New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer – “I Created Something Terrible”

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Peace through extinction…

After a huge social media push on twitter the third and likely final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is here. It features a ton of action and some more expository elements we already knew about the film. It’s chock full of action and small character moments that the Marvel franchise is known for, but there is a ton of despair throughout the entire thing. This looks like we’re headed into a more Empire Strikes Back type of scenario than ever before.

Plus! We get our first look at Vision! Which is fleeting but oh so awesome. I can’t express how excited I am for this movie. I know it’s just more punching and very little politics, but as someone who grew up dreaming to see these characters on the big screen this is pure wish fulfillment. I know this isn’t horror, but since we have a pretty large comic book section on this site, it’s important to post news that they’ll want to see just as much as the horror stuff everyone else loves.

Love it or hate this is one damn good trailer. I know I’ll be there on day one.

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to the Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård with James Spader and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1st, 2015.


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“The Devil On Wheels” Doc to Celebrate Steven Spielberg’s ‘Duel’

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UPDATE: A " target="blank">Kickstarter has been launched for this project.

A feature-length documentary, The Devil On Wheels, will celebrate the making and the cult surrounding Duel, the first well known film created by Steven Spielberg. A small shot-for-TV film, Duel has astonished many by generating an ongoing cult for more than four decades amongst film fans.

In Duel, a Movie-Of-The-Week shot in 1971, a terrifying truck, whose driver we never see, for no apparent reason chases a lone driver along the desert roads of Southern California. Such was its success that the film was extended and distributed as a film worldwide.

The Power of a Very Small Film

Duel fans from all over the world regularly visit the film locations in the desert next to Los Angeles. They go to see the surviving truck in North Carolina. Film experts discuss its meanings. Would-be filmmakers analyse the way it was made. Steven Spielberg’s first known work has become a top cinematic reference, an iconic piece of filmmaking and its influence is still fresh to this day. Director Alfonso Cuaron revealed he used Duel as a reference when he made “Gravity”.

Why a tiny film, made cheaply and quickly for TV, has generated such a passionate, international and undying cult, is the question the documentary wants to answer. The Devil On Wheels will find out what makes Duel so unique, looking deeply into the Duel’s phenomenon and in doing so, it will explore the power and fascination that films have on people.

An International Crew

The documentary will be shot in the USA by a team of five international Duel lovers who will travel the country exploring the Duel phenomenon: interviewing the surviving members of the crew, reconstructing the way the movie was made, and meeting other fans and experts to discuss the ongoing appreciation of the film.

The Devil On Wheels Productions will run a crowd funding campaign to allow fans to participate in the making of the documentary. The campaign will be on Kickstarter from Wednesday 4th March and will run for 30 days on an all-or-nothing basis. Duel has not only generated a cult amongst film fans, but amongst truck lovers too, for whom the protagonist Peterbilt 281 has become an icon.

A Crossroads for Duel Fans

The filmmakers have created a website,, which for the first time gathers in one place all Duel related information to be found on the internet. The Facebook page will serve as a meeting point for the fans. An actual gathering with Duel fans is planned in one of the locations during the shooting of the documentary.

Director Enric Folch, a multi-award winning TV director in Spain, returns to documentary making after the excellent international reception of Chining Me, an ironical view on pre-Olympic China. His most successful TV film Tempus Fugit will soon have a theatrical remake through an international coproduction.

The title of the documentary, The Devil On Wheels, is the straight translation of the Spanish title of Duel, and it’s been chosen as an homage to the worldwide recognition of the film.

For more information about the documentary and the crowd funding campaign, please visit the website and the Facebook page.

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[Comic Review] “Nameless” #2 Is Disturbing Celestial Warefare

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Reviewed By Eric Switzer. “Nameless” #2 is 20 pages of high-concept round table discussion of celestial warfare bookended by cannibalistic body horror…on the moon.  I wanted to lead with that because like all Grant Morrison books you are either in or you’re out, and I am so definitely in.

WRITTEN BY: Grant Morrison
ART BY: Chris Burnham
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 4, 2015

So Nameless’ purpose becomes pretty clear when he meets the rest of the team tasked with saving earth from a heavenly asteroid: he is the occultist expert there to protect them from whatever manner of cooky space deities that support the asteroids cause to destroy all life on Earth.  I guess they decided they were out of their league when one of their best and brightest started taking off heads and writing bloody words on the wall in angel language.  Yet some of the crew is skeptical about Nameless’ abilities and expertise.  Morrison wouldn’t be analogizing any scientific controversies would he?

