This Cover Of “Theme Of Laura” From ‘Silent Hill 2′ Is Wonderful

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Next year marks the 15th anniversary of Konami’s Silent Hill 2, a title that has become one of the most revered video games ever released. To this day, its impact is constantly recognized and the fanbase it has is one of the most rabid and passionate of any gaming community.

Case in point: YouTube user Πασχάλης Μαυρωδής has posted a very cool video of himself covering Akira Yamaoka‘s signature track “Theme Of Laura”. What makes the cover so cool is that the video is one shot but Μαυρωδής appears in five different places playing five different parts, fading in and out as the video progresses.

Additionally, the cover doesn’t get as heavy or intense as Yamaoka’s but it does have its own flavor and beauty. It’s well worth checking out!

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Lionsgate Catches Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Cold’

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Lionsgate has acquired Cold, an original pitch by Bill Marsilii with Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea producing through their Pacific Standard Films banner, says THR.

Witherspoon also is attached to star in Cold, described as a dark thriller with supernatural elements.

Why this project is important is that, since its launch in 2012, Pacific Standard has been on a tear, scooping up a number of best-selling female-centric books like “Gone Girl” and “Wild” (both scored best actress nominations for stars Rosamund Pike and Witherspoon, respectively).

Witherspoon recently appeared in The Devil’s Knot about the Memphis three.

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‘Pet’ Is Finally Happening With Dominic Monaghan

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After years in development hell, Dominic Monaghan is finally set to star in Pet, a hot screenplay that was originally set up at MGM.

“Orphan Black” actress Ksenia Solo also stars with “iCarly’s” Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Parsons of “The Originals,” says THR.

Written by Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four, The Lazarus Effect, Death Note), “the story centers on an introverted man who imprisons a woman, only to find the tables turned on him. The project is said to be tonally in the vein of Gone Girl and Hard Candy.

Carles Torrens, who directed the 2012 horror film Apartment 143, is behind the camera for the movie, which began production this week and is a co-production between Revolver Picture Company and Spanish company Magic Lantern.

The project has been in the works since about 2007, when it was first set up at MGM. Monaghan has been intent on making the feature since at least 2008.

Torrens is producing alongside Revolver’s Nick Phillips and Kelly Martin Wagner. Revolver was involved in horror movies such as Haunt and Beneath.

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[Blu-ray Review] Vincent Price Carries ‘War-Gods of the Deep’

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War-Gods of the Deep is one of the few Edgar Allan Poe adaptations starring Vincent Price that wasn’t directed by Roger Corman. In fact, it could be the only one. I’m not entirely sure and I didn’t look into it. I do know that it’s very loosely based off the Poe poem, “City in the Sea,” and likely done so because the Corman Poe pictures were so successful. That’s not to say War-Gods of the Deep was directed by a slouch, as the great Jacques Tourneur helmed this one. Given the source material, the star and the director I expected something great. Sadly, the final product is merely ok with a few great moments sprinkled in.

The film takes place in Cornwall in 1903. Jill Tregillis (Susan Hart) is captured and kidnapped by some strange aquatic creatures. They’re called gillmen I believe. Ben Harris (Tab Hunter), the gentleman that was with Jill when she was taken, enlists the help of Harold Tuffnell-Jones (David Tomlinson) to go after the gillmen and rescue Jill. Their search takes them to the discovery of an underwater city. This city is home to smugglers who have been living there for a hundred years. The combination of gases in the underwater environment have allowed the smugglers to live for so long. 

The city is controlled by a man named The Captain (Vincent Price). The Captain, while giving a little background on the smugglers to our heroes, explains that their city is next to an underwater volcano. The volcano is set to erupt and in doing so will destroy their home. The gillmen believe a sacrifice will stop the volcano and they plan on making Ben and Harold that sacrifice. The Captain, being the smart fellow he is, declares that this won’t work but the gillmen think it will and the least he can do is humor them.

The gillmen are interesting. When we first see them in a dark room they look kind of cool. Seeing them later with more light, however, highlights how cheesy they actually look. This is to be expected given the era, but what real purpose do they serve? They just sort of act as goons and that’s about it. I would have liked to see them incorporated more or just not be there at all. The smugglers could just have easily been the ones needing the sacrifice and the story wouldn’t change at all.

