[Review] Halloween Horror ‘Hellions’ Is Unsettling, Not Terrifying

bloody disgusting - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 14:25

Reviewed out of Sundance by Fred Topel

Last year, Aaron Paul had a movie at Sundance called Hellion. I never saw it, but I assume Hellions is the sequel because that’s the rules. When you pluralize the title, it’s the sequel in which there are even more Hellions than the first film!

Dora (Chloe Rose) is home alone on Halloween. When three kids show up at her door in masks, she thinks they are regular trick or treaters. Despite Dora giving them candy, they come back to keep terrorizing her. At first it’s normal stuff like egging and pumpkin smashing, but it evolves into a much stranger assault from demons who clearly have supernatural powers.

First of all, the three masks look way better than anything from Halloween: Season of the Witch, so in your face, 1982’s Halloween III. They are clearly the work of prosthetic craftsman. If they were available for purchase in stores, they could cost more than kids or their parents could afford, so that might be the first indicator that these are not regular kids.

Hellions gradually transitions into nightmare logic, where the rules of time and space don’t apply. The color shifts to sepia, we see kaleidoscope imagery, and Dora ends up in a completely strange world for the climax. Editing even changes the logic of continuity. The lack of logic is always the scariest part of nightmares anyway, that you can’t even count on basic physics to apply, so it’s a good approach to the film’s horror.

That makes Hellions certainly unsettling, if not terrifying. If Halloween III were more like Hellions it could’ve worked. It delivers on the promise of kids terrorizing adults. Dora is an older teenager, but the Officer Corman (Robert Patrick) comes to her aid and he’s not much help against them either.

Director Bruce McDonald elevates his craft exponentially. Where Pontypool dealt with an auditory fear, Hellions allows him to manipulate all of our senses. It is a promising debut from first time feature writer Pascal Trottier, taking logic out of the equation. While maybe not as memorable as some of the other Sundance creature features, Hellions will still give you a good scare when you’re able to see it.

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NSFW: Whitechapel “Let Me Burn” Video Premiere (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 13:00

No matter how much I make up, there’s stuff in history that’s just as bad, or worse.” – George R.R. Martin (source)

Those words matter a great deal when it comes to the videos of director Mitch Massie. This is the man who was behind Cattle Decapitation‘s “Forced Gender Reassignment”, one of the most notorious music videos ever released. And now he’s back with yet another visual tale of pain, rage, and violence, this time bringing us the story behind Whitechapel‘s “Let Me Burn”.

Vocalist Phil Bozeman states:

The basis of the video is about a man, his wife and daughter. The story depicts the degradation of the man and him going insane. He kills his wife and makes his daughter kill him. He douses himself in gasoline and begs her to strike the match. But the whole point of the story is that the man has everything he wants and needs, but has no control over his mind and suffers with clinical insanity/schizophrenia and kills his wife and regrets everything. His daughter lives on as he burns alive in his house.

The video may be difficult for some to watch, especially due to themes of abuse, strong gore, and self harm.

“Let Me Burn” comes from the band’s latest album Our Endless War, which you can purchase via iTunes, Amazon, or Indie Merch.

Guitarist Alex Wade adds:

We’re really excited to release the official video for Let Me Burn. It’s our first time trying a story based video versus a performance video with us playing and we’re really happy with how it came out. Phil’s idea for the concept of the video mixed with Mitch Massie’s directing developed a very dark and sinister video that represents the song well.

Whitechapel online:

Tour dates:
02/28 Memphis, TN Hi Tone Cafe
03/01 St.Louis, MO Firebird
03/02 Merriam, KS Aftershock w/ Lorna Shore, Damp, Sedlec Ossuary
03/03 Omaha, NE Sokol Underground
03/05 Murray, UT Murray Theater
03/07 San Bernardino, CA NOS Events Center (Self Help Fest)
03/08 Mesa, AZ Nile Theatre
03/09 Tucson, AZ The Rock
03/10 Lubbock, TX Jakes Sports Cafe
03/11 Oklahoma City, OK The Conservatory
03/12 Little Rock, AR Juanita’s
04/11 Austin, TX Empire Garage *Texas Independent Fest

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[Exclusive Preview] “The Names” #7 From Vertigo Comics

bloody disgusting - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 12:58

I’ve read the first few issues of “The Names” and I must admit that the distinction of Kill Bill meets The Wolf of Wall Street is an accurate description that somehow still doesn’t do this incredible series justice. It reads like a contemporary horror story but pushes something with a little more of a political or social agenda. The result is a highly intelligent thriller that isn’t afraid to challenge you to think about the world around you. It’s unique in this way.

