A Preview Of The Next Episode In 'The Walking Dead: The Game'

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:58

With the second episode in Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game Season Two out now for almost everyone — sorry Vita owners, you’ll have to wait a bit longer — I thought I’d share the preview teaser for the third episode, dubbed In Harm’s Way, which plays after completing A House Divided. There’s a very solid chance we’ll have to wait a while to get our hands on it, but I guarantee this video will make the next minute fly by.

In related news, you should definitely check out our review of episode two, A House Divided. It’s pretty great.

Er, the game is great, not the review.

Though, yes, the review is good too.

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Sam Raimi Producing 'The Last of Us' Adaptation for Sony!

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:57

Confirming our report from last November, Screen Gems will officially distribute the live action film The Last of Us based on the critically-acclaimed PlayStation 3 exclusive video game, developed by Naughty Dog.

Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director for the game, will also write the script for the film.

On behalf of Naughty Dog, the project will be produced by Co-Presidents’ Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, as well as Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley, along with Sam Raimi via their Ghost House Pictures banner.

The rich and visceral story of The Last of Us, which was released in June of 2013, “follows hardened survivor, Joel, and Ellie, a young and capable girl, on their journey through a radically transformed world. Set twenty years after an infectious pandemic spread by the cordyceps virus ravaged the course of humanity, these two people, who were brought together by chance, must make life-altering decisions in order to survive. The Last of Us explores themes of survival, loyalty, love, and redemption in an emotionally charged expedition across a post-epidemic United States.

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New Images and a Sneak Peek of Bates Motel Episode 2.02 - Shadow of a Doubt

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:54

On tap right now are several new images plus a clip from the second episode of the second season of "Bates Motel," entitled "Shadow of a Doubt." Check 'em out, and sound off about what you think about this Psycho extension in our comments section!

"Bates Motel" Episode 2.02 - "Shadow of a Doubt" (airs 3/10/14)
Norma (Vera Farmiga) tries to distract Norman (Freddie Highmore) from his obsession with Miss Watson by auditioning for a play. A new player in town has Dylan (Max Thieriot) and Remo (Ian Tracey) on edge.

For more info visit "Bates Motel" on AEtv.com, "like" "Bates Motel" on Facebook, and stop by "Bates Motel" on Instagram.


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AMC Announces The Walking Dead Mobile Game

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:44

After already spawning several video games, "The Walking Dead" is now headed onto handheld devices, and we've got all the info for ya today. Read on, Dead-heads!

THR reports that AMC is teaming up with Next Games to expand "The Walking Dead" universe with the very first mobile game based on the popular zombie drama. Developed for smartphones and tablets, they're preparing to launch the as-yet untitled game in time for the show's Season 5 premiere in October 2014.

Details of the plot of the game are being kept under wraps, but the Finnish game developer vowed that it would have the same tone and tension as the AMC drama.

"Our take on the undead survival franchise will match the against-all-odds action and moment-to-moment tension of the TV series. We want to find that sweet spot where gameplay and narrative inform and reinforce one another,” said Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen. "Like AMC’s 'The Walking Dead' itself, we’re not giving away too many details right out the gate, but I can confidently state it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from 'The Walking Dead' franchise on home or mobile gaming hardware before."

Bring it!

To stay up-to-the-minute on all things walker related, follow @WalkingDead_AMC on Twitter and visit "The Walking Dead" on Facebook. For more be sure to hit up the official "The Walking Dead" page on AMC.com.

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New Featurette Takes You Inside Denis Villeneuve's Enemy

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:37

After proving themselves to be one hell of a team with last year's Prisoners, Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve re-team for Enemy, which is currently available exclusively on DirecTV.

While we wait for the March 14th theatrical release date, check out a brand new featurette for the flick, which features interviews with Gyllenhaal, Villeneuve, and co-star Melanie Laurent!

Written by Javier Gullón and based on a novel by José Saramago, the film also stars Sarah Gadon and Isabella Rossellini.

ENEMY tells the story of a university lecturer named Adam (Gyllenhaal), who is nearing the end of a relationship with his girlfriend, Mary (Laurent). One night, while watching a film, Adam spots a minor actor who looks just like him. Consumed by the desire to meet his double, Adam tracks down Anthony, an actor living with his pregnant wife, Helen (Gadon), and engages him in a complex and dangerous struggle. The film is a haunting and provocative psychosexual thriller about duality and identity, where in the end only one man will survive.