Whenever Price is on screen, he’s captivating. He is the best part of War-Gods of the Deep and it’s not even close. That should come as no surprise as that’s often the case in movies in which Price appears. The problem is when Price isn’t on screen. The rest of the movie is just kind of boring. Hunter and Tomlinson have a few good scenes together but they also have some very dull moments. The whole time I felt like I was just waiting for the exciting part to kick in. You finally think it happens too when a chase begins. Ben, Harold and Jill begin their escape! The problem? This chase is far too long and just people swimming. That’s it.

Helping somewhat to distract from the boringness that is often on screen are the sets. The underwater city, which is basically a cave, is quite nice and very detailed. There was more than on instance when I paid more attention to admiring the surroundings rather than focusing on what was going on with the actual characters in the movie.

When you have two legends in Price and Tourneur teaming up, you want something great. You want something that gets you excited. Something you can’t wait to show others. War-Gods of the Deep simply isn’t that. I really wanted to like this too. So much potential, but in the end it was wasted and we are left with something very, very average.

The Blu-ray release from Kino Lorber is well done. The transfer looks crisp and clear, far exceeding any previous release. There’s also a very nice, little chat with Tad Hunter included as a special feature. I actually found this more interesting than large chunks of the movie. If you can get this for under $15, I’d pick it up. But I wouldn’t pay much more than that.

War-Gods of the Deep is now available on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber Studio Classics.


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‘Godzilla 2′ To Be “Bigger And Better”

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One of my biggest complaints with Gareth Edwards’ 2014 take on Godzilla was that it felt very small. I know that seems crazy, considering that it’s a movie about gigantic monsters beating the unholy shit out of each other, but it really felt compressed and confined to me. The scenes with the kaiju were few and far between and we never got up close and personal with the monsters, instead staying with the humans as they remained far, far away from any real danger.

However, scriptwriter Max Borenstein, who wrote the 2014 film, is promising that the sequel will be “bigger and better”, especially now that the modern world of Godzilla has been created.

Borenstein spoke with Collider, who told them:

I’m writing it now, and it’s really going to be great. I don’t want to go off book and tell you anything that I’m not allowed to tell you. The response to the first film was really exciting, but now that that world is established, we can do bigger and even better things. We’re really stoked.

We’ll be seeing Godzilla towering over humanity once again in 2018. Gareth Edwards is set to direct. It’s unsure if Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be reprising his role as Ford Brody.

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DiCaprio Ready to Chase ‘The Devil In The White City’

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It’s been a long time coming but the bidding war for the film rights to Erik Larson’s The Devil In The White City: Murder, Magic And Madness At The Fair That Changed America has finally ended with Paramount sealing the deal, besting Universal and Fox. Directing will be Martin Scorsese off of a script by Billy Ray. Leonardo DiCaprio, who has long championed the book and wanted to be a part of the film, will play the leading role Dr. H.H. Holmes, a serial killer who used the Chicago World Fair as a cover for his dastardly murders. Holmes is believed to have killed somewhere between 27-200 people.

Deadline delves deeper into Holmes’ depravity, stating:

Holmes constructed The World’s Fair Hotel, an inn more lethal than the Bates Motel, especially for young single women. The sociopath used charm and guile to lure guests into what became known as a “murder castle,” a haunt that had a gas chamber, crematorium and a dissecting table where Holmes would murder his victims and strip their skeletons to sell for medical and scientific study.

The Devil In The White City is one of my favorite books. Larson expertly tells the history of the creation of the Chicago World Fair and how Holmes used the mass confusion to build his death trap of a hotel. Larson writes this completely nonfiction book as though it were fiction, ultimately crafting a story that is delightfully engaging and a sheer pleasure to read. I honestly can’t recommend the book enough to anyone who hasn’t read it. It’s well worth every second of your time.

It’s too early for a release date or for any other casting announcements but, believe me, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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Upcoming Universal Monster Movies WILL Be Horror, Not Just Action

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Last year, we reported that Universal was planning on returning to the Universal Monsters that fans hold so near and dear. However, there was a slight addendum to their announcement in that they planned on taking the films into a more “action-adventure” route, a lá Dracula Untold. Well, we all know how that turned out…

However, there may be reason to cling to hope as Alex Kurtzman, who will be the executive producer and director of the upcoming adaptation of The Mummy, is saying that horror isn’t out of the picture and that we should indeed be ready for some scares!

