Which “Stranger Things” Character Are You?

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I’m still pretty much obsessed with Netflix’s original series “Stranger Things“. The mystery of Eleven, the eeriness of the “Upside Down”, the friendships that seek out Will Byers, and the incredible score all crafted something really special. This was a show that wore its influences on its sleeves, from Spielberg to King, from Silent Hill to E.T., all while showing reverence to those names and not trying to rip any of them off.

Since we’ve been having so much fun with “Stranger Things” – such as unofficial toys, fan art, and albums from 1983 – I figured it’d be fun to keep this train going with a quiz that takes your answers and figures out which character from the show you’re most like.

I got “Dustin Henderson”, which explains:

Dustin is smart and funny, and is always able to lighten the mood. He is incredibly intelligent, and often seen as the “smart one” in his friend group. Like you, he likes to have a good time, and thinks life is better if you’re laughing.

Y’know what? I’m 100% cool with this! Dustin was a badass!

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[Chicago] We’ve Got Some Free Tixs to See ‘Siren’ at BCHFF!

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Tom and I re-teamed with director Gregg Bishop – who helmed the magical “Dante the Great” segment in our VHS: Viral – on Siren, which is a feature-length horror film based on David Bruckner‘s “Amateur Night” from V/H/S.

Yes, in case you were wondering, Hannah Fierman returns as Lily, who many of you know as the “I like you” girl from V/H/S!

Bruckner also produced Siren, in which a bachelor party becomes a savage fight for survival when the groomsmen unwittingly unleash a fabled predator upon the festivities.

Siren is set to close the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival this coming Sunday at 8PM.

Bloody Disgusting is presenting the film and thus has 5 PAIRS of tickets for some readers to win. We would love to see you there! All you need to do to enter is put SIREN BCHFF in the subject line then e-mail bchff2016@gmail.com your full name. They’ll contact the winners with info on how to obtain their tickets on site.

” ‘Amateur Night’ is one of my favorite segments from the ‘V/H/S’ series and I just fell in love with Lily as that terrifying, misunderstood monster,” Bishop told us when we announced the film. “David Bruckner and the writers (Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski) have found a really clever way into the story for the feature adaptation and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

“We shot ‘Siren’ in Savannah Georgia and I grew up in Atlanta, so I’m thrilled to bring this film home to the Hollywood of the South for the very first Exclusive Sneak Peek at the Atlanta Film Festival, which is celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary this year.”

Enjoy a new image below and watch for Chiller’s release plans as we have it.

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This Video Tackles Why J-Horror Scares Us So Much

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The YouTube channel The Film Theorists has created a video where they analyze J-horror films such as Ringu, Ju-On and One Missed Call to find out why they have such a terrifying effect on Western audiences.

It turns out that one of the big reasons those films and movies like them are so effective is because of their fantastic use of sound design (something I’m very happy to see mentioned) as well as a difference in conventions. Simply put, Asian ghosts don’t play by the same rules as many other monsters, so they can create a far more suspenseful atmosphere whenever they so desire.

I went through a J-horror phase several years ago where I devoured pretty much anything that I could get my hands on. That’s why I think I had such a great time with this video, which really does a fine job at investigating and making its own point as to why J-Horror films scare us so much! Personally, the one that truly unsettled me down to my very core was Kairo.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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9 Actual People that Inspired “American Horror Story”

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When thinking of things that scare you, real life is often the more horrifying than anything ever put on film. When the fictional world incorporates elements of the real world, it can be incredibly unsettling. FX’s American Horror Story is particularly good at this. While not the most even of shows, it does have its moments and excels at its choices in casting. The nine people below have all inspired (or been adapted into) various characters in the series. 

The Black Dahlia (Season 1: Murder House)

Mena Suvari had a brief stint in season 1 as actress Elizabeth Short, otherwise known as The Black Dahlia. Short, whose body was found sliced in half with lacerations on her face, is one of the oldest unsolved murder cases in Los Angeles history. American Horror Story changed the circumstances of her death a bit, but Suvari was a dead ringer for Short. You should also check out James Ellroy’s fictionalized account of the murder in his 1987 novel The Black Dahlia. Just don’t watch Brian De Palma’s 2006 adaptation of said novel. It’s pretty bad.

Barney and Betty Hill (Season 2: Asylum)

Kit and Alma Walker, while arguably the weakest part of the otherwise strong “Asylum” (adding aliens into the mix was just one thing too many in an admittedly cluttered season), were based on real-life interracial couple Barney and Betty Hill. They just switched the genders. The Hills claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials in a rural New Hampshire town in September of 1961. Their story was the subject of the 1966 book they wrote, titled The Interrupted Journey, which was made into the 1975 television movie The UFO Incident.

Delphine LaLaurie (Season 3: Coven)

Believe it or not, the incredibly racist and cruel LaLaurie was a real person, notorious for torturing and allegedly murdering her household slaves. Her house, located in the French Quarter in New Orleans, caught fire one night which is how the townsfolk found the slaves in her attic. A mob chased her and her family out of the city and they fled to France.

Schlitze Surtees (Season 2: Asylum & Season 4: Freak Show)

Pepper (Naomi Grossman), the microcephalic woman who was framed for murder, is based on real life “freak” Schlitze Surtees, an American sideshow performer most widely known for his performance in the 1932 film Freaks. He was a top performer and went on to participate in several top traveling circuses, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.

John Wayne Gacy (Season 4: Freak Show & Season 5: Hotel)

Ryan Murphy dabbled into serial killer and rapist Gacy with Twisty the Clown (who was sadly underused) in “Freak Show” before just straight up giving him a role in “Hotel”. He even cast the same actor in both roles: the incredibly creepy John Carroll Lynch (ZodiacThe Invitation). Gacy was executed in 1994 via lethal injection.

