Dog Lovers Beware of This ‘Late Phases’ Clip

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Get your silver shotgun shells ready for director Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s Late Phases, a practical effects heavy werewolf film Patrick Cooper raves about.

Opening in limited theaters November 21, here’s a new clip that isn’t for the dog lovers out there. You’ve been warned.

Penned by Under the Bed‘s Eric Stolze, Dark Sky’s latest horror offering that stars Stake Land‘s Nick Damici, Ethan Embry, Lance Guest, Erin Cummings, Rutanya Alda, Tina Louise, Caitlin O’Heaney, Karen Lynn Gorney, Dana Ashbrook, and the great Tom Noonan.

In the film, “Crescent Bay is not the ideal place to spend one’s golden years, especially since the once-idyllic retirement community has been beset by a series of deadly animal attacks from the ominous forest surrounding it. When grizzled war veteran Ambrose McKinley (Nick Damici) is forced into moving there by his yuppie son Will (Ethan Embry), the residents immediately take offense to Ambrose’s abrasive personality. But that take-no-prisoners attitude may be just what Ambrose needs to survive as it becomes clear that the attacks are being caused by creatures that are neither animal nor man, and that the tight-knit community of Crescent Bay is hiding something truly sinister in its midst…

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[BD Review] ‘Starry Eyes’ Is Ambitious, Violent and Thoughtful

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It’s somewhat ironic that Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch’s Starry Eyes, a film that literally singles out ambition as the blackest of human qualities, is the most ambitious film I have seen thus far at SXSW this year. That’s not to say that the film succumbs to the same temptations as its protagonist (an admirably raw and vulnerable Alexandra Essoe), but both the movie and its subject employ a black hearted scorched earth tactic – the efficacy of which is hard to deny.

As you may be able to gleam from the title, Starry Eyes plunges us headfirst into the fame hungry psyche of Sarah Walker – a fragile young actress already irreparably damaged by an unending cycle of rejection. One of the film’s biggest assets is the dimensionality it allows its lead here. A lazier film would be content to portray Sarah as impenetrably deluded and completely unaware of the staggering odds against her. That’s not the case here – while Sarah does possess the requisite blinders necessary for anyone to stake their happiness on the most unlikely of careers, she’s able to be honest with herself and others that she’s not exactly doing that great in terms of prospects. She has a small circle of friends who are also performers, some of them are warmly supportive (Noah Segan’s Danny) while others are harshly dismissive (Fabianne Therese’s Erin), a dynamic that casts her personal existence in the same kind of unending cruel purgatory as her professional life. In short, she’s perpetually trapped, exhausted and on the verge of release – something needs to change.

That change comes in the form of an audition for Astraeus Pictures, a legendary horror production company on the rebound after several years on the wane (think Hammer films with a corporate culture orchestrated by David Lynch). After a series of increasingly risky call-backs, she’s offered the lead role in their new film. The catch? The catch is a story as old as Hollywood itself – she must first submit to the whims of the casting couch (the ultimate deal with the Devil).

While you could probably correctly guess the basic trajectory of the film from here on out, Widmyer and Kolsch do an admirable job of keeping the audience on their toes by constantly shifting the tone of the film depending on which part of Sarah’s life they’re depicting. Her struggles as a waiter at a potato joint with Hooters aspirations alternate between stark and comedic (aided in no small measure by Pat Healy’s turn as a sympathetic manager – an archetype I was pleased to see subverted). The casting sessions and subsequent interactions with Astraeus are, as hinted before, marked by a cold absurdist streak right out of Mulholland Drive. The moments we get with her alone are painful, sweet and quiet while her circle of friends sort of melds the intimacy of mumblecore with the makeshift community of “Melrose Place.”

While more often than not these disparate elements cohere into a surprisingly atmospheric whole, the shifting tone is occasionally problematic. Starry Eyes switches gears so often it develops something of a patchwork quality that threatens to add a sense of bloat to its relatively straightforward arc. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that this universe contains a character as warm and empathetic as Segan’s and one as campily sterile as Marc Senter’s casting assistant. There are also a few moments towards the film’s end where it’s hard not to believe that Sarah’s close friends wouldn’t be a little more observant in regard to her condition.

