Mitchell Altieri’s The Night Watchmen Gets a Cast

Dread Central - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:56

James Remar, Tiffany Shepis, and more are set to topline one half of The Butcher Brothers, Mitchell Altieri’s, new film, The Night Watchmen; and we have your first details right here.

Twitch is reporting that the director of Holy Ghost People has started on his next film, written by Ken Arnold and Dan DeLuca, who both have parts in the film, and Jamie Nash.

The cast also includes Kevin Jiggetts (“Castle”), Max Gray Wilbur (“How to Get Away with Murder”), Kara Luiz (MTV’s “Jerks with Cameras”), Diona Reasonover (the upcoming “Buzzy’s”), Rain Pryor (“Head of the Class”) and Matt Servitto (“Banshee”).

We’re thrilled to have such an accomplished ensemble cast,” said executive producer Cheryl Staurulakis. “These professionals are delivering nuanced performances of their characters, which are compassionate, psychopathic, and comedic. They are a perfect fit for The Night Watchmen.

Three inept night watchmen, aided by a young rookie and a beautiful, fearless tabloid journalist, fight an epic battle to save their lives. A mistaken warehouse delivery unleashes a horde of hungry vampires, and these unlikely heroes must not only save themselves but also stop the scourge that threatens to take over the city of Baltimore.

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Tales From the Darkside Finds its Star; Plot Details Revealed

Dread Central - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:43

We’ve been keeping a really close eye on The CW’s reboot of the classic television series “Tales From the Darkside,” and today the show’s star has been revealed along with some plot details.

Deadline is reporting that Kris Lemche (pictured below; “The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) has been cast as the lead in The CW pilot, a remake of the 1980s horror/fantasy/thriller anthology series that hails from writer Joe Hill and producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

The anthology series will feature only one regular character, Newman (Lemche). A weathered and tortured young man, Newman is the guide to the unsuspecting who come across The Darkside. Newman – a man with his own desperate, wrenching secrets – knows exactly what’s causing the terrifying Darkside Events that drive the series. What he doesn’t know is how to stop them.

Hill, Kurtzman, and Orci executive produce with Heather Kadin, Mitch Galin, and Jerry Golod for CBS TV Studios.

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Zachary Quinto to Visit Hannibal

Dread Central - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:35

As we approach Season 3 of “Hannibal,” the good doctor’s menu continues to grow. Next up, EW is reporting that Zachary Quinto will appear in at least one episode of the third season as a patient of Bedelia’s (Gillian Anderson).

Season 3 of the dark drama will premiere in the summer of 2015 with no firm date announced just yet. It picks up one year after Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) and Bedelia were seen jetting off to Europe.

For more info be sure to visit “Hannibal” on, “like” “Hannibal” on Facebook, and follow “Hannibal” on Twitter.

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‘Poltergeist’ Haunting Theaters This May!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:25

The new Poltergeist will be haunting theaters sooner than later, shifting from its July date to May 22, 2015.

Watch the official trailer.

Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino and Jane Adams star, with Jared Harris playing Carrigan, a larger than life TV personality who left the world of academia behind to become the star host of basic cable TV show “Haunted House Cleaners.”

Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (producer) reimagines and contemporizes the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and hold the youngest daughter captive, the family must come together to rescue her before she disappears forever.

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Independence Day 2 – Jeff Goldblum Returns; Liam Hemsworth Joins Cast

Dread Central - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:21

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Independence Day 2 casting announcement which found “Survivor’s Remorse’s” Jessie Usher playing the son of Will Smith’s character, Roland Emmerich took to Twitter today to announce that Jeff Goldblum would be returning to the alien fighting fold and with him will come Liam Hemsworth!

Fox hired Carter Blanchard (Glimmer) to rewrite the script. James Vanderbilt wrote the first draft of the film, which Emmerich is producing with Dean Devlin and Harald Kloser.

Independence Day 2 is set for release on June 24, 2016 — almost exactly 20 years from when the first film hit theaters on July 3, 1996. Stay tuned for more as it comes.

Excited to Officially announce @LiamHemsworth and #JeffGoldblum as the next two pieces of the #IndependenceDay sequel

— Roland Emmerich (@rolandemmerich) March 4, 2015

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A New Ghoul Hungry for Flesh in the Ukraine

Dread Central - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:08

Cannibalism is one of the most horrid things a human being can engage in, but some people live to cause others horror. Some people’s hunger for chaos knows no bounds. Enter Ghoul, produced by Joe Lynch and Rob Cohen.

