Giant Mutant Spider Attacks! Must-See Video!

Dread Central - Fri, 09/05/2014 - 10:00

Spiders can give people an extreme case of the heebie jeebies. Myself included. Giant mutant spiders attacking unsuspecting victims? Well, that's a whole other story. If you have the time to watch only one video today, let it be this one.

Actor/director SA Wardęga just uploaded the following prank video to YouTube in which he takes his cute as a button dog and dresses it up as a killer arachnid. The first scare seems kind of silly, but it's all hilarity from there.

As a matter of fact, this has become a favorite video around here, and we're willing to be that you end up sharing it again and again too.

Check it out, and beware of giant webs and multi-legged attackers who are just looking for a good place to poop.

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nothingbutthenight - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 14:36
The Boy from Space was a science fiction drama serial made in 1971, originally directed and shot on film by the enticingly named ex-BBC Radiophonic Workshop musician Maddalena Fagandini, and specifically intended to be watched by children between the ages of seven and nine upwards. Unlike most fondly remembered children’s series that have eventually found their way onto DVD in subsequent Black Gloves
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