‘Slay Belles': It’s Santa Vs. Mother-Effin’ Satan! (Trailer)

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Santa Land becomes the grounds for an epic battle in Slay Belles, the directorial debut of “Spooky” Dan Walker, who spent many years helping build Bloody Disgusting into becoming the largest horror community in the world!

The film is billed as yet another Krampus movie, this one featuring Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s Barry Bostwick, Rob Zombie’s Halloween star Kristina Klebe, and Susan Slaughter of “Ghost Hunters” fame.

Spooky shared the first ever trailer for the film, which pits beautiful women and Santa Claus against the Krampus monster, also known as Satan!

The film is nearing completion but needs some funds to reach the finishing line. Spooky has set up Indiegogo crowd-sourecing campaign to garner $30,000 to complete production – and thus deliver a new holiday horror directly to you!

“It’s Christmas time in a quaint rural town where a chorus of screams drowns out the holiday carols. Krampus is on the loose and he’s making up for lost time by killing his naughty prey. As Krampus is “soul searching”, three urban explorers in all of their hotness, go on an adventure and break into a long shutdown theme park, Santa Land. Unwittingly they find themselves at the scene of the crime where Krampus takes his prey. It’s also where the real live Santa has retired. Now Santa, a crotchety biker-wannabe coping with his faded magical powers, is forced to ally himself with these chicks. The fate of the world is riding on their combination of wits, magic and spunk, to take down Krampus once and for all. If they fail, Krampus will kill Christmas and all of the naughty the world over. Now that’s a lot of people…”

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Future ‘Human Centipede’ Sequel Could Involve Aliens, Says Tom Six!

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With Tom Six’s Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) arriving in theaters and VOD platforms this coming Friday, I was able to land an exclusive interview with the franchise’s Doctor Frankenstein, Tom Six.

While you can read the full review here, we did try and find out what would happen in a fourth Human Centipede film.

Six has openly stated that Human Centipede 3 is the final sequence, ending his planned trilogy. BUT, what if he were to continue with another ‘pede?

“The three films make a movie centipede and they were meant as a trilogy,” Six tells Bloody Disgusting exclusively. “If I had to make a fourth one, which I might do in 20 years from now, who knows, it will be about connecting all starving Africans on the African continent done by a charity organization, to solve the hunger problem….

But Six has another idea as well…

“Or about aliens connecting the whole human race!”

The third Human Centipede assembles a 500-person ‘pede made out of prisoners. It’s definitely going to be hard to top, although if you’re going to jump the shark, you may as well use aliens as the device.

What would YOU guys do if you were to make a Human Centipede film?!

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[Interview] Tom Six Builds the Lore of ‘The Human Centipede’ (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Tue, 05/19/2015 - 09:01

This Friday IFC assembles the final chapter in the Human Centipede franchise.

Many are fans of the franchise, some watch it out of morbid curiosity, and others just wanna be part of the “club”.

Whatever the case, Six promises to up-the-ante with IFC’s Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence) with a 500-person centipede assembled inside a prison.

But before we get to the mega-‘pede, we wanted to find out a bit about the franchise’s history, including its origins.

It’s been well-known that the idea came from Six wanting to sew a child molester’s mouth to the ass of a fat truck driver, but we had heard Six used semantics – telling them he was making a modern “Frankenstein” film – to get the initial investor on board. We finally have the truth.

“Not entirely. I didn’t tell them it was a Frankenstein movie,” Six clarifies in our exclusive interview. “I did explain the concept of a surgeon sewing people together, but I left out the words ‘ass to mouth.’ I’m sure they would have backed out if I had used those graphic words. Luckily, when they saw the film, they thought it was so brilliant they stuck so many feathers up Ilona’s and my ass, we looked like peacocks.”

One of the most impressive things about the first Human Centipede is how uncomfortable it is without actually actually showing anything truly that disturbing.

Six talks about gradually brings the audience into his world: “For the first film, I wanted the audience to get used to the idea first. A person swallowing turds directly from another person’s ass was uncomfortable enough. In Human Centipede 2, when people were used to the concept, I could go full force.”

