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Giant Space Balls Are Falling on Europe in The Gasp Menagerie

Fri, 12/18/2015 - 12:00

And now we begin an incredibly juvenile post about a very interesting occurrence.

Europe has big balls… falling on it from outer space.  These could be alien balls or balls we shot up there ourselves.  If that’s the case, they could be US balls or even Russian or Chinese balls.

The Daily Express (among others) is reporting that there have been four gigantic metal balls dropped on Europe and now Turkey, spreading the ball dropping outside of European boundaries for the first time.  These are unidentified balls between basketball and beach ball size, made of metal, that are clearly dropping from a great height.  It’s not clear whether these are coming from space, however, because the balls do not burn up and are still whole when they strike the ground.

It seems unlikely that this is a hoax, given the spread of the ball dropping incidents.  If these balls all hit Spain directly, one could suspect they are the balls of a Spaniard, playing a prank.  With the report of at least one ball in Turkey, however, it seems likely these are falling from something, but what?

No report has included what metal the balls are composed of.  It seems unlikely that they are brass balls, as they are dark gray in color, but they are very heavy as it often takes two people to lift just one of the balls.

Thankfully, the balls haven’t caused any injuries, landing in unpopulated areas.  Nobody has taken these balls across their face, which is a good thing considering their size.

Who has balls this big?  Why would they be dropping without warning?  What are the balls made of?

Explore The Gasp Menagerie!

Have a weird story? Potential evidence of the supernatural, or at least something hard to explain? Spot any creepy critters out there roaming the wilds? LET ME KNOW! I’d love to talk about it and possibly write it up right here in the Gasp Menagerie. You’ll get appropriate credit, of course, and everyone else will get fresh creepy (as opposed to fresh Creepy, which, trust me… nobody wants that) to enjoy. As always, I can be found at Now get out there, find some weird, and let’s get this party started.

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The Legend of Zelda’s Link Battles Zombies in New Fan Film

Fri, 12/18/2015 - 11:30

The crazy bastards over at Forgehouse Films are at it again, this time releasing a new fan film filled with lots of slicing and dicing and pointed ears! Yes, pointed ears!

Jason Forge writes, directs, edits, and more on the film starring John Waters as Link along with Jonathan Kay and Adrian Leon as Zombie Mario!

Universes have collided as a king of one world and a legendary hero of another have been thrust into the zombie apocalypse. One had been looting powerful items during the chaos of the clash, and the other is determined to get his back.

Zelda’s Link in a zombie apocalypse with a zombie Mario? Link to a New World

Link to a New World is a fan film mashup based on the popular Zelda video game series, Mario Bros., and a not-your-normal zombie apocalypse world. A zombie apocalypse that is not as it appears… We follow Link as he makes his way through this strange new world, a world that is eerily familiar, yet enchanting and horrifying…

For more info “like” Forgehouse Films on Facebook and follow Forgehouse Films on Twitter.

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Car, The (Blu-ray)

Fri, 12/18/2015 - 11:00

Starring James Brolin, Ronny Cox, Kathleen Lloyd, John Marley

Directed by Elliott Silverstein

Distributed by Scream Factory

Coming off the smashing success of Jaws (1975), Universal was all-too-game to replicate that achievement however possible. When it came time to make The Car (1977), the mandate given to director Elliott Silverstein was simple: make Jaws on land. Silverstein goes into greater depth regarding the issues inherent to accepting such a task, but most who watch his film will agree he more or less managed to succeed. Setting aside the obvious Achilles heel of nearly every killer car movie – that protagonists could simply climb a flight of stairs or go anywhere else a car can’t – there is some real terror in having a two-ton beast relentlessly chasing you down. A car can’t be reasoned with; its strength cannot be matched; and the only thing that’s likely to stop it is total annihilation… or a couple flat tires. But then, the norm for films of this ilk is the titular vehicles are often possessed to such a degree that no expected means of destruction will suffice. Either you blow the ever-lovin’ shit out of them or expect to be made road kill.

A black car appears in the Utah desert, seemingly out of nowhere, and begins a whirlwind tour of rampaging death. First, two cyclists are mowed down; then, a horn playing hippie meets the front fender. The town police captain, Wade Parent (James Brolin) has little to go on – black car, no plates, tinted windows. That’s all the information he’s able to get out of local wife beater and total asshole Amos (R.G. Armstrong). The car shows up again later that night near the police station and attempts to run down Amos, who was being questioned again, but it misses and takes out Sheriff Peck (John Marley) instead. Eyewitness reports suggest the car had no driver, causing Wade to increase town security across the board and ask his deputy, Luke (Ronny Cox), to cancel a school parade rehearsal being led by his girlfriend, Lauren (Kathleen Lloyd).