Aileen Wuornos (Season 5: Hotel)

It’s hard to see anyone else portraying famed serial killer Aileen Wuornos other than Charlize Theron (though many forget that Jean Smart also portrayed her in a 1992 TV movie), but Lily Rabe did a decent job with the limited material she was given. Wuornos murdered 6 men between the years of 1989 and 1990 and was executed via lethal injection in 2002, just one year before Monster was released.

Richard Ramirez (Season 5: Hotel)

Ramirez was a serial killer, rapist and burglar who plagued Los Angeles and San Francisco during 1984 and 1985. He was given the nickname “The Night Stalker” because he would break into homes at night and murder people. He had raped and tortured more than 25 victims and murdered at least 13 during his two-year crime spree. Ramirez died in prison in 2013 due to complications from B-cell lymphoma.

Jeffrey Dahmer (Season 5: Hotel)

Actor Seth Gabel is a dead ringer for Jeffrey Dahmer (at least with that hair), who raped, murdered and dismembered 17 young boys and men between the years of 1978 and 1991. He eventually turned to necrophilia and cannibalism during the latter half of his crime spree. Shockingly, he was found to be legally sane in his trial, despite having been diagnosed with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and a psychotic disorder. Dahmer was sentenced to 16 life terms in 1992, only to be murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994.

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‘Wish Upon’: ‘Conjuring’ Star Opens a Magic Box Filled With Horror

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The Conjuring‘s Joey King will star in Broad Green Pictures’ horror-thriller Wish Upon, Variety is reporting.

John Leonetti (Annabelle) is directing from a script by “The Listener” TV scribe Barbara Marshall. The movie is being produced by Busted Shark Production’s Sherryl Clark, whose credits include Viral and Cloverfield.

King will play a 16-year-old misfit who finds a magic box that promises a chance at the life she’s always wanted. However, she soon discovers that each wish demands a deadly payment.

“I was mesmerized by Joey’s performance on the set of ‘The Conjuring,’” Leonetti said. “I am looking forward to watching her bring Claire to life in ‘Wish Upon.’”

Wish Upon will begin production this fall. King also had a recurring role on “Fargo” and appeared in Independence Day: Resurgence.

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Guess What? ‘Before I Wake’ Just Got Pulled From Release

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Relativity has dated The Disappointments Room, starring Underworld‘s Kate Beckinsale and Gerald McRaney, for release on September 9, 2016.

The psychological thriller follows a woman (Beckinsale) who moves into a new house with her 5-year-old son only to discover a secret room within the attic where unimaginable horrors are accidentally unlocked.

I Am Number Four and Eagle Eye helmer D.J. Caruso rewrote and is directing from an original script by “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller, who penned last year’s gothic thriller Stoker.

Here’s the catch…

The Disappointments Room took the slot original set for Mike Flanagan’s (Oculus, HushBefore I Wake, a fresh child-horror film starring Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Dash Mihok, Annabeth Gish and Jacob Tremblay. As of this writing there is no new date for the film, which has been caught in the middle of Relativity’s bankruptcy woes, which included a battle with Netflix. This hurts just as bad as A24 pulling The Blackcoat’s Daughter off their schedule earlier this week.

In Before I Wake, which screened at this past July’s Fantasia Film Festival, “Jessie and Mark, recovering from the death of their young son Sean, decide to take in 8-year-old Cody as a foster child. Cody seems sweet, loving and bright in every way, except that he is afraid to sleep. They soon discover why: Cody’s dreams manifest in reality as he sleeps. In Jessie’s grief, she tries to use Cody’s supernatural abilities to reconnect with her dead son. Soon she discovers that Cody’s nightmares manifest as well, as they experience both the intense wonder – and intense terror – that only a child’s imagination could conjure. To save their new family, Jessie and Mark must uncover the truth behind Cody’s nightmares.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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NECA Releasing a Wearable ‘Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning’ Mask

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Jason Voorhees is a costume that is seen rather ubiquitously on Halloween. I mean, when a horror villain is so iconic, it’s kinda guaranteed that tons of people will want to portray them during the greatest of holidays. But what if you could stand out just a little bit from the crowd by changing one minor detail, something that only true horror fans would recognize?

Let me explain: In Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning, audiences originally thought they were seeing the return of Jason Voorhees as he took on another load of halfway house kids, including Tommy Jarvis. However, the end of the film revealed that the killer was in fact NOT Jason and was Roy Burns, the father of Joey, one of the residents of the treatment facility. What set apart Roy from Jason was that Roy’s mask had blue stripes, not red ones. That subtle difference is what helps set apart the two and is a dead giveaway to any Friday the 13th fan.

Now NECA is releasing a 1:1 scale replica of the mask, which is shipping this week to retailers!

This hand-painted and exceptionally detailed reproduction features adjustable straps that allow you to wear it in comfort or hang on the wall. Includes the unique blue chevrons only seen in Friday the 13th Part 5! A great addition to any horror fan’s collection.

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NECA Unveils 4ft. Tall “Freddy Fazbear” From ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 13:36

If you’re a fan of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, then NECA has just unveiled a “must-have” collectible for your home…should you want to scare the crap out of everyone who comes over, that is!

The site has revealed a 4ft. tall “Freddy Fazbear”, which is made from foam rubber and latex. The replica is hand-painted, will require some “very simple assembly”, and will be released this November. A picture of the replica, pending licensor approval, can be seen below.

The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, will be seeing the release of its fifth entry this October. Dubbed Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, the game asks users to survive the graveyard shift at Circus Baby’s Pizza World. More info can be found here.

