Green Band Trailer Accepts The Sacrament

Dread Central - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 20:42

The green band trailer for Ti West's latest scare flick, The Sacrament (review), has arrived. Check it out in all of its safe for work glory! Hallelujah!

Expect The Sacrament to hit VOD platforms on May 1st, 2014, followed by a limited theatrical roll-out on June 6th.

Directed by Ti West, and produced by Eli Roth, the flick stars Joe Swanberg, Amy Seimetz, AJ Bowen, Kate Lyn Sheil, and Kentucker Audley.

The Sacrament follows two Vice media correspondents as they set out to document their friend’s search to find his missing sister. They travel outside of the United States to an undisclosed location where they are welcomed into the world of “Eden Parish,” a self-sustained rural utopia comprised of nearly 200 members. At the centre of this small, religious, socialist community is a mysterious leader known only as “Father.” As their friend reunites with his sister, it becomes apparent to the newcomers that this paradise may not be as it seems. What started as just another documentary shoot soon becomes a race to escape with their lives.

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'Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising' Review: A New Low

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 20:21

Written by Jason Nawara, @JasonNawara

Capcom Vancouver has released the third entry in the Lost Chapters, the inexplicably mediocre-at-best series of DLC for Dead Rising 3. This one is called Chaos Rising, and I won’t bury the lead: it sucks. If you’ve read our reviews of Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel you’ll know that we’ve found the contents of this season pass to be more than a little disappointing. Unfortunately, with this latest offering, it’s only gotten worse.

The first chapter featured a horrible main character with uninspired missions. The second chapter had a better character and plot, but the missions were uninspired. With the third chapter, we’re re-introduced to Hunter Thibodeux, one of the least appealing characters I’ve ever seen in a game. Oh, and the missions are still cookie cutter as all hell. It really doesn’t help that Hunter Thibodeux sounds like Mr. Show’s Ronnie Dobbs. Once I got that thought in my head, it never left.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake the thought that Thibodeux was going to whack a zombie upside the head and then rifle through its pockets in a desperate search for mentholatums.

I feel like I can be open with you guys by now. This is, after all, the fourth Dead Rising 3-related review I’ve posted, so I believe we’ve established a good back and fourth going here.

This is the worst score I’ve ever given anything in my near six-year writing career. The running time of this expansion can be as short as an hour, which is consistent with the previous chapters, but this one is significantly less fun than the other entries. Granted, the custom motorcycle you get is pretty cool, but I only used it when dictated by the game as I’d rather be using a bulkier vehicle if/when I have the choice.

What it comes down to is the fact that Capcom is asking for about $10 an hour for this. Even if you bought the season pass, at say $7.50 an hour, it’s still too expensive. When the option of going to a movie is cheaper than the game you’re selling, there’s a problem.

With the absence of multiplayer from these episodes, the replay factor is non-existent, and if you’ve already reached level 50 you gain no XP. Unless you’re a total completionist, you’ll be playing these Lost Chapters entirely out of a love for Dead Rising — or perhaps you’re falling out of love with this awful fan service, so you’re looking for another great experience in Los Perdidos. This DLC fails to provide that.

If you’re a gamer who enjoys the Dead Rising series because of it’s wonky plot, costumes, and fun, open-world gameplay, you simply don’t want the extra content. Like the previous chapters, half of the world is locked, you’re basically kept on rails and the missions you’re given are so poorly developed one of them boiled down to “explore.” Outside of that thrilling mission, you’re essentially playing Fetch Quest Simulator 2009.

I loved Dead Rising 3. I stand by the fact that it was the best launch title across both next-gen platforms, but this has to rank up there as some of the worst DLC ever.

We’re talking Oblivion Horse Armor here, people. The sheer lack of extra content here is borderline disturbing and it sets a benchmark for overpriced and uninspired DLC content for the industry. There are barely any cut-scenes and the voice-overs you do hear are of the in-game variety.

The audio is forgettable. It’s there and it’s fine, but no discernible new things are in the game on that front. The massive patch that set the foundation for these chapters smoothed out the frame-rate. I appreciate that.