U.S. Price: $2.99 ON SALE 3/4

The Names’ kingpin, Stoker, reveals what might have compelled Katya’s husband to throw himself out a high window. Meanwhile, Katya continues her quest and gets tantalizingly closer to knowing who made her a widow. Secret love, violence, insanity, and intrigue…Katya’s problems are only beginning…

Art by: Leandro Fernandez
Cover by: Celia Calle
Written by: Peter Milligan

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Insanely Bloody Stills Get ‘Infected’ (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 12:35

RLJE/Image Entertainment is getting Infected on VOD and DVD June 9, 2015.

Bloody Disgusting has ane excluisve set of stills from Andrew Gilbert’s indie starring Luke Hobson, Nicky Paul Barton, Roger Fowler, Samuel Hogarth, and David Wayman.

An average day in a quiet suburb becomes ground zero for the end of the world that we knew. When a fast-spreading global pandemic turns ordinary people into flesh-eating monsters, a handful of terrified survivors and the remnants of an army squad find refuge in an elementary school turned emergency shelter. With the hordes of walking dead trying to get in, scarce weapons and a dwindling food supply, the embattled refugees begin to turn on each other. As they slowly perish, they desperately attempt to escape and determine if they are the last uninfected humans left on Earth.

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[Exclusive] The ‘Marvel Zombies’ Shamble Into Battleworld This June!

bloody disgusting - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 12:00

Marvel’s Secret Wars has created an awesome vacuum allowing the most insane combinations of worlds to clash, and this June sees the return of my personal favorite “Marvel Zombies.” We here at Bloody-Disgusting have partnered with Marvel to give you the exclusive reveal of this all new secret wars series from Si Spurrier and Kev Walker. With an irresistible premise, this new series follows Elsa Bloodstone as she’s dealing with the sisyphean task of defending “The Shield,” a barrier on the southern hemisphere of Battleworld. On the other side: Marvel Zombies. In the moments where she’s not enrapt in the throes of battle, she meditates on her deceased father… (how everything he taught her gave her the means to fight the zombies, but all the love he didn’t give her is what motivated the self-destructive actions that landed her on the shield in the first place. After all the fighting she sees a human girl on the other side of the shield one day, and against every impulse she has, she heads into to save him. Now she has to fight her way out.

Have any questions? I know I did. Luckily, Marvel gave us the opportunity to speak to Si Spurrier about his new take on Marvel’s shambling horrors and just what to expect when Else heads beyond The Shield this June.

Bloody-Disgusting: Elsa Bloodstone is described as self destructive and longing for her father’s approval, what can you tell me about her journey beyond the wall?

Si Spurrier: We-ell….  like most stories which purport to be structured round a single journey, there are actually two of them going on side by side.  The first and most obvious one is really simple, revolving around this incredible, relentless, fascinating woman – Elsa – trying to cross a wasteland full of indescribable horrors, while protecting a vulnerable young companion. This is the part of the journey packed with festering, corrupted, undead versions of your favourite Marvel characters, in whose rheumy eyes Elsa and her young charge are just a convenient moveable snack.  Into this portion of the journey we’re throwing putrid wads of horror, incredible action and some really creative evil. I’m actually rather proud of some of the inventive nastiness I’ve got planned.

The second journey, which is a lot less visible, is going on all the time inside Elsa’s mind and heart. One of our quite explicit aims here is to remind everyone what a wonderful and unique character she is. Beneath the über-capable, sarcasm-spouting, unflappable kickass exterior lies a lot of really unique and harrowing stuff. To get at it we’re going to peer into her troubled past and spend a little memory-time in the company of Mr Ulysses Bloodstone: adventurer; monster hunter; crappy dad.

The really fun stuff, for me, is where Journey #1 and Journey #2 intersect: where the external impinges on the internal and vice-versa. That sort of stuff is driven in no small part by the little girl Elsa’s trying to save, who – in all her terror and confusion – sets the pace, tone and destination of our adventure.

BD: Marvel Zombies has had several different chapters within Marvel’s history, what makes your chapter different, and what hero were you most excited to write as a zombie?

SS: I think the biggest difference here is in the positioning and setup of the action. One of the problems a lot of zombie stories face is the lack of agency on the part of the protagonists. That can be a really cool subversion of regular narrative dynamics (and, in one or two toxic cases it chooses to say a lot of very cynical thematic stuff about the pointlessness of individual resistance)… but quite often it’s also just laziness: the “story” consists of people screaming and flapping and running around in a really passive way. When the subtext of your zombie story is “hey, zombies are really scary – cool!” then just don’t bother, y’know?

We’ve flipped things over a lot, here. All the agency and all the proactivity lies with our heroine. Thematically the zombies aren’t stand-in analogues for the usual societal fears of lone predators or uncontrollable mobs; rather they represent an ambient sea of obstacles. This isn’t a good world which has been invaded by a corruptive element; it’s an irredeemable, unsalvageable land of pure corruption from which Elsa must try to escape. The zombies are the anvil against which her character is beaten, rather than the object of most interest.