“After the first movie, people begged me for more. And that was right up my alley. I enjoyed it very much to rub it in hard, without Vaseline,” Six continues, speaking to Human Centipede 2 critics who said the movie was way too graphic and gross. “No restraints.”

Six also explains the process in coming up with the idea to have Human Centipede take place in the “real” world, making the first a work of fiction.

“I liked the idea of a lunatic copying the idea in real life and making his own Human Centipede, this time without any medical knowledge,” Six said. “For that, the first film had to be a work of fiction.”

Moving our conversation into Human Centipede 3, in theaters and on VOD this Friday, we talked about the franchise going “full Inception“.

“All three films form a movie centipede,” he explained. “Human Centipede 2 begins where Human Centipede 1 ends and same goes for Human Centipede 3. In this sequence, Human Centipede 2 had to be a movie again because in Human Centipede 3, I implement my idea on real life punishment in the prison system, with myself as the brain behind the concept.

“The films digest each other, so after Human Centipede 3 there, all that is left is shit.”

Human Centipede 3 is 100% politically incorrect,” Six continues speaking to his new style of terror. “It would be boring to just add more gore. This film is the most controversial on a whole other level. It’s American style, everything is larger than life. A 500-person centipede XXL.

“Also, the characters are larger than life. It contains misogyny, racism, sadism, blasphemy etc and it’s so funny you could die laughing.”

Speaking to the comedy, I thought Human Centipede 2 was funny, I asked Six about the absurdity and how it’s meant to be a comedy.

Six explained: “All films in my vision are not horror films but pitch black comedies with horrific elements. Human Centipede 3 is the most funny of them all.

“I wanted to go out with a bang, so the audience will be disturbed but very entertained at the same time,” he adds. “Like my Amsterdam massages, the film has a very happy ending.”

Would Six ever make a fourth film? Well, you can read all about that here.

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‘Delta Force’ Meets ‘Day Of the Dead’ Via ‘Jaws’ In ‘Sky Sharks’!

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Oh great another lame shark movie was my reaction when I heard the title.  It took a little convincing to have me sit down & watch the four minute promo at Berlin Film Festival earlier this year.  The film makers were set up with an iPad & sound cancelling earphones at a Swiss reception, abducting party goers & getting them to watch the footage.  As soon as it started to play out I knew it was different from the low budget trash TV.  After trying to sneak a photo of the screen & being chastised the footage is now online for all to see below.

As you can see the CGI is superior to the usual shark template used by similar movies, due to the FX team boasting credits on Game Of Thrones with the Emmy award winning dragons.  The arrival of zombies & practical effects gore are the blood dripping cherry on top.

Beyond the amazing 4 mins above here’s what else to expect in the finished feature which you can be part of making over on Kickstater.

Deep in the ice of the Antarctic, a team of geologists uncover an old Nazi laboratory, still intact, where dark experiments had occurred. Unwittingly the geologists unleash upon the world a top-secret experiment the Germans had been working on – modified sharks that are able to fly, whose riders are genetically mutated, undead super-humans. The only thing that can stop them, and possibly save the world, is a military task force called “Dead Flesh Four“ – assembled from reanimated U.S. soldiers who fell in Vietnam.

You can follow the progress of the project on their FB page,Twitter & Instagram accounts or be the first to hear news when backing the film by grabbing a reward – the best of which in my opinion involves you GETTING KILLED by one of the LEAD NAZI ZOMBIES in a CLOSE-UP, then fed to a shark.

What was your favorite part of the promo & how many cameos did you recognize?  In the spirit of being transparent I work with Raven Banner who are selling the film.

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Ruben Blades Will “Fear The Walking Dead”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 18:05

According to Deadline, actor Ruben Blades has signed on to appear as a series regular on the upcoming AMC spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead. It’s reported that he will play Daniel, the father of Mercedes Mason’s character.