How could the powers that be think that this was okay to release? I’m just thinking forward to an inevitable sale when all of this goes 50% off and even at $15 bucks it might only marginally be worth it. Maybe I’m just taking out my negative feelings on Chaos Rising because I expected the DLC to have an upward trend instead of a downward one, but come on — an hour long? That, and the fact that these releases have come so close to each other, I feel like a boxer against the ropes, getting peppered with crappy DLC at an alarming rate. I may go down for the count when the fourth Lost Chapter is released.

These ‘Lost Chapters’ were lost for a reason.

The Final Word: The only thing saving Chaos Rising from receiving Bloody Disgusting’s first-ever zero in a game review is the fact that Dead Rising 3 is still incredibly fun and it gives me a reason to go back to enjoy the side stories as Nick Ramos runs around somewhere in my periphery.

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Updated: Rodan, Shobijan Discovered In 'Godzilla' Trailer?!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 18:14

Astounding Beyond Belief has found one helluva potential easter egg in the brand new Godzilla trailer.

If you were to go frame-by-frame through the monster’s destruction, what you’d see what could be are the infamous 6-inch tall Shobijan (The Mothra Twins)! For those unacquainted, the Shobijin (Japanese for “small beauties”) are two tiny priestesses or fairies that accompany Mothra, and who also speak for her. – Wiki Some say the footage around the :30 mark are just firemen, but who knows?

In addition, it was pointed out to us by BD reader ‘Avery’ and io9 that Rodan and possibly the half cyborg Gigan may have a brief appearance.

In theaters May 16, 2014, Godzilla an epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Making his first appearance in 1954 (Gojira) Godzilla is a giant monster that lives in the sea that comes from the ocean to feed on mankind.

Monsters‘ Gareth Edwards directs the all star cast including Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones, Sally Hawkins, Akira Takarada, Victor Rasuk, Yuki Morita, and C.J. Adams.




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Exclusive New Look At "The Presence" To 'Haunt' You

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 18:04

Director Mac Carter has shared with Bloody an exclusive new behind-the-scenes shot of “The Presence” from Haunt, starring Jacki Weaver.

The supernatural horror is now available on digital/VOD via IFC Midnight.

“Haunt centers on a boy who gets involved with a mysterious neighbor when his family moves into a new home and unwittingly summons a demon.

Harrison Gilbertson and Liana Liberato also star.

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[Random Cool] The Beatles And Nine Inch Nails Get Mashed Up Into "Come Closer Together"

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 18:00

Okay, so this is more than a few years late but it’s still awesome and I have a feeling many of you might not have heard this. Below is a fantastic mash up that takes the classic track “Come Together” from The Beatles and mashes it with Nine Inch Nails‘ haunting, erotic staple “Closer”. The end result is an awesome mix that works surprisingly well.

Head on down to give it a listen!

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Review: ‘D4VE’ #3

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 16:43

Ryan Ferrier’s “D4VE” is on the brink of his big revival except everyone around him doesn’t give a shit. Turns out after years of sitting idly by, the robot population are rather bootless. It’s the type of staggering compliance in their personal misery that D4VE used to be part of, but now he’s filled with life. He sees a reason to live again and will stop at nothing to gain allies in his inquest.

WRITTEN BY: Ryan Ferrier
ART BY: Valentin Ramon
PUBLISHER: Monkeybrain Comics
PRICE: $0.99

D4VE’s world is just about as insane as you can get. An alien invasion has taken place and still everyone sits around as if there is no cause for concern. So earlier when D4VE felt isolated in his mediocrity, it was nothing. Turns out he’s even more alone now, although he does have 5COTTY at his side.

Ferrier lends such a unique and refreshing voice to “D4VE” that you’ll be smiling from ear to ear as you power through this engaging read. There is a certain flavor of humour to the robot speak that Ferrier has absolutely nailed. He uses common jargon in new and excting ways that come to define his population of comfortable automatons.

It works on two levels. There is the social commentary for those who enjoy dealing with the realization that we’re part of a society of corporate cattle and there is all the dick, poop, and fart jokes that will make even the most hardened men giggle.