Which, of course, is not to say that all of our zombies will be faceless uninteresting groan-wranglers. I can’t say very much about the who and the why without giving away some of the really cool plot elements we’ve got in store for you, but you can be assured we’ll encounter more than a few complex, cunning and creepy brainguzzlers with agency and proactivity of their own.

And hey, let’s not pretend that we don’t all get a bit of a kick out of simply seeing recognisable characters reimagined as decomposing cerebravores. That’s where Kev and I will get to cut loose on some fabulously icky visuals. Who doesn’t want to see a starvation-mad Sabretooth sucking up his own regenerating guts like spaghetti, or a zombie Carnage entirely composed of crusty bloodclots…? Fun.

BD: What more can you tell me about the gigantic wall on the southern hemisphere of Battleworld, “The Shield?”

SS: I’ll let other writers say more about this, since mine isn’t the story most closely embroiled in the workings of the Shield, but it’s pretty tacitly what it sounds like: a barrier between the “civilised” regions of the world (which isn’t an especially accurate description in some cases, but still) and the untameable, horrific and corruptive regions.  North of the shield the business of Battleworld rumbles on.  South of it there is, literally, no hope.

The shield – which is where Elsa has been living and working for years – exists solely to stop the South infecting the North.

Which is all well and good, up until you find yourself stranded oh-so-very-very-far South.

BD: Zombie stories usually carry some amount of social commentary, they offer us the ugly truths about ourselves, what do you hope to teach us about ourselves through Marvel Zombies?

SS: I think I touched on this above with my waffle about themes and analogues.

Of course you’re right, zombies have been used as a very useful metaphor before now, most often for societal and cultural concerns: corporate greed, media mediocrity, unmoderated science, whatever. With this story I’m far more interested in turning that inside-out and making them useful as the negative ambient force in a far more individualist context.  Elsa is very much the star of our show, and the undead hordes of the Deadlands become a really elegant analogue for the emotional and traumatic forces which seek to overwhelm her internal self. She is literally fighting to keep going, inside and out, pushing onwards against deadly inertia and overwhelming odds, because it’s the only way she knows how to survive.  As I mentioned above, the zombies are the anvil against which her new self will be forged.  (In this context – and I’m extending the metaphor waaaay too far here – the child she’s trying to save takes the place of the hammer.)

Naturally it’s a critical part of any “irresistible force” story that sooner or later it encounters an immovable object – or at least an uncrossable boundary – and that’s when the biggest and nastiest confrontations will have to occur.

So that’s the general role of the zombies.  In several cases I’ve got more specific plans in mind for them – literal and figurative – but I can’t talk about that too much here.

BD: Tell me more about Elsa’s relationship to her father, Uysses Bloodstone, what can we hope to see passed down to her from the pages of his adventures? And since he was immortal, what happened to him?

SS: Again, I must be rather circumspect, since Elsa’s memories of her father – and the way her upbringing has shaped her – are such a key part of the emotional arc.  All I’ll say is what’s already obvious: if your father is an ancient being, indescribably experienced and wise, utterly fixated on the pursuit of monstrous evil, obsessed with strength and capability, then cuddles and lullabies probably didn’t feature very highly in your childhood.

In a way it touches on some of the same dichotomies I explored in X-Men Legacy (which is all about Professor Xavier’s kid son, to those who don’t know). It’s this idea that in order for someone to be “great” in one sense, they probably wind up being kinda bad – or at least absent, cold or distant – in other senses. In the Elsa story it’s dealt with in a very different way (less trippy climbing-inside-of-one’s-own-head, for instance!), but yeah, there are some matching themes in there. Internalised trauma, stunted emotions, the sins-of-the-father, etc. It’s just that this time we’ve also got a protagonist who crotchpunches monsters and dropkicks their torsos.

BD: What sort of zombie stories did you draw on for inspiration? What motivates you to create good horror do you enjoy the slasher idea of losing control in something like Friday the 13th?, or the slow burn of something like say The Fly?

SS: Oh, I’m pretty case-specific when it comes to horror. My essential metric has to do with the “value” of horrific choices (as opposed to their gratuitousness) first and foremost, and that’s a topic on which I could wax prolix for hours. It tends to sound like preaching – and given that I’m among horror aficionados here it would probably be preaching to the converted – so I won’t dwell. The short version is that I think the desire to shock has come dangerously close to overwhelming the desire to affect. The really crazy thing is that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. As long as the former is in service of the latter, horror is one of the most powerful genres there is.