Well, the parade doesn’t get canceled, because Luke is a drunk who has gone right off the wagon, and the nefarious car appears on the scene to terrorize the school kids and their teachers. Most everyone manages to remain safe, though, when they run into a graveyard. It seems the car is unable to drive on hallowed ground. Wade and his deputies give chase and let loose on the car with everything they’ve got, but to no avail. Five deputies lose their lives and Wade winds up in the hospital… and a final confrontation with the car still looms on the horizon.

The eponymous vehicle of The Car falls in line with another killer on four wheels, Christine (1983), in that it never retains any damage and is unyielding in its pursuit of those it wants to kill. But Christine had some purpose behind her killings; the audience could generally pinpoint who would be next to meet her chrome-plated grill. Not so for The Car, a slick, black modified Lincoln that appears out of thin air to wreak havoc on a small desert town out in the sticks of Utah. Everyone in town is fair game. No motive is expressed, nor is there any rhyme or reason as to who dies. That’s part of what keeps The Car interesting – anyone can die.

If you’re the type of viewer who needs to have things explained, that’s also what might be a cause of frustration. The Car likes to kill – this much is clear. But there’s no explanation for why it seems to target those around Wade. He’s not a scumbag; he has no obvious bad qualities. The guy is just a police captain trying to keep his citizens safe. Maybe that’s all it takes – one man gets in the way of evil succeeding and suddenly finds his life the focus of its destruction.

The Car is slightly better than most drive-in fare of the ‘70s thanks to a solid cast and an absolutely evil villain. James Brolin was the man back in these days; built like an old-school tough guy and sporting one of the best mustaches in the business. Surrounding him are a mix of new and old character actors, including hard-nosed badass R.G. Armstrong, John Marley (the guy with the horse’s head in the bed in The Godfather) and a young(ish) Ronny Cox. Kathleen Lloyd, who plays Brolin’s girlfriend, is extremely easy on the eyes and plays more than just a vessel for Wade to occasionally fill. Also cool (and like Jaws): Car-vision, where we watch from the car’s POV, bathed in an amber hue, as it stalks intended victims. The movie might not be high art by any stretch, but it’s a damn fun ride – one I’m always game to take.

Arrow Video previously issued The Car on Blu-ray in the UK, and it appears the 2.35:1 1080p picture seen here is identical. This is a good thing because the picture is very pleasing. Colors are nicely saturated, black levels are almost perfectly pitch, and the abundance of daylight shots means definition and fine detail are able to shine with wonderful clarity. It appears there might be some DNR use here; not enough to make faces and textures waxy but it certainly appears to have lessened the grain field and removed some very fine details; however, it isn’t a problem to my eyes. The image is very crisp – just check out the car’s chrome fender and grill, which look razor sharp. The day-for-night shots near the climax are a little too dim, but you can get what the filmmakers were going for there.

Audio comes with the choice of an English DTS-HD MA track in either 2.0 or 5.1, both of which sound great. Immersion and power are better on the multi-channel mix. Many of the scenes where the car is stalking people, revving it’s engine and gunning it all around town, get some nicely prioritized effects that come bursting forth from every corner of the room. At times it sounds like the rear channels are simply mimicking the fronts, but the enveloping audio experience definitely adds to this fun thriller. Subtitles are available in English SDH.

Arrow Video’s UK release was packed with extra features – and not a single one of them appears here. Too bad Scream Factory couldn’t work out a deal to import them because they’re very much worthwhile. Still, this disc does include a trio of new interviews, along with the usual promotional materials.

“Interview with Director Elliott Silverstein” – The helmer discusses his meetings with Universal’s top brass, what was his favorite sequence, the use of darkness, car mechanics and much more.

“Interview with Actress Geraldine Keams” – Fairly typical interview in which the actress recounts how she got into the business, who she’s worked with and what her time was like on this film.

“Interview with Actress Melody Scott Thomas” – Scott, who has been acting since the age of three, talk about her career moves, scares on this film’s set and so forth.

The film’s theatrical trailer, a TV spot, a handful of radio spots, and a still gallery featuring 125 images are the remaining extras.

Special Features:

  • NEW Mystery of the Car – an interview with producer/director Elliott Silverstein
  • NEW The Navajo Connection – an interview with actress Geraldine Keams
  • NEW Just Like Riding a Bike – an interview with actress Melody Scott Thomas
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Radio Spots
  • Still Gallery

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Exclusive Trailer Debut for Riddle Room

Fri, 12/18/2015 - 10:30

Well over a year and a half ago we told you about an upcoming film called Breakaway, and now it’s been renamed Riddle Room and gotten itself a new trailer plus a release date! Read on for the details along with a trio of stills from the flick.