Kurtzman stated at the TCA March Of Death:

I think there was some lost in translation quality to the way it was received, because I promise you there will be horror in these movies. It is our life goal to make a horror movie. The tricky part is actually how you combine horror with either adventure or suspense or action and be true to all the genres together. In some way, Mummy, dating all the way back to the Karloff movie, was the first to do that. It was the first to combine horror with — I wouldn’t say action, but certainly a lot of suspense. So it’s more about how you blend the different elements and stay true to each one, but there will definitely be horror in the monster movies…We will hopefully serve it up good and plenty.

Devin Faraci over at Birth.Movies.Death. states that he’s read an early draft of the film and that there are some horrific elements to the script, although not the kind we want. In fact, it sounds rather worrisome.

Hopefully Universal will give the films the attention to detail that they deserve. It was all about story and atmosphere. Studios these days seem to focus on just one, skimping out on the other, which is a damn shame.

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10 Metal Songs Perfect for Horror Movies

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Metal and horror, two communities that are both seen as “different” and “dangerous”, can offer some of the most exciting and exhilarating titles out there. And what’s better than when the two of them combine into something explosive and fierce?

Today we have yet another entry in our series of “Top 10″ lists promoting the upcoming Aftermath Festival in Toronto. This time it’s FGFC820 bringing together a list of 10 metal songs that would be perfect for a horror movie! There’s definitely some stellar songs ahead, so be sure to crank your volume to 11 and prepare a neck brace for all the horrific head banging about to ensue!

You can check out FGFC820 at the Aftermath Festival, which runs from Aug 27th-30th, in Toronto, Canada. Get your tickets here.

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Jack Nicholson Was Terrifying On The Set Of ‘The Shining’

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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is easily one of my favorite horror films ever. It’s one of those films that is the epitome of a “slow burn” but when it gets going, it’s fucking terrifying. I find it so scary because it’s something that could actually happen. Cabin fever is a legitimate thing and seeing a family go through it and the terrifying visions that haunt them is simply horrifying.

Part of the reason why I love The Shining is because of Jack Nicholson’s stellar performance as Jack Torrance, the rage-filled husband/father who is tasked with maintaining the Overlook Hotel while it shuts down for the winter.

One of the most famous scenes from The Shining is when Jack is hacking down the door to the bathroom where his wife, Wendy, has barricaded herself. There’s a rumor that’s been going around on the net for a while that Nicholson used to be a volunteer firefighter, which is why during the shooting of this scene they had to use a real door and not a prop one because he kept tearing through them too quickly.

Below is a clip of Nicholson getting revved up before the shot and it’s fascinating to see him maniacally dance and jump around, all while chanting, “Axe! Murder! Kill!” Also, it’s humorous to see the assistant on set flinch away when Nicholson begins brandishing the axe, as though he’s terrified that he might end up getting hurt himself. However, I guess when you’re around a crazed Nicholson, that’s a legit fear to have!

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Cinemax Begins Full Production On “Outcast”

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Principal photography has begun in South Carolina on Robert Kirkman’s upcoming exorcism drama, “Outcast,” produced for Cinemax by FOX International Studios.

“Outcast”, the TV adaptation of Kirkman/Skybound’s comic book by the same name, was developed by FIS and was picked up to series by Cinemax in the U.S. and by FOX International Channels outside the US earlier this year. The series follows Kyle Barnes, a young man who has been plagued by possession since he was a child. Now an adult, he embarks on a journey to find answers but what he uncovers could change life on Earth as we know it.

On the heels of production start, FIS also today confirms the addition of six new cast members to the cast. David Denman (13 Hours), Melinda McGraw (The X Files, Mad Men), Grace Zabriskie (The Killing), Catherine Dent (The Shield, Astronaut Wives Club), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: Next Generation) and Lee Tergesen (The Americans, The Get Down) have been cast opposite Patrick Fugit, Wrenn Schmidt, Philip Glenister and Reg E. Cathey.

Married to Kyle Barnes’ sister Megan, Mark Holter (David Denman) is a husband and father first – but a by-the-book small town cop a close second. He loves his wife deeply, but his innate sense of justice is challenged by her loyalty to Kyle, whom Mark can’t forgive for his past transgressions.