Set in Los Angeles (and shot in Vancouver and LA), “Fear The Walking Dead” focuses on new characters and storylines.

Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and David Alpert from “The Walking Dead” are executive producing for AMC Studios. Dave Erickson, who co-created and co-wrote the pilot with Kirkman, is an executive producer and showrunner. Adam Davidson directed the pilot episode.

The series debuts this June.

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Curt Pires Talks New Series’ “The Fiction” And “The Tomorrows”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 17:47

Curt Pires is on a meteoric rise this past year with critical hits “POP” and “Mayday”, two books that hold a scathing mirror up to culture and celebrity and deliver on every side.  We at Bloody have been really impressed with both series, calling “POP” “profound” and “as visually spectacular as it is smart”.  This summer Pires begins two new series’ that will no doubt hit as many high points.  From the solicitations:

“The Tomorrows” – They told you the counterculture was dead. They were wrong. Welcome to the new reality. A bold new speculative-fiction comic from the mind of writer Curt Pires, with each issue illustrated by a different brilliant artist!  The future: Art is illegal. Everything everyone ever posted online has been weaponized against them. The reign of the Corporation is quickly becoming as absolute as it is brutal—unless the Tomorrows can stop it.

“The Fiction” – Four childhood friends discover a box of strange books that, when read aloud, can transport them to the beautiful, imaginary worlds described within. But when one of them goes missing, the others vow never to reveal where they’ve been and what they’ve seen. Years later, when one of the remaining kids, now an adult, also mysteriously disappears, it’s up to the last two of the group to dig up their dusty books to find him and finally figure out what happened to their friend all those years ago.

Bloody Disgusting – I’m glad to see you are starting a long-form series, why is “The Tomorrows” the right story to develop an ongoing around?

Curt Pires – The Tomorrows is the right book to build an ongoing around because it’s conceptually huge. It’s the biggest story I’ve ever tackled in so many ways. I don’t think the scope of the book even becomes clear to people until issue five of this first arc? But it’s huge. I’ve spent like two or three years playing with the idea, and just finally gotten to a point where

I feel like I’m in a place where I can execute it on both a craft and logistics level.

I’ve said this before in another interview but writing The Tomorrows is kind of like just diving into the ideaspace and surfacing and trying to make sense of it all. It’s immersing myself in all the ideas and narratives I see circling me and forming something cohesive from it.

BD – “Tomorrows” is noticeably more optimistic than your other recent work, emphasizing the role we all play in creating our future.  Does this series represent a shift in your own perspective of the path mankind is on?

CP – we all play in creating our future.  Does this series represent a shift in your own perspective of the path mankind is on? I don’t know if I feel like mankind is on that path,but some of us are. I look at most people and I don’t even think they’re aware that that’s a path that exists or that is even necessary. That said I am hopeful when I look around, I see a few people, a small group of us realizing that the world is broken and the only way it’s going to get fixed is if we fix it. A lot of the book is me trying to write my way out of a bleak future we’re heading towards. already since I started writing the book reality has gotten better

So It’s not too late. I don’t think it’s ever too late.

BD – We’ve reached the point of no return in a lot of ways with regards to privacy, virtual identities, and corporate control.  How do we adapt and make the best of a world that feels already too far gone?

CP – It’s this give and take really, they keep advancing the surveillance technology, but we–the people fighting against it also haven’t just given in I think one thing we have that the corporations and the governments don’t have is absurdity. Get drunk. Through a brick through a corporate window. Throw a rave in an all night banking centre. Fuck in public. Piss on a bank. Get fucking crazy. They can’t own you.

BD – The opposing forces in “TOMORROWS” are business and art: the evil corporate magnate, who is developing a mind control program, has to deal with the free thinking artists standing in his away.  Do you see enterprise as the enemy of expression?  