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Jim Zub Launches Hollywood Horror Story In New Series ‘Glitterbomb’ (Interview)

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Jim Zub might be best known for his thrilling fantasy work in series like “Skullkickers” and “Pathfinder”, but he consistently working to defy comic readers expectations with each series he writes. He’s dabbled in the supernatural in his Image Comics series “Wayward”, but Zub is diving head-first into the bloody waters of the horror genre with his new series “Glitterbomb”, which debut in comic shops on September 7, 2016 from Image Comics.

“Glitterbomb” is a Hollywood horror story that centers around an aging actor Farrah Durante, who finds herself struggling to earn a living after being typecast by her previous success. After an audition goes horribly wrong, Farrah becomes possessed by a supernatural force that has a thirst for blood. The series explores the highs and lows of Hollywood and our obsessive celebrity-driven culture.

Bloody-Disgusting caught up with Jim Zub how “Glitterbomb” has allowed him to confront some of his own hopes and fears, as well as how you open yourself up for rejection when you launch a new creator-owned series.

Glitterbomb is quite a stylistic departure for you as a writer. How has it been diving into the horror genre and doing a book that people wouldn’t come to expect from you?

I absolutely love writing action and comedy, but diving into the deep end on something really different and pushing myself into uncomfortable areas I haven’t confronted before has been invigorating for my writing as a whole. I’m nervous and excited for people to follow along with this horror-tragedy and see how it all comes together.

You had mentioned that the series grew out of your own fear of failure and fame. Can you elaborate a bit about that a bit, because when you talk about comic book writers you think they have this amazing job, but there is a tremendous amount of pressure coming at you from all sides (Deadlines, fan reception, and sales). What was the trigger that inspired you enough to want to really examine that fear in a book?

Writing comics as career, is wonderful and I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do this and contribute to so many great projects but, as you said, there are some weird pressures built into it too. Like any creative endeavor, you put yourself into it and that means you open yourself up to being hurt, rejected, and failing. That’s the challenge of making something new.

I had a few setbacks in my creative career that rocked me pretty hard and they got me thinking about the ‘success myth’ we’ve built up. Stories about destiny, one-of-a-kind heroes, and one in a million long shots that inevitably pay off. What happens to everyone else in those stories? There’s visceral material all about the other 999,999 that don’t get to be perfect or special. There’s a nasty reality we’ve all felt when we don’t get what we imagined we deserve. Setting that kind of story in Hollywood, where the highs and lows of rich and poor, famous and obscure, important or washed up are so pronounced seemed like the perfect fit.

You do a lot of Comic Book Conventions, where you often see celebrities that have had their fleeting moment of fame and they are attempting to stretch that 15 minutes just a little longer. Did any of your experiences on the convention circuit provide you with any inspiration for Farrah’s back story?

Absolutely. In issue 2 you’ll get a glimpse at the sci-fi show Farrah used to be a part of and it echoes that celebrity nostalgia you see at conventions. I’ve been to almost 200 conventions since I started hitting the ‘circuit’ in 2002 and it’s a fascinating microcosm of fame and frustration that you see behind the curtains. The outpouring of excitement and intensity of fan culture is wonderful, but it’s so localized and built around such specific character moments, that’s got to be utterly strange for any actor.

When you read issue #1 you are immediately drawn into Farrah Durante’s world and feel the pressure cooker that her life has become. Her reaction to this insanely frightening situation being possessed with a demon creature is what makes this book compelling. How much time was spent developing the world and Farrah’s back-story in the entertainment world?

I did a lot of reading about the Hollywood that happens off camera. The weird relationship between studios, production staff, actors, representation, and media. A lot of that doesn’t immediately factor into Glitterbomb’s first story arc, but it all informs the bigger picture and helped me get a feel for how difficult maintaining a career in Hollywood could be and the kinds of cracks people can fall into. I’m hoping we can dig into other aspects of production in future story arcs to broaden some of those themes even further down the road.

Adding to the grounded reality of Glitterbomb, we have essay material in the back of each issue that delves deeper into what happens off camera. Holly Raychelle Hughes used to work as Producer in Hollywood and the material she covers in our back matter adds gravity to the lead comic story.

The supporting cast seems to be a big part of this book, including Farrah’s son. What can you tell us about the role they play in the book?

Kaydon and Marty are deeply affected by what’s happening to Farrah. Marty’s home life is chaotic and Hollywood is an impossibly hard place to raise a kid. Kaydon is looking for a way out of her own situation and thinks Farrah may have the key to providing that, not realizing that Farrah’s own troubles are far more complicated and horrifying than she could imagine.

The artist for this series is newcomer Djibril Morissette-Phan. Tell us how you found him and what made him the perfect match for Glitterbomb?

Marguerite Sauvage (artist on DC Bombshells) is a good friend of mine and when I was at Montreal Comic Con last year she asked me to give Djibril a portfolio critique. When I’m not writing comics I teach at an art college here in Toronto called Seneca, so I have a lot of experience reviewing student work and giving feedback. I expected to see a typical student’s comic portfolio and instead was blown away by the quality of Djibril’s work. In the end, my portfolio review was pretty straight forward – “We should do a book together.” That was that.

Djibril is one of the most skilled young artists I’ve ever seen. At his age most artists are still struggling to deliver consistent professional quality, while he’s already putting the kind of nuanced storytelling and emotion in his pages I’d expect to see from an industry veteran. He immediately understood the mix of pathos and textured reality I wanted for Glitterbomb and he’s been delivering his A-game right from the first page. Watching his skills grow throughout the process has been a thrill.

