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Emilie Autumn Dares You To Venture Into Her 'Asylum'

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 09:00

Avante garde “Victoriandustrial” artist Emilie Autumn is set to make five appearances on the upcoming Vans Warped Tour where she will be presenting her “Asylum Experience”, an innovative, immersive environment that will thrust concertgoers into a wild world of burlesque performances, circus attractions, theater acts, and, of course, live musical shows. This fantastical alternate reality will be known as “The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls.” Based upon the two video teasers, which you can watch below, the event should be something truly incredible and memorable for any attendee.

Direct from the official press release:
Upon entering the all-day-long Asylum Experience, Warped Tour guests will be thrust into a visually stunning world policed by Victorian doctors and lunatic asylum guards, where striped-stockinged inmates attempt escape (will you help them or join them?), talking rats lead you on a hunt for hidden documents that may just secure your freedom, and a mad tea party proves to be more mad than Alice could ever have imagined (ours features an authentic Victorian electro-shock machine). With multiple tents and interactive elements to choose from and explore, numerous characters to follow, and endless secrets to uncover, every visitor will have a completely unique experience impossible to recreate. Audience participation is taken to a new level as the lines between performer and observer are completely blurred.

In the middle of the Asylum Experience festival area lies “The Cell”, the main stage where Emilie and her glittering cast of lunatics will present her musical extravaganza stage show twice daily before being kidnapped and put back in their cages.

Autumn was featured on our “10 Songs That Should Be In ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’” list, which you can see here.

June 18: Mesa, AZ
June 19: Las Vegas, NV
June 20: Pomona, CA
June 21:San Francisco, CA
June 22: Ventura, CA

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Deftones Release A New Song From 'Eros', The Last Album With Chi Cheng

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 19:45

A year ago today, original Deftones bassist Chi Cheng passed away after being in a coma for several years following a terrible car accident. Although it seems small in the grand scheme of things, one of the losses fans suffered as a result of Chi’s horrible accident was the loss of Eros, the last album that the band recorded with Cheng.

Today, in a very brief statement via the band’s Facebook which read “Chi, We miss you today and everyday,” the band released one of the songs from that album. It’s a musically melancholic track with uplifting lyrics. But it has that signature Deftones emotion and angst. Below you can hear “Smile”.

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Someone 3D Printed A 'Dead Space' Workbench

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 18:21

Whip out your power nodes, because Youtuber Psychobob has created a Dead Space 2 workbench. I want this beautiful thing something fierce. This workbench was crafted using a 3D printer, some design software, and an impressive attention to detail. It looks just like it did in the video game, and the fact that it also has a built-in OLED screen and unfolds much like its virtual counterpart only makes me want it more. Read on to see how this mini-workbench was made.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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Open World Horror Game 'Grave' Is Coming To Xbox One

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 17:04

Previously a PC exclusive, developer Broken Window Studios has announced they’ve joined the ID@Xbox program — Microsoft’s program to get games from indie developers on Xbox. This means their surreal open world horror survival game Grave will be coming to Xbox One. According to a post on the game’s Kickstarter campaign, the goal is to release all versions at once (Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One) in early 2015.

There’s a ton of horror games coming to PC and Sony has gone out of their way to sign on a bevy of horror titles for PS4, so it’s nice to see a promising title like Grave come to Xbox One. I’ve played it, it’s pretty great.

This is great news, but Grave still needs help with funding. If this is a game you’d like to help see a release, you can support it on Kickstarter.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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'Contagion' Leaves Early Access, Full Release Available Now On Steam

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 16:32

Grab some friends, because Contagionmy new favorite cooperative undead shoot ‘em up — has transitioned out of Early Access in favor of a full release on Steam. This is particularly exciting because this is a horror game that was entirely funded by the gaming community — through Kickstarter — and it’s also one of the first crowdfunded horror games to officially release. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with it already, and loved every minute. It’s atmospheric, smart, gorgeous, and crazy addictive.

Check out its new cinematic release trailer after the jump.

Contagion is available now on Steam for $14.99.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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'Paranormal' Brings Supernatural Horror To Mac

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 15:44

The ridiculously creepy supernatural horror game Paranormal has just made the jump to Mac. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the game follows an artist who’s trying to capture hauntings in his apartment. All of the scares are random, making each playthrough unique from the last. And because it’s an Early Access game, developer Matt Cohen is using user feedback to improve the game through a consistent stream of updates.

Even though it released in 2012, I broke all the rules and included it among my list of 2013′s best horror games. Read on to see why.

