Fantasia 2014: Anchor Bay Canada and Breaththrough Entertainment Swim Away With The Drownsman

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 14:04

Some early distro news has come in for another flick which is playing as part of the 2014 Fantasia Film Festival, The Drownsman. Read on for the latest on this splashy new fear flick.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and Breakthrough Entertainment will release The Drownsman in the Canadian home market.

Chad Archibald directs the film, which stars Michelle Mylett, Caroline Korycki, Gemma Bird Matheson, Sydney Kondruss, Clare Bastable, and Ry Barrett, who plays the title character.

After almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of fear. Unable to describe what happened to her during the moments she was underwater, Madison begins to develop hydrophobia: an abnormal fear of water.

Crippled by her post trauma, Madison attempts to shut out the world around her, but her fear intensifies when she begins to be haunted by the vision of an evil figure. After watching her struggle for over a year, Madison's four friends stage an intervention in a desperate attempt to help. In doing so, they accidentally open a floodgate to a dark place where none of them are safe. As Madison and her friends dive deeper into the dark history of the evil that haunts them, they’re dragged one by one to a horrifying place from which they may never return.

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BD Playlist: Mr. Disgusting Vol. 3

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 14:00

Hey there! How’s it going? I hope you had a great weekend and are all rested up for another week. But just in case you need that extra little push, Mr. Disgusting has put together a few suggestions of his current music obsessions that will kickstart Monday for you. Listen to his suggestions below and leave some of your personal favorites for us to check out!

Faith No More – Angel Dust

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New Jersey Shore Massacre Trailer Arrives! Smell the Hair Gel!

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 13:56

On tap right now is the trailer for the latest comedic slasher flick to come our way, Jersey Shore Massacre. Check it out and decide for yourself if this Guido and Guidette slaughter fest will do the trick in terms of a smile and a scream!

Paul Tarnopol directs. Danielle Dallacco, Angelica Boccella, Giovanni Roselli, Chris Lazzaro, Nicole Rutigliano, and Christina Scaglione star. Jenni Farley (Jwoww, "The Jersey Shore") executive produces.

Look for the film in theaters on August 22nd and on VOD on August 26th.

When Teresa and the girls leave their suburban New Jersey salon for a weekend of sun and sin down the shore, they are blindsided by a bizarre twist of events that catapult them from the sands of Seaside Heights to a secluded house deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Frightened by stories of the legendary Jersey Devil, the local population of Pineys, and a giant dim-witted neighbor, the girls eagerly return to Seaside Heights, where they hook-up with five fist-pumping delinquents who incessantly disrespect all with their reprehensible behavior.

As day turns to night, the group converges at a Seaside bar where they are soon ejected for inciting a dance-floor brawl. With nowhere else to go, the group retreats to the house in the Pine Barrens for a night of carnal delights. Blinded by their selfish pursuits, they remain unaware that their long outstanding debt to humanity is about to be settled - with their lives. One by one, the body count soars as retribution is exacted at the hands of a mentally-deranged killer with much more than just an axe to grind.

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Top 5 Showbiz Horror Movies!!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 13:32

In the new movie Shock Value (directed by Douglas Rath, available now on VOD from Gravitas Ventures), a struggling ‘B’ movie director blackmails a serial killer to be the star of his next film. Shock Value writer/actor Anthony Bravo picks his Top 5 horror movies set in and around the entertainment business.

In the film, “Miles Fowler makes horror movies. Cheap, perverted, blood-soaked schlock-fests that few see and fewer enjoy. Wallowing in obscurity and desperate to make a name for himself, Miles happens upon a bizarre opportunity when he’s the sole witness to a brutal, real-life murder. Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime chance at artistic (and financial) glory, the z-level auteur decides to build his next project around his new “discovery” – serial killer Nick. But when he finds that Nick is in no way ready for his closeup, Miles must resort to that grandest of Hollywood traditions: blackmail. Pushed from the shadows into the spotlight, Nick has no choice but to learn his lines, hit his marks, and contain his homicidal urges. When cameras roll, however, “creative differences” might just put everyone’s life in turnaround.

Check out Anthony’s list below!

