Here’s Emilia Clarke In ‘Voice From the Stone’!

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“Games of Thrones” beauty Emilia Clarke is having quite a year as she’ll not only be starring in Terminator: Genisys, but also the new supernatural thriller Voice From the Stone.

13 Films, who is handling the pic at the ongoing EFM in Berlin, shared with Bloody Disgusting the first ever pic of Clarke in the pic helmed by Eric D. Howell.

Marton Csokas (The Equalizer, The Debt, The Bourne Suprem­acy) and Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) also star in the “Haunting story of Verena (Clarke), a solemn nurse drawn to aid a young boy named Jakob who has fallen silent since the untimely death of his mother nearly a year ago. Living with his father (Csokas) in a massive stone manor in Tuscany, Jakob not only refuses to speak, he seems to be under the spell of a malevolent force trapped within the stone walls. As Verena’s relationship with the father and son grow, she becomes ensnared and consumed by Malvina’s severe force. If she is to save the boy, and free herself, she must face the phantom hidden inside the stone.

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[Review] ‘Fear Clinic’ Is (Mostly) Worth Checking Into!

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Based upon the 2009 web series of the same name, the feature-length version of Fear Clinic comes to us after a rather long wait. Was the wait worth it? Well, yes and no. Overall the pros definitely outweigh the cons, but the film certainly isn’t flawless. Some strong performances and inspired ideas with the story elevate this film above its low-budget constraints. The end result is a film that is worth watching, but doesn’t fully deliver on what it promises. Warning, some minor spoilers about the film’s plot are mentioned below.

I have never watched the web series that Fear Clinic is based on, but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the film. You don’t need any knowledge of the web series to understand everything that is going on here.  We are first introduced to Dr. Andover (Robert Englund), who is attempting to cure individuals of their worst phobias using his fear chamber. The fear chamber is essentially a large metal sarcophagus that he places his patients into and forces them to face their worst fears. We are then presented with a group of friends (among which is the lovely Fiona Dourif)  hanging out in a diner when a masked man walks in and starts shooting up the place. Flash forward one year and these friends, who were supposedly cured of their phobias after the shooting incident, are experiencing their fears again. Only now their phobias seem stronger than ever and are affecting them in the form of physical manifestations. Thus, they return to Dr. Andover in an attempt to learn why their fears won’t go away. On top of all this, new patient Blake (Thomas Dekker), who was rendered mute and confined to a wheelchair after the shooting, is brought to the good doctor in an attempt to repair his ability to speak.

The ideas presented in the script are what make the film stand out. It is an ambitious concept, albeit one that the film doesn’t fully deliver on (or explain). I have no problem when a film doesn’t explain everything, but the rules of this universe are never made even a little bit clear. This doesn’t make the film hard to follow, it will just make you ask “Why is this happening?” on more than one occasion. More often than not, there is no answer to that question. Things happen just because they can, and that can make the viewing experience slightly frustrating. The idea presented to us (and this isn’t much of a spoiler seeing as how it is on the cover art) is that fear itself has become a sentient being, taking the form of a viscous black goo that hunts down the main characters of the film. It all leads to a climax that is very reminiscent of the ending to the House on Haunted Hill remake. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s still fun to watch. By the way, here is that box art I mentioned:

There are a few plot holes in the film as well (Why is Robert Englund the only person who can operate the fear chamber?) and poor dialogue (“I can’t tell you anything…I’ve already said too much”), but overall it’s nothing that is detrimental to the film. The actors are certainly up to the challenge and help elevate the quality of the writing. At the forefront we have Robert Englund, who by now can sleepwalk through a role and pretty much does just that here. Fiona Dourif, proving once again that she can be the saving grace in a film, is great with the material she has been given. Her role ultimately serves as a stand-in for the audience as she finds out the answers to her (and our) questions. Thomas Dekker is also great in his limited screen time (and limited dialogue). Randomly, Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor is also in the film as the comic relief, and he’s actually pretty good! His scenes don’t come off as forced and are pretty humorous. There is a scene with him and another orderly that reminded me of the ambulance driver dialogue in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, which isn’t good, but other than that Taylor is fairly entertaining.