Slacker stories are always an exciting ride. It’s not clear whether or not D4VE’s return to combat will ultimately be effective, in fact, it looks like we’re being set up for spectacular failure, but its so much fun to read and look at that it hardly matters.

Valentin Ramon’s art achieves a great balance adding colorful flourishes wherever he can get away with it to an otherwise drab and boring world. The result makes the issue both draining and exciting in a fantastic pace. The environments are dismal, but the character designs breathe life into the panels due to clothing and color choices. While the video archive records purple glow feels exciting and dynamic even amidst D4VE’s horrendous puns.

There really isn’t anything not to like about D4VE. It has a refreshingly funny voice, and presents the world of androids unlike you’ve ever seen it before. These are not the exciting and dynamic creatures built for adventure; they are horrible reflections of ourselves that make us realize how boring we’ve become. Luckily we have someone like “D4VE” who recognizes this crisis in his own way and plans to do everything he can to pull our lazy asses out of it. It’s not for the best reason, its not even for a good reason, but personal glory stories are always fun to watch, especially when the person who seeks the glory might not be ready for it.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls.

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'Tulpa' Tackles Occultism And Theosophy In An Ever-Changing World

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 16:11

Tulpa is a surreal, narrative-driven puzzle-platformer that follows two playable characters, Ophelia and Oliver, both of which have two very distinct perceptions of the world around them. Both must survive, so to accomplish this the player will need to keep each characters’ perspective in mind. It looks like a blending of the atmosphere and puzzle-solving of Limbo with the vibrant art style of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

Its developer is looking to raise $4,500 to help bring the game to fruition. Read on for its pitch video.

If you’d like to support Tulpa you can help it out on Indiegogo and/or Steam Greenlight.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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'The Omen' Gets Newly Mastered Vinyl Release Via Mondo! (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 16:00

We’re huge vinyl fans here on Bloody Disgusting, especially since we not only collect the cool new offerings, but try and get stuff that actually sounds better on the format.

Today we’re excited to exclusively announce Mondo’s latest release, The Omen, composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

Arriving with artwork by Phantom City Creative (Halloween vinyl art), the product comes pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly inserted “Mark Of The Beast Translucent Red” (limited to 200 copies).

You’ll be able to score this vinyl and celebrate my birthday on the same day: March 4th.

The vinyl will be available for purchase on the Mondo website. Watch the Mondo Twitter for time announcement.

This is the second Jerry Goldsmith score we have released, following last year’s Poltergeist. This is an expanded edition of the Original soundtrack, featuring tracks that have never before been released on vinyl (marked with asterisk*). It was mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

01) Ave Satani (2:34)
02) On The Night (2:35)*
03) The New Ambassador (2:34)
04) Where Is He? (0:56)*
05) I Was There (2:26)*
06) Brokens Vows (2:10)*
07) Safari Park (3:23)
08) A Doctor Please (1:43)*
09) The Killer Storm (2:53)
10) The Fall (3:42)
11) Don’t Let Him (2:48)
12) The Day He Died (2:13)*
13) The Dogs Attack (5:53)
14) A Sad Message (1:44)
15) Beheaded (1:47)*
16) The Bed (1:07)*
17) 666 (0:44)*
18) The Demise Of Mrs. Baylock (2:53)
19) The Altar (2:04)
20) The Piper Dreams (2:39) – Lyrics by, Performer: Carol Goldsmith

*Never before released on vinyl

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SpectreVision's 'The Boy' Adds Major Cast!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:59

House of 1,000 Corpses and Cooties star Rainn Wilson, World War Z‘s David Morse, Cloverfield‘s Mike Vogel, pictured, Zuleikha Robinson and Bill Sage have all been added to the cast of the SpectreVision production of The Boy, sources tell Bloody Disgusting.

Wilson will portray the character of William Colby, an enigmatic stranger who intrigues and beguiles the young Ted Henley. Internationally acclaimed actor David Morse will portray John Henley, motel owner and father of “The Boy” who will eventually grow to infamy. Mike Vogel and Zuleikha Robinson play a married couple, who along with their son (Aiden Lovekamp) spend the night at the Henley motel, and Bill Sage will portray the Sheriff of the rural town in which the Henleys reside.