As much as I love Burnham’s frames it couldn’t quite keep me engaged with the endless chit chat that took up the bulk of the book.  Morrison has some of the best prose in the business but this thing was just too dense.  If nothing else, these quieter moments allowed for the insane violence and robot space dragon fight to really shine.  Chris is just the man to match Morrison’s eccentricities.

I have no idea whats going on here, let alone where things are going.  I’m intrigued and entertained for the most part, and most of all I trust these guys to deliver.  One of the first novels I read growing up with a dark fantasy book by Simon R. Green called “Agents of Light and Darkness” in the “Nightside” series.  Since then angel stuff has always given me a boner.  I’m really hoping to see some Tyreal-style Angelic badasses in this book, but if nothing else I can count on seeing a bunch more really insane and disturbing shit.  Isn’t that worth your $4?

Eric Switzer  is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at

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Henry Rollins Kicks Some Ass In First ‘He Never Died’ Clip (SXSW ’15)

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Part of the SXSW Midnighters, playing from March 13 – 21, 2015 in Austin, Texas, is the crime-horror-thriller He Never Died.

Written and being directed by indie helmer Jason Krawczyk (The Briefcase), He Never Died stars punk icon Henry Rollins as Jack, a mysterious loner who has lived an inexplicably long life fueled by blood lust and filled with crime and violence.

You’ll get a taste of this in the first ever clip in which Rollins kicks the living shit out of two criminals. It also shows the film’s comedic vibe, which could work for or against it.

Rollins is joined on screen by the Twilight franchise star Boo Boo Stewart (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Kate Greenhouse (The Dark Hours), Jordan Todosey (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”), and Steven Ogg, who is fresh off his success playing the popular character Trevor in the critically acclaimed “Grand Theft Auto V.”

“He Never Died follows Jack in his battle with cannibalism and mental sobriety. An exceptionally prolonged life has brought depression and detachment. Jack buys stolen blood from a hospital intern, plays bingo, sleeps fourteen hours a day, watches television six hours a day, and lives alone. This is his life – he has shelled himself away from social interactions. The fuse is lit when Jack’s past comes back to rattle him. Jack must now walk a tight rope of sobriety and try to eat as few people as possible in this violent tale of personal responsibility and self worth. As it turns out, there are very few reasons to live when you can’t die.

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[Comic Review] “Cluster” #2 Ends With A Gut Punch

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Reviewed By Eric Switzer. “Cluster” #2 makes with the action adventure 100% and is exactly the easy peasy sci/fi romp I predicted it would be…up until the last two pages.  I have mixed feelings about the agenda in this book, not all good, certainly not all bad, but I can tell you I was derailed by the way this issue ends.  Perhaps it is something much more than what I expected.

WRITTEN BY: Ed Brisson
ART BY: Damian Couciero
PRICE: #3.99
RELEASE: March 4, 2015

We rejoin Samara and her band of misfits as the race against the clock to get back to prison before their punch expires and kills them.  Along the way they fight a giant worm, haggle with some indigenous black market traders, and have a run in with a formidable group of foes.  We find out that Greenwood, the warden-like figure of the the M.I.D., has a vested interest in Samara’s safety, which means there is a group “soldiers” on the hunt for our heroes whilst they rush back to the safety of…prison.  All of this is perfect fodder for the space adventure I think we were all hoping for, but then there’s more.

Halleran reveals to the group that what got him incarcerated was a knife fight over a bag of H that ended with him stabbing his best friend to death.  He describes having ended up that way after losing his wife and kids and had he just givin back the dope he stole, his friend wouldn’t have had to die.


I like 99.9% of my media to just ooze violence and nihilism and despicableness.  I eat that shit up, but here I found this admission to be shocking and out of place for the genre and style of the book.  It was as if on the way to kill the queen mimic in “Edge of Tomorrow” Tom Cruise mused about his battle with smack or if you found out Leia had to kick Han out because he backhanded her and called her a whore.

And then there’s the last two pages: flash back to that fateful night where Samara is being a spoiled rich party girl, giving her little sister shit for wanting to leave the club, mere moments before killing her in a drunk driving accident.  Yeah, lets go back there.