Janet Anderson (Catherine Dent) is the ex-wife of Reverend Anderson. Their marriage was shattered by Anderson’s obsession with battling the forces of darkness, but she still can’t help but feel affection and sympathy for the man she once loved, the father of the her child.

Single mother Patricia MacCready (Melinda McGraw) is a devout member of Rome’s Light of God Baptist Church and a regular at Reverend Anderson’s church teas.

Mildred (Grace Zabriskie) is one of the old guard of parishioners at Anderson’s church. Full of spit and vinegar, Mildred lives alone and says what’s on her mind.

Blake Morrow (Lee Tergesen) is a former police officer on death row for murdering his partner’s wife.

The man who calls himself Sidney (Brent Spiner) first appears in Rome soon after Kyle and Reverend Anderson successfully exorcise little Joshua Austin. But Sidney’s dapper appearance and smiling demeanor hide a malevolence.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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‘Insidious Chapter 3′ Haunts Home Video

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From the makers of Paranormal Activity and writer/director Leigh Whannell and producer James Wan comes the newest and scariest chapter of the Insidious franchise.

The prequel Insidious Chapter 3 debuts on Digital HD September 22 and on Blu-ray and DVD October 6 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Go back to the beginning… if you dare… in this chilling prequel that takes place before the unforgettable haunting of the Lambert family. Paranormal investigators Tucker and Specs team up with the psychic Elise to help Quinn, a teenage girl who believes that her late mother is trying to make contact. At first, Elise’s horrific past makes her reluctant to use her ability, but when Quinn’s desperate father begs for assistance, she agrees to venture into The Further. There, she finds a ruthless supernatural entity with a voracious craving for the souls of the living. It’s the darkest chapter yet in this spine-tingling portrayal of evil unleashed.

Leigh Whannell takes the director’s chair for the third installment, which transports viewers back to the beginning for this prequel. Franchise regulars Lin Shaye (Ouija) as Elise, Angus Sampson (TV’s “Fargo”) as Tucker and Leigh Whannell (Saw) as Specs are joined by Dermot Mulroney (Jobs, The Grey), Stefanie Scott (Jem and the Holograms) and Hayley Kiyoko (
Jem and the Holograms) when Elise, Tucker and Specs team up to help a young teen who inadvertently unleashes something evil.

Bonus materials on the prequel Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Extras include the featurette 
“Origin Story: Making Chapter 3,” where fans go onto the set to meet the cast and crew, and explore everything from Leigh Whannell’s decision to write and direct the third installment, to adding a new family to the mix, and to the decision to take us to the moment of Elise’s return to her work.

Deleted Scenes and four more featurettes are exclusively available on the Insidious Chapter 3 Blu-ray and Digital Extras, including “Being Haunted: A Psychic Medium Speaks” which shows Leigh Whannell’s inspiration for the hauntings and a tour of a haunted location with Psychic Medium Michael J. Kouri; 
“Macabre Creations,” follows the makeup process via time-lapse photography for the ghosts and specters and discusses the process of creating the things that go bump in the night; Stefanie Scott interviews the band 
Cherry Glazerr in the featurette “Cherry Glazerr: Tiptoe Through the Tulips;” and “Stunts: The Car Crash,” which explores the creation of the car crash scene from the stunts on set through the special and visual effects processes.

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Lee Hardcastle Declares Death to ‘Minions’

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 14:52

It’s been impossible to escape the sometimes cycloptic jaundice CGI slaves since they got their own movie & a product placement with everything from candy to corn on the cob.  Now British animator Lee Hardcastle thinks kerosene would be a brilliant brand partner for the Minions.  After winning & wowing with his section, T is for Toilet, in the initial ABCs of Death anthology he’s back with a multitude of nasty ways of dispose of the Despicable Me spin-offs.  Look out for some horror killer cameos then catch up with his animations & more on Facebook & YouTube.

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[DVD Review] ‘I-Lived’ Falls Just a Bit Short

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 14:37

I-Lived is the newest film from director Frank Khalfoun (Maniac, P2). It’s a story about Josh (Jeremiah Watkins), a Stanford graduate, who other than his degree doesn’t have much going for him. His girlfriend recently broke up with him, he’s months behind on his rent and he’s trying to make it as a YouTube star with his channel about app reviews but unfortunately only about a hundred or so people subscribe. Back home Josh’s parents are in a constant struggle as his mom battles cancer. Yeah, Josh has a pretty rough life at the moment.