The color palette by K. Michael Russell for this series is quite unique, and the colors really set off the tone and the mood for the book. How did you come up with a palette to match the dark tone of the narrative and visuals?

I didn’t ask for a specific palette. That’s all Kurt. I set the scenes in my writing and explained what I wanted in terms of mood – gritty, grounded, bleak – and he did the rest. I love that he adds to the atmosphere without over-rendering Djibril’s delicate line work.

This is a creator-owned book through Image Comics and you’ve been drumming up publicity for the book. How do you get people excited enough to pick up the first issue, but not reveal too much about the plot?

It’s definitely a challenge. We get saturated with articles and media day after day, so standing out amongst the pack can be really difficult. Most of my books have had a simple verbal hook; Skullkickers was “A buddy cop movie slammed into Conan”, Wayward was “Buffy in Japan”. In this situation, I felt like the visuals say more than I ever could. Djibril’s iconic imagery and the emotion he evokes in Farrah’s face drives home the emotion I’m going for. Those first 3 pages of issue 1 convinced Eric Stephenson that Glitterbomb was a good fit for Image and I hope they grab readers and retailers the same way.

While you are launching Glitterbomb, you also have Wayward deep into its run over at Image. What can you tell us about that book and where it’s heading?

The fourth arc of Wayward begins in late September and we’re roaring onward with big action and drama, as our readers expect. The group has been split up so we’re toggling between two very different locations, setting up new challenges for Rori and the crew while broadening the mythic ideas that run underneath everything else we’ve done so far with the series.

“Glitterbomb” #1 hits comic book stores and Comixology on September 7th, 2016. Pre-order “Glitterbomb” from your local comic shop now using Diamond ID: JUL160682.

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Colin Lorimer on Soul Stealing Spirits in New Series “The Hunt” (Interview)

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 13:16

Colin Lorimer is one of the best comic creators killing the horror genre one frightening page turn after the other. He has been knocking out dark twisted horror with “Harvest”, “Curse”, “UXB”, “Burning Fields”, and more. Now he’s returned with a brand new creator-owned series from Image Comics called “The Hunt”. The series is supernatural horror deeply rooted in Irish mythology that leaves you lusting for more.

Issue #2 of “The Hunt” hits comic shops this week and we caught up with Colin to talk about his personal connection to the source material, suffering from night terrors, and dealing with soul stealing spirits, and he gives an update on “Curse” being optioned as a feature film.

Bloody-Disgusting: Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind “The Hunt” and what how it’s evolved?

I’ve always had a fascination with Irish mythology and growing up in Ireland you’re constantly reminded of these old tales so much so that it becomes part of your creative make-up. Everyone knows of the Cu Chulainn and Fionn mac Cumhaill stories but the darker and lesser-known lore that lends itself so easily to the horror genre have always been my main love. The Hunt is based upon the Irish/Scottish version of the European myth of ‘The Wild Hunt’ better known as ‘The Sluagh’ and it was these tales that became the main driving force and thrust for the book.

Tell us a little bit about the creative team you’re working with on “The Hunt” in letterer Jim Campbell and colorist Joana Lafuente…

Joana is the first person I think of when it comes to putting together a new project and we have a great creative, working relationship. I believe the first time I worked with Jim Campbell was on the book Curse published through BOOM! Studios and his lettering/font choices and placement on that one was just flawless, so it was no-brainer that I would approach him for The Hunt.

Your work always seems to have a dark twist to it and horror always seems to creep into your work in some capacity. What is it that draws you to the genre over and over again?

That’s very true. I was speaking to someone about that recently and was explaining that even when I start off writing something a little more light-hearted it always ends up going into the darker corners of my imagination. My mother was a huge horror buff and was always watching various horror flicks late at night and had a mass of old paperback novels with really intriguing cover art that she would always hide for fear of me finding them, but of course that just made them even more attractive to seek out as I felt I was tapping into some esoteric, taboo subject matter; so delving into something unknown that perhaps you shouldn’t I guess has stayed with me. It’s also the artistic freedom that the genre allows, no subject matter or topic is off-limits and that is a wonderful thing.

“The Hunt” is deeply rooted in Irish mythology. How much of the book has been cultivated from research versus your own heritage and personal experiences?

It’s a mix of the two. As I mentioned a lot of this material has been bubbling within my psyche for the longest time. I already had a good working knowledge of Irish folklore and had a deep personal interest in it but I did brush up quite a bit before starting to write the book.

After reading the first issue, I loved the fact that the book takes the time to develop our protagonist Orla Roche. In just one issue you really feel as sense of kinship with her. What can you tell us about her arc and character for those reading?

Orla is an intelligent and resourceful, sixteen-year-old girl who has all the same dreams and desires as any other teenager, the only difference being she can see faerie creatures. She’s had a terrible time with this “gift” and has been labeled as the “mad kid” and has become a bit of a pariah in the local community. As the book progresses we will see that there is a lot more to Orla than meets the eye.

Tell us a bit about the soul-stealing spirits that shape the direction of the book and have such a profound impact on Orla?

The Sluagh are the darkest spirits imaginable, more feared than death itself, even hell wouldn’t take them and instead they were cursed to roam the land to search out and steal away the souls of the dying. They take the form of birds and are described as flying together like a mangled black mass of wings, talons, and beaks; truly the stuff of nightmares. Orla’s first experience or ‘awakening’ was as a young child as she watched her dying father’s soul being ripped from his body by these guys so she was understandably affected in a great way by this experience.

This story has a personal side to the story, given you suffered from night terrors and even sleep paralysis as a child. Talk about that affliction and how did this story allowed you to use your own experience to make the story even more frightening.