With the exception of a few shoddy CGI effects (the CGI spiders look awful), the effect are top notch. Director Robert Hall got his start as a makeup artist, eventually leading him to write and direct the two Laid to Rest films (both of which I love). Based on that alone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the gore effects look great. The aforementioned spider scene has a particularly gross moment involving a boil, and the black goo fear monster with Englund’s face on it (again, not a spoiler since this is the cover art) looks great and is pretty disturbing. Hall is a competent director and films quite a few interesting shots. The guy certainly knows how to film a horror film. That being said, flickering lights are overused way too much in the film. To the point where it started hurting my eyes (that may just be me, though).

All in all, Fear Clinic is at least worth a watch. It isn’t an amazing film, but it has enough interesting ideas going on with some pretty great practical effects that make it a slightly above average film.

Fear Clinic is currently available on select VOD Services and iTunes and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on February 10th.

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New Image From Freshly Titled ‘Tremors 5: Bloodline’

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The fifth heart-pounding installment in the action-packed sci-fi comedy-adventure franchise, Tremors 5: Bloodline, is set to release this October on Blu-Ray Hi-Def, DVD and Digital HD. Today, we get new looks at the key cast members, Michael Gross, who returns for his fifth appearance in the Tremors films, as well as new cast member, Scream film series star Jamie Kennedy.

With even more deadly creatures on the loose, Tremors 5 continues the films’ hallmark combination of adrenaline-laced suspense, explosive action and tongue-in-cheek humor.

The film is directed by Don Michael Paul (Jarhead 2: Field of Fire, Sniper: Legacy) from a script by John Whelpley (Tremors 3: Back to Perfection) and produced by Ogden Gavanski (The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Fire, Warm Bodies).

Michael Gross (“Anger Management,” “Suits,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Family Ties,” Tremors franchise) returns as weapons enthusiast and expert subterranean creature hunter Burt Gummer with Jamie Kennedy (“The Cleveland Show,” “Ghost Whisperer,” Scream series) as his new right hand man, tech-savvy Travis. The pair are joined by an international cast as they mount a battle against the deadly creatures that turns out to be far more than they bargained for.

The theatrical release of the original Tremors in 1990 combined suspense-filled action, sci-fi imagination and witty humor in the tale of a tiny Nevada town terrorized by giant man-eating worms known as Graboids. The Graboids eventually morphed into even more deadly creatures known as Ass Blasters. In this all-new adventure that travels halfway around the world to South Africa, the Graboids and the Ass Blasters are not only bigger and badder but Tremors 5 introduces an additional unexpected surprise that raises the stakes in the battle for survival.

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New ’31′ Art As Rob Zombie Relaunches Campaign; Tour Dates!

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“In Hell everyone loves popcorn…”

This summer Rob Zombie will be embarking on a new nationwide tour.

Pre-sale tickets for all of the dates listed below are only available at RZ-31 until February 13 when they will be widely available.

Last year Rob Zombie broke boundaries and hosted a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for his upcoming feature length film 31. The campaign is being re-launched this month due to popular demand.

“After wrapping up our first campaign we were bombarded with late requests to be part of the 31 action,” said Zombie. “So here we go again! Time to join the bloody clown mayhem! Filming starts in March so get ready for tons of exciting updates on what promises to be the most fucked up film of the year.”

31 is in part, a crowdfunded endeavor that will allow Zombie’s legions of fans to be involved from the ground up with his latest project. “I wish something like this had existed when I was a kid,” Zombie explained. “I would have killed to be part of so many movies. Even being involved in the smallest way would have been awesome.”

Fans will have access to exclusive VIP experiences involving the film and Zombie’s music career. In addition to the wide range of VIP experiences fans can also get their hands on exclusive merch and original props from Zombie’s films. Be on the look out for the new campaign, which will be hosted once again at RZ-31.

Not only does this month mark the beginning of the second leg of online crowdfunding, but it will also mark the release of Rob Zombie’s first live album in over eight years. SPOOKSHOW INTERNATIONAL LIVE is filled with nineteen tracks from the highlights of Rob’s critically acclaimed US tour of 2014. Digital preorder for the album is live everywhere now and the full album will be released on February 24.