5: Theater of Blood

Most actors have, at some point in our careers, fantasized about murdering every critic who’s ever given us a bad review. But then we chew a fistful of kava leaves and do some hot yoga and we’re back to our usual docile, narcissistic selves. Not Vincent Price. Beheading, drowning, electrocution… sure, he’s a hypersensitive bloodthirsty lunatic. But you can’t say he doesn’t commit.

4: Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Even if, like myself, your soul barfs a little every time you hear the words “mockumentary”, “deconstruction” and/or “meta”, it’s hard not to love this movie. Glosserman knows his onions, slasher-wise, and Nathan Baesel is extraordinary. If the world made any sense, this movie would have five sequels and a polarizing Platinum Dunes reboot by now.

3: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Long before TMZ was around to bravely keep tabs on our deranged former child stars, has-been Baby Jane Hudson was tormenting her poor crippled sister Blanche with binds, gags and fresh-from-the-oven rats. The body count may be low here but horror ain’t all teen screams and creature features. Sometimes true horror is having to listen to Bette Davis sing.

2: Videodrome

A good two decades before Oprah Winfrey coined the term “torture porn”, shady TV exec James Woods happens upon an enthralling BDSM-a-thon and ends up tumbling down a high-tech (for 1983) body horror rabbit hole. Like all early Cronenberg, it’s original, hypnotic and terrifically gross. If you liked Network, but felt it suffered from a lack of stomach vaginas, this one’s for you!

1:  Body Double

In lesser hands, this tale of voyeurism, murder and pornography would have been a cheap, seedy Hitchcock rip-off. In De Palma’s masterful hands, however, it’s a slick, seedy Hitchcock homage…only better because it has adult content, adult language, graphic violence, nudity and strong sexual content. It’s everything you could want in a movie! Plus Frankie Goes To Hollywood!

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Pelgrane Press and The Last Door Team Up for Horror Contest and Giveaway

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 12:45

Phoenix Online Publishing and Pelgrane Press have teamed up to offer fans of Lovecraftian horror a free novella inspired by the award-winning game The Last Door, discount codes on both companies' products, and a chance to win a free RPG PDF from Pelgrane.

For the month of August, all new subscribers to Phoenix Online’s newsletter will receive a free PDF of “The Five Arches.” This prequel story to point-and-click adventure game The Last Door is written by David Conyers.

Conyers is the author of more than fifty short stories, including an ongoing Lovecraftian sci-fi espionage series. The PDF also includes discount codes for $5 off at the Pelgrane Press webstore and 20% off The Last Door: Collector’s Edition at the Phoenix Online Store.

Additionally, from now through August 10th, the two companies invite horror fans to submit 140-character flash horror stories to for a chance to win a free Pelgrane Press PDF of their choice, such as Trail of Cthulhu, 13th Age, or Night's Black Agents.

Five winners will be announced on August 12th on both sites.

About The Last Door: Collector’s Edition:
Feel what it's truly like to be alone in the dark with this low-res, high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure, winner of multiple Best Games of the Year awards. Set in Victorian England, when Jeremiah Devitt receives a letter from his old schoolmate Anthony Beechworth with a hidden, cryptic message, he knows something is wrong. His journey to an abandoned manor is only the beginning as he starts to remember a long-buried secret from his youth, discovering things man was not meant to know and opening doors that should have remained closed…

The Last Door: Collector’s Edition contains four terrifying episodes of occult and otherworldly horror inviting you to investigate Victorian England's deepest, darkest secret. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and featuring new scenes and puzzles, enhanced graphics, unlockable bonuses, and remastered sound, the game's the haunting, original musical score is by Carlos Viola. Explore ancient manors, decaying tenements, and twisting underground warrens with little but a lamp and magnifying glass to guide you. Dare you open The Last Door: Collector's Edition?

For more information, visit Phoenix Online Studios and Pelgrane Press.

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First Details on Found Footage Slasher Paranormal Demons; New Teaser Poster and Concept Art

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 12:30

Another found footage movie about a film crew encountering supernatural shenanigans is in production, but this one has a twist: Not only is it coming all the way from Germany, but it's also a slasher! Here's the first word on Paranormal Demons.

The film, which bills itself as "a mix of Paranormal Activity and Friday the 13th," is directed by David Brückner from a screenplay by Mario von Czapiewski. It's produced by Brückner and stars Roland Freitag, Annika Strauss, Manoush, and Michael Krug.

In addition, it was just announced that American shock rocker Demon Boy has joined the soundtrack.