The night terrors I suffered with from a very young age and that would range from seeing various ‘people’ in my bedroom of all shapes and sizes and from different time periods just wandering around at the edge of my bed to more surreal visions of monsters and ‘shapes.’ The sleep paralysis experience was a step up on the old scare scale; lying frozen in bed unable to move, hearing distinct voices whispering in my ear and feeling the presence of something in the room just out of sight was terrifying. It was the experience of feeling someone actually lying down behind me and taunting me for what seemed like an eternity that sent my mind into overdrive. The fear was palpable. This went on for many years and I still experience it today though, thankfully, I now understand the science behind it rather than the more mystical beliefs I held onto as a child. But who knows…maybe it was ghosts and demons. It certainly did play a large part in helping to shape the horror of The Hunt.

You’ve worked with a number of publishers from Image to Boom Studios and Dark Horse. What makes a project a fit for one publisher versus another?

The Hunt would have fit with all the publishers you’ve mentioned above but I’d decided very early on that I’d pitch, Jim Valentino, at Shadowline, as I had worked with him before on Harvest, and wanted to work with him again.

Your last project “CURSE” was just optioned as a movie by horror studio Blumhouse. Can you talk about your experience as a creator having work optioned? Do they ask for your input, and will you be involved with the development of the film?

When you put so much work into something it’s certainly a nice feeling to get it optioned, we’ll just have to wait and see if we get a movie at the end of it. BOOM! worked hard to get the book out there and it’s their film department that got it optioned and up and running so all the finer details of the deal rest with them. They do keep us updated on who they are talking with and if any directors are potentially being looked at or interested in coming on board. It’s still early days for the project.

“The Hunt” #1 is available now from your local comic shop or online via Comixology. “The Hunt” #2 hits comic shops and digital retailers on August 17th, 2016.

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Full Details For MondoCon 2016 Released

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 13:00

MondoCon has officially opened up their sale of tickets for the third annual event, which will be taking place October 22nd and 23rd in Austin, TX at the AFS Cinema and Holiday Inn Midtown Conference Center.

Direct from the official press release:

MondoCon is a celebration of everything Mondo loves, including movies, art, comics, music, toys and food. It's a weekend curated with fans in mind, featuring incredible artists & creators from around the world, panels, screenings, food trucks, live score and interactive events.

Dozens of artists and exhibitors will be in attendance, as well multiple record labels, some of which will be premiering exclusive variants and selling hard-to-find titles. For example, Mondo’s official soundtrack for The Monster Squad will make its debut at the festival before going for sale online.

A full list of record labels that will be in attendance can be found below.

Tickets are available now through MondoCon.

Mondo & Death Waltz Recording Company 
Death Waltz Recording Company will be debuting the soundtrack for director Jason Lei Howden’s heavy metal zom com DEATHGASM (lower case is for pussies) at MondoCon. The soundtrack is pressed on 180g double vinyl with a very NSFW cover by Sam Turner and features tracks from heavy metal’s finest including Emperor, Axeslasher, Nuslaughter, Beast Wars and many more. The previously announced Monster Squad soundtrack will be available first at MondoCon along with several exclusives yet to be announced!

The Mondo/Death Waltz pop up record store will also have a huge selection of European pressings including international soundtracks and an Italian library section chock full of re-issues. They will also have a very special, super secret re-issue that harks back to the early days of both Mondo & Death Waltz, bringing the labels full circle in 2016.

Le Matos – Live! 
Death Waltz is beyond excited to have Le Matos performing at this year’s event. Attendees can rock out live to their killer mix of Electro, Techno, and 80s dance-floor synth attack. They be playing a selection of tracks from Turbo Kid and their debut LP Join Us. Death Waltz will also have a very special version of Join Us for sale on the evening of the performance, limited to just 300 copies pressed on exclusive splatter vinyl.

Enjoy The Toons / Enjoy The Ride Records
New to MondoCon this year, Enjoy The Ride / Enjoy The Toons has released a few super fun soundtracks including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Turtles In Time, Fraggle Rock and Sponge Bob Square Pants – as well as reissuing a few contemporary rock records like Phantom Planet's The Guest.

Lakeshore Records
Lakeshore has been absolutely destroying it this year. Not only with their stellar releases of the Mr. Robot Season One, and Swiss Army Man soundtracks, but just this month, they have released one of the most talked about soundtracks in the last five years: Stranger Things. It is an honor to have Lakeshore come out to MondoCon for the first time.

Lunaris Records
Lunaris makes a return trip MondoCon for another year. Last year Lunaris bought all manner of exclusives, including exclusive test pressing editions of Night Of The Demons.

Light In The Attic
Once again Light In The Attic will be arriving at MondoCon with a fully stocked shop of soundtrack goodness featuring their great range of distributed labels from around the world.

Milan Records
Milan Records will be attending MondoCon for the first time and will be bringing several exclusives with them as well as a selection of their highly impressive back catalog. With over 30 years experience in the soundtrack business, the label will be bringing their A-Game to MondoCon! Over the last year alone Milan has released some incredible vinyl including The Terminator, The Witch and Neon Demon. 

Ship To Shore
Ship To Shore has launched multiple standouts in 2016, releasing a steady stream of Video Game Music and cult classics including Mother and Frank Hennenlotter's Basket Case. 

Terror Vision / Graveface Records
Ryan Graveface, who runs soundtrack label Terror Vision as well as Graveface records (a label and a shop), is expected to come armed to the teeth with rare records, VHS tapes and posters as he did last year!