A book can be whatever kind of book it wants to be and I don’t critique stories on their subject matter, only their execution.  I’ve never seen anything with this sort of confluence of light and heavy before and that could be part of my reason for rejecting it.  It is too soon for me to say whether the book is trying something it shouldn’t or not, but I can tell you it was off putting to me.  In some ways I guess I’m guilty of wanting my art in clearly defined categories.  “Cluster” is a weird blend.  A weird, weird blend.

Eric Switzer  is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at



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Rob Zombie’s Growing ’31′ Cast Now Includes Daniel Roebuck

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Rob Zombie continues to work with the people he loves (if you can’t have fun doing what you do, then why do it?) by casting Daniel Roebuck (The Devil’s Reject, Halloween, H2) in his Halloween horror slasher 31.

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs was recently cast as Panda Thomas, with Elizabeth Daily (E.G. Daily) playing ‘Sex-head’, and Torsten Voges as the insane partner of Death-Head.

Roebuck plays Paster Victor, an unfortunate participant in last year’s game of 31.

“31 follows five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large secret compound known as Murder World.

Once there, they have 12 hours to survive a terrifying game called 31 in which ‘The Heads’- murderous maniacs dressed as clowns – are released to hunt them down and kill them.

Which Rob Zombie regulars do you want to see in 31?

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‘Alien’ Make Up Tests Show A Deformed Hicks (Michael Biehn)

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Just the other day we reported that Michael Biehn had been contacted to return to his role as Hicks in Neill Blomkamp’s untitled Alien sequel.

While we questioned the advancement of his talks, apparently they’re already doing makeup tests.

Via Terminator Fans comes a series of makeup tests done by David Woodruff and his company Generation Effects, Inc. for Blomkamp’s sequel that will reteam both Biehn and Sigourney Weaver in their respective roles. The tests show what Biehn would look like if he were to return as Hicks.

Fox has officially signed Blomkamp for the sequel, but there’s no script. Between his concept art and makeup tests, he clearly has a vision, but that needs to be put down on paper. And none of us know what the repercussions will be from poor reviews and a bad opening for Chappie. Hopefully Fox sticks behind Blomkamp in that case, although I’m not exactly sold on these make up tests. I can only hope they look better behind the camera.


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[Comic Review] “Ghost Fleet” #5 – Keeps Truckin’ On

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Reviewed By Torin Chambers. With “Ghost Fleet” #5 we’ve eclipsed the physical realm of print to enter the intangible domain of the digital. This change up has in no way impacted the high quality of visuals and writing we’ve come to associate with Ghost Fleet. Gearing down from last month’s emotional gut punch and psychedelia we’ve got a slower and relatively quieter issue. One that takes it’s time and feels a bit more grounded. Just a bit though, this is still thoroughly Ghost Fleet. Punches and a few unsavory words are thrown around, while Trace never can seem to catch a break.

WRITTEN BY: Donny Cates

ART BY: Daniel Warren Johnson

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: March 5, 2015

After his not so delightful ‘trip’ last issue Trace awoke in a parking lot alone. No truck, no dog and no idea where either could possibly be. Things could be better but he’s survived being shot in the head and left for dead so this isn’t going to keep him down for long. We’re brought up to speed on what’s transpired at the same pace as Trace. Rediscovering forgotten events as he does, figuring it all out with him step by step. It’s engaging, entertaining and feels fresh spending almost an entire issue with just Trace. Ward and Reno (the killer introduced last issue) are still present but only in the periphery, nicely bookending Trace’s story. Reno’s sections are especially funny in a morbid, childlike way.

While the Issue reads as a sort of refractory period from last month’s blast that does not make this an issue to skip or pass over. The stakes are raised exponentially by the issues end, putting a hell of a lot on Trace’s plate. No issue of Ghost Fleet has ever been a waste, each one always gets a major plot point across that pushes the momentum story faster. Bit by bit stakes are rising to a boil, never sacrificing its forward momentum.

The visuals stood out a bit more this issue, specifically the colours. They’re much more vibrant, dynamic and kinetic, going with and shaping to the action of the scenes. Sure they’re more unrealistic at times but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ghost Fleet continues to be of the utmost quality, it’s a crime that it doesn’t have a bigger fan base. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t judge this book before you’ve read it. It’s not a hoorah for beerguts, it’s an excellent action-thriller-mystery that a lot of comic fans would enjoy if they read it.