As previously announced, the title role of Ted Henley will be portrayed by 8-year old Jared Breeze.

Based on the award-winning short subject film, Henley which appeared in competition at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, The Boy is the first film of a planned trilogy tracking the childhood of a future serial killer, with installments depicting the character at ages 9, 14 and 18, respectively, and ending with his full transformation to an iconic mass murderer.

The Boy is directed by Craig MacNeill from a screenplay by McNeill and Clay McLeod Chapman, who created the characters in his novel “Miss Corpus.” The pair previously collaborated on the respective direction and writing of the short film. SpectreVision’s Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller serve as producers. Partnering with SpectreVision on the project is Chiller Films.

The Boy began principal photography on February 17th in Medellín and Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia.

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[TV] Norman Gets Psychiatric Help In New "Bates Motel" Promo

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:58

Here’s a brand new spot for A&E’s “Bates Mote,” this time showing Norman Bates getting a little psychiatric help.

Starring Vera Farmiga in her Emmy-nominated role as Norma Bates and Freddie Highmore as Norman, the series returns for a second season Monday, March 3 at 9 PM ET/PT.

In season two of “Bates Motel,” executive producers Carlton Cuse (“Lost”) and Kerry Ehrin (“Friday Night Lights”) dig deeper into the twisted world of the Bates family.

Picking up from last season, Norman (Freddie Highmore) is fixating on Miss Watson’s death while Norma’s mysterious past starts to haunt the family with the introduction of her brother. Meanwhile, Norman’s brother Dylan, (Max Thieriot), gets more entrenched in the familial drug war that fuels White Pine Bay and finds himself right in the middle of the danger as Bradley (Nicola Peltz), who remains on the hunt to uncover her father’s killer, is driven to precarious extremes. Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell), is caught up on all fronts as everything in town escalates and Emma (Olivia Cooke) complicates her relationship with Norman as the duo explore new love interests, bringing new and old characters along for the ride.

Guest stars checking into “Bates Motel” throughout the new season are Michael Vartan (“HawthoRne,” “Alias”), Kathleen Robertson (“Boss”) Paloma Kwiatkowski ( Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), Rebecca Creskoff (“The Practice,” “Hung”), Kenny Johnson (“Sons of Anarchy”), Michael Eklund ( 88 Minutes, “Supernatural”) and Michael O’Neill (“Dallas Buyers Club,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The West Wing”).

Take a tour of the Bates Motel and learn more about what’s to come in season 2.

In “Bates Motel,” following the tragic death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel on the outskirts of the idyllic coastal town of White Pine Bay, seeking a fresh start. As Norma and Norman get ensconced in their new home, they discover this town isn’t quite what it seems, and the locals aren’t so quick to let them in on their secrets. But the Bates’ are done being pushed around and will do whatever it takes to survive – and will do whatever it takes to protect their own secrets.

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New Look At Daniel Radcliffe As Igor In 'Frankenstein'!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:50

Click over to The Daily Mail for dozens of behind-the-scenes photos of Twentieth Century Fox’s now-filming Frankenstein, giving us a glimpse of The Woman in Black‘s Daniel Radcliffe as “Igor” in the Paul McCuigan-directed horror.

Radcliffe stars next to Jessica Brown Findlay and James McAvoy in the latest incarnation of the Marry Shelley novella. The doctor will be played by X-Men: First Class‘ James McAvoy.

Fox has it set for release on January 16, 2015.

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[TV] New Writer Wakes "Sandman"

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:46

Deadline reports that Jack Thorne has been set to script “Sandman” at Warner Bros basedon the pitch that David Goyer made for his treatment for the Neil Gaiman comic book classic.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is producing with Goyer and the hope is for him to star and possibly direct. Gaiman is exec producer. Thorne scripted How I Live Now.

“The ‘Sandman’ series shifts between horror and fantasy, and the central character is Morpheus, the personification of dreams. After being held captive 70 years, Morpheus escapes, gains revenge and rebuilds his crumbling kingdom while trying to adapt to the times.

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'Goosebumps' Won't Hit Theaters Until 2016...