Even though it's being shot in Germany this October, Paranormal Demons will be all in English and internationally sold. The project is fully funded but has a Startnext page with all excess proceeds going toward improving the quality of the film.

A group of young adults interested in scary happenings want to film the first episode of their web show “Paranormal Demons” inside an old building that's been uninhabited for several years and is said to contain poltergeist phenomena. But after entering the mansion, they notice that they are not alone. Something is hunting inside the building, and his prey has just arrived.

Look for more soon, and for additional info in the meantime, visit the Paranormal Demons Facebook page.

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Win a Signed Septic Man Poster!

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 12:00

Starz Digital Media's upcoming release of Septic Man (review) is right around the corner, and to celebrate the flick's arrival, we have YOUR chance to score a signed poster! Sound good? You betcha! Read on for details.

The posters are signed by Jesse Thomas Cook, Tony Burgess, and Julian Richings.

To enter for your chance to win, just send us an email at including your FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS. We’ll take care of the rest.

This contest will end on at 12:01 AM PT on August 15th.

Septic Man Release Details
Starz Digital Media is set to release the award-winning horror film Septic Man this summer. The film will be available On Demand and for digital download August 12 and will have a limited theatrical run on August 15. The DVD will be available August 19.

From the creators of Monster Brawl, Exit Humanity, and 2014’s Hellmouth and Ejecta, Septic Man dazzled audiences at the 2013 Fantastic Fest, where its star Jason David Brown (Exit Humanity) won “Best Actor” in a horror feature. The film also garnered a prize at Toronto After Dark 2013.

Septic Man follows Jack, a sewage worker who is determined to uncover the cause of the town's water contamination crisis. During his investigation, he becomes trapped underground in a septic tank and undergoes a hideous transformation. He must team up with a docile Giant and confront a murdering madman in order to escape. Septic Man is an odyssey into the darkest depths of gross-out horror.

Septic Man was directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl) and written by Tony Burgess (PontyPool). It co-stars Molly Dunsworth (Bunker 6, Hobo with a Shotgun) and Robert Maillet (The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones).

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New Concept Trailer, Artwork, and Update on Immoral Prodigy

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:45

It's been several months since we've heard from filmmaker Jeremiah Sayys with an update on his Immoral Prodigy, but with the release of a new concept trailer and fresh artwork for the project, he got in touch so we could pass on the latest details.

The upcoming feature, which is currently in the funding stage, now has two actors attached to star: Najarra Townsend (Contracted) and Shane Graham (Boyhood). While Malese Jow ("The Vampire Diaries") participated in the concept trailer, currently she's not slated to appear in the finished film.

Director Sayys wrote the script and also produces along with Christine Torres and Fredrick Bresky.

Check out the new goods below, and for more info "like" Immoral Prodigy on Facebook, and follow Immoral Prodigy on Twitter.

A young psychology major puts her life and the lives of her friends and family in danger when researching the death of a boy prodigy.

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New Scott Snyder Horror/Fantasy Comic Wytches Begins in October

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:30

Scott Snyder's new ongoing horror/fantasy comic series Wytches begins in October and promises to show us that everything we thought we knew about witches is wrong. It turns out they are much darker and MUCH more horrifying.

The artwork in the series is by Jock, with whom Snyder teamed up in the past on the Batman story “The Black Mirror” in the pages of Detective Comics.

Issue #1 of Wytches arrives October 8th from Image Comics, and you can click here to pre-order it from TFAW.

Across the globe, century after century, men and women were burned, drowned, hanged, tortured, imprisoned, persecuted, and murdered for witchcraft. None of them were witches. They died protecting a terrible and hidden truth: Witches, real witches, are out there. They are ancient, elusive, and deadly creatures that are rarely seen and even more rarely survived.

This October superstar creators Scott Snyder (Severed, The Wake, Batman) and Jock (Snapshot, Batman) unveil Wytches and introduce you to a world of unimaginable horror in a special EXTRA-SIZED FIRST ISSUE with 30 pages of story and no ads.

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‘Jersey Shore Massacre’ Gets a Trailer

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:21

The situation just got deadly (yeah, they went there)…

We now have the trailer for Attack Entertainment’s Jersey Shore Massacre, in limited theaters on August 22.

