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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 162: GrimWolf “Little Red”

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 18:30

With all the Disney fairy-tale-turned-live-action movies coming out, I wanted to look at the darker side of these fables. What better way to do that than by giving you a twisted and deranged version of “Little Red Riding Hood” that features gore, violence, and weed! That’s exactly what you can expect in this week’s Twisted Music Video Of The Week, which is GrimWolf‘s “Little Red”! The video style reminds me of Phil Mucci, although nowhere near as grand and epic. Check it out below and enjoy your weekend!

“Little Red” comes from the band’s debut full length album Lycanthrope, which you can snag via Bandcamp.

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[Comic Book Review] “Casanova Volume 1: Luxuria” Bold, Self-Aware, And Humorous

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 18:25

Casanova Quinn is spy material, from his combat and espionage skills to his Bond-esque love of women and booze. He is, due to a strange time paradox, his own evil twin. He’s not sure exactly what he’s doing or where he’s going, in a big-picture sense, but he does know that he doesn’t want it to involve his dysfunctional family. This narrative is a prime example of Matt Fraction’s signature self-aware and absurdist humor. It follows the character of Casanova Quinn in and out of time and space, mostly against his will, as he navigates the politics and ethics of various comic-book-acronym-named agencies (W.A.S.T.E., E.M.P.I.R.E., etc) in Casanova Volume One: Luxuria.

WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $29.99
RELEASE: November 19, 2014
Reviewed By: Katy Rex

Collected in a beautiful glossy hardcover, this volume collects EXECUTION DAYS, PRETTY LITTLE POLICEMAN, MISSION TO YERBA MUERTA, DÉTOURNEMENT, COLDHEART, WOMEN AND MEN (PARTS ONE AND TWO), and bonus story I THINK I ALMOST LOVED HIM, of the ongoing series, As a bonus, it includes the backmatter and letters from the creators that went into the original issues, from both the Icon-published issues and the Image-published issues, which they’ve even annotated in some places (nerds). Fraction has even included the titles and some brief descriptions of some of his major influences, both in this work and in life, leading the reader to realize how important and personal this piece is for him.

The art is boldly inked and angular, emphasizing an exaggerated expression of bodies and fucking and explosions. The character designs are more like caricatures of tropes; the femme fatale, the muscleman, the geek. The panel layout is both creative and direct, as the action flows freely from one page to another. The colors are bold, and they don’t always follow the inking, shifting the reader’s perspective.

If you haven’t started reading this yet, this is a great jumping on point. Fans of Fraction’s other work, especially Hawkeye and Sex Criminals, will find a similar tone in this series. If you’re already a fan, this collection features some great extras, with Gabriel Bá’s take on the limitations of cover art, Dustin Harbin comparing lettering to playing the bass in a band, and Cris Peter talking about the advantages of having a finite palette of 45 colors. There are tons of great discussions between Matt Fraction and various other dudes, like Michael Chabon and Howard V. Chaykin.

Katy Rex writes comics analysis at, and She also writes scholarly articles for various academic journals. She really likes butt jokes, dinosaurs, and killing psychos and midgets in Borderlands 2. She has a great sense of humor if you’re not an asshole. Twitter: @eotucomics Tumblr: Instagram: @katy_rex Email:


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[Exclusive Comic Preview] “The X-Files Year Zero” #5

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 18:20

IDW Publishing was kind enough to offer us an exclusive preview of “The X-Files Year Zero” #5, which serves as a creative look back at the formation of the X-Files, and their mysterious connection to an informant named Mr. Zero.

The X-Files: Year Zero #5 (of 5)

Karl Kesel (w) • Vic Malhotra, Greg Scott (a) • Carlos Valenzuela (c)

Mulder and Scully have finally come face-to-face with “Mr. Zero” and slowly unraveled a mystery stretching nearly 70 years in the past. But more major twists are revealed as this historic case comes to a close! For now…

FC • 32 pages • $3.99


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Funko “X-Files” Toys Makes Role Playing Even Creepier!

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 16:38

That’s right folks! Funko has finally brought everyone’s favorite FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to Wacky-Wobbler and Pop life! If you want the whole gang you can even get The Cigarette Smoking Man and an Alien! But let’s be honest, we all just want Mulder and Scully to bring our weird fanboy and girl fantasies to life! And just in time for Valentines Day too!