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:44

I’m not a fan of Monsters vs Aliens, Shark Tale or Gulliver’s Travels, which is why I’m not getting overly excited to see Rob Letterman get behind the camera for the “Goosebumps” adaptation, even if the premise is cool.

When we get closer to the newly set March 23, 2016 date, that’s when I’ll gauge my feelings towards Sony’s children’s horror tale that is to star Jack Black.

The story is loosely based on the series and follows Minnette’s character who moves from New York City to the small town of Greendale, Maryland, where his secretive new neighbor turns out to be veteran young adult horror author R.L. Stine (Black). When all the many demons of Stine’s mind are set free by Slappy, a demonic ventriloquist’s dummy, it’s up to Minnette’s character and Stine’s niece Hannah to put all the evil genies back in the bottle.

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Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ #122

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:39

Dwight makes the necessary moves to set himself against Negan. Rick and his forces regroup into a unified force, and Negan revolutionizes his attack method in what he believes to be a sure fire way to win. Once again “The Walking Dead” is in motion for a monumental conflict that promises enormous casualties, but such has been the promise for almost half a year, this month you’ll be asking yourself when?, begging Kirkman just to get it over with.

WRITTEN BY: Robert Kirkman
ART BY: Charlie Adlard
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: February 26, 2014

Chaos reigns above all else in “The Walking Dead.” Even the most calculated plan will come apart at the seams thanks to the lumbering legions of undead lurking in the open country. No matter how threatening another band of humans become, it always seems to be the zombies who have the last laugh.

Kirkman spends a lot of his time rebuilding from the aftermath of his last exchange. This issue is dialogue heavy. Characters announce their plans, and give their buy ins. We know who’s motivated to win, and who has just about given up. What remains unclear is just how everything will go down.

Rick seems blinded by his lust for victory. His plan doesn’t seem very sound, and if things actually go down the way he planned we’re looking at complete anarchy leading into the next issue. Things will be blown completely wide open and no one is safe. You’ll call his leadership into question, and may have some logistical questions about timing between the camps.

Adlard gives his traditional performance. His art is strong without being particularly noteworthy. He does have one stunning panel of Negan explaining his newfound weaponry which actually had me gasp, but its all around standard fare this month.

In any event the stage is set for the final conflict and the it looks like all of the talking of All Out War will finally come to a conclusion. While this arc has been interesting for the most part it feels like an excuse to drag out an event over a year when very little has happened between battles. Small character moments aside, this book prides itself on insanity, and pitched this arc as the most action pack ordeal the book has ever seen

So far I’m not convinced. Luckily we have four more chapters to prove just what All Out War is all about. If we go through the motions of attack for one issue and reel for three then I’ll be heartily disappointed.

Rating: 3/5 Skulls.

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Green Day Releasing 18-Demo Collection On Record Store Day

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 15:00

On April 19th, punk rock band Green Day will be releasing an 18-demo collection entitled Demolicious, which will feature demos recorded during the ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré! album studio sessions. The two disc set will be released on red or clear vinyl as well as CD and cassette. There will also be a new track, “State Of Shock”, and an acoustic version of “Stay The Night” included in the release.

Below is the album artwork.

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Review: ‘Ballistic’ #4

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 14:58

Issue four of “Ballistic” proves to be no different than the three that preceded it. Butch’s haphazard inquest through the heart of Repo City State pushes forward and the secret of Bang-Bang is finally revealed. Adam Egypt Mortimer and Darick Robertson routinely make other comics look bad. This is a book that taps into modern social issues with wild imagination under the guise of biological science fiction and body horror. It’s totally exciting and thought provoking.

WRITTEN BY: Adam Egypt Mortimer
ART BY: Darick Robertson
PUBLISHER: Black Mask Studios
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: February 26, 2013

If you’ve been routinely checking out “Ballistic” then you may remember the last issue of this series dropped in November. It’s been quite some time, so let’s recap. Butch wants to be a criminal. Gennie is blown to bits. Gennie 2 has joined the this casual criminal force and Bang-Bang Butch’s talking gun has a sensitive secret that seemingly every badass in Repo City State wants.