The Saw-inspired thriller/horror film Riddle Room was directed by Bryan Binder and stars Erika Hoveland, Tiren Jhames, Marisa Ruby, Daniel Usaj, Peter Carey, and Ava Manson.

Breaking Glass Pictures will release Riddle Room on iTunes, Amazon Instant, VOD, and DVD on February 16, 2016.

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Remastered Editions of Turok Games Available Now!

Fri, 12/18/2015 - 10:00

As reported back in August, the N64 dino-hunting classic Turok and its sequel, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, are being remastered for PC. Now we have confirmation that they’ll be released on December 17th along with a new trailer.

You can head over to Steam to order Turok now.

Turok is back, and no dinosaur is safe! When it was first released in 1997, Turok introduced gamers to a world teeming with cunning enemies, traps, puzzles, and deadly weapons – all within a vast 3D environment ready to explore. Now the classic game has been restored and enhanced with a new visual engine and exciting new features to sink your teeth into!

New features include:

  • Support for high resolutions and widescreen
  • Improved gameplay and level design
  • OpenGL for video backend to provide portability and support for vertical sync
  • Dynamic lighting, bloom, FXAA, enhanced water effects, lights shafts, and more
  • Ability to freely rebind all keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs

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Michael Manasseri’s Mosquito Man Finally Ready to Suck Your Blood

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 20:56

Director Michael Manasseri’s Mosquito Man is finally ready to bask in the glory of a home video release. I first heard about the movie back in 2011 when it was called Sucker, but sadly, the film vanished from my radar. Thankfully, several years and a name change later, Mosquito Man will buzz across DVD early next year. Better late than never, am I right?

If you’re just now hearing about this one, then you’ll need this synopsis:

Jim Crawley (Manasseri) is having a really bad day. He gets fired from his job, his car is towed and impounded, and he discovers his wife is having an affair with his arch enemy. To make matters worse, Jim gets abducted by an evil scientist (Ricky Wayne) who is conducting illegal human testing on a vaccine against a deadly mosquito-borne virus spreading across the planet. It turns out that years of exposure to nuclear radiation and mosquito DNA don’t mix well… Jim transforms into a half man/half mosquito hellbent on revenge….

Mosquito Man, not to be confused with Tibor Takács’ 2005 sci-fi flick Mansquito, finally hits DVD on January 12, 2016. I can’t wait to finally check it out. Have a look at the trailer below.

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Dread Central Getting New Look; Name Our Mascot and Win!

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 19:58

When you think about website longevity, if a site stays active for more than two years, it’s a milestone. We’re approaching a decade in the business and we’re still here, and that’s because of you guys. We couldn’t be more grateful for the loyalty and support!

As the years have gone by, the site has begun to show its age so it’s time to freshen things up a bit. It’s with great pleasure we share with you our newest logo and mascot.

Inhouse we’ve been referring to him/her/it as the Stagknight, but since this is your site as much as it is ours, we’d like to take this opportunity to have you name him/her/it. New T-shirts will soon be on the way via Rotten Cotton, and whichever name we stick with… well, the person who comes up with it will get a free T-shirt on us along with a random Box of Dread (to which, incidentally, a subscription makes a nifty holiday gift)!

So, how do you name this beast? Leave your suggestion in our comments section below!

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Katherine Waterston to Beat Off an Alien: Covenant

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 19:42

Some quick possible casting news has arrived for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. Deadline is reporting that Katherine Waterston, who co-starred in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, is set to star in the Scott-directed sequel to Prometheus. In what will be the biggest role of her career to date, Waterston has been cast as the lead, Daniels.

Specific plot details for the new film are being closely guarded, but it is believed to follow the crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet, who discover what they believe is an uncharted paradise but is, in fact, a dark, dangerous world, the only inhabitant of which is David (Michael Fassbender), the “synthetic” and survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

Alien: Covenant is believed to be the first in a conceived trilogy of new films that will link the events of Prometheus with the original 1979 Ridley Scott-directed classic Alien.

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Something in the Woods Explores a Real-Life Tale of Bigfoot Terror

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 19:36

Bigfoot is having a pretty good run through the indie horror scene these days, but few offerings tackle the legendary creature from a realistic perspective. Writer/director David Ford’s Something in the Woods takes a family-friendly approach to the hairy beast, which is honestly something you don’t get from horror flicks too often. Inspired by true events, Woods takes a look at the Hartman family and terrifying experiences with an unruly Sasquatch during the 1960s.