Besides working on his highly anticipated new film, Rob was also able to find time to hit the studio and his new full-length album is coming soon. About the new album Rob said, “The new studio album is done! The last mixes were put to bed and the studio is back in storage. Can’t give you much info yet… but I can easily say this is my favorite album yet… no joke. Yeah I know every fucking asshole says that. But it is seriously our heaviest most fuck up musical monster to date. One song entitled “Well, Everybody’s Fucking In a UFO” is sure to be an instant Zombie classic! Not since ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’ have I spent this long putting an album together. It was worth it.”

Pre-sale tickets for Rob Zombie’s upcoming tour dates will go on sale February 9 only at RZ-31 where fans can also pick up exclusive Meet & Greet offers or an array of new 31 merch. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on his upcoming live album and his newest full-length studio release.

Tour Dates
June 2 in New Orleans, LA at Civic Theatre
June 4 in Simpsonville, SC at Charter Amphitheatre
June 5 in Portsmouth, BA at nTelos Wireless Pavilion
June 6 in Sayreville, NJ at Starland Ballroom
June 8 in Warren, OH at Packard Music Hall
June 9 in Cincinnati, OH at Riverbend Music Hall
June 10 in Milwaukee, WI at Eagles Ballroom
June 12 in Sylvania, OH at Centennial Terrace
June 14 in Indianapolis, IN at Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn
June 16 in Pittsburgh, PA at Stage AE
June 18 in Uncasville, CT at Mohegan Sun Arena
June 19 in Big Flats, NY at Tags Summerstage
June 28 in Grand Junction, CO at Loudwire Music Festival

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‘Afterimages’ Recants Ghost Legends From Hell

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 14:19

In addition to Blood Ransom, Devilworks is at EFM with a new horror anthology – and we have some first ever stills!

Afterimages is a fantasy horror shot in 4K, and is said to be paired with a graphic novel and an app that complements the film (ScreenDaily).

Tony Kern directs this anthology of ghost legends from Hell!

It’s said to be about a group of students, who burn effigies of cameras, for the wandering spirits, during ghost month in Singapore. They receive a collection of horror movies in return, which will become their fateful reality.

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[Advance Comic Review] “Darth Vader” #1 Proves A Little Too Familiar

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 14:03

Marvel’s second Star Wars series “Darth Vader” #1 proves the eponymous villain is worth the wait as his commanding presence can be felt on every page, and while the debut issue isn’t as exciting as it could be, it still stands strong on the merits of the character.

WRITTEN BY: Kieron Gillen

ART BY: Salvador Larocca

PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics

PRICE: $4.99

RELEASE: February 11, 2015

Knowing what we know now, there is nothing quite like seeing Darth Vader return to Tatooine to take care of business. His disdain for the planet can be felt with every panel. And throughout the entire first issue Kieron Gillen playfully reminds the reader of the character’s past. He roots the motivation of the story in something we already know but will now play out a different way.

Through the previews at the back of “Star Wars” #1 we already know that Vader comes face to face with Jabba The Hutt in this issue, and their showdown is a welcome one. I couldn’t think of two better characters to go head to head, and no one has proved a more formidable force against the gigantic Hutt.

Salvador Larocca’s art is impeccable at every single turn. His work is cinematic and detailed. Every character has layers to their appearance that speak volumes of the worth they live in. His framing choices make Vader look imposing and without question put the character in control. He compliments John Cassaday’s super realistic style and helps build out Marvel’s Star Wars universe in a unique and bold way.

The storytelling on display here is admirable, because it shows that everyone who was given a chance to play in this galaxy were at the same meetings. It’s a tightly crafted tale that had me pretty giddy in the first ten pages.

Only to stumble a little toward the back half thanks to some truly confusing jumps in time that don’t really add to the story but instead pull us out of what is going on only to remind the reader of what they already knew. Laying the groundwork of the original trilogy is something anyone picking up this comic should be spared of.

Consequently Vader’s plan is a little interesting knowing where the story is supposed to go. It’s interesting to see the character play against The Emperor for his own means and push his own agenda so hard. But, again, Vader is so unquestionably evil by this point that its hard not to have a one-dimensional character. Many stories have handled this well in the past, but here Gillen reduces himself down to retreading old ground.