Written and directed by Paul Tarnopol, below is also the previously released theatrical one-sheet and stack of images from the pic starring Danielle Dallacco, Sal Governale, Richard Christy, Bigfoot and Ron Jeremy

In the horror comedy, “A typical weekend down the shore takes a bizarre turn in the New Jersey Pine Barrens as six girls and five obnoxious fist-pumpers become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer.

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The ‘Monster Squad’ Remake Is Officially “Dead”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:12

The last we heard of the Monster Squad, director Rob Cohen was “kicking Paramount” to get the reboot of Fred Dekker’s 1987 classic off the ground.

Now, two years later, the project is publicly deemed “dead.”

In an interview with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, they confirm the project is deader than dead, and probably won’t be resurrected. I could see it being revived if Universal’s new monster universe is successful, but for now it’s safe to say there won’t be a monster invasion out of Paramount.

Cohen was to direct the remake of the classic, which begins when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. The heroes – the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way.

Mark and Brian Gunn penned the latest screenplay.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper: ‘The ABC’s of Death 2′ Poster

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:03

Some people never learn.

IMP Awards shared the official one-sheet for Magnet Releasing and Drafthouse Films’ The ABC’s of Death 2, releasing on various VOD platforms October 2 with a theatrical run set for October 31.

“ABC’s of Death 2 is the follow-up to the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived with productions spanning from Nigeria to UK to Brazil and everywhere in between. It features segments directed by over two dozen of the world’s leading talents in contemporary genre film. The film is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Provocative, shocking, funny and at times confrontational, ABC’s of Death 2 is another global celebration of next generation genre filmmaking.


Julian Barratt (THE MIGHTY BOOSH)
Steven Kostanski (MANBORG)
Alejandro Brugués (JUAN OF THE DEAD)
Jim Hosking (commercial director)
Hajime Ohata (HENGE)
Rodney Ascher (ROOM 237)
Bill Plympton (Animator)
Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper (VANISHING WAVES)
Vincenzo Natali (SPLICE, CUBE)
Larry Fessenden (THE LAST WINTER, HABIT)
Marcus Dunstan (THE COLLECTION)
Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (INSIDE, LIVID)
Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (RABIES, BIG BAD WOLVES)
Dennison Ramalho (NINJAS and LOVE FOR MOTHER ONLY)
Lancelot Imasuen (Nollywood director)
Robert Morgan (BOBBY YEAH)

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The Midnight Game Is Free to Play on DVD! Win Your Copy!

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 11:00

Anchor Bay is bringing A.D. Calvo's The Midnight Game home, and we have your chance to score a copy of it on us! That's right; we're giving it away! It's insane! Best deal ever! No hyperbole! Well, some, but it's only because we're excited!

To enter for your chance to win, just send us an email at including your FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS. We’ll take care of the rest.

This contest will end on at 12:01 AM PT on August 11th.

The Midnight Game Release Details
With games, as with life, sometimes it’s play or be played. But beware when it’s play or be prey...

On August 12th, Anchor Bay Entertainment dares you to join...THE MIDNIGHT GAME! An official selection at the 2013 Miami International Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show Film Festival, and SF Indie Fest’s Another Hole in the Head International Genre Film Festival, THE MIDNIGHT GAME promises a new whole spin on the games people play!

With a hot cast including Guy Wilson (“Breaking Bad,” LITTLE BLACK BOOK, THE OPEN DOOR, THE MOON AND HE), Renee Olstead (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” 13 GOING ON 30), Shelby Young (“American Horror Story,” WILD CHILD, THE SOCIAL NETWORK), Valentina de Angelis (BEREAVEMENT, EVERLASTING, OFF THE MAP), and Spencer Daniels (STAR TREK, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON), the rules are simple because there’s only one: survive! THE MIDNIGHT GAME will be available on DVD for an SRP of $19.98.

In this eerie chiller inspired by true events, Olstead stars as a partying teen whose friends decide to perform an ancient pagan ritual found online called ‘The Midnight Game’: Candles are lit. A drop of blood is spilled. Your worst fear is confessed, and an entity is summoned. But if the rules are not followed exactly, punishment is promised. Tonight, the game is not being taken seriously. A demonic horror has been unleashed, and now, even daylight cannot stop the nightmares that may destroy them all. Are you ready for the arrival of “The Midnight Man?”