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Director Jeremy Lovering Talks Creating In Fear; Exclusive New Stills

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:32

The eagerly anticipated film In Fear (review here) will be released in select theaters this Friday, March 7, with its Blu-ray/DVD/VOD release on March 11. Recently director Jeremy Lovering spoke with Dread Central about working on his feature film debut.

For starters, Lovering gave potential viewers an idea of what they can expect when they sit down to watch In Fear. "There is a lot of suspense, unknown threats from the dark, a lot of driving around getting lost, some tears, a few smiles, an act of betrayal, an act of violence, a tiny slice of hope, home invasion in a car and a messed up logic that results in murder-by-proxy."

That's a lot to be squeezed into one film, but Lovering does a very nice job of fitting it all in. He continued, "I wanted to make a film that was genuinely and thrillingly scary as you watch it and that stayed with you after and got under your skin," he said. "It relies on a steady build of suspense that never lets up and hopefully puts you right in the back seat of a car with a couple who've only known each other two weeks and are now going away together. As it gets dark and they get lost, slowly they realize they might not be able to trust each other or themselves or anything that's 'out there' - so it's a perfect date movie with plenty of 'what-the-hell-would-I-do-in-that-situation?' moments.

Part of the eeriness of the movie is created by some outstanding filming locations. The director told us what he was looking for when scoping out the perfect spots to shoot. "I definitely wanted to find an environment that wasn't totally hostile, yet seemed to harbor some sort of pagan threat," Lovering said. "It had to have great beauty and yet could become dangerous as we foist our fears upon it. In some way I also wanted the car to feel like it could be a spacecraft, drifting in an anonymous, alien world that belonged in a fable. Practically I wanted a network of roads that you could drive on for a significant time without recognizing where you were or seeing any human habitation. This was incredibly important for the characters' sense of isolation and unease. I also wanted to find an area that could quite literally 'close down' through the film, starting with melancholic wide open moorland and finishing with impenetrable forest with a network of roads that got smaller and smaller in between until, quite literally, the branches of the hedgerow were scratching the car. All this we could only find in Cornwall in the west of England, an area that in many ways has remained isolated from the rest of the UK forever."

Lovering creates incredible tension in the film. In Fear starts you off just mildly uncomfortable, then slowly squeezes the viewer as it goes on. "I really wanted to create a suspense film, a psychological horror that relies on tension rather than gore," Lovering said. "I think the most important thing was that we totally believed in our characters and what they were going through and the anticipation of how it might go wrong. I shot the film without giving the actors a script or even telling them the story so they had absolutely no idea what was going to happen to them or if their character would live or die. Combine this with endless mind games and physical threats, and it meant they were constantly in a state of genuine fear, genuine anticipation and twitchy unease. As a result we believe in their experience, and so their fear makes us feel afraid."

Lovering expanded on his techniques of getting genuine responses from his cast. "In the edit I made a rule to only use the first take of any reaction to a 'fear event,' and I think this makes a huge difference in that there really is no acting in those moments. Structurally we spend a long time investing in our characters - even though we know little about them, we are with them for a while as things escalate from good to uneasy to creepy to bad to terrifying, and once it kicks off, it doesn't stop. In many films in this genre there is an alternation between 'chat' and 'bad stuff.' With this film I deliberately followed a steady crescendo of 'bad stuff' without any letting go."

Lovering continued, "Again, there is a commitment to a lack of explanation - we don't know what's causing the threat for a long time. We don't know why anything is going on, and most importantly I think, we don't know who we can trust. As the actors, and so the characters, weren't sure what to trust about what is happening, so we don't know what to believe, and that means we are deeply unsettled. David Katznelson did a fantastic job in lighting and shooting the film for suspense - we closed the frame down over the course of the film; we use empty space a lot so we are searching for what's not there, imagining things where there aren't any and glimpsing things where there are. We're both up close in our heroes' faces, seeing the terror in their eyes, and we are also outside, watching them flail around or starting to discover what might be in the dark."

In Fear delivers a lot of what you look for in a good horror movie, and Lovering described how he tried to make it truly frightening. "There are some solid scare moments, and the level of expectation rises accordingly," he said. "The dark and the driving are mesmerizing, and so there is a certain trippy constant threat - the time it takes to develop the primal fears [is] pretty much the same for both character and audience, but when the scares come, they are real scares. And lastly, the sound design and the sound composition work hard at pushing the suspense without delivering a climax. The music is about subsonics that at times you can't hear so much as feel, so they erode away at our comfort zone, leaving us full of dread for what is about to happen. And finally, it was just about creating a world where we don't want bad things to happen but we just know they will…and we are waiting, and that waiting is making us nervous."