This month Mortimer further submerges his book in the dep
ths of his insane research. His already deep world gets deeper and the backstory of his most interesting concept and character is explored in a tragic and exciting way. We’re finally given the backstory of the talking gun. It’s surprisingly heartfelt and goes a long way to explain the nature of just what Butch fell into.

It’s funny because through no efforts of his own Butch has fulfilled his goal. He is the most sought after criminal in Repo City State but his rise to fame was accidental in all the right ways. With his newfound status all sorts of terrifying threats emerge. They range for disgusting bio-creatures to deadly assassins.

Yet the real star of the show is the Cronenbergian body-horror at play here. Mortimer really delves into the fear of the living and breathing organisms that we share the world with and holds a lens to the relationship. The experience will make you cringe in revelation as you receive a startling look at the future.

Robertson’s art is a thing of sheer beauty. No task seems too large for the talented artist. As he brings his charm and wit to every page, the BigDick Gangster panel returns in full form, his flashback is action packed, and the fallout is somber. The finale of the issue is all around insanity that shows off both his paneling ability and his haunting character work.

“Ballistic” is easily the best and most polished comic book you’re not reading. It magnifies certain aspects of the human condition with such brilliance that it may make you feel uncomfortable. It is ripe with horror, self-reflection, and provides a totally unique take on science fiction while still finding the time to craft compelling characters. It’s a breath of fresh air in the all to cluttered science fiction arena that isn’t afraid to shock and educate you. It’s an invaluable reading experience that I urge you to read.

Rating 4.5/5 Skulls.

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Review: "Deadly Class" # 2

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 14:52

School is in session and its one hellish place. If you thought the cliques in your school were bad, imagine if they were made up of the viscous offspring of world-renowned assassins. Marcus is thrown head first into King’s Dominion in an incredibly original and cruel spin on the high school dynamic “Deadly Class” initiates the insanity. Think Harry Potter but instead of magic you’ve got bloodlust and you’re halfway there.

WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender
ART BY: Wes Craig
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: February 26, 2014

“Deadly Class” should remind you of all those awful times you walked the cafeteria looking for a place to belong and you were met with blank stares. School can be a volatile place. Now imagine if trained killers attended your school with chips on their shoulders and you didn’t quite belong. That’s Marcus’ plight. He may be good, but he’s going to have to prove it to everyone.

Remender balances the inner school dynamics with the politics of social clubs. Socially the school is a mess, comprised from cliques centered on lineage. They all have something to prove and each of them are dangerous in their own way. The classes are brutal and ridiculously interesting. It’s almost as if we get to step into Remender’s mind after years of killing characters in comics. He’s teaching us to be trained killers. It’s clear the man has stored a lot of this deadly information in his own head, and here it flows naturally to the page. It reads smooth like silk, and is presented with a certain matter of fact that will make you eager to attend your own beheading class.

Wes Craig’s art is a revelation. The amount of panels the dude can fit on a page is staggering. He commands the page brilliantly and uses many small panels to demonstrate the larger scene at hand. He manages to keep his art dynamic and interesting even when he doesn’t have a whole lot of action to deal with this month. His style pays tribute to the eighties with perfect design flourishes that exhibit the many fashion styles of the era. His character models are thorough and diverse.

“Deadly Class” made me want to be an assassin in very much the same way Harry Potter made many children want to be a wizard. It’s not quite as friendly of an atmosphere, but the foreign world is so interesting that you can’t help but want to be a part of it.

The stakes are incredibly high here, and the learning curve is only bound to get more difficult. Plus, in the final moments of the issue Remender does his best to remind the reader that this book isn’t all about learning. It’s about Marcus’ past, and it seems that his history will come knocking sooner rather than later.

“Deadly Class” #2 is a master class in social dynamics with incredibly skillful art that will leave you slavering for more. It’s fun, dangerous, and lewd like all the best stuff.

Rating 4/5

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[Now Playing] 'Alan Wake' Episode 20

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 14:48

This is the episode where I deftly dodge a duo of dashing chainsawmen. Okay, they’re not all that dashing, but once you hop on that alliteration train it’s tough getting off, am I right?

In the penultimate episode of our Alan Wake series I get lost, admit to playing far too much Rust, and both David and I reminisce on the days of the Sega Genesis and one of our favorite games, Primal Rage.