But perhaps it’s a testament to Starry Eyes’ singularity that the same elements that provide its flaws also supply its strengths, which are far more prevalent. Complex and layered, it definitely leaves you with more to chew on than your typical midnight fare. It is also absolutely unsparing and brutal when it comes to its violence – there are moments in the film that give even the goriest slashers and body horror sagas alike a run for their money. Even if parts of Starry Eyes might not work for you, as a horror fan I suspect most of it will.

Republished from March 9, 2014.

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Dir En Grey Release Trailer For New Album ‘Arche’

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“Will you be able to take this pain?”

Japanese metal band Dir En Grey have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming ninth studio album Arche, which comes out December 10th, 2014. The album is the followup to 2011′s Dum Spiro Spero. The trailer shows interviews with the band members as well as people on the street explaining their recent pains, hence the first line of this article. Check it out below.

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The ‘Twin Peaks’ Theme Gets A Gorgeous Guitar Cover

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Russian guitarist Igor Presnyakov has released a video where he covers the theme song to the TV series Twin Peaks. It’s lovingly done on an electric classical guitar and features those subtle string pads in the background. Definitely worth watching if you’re a fan.

I’ve made it 100% clear, possibly more than that, just how much I love Twin Peaks. The characters, the storyline, the location… Everything about that surreal world just feels so unique and magical.

But perhaps the ultimate bonding glue that cements the show together is the music of composer Angelo Badalamenti. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes charmingly cheesy, often haunting, and a few times terrifying, it is the perfect accompaniment to the show and has stood the test of time to remain one of my favorite soundtracks ever released.

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[TV Review] “American Horror Story: Freak Show” Episode 4.6, ‘Bullseye’

bloody disgusting - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 07:47

This week is Handsome Paul’s week. It’s the episode I’ve been waiting for, the episode to show not only how strong of an actor Mat Fraser is, but how noble of a man Paul is. I thoroughly enjoyed his scenes but unfortunately, those were virtually the only scenes that didn’t have me rolling my eyes.

The twins are gone and everyone is concerned. Which is sure putting a damper on Elsa’s birthday celebration. While Ethel tries to hold everything together, Paul is slowly starting to figure out the truth about the twins’ whereabouts, and when he confronts Elsa about it—the outcome is (yet unknown, but very likely) fatal. After Paul eyes Dandy at a local drug store buying two of everything girly, his suspicions arise. He admits to Elsa that he thinks she had something to do with their disappearance and in true Elsa form, she dramatically wakes up all the freaks and goes on a vile tirade that puts ol’ Dandy to shame. It’s a feat of self-involvement and self-obsession that has been boiling right below the surface for some time now. In order to prove their trust in her, she demands that one of the freaks be strapped to the spinning bullseye for her to throw knives at. Paul gallantly (and rightfully, I guess) volunteers. Earning him a knife in the belly.

Meanwhile, outside of the big top, Dandy is playing house with his two new playthings. Or as he tells his mom: his future brides. Not shockingly, Bette is blissful in her new lavish home with her attentive new beau, Dandy. Everything is coming up roses for her. Equally not shockingly, Dot is wary, unsure of what darkness lies ahead. But when she realizes Dandy could easily pay for the surgery to separate her from Bette, she gets a twinkle in her eye. Or dollar signs. Or hearts…for a life alone with Jimmy. We’ve known for awhile that she’s pretty heartless when it comes to Bette, but this episode really proved that she is downright hateful. Her complete disregard for the life of her sister is really saddening. So she plays along as best she can so that she can eventually get her money from Dandy and live a life sans Bette. Everything is…well…dandy with Dandy and the girls until he reads Dot’s diary and realizes her true intentions. It’s at this point he makes his definitive decision. He has been put on this earth to kill. Which surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly?), his mother takes in that information with zero reaction.

Our con-artists are still busy at work on their grand scheme of killing a freak and selling it to the oddities museum (I gotta be honest, that’s a plot line I did not think they would stretch out this far). When Stanley tries to convince Maggie to kill Jimmy for his lobster hands, she counters with Ma Petite instead. It will be easy, no mess, no body…a completely deplorable and callous plan. This segues us into a quick but incredibly difficult-to-watch flash forward in which Ma Petite is slowly drowned in formaldehyde after being placed in a glass jar by Maggie.

Did I miss something crucial? Because it seems to me that it’s never been explained why Maggie is under Stanley’s thumb. Why is it that she is forced to perform such heinous acts that she clearly doesn’t have the heart or desire to do? I truly hope that relationship is explained at some point during the season or else that’s one giant plot hole.