Lovering collected a small but very capable cast of Iain De Caestecker, Alice Englert and Allen Leech, and according to the director, they absolutely killed it out there. "All the cast were totally committed to the process - not giving them the story or a script, this totally made my life easier. I think they are quite brilliant, and they were able to take the emotions of the characters and make them real," Lovering said. "As I wanted this to in some way be a fable, I had archetypes in mind, and so I needed actors who understood the archetypes, understood the themes, had personalities that in some way reflected those themes and could then translate that to a full character. I needed actors who could immerse themselves in the moment and improvise the dialogue, and I got really lucky. For example, there is one moment when the boy is in the car confessing he's scared when the girl gets snatched by an unseen attacker and pulled into the dark. The boy chases and fights. When we shot it, Iain went into total shock - bless him, he needed a blanket and a warm cup of tea. Me and the producer looked at each other and both realized he had forgotten the fiction of what he was doing. And that was what I was after."

Additionally, Lovering talked about how his shocking of the cast affected them. "To be honest, it was never difficult to get Alice, or Iain for that matter, to give emotionally," Lovering said. "She was scared, it was dark and cold, she genuinely cared about Iain's character, everyone was involved in playing the mind games, she'd been attacked, her loyalties were being tested, she had seen violence that she couldn't do anything about, so I'd say she was pretty strung out. Ultimately she had to learn to trust not to trust me, and that is a pretty big and vulnerable-making adjustment. Also, she was part creator of her character and so knew what she would do in any given situation, and this was at times at odds to how she idealistically wanted her to be - that conflict definitely made a raw nerve."

Lovering talked about what he found to be the most difficult part of filming In Fear. "Without a doubt it was the thing that also made it the most exciting…shooting without a script or giving the actors the story. It meant the safety blanket was gone and we were all exposed," Lovering said. "That, and of course coping with my own guilt at having so royally messed with the heads of such nice people."

Finally, the director briefed us on some of his upcoming projects. "There are several I'm talking about at the moment, including one which is a psychological horror in the vein of Jacob's Ladder, another is a straight horror in the sort of world of Magic/Hider in the House and another is a remake of a late 70's ghost story which I love and am of course tentative about messing with but which I think I've found a really interesting way in by pretty much filming the scenes in between the ones that were in the original and seeing the character's POV that is not the one we had before. So we shall see... maybe I need to do a romantic comedy instead."

In Fear opens in limited theatrical release on March 7 and hits Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on March 11. For more info follow In Fear on Twitter (@InFearMovie).

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Indie Horror 'Monstrum', 'Crawl' Greenlit On Steam

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:27

Valve greenlit another batch of titles for distribution on Steam, and among them are a few very exciting games, including Monstrum, an indie horror game where you’re being hunted by something on a derelict ship in the middle of the ocean and Crawl, a roguelike beat ‘em up where your friends are the monsters.

Head on over to Steam Greenlight for the full list.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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Video Game The Last of Us Getting a Feature Film Adaptation

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:20

Late last year we found out that Sony had registered a telling domain name which suggested that the video game The Last of Us was on its way into feature film territory. Today the rumors have been confirmed. Read on!

Deadline reports that Screen Gems has signed on to distribute a live-action adaptation of the popular game, which will be written by its creative director Neil Druckmann.

The creative architects will be Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra as well as Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley. They’ll team with Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures banner.

In The Last of Us hardened survivor Joel teams with young and capable companion Ellie to journey through a radically transformed world some 20 years after an infectious pandemic ravages humanity. The game has won numerous awards and has been a big seller since its release last summer.

More as we learn it!

About the Game
The Last of Us tells the story of Joel, a survivor of the savage cordyceps virus infection which has plunged the USA into a chillingly authentic post-apocalyptic hell. He embarks on a cross-America trip with a precious cargo, Ellie, leaving the relative safety of the quarantine zone, where they will encounter fierce mutated husks and crazed survivors. From the award-winning team behind Uncharted, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter, The Last of Us delivers a gritty, cinematic experience interspersed with genuine survival action to deliver a compelling and unique gaming experience.

To learn more about the game, visit the official The Last of Us website.

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Critically Acclaimed TV Spot Arrives for The Raid 2: Berandal

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:16

The first TV spot for Gareth Evans' sequel to The Raid: Redemption, entitled The Raid 2: Berandal, is primed and ready to kick your ass; and we have the goods for you right here. Please, Lord, give us this movie now. Thanks.