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Three Seasons of “American Horror Story” Coming to Halloween Horror Nights!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 13:00

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights is getting a triple dose of “American Horror Story” this Fall as they’ve just announced that there will be a maze that takes themes from three seasons of the popular FX show! You can count on walking through “Murder House”, “Freak Show”, and “Hotel”, the first, fourth, and fifth seasons, respectively.

Direct from the official press release:

For the first time ever, guests will venture through Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking horror anthology, encountering a plethora of iconic scenes and memorable characters designed to jolt them to their very core. Twisted scenes from Murder House will unleash the evil spirits that possess the Harmon estate, spiraling guests through decades of the tortured dead who previously resided there. In Freak Show, guests will join a troupe of biological misfits in a sinister sideshow where they’ll be stalked by the murderous and deformed Twisty the Clown. Finally, guests will succumb to the warped desires of The Countess after checking in to the haunted Hotel Cortez, conceived from the beginning as a torture chamber for its customers.

Director of Entertainment Creative Development for Universal Orlando Resort Michael Aiello explains, ““American Horror Story” is engaging for so many reasons, one of them being the fantastic way each installment of the series reveals completely new characters and stories for its viewers. It’s that constant evolution that makes this popular series a perfect fit for Halloween Horror Nights – and we can’t wait for our guests to experience some of the horror they’ve seen on the show.

A video teasing the attraction has been released and can be seen below.

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Fede Alvarez Talks ‘Don’t Breathe’ and What He Learned From ‘Evil Dead’ (Interview)

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 12:46

With the wide release of Don’t Breathe fast approaching, interest and anticipation are at peak levels. So, in an effort to give you a little more information, our own Jimmy Champane sat down with director Fede Alvarez to discuss the film, the city of Detroit (where the movie takes place), and what Evil Dead taught him. Check out the interview below!

Related: Red Band ‘Don’t Breathe’ Trailer is “Really Fucked Up”

Three teens who get away with perfectly planned home robberies have set their sights on one last payout that will get them out of crime forever. Their target: a reclusive blind man with millions of dollars in hiding. But as soon as they break into his home, the tables are turned and they find themselves trapped and fighting for survival against a psychopath with secrets of his own.

Related: [Special Report] Fede Alvarez on the Terror of ‘Don’t Breathe’

Don’t Breathe stars Jane Levy, Daniel Zovatto, Stephen Lang, and Dylan Minnette. It was written by Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues with Alvarez directing. The film is produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert for Ghost House Pictures. J.R. Young, Nathan Kahane, Joe Drake and Erin Westerman executive produce.

Don’t Breathe opens on August 26th.

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Mark Duplass Confirms ‘Creep 2’ in the Works

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 12:39

Actor Mark Duplass tweeted earlier today that he was trying on outfits for Creep 2, the sequel to the 2014 found footage psychological thriller that we raved about. Duplass assures everyone that this film will, “…get a little weird.” Considering the nature of the first movie, I’d say things will have to get a LOT more weird to top what we’ve already seen!

Related: ‘Creep’ and the Horror of the Subtle Psychopath

Looking for work, Aaron (Patrick Brice) comes across a cryptic online ad: ‘$1,000 for the day. Filming service. Discretion is appreciated.’

Low on cash and full of naiveté, he decides to go for it. He drives to a cabin in a remote mountain town where he meets Josef (Mark Duplass), his cinematic subject for the day. Josef is sincere and the project seems heartfelt, so Aaron begins to film. But as the day goes on, it becomes clear that Josef is not who he says, and his intentions are not at all pure.

Starring Duplass and Patrick Brice, with Brice directing, the Creep films are supposed to be a trilogy.

Trying on wardrobe today for CREEP 2.
This one is gonna get a little bit weird.

— Mark Duplass (@MarkDuplass) August 16, 2016

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Kevin Bacon Expresses Interest in Playing Freddy Krueger

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 12:02

Most of the big horror franchises are on the fast track to get brand spankin’ new reboots in the coming years, including Friday the 13th, Predator, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. But what about Nightmare on Elm Street? The franchise has been dead ever since that awful 2010 remake, and six years later, it doesn’t seem to be showing many signs of life.

Back in August of last year, it was reported that New Line was rebooting the Elm Street franchise once more, with David Leslie Johnson (Orphan, The Conjuring 2) attached to pen the screenplay, but we haven’t heard a peep about the project since then. Is it still happening? Did those plans fall through at some point in the past year? At the moment, it’s impossible to tell.

This latest Elm Street tidbit, well, it comes from an unlikely source.

Over on Twitter this past Friday night, a fan posted a tweet that expressed interest in Kevin Bacon playing Freddy Krueger in a future reboot of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and much to her surprise – and ours – Bacon actually responded to the tweet. Not only did he respond but he quoted the tweet on his own profile, and he seemed to express interest in the idea.

If A Nightmare on Elm Street gets rebooted again can we please somehow get Kevin Bacon as Freddy? I think he’d be fantastic,” tweeted @BettieToxic.

I like the way you think Bettie,” replied @KevinBacon.

Kevin Bacon is of course no stranger to horror, his career forever tethered to the genre thanks to his role in the original Friday the 13th. Subsequently, Bacon starred in Tremors, Flatliners, Stir of Echoes, Hollow Man, and, most recently, Greg McLean’s The Darkness. Unlike many Hollywood stars who got their start in horror, Bacon continues to embrace his roots, and he’s even set to reprise the role of Valentine McKee in an upcoming Tremors TV series – which he will also produce.

Might Bacon’s next move be to jump from playing victim in Friday the 13th to playing villain in Nightmare on Elm Street? Of course, his tweet should probably be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact that he took the time to reply in the way he did certainly seems to at least suggest that he’d take the role if he was offered it. And knowing that he’s interested, at least on some level, why the hell wouldn’t New Line make that offer? Kevin Bacon as Freddy? Now that would be awesome!