Directed by Petr Jakl, Ghoul will be hitting theaters on March 20th. The film stars Jennifer Armour, Jeremy Isabella, Paul S. Tracey, and Debra Garza.

GHOUL follows three Americans who travel to the Ukraine to investigate how cannibalism swept through the country during the notorious famine of 1932. After being led deep into the vast Ukrainian forest for an interview with the last known survivor of the cannibalism epidemic, they are plagued with a series of unexplainable supernatural encounters and come face to face with the evil spirit of Andrei Chikatilo, who was born in the Soviet Union and was the most violent serial killer and cannibal of all time.

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Gory New Muck Clip Takes You to Slasher Movie Heaven

Dread Central - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 18:05

We’re just over a week away from the release of Anchor Bay’s Muck, which looks to be the personification of old-school slasher fun. In other words, none of that pesky CGI, which is music to our gore-loving ears.

Check out a brand new clip from the film, which comes equipped with a monster, a buxom babe, and buckets of blood!

Muck Release Details:
This St. Patrick’s Day, Anchor Bay Entertainment invites fans for a little bit ’o the green and a LOT of the red with MUCK, a chiller seething with the greatest fear of all: that nowhere is safe! The directorial debut of Steve Wolsh, who also wrote and produced, MUCK reads like a bloody love letter filled with just the sort of jolts horror fans have been waiting to hear – and see!

Shot in state-of-the-art 4K Ultra HD resolution, MUCK is packed with old-school effects, shocks – and yes, breasts – that stick with you, creating terror with effects and stunts without the use of CGI. MUCK arrives Tuesday, March 17th – uncut, uncensored, and unrated – available on Blu-ray for $26.99 and $22.98 for the DVD.

For fans who like their 4K horror on the big screen, MUCK will also have a limited theatrical engagement starting Friday, March 13th.

After narrowly escaping an ancient burial ground, long forgotten and buried underneath the marshes of Cape Cod, a group of friends emerge from the thick, marshy darkness, tattered and bloody, lucky to be alive. They have already lost two of their friends in the marsh, presumably dead. They stumble upon an empty Cape Cod vacation house alongside the foggy marsh and break in to take shelter.

Whatever was in the marsh is still after them, and soon after one of them goes for help, the rest of the group learns that the evil in the marsh is not the only thing that wants them dead. Something worse, something more savage, was lying in wait just outside the marsh, in the house. What happens next is unspeakable horror that cannot be unseen. These unlucky travelers spend their St. Patrick’s Day trapped between two evils forcing them to fight, die, or go back the way they came.

Featuring Kane Hodder (Hatchet, Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday the 13th films), Lachlan Buchanan (“Pretty Little Liars”), Puja Mohindra (Foreign), Bryce Draper (Bound), and YouTube Sensation Lauren Francesca (iwantmylauren), MUCK is throwback horror at its best.

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Zachary Quinto to Appear in ‘Hannibal’ Season 3

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 16:40

Zachary Quinto is a busy dude. After appearing in the first and second seasons of American Horror Story he’s been consistently working (well, he’s been in a ton of stuff before that too). Now EW is reporting that Quinto has found the time to appear in a guest spot in season 3 of Hannibal.

According to the article, Quinto will appear in at least one episode as a patient of Bedelia (Gillian Anderson). Bryan Fuller and Quinto previously worked together on Heroes, where the actor first showed us how good he is at being bad. Here’s hoping he gets to show off more of his crazy in Hannibal, which returns to NBC this summer.

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“Tales From The Darkside” Lead Will Know All About the Creatures…

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 15:19

The “Tales From The Darkside” series has its lead, and he won’t know how to stop the horrific events in the CW anthology.

The anthology series will feature only one regular character, Newman (Kris Lemche), a weathered and tortured young man who is the guide to the unsuspecting who come across The Darkside, says Deadline. Newman – a man with his own desperate, wrenching secrets – knows exactly what’s causing the terrifying Darkside Events that drive the series. What he doesn’t know is how to stop them.

The CW pilot is a remake of the 1980s horror/fantasy/thriller anthology that hails from writer Joe Hill and producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Hill, Kurtzman and Orci executive produce with Heather Kadin, Mitch Galin and Jerry Golod for CBS TV Studios.