Get yours in February!

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Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Becoming a Massive Franchise?

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 16:36

Warner Bros. Pictures continues to work hard on adapting Stephen King’s 1978 “The Stand,” and while it goes through its development hell, plan continue to be shared with fans.

It’s been rumored to be a television series, a three-hour long epic, and even a two-parter. Now, writer/director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) stated on Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble-On Podcast that the plan is to turn “The Stand” into FOUR feature films.

“I really wanted to do an A-list actor, really grounded, credible version of the movie,” says Boone. “…I sold [Warner Bros.] on a single, three hour movie… So what happened is the script gets finished, I write it in like five months. Everybody loves it. [Stephen] King loves it. $87 million is what it was budgeted at. Really expensive for a horror drama that doesn’t have set pieces… They came back and said ‘Would you do it as multiple films?’ and I said ‘F–k yes!’…So I think we are going to do like four movies.”

“The Stand” is a story of good versus evil after a virus wipes out most of the American population. It features dozens of characters (including such memorable ones as the Trashcan Man and Mother Abigail) and overlapping storylines running over many years as it tells of a group of survivors fighting the Antichrist-like Randall Flagg.

“I loved my script,” Boone continues, “but I was willing to drop it in an instant because you’re able to do an even truer version this way… I can’t tell you anything about how we’re going to do them or what’s going to be in which movie. I’ll just say we are going to do four movies, and we’re going to do ‘The Stand’ at the highest level you can do it at with a cast that’s going to blow people’s minds. We’ve already been talking to lots of people, and have people on board in certain roles that people don’t know about. We’re looking to go into production next year, maybe in the spring.”

Rumors already have Matthew McConaughey pegged for the role of Randall Flag, the personification of evil, a demonic figure who wreaks havoc after a plague kills most of the population.

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The Birthday Massacre Release Video For “Beyond”

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 13:00

Canadian dark rock band The Birthday Massacre has released an official video for their song “Beyond”, which comes from their newly released album Superstition. The video shows the band members carrying a coffin through the woods in order to perform a ritual to raise the recently deceased.

Make sure to pick up your copy of Superstition via iTunes.

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[Review] ‘Late Phases’ Is a Badass Werewolf Shocker With Loads of Heart

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 12:09

For his English-language debut Late Phases, Spanish director Adrián García Bogliano has done something special. He’s crafted a werewolf shocker that reads more like a revenge/vigilante flick than a horror film. All of the traditional werewolf elements are there – silver bullets, full moons, etc. – but at its core its really the tale of a tired Vietnam vet who was blinded in combat and went dark to the world, including to his family. In his recent films (Here Comes the Devil, Penumbra, Cold Sweat), Bogliano focused a lot on tricks and set pieces, rather than characters and emotion. With Late Phases, it’s all about heart. A torn up heart thrown against a wall spraying blood everywhere, but still, heart.

Nick Damici (Stake Land) stars as Ambrose McKinley, the aging veteran I mentioned earlier. He moves into the quaint retirement community of Crescent Bay, a secluded locale in upstate New York nestled in the bosom of a thick forest. The residents don’t take too kindly to Ambrose’s biting behavior, especially when he pulls a gun on the Stepford Wives-like welcoming committee. Soon Ambrose learns that aggressively friendly old bags are the least of his worries. Crescent Bay has been rocked lately by a series of grisly murders the cops are deeming “animal attacks.” After Ambrose experiences one of these “animal attacks” firsthand, he decides to get proactive on their hairy asses.

He figures the wolves will return during the next full moon in a month, so Ambrose spends the time preparing, training, and digging up dirt on the locals to try to figure out who’s the werewolf. Rather than carry a cane like a regular blind person, he carries a shovel around, which sets his neighbors on edge. There’s a shot of him training with it like a bo staff that gave me goosebumps. You can’t help but root for this blind codger.

Interspersed in this extended training montage are intimate moments between Ambrose and his son Will, played by Ethan Embry (Cheap Thrills). The shared history of pain and regret between them make up most of the story’s heart and adds incredible weight to the final showdown. Bogliano gives their tense aging father and son relationship plenty of screen time so that we actually care about them, something horror films don’t pay much attention to nowadays. It gives Ambrose’s rumble with the werewolves real stakes.