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[Podcast] Whatever – August 3rd, 2014 – “It Begins (Ebola)”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:55

Finally, a podcast about … Whatever.

This week, Don Allen (who does video reviews for Bloody-Disgusting) and Justin welcome you new listeners to the show, then proceed to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy‘s box office results, “The Last of Us: Remastered,” the Monsterama horror convention, Ebola being just thirty minutes away from Don’s apartment, and, finally, the two reminisce on the 5th anniversary of the release of the “Metroid Prime Trilogy.” All that, plus a message from a new fake sponsor!

You can catch the newest episode (as well as all past episodes) on iTunes, SoundCloud, or even YouTube.

Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the show.

You can also reach us via Twitter (Don @itsdonallen, Justin @slasherjpc) and Facebook.

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Attn Indie Filmmakers: ‘The Battery’ Release Includes Making-Of Documentary!!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:48

Are you an aspiring filmmaker who can’t figure out your next step? Between socials, books and other docs, there’s plenty of ways to learn how to get your foot in the door, although some could be a bit dated.

That’s why we’d like to point you to Scream Factory’s upcoming home video release of Jeremy Gardner’s awesome indie, The Battery, which has been receiving rave reviews during its festival run.

Included on the Blu-ray and DVD of The Battery is “Tools of Ignorance,” a full-length 90-minute long documentary on the making of the $6,000 indie zombie film. ” ‘Tools of Ignorance: The Making of The Battery’ shows the whole process of making a feature film on a shoestring budget, with honest interviews by all of the filmmakers involved.

Here’s the trailer for the doc below. It’s sort of a no-brainer to grab The Battery, especially when it comes rocking a feature doc!

In a world ravaged by the undead, two men must not only survive a zombie apocalyptic mayhem, but also learn to survive each other. Or will they?

On September 16, 2014, SCREAM FACTORY will release writer-director Jeremy Gardner’s enthralling zombie-horror drama THE BATTERY on Blu-ray and DVD. Featuring a general dose of suspense, character tension, and wit, this critically acclaimed movie follows two former baseball players as they traverse the rural back roads of a post-plague New England teeming with the undead, psychological strain, and their stark personality differences.

THE BATTERY stars Jeremy Gardner, Adam Cronheim, Niels Boole, Alana O’Brien, Jamie Pantanella, Larry Fessenden, and Kelly McQuade. Packed with insightful special bonus content, THE BATTERY is a must have for movie enthusiasts, loyal fans, and collectors. The Blu-ray has a suggested retail price of $19.97 and $14.97 for the DVD.

Two former baseball players, Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim), cut an aimless path across a desolate New England. They stick to the back roads and forests to steer clear of the shambling corpses that patrol the once bustling cities and towns. In order to survive, they must overcome the stark differences in each other’s personalities — Ben embraces an increasingly feral, lawless, and nomadic lifestyle, while Mickey is unable to accept the harsh realities of the new world. Mickey refuses to engage in Ben’s violent games and longs for the creature comforts he once took for granted — a bed, a girl, and a safe place to live.

When the men intercept a radio transmission from a seemingly thriving, protected community, Mickey will stop at nothing to find it, even though it is made perfectly clear that he is not welcome.

Special Features:

Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer/Director/Star Jeremey Gardner, Producer/Star Adam Cronheim, and Producer/Director of Photography Christian Stella
TOOLS OF IGNORANCE: The Making of The Battery (90-minute documentary)
Theatrical Trailer

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Black Fawn Distributing Silent Retreat in Canada this September; New Poster, Trailer, and Stills

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:45

After winning Best Canadian Feature at last year's Toronto After Dark, Silent Retreat is heading to DVD through Black Fawn Distribution. A Film Monkey Production's creature feature will be released in Canada on September 2nd, and we have all the details.

From the Press Release:
SILENT RETREAT celebrated its World Premiere at the 2013 Toronto After Dark Film Festival and has since gone on to screen at the Nocturna Film Fest in Madrid, Spain.

Directed by Tricia Lee, one of the strongest female voices in Canadian horror today. and starring Chelsea Jenish and Sofia Banzhaf, SILENT RETREAT is ultimately about women finding their voice and refusing to be silent, a theme that resonated with Lee while developing the film. With SILENT RETREAT, written by Corey Brown, Lee added her own spin to the genre: strong female characters combined with an emotionally resonant theme and classic horror imagery.