For a first issue it’s a understandable but ultimately problematic choice. We’re treated to a whole assortment of things we already know, and are forced to see the character exactly as we have in the past. I learned nothing knew about Darth Vader through these pages, and I can’t help but long for something else more compelling to get me to return to issue #2.

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‘The Hoarder’ Saves Body Parts (EFM)

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:38

Check out this EFM sales art for The Hoarder, which is being sold at the ongoing market in Berlin.

Matt Winn directs from a script he co-wrote with James Handel and Chris Denne

When Ella (Mischa Barton) discovers her Wall Street banker boyfriend is renting a secret storage unit, she suspects he’s using it to hide an affair. Enlisting the help of her best friend, Molly (Emily Atack), she breaks into the facility only to discover something more terrifying instead. Now trapped in a darkened building with a group of neurotic strangers who start disappearing one by one, Ella soon uncovers even worse horror in the dank depths. Her life or death battle to escape eternal enslavement is about to begin.

The film wants you to unlock the secret…

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‘Jack Brooks’ Director Returns With ‘Goddess of Love’ (Trailer)

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:34

An official trailer has been released for Goddess of Love, the latest genre film from Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer director Jon Knautz.

In it, “An emotionally unstable woman begins a volatile descent into madness when she suspects her lover has left her for another woman.

Rachel Alig, Alexis Kendra and Elizabeth Sandy star.

Keep up with the film over on Facebook.

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‘The Coup’ Retitled to ‘No Escape’

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:29

The Coup, the action thriller starring Owen Wilson, pictured in Wedding Crashers, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan, is getting a title switch and a date change, says THR.

The movie is now called No Escape, and its release date has been moved from March 6 to September 2, 2015.

The story centers on an American businessman (Wilson) as he and his family settle into their new home in Southeast Asia. Suddenly finding themselves in the middle of a violent political uprising (i.e., a coup), they must frantically look for a safe escape as rebels mercilessly attack the city.

The site explains that one reason for the title change is that the name tested poorly with audiences, who didn’t know what the heck a “coup” was.

Devil, The Poughkeepsie Tapes and As Above/So Below‘s John Erick Dowdle directed the movie and co-wrote it with his brother, Drew Dowdle.

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Takashi Miike’s ‘Yakuza Apocalypse’ Gets Weird Teaser Trailer

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:22

Indonesian action star Yayan Ruhian – best known from both The Raid films – toplines Takashi Miike’s Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld, which now has a pair of super weird teaser trailers.

Hayato Ichihara stars in Miike’s return to hardcore genre filmmaking in what’s being billed as the world’s first yakuza vampire movie.

Scripted by Yoshitaka Yamaguchi, Yakuza Apocalypse stars Ichihara as a yakuza underling who discovers his boss is a bloodsucker, only to get bitten himself before going up against a gang of deadly international assassins.

Akira (Hayato Ichihara) admires Genyo Kamiura who is the most powerful yakuza. Genyo Kamiura has been targeted numerous times, but has never died. He is called the invincible person.

Because of Genyo Kamiura, Akira enters the world of the yakuza. His yakuza colleagues treats him like an idiot, Akira can’t even get tattoos because of his sensitive skin. Akira becomes disappointed in the yakuza world, because it’s not like what he say in the movies. Especially, in terms of loyalty and charity depicted of the yakuza.

An assassin is then sent to take out Genyo Kamiura. The killers know that Genyo Kamiura is a vampire.

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Whiiite ‘Monstiiir’ EP Stream (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:21

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with renowned electronic musician Whiiite to bring you the exclusive stream of his latest EP Monstiiir. The two-track EP features the tracks “Lock Poppin” and “Monstiiir”, both heavily built for dance clubs.

A bit more about Whiiite:

L.A.-based Whiiite (Chris White) projects a theatrical, character-driven persona, building a cult following with an original, ongoing superhero graphic novel series that, along with his music and illustrations, tells an epic story.