Ahead of the film’s release in stores and on VOD early next year, Ford and company are selling Something in the Woods on DVD via the flick’s official website right now. Interested parties should definitely take a few minutes to check out the trailer embedded below.

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Byron C. Miller’s The Anatomy of Monsters Now Available on VOD and Digital Download

Thu, 12/17/2015 - 19:09

Director Byron C. Miller describes his indie horror flick The Anatomy of Monsters as “midnight poetry,” which is actually a pretty awesome way to describe a movie. Instead of saying, “Oh, hey, yeah, my movie’s about a bloodthirsty killer,” Miller takes it a step further by saying his endeavor captures “the feeling of late night hours and sinister urges.” With the help of screenwriter Paul Morgan, the filmmaker set out to bring his midnight poetry to life. Color me seriously intrigued.

The official synopsis for the flick unfolds as follows:

Andrew seems ordinary as he prepares for an evening out. He carefully shaves, styles his hair and selects the perfect outfit. As the hour grows late, he decides to make the final preparations by examining his tools for the night: duct tape, rubber gloves, and a large hunting knife. Andrew plans to haunt a bar in order to ensnare an unsuspecting woman but finds that this is more difficult then it appears. He is starting to lose hope of finding someone, when someone finds him…

Sarah notices Andrew as she is sitting alone in the back of the bar. She strikes up a conversation with him. Last call arrives, and Sarah suggests that they get a motel room. At the motel, Sarah is flirtatious, but Andrew quickly dismisses her advances and instead begins to give in to his dark impulses. He produces the large hunting knife and forces Sarah to cower in fear. She begs him to let her go, but he rebuffs her at every turn. Finally he moves in for the kill.

Andrew wavers. Sarah catches this hesitation and sees an opportunity. She begins to talk to him, in a confident voice about murder… and how to get away with it. She can help him to be a better killer if he will only listen…

What follows is a deadly game of wits and a soul-baring confession.

The Anatomy of Monsters, which stars Tabitha Bastien (Run, Hide, Die), Jesse Lee Keeter (“Grimm”), and Conner Marx (If There’s a Hell Bellow, “Z Nation”), is available via Distrify Media for an amazingly low price. Interested? Point your browsers to this location to score your very own digital copy. The trailer, as you may already have guessed, resides below.

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Top 5 Horror Book Series You Should Be Reading

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 15:02

Reading. You know, that thing where you look at words on a page. Well, apparently it’s still a thing. So if, by some miracle, you decide that you’ve had enough of staring at a screen and want to stare at some good old-fashioned books instead, I’ve complied a list of some of the best horror series available.

1. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

You will no doubt have heard of this one. Jim Butcher’s classic series follows Harry Dresden, a private investigator with magic powers, as he investigates supernatural cases.

It is set in a world where magic is basically an open secret, filled with werewolves, ghosts, demons, and other supernatural creatures, each of which has its own government. Dresden himself tries to protect the livelihoods of both the supernatural and everyday citizens, being the world’s only “consulting wizard,” meaning that he has a duty to serve both.

2. Skulduggery Pleasant/Demon Road by Derek Landy

Also on the topic of detectives with magic powers, we have Skulduggery Pleasant. It’s a bit more difficult for him to go undercover than Dresden on his assignments, however, on account of him being a walking skeleton.

Lasting for nine novels in addition to several spin-off novellas, the first book follows a young girl named Stephanie, who inherits the estate of her uncle, who was a successful horror author, after his death, only to find that his creations may have been all too real. She becomes an assistant to the long dead and now skeletal wizard/detective Skulduggery Pleasant as they team up to stop evil forces from conquering the earth.

After the series ended, author Derek Landy launched a new saga called Demon Road, which features vampires, serial killers, and, you guessed it, demons. Both series are definitely worth checking out.

3. Incantations of Immortality by Piers Anthony

Best known for his comic fantasy series Xanth, which frequented the New York Times Bestseller charts during the ‘80s and ‘’90s, Piers Anthony is the very definition of a workaholic, as he’s written well over 200 books and, even at 81, is showing no signs of slowing down, having a multitude of upcoming books in the works.

After Xanth, his most well-known series is Incantations of Immortality, starting with 1983’s On a Pale Horse. The series focuses on humans who are forced to become the incantations of Death, War, Evil, Time, and other elements. A key theme in the series is the corruption and misuse of power, represented by how ordinary humans are ascended to god-like positions, but it also explores how, when they act within reason, things that most people fear can actually have a very human element to them.