If you’d like to chase some ghosts — or get chased by them — you can grab Paranormal on Steam for $9.99.

Feel free to send Adam an email or follow him on Twitter:

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If You Enjoy Deafhaven, Then You Should Stream Black Monolith's 'Passenger'

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 15:00

Fans of Deafhaven should know the name Gary Bettencourt, who has sometimes served as touring guitarist for the group. Bettencourt is a one-man band who has recorded Passenger under the moniker Black Monolith. It’s a vicious mix of black metal, punk, hardcore, doom, and more that coalesces into an emotionally charged, wildly entertaining album. You can stream the album below (courtesy of Stereogum.

The album will be released April 22nd via All Black Recording Company, the vinyl-only record label started by Deafhaven frontman George Clarke. Pre-orders are available here.

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Mondo Opens Up About 'Coraline' And 'Paranorman' Vinyl Releases

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 12:30

Mondo is one of those companies that releases some truly amazing soundtracks. They put out Fabio Frizzi‘s The Beyond, Jerry Goldsmith‘s The Omen, and more, each lovingly crafted and gorgeous sounding.

Now Mondo is getting ready for the upcoming releases of the Coraline and Paranorman soundtracks. Both will be available to order through Mondo’s store on April 22nd but the latter will have a limited glow-in-the-dark variant that will be sold exclusively on Record Store Day (April 19th).

Coraline is composed by Bruno Coulais and utilized the Budapest Orchestra and Choir while Paranorman was composed by Jon Brion, who composed Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love.

Below is a gallery of the images and more information can be found here.

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This Cat REALLY Wants Some Attention

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 11:42

Cats are assh*les, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Seriously, they don’t care about people at all. Hell, they even did a study about it. Which is why the below video is just further evidence that cats are some of the biggest jerks around. This guy just wants to show off his shredding skills, which aren’t bad at all (although the backing track sounds like an 80′s/Nickleback mix). But what happens? His damn cat jumps on his lap and won’t leave. Instead, that little furry bastard even starts biting his hand. What a jerk…

Banner image courtesy of Nightgrowler.

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[BD Review] 'Enemy' Is a Terrifying Psychological Thriller With Double the Gyllenhaal!

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 11:54

Deni Villeneuve’s thriller Prisoners was one of my favorite movies of last year. Since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting his new film Enemy, which was filmed before Prisoners, so it’s technically not new. Either way, the auteur potential exhibited in Prisoners is on full display here. Enemy is a wholly independent doppelganger mind-fuck that’s leaving many folks (including me) scratching their heads. It’s also terrifying the hell out of audiences with its shocking ending, which has got to be one of the most unpredictable climaxes in years.

Beneath a thick cloud of Toronto gloom, history professor Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal) lectures his students about the repeating patterns of totalitarianism that threaten society. The Roman Empire, he explains, used “bread and circuses” to control their citizens. Nowadays, governments limit education and censor media to keep society clueless about what’s really going on. These ideas, I believe, are ultimately what the movie is all about. Not on any conspiracy level though – on a very literal one. If, that is, you can piece together the meaning behind all of the questions, answers, symbols, and spiders Villeneuve presents in the film.

Adam would’ve been a drag in Roman times. His chosen forms of entertainment don’t reach beyond grading papers and screwing his girlfriend. Then one night he rents a “cheerful” movie recommended by a coworker, only to see himself playing a bellboy. Or, someone who looks exactly like him – a bit actor named Anthony. Adam becomes obsessed with his doppelganger (who wouldn’t?) and as confrontations between the two men escalate, some unnerving horrors about themselves and society are uncovered. In nature, two of the same thing cannot exist at the same time. This apparently goes for Gyllenhaals as well.

Enemy is based on the Nobel Prize-winning book The Double by José Saramago. Just from a cursory glance at the book’s synopsis it’s obvious Villeneuve and screenwriter Javier Gullón used the plot to create their own Kafkaesque allegory about fascism. That’s how I interpreted it at least, though the second time around I may draw something else from the puzzle pieces Villeneuve peppers throughout.

The film’s prologue is a big clue, I think. Without spoiling anything, it contains ideas that connect to other key themes in the film: control through entertainment, how men treat women, and, most prevalently, spiders. All of these concepts subtly repeat throughout until the film’s horrifying ending, which reinforces Villeneuve’s heady ideas in the most shit-your-pants way possible.

Enemy clearly weighs on the shoulders of Gyllenhaal, who does a praiseworthy job carrying the film in his dual roles. Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon play his love interests with an icy cool demeanor and the always great Isabella Rossellini has a brief but strong appearance as his mom. Her scene is a short one, but has a couple of plot shockers in it, so pay attention.

