as Freddy in any new Nightmare projects, real or fictional

— Robert B. Englund (@RobertBEnglund) September 29, 2015

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Francis Ford Coppola Talks ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’

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Francis Ford Coppola’s phenomenal and gorgeous Bram Stoker’s Dracula is coming to the Supreme Cinema Series on October 6th. To celebrate this upcoming release, two short clips of Coppola talking about the movie have come online and can be viewed below.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a reimagining of the classic Dracula fable, highlighting the romance of the gothic horror while still holding onto the fear and terror that made the original so memorable and iconic over the years.

The 1992 film starred Keanu Reeves, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Cary Elwes, Winona Ryder, and Tom Waits.

The Supreme Series blu-ray can be ordered via Amazon.

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‘SOMA’ Review: The Deep Descent

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There aren’t many developers that are willing to explore tough philosophical questions with their games, and even fewer that are able to build an entire world around the answers they find. This is what SOMA is, more or less. It’s an incomplete answer to the question of what might happen if we separated human consciousness from the human body.

At first glance, this game appears to be the worst possible outcome that could come from our desire to “cure” mortality. It is that, and even though the premise has been explored numerous times before in various movies, books, video games, etc., the answer Frictional has for us may be the most unnerving one yet.

SOMA takes place in Pathos-2, a sprawling underwater complex nestled on the ocean floor that’s been designed to keep our species going. What’s left of humanity resides here along with a handful of undesirables who might find its grimy, abandoned look charming. It’s the kind of setting where you might expect to see a Big Daddy come strolling around a corner with a Little Sister in toe.

Pathos-2 doesn’t have any of the personality of Rapture, and it shouldn’t. It’s emphasis is on function over style, so while the views are undeniably extraordinary, it’s never as awe-inspiring as one might expect an underwater supercomplex to be.

There is a history here that makes Pathos-2 an interesting place to explore, if only to seek out any hidden clues that might shed some light on what happened there — and more specifically, what happened to the fish, and are they still edible or would it be safer to just eat around the bits that weren’t originally a part of the fish?

The story has been the heart and soul of SOMA since its unveiling, when Frictional’s creative director Thomas Grip described it as the sort of horror game that would “chill you to your core, and confront you with questions about your very existence.”

And if it’s not chilling your core or toying with your sense of self, that’s probably because it’s busy testing your morality with impossible decisions in order to make you feel like a monster just before it locks you in a room with a legitimate monster to see how long you can last.

It sounds cruel, but I’ll take that over another horror game starring Slender Man, zombies, or the cast of Chuck E. Cheese’s (no offense, Scott). As much as I enjoyed those games, they do leave me with a craving for something a bit more substantial.

Frictional is uniquely skilled at crafting games that leave me satisfied, even when I’m not the one with the controller. There’s a simplicity to the way they’re designed that makes them exceedingly easy to understand. Amnesia was peppered with scavenger hunts, clever puzzles, chase sequences, and a few deadly games of hide and seek.

Amnesia was a simple game that had mastered the delicate art of balancing of visceral terror with slow-burn horror. I’ve already gone into great detail why it will be remembered for many years to come. In my defense, that was before SOMA took that formula and made it so much better.

SOMA has these things too, and they’ve been changed for the better. The puzzles don’t feel as forced now that they’ve been woven into the world in a more natural way, and finding what you need to move the story forward isn’t frustrating so long as you’ve been paying attention.

This rule also applies to the monster encounters, where an awareness of one’s surroundings can often mean life or death. I would’ve died a lot more than I did had I not taken a minute to look around every once in a while to scout hiding places and escape routes.

Between the gradual realization of what’s going on and the horrifying reality that is existing in the bleak world of SOMA, you might not notice the occasional bad line reading, wonky AI pathing — I once escaped a sure death after my pursuer got stuck on a wall — or a room that looks unfinished compared to the others.

They’re largely insignificant flaws that shouldn’t take away from the experience, except when they do. The “problem” is a meh line reading has a tendency to stand out when there’s writing this good, and a lack of detail in an environment can be jarring when the rest of the game looks so good.

The massive attention horror games are enjoying right now has come at a cost. Many developers have sacrificed narrative depth in order to appeal to a wider audience, including the millions of people who watch Let’s Plays on YouTube or lifestreams on Twitch.

