Exclusive: Clif Prowse and Derek Lee Talk Afflicted and Their New Projects

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Just when you think the found footage boat has officially set sail, another flick comes along that reminds you why this sub-genre can be awesome. Derek Lee and Clif Prowse's truly killer vampire flick Afflicted (review) is just such a film, and we recently spoke with them about it!

The thing about a good found footage movie, first and foremost, is that it has to feel real. Once a false note is hit, the illusion is broken and the experience is ruined. We asked the duo how they approached this fact.

"For us it was about never breaking the illusion," says Lee. "If we managed to sell over the top in the found footage genre and people bought it? That is super gratifying. We were so hard on our selves to not break it. That final fight scene of the film, we would have way preferred to shoot that scene traditionally! I mean, come on! Two vampires kicking the shit out of each other? But in order to keep things moving and stay true to the sub-genre, we just had to suck it up. I'll tell you this though... our next movie will not be found footage as we are SO tired of living within the rules of it! *Laughs*"

"The part of a found footage movie that always drives me crazy is - Why is the camera still rolling? And why is it still pointing directly at what I want it to be looking at?" Lee continues. "That's why we came up with the idea to have our characters wearing strap-on cameras while filming their documentary. It enabled our characters to just let the camera roll even while they were doing other things. That technique would allow to have a scene like when the vampire is fighting a SWAT team so you wouldn't have to worry about why it was filming. It kept you in the thick of it!"

So was the plan for Afflicted to always be a found footage film?

"When we were initially coming up with the idea to make a movie... no," says Lee. "We wanted to make a movie using the amount of money that we could raise ourselves to be its budget. We decided on a film about vampires, which are normally very romanticized, and then completely reinterpret it documentary style through our lenses. We wondered... what would this look like it if actually happened in reality? That's what made Derek's transformation into a vampire exciting to us."

Vampires are a tricky set of creatures to work with as there are many different mythologies that they adhere to. We asked the guys how they approached their mythology and the reasoning behind the choices they made.

"We just cherry-picked what we wanted," Lee explained. "We wanted to take something that is fantasy and shine a realistic light on it. We wondered what would this creature be like if it really existed? So we got rid of things like turning into mist and being able to control rats, etc. We replaced those traits with everything that would make it feel like an Alpha Hunter. There's a true diseased feel to the plight of Derek that we approached sort of like a drug addiction model. The idea was if the vampire did not get enough blood, it would cause withdrawal. Those physical and psychological consequences would push the creature to hunt more."

Found footage films work by their own set of rules. We were curious if it limited the filmmakers to not achieving everything they wanted to do.

"Shooting found footage style gave us the opportunity to do everything that we wanted to do," Prowse says with a laugh. "Seriously, it was incredibly liberating. For instance, if we couldn't afford to do something, we just won't film it, but we can hear it and sense what's going on. That was a cool thing that enabled us to play with the context of a scene. There are instances in the film that if we had shot them traditionally, it would have been 20 times more expensive... things that were only possible because we shot it found footage."

"Totally," Lee chimes in. "We could have Clif holding up his camera and film things that you'd normally see on a YouTube travelogue, and then all of a sudden somebody punches through a rock and it feels more real because we filmed it the way that we did. Seeing that same idea filmed from a crane shot or a crazy dolly wouldn't have been as impactful."

"I remember talking to Chris [Ferguson], our producer, who would NEVER tell us no, says Prowse. "One day I was like, 'Hey, Chris, I really want Derek the vampire to run through a wall... can we do that?' Chris was like, 'Well... I guess so. Let me see what I can do.' So we came up with a simple shot. We had a stuntman run into a piece of scored drywall that was rigged with explosives. Because it was found footage and you didn't need to see the apparatus all around it, we had a guy literally run through a wall! That was such a fun day! We were all like, 'Hey, we got to do exactly what we asked for! How weird is that?' *Laughs*

So now we were wondering... is there a sequel in the works?

As Chris likes to say, if the fans ask for it... actually cared enough to want that... we'd do it. We do have some sequel ideas, but we don't want to dive directly back into this world and found footage immediately. The sequel would have to be found footage or we'd be sabotaging our fan base," Lee said.

What about any other future projects?

Lee revealed, "We're working on a couple of scripts right now... one is like a dark Bourne Identity style action movie without any horror elements, and the other one is actually an action movie set in a horror movie universe. Both of them will be shot in a far more cinematic style. When you watch Afflicted and then see our next movies, hopefully you'll be blown away by the fact that the same guys made them."