Midway through the episode there was so much screaming and tantrum throwing I actually wanted someone to die. I was craving a shocking death as some kind of release from all the pent up anger inside the big top. So much tension and so many close calls with very little pay off. It’s starting to feel like Murphy can’t pull the trigger that he has pulled so often in past seasons. Speaking of tantrums, Elsa pulls one of many (what I am now referring to as) Dandy moments when she screams at her birthday party that she “demand” everyone start having fun “this instant.” And it’s at this point that the parallels between Elsa and Dandy started smacking into me like mack trucks. They are both incredibly delusional, they’ll do whatever and hurt whomever to get what they want and desire, they are both childish and selfish, and feel completely entitled. I’m embarrassed to say it took me so long to see the stark similarities.

This episode had some fun moments and some breakthrough scenes, but for the most part it felt like a step back from the bold strides Murphy took in last week’s episode. There was simply too much screaming, crying, and bitching for me to not want to click the TV off. And how stupid are we supposed to believe that Jimmy is to think Maggie would want to run away with him at the snap of a finger, especially after last week’s rebuff and the fact that we have literally never seen a romantic scene between the two of them. Are we really supposed to suspend our disbelief that far? Having said all that, I did wholly enjoy Paul’s scenes (Paul and Elsa! Who saw that coming?) And I loved the return of Grace Gummer as Penny, the nurse from episode one, as Paul’s secret lover. Their relationship is darling and daring and if Paul makes it through his knife wound, I really hope to see more of her.

One last word from me and then I want to hear your thoughts on this episode. I was starting to feel like Kathy Bates was being underused in a way that is near insulting. But I must say, she finally gets her moment of brilliance in the last minute of the episode, and I’ll leave it at that.

What did you think of ‘Bullseye’? Did anyone miss Dell and Desiree? Who do you think will get the sharp end of Dandy’s dagger?

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How the ‘Universal Monsters’ Will Meld Brains…

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 21:31

Yesterday I went on a rant about my distaste for direction of the new Universal Monster movies.

While it’s hard to gauge what’s really going down, knowing that Dracula Untold is part of the universe has destroyed my interest. Whether we like it or not, they’re going down a long path that begins with a new The Mummy (June 24, 2015), and then will tell of The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, and even The Bride of Frankenstein.

But what’s unique about the vision is that it will now be a shared one.

While Dracula Untold stands on its own (and hopefully gets erased from the lore), Heat Vision writes that Noah Hawley, the creator of the fantastic “Fargo” television series, Aaron Guzikowski, the scribe behind the gritty Hugh Jackman-Jake Gyllenhaal movie Prisoners (as reported yesterday), and Ed Solomon, the veteran screenwriter behind Men in Black and Now You See Me, have joined Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman to act as a writers collective of Universal Studios’ cinematic monster universe.

The plan is for these “Monster Men” to act akin to Pixar’s brain trust, or more aptly, like a well-oiled television writer’s room, where all will have a hand in each other’s movies and offer help as needed as they work on a model of serialized storytelling, explains the site.

This is either incredible news or incredibly bad news. The “brain trust” concept is a really fun concept, and something I can get behind, but it all depends on who the dominant writer is in the room. For example, if Guzikowski and Hawley have control of the room, they could really bring new “edge” and a fresh take to the characters. The aforementioned have a knack for writing compelling characters and understand that there’s more to a movie/show than cool scenes.

That’s where Morgan and Kurtzman come in. If they are the alpha writers in the room, they could easily cut down any good ideas being thrown on the table by Guzikowski and Hawley, and inject their own probably garbage.

Does that make sense?

From the outside looking in, there are some positive signs, but also a lot of red flags. Universal has always made interesting choices, but historical backs away from taking chances – hence why Mark Romanek exited the 2010 The Wolfman remake, which led to the garbage directed by Joe Johnston.

When Guzikowski and Hawley get creative, bold and daring, how will Morgan and Kurtzman, let alone Universal react? Who will become the Invisible Man in the room?

I guess we’ll find out next summer with The Mummy. I pray it’s not the same mind-numbing, CGI heavy, fart-buster as Dracula Untold.

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Cybernatural Unfriended by Universal

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 20:40

Universal Pictures has given the horror-thriller Cybernatural (review) a new title and release date. The film known now as Unfriended will be in theatres April 17, 2015.