Iko Uwais (The Raid), Julie Estelle (Macabre), Alex Abbad (Merantau), Marsha Timothy (The Forbidden Door), Mathias Muchus, Tio Pakusadewo, and Cecep Arif Rahman star.

He thought it was over. After fighting his way out of a building filled with gangsters and madmen – a fight that left the bodies of police and gangsters alike piled in the halls – rookie Jakarta cop Rama thought it was done and he could resume a normal life. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Formidable though they may have been, Rama’s opponents in that fateful building were nothing more than small fish swimming in a pond much larger than he ever dreamed possible. And his triumph over the small fry has attracted the attention of the predators farther up the food chain. His family at risk, Rama has only one choice to protect his infant son and wife: He must go undercover to enter the criminal underworld himself and climb through the hierarchy of competing forces until it leads him to the corrupt politicians and police pulling the strings at the top of the heap.

And so Rama begins a new odyssey of violence, a journey that will force him to set aside his own life and history and take on a new identity as the violent offender “Yuda.” In prison he must gain the confidence of Uco – the son of a prominent gang kingpin – to join the gang himself, laying his own life on the line in a desperate all-or-nothing gambit to bring the whole rotten enterprise to an end.

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) acquired the film for the United States, Spain, Latin America, and South Africa; and Sony Pictures Classics will once again release the film theatrically in the United States.

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Update on 'Rosemary's Baby' Writer's 'Veronica's Room'

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 15:09

TWC-Dimension picked up rights to author Ira Levin’s 1973 Broadway thriller Veronica’s Room in December, and now has tapped Mark Bomback (Wolverine) to pen the adaptation, reports Deadline.

The original play from Rosemary’s Baby writer Levin “centered on two students who find themselves invited to a crumbling New England estate for an audience with the last surviving member of the family that once lived there. The purpose of the visit is so that Susan, one of the students, will agree to impersonate Veronica, the long-dead sister of the fading Cissie. And that’s where the line between what’s real and what’s not begins to blur.

Bomback’s credits include Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and Unstoppable, and he did work on the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.

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Review: 'Afterlife With Archie' #4

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 14:43

strong>”Afterlife With Archie” #4 continues to be one of the best horror titles out there. The zombie apocalypse has wreaked havoc upon the sleepy and wholesome town of Riverdale. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla know how to pour on the scares with every single panel. This one is simply a must.

WRITTEN BY: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
ART BY: Francesco Francavilla
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 6, 2013

The death toll rose to high numbers when zombie Jughead crashed the Halloween Dance at Riverdale High. Archie Andrews was able to rescue some of his classmates, even the drama queen Veronica and the do-gooder Betty. But the two most important people in Archie’s life are still missing. Rather than stay with Veronica and Betty, Archie made his way through the dark woods to his house. Finally reaching his doorstep, Archie has no idea whether or not his parents are still alive. Will Archie be able to save his mother and father from the zombie uprising? Or have they fallen victim to the zombie infection already?

What’s really interesting about Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s writing is how he develops the character growth for Archie Andrews. In the first installment, Archie is more of a supporting character in the background. At the Halloween Dance, Archie slowly became the reluctant hero in an extraordinary situation. In this installment, Aguirre-Sacasa throws Archie front-and-center into his own coming-of-age tale. Leaving his naiveté behind, Archie is gradually learning what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Aguirre-Sacasa makes excellent use of flashbacks throughout the story. We learn the back-story behind the relationship between Archie and his dog, Vegas. Though the narrative turns incredibly dark, there is a love story about a boy and his dog that feels genuinely heartfelt and honest. Aguirre-Sacasa wants you to care about Archie’s parents before he unleashes the zombies on them.

The imagery from Francesco Francavilla’s phenomenal artwork is truly remarkable. In the opening pages, Francavilla puts so much detail into the facial expressions of Archie’s loving parents. There is a heartwarming vibe of tenderness when the two stand together. I get a kick out of the yellow lighting and the orange color scheme Francavilla uses in his flashback panels. Francavilla then pours in the red ink when violence erupts on the page.

Francavilla does something really fantastic with the panel layouts about midway through the narrative. In a single page, through 15 panels, Francavilla is able to make each image match together so perfectly. There are stories within stories as Francavilla jumps back and forth between the past and present. You understand what Francavilla is saying through his illustrations without the use of captions and dialogue balloons.