Late Phases is certain to satisfy fans of the classic creature features of the ’80s who crave a practical werewolf transformation. The crack special effects and makeup team (headed by From Dusk Till Dawn‘s Robert Kurtzman) put together some wonderfully gory gross-out shape-shifting moments. Sweeping CGI aside, they went practical with werewolf suits and they’re huge and AWESOME. Their faces look more like Critters than wolves, but that’s part of their charm.

As Ambrose, Nick Damici gives a genuinely powerful performance. He plays it kinda like Eastwood in Gran Torino, but with more hard-boiled dialogue to spit out in a thick “fuhgeddaboutit” accent. Embry does a great job acting alongside him as the concerned son wounded by his father’s detached attitude. Their scenes together are terrific and deliver the type of credible family tension that a lot of folks can relate to.

The script penned by Eric Stolze (Under the Bed) offers up a river of clever scenarios and interpersonal moments. The balance between horror, vigilante, and familial issues is handled very well. Bogliano infuses Stolze’s script with the dark and flashy style he’s become known for while also setting an edgy mood early on. The highlight of the film is, of course, the final showdown between Ambrose and the wolves. It plays out in a brutal fashion. It’s not a clean fight, oh no, it’s a real slobberknocker highlighted with loads of “oh shit!” moments as it’s revealed what Ambrose spent a month working on. It’s SO badass.

Late Phases is a tale of hardcore werewolf violence, a tangible father/son relationship, redemption, and a whole lotta heart. It’s funny, brash, and exciting, but knows when to pull back and let the emotion sink in. Simply put, it’s a masterpiece of the werewolf genre because of what it accomplishes on top of the scares, which is deliver a truly emotional, heartfelt story of a father and son. I don’t mean to make it sound all mushy though - Late Phases delivers solid horror thrills and amazing wolf transformations that are bloody, flesh-tearing wonders of practical effects.

What I’m trying to say is do not miss Late Phases or your eyeballs will never forgive you.

Originally published July 2014

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5 Fav Werewolf Transformations of Adrian Garcia Bogliano!

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:52

Article by Adrian Garcia Bogliano, director of Late Phases (now in theaters and VOD platforms):

Of course, we all love the transformations in John Landis’ An American Werewolf In London and Joe Dante’s The Howling just as much as the ones in the classic Universal monster films, but here are some other cool, crazy transformations that I love and were influential on Late Phases.

NAZARENO CRUZ Y EL LOBO (Nazareno Cruz and the Wolf; Leonardo Favio, 1975)

One of the highest grossing Argentinian productions of all time, this film has some of the craziest, most beautiful visuals I’ve ever seen. However, the director chooses to be absolutely elliptical in the transformation, a ballsy decision as ever since The Wolf Man. It adds to the strange and supernatural tone of a wonderful film.

LA NOCHE DE WALPURGIS (The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman; León Klimovsky, 1971)

The fourth entry in the classic Spanish “Waldemar Daninsky” saga starts with a bang, with two men performing an autopsy in the middle of the night. Upon removing the silver bullets from Daninsky’s corpse, he comes back to life in full werewolf mode and ready to kill. Again, the first transformation here happens without transitions, immediately surprising the audience while also establishing the type of movie you’re going to get.

LA LOBA (The She-Wolf; Rafael Baledón, 1965)

Directed by the prolific Rafael Baledón, this early Mexican entry into the genre brings a female werewolf transformation to the screen. The fact that Baledon sets the scene in motion– unlike the static stop motion classics—coupled with the set piece’s sexual overtones, make it a fun sequence to watch.

BAD MOON (Eric Red, 1996)

For me, Eric Red’s approach to the genre is still the most interesting one of the past couple of decades. Even though the CGI looks unsatisfying nowadays, the concept of breaking Michael Pare’s transformation into very few shots captures the moment’s power, making it one of the biggest influences for me on Late Phases. It’s interesting to note that Wes Craven tried a similar approach in Cursed, but the texture and quality of the CGI prevented the scene to be impactful and believable.

THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (Neil Jordan, 1984)

Definitely for me the most powerful transformation sequence ever is this climatic scene in Neil Jordan’s masterpiece. With a fairy tale look and a strong sexual element, the moment when the wolf emerges from within the huntsman in front of the beautiful Sarah Patterson is the obvious reference for many other transformations, Hemlock Grove to name a recent one.