For more videos like this, subscribe to Bloody Disgusting on YouTube!

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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Review: ‘Black Science’ #4

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 14:25

The Dimensonauts are fractured. Lost in a hostile dimension surrounded by high tech Native Americans who’d love to kill them. Ward leads an empowered charge back to the pillar and the stakes are higher than ever. “Black Science” has its most energetic chapter yet as it refocuses back on the supporting characters lost in this dimensional shuffle.

WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender
ART BY: Matteo Scalera
COLOR BY: Dean White
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: February 26, 2014

So much always seems to be happening in every issue of this book. Remender is the master of breakneck pacing, so its no surprise that you’ll feel pulled along for the wild ride. What does surprise is the heartfelt loss that this month inspires. This chapter is a somber one. It serves up a heaping helping of action to start things off and concludes with the sobering look at the group’s bleak situation.

This issue totally belongs to Ward, every one of these opening pages are absolutely sprightly due to his combat expertise. While, Kadir chugs the story along in his own way. It is clear he’ll pose more of a threat down the line, and the rest of the group really have their moments to react to the chaos around them.

The team is comprised of flawed and realistic characters that all react to their situation in remarkably different ways. The team dynamic remains one of the largest draws in a book already dripping with irresistible concepts. Yet grounded characters rise above everything else.

Remender balances a busy script with relative ease, as does Matteo Scalera. His art continues to impress. Most notably in the opening pages of the issue with the resourceful ways he finds to execute the attacking Native Americans. There is muddy grit to the action that completely fades once the battle has halted. Warm facial expressions abound in this issue, serving to remind us of who these characters are outside of crisis.

Scalera’s thick lines are met with fantastic contrast. There is never a bright moment in the art, despite being surrounded by the vibrancy of Dean White’s neon soaked colors. Something happens in this combination to create a perfect harmony.

Remender’s script gives the perfect tease to carry the story into the next chapter. Everything almost seems to be going right for the group, and in the final moments he manages to spin everything on its head once again. It’s the kind of storytelling he’s known for, and it never disappoints. It doesn’t feel forced and embraces the infinite opportunities afforded by his premise.

The horrors that lie in wait with chapter five of “Black Science” is almost too exciting to fathom. The team is finally back together and united around getting back home, but something tells me that harmony won’t last long.

Rating: 4/5 Skulls

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Whitechapel Announce New Album 'Our Endless War': Release Lyric Video For New Song

bloody disgusting - Wed, 02/26/2014 - 14:21

Metal band Whitechapel has announced that they will be releasing their new album Our Endless War on April 29th via Metal Blade Records. The album was tracked by Mark Lewis and artwork was done by Aaron Marsh. Pre-orders are available here.

Says guitarist Alex Wade, “We are excited to announce our fifth full length studio album Our Endless War. In typical Whitechapel fashion, this CD takes the sound we have been developing over the past 8 years of our career and pushes it to new levels. We want each record we release to sound different, and this one is no exception. With dashes of every record we have done so far mixed with the intensity of a new sound, this record is sure to please fans of Whitechapel, old and new.

In anticipation of this release, the band has released a lyric video for their new track “The Saw Is The Law” (a reference to TCM’s “The Saw Is Family”?). You can listen to it below as well as see tour dates for the band with Carnifex, Within The Ruins, and Cruelhand.

Our Endless War Track Listing:
1. Rise
2. Our Endless War
3. The Saw is the Law
4. Mono
5. Let Me Burn
6. Worship the Digital Age
7. How Times Have Changed
8. Psychopathy
9. Blacked Out
10. Diggs Road

Whitechapel w/ Carnifex, Within The Ruins and Cruelhand
4/16: Columbus, OH @ The Basement
4/17: Buffalo, NY @ Waiting Room
4/18: Worcester, MA @ Palladium – New England Metal and Hardcore Fest*
4/19: Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club
4/20: Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
4/22: Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street Club
4/23: Columbia, SC @ New Brooklyn Tavern
4/24: Jacksonville, FL @ Roc Bar
4/25: Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
4/27: Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
*Festival Date

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