Afflicted Release Details
The award-winning, critically acclaimed horror thriller AFFLICTED spreads terror on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital July 1st, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. AFFLICTED tells the chilling tale of two best friends whose documented journey around the world takes a horrifying turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted. Written, directed, and co-starring breakthrough filmmaking duo Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, this excitingly original entry in the found-footage horror genre took home awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay (Horror Feature category) at the 2013 FantasticFest, in addition to awards of recognition at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

Bonus features on both the Blu-ray and DVD include never-before-seen deleted scenes as well as two fascinating featurettes. “Afflicted: Behind the Scenes” takes fans on set for an inside look at the making of this new found footage horror favorite, and “Anatomy of a Scene: The Window Jump” features the filmmakers on how they utilized a creative mix of practical stunt work and visual effects to pull off one of the film’s more jaw-dropping action sequences.

AFFLICTED was produced by Chris Ferguson and Zach Lipovsky. Executive producers are Jason Dowdeswell, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Stuart Ford, and Zak Pashak.

The film has a run time of about 85 minutes and has been rated R for disturbing, bloody violence and language.

Special Features
This terrifying horror thriller follows two best friends who set out on the trip of a lifetime around the world. Their journey, documented every step of the way, soon takes a dark and unexpected turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted. AFFLICTED is one of the most suspenseful and original action horror debuts in a generation.

Special Features

  • "Afflicted: Behind the Scenes"
  • "Anatomy of a Scene: The Window Jump"
  • Deleted Scenes

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    The Dude Designs ‘Lead Me Astray’ Poster

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:48

    Bendy Spoon Productions have released the official poster for their Australian indie thriller film Lead Me Astray, which was designed by The Dude Designs (Tom Hodge) who is known for posters such as Almost Human, The Innkeepers and Hobo With A Shotgun. Because Tom Danger’s Lead Me Astray takes its cues from the atmosphere heavy and synth-driven films of the 70s and 80s, the producers thought The Dude Designs would be the best person for the job and he has definitely pulled through designing a beautiful poster for the film.

    Produced on a budget of less then $10,000, the film follows a young veterinary student, Alexis Willard, as a single act of violence causes his life to come crashing down around him, putting the one person he loves in unspeakable danger as his mysterious past claws its way back into his present. The film stars Jace Pickard, Alannah Robertson, Tim Page, Logan Webster and Addi Craig.

    The film is set to be completed later this year and released into national and international film festivals.

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    Documentary About the Demonologist Who Inspired ‘Deliver Us From Evil’!

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:44

    I’m not a ghosthunter; I’m not a paranormal investigator; I’m a demonologist,” says the real Sarchie.

    Those of you who have been reading up on the July 2 release of Deliver Us From Evil knows that it is allegedly based on the accounts of a real NYPD sergeant, Ralph Sarchie, who spent many years on the force while assisting with exorcisms in his spare time.

    As promised back in May, Sony has released the following 15-minute documentary about Sarchie, where he talks about his real-life experiences investigating demonic possessions.

    Sarchie, who wrote a 2001 book about his demon-chasing career called “Beware the Night,” says he assisted at more than 20 such rituals, and investigated more than 50 spooky cases in all. He and his crew would typically roam a spirit-infested house to spread holy water, incense and holy oil, then pray in unison. (Source: The NY Post, EW)

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    Robert Englund’s’ ‘The Last Showing’ (Trailer)

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:34

    Check out the first teaser trailer for The Last Showing, recently acquired by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for UK release.

    Written and directed by Phil Hawkins, “When a life-long projectionist (Englund) is made redundant he looks to exact his vengeance on a generation that no longer requires his skills. He traps a couple inside his multiplex cinema and manipulates them into becoming characters in a horror film being captured by CCTV cameras.

    It stars horror icon Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), alongside “Game of Thrones’” Finn Jones, Emily Berrington (“24: Live Another Day”), Malachi Kirby and Keith Allen.

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    ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ Gets 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Release!

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:23

    Celebrate the holidays early when Anchor Bay unloads a 30th Anniversary Edition of Charles E. Sellier, Jr.’s 1984 classic Silent Night, Deadly Night on Blu-ray September 16, 2014.