Horror fans are in for a special treat with “Afterlife With Archie” #4. An unforgettable installment and an artistic triumph, the “Afterlife With Archie” series manages to combine the teen drama and the zombie genre with great skill.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Jorge Solis

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Review: 'Evil Empire' #1

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 14:39

Max Bemis’ “Evil Empire” #1 accomplishes exactly what a first issue in a series should accomplish. It introduces the main players, sets up vague and mysterious connections, inexplicitly details what conflicts are to come, and drops an atomic bomb on us in the final panels. If you come away from this issue armed with a list of questions, you’re not alone. But it’s that type of enigmatic opener that makes me clamor for the next issue.

ART BY: Ransom Getty


PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: March 5, 2014

We are dropped into some near future society, corrupt and on its way to full-blown evil empire status. Though, in this first issue, none of that is completely articulated. Candidly, it just looks a lot like present-day America. Immoral and fraudulent national leaders, crime-riddled streets, the bad go free while the good suffer type of society. It’s a page out of our everyday handbook. But we’ve been told that this is an evolving comic, a society that evolves (that’s the operative word) into an evil empire, so if this is truly the case, the set up is superb.

Reese, an underground rapper with very strong anti-establishment, dare I say anarchist, views is approached by Democratic nominee Sam Duggins after one of her shows, and although I found his fangirling a little off-putting (think: young girl meets one of those British pop boy band guys), it quickly becomes oddly charming. And that charm is solidified as he pops up again a few days later during one of Reese’s MTV interviews to support her unconventional political stance. But it’s toward the end of this sequence that his charm feels two-faced. We are left feeling unsure whether or not his intentions with Reese are pure or whether he has other less savory plans in store for her. We are entering an evil empire, after all.

Ransom Getty’s art is excellent. I appreciate the strong realistic bent to the art given the story itself is meant to arouse familiar feelings in us. The pacing is quick and the different stories within the arc flow seamlessly together. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a slow clap for the phenomenal use of literary misdirection in the opening sequence. The use of vague terminology turns into a play on words that leads the reader to believe they are about to dive into a post-apocalyptic comic with zombies and overlord machines, only to find out those terrifying descriptions are in fact being applied to modern society. And frankly, my dear, it’s damn good writing.

As I mentioned, this comic leaves you with buckets of questions, I’ve yet to see the true evil empire, or at least, anything more evil than what I see every day on the news. And more questions abound because at this point, none of the characters can or should be trusted. But Bemis pulls all of this off with perfection and ease, that is, if you enjoy reading some comics with your politics.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Bree Ogden

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Review: 'Bad Blood' #3

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 14:37

Jonathan Maberry’s “Bad Blood” #3 continues in the same vein of the previous issues, utilizing hyperrealism, meta elements, and ordinary tropes of our daily 21st century lives (mixed with a mild fantasy bent) to make this vampire comic nauseatingly lifelike. It’s going to be the drugs floating through blood that kills off the vampire race. It’s going to be the irresponsible club kids, the partying college kids, the terminally ill who will be their ultimate demise. This concept is so brilliant, it reminds me of T.S. Eliot’s famous line: This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Maberry

ART BY: Tyler Crook

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: March 5, 2014

Issue #3 picks up right as a vampire attacks Lolly. Much to the chagrin of said vampire, it’s not just Trick’s chemotherapy drugs that hurt and potentially kill vampires but ALL drugs (see also: whatever it is that Lolly is pumping into her veins). The wounded vampires stew over the fact that the world changed while they slept—“The living are different now, they pollute their own blood.” But Lord Sturge—the vampire initially almost killed by Trick’s blood—feels more shame; he sees this as being “defeated by children.” If vampires are to survive as a race, they must study these Bad Bloods and find out how to prosper in a drug-soaked 21st century.

Meanwhile, Lolly and Trick take to Craigslist to find a vampire hunter. After sifting through a ton of crazies, they find one who appears to be legit. Thus begins the hunt, on both ends.

Maberry is killing it with this role reversal which is turing out to be so crucial to the plot and character development of “Bad Blood” #3. Old world vampires are having to learn how to acclimate to the 21st century to survive, while these millennials are seeking out centuries-old techniques and lore such as “vampire hunters” to survive. Instead of going with what they know, all parties involved must step outside of their comfort zone in order to defeat their enemy.

This is a crucial turning point. No one has the advantage here. In most vampire lore, the vampires are drenched in advantage. What with their ability to live forever, their superhuman strength and speed, their ruthless killing machine nature. But not now, now they are reduced to a scared puppy state, realizing they are coming up against starvation if they don’t figure something out very soon. Because this isn’t their ancestors’ world. And it’s this role reversal that makes “Bad Blood” so damn interesting to follow.