With Enemy and Prisoners, Vulleneuve proves he’s capable of creating incredible films on an independent and big studio level. I’ve read a few reactions to Enemy that called it “pretentious,” which I think is complete bullshit. It would be pretentious if the film was vague and surreal with no ideas to back it up, but the clues are all there. Villeneuve wants people to figure it out and he respects the audience enough to allow them to do it themselves, rather than get all pedantic on our asses. To dismiss Enemy as an arthouse wank-off is just plain lazy…and that’s exactly how our fascist rulers want us to be, ya dummy!

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[BD Review] Amusement Park Thriller 'Scream Park' Is Worth the Price of Admission!

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 10:48

Writer/director Cary Hill was able able to fund his ’80s slasher throwback Scream Park a couple years ago thanks to Kickstarter. Since then it’s been kicking ass at festivals and now the masses can finally enter Hill’s house of horrors with Scream Park on DVD and VOD. And believe me, guys, it’s worth the price of admission. While the film may suffer from some of the typical low-budget indie trappings, Hill and co. salvage any shortcomings with cinematic finesse and loads of creepy atmosphere.

It’s the final night of business for the Fright Land amusement park. The remaining skeleton crew decide to give the place a thoughtful send off by getting wasted and screwing in the restrooms. The crew is a ragtag group of goths and geeks, with our protagonist Missie (Nicole Beattie) as the only uncategorized one. While the others party, Missie searches the park for her boyfriend, who’s been M.I.A. since closing time. As she scours the park, she runs into two mysterious figures – one with a burlap sack over his head, the other wearing one of those dick-nose masquerade numbers. When they spot Missie the two figures saunter off, but it soon becomes apparent that they’re not there to stay in the shadows.

You see where this is going, I’m sure. Once the two guys, Iggy and Ogre, are introduced, Scream Park does divert a bit from the well-worn path of stalk and slash. Missie has to play detective, and she gradually uncovers the path that led these two hillbilly psychos to the park. Without spoiling anything, it’s a fairly interesting motive to kill a bunch of people. In our world of corporate greed, it’s also a sadly tangible one.

Seeing a film marketed as an “’80s slasher throwback” always makes a siren flare up in my head. A lot of the ones I’ve seen recently sure have plenty of slashing, but disregard crucial aspects like atmosphere, suspense, and characters worth a damn. Cary Hill and co. have their shit together though. Scream Park is a deliberately paced thriller that miraculously doesn’t fall back on any “creepy carnival” cliches. There’s no over-obvious, lingering shots of scary clown faces or played out “creepy carnival” shit like that. They never even go in the haunted house attraction! Iggy and Ogre could’ve easily been carnies or clowns themselves, with caked on makeup and painted on grins, but by making them some local shitkickers, Hill establishes Scream Park as part of a bigger world.

The film was shot at an actual amusement park, Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania. The location immeasurably helps drench the film in atmosphere. A lot of the most tense scenes are set against the carnival lights, which really adds some juice to the horror. My only issue is that I feel like the location wasn’t utilized to its fullest potential. There are a lot of tight shots, making the park feel smaller than it obviously is. No geography is really established either, so it was impossible to tell where characters were in relation to each other. When the location was taken advantage of for a few super wide shots, they’re really chilling.

The acting drags the film down in parts, particularly when all the kids are together. A lot of their dialogue timing sounds awkward and some of the actors inflect really weird. Nicole Beattie is great though – she’s really the film’s linchpin. She plays Missie real sympathetic with just the right amount of toughness. Beattie makes a solid final girl.

Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy fame plays Iggy, which might be confusing because his partner in the film is named Ogre, but he’s played by Ian Lemmon. Nivek really hams it up as Iggy, the fraternal sleaze bucket. The first girl he kills, he grinds up on her from behind while doing it – you can tell he’s really getting his rocks off. It’s a funny performance, but at times he goes overboard and it almost seems like he’s in a different movie. There’s a fun cameo by Doug “Pinhead” Bradley too.

There’s really a lot to enjoy in Scream Park. If you can get over the amateur acting it’s a real blast for genre fans. I mentioned earlier the whole “’80s slasher throwback” buzz term, but just ignore that and settle in for a unique, entertaining little ride.

Scream Park is available on DVD and VOD April 22 from Wild Eye Releasing. The DVD includes commentary with Cary Hill and some bloopers.