4. The Discworld Death Trilogy by Sir Terry Pratchett

The late Sir Terry Pratchett was one of the UK’s most popular authors. He was most recognized for his fantasy series Discworld, which sold over 85 million copies worldwide. Whenever a new installment was released, people would go nuts over obtaining a copy, with the 40th book in the series, Snuff, breaking sales records by becoming the third fastest selling book in UK history, selling 55,000 copies in three days. He was awarded an Order of the British Empire in 1998 and was awarded a knighthood for “Services to Literature” by the Queen in 2009.

After his death from Alzheimer’s disease earlier this year, his daughter, Rhianna, who is known for her writing work on games like the Tomb Raider reboot, announced that the series would not continue. But as most series never even come close to 41 books (not including the countless character and location guides), I think it’s safe to say that we more than got our money’s worth.

What’s the series about, you ask? It’s about a world shaped like a disc (duh), which is carried through space by four elephants on the back of giant turtle named Great A’Tuin. And one of the recurring characters was a librarian transformed into an orangutan who viciously attacks anyone who calls him a monkey. Yeah, this is fantasy at its strangest.

I know what you’re thinking: That sounds more like comic fantasy than horror. Well, hear me out… one of the major recurring characters in the series, who appeared in nearly every book, was Death, depicted in his classic skeletal grim reaper form. Three of the books in the series – Mort, Reaper Man, and Soul Music – were known as the “Death Trilogy” and featured Death as a protagonist rather than a supporting player, so if that doesn’t place them in the horror category, then I don’t know what does.

Despite resembling the nightmarish embodiment of Death, the character in the Discworld series was actually something of a more lighthearted figure who resented having to cut people’s lives short before their time, in addition to having a fondness for curry, beekeeping, and partying. So yeah, if you’re in the mood for some lighthearted fantasy/soft horror, then look no further.

5. The Works of Darren Shan

Okay, this one may seem like a bit of a cop-out because instead of focusing on one single work, I’ve decided to focus on the entire career of Darren Shan. As a kid I was pretty much obsessed with his body of work, so I think it’s worth talking about it as a whole.

Firstly, there’s his young adult series The Saga of Darren Shan, about a young boy named, eh, Darren Shan (yes, he really did name the protagonist after himself), who becomes a half-vampire, learning the ways of the creatures of the night from his master, an ancient vampire named Larten Crepsely (who later received his own prequel series), whilst they travel with a circus freak show. As the series progressed, the books delved into deeper fantasy territory, with a war breaking out between the vampires and their mutant subspecies, the Vampaneze, in addition to dragons, other dimensions, and depictions of the afterlife.

And yes, before you ask, it was adapted into that piece of trash 2009 film which was clearly just made to cash in on the success of Twilight, but the less said about that the better. However, it was also adapted into a wonderful manga series by illustrator Takahiro Arai, which is definitely worth checking out.

His next YA series, The Demonata, focuses on another young boy named Grubbs Grady, who joins a secret organization called the Disciples to battle demons after they slaughter his family.

The antagonist of The Demonata, Lord Loss, was undoubtedly one of the finest villains in all of literature, a six-armed monstrosity with a pit full of snakes in place of a stomach, who speaks in a decidedly slow, sad tone, reveling in the sorrow and torment that he bestows upon others. The series focuses on the Disciples trying to prevent Lord Loss from establishing a tunnel between our world and the demon realm so that he can literally unleash hell on Earth. There’s also the small matter of Grubbs becoming a werewolf as he has demon blood flowing through his veins.

Shan is currently working on Zom-B, a 12-part series that follows a teenage girl who, following a living dead outbreak, is, you guessed it, turned into a zombie, as she tries to find a solution to the outbreak that is destroying mankind.

And let’s not forget his adult series, The City, about a power-hungry crime lord who turns to magic in order to rise through the ranks.

As much as I love his work, one particular complaint that I have with Shan is that, as I assume  publishers tell him that each of his series needs to contain a set number of installments, some of his books end up being rather light on plot, acting more as filler than anything else so that he can hit the targeted number. But one area where I won’t be complaining is the level of violence in his work. Hell no. Unlike that other kid’s horror series (cough, Goosebumps) Shan’s YA books, in addition to his adult ones, pushed violence to the max. I’m talking page after page of NC17-level violence here. Shan has a real gift for describing violence in such a way that it really does feel as though you are witnessing it first-hand, so great are his skills as a writer.

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Castlevania Creator Koji Igarashi’s New Game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Wants Fan Feedback

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 14:00

After breaking records on Kickstarter when it was launched back in May, there haven’t been many updates on the game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, directed by Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi, who either willingly left or was fired by Konami. Which does not come as a surprise with all the many, many problems that have been slowly coming to light at the company over the past year or so, with them banning Hideo Kojima from attending the 2015 Game Awards being the icing on the cake. #FucKonami has now become a common social media hashtag.