As it goes: The DJ/producer was kidnapped and experimented on by a mysterious group of scientists, surviving to discover new musical superpowers. He got fast to work in his lab, creating darkly captivating tracks merging heavy bass, techno, house music and hip-hop with massive synth and haunting melodies.

Head on below to stream the EP and make sure to pre-order it via Beatport.

Whiiite states:

Studying film a bit in college I focused mainly on story and screenwriting… So once I moved into music I didn’t want to leave that part of my life completely behind so we incorporated into the project. The music is inspired by the story and the story is written back to the music. The saga continues with this latest EP… Whiiite begins to discover his powers…

Whiiite online:
Official Website

Tour dates:
February 21 | Fluxx | San Diego, CA
February 27 | Segredo | Madison,WI

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Here’s Chloe Moretz In the Post-Apocalyptic ‘The 5th Wave’

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:19

Check out a first look at Let Me In and Carrie‘s Chloe Moretz in Sony’s The 5th Wave, an adaptation of the bestselling novel that’s the first book in a planned trilogy by Rick Yancey.

The thriller centers on 16-year-old Cassie (Moretz), who’s on the run after fave waves of increasingly deadly attacks that have left most of Earth decimated. Against a backdrop of fear and distrust, Cassie is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother. As she prepares for the inevitable and lethal fifth wave, she meets a young man who may become her final hope.

J. Blakeson is directing from a screenplay by Susannah Grant.

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[TV] Is NBC Moving “Constantine” To SyFy Rebranded As Hellblazer?

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 13:10

Over the last 24 hours there has been a rumor that NBC is planning to save “Constantine.” But not in a way we once thought. NBC Universal is apparently toying with the idea of moving the show to it’s cable sister channel SyFy, where it could be a little darker and have lower expectations for ratings. This would come with the ability for the show to be rebranded as Hellblazer. 

This would be a remarkable move by NBC that shows faith in the property. Moreover moving the title to something that shows a tonally darker show is in store for fans would be a breath of fresh air for those of us who are tired by the procedural ongoings of the current TV show makeup. I can only hope that the people in charge recognize this as the best idea to let this world grow into something more sinister and beautiful. And, let’s be honest, SyFy needs this right now.

Constantine premiered in October to 4.28 million, and boasts a vocal fanbase with decent reviews, but has never really been able to find its audience. This might be due to the horrible Friday Night Death slot, rather than a lack of quality.

Constantine‘s 13th — and, as of now, final — episode, called “Waiting for the Man,” airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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The ‘Martyrs’ Remake Already Has Already Been Filmed…

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 12:56

This past weekend we told you about the long-gestured Martyrs remake, which looks to finally be happening. Oh, wait, it’s already done.

The Goetz Brothers (Scenic Route) have directed the U.S. version of Pascal Laugier’s 2009 French horror film that challenged religion, and played a cathartic role in his real life loss.

Thanks to Bloody regular Fabien M., we have also learned that Martyrs, which is to be produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company, has already been completed.

Bailey Noble, who played Adilyn Bellefleur on “True Blood” (pictured below), toplines with “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario, Bloody Disgusting is told.

Kate Burton (Stay, Big Trouble in Little China) and Blake Robbins (Rubber) round out the cast.

Mark L. Smith (Vacancy, The Hole, The Revenant) penned the screenplay: “In ‘Martyrs’ 10-year-old Lucie flees from the isolated warehouse where she has been held prisoner. Deeply traumatized, she is plagued by awful night terrors at the orphanage that takes her in. Her only comfort comes from Anna, a girl her own age. Nearly a decade later and still haunted by demons, Lucie finally tracks down the family that tortured her. As she and Anna move closer to the agonizing truth, they find themselves trapped in a nightmare – if they cannot escape, a martyr’s fate awaits them…

The Last Exorcism‘s Daniel Stamm was once attached to direct and called the screenplay “spellbinding.”

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[Podcast] Whatever – February 9th, 2015 – “Another Week, Another Remake”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 12:43

Did Poltergeist need a remake? Who will die next in “The Walking Dead”? Which “Hannibal” is better? All that and more in this week’s show.

As always, leave a comment below, head to our Facebook page, or hit us up on Twitter, and let us know your thoughts!