“We really wanted to acquire a film that was very different thematically,” states Black Fawn Distribution Sales Manager C.F. Benner. “What makes Tricia’s voice so unique is her ability to build quality characters by using small pieces of social commentary. It’s a very clever style that really allows these characters to come to life and drive the film forward. Obviously SILENT RETREAT is a creature feature, but this film has a lot of layers that are enjoyable to peel back and explore as you’re watching.”

"After learning of Black Fawn Distribution's grassroots marketing and their mission to sell directly to genre fans, I was very excited to begin working with them on SILENT RETREAT,” explains director Tricia Lee. “I think they’ll do a fantastic job getting the film out there.”

The SILENT RETREAT Canadian DVD will include a behind-the-scenes featurette, director and writer commentary, an exclusive artwork gallery, and trailers for the film.

Janey is sent to a silent meditation retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation, only to discover that the men who run it are brainwashing women to be quiet and submissive, and if she breaks the rules, she'll discover what lurks beyond the trees...

For more info, including pre-order links, visit the official Black Fawn Distribution website, "like" Black Fawn Distribution on Facebook, and follow Black Fawn Distribution on Twitter.

No word on Stateside distro yet, but we'll keep you posted!

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[Fantasia '14] ‘The Drownsman’ Acquired By Anchor Bay and Breakthrough Ent. (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:32

Some exclusive news out of the Fantasia Film Festival as Bloody Disgusting learned that Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada and Breakthrough Entertainment will release The Drownsman in the Canadian home entertainment market. This news lands just as the film celebrates its world premiere at the festival in Montreal and is part of a new wave of independently produced horror films.

After almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of fear. Unable to describe what happened to her during the moments she was underwater, Madison begins to develop hydrophobia: an abnormal fear of water. Crippled by her trauma, Madison attempts to shut out the world around her, but her fear intensifies when she begins to be haunted by the vision of an evil figure. After watching her struggle for over a year, Madison’s four friends stage an intervention in a desperate attempt to help. In doing so, they accidentally open a floodgate to a dark place where none of them are safe. As Madison and her friends dive deeper into the dark history of the evil that haunts them, they’re dragged one by one to a horrifying place where they may never return.

The Drownsman was directed by Chad Archibald (Neverlost, Ejecta), written by Cody Calahan (Antisocial) and Chad Archibald, produced by Christopher Giroux (Dead All Night) and stars Michelle Mylett (Antisocial), Caroline Korycki, Gemma Bird Matheson, Sydney Kondruss, Clare Bastable and in the horrifying title role, Ry Barrett (Neverlost, Kingdom Come, If A Tree Falls).

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Plague World, Chapter 3 in Dana Fredsti's Ashley Parker Trilogy, Coming August 26th

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:30

Plague World, the conclusion of the zombie apocalypse trilogy begun by author Dana Fredsti in Plague Town and continued in Plague Nation, arrives online and in stores on August 26th from Titan Books.

In this final chapter of Fredsti's Ashley Parker series, the zombie plague has gone airborne, and the conspiracy that began it all reaches the boiling point.

Check out the book's cover art and synopsis below, and look for an exclusive excerpt soon!

Having been ambushed in San Francisco, which is now fully engulfed in the zombie plague, Ashley and the wild cards must pursue the enemy to San Diego. There they will discover a splinter of their own organization, the Dolofónoi tou Zontanoús Nekroús, which seeks to weaponize the plague.

But that isn't the worst news. The plague has gone airborne, making it transferable without physical contract. It cannot be controlled by anyone so reports of the zombie swarm are coming in from across the United States - and across the world.

For more info check out the official Titan Books and Dana Fredsti websites.

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Sitges 2014 Expands with Zombeavers, The Babadook, Home, Goal of the Dead, Doc of the Dead, and More!

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:15

The Sitges Film Festival is typically a feast for horror fans, and this year's event looks to be no different as a big batch of new genre movies has been added to the lineup that's sure to make you drool.

From the Press Release:
The 47th Sitges Film Festival, to be held from 3 to 12 October, will be loaded with films that are all eagerly awaited by fantastic and, especially, horror genre film lovers. Festival Director Àngel Sala has announced the names of a good handful of new films that will be included in Sitges 2014.