    After his parents are murdered, a young tormented teenager goes on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa, due to his stay at an orphanage where he was abused by the Mother Superior.

    You can pick that up and then pair it with Steven C. Miller’s remake, Silent Night, also release by Anchor Bay.

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    [TV] Look Ahead At “True Blood’s” Final Season (Trailer)

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:17

    HBO released a new “look ahead” trailer for the seventh and last season of “True Blood,” which returned this past Sunday. The trailer asks this one major question, if vampires are immortal, why do they need to drink blood to survive? I guess that ties into this season’s arc?

    In the return episode, “Jesus Gonna Be Here”, “A band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur’s, with shocking results. As Sookie (Anna Paquin) seeks refuge from accusations that she’s somehow to blame for the chaos in Bon Temps, the “one vampire for every human” plan moves forward. In the face of a vigilante insurrection led by redneck Vince (Brett Rickaby), Bill (Stephen Moyer) receives aid from an unexpected source.

    It was written by Angela Robinson and directed by the one and only Bill Compton, Stephen Moyer.

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    Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ Turns 25 Years Old!!

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:08

    It’s sort of weird coming home from the gym and learning that today marks the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman. The reason is that I literally work out where I saw the film all of those years ago (as the theater turned into a gym, clearly). Running on a treadmill in the exact spot where I saw Batman is such a bizarre experience – not to mention that it makes me feel crazy old.

    I remember being obsessed with the movie, and that my dad went out of his way to hunt down the first action figure, which was impossible to get because the toy store employees kept grabbing the “Batman” figure for themselves and local comic shops. If you wanted a “Bob the Goon” action figure, you were in luck…

    I also have a strong recollection of sort of hating that Batman was all black. I grew up watching the old TV series and always pictures him with the classic blue and grey getup. The explanation that the yellow logo would draw gunfire to his bulletproof vest was enough, though, to sell me on the new look.

    25 years later I still believe that Michael Keaton was the best Batman, although Christian Bale is clearly a better Bruce Wayne. Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale, don’t get me started (mmmm mmm mmmm). And let’s not forget how incredible Jack Nicholson was at The Joker, and how Prince’s music stole the show. All of these years later the movie has aged like fine wine, becoming a classic comic book adaptation that is everlasting. If you haven’t picked up the blu-ray yet, I strongly advise doing so because the blacks in the movie are so dense that the HD really amplifies just how incredible it looks.

    Batman was money 25 years ago, and it’s still money today.

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    Win a Pretty Bitchin' Wolf Creek 2 Prize Package

    Dread Central - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:00

    The ghastly wonder of Wolf Creek 2 is getting ready to hit Blu-ray and DVD, and to celebrate its arrival, we have a contest for you to die for! We're giving away a theatrical poster and the prequel novels (Wolf Creek: Origin, Wolf Creek: Desolation Game), which were all signed by Greg McLean, along with a Blu-ray!

    To enter for your chance to win, just send us an email at contests@dreadcentral.com including your FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS. We’ll take care of the rest.

    This contest will end on at 12:01 AM PT on July 7th.

    Look for the flick online and in stores June 24, 2014.

    Directed by Greg Mclean, written by Mclean and Aaron Sterns, and produced by Helen Leake (Swerve, Black and White, Heavens Burning), Greg Mclean, and Steve Topic (Crawlspace), the sequel started production seven years after the original Wolf Creek hit screens internationally in November of 2005.

    Related Story: Exclusive: John Jarratt Talks Wolf Creek 2's Delay, Comedic Tone, Another Sequel & More!

    Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, exchange student Paul visits the notorious Wolf Creek Crater. His dream Outback adventure soon becomes a horrific reality when he encounters the site’s most infamous local, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). When Paul attempts to flee, Mick pursues him across a hostile wasteland and eventually drags him back to his underground lair. After seeing the true magnitude of Mick's monstrosity, Paul's only hope of surviving, where no one has before, will be to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster.

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    ‘The Jungle’ Clip Argues Over Superstitions

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:56

    On DVD June 24 via Entertainment One Andrew Traucki’s (The Reef, Black Water) The Jungle, starring Rupert Reid and Agoes Widjaya Soedjarwo.

    Below we’ve landed the first clip in which they prepare to catch and tag some animals. Then, they argue over superstitions.