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‘Brimstone’ On the Run From a Diabolical Preacher

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 12:29

Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson and Carice Van Houten (pictured; “Black Book,” “Game of Thrones”) have joined Mia Wasikowska and Guy Pearce in writer-director Martin Koolhoven’s (Winter in Wartime) thriller Brimstone, which Embankment has launched at Berlin’s EFM, writes ScreenDaily.

Set to shoot in May 2015, the film will follow a heroine on the run from her past and a diabolical preacher. Pattinson will play an outlaw.

Els Vandevorst of N279 Entertainment is producing, in co-production with Studio Babelsberg, The Film Farm and Prime Time.

Nik Powell and Backup Media’s Jean-Baptiste Babin and Joel Thibout are executive producers.

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Devilworks Scares Up a ‘Blood Ransom’ at EFM

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 12:19

Devilworks is running around EFM with a new horror, Blood Ransom, writes ScreenDaily.

The vampire thriller stars Filipino Australian actress Anne Curtis.

In Blood Ransom, Curtis plays a young woman who must fight the monster she’s becoming to save the life of the man she loves.

Matteo Rolleri, CEO of Devilworks, said: “The foot print in technology and social media is something that is currently driving the content market. Blood Ransom, with such a vast ‘built in’ audience, and Afterimages approaching new technology in full, means both will be winners for distributors.”

We scared up a bunch of first look images and art!

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Watch An Artist Paint the Infamous ‘Amityville’ House

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 12:11

Artist Phil Ball shared with us his beautiful The Amityville Horror painting, as well as a video tat details the creation of said art.

“I decided to a reworking of the film poster, to capture that eerie house in all its grandeur,” he explained on his blog.

“Alongside Psycho, it is probably one of the most iconic houses in horror history and with the top windows lit up at night just shouts scary story! The house was painted using a digital oil brush technique. This gives it a warmth and texture making the house feel likes it’s jumping out of the paper. This was drawn and painted in Photoshop, once painted I added additional colour saturation on the oranges and blues to give it a stormy moon lit feel, I then added a layer of grey to the bottom of the house to evoke fog or mist creeping across the ground and into the house, as though there was a presence of something there. Finally, I added a little extra light in the white areas and darkened the shadows to provide more contrast.

“The Image was finished by creating a border around the whole thing and using a templete of text from the original film release.”

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Man Leaves ‘Hell Night’ Actors $1M Estate

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 12:05

Our friends at Badass Digest caught wind of a truly bizarre article that ran a few years back. Ironically, it comes out of ABC Chicago, where Bloody Disgusting is based (not sure how we missed this).

A man who died back in 2012 willed his estate to two actors he never met (how freaking weird…), leaving them an estimated half a million dollars each, reported ABC News back in 2013.

The actors? Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton, who both starred in the 1981 Hell Night.

Fulk had admiration for the actors, whom he had never met, explain the site. He admired them so much that he left his estate to be split between them.

Ray Fulk was 71 when he died. He lived alone on a 160-acre property in Lincoln, Ill. that he inherited from his father.

Why did Fulk will his estate to the two actors?

“He just said they were friends of his,” Behle said, who knew they were actors but did not know Fulk had never met them.

After Fulk died, Brophy and Barton received letters informing them of the bequest. The two are friends who had acted in the film Hell Night. They could not be reached for comment.

The truly bizarre article in full can be read by clicking here. Would any of you leave your money to some actors you’ve never met? This is strange…maybe even a bit creepy.

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‘Chappie’ Front and Center On New Poster

bloody disgusting - Mon, 02/09/2015 - 11:28

Sony Pictures Entertainment released two new posters – one international – for Chappie, their sci-fi thriller that hails from writer-director Neill Blomkamp of District 9 fame.

In theaters March 6, 2015, the film will star Sharlto Copley as the voice of Chappie, with Ninja and Yolandi Visser, voices of the South African Zef counter-culture movement and members of rap-rave duo Die Antwoord, who play two local gangsters who want to use him for their own nefarious purposes. Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Jose Pablo Cantillo and Sigourney Weaver also star.

Check out the fantastic second trailer here:

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