Grand ideas, taboo subject matter and intelligent conversations have taken a backseat to graphical prowess, simple mechanics and shallow frights. I don’t mind it. Many of the genre’s biggest success stories have employed classic haunted house scare tactics, and I think we can all agree that haunted houses are great up to a point.

The Final Word: Frictional Games set out to build a game that lingers in your thoughts long after you’ve set down the controller when most developers are content with amusing YouTube and Twitch audiences with gimmicks and jump scares, and in doing so, they made one of the best psychological horror games since Silent Hill 2.

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‘Death Note’ May Have Found Its Light

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The upcoming live action adaptation of the Japanese supernatural horror manga Death Note may have landed Nat Wolff (Paper Towns) to play the lead role, which in the manga was a young man named Light Yagami. According to Variety, Wolff is currently in final negotiations, so it looks like this is pretty serious!

They synopsis for Death note reads:

The story centers on a student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone by writing the victim’s name, who then decides to cleanse the world of whom he deems evil. As the student is tracked by a reclusive police officer, a cat-and-mouse game ensues.

Produced by Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Jason Hoffs and Masi Oka and directed by Adam Wingard, Death Note will begin production in Spring 2016.

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The Truth is Still Out There in the Full Trailer for “The X-Files”

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Yesterday, Fox aired a trailer for the upcoming season of the supernatural thriller/drama “The X-Files“. Broken into two parts, the trailer teased fans and gave them the slightest of tastes of what to expect. Now Fox is ready to move from appetizer to main course with an extended trailer that takes the footage from yesterday and gives us even more.

The return of “The X-Files” comes thirteen years after the original series run and brings us six brand new episodes from creator/executive producer Chris Carter, mixing stand-alone episodes and those that further the original show’s mythology. Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are re-inhabiting their roles as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Mitch Pileggi also returns as FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

Three of the episodes are written and directed by Chris Carter, with the remaining new episodes written and directed by original series veterans Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong.

In the opening episode, Mulder and Scully take on a case of a possible alien abductee. The all-new episodes will feature appearances by guest stars, including Joel McHale (“Community”), Robbie Amell (“The Flash”), Lauren Ambrose (“Dig,” “Six Feet Under”), Annabeth Gish (“The Bridge”), Annet Mahendru (“The Americans”), Rhys Darby (“Flight of the Conchords”), Kumail Nanjiani (“Silicon Valley”) and William B. Davis, who reprises his role as “Cigarette Smoking Man.”

“The X-Files” returns on Sunday, January 24th, 2016 at 10pm EST and once again the following night at 8pm EST.

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Watch Rob Archer from ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ Get a Krampus Tattoo!

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Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, peace and goodwill. But for some folks in the small town of Bailey Downs, it turns into something much less festive. When Krampus – the anti-Santa who punishes the naughty children – is summoned by a young boy, everyone’s fight for survival begins.

RLJ Entertainment’s A Christmas Horror Story (read our review) is to be released in theaters, and on iTunes/VOD platforms October 2nd.

Rob Archer believed in his role as the Krampus so much that he went and got a Christmas Horror Story tattoo. This exclusive video documents the occasion…

Directed by Steven Hoban (Darknet), Grant Harvey (She Made Me Do It) and Brett Sullivan (Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed), the film stars William Shatner (Star Trek) and George Buza (X-Men).

A Christmas Horror Story brings a scary twist to the traditional Christmas tale,” said Mark Ward, RLJ Entertainment’s Chief Acquisitions Officer. “With the legendary William Shatner and horribly fantastic creatures, genre fans will never see this happy holiday the same way again.”

CHRISTMAS: a time of Joy, Peace and Goodwill, unless you happen to live in the town of Bailey Downs. Here, on Christmas Eve, joy is corrupted when a malevolent spirit traps three teens in a school basement intent on recreating a twisted version of the Nativity story. Peace is shattered when a family returns from a snowy forest with the perfect Christmas tree only to find something is terrifyingly wrong with their seven-year-old son. And goodwill is perverted when a not-so-nice family is hunted down by Krampus, the demonic anti-Santa Claus of Nordic mythology. Even Santa Claus himself is drawn into the horror when he has to fight off a horde of howling Zombie Elves before making his rounds. This Christmas, the creatures are stirring and they’re coming for you whether you’re naughty or nice.

In my review I state that “the filmmakers pull off a twist that’s so shocking it could save Christmas.”

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