These new Festival incorporations have been added to the lineup of an edition that will be opening with Jaume Balagueró’s [REC] 4: Apocalypse, presenting its Grand Honorary Award to Roland Emmerich, and including presentations of the latest productions from important directors like Jean-Luc Godard, David Cronenberg, Kim-ki Duk, and Takashi Miike. See more details on those aspects of the Festival by clicking here.

Supernatural horror will carry an important weight this year with excellent examples of haunted house movies and others with sinister presences arriving from the other side of the planet, like Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound from New Zealand or Australia's The Babadook by Jennifer Kent (photo left).

Another genre example, Nicholas McCarthy’s Home, can also be seen at the Festival. Ivan Kavanagh’s The Canal closes this quartet of films that will have moviegoers jumping out of their seats with their demonic apparitions.

Added to the numerous Asian productions the Festival has already confirmed for this year is Live from the director of Dead Sushi, Noboru Iguchi, a survival thriller based on a novel by Yusuke Yamada. Arriving from Germany is Der Samurai, a dark, ambiguous film that has been described as a queer thriller, directed by Till Kleinert and financed through crowdfunding.

At Sitges 2014 there will also be room for films treating genre from a more comical, madcap viewpoint, as in the case of Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow 2, where the only survivor from part one will have to fight an even larger army of zombies.

Two other good doses of zombies are also guaranteed with Goal of the Dead (photo right) and Zombeavers, films offering unfeasible blends of zombies with soccer and beavers, respectively.

The first is a dual movie (two 70-minute parts) directed by Benjamin Rocher and Thierry Poiraud; the second is based on the well-known premise of “group of young men and women, vacation, fun, alcohol, and sex” that becomes a blood fest.

And still in a comical tone, the Festival will be presenting Dan Beers’ Premature, the story of a high school student who has to re-live losing his virginity over and over again like a zany twist on Groundhog Day.

The last of the newly confirmed features is The Curse of Downers Grove, a movie about the murders of a series of teens attributed to a bizarre curse, directed by Derick Martini and co-written by novelist Brett Easton Ellis, author of American Psycho, the film version of which opened Sitges 2000.

Sala also revealed two documentaries that will be at this year’s Festival. The first is Doc of the Dead, a film that has been defined as “the definitive zombie culture documentary.” Directed by Alexander O. Philippe (The People Versus George Lucas and The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus) and including the participation of Alex Cox, Simon Pegg, George A. Romero, and Steven Scholzman, this piece analyzes how the zombie phenomenon has been popularized in recent years in all kinds of different fields, like literature, series or even fashion.

The second confirmed documentary is Elijah Drenner’s That Guy Dick Miller, dedicated to an aspiring writer turned accidental actor whose face everyone knows but whose name is known by few. Sharing the screen with leading figures like Nicholson, De Niro, Schwarzenegger, and The Ramones, he has worked with great directors like Scorsese, Corman, Fuller, Dante, Cameron, Demme, and many more.

At Sitges 2014 there will be no shortage of classics either. The Festival has confirmed a screening of William Friedkin’s 1977 movie Sorcerer, a remake of H.G. Clouzot’s The Wages of Fear (1953), starring Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, and Francisco Rabal.

Ticket sales for the 47th Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain, will be handled exclusively through the Festival’s website. For additional information visit

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The Fun Begins in this Exclusive Varsity Blood Clip

Dread Central - Mon, 08/04/2014 - 10:00

An exclusive clip from Varsity Blood has landed in our inbox so huddle up around your computer screen, cue the cheerleaders, and watch it. Well, you really don't need all that fanfare to see it, but hey, if you want to...

The film, written and directed by Jake Helgren, stars Lexi Giovagnoli, Debbie Rochon (American Nightmare, Colour from the Dark), Elle LaMont (Machete Kills), and Chris Hlozek (Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies).

Look for Varsity Blood on DVD on August 19th.

This football season, Hogeye High’s Warriors and cheerleaders are out for blood. Unfortunately, someone is out for theirs, and they’ll be forced to take one for the team. After the big Halloween football match, the students are joined by an uninvited guest dressed as their high school mascot armed with a bow and arrow, a battle-axe, and an insatiable appetite for butchery. Soon, they find themselves fighting for more than the winning score as terror becomes the name of the game.

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