Produced by Timur Bekmambetov and directed by Leo Gabriadze, Cybernatural stars Shelley Hennig, Moses Storm, Renee Olstead, Will Peltz, Jacob Wysocki, Courtney Halverson, and Heather Sossaman.

While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly one year ago. At first they think it’s a prank, but when the girl starts revealing the friends’ darkest secrets, they realize they are dealing with something from beyond this world, something that wants them dead. Told entirely from a young girl’s computer desktop, Unfriended redefines found footage for a new generation of teens.

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Death Waltz Announces ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ And ‘Christmas Evil’ Vinyl Soundtracks

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 20:35

Death Waltz Recording Company has announced that they will be releasing the soundtracks to the 1984 Christmas slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night as well as the 1980 horror flick Christmas Evil, both on vinyl. Each soundtrack will go on sale tomorrow, November 13th, and will be released in limited quantities.

Silent Night, Deadly Night will be released on a double LP and will be limited to 400 copies worldwide. One disc will be transparent red/solid white split while the other will be transparent red and green. A super limited edition of one disc transparent red and one disc transparent green will be made available for record stores. The liner notes will feature entries from composer Perry Botkin, co-executive producer Scott Schneid, and writer Michael Hickey.

Death Waltz founder Spencer Hickman tells Dread Central:

Botkin’s score is both chaotic and tragic; crashing sounds of distorted percussion are punctuated by both synth and acoustic piano, reflecting the sheer damage that has been done to Billy’s mind. The end result is both emotional and terrifying, even more so with the selection of original Christmas songs as composed by Morgan Ames. But a word of caution: If you don’t have Silent Night, Deadly Night on the turntable this Christmas, we’ll have to tell Billy that you’ve been… naughty. Consider yourselves warned.

Christmas Evil will also be limited to 400 units worldwide and will be pressed on a pink sparkle 10″ vinyl. The liner notes will be by writer/director Lewis Jackson and John Waters.

Head below for the artwork of each album as well as a stream of Silent Night, Deadly Night.

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Demon House – Director Found for Ammons Tale of Terror

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 20:34

We’ve been reporting on the strange Ammons house case for quite some time, beginning with the occurrences themselves, then “Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans buying the home after the family fled, and now a director is set to bring the tale to the screen.

Deadline is reporting that Lee Daniels (The Butler, The Paperboy, Precious) will be directing Demon House for Relativity Media. Bagans himself is also putting together a documentary of the same name of his experiences within the home. No word yet if both projects will retain the same title, but given the subject matter, it would make sense to have them as companion pieces.

The film is based on Latoya Ammons and her family, whose life rights made this film possible. They claim to have been victims of a demonic possession that has spanned over two years and counting. Ammons and her family have received international media attention for their accounts, which have been witnessed and documented by the Department of Child Services, the Gary (IN) Police Department, and hospital staff.

The experience began with unusual occurrences in her home over two years ago, including swarms of flies around her porch in the winter and unexplainable creaking sounds in her basement. The events progressed to possessive incidents including her oldest daughter unconsciously levitating above her bed and medical staff witnessing her middle son gliding backward on the floor, wall, and ceiling.

According to Relativity, the DCS case manager witnessed her youngest son growling with his teeth showing and eyes rolled back, locking his hands around his older brother’s throat with no recollection of the incident. Initial psychological exams and exorcism attempts failed to provide explanation or solution for the bizarre events.

Stay tuned.

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[TV] Ti West, Jennifer Lynch Directing “South of Hell”

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 19:32

In addition to the well-known horror director Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever, “Hemlock Grove”), an array of respected directors have signed on to direct individual episodes of WE tv’s original supernatural thriller, “South of Hell.”

Bloody Disgusting learned today that the line-up includes Ti West (pictured; House of the Devil, The Sacrament, The Innkeepers), Rachel Talalay (“Doctor Who,” Tank Girl), Jennifer Lynch (“The Walking Dead,” “Teen Wolf”) and Jeremiah Chechik (“Helix,” “Reign”).

“South of Hell” premieres on WE tv in 2015.

Production is currently underway in Charleston, SC.