Bacon certainly has the chops (and the look) to play a sinister villain, and he also has experience playing a child predator. He starred as a recovering pedophile in the 2004 film The Woodsman, which is interesting to note given Elm Street remake star Jackie Earle Haley played a similar role prior to being cast as the dream demon. Not saying that really means anything at all, but again, just something interesting to point out.

Would you like to see Kevin Bacon as Freddy Krueger? Sound off below!

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NSFW: Dopesick Channel ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ in “Hayes N Webster” Video (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 12:00

We’ve teamed up with Bay Area industrial band Dopesick to bring you the premiere of their video for “Hayes N Webster”. The track comes from the group’s upcoming album The Love and Terror Cult, which doesn’t have a release date as of this post.

Directed by Matt Zane, the video shows frontman Adam Albright (ex-Skinlab, ex-Sebastian Bach) and some guy wearing a mask chilling in a room with a goth model rubbing all over them. Add in some fake blood and a man wearing a pig mask as well as some very mature themes and you’ve got yourselves a more industrial metal version of Eyes Wide Shut. If that’s your thing, then head on down to check out the video! Be warned that this video is highly NSFW, so watch at your own peril!

Adam Albright tells Bloody-Disgusting:

For this track, I thought it would be cool to make a video very different from “Ride the Night”. I’m really into horror and serial killer stuff, and it shows in this video. It was trippy to be covered in blood rolling around with that girl, kind of like an all-night lap dance to be honest, and it was worth it in the end. I think the imagery will hold people’s attention. Oh, and we used a real pig head which was pretty fucking gross! A guy walked out of the room next to ours while she had the leash around the pigman… he looked a little shocked… but it is Hollywood.

Director Matt Zane adds, “At a certain point in the evening I didn’t know if we were shooting a music video or snuff porn. I suppose that’s a good indication of powerful visual art. When the images are so intense the intention and outcome becomes blurred. One must have the courage to continue. Everyone needed to be brave when getting so close to the edge while creating this.

Dopesick online:
Official Website

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Shane Black Could Be Convinced to Do a Sequel to ‘The Monster Squad’

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 11:30

One of my favorite movies from my childhood was The Monster Squad, the film that saw a group of children face off against the Universal Movie Monsters. There was something magical about seeing children take charge when their parents didn’t believe them and ultimately save the day, winning the respect and belief of their elders.

Unfortunately, the movie was a massive flop upon release and only gained a following once it hit home video. Since then, there’s a cult following that has grown over the years that has resulted in a strong love and appreciation for the film, all of which comes as a surprise to writer Shane Black.

He explains to IGN, “The cult surprised [me]. I didn’t even realise it had been successful. I loved it, I had fun working on it and it was one of the first things I’d ever written. And it wasn’t just that it wasn’t a hit – it was a huge failure. No one saw it. I don’t know how on earth it caught on years later.

This long growing interest is causing people to ask Black if a return might be in order. And while he has his own passion and love for the film, he’s hesitant about how he could make a comeback.

It would be interesting to have two movies – one The Monster Squad, and one The Monster Squad and they’re 30 years apart and so are the kids; the characters have aged. As long as people understood that’s what we’re doing, I think that could be fun.

Black does recognize that this approach mirrors the concept of another famed story: Stephen King’s It. He realizes that if a sequel to The Monster Squad were to happen and if the story were to follow the original characters, then there would have to be a way to differentiate the films.

When you say the kids are grown-up the first thing I go to is the movie, or the book really, It by Stephen King, which is about kids who fight monsters when they’re young, then as grown-ups they’re sort of beckoned and they have to return to their childhood hometown. And I think that’s kind of close to what you’re saying in a way. I don’t know how you would distance yourself from that.

It should be said that all of this is speculation and simple banter. None of this means that a sequel is actually going to happen. Right now, Black is focused entirely on The Predator, the fourth film in the Predator franchise that was last visited with 2010’s Predators.

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Exclusive Clip from Arrow Video’s ‘Microwave Massacre!’

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 11:08

Arrow Video’s Microwave Massacre is out today on Blu-ray and Bloody Disgusting has gotten an exclusive clip!

This clip is the opening credits to the film and it lets you now exactly what you’re in for, which is some low-grade 80’s sleaze. While the clip doesn’t give you much in the way of story, well nothing in the way of story really, I’m pretty sure it gives you enough to determine whether or not this is a movie for you. The majority of the clip is either focused on the chest or butt of a girl as she walks down the street. So yeah, you know right away what you’re getting. God bless the 80’s!

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Microwave Massacre [Blu-ray + DVD]

Microwave Massacre stars legendary stand-up comedian and actor Jackie Vernon as Donald, a disgruntled construction worker whose wife’s predilection for haute cuisine drives him to cannibalism.

Donald unwittingly stumbles upon a solution to his two major problems in his life – his nagging wife and his lack of decent meals – when, one night, he bludgeons his better half to death with a pepper grinder in a drunken rage. Thinking on his feet, Donald dismembers the body and sets about microwaving the remains, which turn out to be rather delicious. Trouble is, now he has a taste for human flesh that needs satisfying…

Eschewing all notions of good taste, Wayne Berwick’s Microwave Massacre is a deliciously depraved exercise in political incorrectness that has gone on to gain a cult following thanks to a characteristically deadpan performance from Vernon, who delivers such choice lines as “I’m so hungry I could eat a whore.” Vegetarians need not apply!