Torin Chambers is a rad dude from the nineties who does film stuff or something. Thomas the Tank Engine is his favorite transformer. Find him on Twitter @TorinsChambers

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R.I.P. Daniel von Bargen Dies At Age 64

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Very sad news today as it’s being reported that actor Daniel von Bargen has passed away at age 64 after battling a long illness. No other details of his death have been released yet.

Von Bargen was known to horror fans as Nix from Lord Of Illusions as well roles in The Faculty, Thinner, The X-Files, and The Silence Of The Lambs. He was also known for his roles in comedies such as Seinfeld and Supertroopers.

In 2012, von Bargen seriously injured himself after shooting himself in the temple in a suicide attempt. He was distraught that his diabetes required the amputation of two toes.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing von Bargen act, especially because Lord Of Illusions is one of my favorite horror films. This is a very sad day.

Rest in peace, Mr. von Bargen. I hope you have found solace and comfort.

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[Comic Review] “Descender” #1 Begins An Enthralling Space Epic

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:29

Reviewed By Torin Chambers. “Descender” #1 marks the start of a glorious new space epic, massive in the sheer scope of its universe and ideas. This is the beginning of something monumental that could span the entire universe, possibly even beyond. The mystery at the centre of Descender is thoroughly engaging, one with an infinite amount of possibility. It’s all encompassing and at the same time so incredibly simple.

WRITTEN BY: Jeff Lemire

ART BY: Dustin Nguyen

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: March 5, 2015

It’s a whodunit playing out on the galactic stage and it’s utterly enthralling. But the story isn’t the only draw here. The visuals are out of this world and very different from what you’d expect for a tale such as this. Dustin Nguyen brings his signature style to the table, realizing a vast galactic community in a way you rarely, if ever, see. Every page is beautifully rendered in flowing and vibrant water colours, giving an intriguingly natural feel to this incredibly unnatural space age world.

Opening on The Planet Niyrata, “the technological and cultural hub of the group of nine Core Planets known as The United Galactic Council” where everything’s dandy and everyone’s going about their normal day to day activities. That is before the unthinkable happens. A towering machine of massive scope appeares from nowhere, holding its position immediately before the planet. Think Galactus or The Celestials from Marvel, this thing is essentially standing next to the planet and towering over it. This also isn’t the only one, 8 more have taken up posts next to the other 8 planets that make up The United Galactic Council. All seem to be relatively harmless and entirely inactive. Enter Dr. Quon, the man who “practically invented modern robotics.” He’s their foremost expert, if anybody can decipher where and who these things come from it’s him.

That’s the basic set up from which the book truly takes off. I dare not say more and possibly ruin your experience, but trust me it only gets better. There’s more than a few twists and turns in this first issue that keep it readily engaging from start to finish.

I’ve only got a couple concerns. This first one’s almost paltry; there’s a robot that’s speech bubbles are neon teal with neon yellow text overtop, it’s no fun at all to try and read. The other is that there’s not a lot of diversity shown for the other races. This is a galactic community made up of numerous other races and besides a short reveal late in the book we only get a glimpse of 1 person that’s not human. My hope is going forward that we get to see a lot more of them.

Lemire and Nguyen have crafted an story that oozes style and originality. With a plot on the grandest of scales and refreshingly unexpected visuals Descender is sure to excite anyone who reads it.

Torin Chambers is a rad dude from the nineties who does film stuff or something. Thomas the Tank Engine is his favorite transformer. Find him on Twitter @TorinsChambers

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They Made A ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ Porno

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:26

You know they’re running out of ideas when they remake Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Wait, remake? Sorry, I meant make a XXX version of the classic 80′s horror movie.

I always thought the point of remaking, spoofing, or making a porn version of a movie was based on the pre-estsblished audience, but apparently not. And that’s a good thing when it comes to the porn world.

We told you about former XXX versions of horror films, from Scream to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cabin Fever, Friday the 13th and many others, but now Burning Angel is putting on the clown makeup for Killer Cleavage From Outer Space.

Directed by Joanna Angel:

The inhabitants of planet Areola are quickly becoming extinct, and one Earth penis could save them all. Not just any penis – a perfect penis. Experimentation with an imperfect penis WILL result in deadly tit-lasers. With Areola’s impending doom, Captain Sheridan knew she must send Jessie Lee to complete this mission. Why Jessie? …Well, because she likes dick a lot.

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[Review] ‘Clown’ Delivers All Sorts of Juicy Surprises

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:14

Even though there’s no release date set for the U.S. (as of this writing), the Eli Roth-produced Clown is now on home video in the UK.