Charleston, South Carolina is the most possessed city in the world. Evil thrives there. Something with which 30-year-old exorcist Maria Abascal is intimately acquainted. She wrestles demons for a living. Especially Abigail, the one that lives within her. The one who feeds on damned souls and who’s violated the laws of hell to live on earth—and live on, inside Maria. Now, as they work as one, Maria will discover how personal her battle with evil has become and how far Abigail will go to protect them both. It’s a journey where the unspeakable is just a heartbeat away.

WE tv recently announced the cast of “South of Hell,” led by actress Mena Suvari in the dual role of Maria Abascal and her inner demon, Abigail. The cast also includes: Zachary Booth as David Abascal, Maria’s brother; Bill Irwin as Enos Abascal, Maria and David’s father and cult leader; Drew Moerlein as Dusty, Maria’s neighbor; Lamman Rucker as Rev. Elijah Bledsoe, a priest with a strong attraction to Maria,; Paulina Singer as the Reverend’s daughter, Grace; Lydia Hearst as southern belle Charlotte Roberts; Slate Holmgren as the local drug dealer, Sweetmouth; and Lauren Velez as Tetra, a spiritual informant.

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‘Cybernatural’ Gets ‘Unfriended’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 19:26

Universal Pictures renamed their horror-thriller Cybernatural to Unfriended and set a new date for release.

Told entirely from a young girl’s computer desktop, it will now open on April 17, 2015.

We reviewed the film out of Fantasia.

While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly one year ago. At first they think it’s a prank, but when the girl starts revealing the friends’ darkest secrets, they realize they are dealing with something from beyong this world, something that wants them dead.

Shelley Hennig, Moses Storm, Renee Olstead, Will Peltz, Jacob Wysocki, Courtney Halverson, and Heather Sossaman star.

The film was developed and conceived by Timur Bekmambetov and directed by Levan Gabriadze from a script by Nelson Greaves.

Here’s the festival trailer.

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[Comic Book Review] “Resurrectionists” #1 Spoils Its Hand

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 18:53
The story of Jericho Way, a man who discovers that not only he can remember his past lives, but he can become them. That’s the great concept of “Resurrectionists” that is sadly not well executed.

WRITTEN BY: Fred Van Lente
ART BY: Maurizio Rosenzweig, Moreno DiNisio
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: November 12, 2014

Reviewed By Pablo Arriaga

The mismatched panels, crazy antics and awesome abilities from a mysterious woman on the first pages are great… until she starts speaking.  The dialogue is too heavy on exposition and way too on the nose. I felt bombarded with terminology from the world before I even knew how the main story begins. She doesn’t need to name the place she just raided as I’m reading it on top of her. It seems like there wasn’t much communication between Van Lente and Rosenzweig. I know he has a tendency to be on the nose but this just felt like too much. Although interesting, and if those first pages are what made anyone pick Resurrentionists up, don’t worry about the rest since it won’t be mentioned again, leaving me confused and annoyed. The rest of the story although fairly entertaining, it kept me wondering when they’ll intertwine with each other ultimately to disappoint. The art and colors are very solid, it took me a second to get adjusted as I had read a couple big 2 titles beforehand, but each character has a solid design to it, with a sort of confusing cover that almost makes it seems like a superhero comic. The highly stylized art doesn’t do much to add to the book, and often poses more questions than the narrative which doesn’t bode well for the book. But this book does have it’s share of fleeting perfect moments. The concept itself is very intriguing but doesn’t do much with the fantastic premise it offers here. Instead the heist elements of this debut issue detract. We already know about the resurrection of the main characters doomed to repeat the same heist for many lives to come, but by the time that reveal is even beginning to be dealt with, the issue is over. This is a title to pick up if you’re really curious how they carry through with the concept in further issues, but I’d almost skip the first one altogether and you may have more resemblance of mystery that way. A solid first effort that ultimately failed to deliver on the promise of the premise thus far. Here’s hoping issue two, will get a little more direction.

Pablo Arriaga has been bringing the gospel of The Slacker Nerd to countless people the world over with He also writes the most metal rants on the web and knows a better recipe for tacos than you do. For more writings or to be baptized in the arms of Matthew McConaughey follow Pabby on Twitter and Facebook.


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Goblin Rebirth Signs To Relapse Records

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 18:00

Fans of Italian giallo horror music, rejoice! It has been announced that Goblin Rebirth have signed to Relapse Records and a new album will be released in Spring 2015.