    A team of conservationists sets out to explore the dense Indonesian rainforest in search of the legendary javan leopard. But the deeper into the jungle they journey, the more nervous the group’s native guides become – local legend has it that a deadly werewolf-like creature roams the dense jungle. Determined to complete their mission, the expeditionists venture farther into the darkening forest, only to discover they are being stalked by an unseen predator: one that has no fear of humans.

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    [Review] ‘Heatstroke’ Needs More Stephen Dorff

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:30

    Man, it’s weird to say that a movie is actually worse off without Stephen “We’re All Adults Here” Dorff. I don’t mean that as a jab at him, I think he’s a decent actor, but he’s not the type of guy who one typically thinks of as elevating a movie. In the new thriller Heatstroke, he comes off like a Shakespearean veteran compared to his co-stars. His character plays second fiddle to Maisie Williams (“Game of Thrones”) and Svetlana Metkina, two actresses who I’m sorry to say can’t carry a movie. The always great Peter Stormare is criminally underused as well – more of his menacing gait would have done wonders to strenghten this overall drab thriller.

    Josie (Williams) is the petulant, estranged daughter of research scientist Paul (Dorff – Space Truckers). When she’s busted with some weed, her mother insists Paul take her along to Africa, where he studies hyenas. A little time in the desert might do this young girl some kid before she falls down a pit of drugs, booze, and hooking, I guess. His girlfriend Tally (Metkina) doesn’t get along very well with Josie, but that’s okay because what better way for a daughter to bond with her dad’s new girlfriend than by being chased by homicidal rhino poachers and hungry hyenas through an African veld?

    Heatstroke is a slow build with the first act dealing essentially with the dynamic between Paul, Tally, and Josie. They’re trying to get her interested in hyenas and the stark beauty of the desert, but she’s more interested in her iPad. There’s some nice intimate moments between her and Paul, and I think Dorff is really damn good in these scenes. He’s got a fatherly warmth coming off him, though you can still tell he thinks his daughter is a peevish brat.

    Once the action does kick in, the film see-saws between suspense and what basically amounts to down time where Josie and Tally look for water. The poachers, led by Stormare are always one step behind them. The time we spend with him and his crew is interesting enough, but they’re all one-dimensional villains and like I mentioned earlier, not enough Stormare. The ebb and flow of the suspense means that by the time the climax comes around, there’s nothing built up. So what could’ve been a tense moment is just a flaccid fizzle out.

    One thing Heatstroke director Evelyn Purcell does a great job is portraying the desert as the harsh mistress (I assume) she is. During Josie’s first ride out to Paul’s camp, she looks out at the landscape and there’s just nothing. “There’s nothing for me here,” she tells her dad at one point. Even when they come across a watering hole, the water’s filled with bacteria, undrinkable. Then, of course, there’s the hyenas, who do a better job playing villains than the humans here.

    Heatstroke will available on VOD, iTunes, and in-theaters July 4th.

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    San Diego Comic-Con 2014: Entertainment Earth Adds Some Color to Your Twilight Zone and Game of Thrones Collections

    Dread Central - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:30

    Entertainment Earth is starting to unveil the exclusives they'll be bringing to the 2014 SDCC, and first out of the gate is Bif Bang Pow!'s new line of six colored "Twilight Zone" 3-3/4-inch action figures.

    In addition, we have a look at Artisan Designs' "Game of Thrones" Dragon Egg Prop Replica Set. After that finale with its Harryhausen-esque skeleton warriors, plus the previously revealed cannibals and White Walkers, we'd say there's plenty in "GoT" for the horror crowd, including this impressive set!

    Just click any of the individual item links for more details, including pre-ordering info from EE.

    Attending the show? Be sure to visit Entertainment Earth at San Diego Comic-Con, July 24-27. They'll be in Booth #2343, hosting celebrity signings, photo opportunities, convention exclusives, product debuts, and first-look prototypes.

    "Twilight Zone" Gremlin 3-3/4-Inch Figure In Color - This authentically designed and rendered plastic action figure sports 5 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips. In color and 3-3/4-inch scale, it offers The Gremlin, that horrifying creature from the memorable episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" that starred William Shatner.

    "Twilight Zone" Bob Wilson 3-3/4-Inch Figure In Color - This authentically designed and rendered plastic action figure sports 5 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips. In color and 3-3/4-inch scale, it offers Bob Wilson, the nervous airline passenger who sees that hideous creature on the wing in the memorable episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" that starred William Shatner. He brings a gun accessory, too!