The film opens up with Josh recording a new review video for a new self-help app called I-Lived. The idea behind the app is that you input a goal and the app will notify you with new tasks to help you accomplish your goal. You have to record videos of you completing each tasks and upload them to monitor your progress. Josh explains in his review that he used it to try and get six-pack abs but unfortunately it did not work and he ultimately recommends passing on the app.

Flash forward to later that night. Josh is at a bar and he has yet to delete I-Lived. The app picks up on his location and notifies him to take a picture of a girl he likes and the app will help him get her. Josh surveys the room and spots Greta (Sarah Power). He takes the picture, uploads it to the app and before you know it Josh is taking Greta home.

This is just the beginning for Josh. Shortly after he and Greta begin dating his YouTube page explodes. Things continue to go up for Josh as he gets offered a job, his landlord stops harassing him for the rent and his mom starts to get better. Convinced this change in fortune is a result of his own doing and not the app, Josh deletes the app.

Bad move Josh.

Shortly after deleting the app Josh catches Greta with another guy. Then his followers decline and the job offer falls through. He landlord starts breathing down his neck again and his mom’s cancer returns, this time worse than before. Naturally Josh decides to give the app another go but this time the tasks assigned to him are much more sinister.

There’s a lot of good in I-Lived. The idea itself is quite creative and a nice play on the modern world. In fact I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. The film also has a lot of style. Much like he did with the Maniac remake, Khalfoun takes a new creative approach to his storytelling. Much of the film is either YouTube videos or takes place on some type of computer screen or monitor. Even if you don’t like the movie, you have to hand it to Khalfoun for showing once again that he’ll take a risk and try something new.

The star of I-Lived though is Watkins. He’s brilliant. Watkins brings so much charm and energy to the movie. He’s a likable, relatable guy. You want to see Josh come out on top, especially once his life begins to take that dark spiral. That’s all thanks to the terrific performance from Watkins.

What holds I-Lived back from being a great horror movie is the actual script. The concept and idea is solid, the script just needed some tweaking. The interaction and dialogue between some of the characters, particularly that of Josh and his friend Bobby (Christopher Mena), is a bit silly and over the top. It doesn’t always feel natural.

The story had the chance to get really dark but ended up being a bit of a missed opportunity. There is a bit of social commentary that is nice, but I don’t think it takes it far enough. This is a personal preference more than anything, but I wanted more. The ending is a bit of a letdown as well. The final shot itself is awesome, but where the story ends sort of feels like there wasn’t an ending.

While watching I-Lived was an enjoyable experience, in the end I felt a little disappointed. I appreciate Khalfoun continuing to attempt new things and I think Watkins is a star in the making but the film had a real chance to be something special and unfortunately it never quite gets there and that’s a shame.

I-Lived is available on DVD from XLrator Media.

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Pipers Last Bout, “Portal To Hell!!!,” to Be Screened at TIFF!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 13:52

It’s still hard to believe that a week has passed since the news broke of Rowdy Roddy Piper leaving us for the Royal Rumble in the great beyond.  On Wednesday TIFF announced the Canadian films in selection at their 40th anniversary festival which included Portal To Hell!!!/ The short that sets Piper against cultists & Cthulhu filmed in Toronto earlier this year & marks Roddy’s final movie role.

The apartment-superintendent hero of this primo slice of Canuxploitation has enough on his plate, what with all the plumbing and electrical problems and high-maintenance tenants. But then some jerks open up a multidimensional gateway in the basement. Thankfully, the guy standing between humanity and its certain destruction is played by the late, great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Portal To Hell!!! was successfully crowdfunded & was due to become a feature film.  The following is a message from the team behind the project via Indiegogo.

Dear Portal supporters,

As you have probably heard by now, the world lost Roddy Piper last week.  Throughout this production, people have been asking the various members of our team what he was like to work with, so we’d just like to share these words with you.

Rod flew up to the shoot in the middle of a snow storm, arrived on set ready to go, and couldn’t have been more enthusiastic for the 4-day shoot.  A few of the days were hard, going into the late hours, but Roddy never complained. He couldn’t have been more professional.

As a person… Roddy was one of the warmest and most genuine people we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Sweet natured and personable, he couldn’t have been further from the “Rowdy” persona.  He met everyone with a smile, took the time to thank them for their work and happily posed for pictures and signed autographs.