The new group contains the famed rhythm section of the original Goblin (drummer Agostino Marangolo and bassist Fabio Pignatelli, who both played on the classic soundtracks to Zombi/Dawn of the Dead, Suspria, Profondo Rosso/Deep Red and more), with the addition of Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni on keyboards and Giacomo Anselmi on guitar.

Regarding the band’s upcoming debut album, it “…was mixed and produced by Fabio Pignatelli, and recorded in Rome at Greta’s Sound, Zamusic Studios and Cherni Studio. The drums were recorded in Trani by Ciccio “Frums” Dettole at Scuola Sul Mare. The album was mastered by Bob Fix at BobFixMastering.

The group commented on the new material, saying:

It was clear to us from the start that we wanted to do an album that in some way evolved from the original Goblin sound but also took a new direction reflecting the personalities of all the band members. The pieces all fell together to make up a story that loosely describes the destruction and rebirth of a strange creature. This is itself a loose metaphor referring to the band history.

Head below for a video of “Killer On The Train”.

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Four More Genre Directors Join WE tv’s South of Hell

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 17:30

In addition to well-known horror helmer Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever), an array of respected directors have signed on to direct individual episodes of WE tv’s upcoming original supernatural thriller “South of Hell.” Read on for the details!

The line-up includes Ti West (House of the Devil, The Sacrament), Rachel Talalay (“Doctor Who,” Tank Girl), Jennifer Lynch (“The Walking Dead,” “Teen Wolf”), and Jeremiah Chechik (“Helix,” “Reign”).

WE tv recently announced the cast of “South of Hell,” led by actress Mena Suvari (pictured below) in the dual role of Maria Abascal and her inner demon, Abigail. The cast also includes Zachary Booth as David Abascal, Maria’s brother; Bill Irwin as Enos Abascal, Maria and David’s father and cult leader; Drew Moerlein as Dusty, Maria’s neighbor; Lamman Rucker as Rev. Elijah Bledsoe, a priest with a strong attraction to Maria; Paulina Singer as the Reverend’s daughter, Grace; Lydia Hearst as Southern belle Charlotte Roberts; Slate Holmgren as the local drug dealer, Sweetmouth; and Lauren Velez as Tetra, a spiritual informant.

“South of Hell” is produced by Sonar Entertainment and Blumhouse Television. The premiere episode was written by Matt Lambert. James Manos, Jr. (“Dexter,” “The Shield,” “The Sopranos”), is executive producer and showrunner. Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister) also serves as executive producer along with Gerard Bocaccio, Stewart Till, Gene Stein, Erica Motley, and Eli Roth.

“South of Hell” (8 episodes of 60 minutes each) premieres on WE tv in 2015. Production is currently under way in Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina, is the most possessed city in the world. Evil thrives there. Something with which 30-year-old exorcist Maria Abascal is intimately acquainted. She wrestles demons for a living. Especially Abigail, the one that lives within her. The one who feeds on damned souls and who’s violated the laws of hell to live on earth—and live on, inside Maria. Now, as they work as one, Maria will discover how personal her battle with evil has become and how far Abigail will go to protect them both. It’s a journey where the unspeakable is just a heartbeat away.




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USA Network Gives a Pilot Order to Supernatural Drama Evil Man

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 17:21

A new “supernatural drama” is possibly heading our way as the USA Network has closed a deal with CBS TV Studios on a pilot order for “Evil Man,” starring Dallas Roberts (“The Walking Dead,” The Grey) and Clifton Collins, Jr. (Pacific Rim).

Per Deadline, the project, which Universal Cable Productions will co-produce, was written by Daniel Taplitz (Breakin’ All the Rules). Gary Fleder (“The River,” Homefront) will direct.

Taplitz and Fleder will executive produce alongside CBS TV Studios-based Eric and Kim Tannenbaum as well as Mary Beth Basile. Filming is slated to begin in early December in Vancouver.

“Evil Man” follows Harry Killas (Roberts; below left), an upstanding, middle-class family man whose life is turned upside down when he is approached by a frighteningly powerful entity and commanded to kill “evil men” or see his family — along with his city — utterly destroyed. However, the gleeful psycho who is meant to be his first target instead begins teaching him how to carry out his new destiny.

Collins (below right) will play Lazlo Kirk, the profoundly evil former war criminal with magnetic charm and a deep, unpredictable violent streak who forces himself into Harry’s life on a twisted mission of personal redemption.