Its original Kickstarter goal was $500,000, and it ended up with $5.5 million, meaning that they can make the game that they wanted to make and then some. It’s still a long way off, however, as they haven’t even decided on the final visual style yet, instead opting to wait for fan feedback to see which style they should go with. Which is fitting, as the fans funded the game. They’ll also be showcasing some new art styles in the near future, so watch this space.

In the first update in some time, they offer a look at some of the proposed art styles, with a Google Form being available for you to submit your feedback about which you prefer. They’re also showcasing fan art, so if you feel in a particularly creative mood, then give it a shot and see what they think.

The plot of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night follows a girl named Miriam, who is beset by a curse that transforms her skin into crystal, as she traverses a haunted castle filled with vampires, demons, and other monsters so that she can find the wizard who cursed her and make things right. Basically, it’s a Castlevania game without the word Castlevania in its title. Had it not been for Konami’s bullshit, the exact same game would likely have been published by them as an official entry in the Castlevania series.

Instead, Deep Silver will handle publishing duties. No release date yet, but again, it’s a long way off.

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Body (2015)

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 13:00

Starring Helen Rogers, Alexandra Turshen, Lauren Molina

Directed by Dan Berk, Robert Olsen

Body is not so much a thriller or example in terror as it is a teaching tool. What tool could this film help to sharpen one’s thought process? Very simple: Know your surroundings, know the people that you’re hanging out with, and for all that is holy in the name of Richard Simmons, if you accidentally kill someone, either hide the friggin’ body and fake knowledge of the entire situation, or simply nut up and confess – simple as that.

Three recent high school grads – good-girl Holly (Rogers); Mel (Molina), the girl incapable of making her own decisions; and uber-bitch Cali (Turshen) – are all bored to tears during Christmas break; and after the relentless push of Cali’s will, the three will be spending it at her uncle’s mansion. One LARGE problem that I had with the initial casting here is the varied makeups of this trio: Would the mousy, indecisive girl really want to hang with the domineering bee-otch, or vice-versa? Aside from some control issues, it is feasible to an extent I suppose…

Anyhoo, back to the uncle’s opulent residence… Oh yeah, I forgot to mention (just like Cali did) that this isn’t really her unc’s abode. It belongs to people that she used to babysit for, and she’s fairly convinced that they’re away for the holidays. So, going with their inner party animals, the trio head to the mansion, and in a completely unfortunate incident, the estate’s groundskeeper is killed accidentally.

I did say “accidentally,” didn’t I? Good, because that is entirely what happened here, and at the risk of making these lovely young ladies not look too terribly bright, the option is quickly discussed about owning up to the crime and praying that someone will have mercy upon them. However, if that happened, we wouldn’t have a movie such as this, now would we? Things become radically more complicated with the girls’ infighting about the situation and the impending breakdown of communication it promises, and who’s that knocking on the door? Why, it’s Holly’s main squeeze! Nothing like throwing another log on the fire.

The tension really ramps up in the third act of the film, and we see an astonishing shift in power that will surprise many viewers. Dual directorial efforts are by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, and kudos to them for putting together what some could look upon at first inspection and probably dismiss without provocation, but this really comes off as a fun movie to check out.

Overall, I definitely recommend Body to those wanting to see a morality check played out amongst a tragic accident, with just the right amount of subtle humor tossed in for good measure – most assuredly worth a look.

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Latest Dying Light DLC Pokes Fun at Destiny

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 12:30

Techland, the makers of Dying Light, encouraged their fans to stay healthy by drinking plenty of water, and in response they were sent over 15 million videos of fans doing just that. They were so thrilled by the response that they’re now offering free DLC as a reward.

In case you haven’t realized, they’re making fun of how Activision offered free Destiny DLC to fans who buy Red Bull. Yeah, it’s dumb, but hey, it’s free.

Earlier this year Techland started a health-oriented campaign on social media under the hashtag #DrinkForDLC, encouraging people to drink water and stay hydrated. The fan response exceeded all expectations: The hashtag reached more than 15 million people and resulted in over 15 000 creative photos and videos of fans drinking water, not counting other expressions of support. As a thank you to the fans for their involvement, the development team designed additional free content for the game. Today Techland has detailed the contents of a three-part DLC pack that all Dying Light players will receive free of charge.

The #DrinkForDLC content pack will include:

  • The Fountain of Youth – all-new exploration-based quest available in the Old Town area.
  • Water 2.0 – blueprint for a new throwable weapon that intensifies the electrocution effect of all other weapons.
  • Water Challenges – two brand-new parkour challenges designed around the theme of water.