When people refer to him as a “legend”, they’re not wrong. He truly was legendary, and we are better for having gotten to know him in the brief amount of time we had with him.

The film is currently in post-production and soon to be complete.

And on that note, we have announcement: Portal to Hell!!! will have its world theatrical premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. (

This is a huge honour for us, and we hope that we can do Roddy’s legacy justice. We’re all moving forward with this, hoping he would have been proud.

Thank you everyone for your support on this film. You helped us make it.  We hope we make you proud too.

Ever Forward,

Matt, Viv and The Portal Team.

 You can keep track of the film as it travels the festival circuit on Facebook & Twitter.

Other forthcoming films starring everyone’s favorite heel include Kickstarter project The Chair and 2014’s The Masked Saint which is set for a 2016 release after finding distribution.

In the spirit of transparency I helped out with the Indiegogo campaign last year & also work alongside Raven Banner Entertainment who were on board to expand the short to a feature format.

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‘The Chickening’ Is a Poultry-Infused Reworking Of ‘The Shining’

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 11:30

It’s rare for a short film to play in the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness program, which is why it’s a huge deal that those who attend will witness Davy Force and Nick DenBoer’s Canadian short “The Chickening.”

The Shining gets a digital remix in this poultry-infused reworking of Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, TIFF explains.

There’s not a whole lot of information, but the official Midnight Madness Twitter page did share the following imagery.

Watch for the festival lineup announcement tomorrow…

Are you ready for the 1st #MidnightMadness #TIFF15 title?Get ready for #TheChickening! #TIFF40

— MidnightMadness@TIFF (@mmadnesstiff) August 5, 2015

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‘The Raid’ Remake Delayed Until…

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 11:09

There’s nothing worse than finding out a studio rushed into production to fit the schedule of an actor, or because of a ballooning budget – the results are rarely good.

That’s why you have to commend the ones that exercise patience in order to get things “just right,” even though there’s the obvious risk of said film entertaining development hell by waiting too long.

After having its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, Sony Screen Gems announced plans to remake The Raid with stars Frank Grillo and Taylor Kitsch, and had Patrick Hughes set to direct.

The movie never came into fruition, but a sequel to the foreign film did. /Film caught up with Grillo to find out why it never went into production, and found out it’s because the studio is seeking the perfect star.

“‘The Raid’ was a go movie and there was one character, the critical character, that they were just not happy with. There’s not a lot of 30-something guys out there that… there’s a lot of training, a lot of martial arts training. They weren’t going to remake ‘The Raid,’ which is a beloved film, if they couldn’t find a guy who could find the physical stuff and they hadn’t been able to do that. So I think we’re going to come back around after I’m done with the second 10 [episodes of “Kingdom”]. We’re going to come back around to that.”

Gareth Evans directed The Raid in which a S.W.A.T. team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs.

Taylor Kitsch isn’t the kind of guy you throw into a martial arts-heavy project, and it doesn’t help that his star power took a tremendous hit after Battleship and John Carter. It sounds as if the filmmakers and studio execs are just being smart in this case…

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New to Blu – Week of 8/11/2015

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 10:39

Each week here at Bloody Disgusting we like to highlight some of the new Blu-ray releases hitting shelves across the world. Please note that this isn’t every release for the week, just a few of the ones that jumped out at us.

This weeks releases include an American release of Dead Silence! Took them long enough! Plus we’ve got stuff from Wes Craven, David Cronenberg and a whole lot more!


U.S. Releases


Dead Silence (Universal)

Dare to unlock the deadly curse of Mary Shaw…From the writers and director of Saw comes a new thriller of relentless terror! Ever since Mary Shaw was hunted down and killed, the small town of Ravens Fair has been haunted by horrific deaths. When a local’s wife is brutally murdered, he returns home to unravel the terrifying legend of Mary Shaw and the reason why when you see her, you should never, ever scream.




The People Under the Stairs (Scream Factory)

Wes Craven, the director of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, takes you on a terrifying journey inside the most demented house on the street. Trapped inside a fortified home owned by a mysterious couple, a young boy is suddenly thrust into a nightmare. The boy quickly learns the true nature of the house’s homicidal inhabitants and the secret creatures hidden deep within the house. 