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Justin Jordan Unleashes Carpenter-Inspired 'The Spread'

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:52

Image just sent out this sweet image teaser for a new series series from Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm, “The Spread”. Justin Jordan said of the series that it “could be described as Lone Wolf and Cub in a world eaten by John Carpenter’s The Thing, on the right side of the line”. Even if you don’t read comics, just look at the teaser and it may change your mind.

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Review: 'Dredd: Underbelly' One-Shot

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:43

For those craving some more from the cinematic world of 2012’s uber-underrated film Dredd, look no further than “Dredd: Underbelly” one-shot. This book feels like it is a perfect short film sequel to the original film starring Karl Urban. This week, 2000AD is reprinting this book to hopefully fan the flames of fandom so we can actually SEE a real sequel in cinemas soon.

WRITTEN BY: Arthur Wyatt
ART BY: Henry Flint
PUBLISHER: 2000AD Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 9 April 2014

Light in this world seems like a luxury. Light in any form – sunlight, indoors, light of hope itself – is all but absent in the world of Judge Dredd. Only the law and judgment are allowed to move about freely, looking for perps, scum and pushers to bust. Writer Arthur Wyatt has kept the tone of the cinema world intact in this story. A new drug has hit the streets to replace Slo-Mo, the awesome visuals-inducing drug from the film. Dredd, as usual, works alone but begrudgingly takes help from wherever it springs up.

This book feels just as bleak and barren as the world presented on screen. Colorist Chris Blythe keeps in line with Henry Flint’s artwork. The muted colors help establish that this comic book isn’t showing us a bright and shiny future, but a more realistic possibility. The only lit scenes involve a lot of gun fire or the Cursed Earth barren lands outside Mega City One. Flint’s big spreads are a treat to look at in this book.

If you like Judge Dredd in all his incarnations, then I think you’ll enjoy this book. If you liked the 2012 film Dredd, you will really like this. It has all you need. Judge and move on, just like Judge Dredd always does.

Score: 4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady

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[Exclusive]: Preview: 'Curse' #4

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:39

The fourth and final issue of “Curse” hits shops next week. This is a book crafted with love by four creators working hard to re-imagine the horrors of werewolf lore. This is no easy feat, but as Zac Thompson wrote in his review, ““Curse” is one of the greatest looks at werewolf mythology there has even been”. Check out the preview for “Curse” #4 below from BOOM! Studios.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel
ART BY: Riley Rossmo & Colin Lorimer
PRCE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 16, 2014

Laney Griffin has shouldered more heartbreak than most. With his son’s life and his own criminal innocence hanging in the balance, Laney must take drastic measures to stay one step ahead. But as the captive werewolf emerges with the full moon and Sheriff Nora Hughes’ forces close in, the hope for survival looks slim—for father and son.

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[Exclusive] Preview: 'Frankenstein Alive, Alive' #3 Finally Released This Week

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:28

After a rather lengthy wait, the sequel to Mary Shelley’s classic is back from Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson. “Frankenstein Alive, Alive” follows the journey of The Monster on his journey after the text of Frankenstein and sees him holed up with Dr. Ingles and his patients. Don’t wait any longer, take a look at our exclusive preview below from IDW Publishing.

WRITTEN BY: Steve Niles
ART BY: Bernie Wrightson
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: April 16, 2014

The Monster has lived under the roof of Dr. Ingles for over a year but now what seemed like hospitality has taken a sinister turn. Why is the Doctor dismissing the other patients? And why is the monster left behind?

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Bruce Wayne Moves to '6 Miranda Drive'

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:14

After you guys see Wolf Creek 2, you’re going to be paying crazy close attention to Aussie filmmaker Greg McLean’s next genre pic, 6 Miranda Drive, which is currently casting up.

David Mazouz, pictured, joins Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell in the film about a family that unwittingly brings a fear-feeding supernatural force with them when they return from a Grand Canyon vacation, reports Deadline. Feeding off their own fears, the evil presence threatens to destroy them from within as it takes over their lives and home, with terrifying results.

Mazouz will be playing young Bruce Wayne in the network’s “Batman” prequel “Gotham”.

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Alternate 'The Den' Poster Has Your IP Address (Exclusive)

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 18:15

Log in to The Den with this new alternate poster from IFC Midnight’s tech-thriller starring Melanie Papalia (Endgame) and Adam Shapiro (Now You See Me). Everything comes full circle as we also premiered the film’s first ever poster back in February.

The Den was directed by Zach Donahue from a script he wrote with Lauren Thompson. Starring Melanie Papalia, Adam Shapiro, David Schlactenhaufen and Matt Riedy the movie is NOW available on VOD.