The #DrinkForDLC content pack will be included in Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition, the complete and immensely improved version of the game to be released on February 9, 2016. Owners of the original version of the game will receive the pack as part of the free improvements update, which will be made available on the same day.

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Anguish (2015)

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 12:00

Starring Ryan Simpkins, Annika Marks, Karina Logue

Directed by Sonny Mallhi

With a strong producing credit to his account (The Strangers), Sonny Mallhi decided to toss his chips into the pile and go all in with his first directorial foray, Anguish. Instead of opting for a slam-bang introduction to horror fans, he chose a less bumpy road, leading them by their hands down the darkened corridors as opposed to having them strap on their Nikes and sprint towards safer ground… different choice, yes. A successful one? Only time will tell.

Now, on to the dissection.

Anguish is centered around the fractured relationship between an over-medicated daughter named Tess (Simpkins) and her overprotective mother (Marks) as they venture into (hopefully) a renewed accord with each other at the request of the young girl’s therapist. Unbeknownst to the two, a supernatural entity will show its face to Tess, eerily looking back at a similar broken bond between a mother and daughter before a horrific event ended the daughter’s life… and we’re travelin’ back in time! Well, almost. The notion of Tess’s mental framework is delved into rather intensively to help the audience grab some sort of foothold as to how she got to this point, and after she becomes more and more agitated and unstable at the sight of the dead girl plaguing her conscious mind, her mother seems dead-set on passing this off as a situation that might require an exorcist – way to think rationally, Ma!!

As I alluded to earlier, the movie uses more of a heavily implied dramatic theme, with horror on its fringes, therefore never truly breaching the “scared the crap out of me” boundaries. It is a slow burn, and it is helped along by some fairly strong performances by both Simpkins and Marks; however, fans who are looking for a quicker paced white-knuckler will more than likely be willing to pass this one by and opt for something a little more rapid in tempo.

Worth a watch if you’d like things to slow down around you to a crawl… a one-timer if nothing more. The fate of this one will truly lie in the eyes of the prospective audience.

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Indigenous (2015)

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 11:30

Starring Zachary Soetenga, Lindsey McKeon, Sofia Pernas

Directed by Alastair Orr

Those silly American touristy kids of ours… will they NEVER learn? If they’re not off wandering the streets of some third world country being yanked into darkened alleyways, then they’re getting hammered drunk and become the medical experiment of some wealthy (and deranged) former practitioner of bodily dissection. What I’m getting at is, no matter how you slice it, when these bored, alcoholic, oversexed young adults cross international waters to party down, someone ain’t comin’ back!

The latest disclaimer for keeping your sightseeing butts back in the States is directed by Alastair Orr, and the title is Indigenous, which hit VOD services on December 8th. It just happens to follow a group of American backpackers who find themselves DEEP in the Panamanian jungle and are therefore stalked by the legendary Chupacabra. The setup is nothing that we all haven’t seen before: Your insanely spoiled, morally bereft twenty-somethings booze it up until the dawn cracks and, after the hangovers have subsided, decide to hit the lush, green labyrinth for some excitement.Before long, the sun begins to set, and our moronic band of excursionists find themselves sitting ducks for a beast that hasn’t been seen or heard from for ages, much less believed to even be true.

I’ll admit that when the film immediately began, and I was visually held hostage by the stomach-churning exploits of “found footage,” my hopes started to swirl, but after a short time the movie turned a very large corner and abandoned the first-person shaky-cam format and solidified itself with its cinematography – nice touch, fellas.

The down side, you ask? Well, unfortunately this really isn’t anything that we haven’t seen in the past – jungle scares, people getting slaughtered, dissension among the ranks, all topped off by a creature that just doesn’t pose much of a cinematic scare factor. All in all, it tallies up to a movie that potentially could be enjoyed by a real creature-feature set, but for others who are looking for some true horror, they might be better skipping the jungle and opting for a trip to Disney World… now THAT place is straight-up frightening.

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December Crowdfunding Campaign Offers Chance to Be a Producer

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 11:00

For all of us here at Dread Central, the news of a new Christmas-based horror film is like finding our stockings filled with presents. So we’re thrilled to announce that the new film December, set in the Yuletide period, is now raising money via Indiegogo.

It follows two sisters trying to mend their broken lives, only for a cursed deer head to mysteriously appear and send their lives on a downward spiral.

And the best part is, by sharing the Indiegogo campaign on your social media accounts, you can get an Associate Producer credit in the film, which is pretty awesome and a great way to get on IMDb if you haven’t already.

Director Brandon Scullion clearly knows a thing or two about wintery horror films, as he shot his previous film, Live-in Fear, in the snow-covered Utah mountains. Add that to the very generous opportunity to get credited, and you can’t go wrong with December, which showed off its conceptual trailer at this year’s Shriekfest film fest.