Canadian-born Lemche is recurring on ABC’s Agents Of ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.” His recent feature credits include indies Alter Egos and Legend Of Hell’s Gate.

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Michael Myers Gets Unmasked In New ‘Halloween’ Doc About Tony Moran

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 15:05

Tony Moran may not be a household name, but his face is an integral part of horror movie history. Moran portrayed Michael Myers in the final scenes of John Carpenter’s Halloween, including the unmasked sequence. His life hasn’t been the same since the influential film’s release in 1978.

Insomniac Productions and Lock it Down Productions are excited to announce Horror Icon: Inside Michael’s Mask with Tony Moran and release the official poster artwork.

The independent documentary gives viewers a rare look at the life of a genre celebrity. Co-directors David Langill and Jordan Pacheco were given unprecedented access to Moran’s life for the project. From horror conventions to home life and everything in between, nothing was off limits.

The film features special appearances by Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Dee Wallace (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial), Andrew Bryniarski (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Debbie Rochon (Tromeo and Juliet), Jonathan Tiersten (Sleepaway Camp), John Dugan (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Timothy Patrick Quill (Army of Darkness), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior), and more.

“I want to show Tony for who he is,” explains Langill. “A father, a friend, an actor, and a horror icon. Tony is a passionate man with a big heart, and like all of us, Tony has his ups and downs. Viewers get to see Tony as most have never seen him before.”

Pacheco adds, “This is a unique chance to see how a hit film can affect an actor years after its release, the relationships a life of acting and traveling doing conventions have made, and what happens after the conventions doors close. Tony has lived an incredible life, and I’m grateful for the chance to share some of it with everyone.”

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‘Big Game’ Turns Samuel L. Jackson From President Into Badass (Trailer)!

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Mike Pereira raved about Big Game (review) when he caught the World Premiere at this past September’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Said to be like a PG-13 Ambling adventure film, “The fate of the most powerful man in the world lies in the hands of a 13-year old boy. Plunged into a deadly game of cat and mouse with only hours to spare, Oskari and the President must team up to survive the most extraordinary night of their lives.

Now, a new trailer has been released that’s seriously one of the best in recent memory. In it, Jackson plays the President of the United States, who survives a plane crash. Obviously, this was an assignation attempt, and the killers come to finish the job. Jackson, as the President, must learn to become an American badass with the help of a young boy. It looks fantastic.

It will finally hit U.S. audiences with its June 26th release in select theaters, Digital HD, and on demand,

Directed by Jalmari Helander, the film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Stevenson, Jim Broadbent, Ted Levine, Felicity Huffman, and Victor Garber

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[Comic Review] “Big Man Plans” #1 – Tons Of Carnage In A Small Package

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:55

Reviewed by Brady Steele. If you’re a fan of Eric Powell’s The Goon, you have an idea of what to expect from this creator’s mind. At least, you think you do. Big Man Plans #1 blows the doors off anything you can imagine. If you thought Powell’s previous work was uninhibited, you have no idea what you’re going to see in this book.

WRITTEN BY: Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch

ART BY: Eric Powell

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $3.50

RELEASE: 4 March 2015

These days, I tend to imagine each comic book I read in another medium for more people to consume and see. Comics have become the springboard for movies and TV series in the last fifteen years with no sign of slowing down. I can imagine this book being a hard sell but DANG it would be glorious to see. The scariest little person you’ve ever seen headlines this series from mastermind creators Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch.

One man, the little guy with no name, has been literally beaten into a hardened, bitter and violent threat to anyone and everything around him. TheBig Man no longer suffers fools since his life has taught him how to survive no matter what happens. Powell’s art shows how horrible one man can be treated by the world around him before revenge and grenades seem like obvious solutions.

This book is all kinds of messed up with dark, dark, dark humor and uber-ultraviolence mashed together. Shock and awe do not cover the things seen in these pages. This book is easily one of the more wicked I’ve read and I’m guessing it will make you drop your jaw a few times. Whomever is standing of the way of the Big Man Plans for respect better know how to fight dirtier than dirty. I don’t see how any of this will end well for any involved so enjoy the carnage this little man unleashes for the next three issues.