The feature spawned from a faux trailer that pegged Roth as the director of a horror film about a man who transforms into an evil clown.

Jon Watts directs the story that begins when a real estate agent finds a clown suit that he puts on for his son’s birthday party. The craziness begins almost immediately when he can’t remove the colored wig or red nose that are synonymous with clowns.

While there’s a lot of fun stuff happening in Clown, the concept is better suited for a short film (see the irony in that?).

Clown comes sprinting out of the gate, delivering all sorts of juicy surprises. But as quick as things get going, everything comes to a screeching halt. The meat of the film feels like a short concept stretched into feature length, and that’s ultimately the film’s undoing.

Even though it’s mostly a bore, there’s still some really cool and fun stuff scattered throughout. Watts has our clown attempt suicide, building a ton of suspense around a homemade device that would decapitate him (the only way to kill the demon). Also surprising is Watts’ unapologetic killing of children, although he makes the huge mistake in not taking it all the way (we never actually see these children die, or be eaten).

Whenever the clown bleeds, it leaves a colorful rainbow of gore that represents the missed opportunity. Still, it’s hard to not recommend a film that’s so unique, clever and ballsy in nature. Clown is still a great weekend rental, especially for horror fans sick of the generic crap being unloaded on a weekly basis.

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[Comic Review] “Rat Queens” #9 Marks An Extremely Effective Comeback

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:11

Reviewed By Katy Rex. “Rat Queens” #9 features a new artist, Stjepan Sejic, previously known for his work on Sunstone and Death Sigil. His high-fantasy art is a good fit for the series, albeit a very different one. Yet, the tone of the series remains unwavering and despite a few narrative hiccups thanks to a lengthy hiatus, the new art is welcomed even if we have to wait until next month to get its full effects.

WRITTEN BY: Kurtis J. Wiebe
ART BY: Stjepan Sejic
PRICE: #3.50
RELEASE: March 5, 2015

The artist change is more apparent in a book like “Rat Queens” because Upchurch also colored his own work, Stepan does as well, which has caused a dramatic shift in palette. Upchurch’s work had previously been lighter, slightly more cartoon-y without being cheesy, with visual cues that allowed you to both take the series very seriously and recognize its parody aspects. Sejic’s tone is much darker, both in colors and in realism, while maintaining the unique character designs that attracted many fans to the series in the first place. The humor is still unquestionably present, but it’s also different from the earlier jokes, in a way that is largely attributable to the aesthetic. Wiebe is versatile enough to write for a variety of artistic styles and strengths, and Sejic’s strength in this issue is clearly the dynamic layouts of the action scenes.

The story is particularly appropriate after the series’ hiatus, because it features the cast of Rat Queens regrouping for the next step. Not only does this echo the series’ own position, but it allows Wiebe to remind us of each of the characters’ voices, their backgrounds and relationships, such that they each have a moment in this issue. This of course also gives a spotlight to each character’s new adapted design under Sejic’s eye, a moment where they are each acting and appearing as exactly themselves.

The most unfortunate thing about this issue is that, while the characters are back and strong as ever, this feels like a first issue all over again. It’s understandable, certainly, for the reasons outlined above, but for those of us who have been waiting since October, the minimal plot movement was somewhat of a disappointment. The story spends almost all of its time allowing each of the characters to recover from the psychic attack of madness from the Lovecraftian hellmonster, but since that attack occurred in issue #7, published on July 16 of last year, more forward trajectory could have been nice.

This is an extremely effective comeback issue, and while it isn’t plot-heavy, it’s easy to be optimistic about the future of this series.

Katy Rex writes comics analysis at, and She really likes butt jokes, dinosaurs, and killing psychos and midgets in Borderlands 2. She has a great sense of humor if you’re not an asshole. Twitter: @eotucomics Tumblr: Email:
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Éohum “Equatorial Rains” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:00

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Montreal, QC doom/black metal band Éohum to bring you the exclusive song premiere of “Equatorial Rains”, which comes from the upcoming debut album Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch (out April 7th).

The track begins with an eerily off-kilter clean riff that is overlaid with a war thirsty horn melody. It quickly descends into Burzum-esque ferocity, blasting forth like a battle hymn to rally the troops.