    "Twilight Zone" Kanamit 3-3/4-Inch Figure In Color - This authentically designed and rendered plastic action figure sports 4 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hip. In color and 3-3/4-inch scale, it stands about 4-1/2 inches tall and offers the Kanamit, a considerably covert character set on adding mankind to his menu of delectable dishes in the rather disturbing episode "To Serve Man" from 1962. He brings a cookbook accessory, too!

    "Twilight Zone" Henry Bemis 3-3/4-Inch Figure In Color - This authentically designed and rendered plastic action figure sports 5 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips. In color and 3-3/4-inch scale, it offers badgered book lover Henry Bemis, the nearsighted bank clerk from the memorable episode "Time Enough at Last" that starred Burgess Meredith. He brings two book accessories, too!

    "Twilight Zone" Talky Tina 3-3/4-Inch Figure In Color - This authentically designed and rendered plastic action figure sports 5 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, and hips. In color and 3-3/4-inch scale, it stands about 2 inches tall and offers Talky Tina, star of "Living Doll," one of the most spine-chilling episodes ever aired, which also starred Telly Savalas. But don't worry; she's only a 2-inch tall action figure… or is she?

    "Twilight Zone" Invader 3-3/4-Inch Figure In Color - This authentically designed and rendered plastic action figure sports 4 points of articulation: shoulders and hips. In color and 3-3/4-inch scale, it offers the Invader, one of those "tiny beings from the tiny place called Earth" in the memorable episode "The Invaders" that starred Agnes Moorhead. He brings and can hold two light stick accessories that glow in the dark, too!

    "Game of Thrones" Dragon Egg Prop Replica - Set in a wooden box with gold Targaryen sigil and gold satin lining, this is a numbered limited edition of only 500 pieces. It features three (3) dragon egg prop replicas. They come in a collectible wooden box that's lined with gold satin, features a gold Targaryen sigil on top, and is engraved with the edition number on the bottom. A certificate of authenticity hand-signed by the artist is also included.

    You may not be the Mother of Dragons, but you can be a serious collector with this exceptional Entertainment Earth exclusive. This unique set of three resin replicas of the dragon eggs used on the actual set includes Rhaegal, Viserion, and Drogon. The exquisitely detailed eggs fit nicely into their handcrafted, gold satin-lined wooden case and can be latched safely away. Put them on display, play with them, or keep them perfectly protected. Whichever option you choose, it's clear that you're the biggest "Game of Thrones" fan around!

    Each egg measures 3 inches tall x 2-1/4 inches wide, while the wooden box measures 9-3/4 inches wide x 5 inches long x 4 inches tall. Together, they weigh over 2 pounds!

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    Win A Copy Of Perturbator’s ‘Dangerous Days’ On CD

    bloody disgusting - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:00

    It’s my birthday and I want to give YOU, the readers, a chance at getting a gift from me! I recently received a CD copy of Perturbator‘s latest album Dangerous Days and I wanted to give one lucky person the chance to enjoy the hell out of this album! The copy I’m going to be giving away has been opened but only played once (I simply wanted to compare it to the vinyl copy I got).

    Just read this description and tell me you’re not interested:

    Perturbator – the one-man Parisian retrowave powerhouse revisits the eerie and energizing analog oscillations of 1970s and 1980s horror, sci fi, action, and exploitation films.

    Taking cues from long-hailed masters in the genre – Director John Carpenter, Goblin, Vangelis – this 21-year-old was weaned on a steady diet of LaserDisc monsterpieces.

    Head on below for the rules and entry form!

    Dangerous Days by PERTURBATOR


    1) Contest open to residents of the United States only (sorry, I don’t want to pay a ton in shipping)
    2) You MUST be 18 or older to enter!
    3) No purchase necessary
    4) Multiple entries will result in disqualification!
    5) The contest will run from June 23rd until July 7th (ending at midnight EST)



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    Be a Lucky Bastard and Win Lucky Bastard on DVD

    Dread Central - Mon, 06/23/2014 - 10:00

    The much talked about NC-17 flick Lucky Bastard is coming home to DVD on July 1st so you know what that means! Yep, it's time to win a copy on DVD from us! Read on for details.

    To enter for your chance to win, just send us an email at contests@dreadcentral.com including your FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS. We’ll take care of the rest.