Anyway. Generally speaking, when it comes to movies, I’ll tend to respond more to slow-burn disturbingstuff rather than cheap jumps and grossout moments. (The Orphanage is one of my favourites for that very reason – the scene with the cover-your-eyes-and-count-to-ten thing? Jeeeeeesus.)  I guess that’s a pretty handy set of preferences given that I work in comics. Of all the amazing and unique narrative tools accessible to someone working in our incredible medium, the “boo!” thing simply doesn’t work. You’ve got to be smarter about your horror than that.

BD: And finally how does your story tie into Secret Wars as a whole? What is the most exciting part of contributing to this mega event?

SS: Very interesting question, and one I wish I could say more about!

One thing which has really impressed me about the Secret Wars setup is Marvel’s willingness to focus on awesome, character-led stories rather than emphasizing the “everything crosses over with everything else!” angle, which has been done a billion times before, and frankly risks being rather boring. And expensive. And confusing.

Instead they’ve created this remarkable scenario in which all the different creative teams can focus really close on finding out new things about familiar characters and places through the delightful conceit of alternate contexts. By definition it’s far less about some squidlike interconnected macro-story than it’s about a whole host of beautifully realised modular stories, all with high stakes and satisfying conclusions.  So yes, my story is affected by things happening in the “main” Secret Wars serial and vice versa, but they all stand on their own feet too.  For my money that offers a far better readership experience – and far more choice and agency to the buyer – than a grotesquely self-referential crossover where nothing makes sense unless you’ve read every last part of it.

…which is a horribly aggressive way to end an interview about Literally! My favourite! Marvel thing! Ever! so please permit me to play us out with a dust-swirling, fiend-shuffling, groan-haunted promise that this Marvel Zombies story will blow your mind. And then probably eat it.

“Marvel Zombies” carries the Battleworld distinction, and will be hitting in June.









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Summer of Blood (UK DVD)

Dread Central - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 07:30

Starring Onur Tukel, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Jason Selvig, Dakota Goldhor

Directed by Onur Tukel

Distributed by Monster Pictures UK

Erik Sparrow (writer/director and star Tukel) is a very tough person to be around. Stuck in his own world of perpetual denial, he’s as socially awkward as they come and often confused at the negative reactions of others to his far-out, and frequently offensive, lines of verbal reasoning.

Despite this, he has a long-term girlfriend, a place to live and a stable job – though he doesn’t put much effort into pulling his weight when it comes to any of these things. In short, he’s flying by the seat of his pants – coasting by on little more than luck… but his luck is about to change.

As Summer of Blood opens with quite possibly the most awkward restaurant proposal scene in the history of cinema, you’re quickly taken into the film’s low-key, mumblecore style. Shot with a ‘fly on the wall’ feel, Summer of Blood‘s performances feel natural, rippling with improvisation and thoroughly organic awkwardness. In holding these together, the film handles itself impeccably, feeling far from amateur in its overall presentation.

Erik, as you’ll come to expect from him, messes up his part in this critical life moment quite spectacularly and summarily finds himself roaming the streets a single man – his girlfriend, Jody (Hollyman), taking off with an old friend, Jason (Selvig).

On his travels Erik comes across a man in an alleyway who is bleeding profusely from his neck. Doing hilariously little to help, Erik finally sets off to look for assistance only to end up getting sidetracked in a conversation with two passers-by about how much he looks like Jerry Garcia. Yes, he really is that much of an ass.

Anyhoo, following a string of disastrous attempts at online dating and one-night stands, Erik soon comes face to face with the lone vampire who stalks the alley – and after a quick munch, he wakes up to find himself afflicted with the vampiric curse and sans his job.

But is this really a curse for someone like him? It would seem not, as he sets about creating his own sexually-charged harem of vampiresses, ‘glamouring’ his landlord into not having him pay rent and stalking the night with little to do but… stalk the night, really. Soon he decides to win Jody’s heart back… but can he bring himself to do it in the face of his unending thirst for blood?

Come on… of course he can!

Summer of Blood is a real cinematic agitator, taking the classic concept of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and, for all intents and purposes, throwing it out the window. Erik Sparrow is an idiot. A dolt. A bumbling, pseudo-intellectual arse of a man who views his unkempt self as the ultimate enlightened non-conformist… and then when he’s bitten and turned… well, that outlook doesn’t change.

He does have a couple of momentary existential crises, but there’s never a sense that he’s ever fully committed to any particular perspective – he just doesn’t know how to make up his mind and pursue what he feels is right. Because he’s never that sure. It’s a constant cycle of idiocy, remorse, self-acceptance through ropey cognition, and back to idiocy.

And you know what? Summer of Blood is here to tell you that that’s perfectly fine when it comes to film, and it does so splendidly. It’s frequently hilarious and refreshingly nonchalant in its handling of vampirism; endearing to the point that the inherently unlikeable nature of its protagonist isn’t a barrier to entry – it’s actually what makes it so very funny.