Guitarist Jeremy Perkins states:

Equitorial Rains is a power house of voice and riffs, a great blend of black, doom and death metal in one track. The vocals are sublime by Matt McGachy and the song itself rings in your head for days. A hypnotic blend of shredding riffs and an array of new ideas for metal, with its uplifting horns. Lyrically this song could be our manifesto ; speaking of humanities eco-genocidal ways, our path within ourselves to heal without a proclaimed savior and resolve a forgotten wound in our hearths, shedding light at the end of our “histories tunnel”.

Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch features a collective of musicians that includes guest vocals from Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy), Lana Edwards, Phillippe Rieder, Nick Wybo (ex-Vinyl Hero) on drums, Annie Perreault on French Horn/Trumpet, Sylvain Dumont on guitar, James Heymans on bass and Perkins himself on guitar plus a live line up that features drummer Simon Mackay (The Agonist) and vocalist Barrie Butler (ex-Tard).

You can pre-order Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch via Bandcamp.

Éohum online:

Tour dates:
March 27 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar w/ Virulys, Nordmadr

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[Comic Review] “Neverboy” #1 Twists Fantasy Into Harsh Reality

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 12:38

Reviewed By Jorge Solis. A solid thriller with a clever twist, “Never Boy” #1 blurs the thin line between reality and fantasy. An interesting take, this is a dark tale that examines childhood fantasy and the harsh reality of being an adult. Capturing the reader’s attention by surprise, “Never Boy” starts out as one thing, but that twist takes it to a whole new level.

WRITTEN BY: Shaun Simon

ART BY: Tyler Jenkins

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: March 4, 2015

A young man helps his son rehearse for his big school recital. With his wife occupied with her daily routine, the father attempts to console his child, who has a bad case of stage-fright, and build up his confidence. Unfortunately, the parental figure needs his medication to think clearly and make sense of things. Down to his last pill, the young father struggles to figure out what is truly real and unreal.

Writer Shaun Simon focuses on the relationship between adults and children. Simon uses his  main protagonist, who calls himself “Neverboy,” as an unreliable narrator who’s unsure what is reality. When the hallucinations start popping up during the narrative, Simon gives them double meaning, which works well because of the plot twist. Because the big surprise works the first time when you read Simon’s story, you start to see the connections the second time around.

Artist Tyler Jenkins has to illustrate two worlds, reality and fantasy, at the same time. In his character design, Neverboy is tall and grungy, as if he hasn’t matured past his slacker days. Using the coming-of-age themes, Jenkins depicts children with an innocent-like quality. Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick enhances  the surreal aspects of the narrative, especially when Neverboy’s hair loses its tone, due to the lack of medication.

“Neverboy” #1 kicks off to a great start due to its surprising twist. I’m really hoping that the “Neverboy” can keep advancing the story without the surprise factor.

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[TV] “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” – ‘Aftershocks’ Review

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 04:19

Reviewed By Eric Switzer. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns this week from it’s midseason hiatus with all the charm, wit, development, and surprising moments that have come to define the series.  Aftershocks begins with a flashback to Skye’s mother helping a newly transformed Inhuman cope with his new abilities/ lack of former abilities.  Coupling this with Raina’s new look (I thought the effect was fantastic) bring a heightened level of danger to Skye’s new identity, who unlike the other two looks the same as before.  Their extreme transformation suggests there is a lot more to Skye’s new shaky powers.

Speaking of shaky powers, Skye’s first demonstration happens unbeknownst to the group as they are all too busy shouting at one another in a scene that I can only assume is a nod to the scene in “Avengers” where the team argues in front of Loki’s staff.  It was itself a successful scene, even if you think the “can’t control my new powers” bit is a little played out.

There was actually a fair amount of shouting in this episode.  Some good, like Coulson’s declaration that he is going to go out there and crush Hydra (which had an awesome pay off) and some not so good, like Simmons new anti-super policy which, while certainly raising the stakes for Skye, struck me as a forced moment.  Not that Elizabeth Henstridge didn’t provide a convincing performance, just that it is a little too convenient for her to take that position now especially after she’s been through so much worse.  But it fills a need, so I won’t complain too much.

The shouting award has to go to Ian De Caestecker though, for the scene in which he realizes something is wrong with Skye.  Personally I think Fitz is the most interesting and well acted character on the show, and his journey to recovery this season has been absolutely heart wrenching.  His was fractured way of communicating is so interesting, and seeing him struggle to express something so crucial and terrible to Skye was easily the best moment of the episode.