CP – That’s complicated. It’s not black and white, it’s grey. But often the people with the money who are funding the art–the money men, often don’t get the creative process and want to step in and interfere, create fires, just so they can feel involved. Other times there’s executives who know to just get the fuck out of the way and let the art happen. If we’re talking on a very broad level, I do think corporations are the enemy of art. Big

Banks don’t care about making the world more beautiful, or sustainability, they just want their money and they want it now.

BD – Who are the modern day “Tomorrows” for you?  The people that reject the homogenization of culture and oppose government and corporations overstepping their bounds.

CP – Myself. First off. My friends. My friend–amazing writer,  Jordan Van Niekerk, definitely. Gaspar Noe. Andy Warhol. Nic Refn. Any artist who makes what they want in a fearless manner. You don’t even have to be an artist I think. You just have to be someone who embraces the ethos. Who sees how fucked the system is. I’m inviting every reader to be a Tomorrow. Shit, by virtue of picking up the book they are already sort of a part of it. I think we can all be Tomorrows. The invitation’s open. Let’s get weird.

BD – “The Fiction” has such a tidy premise yet the potential to go absolutely anywhere, knowing you I expect things to get pretty dark before it’s over.  How would you describe the tone of “The Fiction”

CP – It’s a double-edged sword of fantastical beauty and deep horror. It’s a lot like real life in that regard. But yeah, it’s me exploring wondrous highs, the peak of imagination, and also crushing lows–the loss of a friend, the dissolution of a family.

BD – One of the themes you are dealing with in this series is trauma, and more specifically childhood trauma.   I think this metaphor of escapism through books will connect with a lot of people in a very visceral way.  Was it your intention to speak to trauma survivors through “The Fiction”?  

CP – My first and foremost goal with THE FICTION was just to make sense of the story that kept coming to me. The Trauma angle? Once I started writing it and realize it was there? Definitely. That said–I don’t necessarily want to jump in and say that this angle is going to work for everyone. The thing about trauma is it’s different for each and everyone one of us. I think we all leave our childhood with some scars. Some of us get small ones, easy to hide, others get absolutely put through the ringer. I want to show love and sympathy for everyone though. The world needs more kindness.

BD – Along the same lines, the themes in “The Fiction” are more acute than the sort of social and cultural themes you’re dealing with in “TOMORROWS”, “POP”, and “Mayday”, how has the experience of writing “The Fiction” been different from your other work?

CP – I think THE FICTION definitely treads new ground in terms of my oeuvre. The Fiction is still just as heady as those other books, it’s just concerning itself with more metaphysical and philosophical content. It’s an exploration of imagination more than anything. Writing The Fiction has been a lot of fun though, that’s for sure.

BD – “The Fiction” it strikes me as a fairly more personal series than your other recent work.  What are some books that really sucked you into another world when you were a kid.

CP – Trying to think. Ender’s Game. That’s before I realized Orson Scott Card was a raging homophobe. That said, like Brian K Vaughan has said before, that book taught me how to separate the author from the work. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Neil’s work is actually a pretty big influence on me on the whole.  Harry Potter was big for me too when I was younger. I was definitely part of a generation of children who got wrapped up in that phenomenon. I love JK Rowling. The universe she created in those books was so wonderful.



“The Tomorrows” will be available from Dark Horse Comics July 8th


“The Fiction” will be available from BOOM! Studios June 17th


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Cannes’ Craziest Market Titles

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 17:20

It’s safe to say none of these titles will be winning the Palme d’or at Cannes 2015.  These are the titles that are more deserving the palm to the face.

Bunny The Killer Thing

When the tag line is “Coming After Your Pussy in 2015″ you can safely say Finland is one fucked place.  A giant bunny with a gurgling cry of PUSSY punctuates the snowy teaser trailer as a dripping rabbit cock looks to fill any open hole.

The creature is half man, half rabbit, and it is after anything that resembles female genitals. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing!

The Monk Who Fucked A Limousine

No words.  I just hope the guy lubed up the tail pipe before going all the way.

Sky Sharks

Nazi zombies piloting flying sharks with missiles on their fins attacking a passenger flight?  The gore & decent CGI is set to soar with the need of a weather condition to create the carnage.