War Gods of the Deep (Kino Lorber)

Very, very loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “City in the Sea”, WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP starts off just right, with a stormy night and a huge old mansion by the sea. Set on the Cornish coast in 1903, the film features a group of people discovering an underwater society of smugglers who never age living in a lost underwater city along with their gill-man slaves…




The Monster that Challenged the World (Kino Lorber)

Instant Terror… Just Add Water! Creeping dread! Crawling terror! Oozing fear! The local beaches go from fun-filled swim-fest to horrifying slugfest when a horde of gargantuan vampire snails ooze their way into the water supply – and threaten to suck the life out of mankind! Packed with nerve jangling suspense and excitement, this slimy sci-fi thriller delivers superior monster action that’ll pull the most hardened sci-fi cynic right out of his shell! Lieutenant John Twillinger (Tim Holt, The Magnificent Ambersons) thinks he’s seen it all – until an earthquake under the Salton Sea unearths a horrifying nest of prehistoric killer crustaceans. Giant, terrifying and with a hunger for human flesh, the beasts begin feeding on the locals, unleashing a shocking reign of murderous mollusk mayhem. Can the lieutenant do anything to stop their spread? Or will the human race be forever left in the snails’ slimy wake? Directed by cult-filmmaker and TV veteran, Arnold Laven (Sam Whiskey).


Unfriended (Universal)

Unfriended unfolds over a teenager’s computer screen as she and her friends are stalked by an unseen figure who seeks vengeance for a shaming video that led a vicious bully to kill herself a year earlier.






Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Universal)

Producer John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) presents Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the third chilling installment in the shocking Halloween franchise. When a petrified toy salesman is mysteriously attacked and brought to the hospital, babbling and clutching the year’s most popular Halloween costume, an eerie pumpkin mask, Dr. Daniel Challis is thrust into a terrifying Halloween nightmare. Working with the salesman’s daughter, Ellie, Daniel traces the mask to the Silver Shamrock Novelties company and its founder, Conal Cochran. Ellie and Daniel uncover Cochran’s shocking Halloween plan and must stop him before trick-or-treaters across the country never come home.



U.K. Releases


A History of Violence (Zavvi Steelbook)

An average family is thrust into the spotlight after the father (Viggo Mortensen) commits a seemingly self-defense murder at his diner.





Lockout (Zavvi Steelbook)

A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.






Apocalypse Now (Zavvi Steelbook)

During the Vietnam War, young U.S. Captain Willard is given the assignment to hunt down and kill one of his own: Colonel Kurtz who has apparently gone insane, murdered hundreds of innocent people, and constructed a strange kingdom for himself deep in the jungle. Willard and his crew embark on a surreal river journey to find Kurtz, meeting along the way a Lieutenant- Colonel who likes to watch surfing during live combat, and Playboy bunnies dropped in by helicopter to entertain rowdy troops.






Horror Hospital (Odeon Entertainment)

Jason, a member of a 1960’s pop group, decides he needs a break at a country retreat. On the train he meets Judy, niece of Aunt Harris who owns the place with her husband Dr Storm and who are using the guests for surgical mind-control experiments. So while Jason and Judy are pretty quickly making out, they are just as quickly working out how to get away.





Robot Overlords (Signature Entertainment)

Earth has been conquered by robots from a distant galaxy. survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by robot sentries if they venture outside.







Germany Releases


Revenge of the Creature (Koch Media)

When a captured Creature forms an emotional link with a researcher, they’re soon driven to break free of their respective “prisons” in this classic monster film.





Silent Trigger (Koch Media)

Waxman is a former Special Forces soldier who is now working as a heavily armed assassin for a top secret government agency. When a covert mission goes terribly wrong, Waxman and fellow assassin Clegg become that agency’s prime targets.





Warlock: The Armageddon (NSM)

In Boston of 1691, a warlock is sentenced to death, but escapes magically into the future (our present), followed doggedly by the witch hunter. There he is searching for the three parts of the Devil’s Bible, trailed by the witch hunter and the woman whose house he landed in. They must stop him, as the book contains the true name of God, which he can use to un-create the world.


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“Westworld” Promo Has ‘Matrix’ Vibe!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 10:31

Inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1973 feature film, here’s a new look at footage from HBO’s “Westworld,” a drama is billed as a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.