Mr. Steele enjoys all things comics and imagination-based. Using his lifetime of comic-fu-dom for good, he imparts his knowledge for the universe to enjoy and for you, dear readers, to pass it on.

Twitter: @mrbradysteele

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[Comic Review] “Imperium” #2 Is Completely Captivating

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:42

Reviewed by Brady Steele. The enemy of my enemy of my enemy is my friend…or another enemy? Imperium #2 has plenty of maneuvering and political super-powered intrigue that showcases how unlimited this series can really be. All that from the second issue! It’s impressive to see how ambitious this book is from the get-go.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Dysart

ART BY: Doug Braithwaite

PUBLISHER: Valiant Entertainment

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 4 March 2015

The plans for this title must be staggeringly elaborate. This second chapter by writer Joshua Dysart feels so utterly different from the premiere last month but still oh so very connected at the same time. The main focus of this book, would-be-benevolent leader of the world Psiot Toyo Harada, doesn’t even appear in this issue. Not once. His fingerprints and footsteps, however, are ALL OVER every page. Harada’s Harbinger Foundation is his ears, his eyes and his fists all over this world. Their presence is definitely felt everywhere they appear.

The other side of this conflict is shown to us in the Operation: Rising Spirit’s field team, The H.A.R.D. Corps. They are black-ops, super-powered countermeasure to Harada’s world plans. It’s fascinating to see how the world would react to a superpower threat with actual super powers. Doug Braithwaite`s art compliments the storytelling taking place in this storyline. For example, the harshness and intensity shines through the central character Gravedog`s actions. His actions both on the battlefield and behind closed doors make him captivating to watch. For a series of complete unknowns to a new Valiant Comics like me, it`s completely captivating storytelling.

I cannot recommend the Valiant Entertainment books enough. They really are a hotbed for comics done well month in and month out. Imperium #2 continues to build up this universe with uninhibited ambition and scope. There are moves within moves herein that are worth reading over and over just to imagine what will happen next. Read this.

Mr. Steele enjoys all things comics and imagination-based. Using his lifetime of comic-fu-dom for good, he imparts his knowledge for the universe to enjoy and for you, dear readers, to pass it on.

Twitter: @mrbradysteele

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‘Cute Little Buggers 3D’ Gets a Goofy Trailer

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:42

From Tony Jopia, the director of Deadtime and Crying Wolf, comes the ’80s inspired grisly British comic-horror Cute Little Buggers 3D.

We’ve been reporting on the film for quite some time now, and while a UK release is planned for June, there’s been no official update. Although, the first trailer has been release, and surprisingly doesn’t do anything to get us hyped. In fact, it’s basically a shot of a bunch of no-name cast and none of the “buggers”.

Will you let them take our women? It’s Gremlins meets Hot Fuzz set in the English countryside. When hostile aliens crash land on local farmland the villagers at the summer ball get suspicious when young women start going missing. The villagers soon band together around our hero Melchoir (Kristofer Dayne) to fend off the invaders and bring back peace to the sleepy English countryside! B-movie laughs in this creature feature from director Tony Jopia.

It stars Caroline Monroe, Joe Egan, Kristofer Dayne, Gary Martin, John R. Walker, Dani Thompson, Jess Jantschek, Samar Sarila, Jo Price, Sarah Bennett and Leslie Grantham.

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‘Aliens’ Is Coming to the San Diego Comic-Con!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:35

Readers with a lot of expendable cash, get your credit card cleared for what could be the greatest horror collectible of all-time.

According to, the Hollywood Collectibles Group (HCG) announced that will be releasing a 1:1 scale life-size statue of a Xenomorph Warrior as seen in James Cameron’s 1986 Aliens!

The piece will debut at San Diego Comic-Con this coming July.

Personally, I’d rather one from Ridley Scott’s Alien as you can see the skull through the Xeno’s head, which I always found to be the coolest Alien design feature. Either way I welcome the thought of waking up, turning the corner, and walking face-to-face into one of these monstrosities!

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‘Ghoulies’ and ‘Ghoulies II’ Get Blu-ray Release!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:23

Look out or they’ll get you in the end!

Scream Factory proudly presents a monstrous double feature of Ghoulies and Ghoulies II on Blu-ray on April 21, 2015. New bonus features include an audio commentary with Ghoulies director Luca Bercovici and interviews with executive producer Charles Band.