Deep Dark

A failed sculptor discovers a strange, talking hole in the wall. It has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams…and become his worst nightmare.

“This Ain’t No Glory Hole” – You’ve got that right.  Would you post your junk through that gap with pointy teeth smiling back?

Disclaimer I work with Raven Banner who have just taken Bunny The Killer Thing & am involved with Sky Sharks which is how I first heard about them.

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James Duval Has ‘Appetites’ For Horror

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 17:12

RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment just gave Bloody Disgusting the first batch of images from Appetites, arriving on DVD August 4th, 2015.

Cameron Casey directs the film starring Donnie Darko fav James Duval with Lauren Parkinson and Bret Roberts.

Daisy is the all-American girl next door, with a hunger for true love and an appetite for murder. For years, it’s just been her and her brother living out in the desert, hunting young men for sport – and dinner. While Daisy enjoys these games, she can’t help but yearn for something more. So, when she meets the very handsome John Doe, and they fall madly in love, Daisy can’t believe her good fortune. But it turns out John has some eccentric hobbies of his own, and now Daisy must find out if she will be his partner in crime – or his next victim.

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[Podcast] Whatever – May 18th, 2015 – “Keep It Practical”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 17:08

Mad Max: Fury Road‘s showcase of practical effects, early impressions of “The Witcher 3″, and a message from a fake sponsor!

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Talk to us! Leave a comment below, like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter, and let us know your thoughts!

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Chris Pratt Calls ‘Ghostbusters’ Rumors “…Complete Bullshit”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 17:03

Chris Pratt, who is about to hit theaters as Owen Grady in Jurassic World, has addressed the rumors of his involvement in several upcoming projects, such as Knight Rider and Ghostbusters, in a charmingly direct and eloquent fashion: “As far as I know, that’s complete bullshit.

Speaking with GQ, Pratt expands on the Channing Tatum-produced Ghostbusters film, saying, “No one has ever even spoken to me about that. Never. I’ve even seen Channing a couple times.

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12th.

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‘Dark Was The Night’ Gets a Monster Image Gallery

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 16:56

Check out the first stills and hi-res poster art fir the monster horror Dark Was The Night.

The film was directed by Jack Heller from a script by Tyler Hisel and stars Kevin Durand, Lukas Hass, Heath Freeman, Sabina Gadecki and Nick Damici.

Maiden Woods is a remote and quiet town of decent, hard-working people, but something stirs in the dark woods surrounding this isolated community. After a logging company decimates an area of the forest, a rash of increasingly violent and unexplainable events transpires. Sheriff Paul Shields (Kevin Durand) and his deputy (Lukas Haas) struggle to confront their own personal demons while facing down a new breed of raw terror that is possibly older than humanity itself… And much, much hungrier.

The film hits theaters, VOD and iTUNES on July 24th.

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Such Dulcet, Horrifying Tones: The Music Of ‘Silent Hill’

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 16:00

With the recent cancellation of Silent Hills, I wanted to bring back a piece that I had written several years ago. Some minor changes have been made to ensure the piece was up-to-date.

When I was 14 years old, my friend Alex rented Silent Hill, the first of the now infamous Konami series. He invited me over that night, full well knowing that this game would appeal to my horror fanaticism. Little did he know that he was going to ignite a passion for the Silent Hill franchise that has yet to diminish. Also, little did he know that after turning the game off that night, the two of us were so scared that we sat back to back the whole night, steel baseball bats in hand, ready to fend off whatever creatures came our way.

Let me backtrack for a moment, if I might, to discuss my love of music. This is a passion that began when I was but a small child, perhaps three or four years old at the most. You see, I was able to play video games before I was actually able to fully read. As a matter of fact, the first time I read was when I was sitting with my mother on the couch, my father sitting on the floor a few feet away playing a game of Tetris, the music of Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” filling my ears.