In DECEMBER, Isobelle, a directionless 20-something, and her perfect sister, Emlyn, try to piece their lives back together in the wake of an incident that not only put Isobelle in court-ordered AA meetings, but also led to the young mother losing her son. Just when things seem to be getting better, a strange stuffed deer’s head finds its way into the girls’ lives, bringing with it a torrent of misfortune and darkness that feeds on their grief. It takes Isobelle into a downward spiral of violent bloody madness like she has never seen before, putting everything she once held dear at stake.

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Steve Alten’s Meg Gets a 20th Anniversary Edition Complete with Prequel and New Illustrations

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 10:30

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Meg, by New York Times and international bestselling author Steve Alten, is back with an all-new expanded 20th anniversary edition mass market paperback (in addition to its previously announced film adaptation from Warner Bros. to be directed by Eli Roth). The “new” novel, released this week by Viper Press (a division of A&M Publishers) includes a never-before published prequel and 17 original graphic illustrations.

Steve Alten has kept his fans in awe through Meg and its sequels, and it’s been a dream for many of them to see the novel on the big screen. Now that dream will become a reality. “I remember reading Jaws as a teen,” says Alten. “The book and movie got me interested in Great White sharks, which led me to Carcharodon Megalodon, the species’ 70-foot, 70,000-pound prehistoric cousin. Twenty years later I penned the first draft of MEG. It took another twenty years to get the movie greenlit. The MEGheads have been chomping at the bit, but I know it’ll be worth the wait. And this new version of the MEG novel is light years above the original.”

Alten penned Meg in the days when he was struggling to support his family of five. It was a labor of love and a storyline he had been thinking about for years. After selling his car to pay for his editing fees, Alten could only wait to see how the book would be received. His tireless nights and weekends spent writing resulted in a two-book, seven-figure deal with Bantam Doubleday. Fast-forward nearly 20 years, and Alten has delighted his fans with sequels and now the promise of enjoying Meg on the big screen.

In addition, Meg is currently utilized by thousands of high school teachers in the US in collaboration with Alten’s non-profit Adopt-An-Author reading program. The free program is designed to excite young adults to read through the use of page-turning thrillers and through direct contact with the authors.

Visit Amazon to pick up your copy today, and for more information, swing by

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The Windmill Massacre Slices Up a Trailer

Fri, 12/11/2015 - 10:00

Although it describes itself as a trailer, this is basically a prolonged clip from the new slasher flick The Windmill Massacre and an incredibly nasty one at that. Unless, of course, none of the footage will actually be used in the film and it was shot entirely for promotional purposes, in which case the designation of short film would be more appropriate.

But whatever it is, it sure as hell made me want to see the film so it served its purpose I guess.

Jennifer is an Australian girl on the run from her past who washes up in Amsterdam. In a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of the authorities, she joins a coach-load of tourists embarking on a tour of Holland’s world famous windmills. When the bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she and the other tourists are forced to seek shelter in a disused shed beside a sinister windmill where, legend has it, a Devil-worshiping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain. As members of the group start to disappear, Jennifer learns that they all have something in common – a shared secret that seems to mark them all for doom.

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Bunny the Killer Thing Hops Onto Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD Next Year

Thu, 12/10/2015 - 23:23

Joonas Makkonen’s Bunny the Killer Thing looks like a ridiculously entertaining film, and that probably says a lot about me as a person. After all, most people probably aren’t immediately drawn to a movie that features an enormous killer rabbit with an oversized penis and a single-word vocabulary (hint: it’s “pussy”). Not surprisingly, I’m a little over the moon that the folks at Artsploitation Films are bringing the flick to the US next year. Is it just me, or did 2016 just get a bit more phallic?

While Artsploitation is handling the Blu-ray and DVD release, FilmRise will spread Bunny the Killer Thing across VOD. In other words, you’ll have absolutely no reason not to sit down with Makkonen’s zany horror/comedy. Of course, you may want to read Drew Tinnin’s review before spending your hard-earned cash on this one. Just to be on the safe side, you know.

This synopsis should also give you an idea of what to expect.

A group of seven Finnish young adults are heading to have a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. By chance, three foreign men end up to the same cabin. The men seem to be hiding a secret. The party weekend at cabin becomes a game for life and death, when suddenly a weird creature attacks from forest to terrorize the people! The creature is half-man, half-rabbit, and it is after anything that resembles female genitals. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing!

However, the best way to see if Bunny the Killer Thing appeals to your cinematic sensibilities is to properly investigate the trailer below. Keep in mind that it’s probably not safe for work.

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