Of course, no small kudos for that should go the cast, especially Tukel’s hipster-ish lead turn, which garners much of the laughs – especially in moments when he’s angry or frustrated and shouting loudly. His delivery is absolutely spot on when it comes to tickling the funny bone. Standing ably opposite is Hollyman as the long-suffering Jody – personifying the audience’s connection to Erik: aghast at his complete cynicism and apparent social ineptitude, but irresistibly drawn to him nonetheless.

Summer of Blood is a ‘marmite’ film, for sure. You’re either going to dig it highly, or you’re going to be so pissed off with Erik’s behaviour and the mumblecore leanings that you’ll be seeking an exit before the halfway mark – but for Yours Truly, it’s a blast. Like a more overtly comedic Vampire’s Kiss by way of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it tickles all the right places while it mines gems buried inside the mundane with relentless zeal.

The only thing letting it down, frankly, is an underwhelming finale that ties things up much too quickly and with a throwaway lack of thought. Yet, strangely, it doesn’t feel a particularly poor fit – just, like anything that has come before, another slap-dash decision that Erik is going to have to deal with in his own way… for better or worse.

Probably worse.

Monster Pictures bring Summer of Blood to UK DVD with a decent set of special features, including around 25 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage (which makes it look like the film was equally as fun as it was frustrating to shoot); a quick on-camera ‘Fang Test’ with Tukel; a collection of three deleted scenes that were wisely excised (or shortened); the trailer and a full audio commentary with director Tukel that, while somewhat dry at times, still makes for a good listen.

Definitely worth a look.

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UK Readers: Win a Copy of Wolves on DVD!

Dread Central - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 06:00

David Hayter, screenwriter of X-Men and Watchmen, proves he’s got some serious bite behind the camera with his directorial debut. Packed with blood, fights, and plenty of frights, Wolves (review here) stars Jason Momoa (“Game of Thrones”) and X-Men’s Lucas Till. You’d be howling mad to miss this dark and deliciously sharp horror.

Wolves is out to own on DVD from 2nd March, and to support the release, we have a comp copy up for grabs courtesy of Altitude Film Entertainment.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply send an email to contests@dreadcentral.com with the subject line “WOLVES UK”, including YOUR FULL NAME AND POSTAL ADDRESS, before the closing date of Thursday, 12th March. We’ll take care of the rest.

Please note that this competition is open only to UK residents.

When high-school student Cayden (Till) finds his parents have been brutally murdered, he goes on the run and arrives in the small town of Lupine Ridge, where he discovers the hairy truth to his nature…

The town is home to feuding clans of werewolves, and when Cayden starts to fall for the beautiful Angelina (Patterson), he finds himself as love-rival of brutal clan alpha and pureblood lycan Connor (Momoa). But can Cayden survive and get the girl as the werewolves prepare for a fight to the death?

The post UK Readers: Win a Copy of Wolves on DVD! appeared first on Dread Central.

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Ridiculous Joke “Script” For New ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ “Leaks”

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 23:26

I’m a really big fan of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, which came out over 20 years ago. It’s kind of tragic that we haven’t gotten a really solid Nightmare On Elm St. film since then. And don’t get me started on the remake because my hatred of that film is…well, it’s pretty damn strong.

So wouldn’t it be nice to get another NOES film? One that keeps the spirit of the original series and creates something phantasmagorically, devilishly entertaining? Well, over at Robot Butt, they claim to gotten their hands on the script, some storyboards, and mock up poster design for a 10th film in the series, which would be had the working title A Nightmare on Elm Street 10: Freddy’s Magnum Opus.

Now, it’s painfully obvious that this is a 100% joke. However, the basic premise of their idea is actually incredibly cool. What they propose is that the main character gets into a car accident and falls into a long coma. As a result, Freddy has an unending playground in which to torture his victim, who cannot wake up.

From there, the “script” becomes ridiculous as “Freddy” makes this playground an endless corporate cubicle day job borefest, with one of the big “scares” being that all of the 401k plans for the employees have been lost.

If you click on the link above, you can see the “storyboards” and mock up “poster”.

Again, I think the coma angle is very cool and incredibly inventive. It would be fascinating to see a film where nothing was sacred and reality meant absolutely fuck all. This would be a Freddy film that would be dark, it’d be scary, and it would have the potential to be a visual masterpiece.

How would you like to see Freddy return to the silver screen?

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Real Haunted Mansion Ghost Caught On Disneyland Security Cameras!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 23:14

It’s almost too perfect that a ghost was caught lurking around Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion” ride in California.

Some really cool footage from 2009 is circulating online this evening that shows security camera footage, recorded with a phone, in which one of the 999 happy haunts can be seen walking down a path and through a gate. You can clearly see a ghost-like image briskly walking, and it’s pretty impressive.