These early days of video games — when their soundtracks consisted of not much more than two, perhaps three, melodies — are what I credit as the beginning of my love of music. To this day, I feel stirrings in my chest when I hear the overworld theme from The Legend Of Zelda. When the intro screen of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest loads, I become slightly uneasy before I can even press “New Game.” And funny enough, over 25 years since its release date, my father and I can still belt out the level music to Karnov.

Although my musical tastes have long since evolved and grown into other avenues and territories, I still find myself paying close attention to a composer’s work when I play a video game. Music is what draws me in, envelops me, and sets the mood. And no video game composer better exemplifies the proper use of music in creating tension and fear than Akira Yamaoka and his work on the Silent Hill franchise.

Being that there are officially nine entries to the series (I’m leaving out the play novel and The Silent Hill Experience), I decided to focus this piece on the impact the soundtracks of the first two games of the series had upon me.

When I played Silent Hill 1, I can honestly say that my view of video games and their impact changed dramatically. Here was the first time that a survival horror game delivered the full package: a terrifying story, brilliantly executed graphics that embraced the limitations of the system hardware, and a soundtrack the likes of which had never been heard before. (And yes, I include Resident Evil in that statement.)

Instead of going down the Resident Evil symphony path, Yamaoka crafted sounds that seemed to come from some abandoned industrial factory, one that is full of the skeletal remains of machinery which creak, bend, and strain as the years float by. This grime, this dirtiness, served as a complement to the filth and graininess of the game.

The selections “My Heaven,” “Don’t Cry,” and “I’ll Kill You” are perfect examples of the cacophonous insanity that players were treated to during some of the more intense moments of the game. Tracks such as “Claw Finger,” “Fear Of The Dark,” and “Nothing Else” show that even during moments of respite, there is a constant unease bubbling under the surface, eager to break free.

Listening to the original soundtrack to prepare for this article, I constantly felt the need to scrub myself clean, to wash myself of the ichor that seems to permeate these 42 tracks. Believe it or not, I used to fall asleep to this music. I wish I would’ve had some foresight and written down my dreams (nightmares?), if only out of current interest.

Silent Hill 2 was able to up the ante for the series primarily due to its release on the Playstation 2, a major hardware upgrade from the Playstation 1. This meant that not only were graphics vastly improved, but also that the game supported much higher quality sound and music as well as 5.1 surround sound. To say that I took advantage of this is an understatement. Honestly, the only reason I purchased my first surround sound system was to hear Silent Hill 2 in all of its aural glory.

My love of the Silent Hill 2 music began even before the game was released. Rather, it began when the first trailer came out using “Theme For Laura” as the music. So entranced was I by this tune that I immediately found a bootleg MP3, burned it to disc, and proceeded to learn it on guitar. Yes, my parents were slightly nervous because of the joy I was getting out of such a terrifying, sadistic game but they learned to get over it. Hopefully.

After the game was released (and I had beaten it countless times), I found the soundtrack for sale at a local anime store. I immediately purchased it; the soundtrack did not leave my Discman for nearly three months. It drew me into its sublime, eerie beauty in a way that no other album had done before. I felt my heart yearn and ache during “White Noiz.” I shivered in fear during “Ashes And Ghosts.” I felt closure when the final chord of “Promise” faded out.

I could easily spend pages upon pages detailing my love for certain tracks and the beauty hidden within, but I dare not bore you readers any more. As it stands right now, when I search for “Silent Hill” in my iTunes library, 425 tracks come up. In terms of time we are looking at 16.3 hours. In terms of memory, around 1.27GB. I use this music for gentle meditation, study and research, background music, and of course, music during Halloween.

And though these tracks serve mainly as a reminder of the stories of the games, they also serve as markers of different eras of my life. As near and dear to me as some of the main characters of Silent Hill are, the most important character, the one that has been with me the longest, is the music.

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I’d Eat This ‘The Human Centipede’-Themed Burger In A Heartbeat

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 15:02

Des Moines readers, you now have a mission: Go to Zombie Burger and try their new burger, which is themed after The Human Centipeded!