In the film, “After receiving a grant for her graduate thesis, Elizabeth Benton (Melanie Papalia) logs onto a video-chat site known as THE DEN, on a mission to explore the habits of its users. During one of her random video-chats, Elizabeth watches in horror as a teenage girl is gruesomely murdered in front of her webcam. While the police dismiss it as a viral prank, Elizabeth believes what she saw is real and takes it upon herself to find the truth. Her life quickly spirals out of control as she gets pulled deeper into the darkest recesses of the internet. And eventually, Elizabeth finds herself trapped in a twisted game in which she and her loved ones are targeted for the same grisly fate as the first victim.

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WB's Summer Preview Carries New 'Godzilla' Synopsis, 'Into the Storm' Pics

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 17:38

Warners and Legendary has released a brand new synopsis for Godzilla, in theaters May 16.

From visionary new director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) comes a powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless.

Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Richard T. Jones, Sally Hawkins, Akira Takarada, Victor Rasuk, Yuki Morita, and C.J. Adams star in the pic rated PG-13 for “intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence…

In addition, here’s the official image gallery for Into the Storm, directed by Final Destination 5‘s Steven Quale.

In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, even as storm trackers predict the worst is yet to come. Most people seek shelter, while others run towards the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Told through the eyes and lenses of professional storm chasers, thrill-seeking amateurs, and courageous townspeople, “Into the Storm” throws you directly into the eye of the storm to experience Mother Nature at her most extreme.

Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Arlen Escarpeta, Max Deacon, Nathan Kress, Jeremy Sumpter, Kyle Davis, Jon Reep and Scott Lawrence star.

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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 130: Portishead "The Rip"

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 17:30

While going through my list of potential twisted music videos, I saw that I’d saved Portishead‘s “The Rip”. I didn’t exactly remember why I saved it so I popped it on and everything came rushing back. It’s a haunting video, one that tackles a great many themes of destruction, disdain, and abandonment. It’s also done in a very old school and organic fashion. Animator Nick Uff drew each frame completely by hand on 16mm film.

He states, “Each frame has to be different, animated films cannot stand still. That means they can be quite difficult on the eye, especially in the style I use, it’s very busy, a bit scratchy.” [Source]

So head below to enjoy this somber song from the groups third studio album, appropriately named Third.

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Burbank Art Show Gives Tribute to John Carpenter!

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 16:31

Los Angeles-based readers looking for something cool to do this weekend? Show your appreciation to art, bubblegum and John Carpenter at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank.

This weekend they put on display the “All Out of Bubblegum!” exhibit, giving homage to the works of John Carpenter.

The first haunting musical notes during the opening credits to the 1978 classic film Halloween literally send chills down your spine. You’ve just watched a six-year-old Michael Myers murder his sister, and John Carpenter’s unsettling piano melody will forever cement the association of our beloved autumn holiday with his inhuman cinematic demon. Few directors can create these lifelong memories for film fans; yet, John Carpenter has done it throughout his career, populating our awareness with his iconic heroes and villains.

From Snake Plisskin’s grunted one-liners to Jack Burton’s witty braggadocio, we are immersed and invested in these character archetypes. We are there when Christine takes care of the shitters. We are there, watching in terror, when bodies rupture and sprout tendrils in the Antarctic wasteland. We are there when Hot Rod Nada puts on the sunglasses and wakes up to reality. Writer, director, musician… John Carpenter has inspired artists of every discipline. He has taught us about storytelling, how to create suspense visually and aurally, and even about the need for humor.

The influence is evident when you look around Hyaena Gallery and see the art on our walls. The realm of dark and pop art owes a sincere thank you to John Carpenter for stirring our imagination and fears throughout the years. It is an honor, on Hyaena gallery’s eight-year anniversary, to pay tribute to a man who is not only a Master of Horror but in truth a master of craft.

All Out of Bubblegum! A Tribute to John Carpenter contains works by the following artists: Chet Zar, Clint Carney, D.W. Frydendall, James Bonner, Jeff Rebner, Mark Covell, Joe Vaux, Mick Cassidey, Char Hall, Nicolas Caesar, Wyatt Teitzel, The Creep, Lou Rusconi, Megan Kelly, Phil Joyce, Kat Philbin, Big Tasty, Adam Padilla, Donnie Green, Kyle Abernethy, Michael Kelleher, Robert Heckman, Matthew J. Levin, Stanislav, Jeremy Cross, Rannie Rodil, and more.

Can’t make it in? Click over to the site to see the art and purchase there…

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