EW shared a look at Ed Harris as ‘The Man in Black’ – described as the distillation of pure villainy into one man – who stars alongside Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro, Shannon Woodward, Kyle Bornheimer and more. The Box‘s James Marsden plays Teddy Flood, a mysterious new arrival to a small frontier town. Teddy quickly proves both his charm — and his talent with a revolver — while his pursuit of a local beauty launches him on a dark odyssey.

In the promo you get a taste of the modern adaptation, which has a serious Matrix vibe to it. And while there’s quite a bit of sci-fi imagery, it also looks pretty violent. I’m loving this concept fully realized as the original film feels both dated and “small,” considering how far our technology has come in 40 years.

It hails from The Dark Knight and Interstellar co-writer Jonathan Nolan.

“People who come into this place are looking for—and this is the irony of it—the authentic experience,” Nolan explained EW a month or so ago. “They’re looking for not the virtual version, but the real version, the tactile version. Interestingly we’ve arrived at what [the original film] created—fully immersible virtual worlds. Look at Grand Theft Auto or any of these wholly imagined open-world video games. They are beautiful. They’re perfectly immersive and brilliant and filled with narrative turns … “What happens in Westworld stays in Westworld.” It’s a place where you can be whoever the f–k you want to be and there are no consequences. No rules, no limitations.”

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Michael Myers Stalks Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 08/10/2015 - 10:22

Michael Myers, aka “The Boogeyman,” takes a stab at Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Halloween Horror Nights” beginning Friday, September 18, 2015, in a startling and terrifying new maze, “Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home,” inspired by the unparalleled, original classic slasher film Halloween, directed by renowned horror filmmaker John Carpenter.

Halloween, hailed as one of the greatest horror films of all time and starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her acting debut, will come to life in the demented new experience: “Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home.” The haunted maze will take guests through the tormented town of Haddonfield, Illinois, where on one fateful Halloween night in 1963, a six-year-old child by the name of Michael Myers inexplicably and brutally stabbed his sister to death with a kitchen knife. Guests will relive the terror that a maniacal Michael Myers inflicted upon the once quiet town after his escape from a psychiatric hospital to take bloody revenge on new and unsuspecting victims.

Guests will have the sensation of stepping through the silver screen directly into unsettling and shocking film scenes as they navigate their way through Haddonfield, adorned in classic Halloween décor on a similar Halloween night in 1963. Meyers’ abandoned family home and its blood-splattered walls, where the violent murder took place, will set the stage for a new crime scene as guests attempt to evade the relentless killer–armed with his signature bloodstained knife.

Halloween is the ultimate classic slasher film that spawned an entire horror film genre,” said John Murdy, Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood and Executive Producer of “Halloween Horror Nights.” “Bringing John Carpenter’s disturbing, cutting-edge vision to life as part of ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ is the ideal complement to our maze lineup as we continue to break creative ground with outstanding horror icons that raise the intensity level of our experience.”

“We are extremely excited to team up with Universal Studios Hollywood’s fantastic event, ‘Halloween Horror Nights,” said Malek Akkad, President of Trancas International Films and Compass International Pictures. “The attention to detail that the creative team gives to the Halloween maze creates a realistic and terrifying experience for guests that is truly authentic to the film. This year’s maze will be the best yet.”

“Halloween Horror Nights” 2015 at Universal Studios Hollywood kicks off on Friday, September 18th, and continues on select nights through November 1st. The popular event brings together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror. Featuring an all-new slate of unrivaled film production quality mazes, frightful scare zones, and a fully re-imagined “Terror Tram” experience uniquely themed to today’s most definitive horror properties, “Halloween Horror Nights” will taunt, terrorize and torment guests with spine-chilling haunted attractions during Southern California’s most extreme Halloween experience.

Recent maze announcements include “Guillermo del Toro Presents Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness,” based on Legendary and Universal Pictures’ much-anticipated Crimson Peak film directed, co-written, and produced by celebrated filmmaker Guillermo del Toro; “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far,” based on Season 5 of the critically-acclaimed, Emmy Award®-winning television series; and “Insidious: Return to the Further,” based on the bone-chilling Insidious film trilogy. This year’s event will also feature the global phenomenon and multi-talented dance crew Jabbawockeez, direct from Las Vegas, in an all-new original show, performing multiple times per night throughout the run of “Halloween Horror Nights.”

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