According to DM Juice, the burger joint last Friday unveiled the “Martin’s Revenge”, their burger of the week, as a tribute to the upcoming VOD/limited theatrical release of The Human Centipede 3. The burger takes its name off the main character of the second film.

The burger sounds absolutely delicious, as shown in its description:

“Martin’s Revenge” is $10.79, and is made with a three-piece slider bun, with a different burger in each segment. The first burger is steak with cheddar, bacon and red raw onion. The second is a burger patty with American cheese, pulled barbecue bacon and sauteed red onion. The third burger is a loose meat sandwich with house-made cheese whiz and bacon-red onion jam.

Chef Tim McKern explains the creation process:

I was trying to figure out a way to do a take on the movie through a burger. I basically started with whole ingredients, and processed them down from slider to slider.

We wanted to push the envelope a little more with this one. The movies have definitely changed the culture, and we wanted to highlight some of the shock horror movies that have come out recently.

Head below for a picture of the burger.

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See ‘Jurassic World’s’ “Indominus Rex” In This First Hi-Res Photo

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 14:53

A recent marketing campaign on Twitter for Mercedes Benz culminated in the release of a photo for the 2016 GLE Coupe which stood face-to-face with Jurassic World‘s “Indominus Rex”, which is shown in clear hi-res quality. Admittedly, you only see the head, but it’s the clearest look we’ve seen yet.

Jurassic World‘s synopsis reads:

Twenty-two years after the events of ‘Jurassic Park’ (1993), Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitor’s interest, which backfires horribly.

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Judy Greer, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jake Johnson, Katie McGrath, Lauren Lapkus and Nick Robinson all star.

Das neue GLE Coupé in Jurassic World // The all new GLE Coupé in Jurassic World


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[Giveaway] Win A Copy Of “The Art and Making of ‘Hannibal'”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 14:48

If you, like us can hardly wait until the June 4th premiere of NBC’s killer “Hannibal” then perhaps we have something to satiate your hunger pangs. “The Art and Making of Hannibal” is a comprehensive making-of book from the masters at Titan Books. Author Jesse McLean dissects the first two seasons of the series with insane accuracy and pokes and prods at all strings attached to every detailed death scene.

We’ve already teased the June 4th return episode. We’ve also teased the insane contents of this book, and now it’s time to win yourself a copy. NBC’s “Hannibal” is a meticulous macabre creation of near infinite beauty.  So it’s no surprise that the fine folks at Titan Books have taken notice and collaborated with the show’s development team to create a beautiful behind the scenes look at what goes into crafting the perfect murder.

If ever there was a series that deserved a making of book “Hannibal” is it. Now, we’ve teamed up with Titan Books to giveaway two copies of this incredible behind the scenes tome. And all you have to do is send a little tweet our way. Please tweet the following text at myself (@ZacBeThompson) and at Bloody-Disgusting (@BDisgusting) to enter yourself in the giveaway. You’ve got until this Friday, May 22nd.

  I never feel guilty eating anything. I honor the taste and the aesthetic of the  

That’s it. Just tweet that out exactly and I’ll enter you into a draw for one of these incredible books. Make sure to FOLLOW ME on Twitter so I can DM you when you win. Trust me, you don’t want to miss peeking inside this thing.



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[Comic Preview] Absolute Evil Hits Secret Wars In “Squadron Sinister”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 14:14

The Squadron is back! Bigger, better and more evil than ever! This June, the bad guys come out to play! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SQUADRON SINISTER #1 – an all-new Secret Wars series from writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow Executive Producer) and artist Carlos Pacheco (Captain America). Hyperion, Nighthawk, Whizzer, Doctor Spectrum and Warrior Woman. Together they make up the deadliest team of villains Battleworld has ever seen. Lording over their domain of Utopolis, they dispense devastating justice to any and all in their path. But will controlling just Utopolis be enough to feed their lust for power? Threats from without and threats from within seek to undo everything Hyperion and his gang have built. Rulers from other domains mobilize against them. Devastating lies and secrets from within the Squadron threaten to tear the team asunder. And seeds sown here bear bitter fruit for the future of the Marvel Universe! The measuring stick for evil just changed and the Squadron Sinister are it! Can anyone stop them? They’ll certainly try. Be there when Battleworld quivers beneath their might in