I think the coolest part is that you can see it happen in multiple cameras simultaneously as it continues to walk through the park.

Could it be the ghost of Walt Disney, who is frozen under the park, enjoying his creation? Or is it the elusive Imagineers playing a prank on the park security team?

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The R-Rated ‘Power Rangers’ Movie You Never Knew You Wanted is Here!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 21:14

Nostalgia is clearly in right now. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was my absolute favorite show as a kid. I remember going home on the school bus when I was in Kindergarten and 1st Grade looking forward to my afternoon dose of the evil-fighting teenagers. Don’t even get me started in the pure ecstasy I experienced watching the 1995 film adaptation in the theaters. Well, a 15-minute short film was released earlier this week (sorry we’re a little late to the party!) visualizing the original Power Rangers (Kimberly, Rocky, Tommy, Billy, Trini and Zack) as much older, experienced adults. Needless to say, some things have changed and the Power Rangers have become a bit more…intense.

Starring James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff as two of the Power Rangers, the short film comes to us courtesy of Joseph Kahn, a music video director (Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” is his most recent one) who filmed the short just for fun, and that makes me like the film even more. It is not associated in any way with Lionsgate’s reboot planned for next year. Saban Entertainment, the creators of the original series adaptation, are also not involved with Kahn’s vision. Kahn did not hold back in the production department at all. If this is what comes from a lack of studio tampering, I’d say this needs to happen more often. This could be the start of a brand new trend in the film industry!

In the video, Van Der Beek’s Rocky is interrogating Sackhoff’s Kimberly (props for going back to the original team) about Tommy, who has gone missing and has seemingly been murdering the other Power Rangers. There is a pretty fantastic twist at the end that has to be seen to be believed.

Apparently there was a darker, more NSFW version released on Vimeo, but it has since been pulled from the site. Color me extremely disappointed that I didn’t catch it in time. The video below is just the SFW version on YouTube, but it’s still pretty incredible.

If this is the SFW version, I can’t wait to see what the NSFW version looks like. What do all of you think? Does Lionsgate need to step up their game with their Power Rangers adaptation? I think so!

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James Remar Gets Possessed In ‘February’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:56

Lucy Boynton (Miss Porter), James Remar (pictured in “Dexter”), and Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber) have joined the cast of February starring Emma Roberts (“American Horror Story”) and Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men,” Carriers).

In February, “beautiful and haunted Joan makes a bloody and determined pilgrimage across a frozen landscape toward a prestigious all girls prep school where Rose and Kat find themselves stranded after their parents mysteriously fail to retrieve them for winter break. As Joan gets closer, terrifying visions begin plaguing Kat while Rose watches in horror as she becomes possessed by an unseen evil force.

Principal photography is now underway in Ottawa on the film written and directed by Osgood Perkins, son of legendary Psycho actor Anthony Perkins.

February is produced by Unbroken Pictures’ Adrienne Biddle and Bryan Bertino (The Strangers), Rob Paris’ Paris Film, Inc. (Everly), Zed Filmworks’ Rob Menzies and Alphonse Ghossein of Go Insane Films. Carissa Buffel and Kevin Matusow are executive producing under their Traveling Picture Show (The Quiet Ones) banner along with 120dB Films’ Peter Graham and Steve Hayes, and Arianne Fraser.

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Two Everly Events This Weekend Including Opening Night at The Vineland Drive-In

Dread Central - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:47

Director Joe Lynch’s upcoming film, Everly (review), starring Salma Hayek, will be released in select theaters on February 27. Two special events have been planned to support the launch of the genre-bending movie.

The first is a special “Opening Night Event” at the historic Vineland Drive-In located at 443 Vineland Ave., City of Industry, CA, kicking off the Everly One Week Only Drive-in engagement. Director Lynch, co-stars Akie Kotabe (Dead Man), Jenn Blanc-Biehn (Dena) and Caroline Chikezie (Zelda), Director of Photography Steve Gainer, Co-Producer Brett Hedblom and more will be at the 7 p.m. show at the Vineland theater to introduce the film, along with a Q&A (TBD), giveaways and some other surprises. Follow Vineland Drive-In on Twitter (@VinelandDriveIn) for more info on the event.

“Showing Everly, which was borne of my love for those crazy genre flicks I grew up with as a kid, at the Drive In is a dream come true for me,” said Lynch. “This is the perfect movie for the drive in, so we embraced the idea of showing the film in a more unconventional arena to give audiences the rare opportunity to remember what it’s like to see a crazy fun movie like this in the right setting. Being able to show movies in this way under the stars is quickly becoming history so we wanted seize the opportunity, give folks a fun night out and hopefully expose some audiences to the Vineland.”

On February 28, Lynch and select cast and crew will also be on hand for the 9:55 p.m. showing of Everly at the famed Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills for an introduction, Q&A after the film and giveaways. More details and show times are available at the official Everly Facebook page.