Maberry peppers in jokes about Van Helsing, Buffy, Angel, and Hellboy, among others. Adding a snarky meta element to the comic draws the reading in even more because, hey! we relate to those things. We watch those shows. We see those movies. It’s material like that, combined with the reality of Trick’s cancer and Lolly’s abusive childhood that keeps us firmly planted in the now, with present day pop culture and present day issues—despite the fact that a fantastical vampire plot is woven throughout.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Bree Ogden

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Watch, Scream, and Vote as the Hellions Horror Video Contest Begins!

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 14:00

We told you about the Hellions Horror Video Contest back in January. You read, followed orders, and made movies. Now the time has come for the voting process to begin. Read on for details.

From the Press Release
The submission phase of the Hellions Video Contest came to a close Saturday, March 1st, and now the voting phase begins! New entries will be posted on Monday mornings for the next four weeks on the Hellions website.

Each week visitors will have an opportunity to vote on their favourite entry, and a Weekly Audience Favourite will be elected to advance to the Final Round. The Final Round will be juried by HELLIONS director Bruce McDonald, director and Rue Morgue publisher Rodrigo Gudiño, and Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisener.

The winning entry will be shown within the context of the feature film HELLIONS, and the director will be invited to the premiere. The short will appear on a television in a scene of HELLIONS, with the potential to also screen theatrically, in its entirety, along with the feature film and to be included as a special feature on the DVD/Blu-ray release of HELLIONS.

For more info visit the official Hellions website, "like" Hellions on Facebook, and follow Hellions on Twitter (@HellionsMovie).

About Hellions
Hellions, helmed by maverick indie director Bruce McDonald, is a horror-thriller, starring newcomer Chloe Rose ("Degrassi: The Next Generation"), about a teenager who must survive a Halloween night from hell when three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door. Joining Rose is award-winning actor Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, "True Blood," "The X-Files") in the role of tough-as-nails cop Mike Corman. The cast also includes Rossif Sutherland (“Reign,” “Crossing Lines,” “ER”), Rachel Wilson (“Republic of Doyle,” “The Kennedys”), Peter Dacunha (Haunter, “Reign”), and Luke Bilyk (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”).

Hellions was penned by Pascal Trottier (The Colony) and produced by Frank Siracusa (Hobo with a Shotgun) of Whizbang Films and Paul Lenart of Storyteller Pictures. The film is produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada and in association with Bell Media’s The Movie Network and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central.

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Linkin Park Release New Song "Guilty All The Same"

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:50

Electornic rockers Linkin Park have released a stream of “Guilty All The Same”, the first single from their upcoming as-yet-untitled sixth studio album, which is the follow-up to 2012′s Living Things. The track was premiered through Shazam and features rapper Rakim. To listen to the track, simply tag any Linkin Park song in Shazam and you’ll get the option to check it out.

The band states, “Millions of people use Shazam everyday to gain an understanding of the music they hear in their own lives, including us. The idea of a musically engaged community hearing our brand new single “Guilty All The Same” (feat. Rakim) early, was extremely exciting to us.

Linkin Park also just announced a tour with 30 Seconds To Mars and AFI. Click here for tour dates.

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Get Comfy With Mezco's New Chucky Collectibles

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:30

For several years now Mezco Toyz has been releasing some of the coolest horror collectibles to hit the market. The best part? They're not showing any signs of slowing down. Child's Play fans... get ready to feel your wallet rumble.

Here's your first glimpse of Mezco's “Good Guy” Chucky.

Unlike the scarred and battle-damaged look Chucky normally displays (people have tried to destroy him in 6 films so far), this version represents the cleaner, earlier Chucky. His trademark outfit is un-slashed, his face is not yet mauled. Just as he did in his films, Chucky has lots to say, from his trademark “My name is Chucky” to far more sinister phrases. The star of the Child’s Play films, Chucky stands 15″ tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation, and his trademark orange hair and realistic glass-like eyes.

Each Chucky comes packaged in his own collector-friendly window box based on the original box design seen in the films.

That not enough? Then check out these Chucky and Tiffany 16-inch plush figures. Not since Bonnie and Clyde has a couple left such a path of destruction in their wake!

Chucky, the homicidal doll who contains the spirit of Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer better known as “The Lakeshore Strangler,” is joined by his beloved Tiffany, the doll who contains the soul of his longtime paramour, a misguided and equally homicidal aspiring actress. Chucky and Tiffany are not only one of the most deadly onscreen couples; they are one of the most talkative as well! Both Chucky and Tiffany each speak 7 terrifying phrases, direct from their films.