Lording over their domain of Utopolis, they dispense devastating justice to any and all in their path. But will controlling just Utopolis be enough to feed their lust for power? Threats from without and threats from within seek to undo everything Hyperion and his gang have built. Rulers from other domains mobilize against them. Devastating lies and secrets from within the Squadron threaten to tear the team asunder. And seeds sown here bear bitter fruit for the future of the Marvel Universe! The measuring stick for evil just changed and the Squadron Sinister are it! Can anyone stop them? They’ll certainly try. Be there when Battleworld quivers beneath their might in SQUADRON SINISTER #1 this June!


Variant Cover by JIM CHEUNG (APR150778)
Design Variant by CARLOS PACHECO (APR150779)
MAOS Variant Cover by ANNIE WU (APR150780)
Squadron Gwenister Variant by GREG SMALLWOOD (APR150781)
Young Variant by SKOTTIE YOUNG (APR150782)
Blank Variant Also Available (APR150783)

FOC – 05/18/15, On-Sale – 06/10/15

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The Predator’s “Gauntlet Knives” Forged And Put Into Action

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 14:06

If you’re not watching Man At Arms on YouTube, you’re seriously missing out. It’s an awesome series that follows the Stagmer brothers of Baltimore Knife And Sword as they build replicas of some of pop cultures most famous weapons.

Their latest episode shows them creating the “Gauntlet Knives” used by the Predator, although not the original as they opted to create the weapon seen in Alien Vs. Predator. Still, it’s a badass piece of movie memorabilia and looks absolutely wicked when used in action.

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Rare Captain Spaulding Mugshot From Rob Zombie’s ‘The Devil’s Rejects’

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Love. Hate.

Rob Zombie shared the following never-before-seen color Captain Spaulding mugshot.

Take a look at horror fav Sid Haig’s faux mugshot used in Rob Zombie’s 2005 The Devil’s Rejects, his sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses, in which the murderous, backwoods Firefly family take to the road to escape a vengeful police force which is not afraid of being as ruthless as their target.

Zombie is currently in post-production on 31, his latest genre film that takes place Halloween night.

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[Comic Preview] “1602 Witch Slayer Angela” Brings Slaughter To The Warzones

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This June – magic and might battle marvelous monstrosities as Angela and Sera take the fight to Battleworld! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your new look at 1602 WITCH HUNTER ANGELA #1 – a brand-new Secret Wars series! Blockbuster writers Marguerite Bennett and Kieron Gillen are joined by artists Stephanie Hans and Marguerite Sauvage for an adventure fueled tale that has to be seen to be believed!

In King James’ England, two names are feared above all else – Angela and Sera, scourges of all creatures that haunt their Battleworld domain. They seek a new, seductive evil – not witchbreed, but deal-making Faustians, those who bargain with ancient creatures in return for unnatural power. As wicked evil and malicious shadow creep over the land – will Angela and Sera destroy this evil, or will they succumb to it? The answers lie within this June in 1602 WITCH HUNTER ANGELA #1!




Variant Cover by RICHARD ISANOVE (APR150748)
Gwengela Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (APR150749)

FOC – 05/18/15, On-Sale – 06/10/15

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Rob Zombie’s Music Has Been Turned Into Lullabies

bloody disgusting - Mon, 05/18/2015 - 13:47

When I think of the music of Rob Zombie, I’m not exactly one to think of children and slumber. In fact, it’s pretty much the exact opposite. But the folk over at Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star apparently have different ideas concerning the matter as they have released an EP of six Zombie tracks that have been converted into lullabies for your sleeping infant. Below is a stream of their take on “Dragula”.

You can pre-order the EP via iTunes.

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