I mentioned the pay off earlier and I’ve got say again how epically this episode delivers in Hydra carnage.  Coulson said goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy when this season started and is finally making rolling up his sleeves and plowing some Hydra ass.  I love how much momentum this show has, and though so far it has only served to react to the events in the MCU films, I think we are at a point where the show will be effecting things throughout the franchise, and that is very exciting.

I don’t know what Mac and Bobbi are up too, and frankly that type of heavy handed plot setup is annoying to me.  I hope it leads somewhere interesting, but I doubt it.  Aside from these mostly ignorable “network TV” moments, I found “Aftershocks” to be as strong as “S.H.I.E.L.D.” has ever been.

What did you think of Aftershocks? Are you happy to see the Inhumans make their way into the MCU?

Eric Switzer  is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at



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‘Independence Day 2′ Casts Jessie Usher As Will Smith’s Son

bloody disgusting - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 20:22

After years in development, Fox is officially preparing for a second battle with alien beings.

Independence Day 2 has named its first cast member, putting the long-gestured sequel into orbit.

Heat Vision writes that Jessie Usher, the lead of Starz’s series “Survivor’s Remorse”, is the first to land a role in ID42. Usher will play the central character in the new film, and also the son of Will Smith’s character. Smith will not return.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the Will Smith-starring sci-fi film hit theaters, grossing more than $800 million worldwide at the box office.

Director Roland Emmerich will return to helm the film.

Independence Day 2 is set for release on June 24, 2016 — almost exactly 20 years from when the first film hit theaters on July 3, 1996.

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Meet the Cast Who Will Be Tormented By Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus’!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:51

“Parks and Recreation’s” Adam Scott, pictured, Toni Collette, Stefania Owen and Anchorman‘s David Koechner have joined the cast of Krampus, the Christmas-themed horror project from Legendary. Both THR and TheWrap report.

Michael Dougherty, who made the Halloween-themed Trick ‘r Treat, wrote the script with Todd Casey and Zach Shields and is directing.

The story centers on a family that comes under attack from a Santa Claus-like ancient entity who punishes bad kids.

Scott will play the father, a workaholic and rather absent dad who has to step up for his family. Owen will play Scott’s daughter. Collette will play the mother, a woman who pretends everything is perfect with her family via her elaborate meals but will also have to dig deep to protect her family. Allison Tolman already is on board as Collette’s sister-in-law, while Emjay Anthony is playing the son. Koechner will play another father whose child has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

Legendary is eyeing a spring shoot in New Zealand.

Universal will release the movie on December 4, 2015.

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Supernatural Teen Thriller ‘Oxenfree’ Revealed

bloody disgusting - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:45

Independent developer Night School Studio has unveiled their next project, the supernatural teen thriller Oxenfree. In it, some friends decide to take a break from the stressful life of being teens to head to the coast for a night of partying. This leads to their accidentally open a rift to some sort of hell dimension, freeing murderous horrors from the beyond, because that’s what hell rifts do.

The game stars a handful of actors whose voices you may recognize if you’ve played any recent Telltale game, including Erin Yvette (The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands), Gavin Hammon (The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider), and Britanni Johnson (Borderlands, Borderlands 2).

If you’re wondering why so many of these actors had roles in Telltale games, it’s because Night School Studio is itself comprised of Telltale alumni. Oxenfree is slated to release later this year.

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[SXSW '15] Meet the Sociopath Known As ‘The Boy’

bloody disgusting - Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:43

From Chiller Films and SpectreVision comes The Boy, set to World Premiere at the upcoming SXS Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

“The Boy is set in the summer of 1989. 9-year-old Ted Henley (Jared Breeze) and his father John (David Morse) are the proprietors of The Mtn. Vista Motel, a crumbling resort buried in the mountains of the American West. Since Ted’s mother left, John has drifted into despondency—becoming a living ghost, haunting the motel—leaving Ted to fend for himself. In this isolation, unchecked by the bounds of parenting, Ted’s darker impulses begin to manifest. The arrival of a mysterious drifter, William Colby (Rainn Wilson), captivates young Ted and the two form a unique friendship – setting the stage for Ted’s final, unnerving metamorphosis.

The Boy is said to be a chilling, intimate portrait of a 9-year-old sociopath’s growing fascination with death.

Jared Breeze, David Morse, and Rainn Wilson star in the film directed by Craig William Macneill.

Check out the film’s official festival one-sheet below.

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