Everly is currently available on most VOD platforms, including iTunes, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, Dish, Directv, iTunes, Amazon, Playstation, Xbox, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play and more. Produced by VegaBaby/Crime Scene Pictures and distributed by Radius TWC, Everly will be released in select theaters on February 27 at the following theaters (subject to change, more theaters being announced soon).

Everly Theater Listing

  • Danvers, MA/Hollywood Hits 7
  • Chicago, IL/Music Box
  • Peoria, IL/Peoria Theaters @ Landmark 12
  • Columbus, OH/Gateway 7
  • Mentor, OH/Atlas Great Lakes Stadium 16
  • Grand Rapids, MI/Celebration Cinema Woodland 14
  • New Haven, CT/Criterion New Haven 7
  • New York, NY/Village East Cinemas 7
  • Brooklyn, NY/Williamsburg Cinemas 7
  • Washington DC/Angelika Pop Up @ Union Market
  • Atlanta, GA/Plaza Theater
  • Greensboro, NC/Red Cinemas
  • Houston, TX/Alama Drafthouse Vintage Park
  • Naples, FL/Silverspot 11 Cinemas
  • Memphis, TN/Malco Wolfchase Galleria Cinema 8
  • Beverly Hills, CA/Music Hall
  • City of Industry, CA/Vineland Drive-In

The Everly original motion picture soundtrack by Bear McCreary is available on iTunes and most music platforms by Sparks & Shadows, featuring “Silent Night” by Raya Yarborough.

Togo Igawa, Masashi Fujimoto, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Gabriella Wright, and Hiroyuki Watanabe co-star in what can only be described as an uber-violent manga come to life!

It’s Christmastime, but all is not well in the world of Everly (Salma Hayek). A call girl by trade, Everly has turned against her gangster boss Taiko (Hiroyuki Watanabe) and become a police informant. In response, Taiko has put out a hit on Everly and her family. Soon, every criminal in town wants to cash in. Everly’s survival instincts quickly kick in as she matches wits and firepower with Taiko and a seemingly endless stream of killers.

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I Dig This Trailer For the Micro Anthology ‘Dreadtime Stories’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:45

STX Media, an independent film company based out of Corpus Christi, TX, has completed their micro-indie anthology Dreadtime Stories, and are currently out to festivals.

The micro-budget horror anthology was filmed last year and consist of 10 tales of terror that actually look pretty fun and well put together. I think you’ll enjoy this trailer that was just submitted to us… I see everything from werewolves to slashers!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms More ‘Terminator’ Sequels

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:30

If there was any doubt, he’ll be back. Again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that his various appearances in Terminator Genisys, in theaters July 1, 2015, is only the beginning.

Schwarzenegger recently spoke to The Arnold Fans in which he confirmed his involvement in the sixth film: “Yes, of course, next year.” He’s always been a huge supporter, giving most of his earnings to create the insane chase scene in the third film. That’s passion for ya.

In Terminator Genisys Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the T-800, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Conner, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as John Conner, and Matt Smith as John Conner’s ally. Byung-hun Lee, Aaron V. Williamson, Dayo Okeniyi, and J.K. Simmons also star. Alan Taylor directs.

When John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. Now, Sgt. Reese finds himself in a new and unfamiliar version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely allies, including the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger), dangerous new enemies, and an unexpected new mission: To reset the future…

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The Dark Legends of ‘Out of the Dark’ (Clips)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:14

Starring Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman, and Stephen Rea, Out of the Dark is a ghost story set in South America, where a young family’s new life turns from promising to terrifying when they are forced to confront ancient legends, ghosts, and a haunting family secret.

Check out these two clips from the film that’s now on VOD platforms. Vertical Entertainment will be releasing in limited theaters February 27th.

Lluís Quílez directs.

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New ‘Alien’ Is a Collaboration Between Sigourney Weaver and Neill Blomkamp!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:03

The dance that is the next Alien has exploded into epic proportions as Elysium, District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp is teaming with Sigourney Weaver for the hotly anticipated sequel.

The two, after playing coy, are finally opening up to press during their tour of Chappie, in which the they both worked together for a second time.

EW chatted with both and learned that Blomkamp was inspired by Weaver’s ideas. For those of you paying attention, she’s always been extremely vocal about her desire to destroy the Xeno’s home planet.

“It did have to do with having Sigourney on ‘Chappie’. It’s just something that I’ve always wanted to one day be a part of. Those first two ['Alien'] films are probably my favorite films ever made. I didn’t know if it would ever happen. I just always wanted to participate in it if I was able to.

Over the years, I came up with a story for a film in that universe that I wanted to make. And then when I talked to her about her experience making those films and what she thought about Ripley and everything else, it informed and changed the film I wanted to make into something different.