Ghoulies: “Take a creepy old Hollywood mansion, a naive young man and a pretty girl. Add an over-the-top orgy and some slimy, winged goblins who crawl out of toilets, and you have Ghoulies, a horrifying and hilarious ride into the darkest regions of hell! Conjured during a party thrown by the mansion’s new owner, the hairy, fanged demons waste no time wreaking havoc on the scene – and declaring the unsuspecting owner their new lord and master! Peter Liapis (Ghost Warrior), Lisa Pelkin (Jennifer) Michael Des Barres (Waxwork II, Under Siege) and Jack Nance (Eraserhead, Twin Peaks) star in this fanged frenzy of sharp twists and eye-popping shocks that’ll get you where it counts!

Ghoulies II: “The demonic, toilet-dwelling goblins are back! Stowed away in “Satan’s Den,” the traveling House of Horror operated by carnival workers Larry and Uncle Ned, the Ghoulies merrily devour the sideshow attraction’s patrons… until Larry realizes his horror house is for real and tries to flee the scene! Deliciously outrageous special effects and over-the-top antics ratchet up the horrific fun! Kerry Remsen (Pumpkinhead), Phil Fondacaro (Troll), William Butler (1990’s Night of the Living Dead) and Royal Dano (Big Bad Mama) star in this creepy, crawly sequel that’s got every bit as big a bite as the original!



· Audio Commentary with director/co-writer Luca Bercovici
· New interviews with executive producer Charles Band, composer Richard Band, actor Michael Des Barres and special effects makeup artist John Vulich
· Original Theatrical Trailer


· New interviews with executive producer Charles Band, actress Kerry Remsen, actor Donnie Jeffcoat and special effects artist Gino Crognale
· Rare Deleted Scenes
· Original Theatrical Trailer

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New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Trailer – “I Created Something Terrible”

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:23

Peace through extinction…

After a huge social media push on twitter the third and likely final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is here. It features a ton of action and some more expository elements we already knew about the film. It’s chock full of action and small character moments that the Marvel franchise is known for, but there is a ton of despair throughout the entire thing. This looks like we’re headed into a more Empire Strikes Back type of scenario than ever before.

Plus! We get our first look at Vision! Which is fleeting but oh so awesome. I can’t express how excited I am for this movie. I know it’s just more punching and very little politics, but as someone who grew up dreaming to see these characters on the big screen this is pure wish fulfillment. I know this isn’t horror, but since we have a pretty large comic book section on this site, it’s important to post news that they’ll want to see just as much as the horror stuff everyone else loves.

Love it or hate this is one damn good trailer. I know I’ll be there on day one.

When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to the Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård with James Spader and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1st, 2015.


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“The Devil On Wheels” Doc to Celebrate Steven Spielberg’s ‘Duel’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:22

UPDATE: A " target="blank">Kickstarter has been launched for this project.

A feature-length documentary, The Devil On Wheels, will celebrate the making and the cult surrounding Duel, the first well known film created by Steven Spielberg. A small shot-for-TV film, Duel has astonished many by generating an ongoing cult for more than four decades amongst film fans.

In Duel, a Movie-Of-The-Week shot in 1971, a terrifying truck, whose driver we never see, for no apparent reason chases a lone driver along the desert roads of Southern California. Such was its success that the film was extended and distributed as a film worldwide.

The Power of a Very Small Film

Duel fans from all over the world regularly visit the film locations in the desert next to Los Angeles. They go to see the surviving truck in North Carolina. Film experts discuss its meanings. Would-be filmmakers analyse the way it was made. Steven Spielberg’s first known work has become a top cinematic reference, an iconic piece of filmmaking and its influence is still fresh to this day. Director Alfonso Cuaron revealed he used Duel as a reference when he made “Gravity”.

Why a tiny film, made cheaply and quickly for TV, has generated such a passionate, international and undying cult, is the question the documentary wants to answer. The Devil On Wheels will find out what makes Duel so unique, looking deeply into the Duel’s phenomenon and in doing so, it will explore the power and fascination that films have on people.

An International Crew

The documentary will be shot in the USA by a team of five international Duel lovers who will travel the country exploring the Duel phenomenon: interviewing the surviving members of the crew, reconstructing the way the movie was made, and meeting other fans and experts to discuss the ongoing appreciation of the film.