    This contest will end at 12:01 AM PT on July 3rd.

    Lucky Bastard stars Don McManus (Grand Piano, Lovelace), Jay Paulson ("Mad Men"), and Betsy Rue (My Bloody Valentine 3D).

    See what happens when the adult film industry and “found footage” mix in the indie horror-thriller Lucky Bastard when it becomes available on DVD July 1st.

    When the adult website "Lucky Bastard" runs a contest giving the winner a night with a famous porn star, the outcome turns from fantasy to horror in a deadly nightmare no one could possibly have expected.

    LUCKY BASTARD is the story of a shy young man who wins a contest to have sex with a famous porn star on an adult website. When the young man arrives at the porno house/set location, his every move is captured on the numerous “reality television-style” wallcams that are spread out everywhere in the house. It is the found footage from these cameras that tells the story of the inevitable and horrifying reality of what actually happened.

    At the center of the story are: Mike (Don McManus), who owns the “Lucky Bastard” website; his top porn star Ashley Saint (Betsy Rue); and Dave G. (Jay Paulson), the unsuspecting shy young man who wins the contest.

    The “Lucky Bastard” employees treat their work matter-of-factly. Mike once clearly had more serious artistic ambitions, but now he runs the company and directs all of the “Lucky Bastard” website’s content. Ashley, the website’s most popular performer, initially refuses to participate because she knows the winner will be humiliated by the experience but ultimately gives in when offered extra money. And the contest winner, Dave, an unassuming and shy young man, finds himself driven by shame and humiliation into committing the most horrifying acts imaginable.

    LUCKY BASTARD crosses many genres—drama, comedy, suspense thriller, horror—without entirely belonging to any of them and implicitly comments on a society in which pornography is not only a common part of modern life but also a mirror reflecting the nature of intimacy in today’s world. The movie also reshapes in unpredictable ways the recent cinematic convention of “found footage.”

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    Stream The Entire One Way Static Records ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ Score From The Laze

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 20:30

    If you’re a fan of black and white cinema mixed with a dash of modern flavor, then the upcoming The Phantom Of The Opera vinyl release from One Way Static Records must have you chomping at the bits and salivating an unhealthy amount (please, drink some water and rehydrate). For as many different variations of the story as there have been, there have also been as many, if not more, different scores to accompany the tale.

    UK septet The Laze have continued this tradition with their own modern composition for the classic 1925 film that combines 70′s Goblin-esque stylings with instrumental arrangements that are perfect for a film as revered and cherished as this. And now you can hear the whole thing! So head on down below to listen to the full soundtrack (courtesy of FactMag).

    Pre-order details can be found here.

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    [Toys] Sideshow Announces ‘Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn’ License!

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 19:09

    Sideshow Collectibles is happy to let all deadites and warriors know that Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn collectibles are coming soon!

    Get your chainsaw, Olds Delta 88, ready to get your very own soul-eating collectibles soon!

    In the heroic words of Ash, ‘Groovy…’

    Watch for potential prototypes at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con in July!

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    More Information About ‘Hannibal’ Composer Brian Reitzell’s ‘Watch Dogs’ Vinyl Release

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 18:54

    New information has come out about composer Brian Reitzell‘s upcoming Watch Dogs vinyl soundtrack, which is being released by Invada Records UK on July 28th. The vinyl will be a limited release with two variants, one a standard 180 gram black vinyl and the other a black and blue splatter, each limited to 750 copies. There will also be a CD release on the 28th.

    WATCH_DOGS presents a dark and dangerous journey through an alternate version of Chicago, where ultra-hacker Aiden Pearce seeks to redeem himself after causing the death of his niece. Using the concepts of artificial intelligence and information warfare, the game brings technological relevance to a Grand Theft Auto-style open world in the tradition of the revered science fiction of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick.

    Reitzell is also the composer to the hit NBC TV show Hannibal as well as having worked on many of Sofia Coppola’s films.

    Head below for a new sampling of the soundtrack’s music!