“This supernatural drama is a symbolic tale of good versus evil set in the everyday modern world,” said Jackie de Crinis, EVP Original Programming, USA Network. “It is a highly relatable story that begs the question of just how far we would go to protect our families.”

Look for more as it comes!

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Make a Date With M. Night Shayamalan’s The Visit

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 16:34

There was a time when M. Night Shyamalan’s name attached to a movie equaled box office gold. Now it’s left off of things on purpose. Either way, his new flick for Universal, The Visit (formerly Sundowning), has scored a release date.

Deadline reports that the flick will be in theatres on September 11, 2015. Shyamalan self-financed and shot The Visit in and around his home in Pennsylvania.

Kathryn Hahn, Ed Oxenbould, Erica Lynne Marszalek, Peter McRobbie, Olivia DeJonge, Deanna Dunagan, Benjamin Kanes, Jon Douglas Rainey, Brian Gildea, Shawn Gonzalez, Richard Barlow, Steve Annan, and Michael Mariano star.

The Visit focuses on a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ remote Pennsylvania farm for a week-long trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple are involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day.


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See a Few Images from Supernatural Episode 10.06 – Ask Jeeves; Go Behind the Scenes of the 200th Episode – Fan Fiction

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 16:21

We’re still smiling from all the fun to be found in last night’s 200th episode of “Supernatural,” entitled “Fan Fiction,” and also pondering just what that final scene might mean. If you enjoyed it as much as we did, we have a look behind the scenes as well as some highlights from the cast and crew party.

But first be sure to check out a handful of stills from next week’s Episode 10.06, “Ask Jeeves,” that looks to be a spoof of everyone’s favorite board game, “Clue.”

“Supernatural” Episode 10.06 – “Ask Jeeves” (airs 11/18/14)
Dean (Jensen Ackles) is surprised when he checks Bobby’s cell phone and hears a message that says Bobby or his next of kin have been named as a beneficiary in an heiress’ will. Hoping that means extra money, Dean talks Sam (Jared Padalecki) into hitting the road to claim their fortune. However, what they encounter at the house is far from a treasure chest.

John MacCarthy directed this episode written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

For more info visit “Supernatural” on, “like” “Supernatural” on Facebook, and follow @CW_spn on Twitter.

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[Comic Book Review] “Ghosted” #15 Turns The Tables Yet Again.

bloody disgusting - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 16:00

I’ve come to have certain expectations when reading a Joshua Williamson comic, and that is to expect the reversal. Whenever everything is going great, we’re on panel away from absolute dread, and when we expect dread we’re offered something a little more hopeful. “Ghosted” #15 slides into the latter category, offering a sliver of hope going forward that Jackson Winters may not be as doomed as he likes to think.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Williamson

ART BY: Davide Gianfelice

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: November 12, 2014

He also might not be as comfortable with death as he’s previously alluded. This issue picks up immediately where last month left off, having Charon left our heroes in the belly of his beast, a theater of his grand design of insanity made to offer tribute to his blood candles in an effort to finally appease a more evil force with Jackson’s death wish.

Did anyone really expect Jackson to be the type of guy to off himself? No fucking way. He is cunning, ruthless, and a dickhead, but he’s not a coward. He uses his wit to weasle out of the given situation and his odd relationship with Anderson takes center stage at the climax of the issue. It’s a strange and intoxicating relationship they share, bred out of hatred, nurtured in the afterlife into a bond of almost camaraderie and love, Anderson does something here that isn’t really out of character, but still proves remarkably surprising. I only hope we touch on the ramifications of her choice soon.

David Gianfelice has really come into his own on this series. I started unsure if he was the right fit for the series, but his tight paneling and dark style have only evolved since signing up to take on the series, and he’s really showing a familiarity with the world now. The way he depicts the ghosts are alarming and overwhelming, but kinetic in their displays of power. It proves rather intoxicating and provocative, especially when he really gives us a display of his power, like he does this month with Anderson’s excellent “die” line.

The end of the issue pushes us in a new direction that can’t help but tie itself to the past of the series. It proves very interesting as it seems Williamson has a carefully constructed story that has been heading to a definitive payoff for a while now. I can’t wait to see where things go next.

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Annabelle Heads Home This Coming January

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 15:58

A mere three months after haunting theaters, creepy doll Annabelle (review) is headed onto the shelves of your home video collection, and we’ve conjured up all the pertinent details for you today. So read on for everything you need to know!