Both plush figures feature real cloth clothing: Chucky in his well known coveralls and sneakers and Tiffany in her fashion-forward wedding gown. Tiffany also sports her trademark tattoo. Each plush figure stands 16 inches tall and comes with an informative hang tag.

Chucky and Tiffany are each sold separately, but even death couldn’t keep them apart.

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Don't Shoot The Messenger! He Has Photos and a Clip from The Following Episode 2.08!

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:15

A sneak peek and close to a dozen images have arrived for "The Following" Episode 2.08, "The Messenger," and we have another guest star on the way in the form of Gregg Henry (Slither, "The Killing"). Let's hope he sticks around longer than Lee Tergesen did this week!

"The Following" Episode 2.08 - "The Messenger" (3/10/14, 9-10PM; repeats 3/15/14, 9-10PM)
RYAN LOOKS TO JOE’S PAST AS JOE PLANS FOR HIS FUTURE - After a tragic turn of events, Ryan attempts to find the man who originally taught Joe to kill in hopes of finding new answers.

Meanwhile, at the compound, Joe tries to get his bearings while Emma and Mandy wait for him to reveal his new plan.

Cast: Kevin Bacon as Ryan Hardy; James Purefoy as Joe Carroll; Shawn Ashmore as Agent Mike Weston; Valorie Curry as Emma Hill; Connie Nielsen as Lily Gray; Sam Underwood as Luke; Jessica Stroup as Max Hardy; Tiffany Boone as Mandy Lang

Guest Cast: Shane McRae as Robert; Jake Weber as Micah; Jacinda Barrett as Julia; Gregg Henry as Dr. Strauss

For more info visit "The Following" website, "like" "The Following" on Facebook, and follow "The Following" on Twitter.


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[Tribeca '14] Midnight Titles Include 'Zombeavers,' 'Preservation,' 'Extraterrestrial' and More!

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:00

The Tribeca Film Festival today announced its feature film selections in the Spotlight, Midnight, and Special Screenings sections, as well as the selections for the Storyscapes program. The 13th edition of the Festival will take place from April 16th to April 27th in New York City.

What do alien invaders and chupacabras have in common with a sword-wielding maniac and the ghost of a turn-of-the-century murderer? They can all be found in Tribeca’s 2014 Midnight program, a collection of this year’s most boundary-pushing genre films from around the globe. Opening Night selection, Preservation, is a moody, intelligent take on the maniac in the woods genre, and an apt foreshadowing of the slew of inhuman baddies that emerge from the darkness to terrify sexed-up teens in Extraterrestrial, Indigenous, and sure-to-be-a-conversation-piece special screening, Zombeavers. Meanwhile, a rookie cop takes on his deranged doppelganger in bizarre German horror-cum-arthouse film, Der Samurai, while the conflict takes a team turn in Intramural, a wacky romp about an underdog flag football team that riffs on classic sports movies with a cartoonish comedic sensibility. Too terrifying, strange, or downright hilarious for daylight hours, these seven films wear their Midnight Movie moniker with pride.


Directed and written by Ivan Kavanagh. (Ireland) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Film archivist David and his wife are perfectly happy—or so he believes. When a looming secret shatters their marriage at the same time as a turn-of-the-century film reel he is studying reveals their house to be the site of a 1902 multiple-murder

David begins to unravel, and the house’s eerie history threatens to repeat itself. Dripping with tension and chilling to the core, this visceral Irish ghost story is a visually arresting and genuinely shocking journey into the darkness within.

Der Samurai

Directed and written by Till Kleinert. (Germany) – International Premiere, Narrative.

A samurai-wielding figure wearing a white dress lurks menacingly in the forest, waiting to descend upon an unsuspecting village in the muddy backwaters of rural East Germany. As heads roll with each stroke of his sword. Dutiful, straight-laced cop Jakob becomes increasingly powerless to resist the draw of the Samurai’s feral otherness. The two enter into a bizarre folie à deux as Jakob is forced to confront his own carnal impulses that he has long sought to repress.


Directed by Colin Minihan, written by The Vicious Brothers. (Canada) – World Premiere, Narrative.

The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters) return to Tribeca with their latest heart-pumping thriller. Five friends set out to a cabin in the woods for a fun weekend getaway—that is, until extraterrestrial visitors turn it into a fight for their lives. The group is pulled from their reverie when a flickering object crashes deep in the woods. As they investigate, the friends stumble across an alien spacecraft, and its inhabitants have not arrived in peace.