The Devil On Wheels Productions will run a crowd funding campaign to allow fans to participate in the making of the documentary. The campaign will be on Kickstarter from Wednesday 4th March and will run for 30 days on an all-or-nothing basis. Duel has not only generated a cult amongst film fans, but amongst truck lovers too, for whom the protagonist Peterbilt 281 has become an icon.

A Crossroads for Duel Fans

The filmmakers have created a website,, which for the first time gathers in one place all Duel related information to be found on the internet. The Facebook page will serve as a meeting point for the fans. An actual gathering with Duel fans is planned in one of the locations during the shooting of the documentary.

Director Enric Folch, a multi-award winning TV director in Spain, returns to documentary making after the excellent international reception of Chining Me, an ironical view on pre-Olympic China. His most successful TV film Tempus Fugit will soon have a theatrical remake through an international coproduction.

The title of the documentary, The Devil On Wheels, is the straight translation of the Spanish title of Duel, and it’s been chosen as an homage to the worldwide recognition of the film.

For more information about the documentary and the crowd funding campaign, please visit the website and the Facebook page.

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[Comic Review] “Nameless” #2 Is Disturbing Celestial Warefare

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:15

Reviewed By Eric Switzer. “Nameless” #2 is 20 pages of high-concept round table discussion of celestial warfare bookended by cannibalistic body horror…on the moon.  I wanted to lead with that because like all Grant Morrison books you are either in or you’re out, and I am so definitely in.

WRITTEN BY: Grant Morrison
ART BY: Chris Burnham
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: March 4, 2015

So Nameless’ purpose becomes pretty clear when he meets the rest of the team tasked with saving earth from a heavenly asteroid: he is the occultist expert there to protect them from whatever manner of cooky space deities that support the asteroids cause to destroy all life on Earth.  I guess they decided they were out of their league when one of their best and brightest started taking off heads and writing bloody words on the wall in angel language.  Yet some of the crew is skeptical about Nameless’ abilities and expertise.  Morrison wouldn’t be analogizing any scientific controversies would he?

As much as I love Burnham’s frames it couldn’t quite keep me engaged with the endless chit chat that took up the bulk of the book.  Morrison has some of the best prose in the business but this thing was just too dense.  If nothing else, these quieter moments allowed for the insane violence and robot space dragon fight to really shine.  Chris is just the man to match Morrison’s eccentricities.

I have no idea whats going on here, let alone where things are going.  I’m intrigued and entertained for the most part, and most of all I trust these guys to deliver.  One of the first novels I read growing up with a dark fantasy book by Simon R. Green called “Agents of Light and Darkness” in the “Nightside” series.  Since then angel stuff has always given me a boner.  I’m really hoping to see some Tyreal-style Angelic badasses in this book, but if nothing else I can count on seeing a bunch more really insane and disturbing shit.  Isn’t that worth your $4?

Eric Switzer  is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at

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Henry Rollins Kicks Some Ass In First ‘He Never Died’ Clip (SXSW ’15)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 03/04/2015 - 14:08

Part of the SXSW Midnighters, playing from March 13 – 21, 2015 in Austin, Texas, is the crime-horror-thriller He Never Died.

Written and being directed by indie helmer Jason Krawczyk (The Briefcase), He Never Died stars punk icon Henry Rollins as Jack, a mysterious loner who has lived an inexplicably long life fueled by blood lust and filled with crime and violence.

You’ll get a taste of this in the first ever clip in which Rollins kicks the living shit out of two criminals. It also shows the film’s comedic vibe, which could work for or against it.

Rollins is joined on screen by the Twilight franchise star Boo Boo Stewart (X-Men: Days of Future Past), Kate Greenhouse (The Dark Hours), Jordan Todosey (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”), and Steven Ogg, who is fresh off his success playing the popular character Trevor in the critically acclaimed “Grand Theft Auto V.”

“He Never Died follows Jack in his battle with cannibalism and mental sobriety. An exceptionally prolonged life has brought depression and detachment. Jack buys stolen blood from a hospital intern, plays bingo, sleeps fourteen hours a day, watches television six hours a day, and lives alone. This is his life – he has shelled himself away from social interactions. The fuse is lit when Jack’s past comes back to rattle him. Jack must now walk a tight rope of sobriety and try to eat as few people as possible in this violent tale of personal responsibility and self worth. As it turns out, there are very few reasons to live when you can’t die.

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