    Vinyl LP (Version 1) 180 gram Heavy Weight Black Vinyl 750 Units Pressed
    Vinyl LP (Version 2) Black & Blue Splatter 750 Units Pressed
    Digipack CD
    Special Features: LPs Come With Download Card

    Track listing:
    SIDE A:
    1. ‘The Loop’
    2. ‘Ded Sec’
    3. ‘Creepy Caller’
    4. ‘Donovan’
    5. ‘Revelation Number 3’
    6. ‘Computer Underground’
    7. ‘Elevated Trains’
    8. ‘IP Tracking’

    SIDE B:
    9. ‘Vigilante’
    10. ‘Ghosts Of The Past’
    11. ‘On The Lake’
    12. ’Hackers’
    13. ‘Escape From Chicago’

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    Dario Argento Hurt In Fall At His Home

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 18:14

    Italian giallo/horror director extraordinaire Dario Argento was hurt when he fell at his home in Rome, Italy. He apparently fell down a flight of stairs, which resulted in injuries to his head, neck, back, ribs, and legs. He is currently at home under the care of a personal assistant. He is being ordered to rest until the end of July, which means that he has to cancel his appearance at the “Days Of The Dead” convention in Indianapolis.

    Argento is the man behind such films as Suspiria, Deep Red, Inferno, and a great many others. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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    Steam Summer Sale Day 4: Thrills and Chills

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 15:16

    Steam’s annual reaping of all our wallets continues into a new day, complete with new sales on video games we all want but probably can’t afford. Or, in my case, I can afford a couple new purchases, but I shouldn’t give into the temptation because my pile of shame (i.e. unfinished video games) has grown larger than ever lately.

    Today’s highlights include Outlast for $4.99 (75% off) and Tomb Raider for $4.99 (75% off) — both great games that are most certainly worth your time.

    Those are solid choices, but the real gems can be found in today’s community picked deals. Among them is Betrayer — the atmospheric open-world shooter from some of the folks who brought us F.E.A.R. — for $3.99 (80% off), Lone Survivor for $3.74 (75% off), Metro: Last Light for $6.79 (66% off), and Slender: The Arrival for $2.49 (75% off). As of the time of this writing, these deals will remain active for the next eight hours.

    If you like, let me know what games you’ve purchased so far. Day 2 and Day 3 were pretty exciting, I’m sure a few of you have given in to the numerous horror (or non-horror, because those exist too) deals each day offered.

    Me? Thanks for asking — so far I’ve grabbed Battleblock Theater, Hammerwatch, and I most recently gave in to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, because it saw a substantial price cut today. I’d love to stay and chat, but I have some games to play and more to ignore.

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    What Do You Want The Next Horror Trend To Be?

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 15:00

    Remember when Scream came out and suddenly there were a ton of self-referential slashers? Or how about when Paranormal Activity came out and we were suddenly inundated with all the found footage films imaginable? Or what about when we were getting seemingly nothing but J-horror remakes?

    Horror follows popular trends, just like the rest of Hollywood. When something is popular we get slammed with nothing but that until they start performing poorly OR there are simply no ways to make it even remotely unique or interesting anymore.

    But that doesn’t mean we don’t hope for a specific trend to make a comeback or even a brand new one to emerge! And if you had the decision, if you had the power, what would you want that trend to be?

    Well, I’ve come up with a few trends that I’d like to see come back that I want to share below. Check ‘em out and then let me know your thoughts in the comments!

    Serious horror that isn’t sadistic

    Examples: The Shining and Session 9

    Look, we don’t always need horror to be gory, violent, and depressingly bleak or hopeless, right? The struggle for survival is often the best part of a horror film! It gives a feeling of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel that we desperately hope the main characters will reach. By actually having an opportunity to empathize, we, the viewer, get to be a part of the story rather than just a voyeur.

    Enough of films like Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Hostel, the Saw franchise (after the first one, of course). Bring on films that ditch the gore and actually make me terrified of what’s coming next.

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    ‘The Last of Us Remastered’ Just Got $10 Cheaper

    bloody disgusting - Sun, 06/22/2014 - 14:20

    If you were planning on grabbing The Last of Us Remastered when it arrives on PS4 next month, Sony has dropped the price from its original full retail price of $60 down to an easier to swallow $50. For those who have already pre-purchased the game in full, Sony is offering $10 refunds to make up the difference.

    Adam Boyes, vice president of publisher and developer relations at PlayStation, confirmed this via Twitter last night.

    @klownboots @PlayStation @Naughty_Dog @AskPlayStation @yosp you should get a $10 refund in the next 5-7 days

    — Adam Boyes (@amboyes) June 22, 2014

    Here’s its latest trailer, for those who may have missed it the first time around.

    The Last of Us Remastered releases on July 29.

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