It just sort of stuck with me. A year later, when post-production was winding down on ‘Chappie’, I started fleshing out the idea for a film that would contain Sigourney. Fox never knew. I just worked on it when I could. Before I knew it, I had this really awesome film with a lot of artwork and a lot of backstory. And then I didn’t know whether I was going to make it or not. So I just kind of sat on it for a while.

Thanks to Fox giving Deadpool a go after test footage leaked, Blomkamp used grassroots to hype his vision that ultimately caught the attention of the studio, too.

Also, as a bonus, below is a video with the duo that has Weaver talking about her vision mentioned above, while Blomkamp calls it a Freudian nightmare.

Blomkamp also dropped this gem: “I want this film to feel like it is literally the genetic sibling of Aliens, so it’s Alien, Aliens and then this film.”

They both elude to this being the final story: “I would love to take Ripley out of, sort of, orbiting around outer space and give a proper finish to what was such an excellent story,” said Weaver. “So when somebody like Neill Blomkamp suddenly said, ‘Well, I’m interested in finishing the story,’ my little ears perked up.”

The bugs are finally going to get what’s been coming to them.

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Another Gorgeous ‘Lost River’ Poster Floats In

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 19:52

Check out this new UK quad for Drive star Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River, which opens April 10, 2015.

Lost River stars Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Eva Mendes, Iain De Caestecker, Matt Smith and Barbara Steele.

The film is set against the surreal dreamscape of a vanishing city. Billy, a single mother of two, is swept into a macabre and dark fantasy underworld while Bones, her eighteen-year-old son, discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town. Both Billy and Bones must dive deep into the mystery, if their family is to survive.

Also check out the new trailer below.

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“The Walking Dead” Finale Will Be Feature Length!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 19:29

Get ready for a feature-length “The Walking Dead” episode as AMC announced today that the Season 5 Finale will be extended to 90 minutes, serving up an extra 30 minutes of walker-filled mayhem before the series breaks for the summer!

The Season 5 finale airs on Sunday March 29 at 9/8c.

Season 5 of The Walking Dead continues this Sunday at 9/8c with Episode 512, “Remember.”

What are your thoughts on Season 5 this far? What do you want to see in the finale?

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Jason Blum Sounds Confident About ‘Amityville: The Awakening’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 19:19

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard any news on the Blumhouse-produced Amityville: The Awakening. After a trailer dropped last August, the film was suddenly shelved in September, changing its release to an ominous TBD. As fans know, those three letters can last a long time in the world of horror.

Finally there’s word on the film’s progress, courtesy of Arrow in the Head, who received a little update from Jason Blum himself:

“We’re still in post on it. I’m very, very happy with it. We’re continuing to have conversations with Dimension and Weinstein about how it’s going to come out, but it’s definitely going to come out. I think people are going to like it, Jennifer Jason Leigh is great in the movie. I’m hoping to do another movie with Franck. I’m really pleased with it, my guess is we’ll announce when it’ll come out sometime in the next twelve months.”

As far as conflicts with distributor The Weinstein Company, Blum said:

“Like a lot of the movies that we do, we’re just tinkering with it and trying to make it better. We’re pretty close now. We went back and forth over the cut of the movie, which we’re happy with now. We’re just tinkering with the movie in post-production.”

The word “tinkering” and The Weinstein Co. in the same breath are never a good sign. Here’s hoping the latest trip to Amityville isn’t shredded in post.

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Salem – John Alden Front and Center in New Promo

Dread Central - Wed, 02/25/2015 - 19:10

While we wait IMPATIENTLY to see the return to the airwaves of WGN America’s “Salem,” the powers-that-be have put out yet another new promo to get us excited for the witchcraft to come.

Currently in production in Shreveport, LA, on its 13-episode sophomore run, “Salem” Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 5th, at 10:00 p.m. ET/ 9:00 p.m. CT, exclusively on WGN America.

Related Story: First Look at Stuart Townsend’s Character in Salem Season 2

From creators and writers Brannon Braga (“Cosmos,” “24”) and Adam Simon (The Haunting in Connecticut), “Salem” is a gripping one-hour drama that boldly re-imagines the infamous 17th century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts. The series stars Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel, Ashley Madekwe, Tamzin Merchant, Elise Eberle, and Iddo Goldberg. New to the cast of “Salem” for Season 2 are Lucy Lawless, Stuart Townsend, Joe Doyle, and Oliver Bell.

“Salem” is executive produced by Brannon Braga, Adam Simon, Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson, and Prospect Park’s Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinez. Nick Copus directs and serves as co-executive producer. The series is produced by Fox 21.

For more info follow “Salem” on Twitter and YouTube (@SalemWGNA), and also be sure to “like” the series on Facebook.

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