From the Press Release:
Discover the secret of what she wants when Annabelle arrives onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, and Digital HD on January 13, 2015, from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Reuniting the filmmakers behind 2013’s hugely successful supernatural thriller The Conjuring, Annabelle is the terrifying story of where it all began as Annabelle comes to life.

Annabelle stars Annabelle Wallis (X-Men: First Class) and Ward Horton (The Wolf of Wall Street) as the Forms; Oscar® nominee Alfre Woodard (Cross Creek, 12 Years a Slave) as Evelyn, a neighbor who owns a bookstore; Kerry O’Malley (TV’s “Those Who Kill”) and Brian Howe (Devil’s Knot) as neighbors Sharon and Pete Higgins; Tony Amendola (TV’s “Once Upon A Time”) as Father Perez; and Eric Ladin (TV’s “Boardwalk Empire”) as Detective Clarkin.

Annabelle was directed by John R. Leonetti, who served as cinematographer on The Conjuring. James Wan, director of The Conjuring, produced Annabelle along with Peter Safran. Richard Brener, Walter Hamada, Dave Neustadter, and Hans Ritter served as executive producers for the film, which came from the script written by Gary Dauberman.

Annabelle will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack for $35.99 and includes the film in high definition on Blu-ray disc, a DVD, and a digital version of the movie in Digital HD with UltraViolet. Fans can also own Annabelle via purchase from digital retailers.

She terrified you in The Conjuring, but this is where it all began for Annabelle. Capable of unspeakable evil, the actual doll exists locked up in an occult museum in Connecticut—visited only by a priest who blesses her twice a month.

New Line Cinema’s supernatural thriller Annabelle begins before the evil was unleashed. John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia—a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. But Mia’s delight with Annabelle doesn’t last long.

On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who violently attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind. The cultists have conjured an entity so malevolent that nothing they did will compare to the sinister conduit to the damned that is now…Annabelle.

Special Features:

Blu-ray Combo Pack

• The Curse of Annabelle
• Bloody Tears of Possession
• Dolls of the Demon
• A Demonic Process
• Deleted Scenes

Standard Definition DVD

• The Curse of Annabelle

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Sony Launches Goosebumps Movie Fan Contest

Dread Central - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 15:54

In anticipation of the feature film adaptation of R.L. Stine’s mega-successful Goosebumps series, Sony Pictures has launched the Goosebumps Movie Fan Contest! Read on for details.

From the Press Release:
To build excitement for the release of the motion picture Goosebumps (in theaters 2015), Sony Rewards has launched the Goosebumps Movie Fan Contest, where fans can share cool content, test their Goosebumps knowledge in quizzes, watch spooky videos, create funny memes, submit fan art, and complete other fun challenges.

By completing challenges and sharing Goosebumps news on social media, fans can climb the leaderboard and win prizes. The current contest’s First Place Prize is a Video Call with famed Goosebumps author R.L. Stine, and Second Place Prize is a complete Goosebumps book collection.

Fans who keep sharing content regularly over the course of the full campaign have the opportunity to win other amazing prizes in the future which may include: a Video Call with Jack Black, a Goosebumps Creature Makeover, signed memorabilia, authentic props from the movie, and more!

To find out more information, enter the contest, and read the official rules, click here!

Once fans have entered, they will receive Goosebumps content by e-mail along with information on how they can earn points by sharing and completing Goosebumps challenges.

Goosebumps will be released in theaters nationwide on August 7, 2015. Upset about moving from a big city to a small town, teenager Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) finds a silver lining when he meets the beautiful girl, Hannah (Odeya Rush), living right next door. But every silver lining has a cloud, and Zach’s comes when he learns that Hannah has a mysterious dad who is revealed to be R. L. Stine (Jack Black), the author of the bestselling Goosebumps series. It turns out that there is a reason why Stine is so strange… he is a prisoner of his own imagination – the monsters that his books made famous are real, and Stine protects his readers by keeping them locked up in their books.When Zach unintentionally unleashes the monsters from their manuscripts and they begin to terrorize the town, it’s suddenly up to Stine, Zach, and Hannah to get all of them back in the books where they belong.

Directed by Robert Letterman. Screenplay by Darren Lemke. Story by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Based on the Goosebumps book series published by Scholastic and written by R.L. Stine. Produced by Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz.

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