– Brand new 2K restoration from the original camera negative
– High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
– Original mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
– Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
– Brand new audio commentary with writer-producer Craig Muckler, moderated by Mike Tristano
– Brand new making-of featurette including interviews with Muckler, director Wayne Berwick and actor Loren Schein
– Trailer
– Original treatment and 8-page synopsis (BD/DVD-ROM content)
– Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Wes Benscoter

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New to Blu – Week of 8/16/2016

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 10:51

Each week here at Bloody Disgusting we like to highlight some of the new Blu-ray releases hitting shelves across the world. Please note that this isn’t every release for the week, just a few of the ones that jumped out at us.

This week we’re only looking at US releases because really there wasn’t anything from the UK or anywhere else that really stood out to me. Lots of good stuff in the US though! Where to begin, where to begin! This week Olive has released the 4 American Ninja films, Arrow Video is giving us Microwave Massacre but the real excitement comes with the official launch of Shout Select! Shout Select is the new branch from Shout Factory and they’re getting stared with a bang with The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and John Carpenter’s Elvis! Not a bad week!

US Releases

American Ninja (Olive Films, Region A)

In American Ninja, Michael Dudikoff plays American “GI Joe” who, based in the Philippines, gets hip to a crooked arms racket involving none other than the military itself. There’s no end to the rib-cracking opportunities Dudikoff encounters as he knee-knocks his way through a host of bad guys, rescues a lady in distress, and ventures to thwart the thieving arms vendors.

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (Olive Films, Region A)

On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist and mass-produced an army of mutant Ninja warriors.

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (Olive Films, Region A)

Jackson is back, and now he has a new partner, karate champion Sean, as they must face a deadly terrorist known as “The Cobra”, who has infected Sean with a virus. Sean and Jackson have no choice but to fight the Cobra and his bands of ninjas.

American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (Olive Films, Region A)

The two American Ninjas, Joe Armstrong and Sean Davidson, team up to do battle against a terrorist and his band of Ninjas.

Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever (Drafthouse Films, Region A)

After Raiders of the Lost Ark was released 35 years ago, three 11-year-old boys from Mississippi set out on what would become a 7-year-long labor of love and tribute to their favorite film: a faithful, shot-for-shot adaptation of the action adventure film. They finished every scene…except one; the film’s explosive airplane set piece. Over two decades later, the trio reunited with the original cast members from their childhood in order to complete their masterpiece.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (Shout Select, Region A)

Adventurer/surgeon/rock musician Buckaroo Banzai and his band of men, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, take on evil alien invaders from the 8th dimension.

Session 9 (scream Factory, Region A)

It looms up out of the woods like a dormant beast. Grand, imposing… abandoned and deteriorating, the Danvers State Mental Hospital, closed down for 15 years is about to receive 5 new visitors.

The ‘Burbs (Universal, Region A)

An overstressed suburbanite and his paramilitaric neighbor struggle to prove their paranoid theory that the new family in town is a front for a cannibalistic cult.

Elvis (Shout Select, Region A)

Just two years after Elvis Presley died, Kurt Russell brought him back to life in the original biopic about the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Broadcast on ABC in 1979, Elvis marked the first time director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell would work together in what would become a legendary pairing in film history.

Theatre of Blood (Twilight Time, Region A)

A Shakespearean actor takes poetic revenge on the critics who denied him the Best Actor of the Year award.

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (Kino Lorber, Region A)

This is a retelling of the old tale of Hansel and Gretel, but set in England in the 1920’s. To the children and staff at the orphanage, Auntie Roo is a kindly American widow who gives them a lavish Christmas party each year in her mansion, Forrest Grange. In reality, she is a severely disturbed woman, who keeps the mummified remains of her little daughter in a nursery in the attic. One Christmas, her eye falls upon a little girl who reminds her of her daughter and she imprisons her in her attic. Nobody believes her brother, Christopher, when he tells them what has happened, so he goes to rescue her…

Once Upon a Time: The Complete Fifth Season (Disney, Region A)

Emma Swan gets the surprise of her life when Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago, arrives on her doorstep. Returning the boy to his adoptive mother becomes complicated when Henry reveals a stunning theory to Emma. Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine is a fairytale character under a curse, and Emma – as the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming – is the one who can save them all. The story unfolds; interweaving scenes of the drama in the sleepy New England town and the the inhabitants’ past lives in the world of fairy tales. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again.

Microwave Massacre (Arrow, Region A)

Construction worker Donald is having a hard time getting anything good to eat since his wife has decided to only cook gourmet foods. That and her constant harping cause him to snap, and he whacks her. Somewhere in the confusion he comes up with a new use for the microwave oven, and begins to eat much better. Soon he’s experimenting with different recipes. And different meats.


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Mel Gibson Thriller ‘Blood Father’ Gets Home Video Release Date

bloody disgusting - Tue, 08/16/2016 - 10:48

I’m not sure if I’m alone in thinking this, but Blood Father looks awesome. This latest movie from Jean-François Richet has been on my radar for a while and I’m thrilled that Lionsgate has announced a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD release date of October 11th for this one. A bearded Mel Gibson out to protect his daughter and willing to do whatever it takes to do so? Oh and it co-stars Michael Parks, Diego Luna and William H. Macy? Where do I sign up?! Check out the trailer and full details below!

Mel Gibson delivers nonstop, no-holds-barred action in this dynamic thrill ride. When his estranged teenaged daughter (Erin Moriarty) is targeted by a drug cartel, ex-convict John Link (Gibson) must call upon connections from his criminal past and his own lethal skills to save his daughter’s future. Diego Luna, Michael Parks, and William H. Macy costar in this explosive story of how far one man will go to save his family.

-“Lost Souls: On the Road with Blood Father” Featurette

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