Directed by Alastair Orr, written by Max Roberts. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

A group of five American friends on the cusp of adulthood travel to Panama to relax and reconnect. They befriend a local woman in their hotel bar—and despite some ominous whispers—she goes against the specific instructions of her brother and brings the Americans on a daytrip into the pristine falls at the nearby jungle. What begins as an innocent outing to a picturesque waterfall quickly turns terrifying after she suddenly goes missing. As night closes in, the friends realize too late the truth behind the rumors—the legendary, blood-sucking Chupacabra is now stalking them.” In English and Spanish with subtitles.


Directed by Andrew Disney, written by Bradley Jackson. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

There comes a time in every fifth-year senior’s life where they must either accept the impending ‘real world’ of jobs, marriage, and payment plans or shirk that responsibility in favor of playing the most glorious intramural football game your school probably doesn’t really care to see. In this full throttle and hilarious send-up of inspirational sports movies

Director Andrew Disney harnesses every cliché and overused trope to tell the greatest (and only) intramural sports movie of all time.” Featuring an ensemble cast including Kate MacKinnon, Jay Pharoah, Beck Bennett, and Nikki Reed.


Directed and written by Christopher Denham, (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

Three family members head deep into the woods for a hunting trip that doubles as a distraction from their troubles at home. When all of their gear is stolen, they turn on each other, but soon realize there are much more treacherous forces at work. Actor Christopher Denham takes his second turn in the director’s chair with this finely crafted horror-thriller starring Pablo Schreiber (The Wire, Orange is the New Black), Aaron Staton (Mad Men), and Wrenn Schmidt (Boardwalk Empire).


Directed and written by Jordan Rubin, co-written by Al Kaplan and Jon Kaplan. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative.

You know the story: sexy teens head to a secluded lakeside cabin for a weekend of debauched fun, only to be menaced by a mysterious force picking them off one by one. But here, the culprit proves to be a horde of rabid zombie beavers! The B-movie creature feature is making a comeback, and with 2 million views of its trailer in its first two weeks alone, Zombeavers is a veritable phenomenon. And it’s finally here.” Special midnight screening.

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[Exclusive] Eve To Adam Tour Webisode #3

bloody disgusting - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:00

As promised, we’ve got the third tour webisode from rockers Eve To Adam, who will be hitting the road in just a few weeks alongside Italian melodic rockers Lacuna Coil! In this video, the band is celebrating their Eugene, OR performance with shots of Fireball.

Speaking of Fireball, TJ and I have found that if you take a big swig out of a Woodchuck Hard Cider and replace that swig with a shot of Fireball, it tastes absolutely delicious AND gets you hammered just that little bit faster. There’s your pro-tip for this weekend.

Make sure you pick up the band’s new album Locked & Loaded via iTunes or Amazon.

Eve To Adam online:
Official Website

Tour Dates:
w/ Lacuna Coil & KYNG:

3/21 – San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
3/23 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades

3/24 – Reno, NV @ Knitting Factory
3/25 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
3/27 – Cheyenne, WY @ Atlas Theatre
3/28 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Black Sheep
3/29 – Farmington, NM @ Top Deck
3/30 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
4/02 – Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
4/03 – Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater
4/08 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s Ballroom
4/09 – Shreveport, LA @ Strange Brew
4/11 – Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall

4/12 – Orlando, FL @ Earth Day Birthday
5/24 – San Antonio, TX @ River City Rockfest
5/25 – Pryor, OK @ Rocklahoma
5/31 – Kansas City, MO @ KQRC Rockfest
6/20 – Sioux City, IA @ Awesome Biker Nights
7/19 – Cadott, WI @ Rock Fest

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The Axeman Comes in May

Dread Central - Thu, 03/06/2014 - 13:00

Wow, that headline sounds a bit dirty, no? I mean, yes, the Axeman is gonna come, but that doesn't mean he's gonna climax. Then again, who knows? Maybe that's how he gets his kicks! One thing's for sure: Axemen is known to be messy so hopefully he'll clean up once he's done.

From the Press Release
Some of horror's most prominent scream queens come together for the razor-sharp fright flick Axeman, available across the US and Canada on DVD and VOD starting May 6, 2014.

Tiffany Shepis, Brinke Stevens, Elissa Dowling, and Jamie Bernadette join former NBA star Scot Pollard in Joston Theney's blood-stained love letter to classic slasher movies.

Axeman will be available on all major and minor cable VOD channels as well as major internet platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network, and more beginning May 6th through Midnight Releasing.

An axe-wielding local legend slices and dices his way through some vacationing twenty-something in a blood-curdling movie experience that's been named "THE movie to see in 2014!"

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