Penned by Under the Bed‘s Eric Stolze, LATE PHASES stars Stake Land‘s Nick Damici, Ethan Embry, Lance Guest, Erin Cummings, Rutanya Alda, Tina Louise, Caitlin O’Heaney, Karen Lynn Gorney, Dana Ashbrook, and the great Tom Noonan.

In the film, “Crescent Bay is not the ideal place to spend one’s golden years, especially since the once-idyllic retirement community has been beset by a series of deadly animal attacks from the ominous forest surrounding it. When grizzled war veteran Ambrose McKinley (Nick Damici) is forced into moving there by his yuppie son Will (Ethan Embry), the residents immediately take offense to Ambrose’s abrasive personality. But that take-no-prisoners attitude may be just what Ambrose needs to survive as it becomes clear that the attacks are being caused by creatures that are neither animal nor man, and that the tight-knit community of Crescent Bay is hiding something truly sinister in its midst…”

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Enter the ‘Fear Clinic’ Next February

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:50

Fear Clinic will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 10, 2015 by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

The shocker stars horror icon Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund, Fiona Dourif, Angelina Armani, Thomas Dekker, as well as Stone Sour and Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor in his acting debut, and is directed by Robert G. Hall (Lightning Bug, Laid to Rest, ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest II).

With blood-chilling special effects by award-winning FX creators Robert Kurtzman and Steve Johnson, Fear Clinic is said to take viewers on an unforgettable journey into the very soul of terror itself.

When trauma-induced phobias begin to re-emerge in five survivors a year after their horrifying tragedy, they return to the “Fear Clinic,” hoping to find the answers they need to get cured.

Dr. Andover (Robert Englund), a fear doctor who runs the clinic, uses his “Fear Chamber” to animate their fears in the form of terrifying hallucinations. However, the good doctor soon begins to suspect that something more sinister may be at work, something that yearns to be more than just an hallucination…

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Goofy ‘What We Do In the Shadows’ Image Gallery

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:49

Check out these awesome new images from What We Do In the Shadows (read our review), a mockumentary/comedy written, directed by, and starring Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, Men In Black 3) and Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi (Boy, Eagle vs. Shark).

While it’s open in the UK as we speak, it won’t arrive here in the States until February 2015. this weekend.

Diving deep into the throes of vampire life in New Zealand, What We Do In The Shadows introduces us to age-old vampire flatmates Vladislav (862 years old, played by Clement) Viago (379 years old, played by Waititi), Deacon (183 years old) and Petyr (8,000 years old). Stuck in their antiquated ways, they struggle to adjust to 21st century customs, like paying rent, sharing household chores and getting expressly invited into nightclubs. Enter 20-something hipster Nick, who Petyr turns to get an inside education on the modern world. What follows includes a whole lot of discovery: from fashion to technology and even a little feeling — all laced in continuous hilarity, of course.

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Fan-made Film Shows Eli Roth Raping Lana Del Rey Cut With Marilyn Manson Footage

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:30

Update: It appears that the video has been removed across the web.

A supposed fan-made video has surfaced that was originally purported to be an unreleased video for Marilyn Manson that was directed by horror favorite Eli Roth (Hostel, The Green Inferno). In the video, Roth is shown at one point raping singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey while other footage shows Manson at a seriously odd dinner table.

However, a rep for Marilyn Manson told Pitchfork:

Manson did not direct this, shoot it, nor was it for a Marilyn Manson video or outtake footage made by him or to be used by him with his music. It must be a fan video splicing up old Manson video footage with someone else’s Lana Del Rey footage.

The video was put together by Sturmgruppe, who worked with Manson on his “No Reflection” video.

You can watch the video below, which is obviously NSFW.

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“Dr. Who” Becomes ‘Patient Zero’

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:28

Matt Smith will star in Screen Gems’ Patient Zero opposite Natalie Dormer, reports Deadline.

In Patient Zero, “an unprecedented global pandemic of a super strain of rabies has resulted in the evolution of a new species driven by violence. An inexplicably immune human survivor with the ability to communicate with this new species must spearhead a hunt for Patient Zero in order to find a cure to save his infected wife and humanity.

Stefan Ruzowitzky is directing the Mike Le-scripted action thriller and Vincent Newman is producing.

Smith also stars in Screen Gems’ production Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, as well as Paramount and Skydance’s Terminator: Genisys.

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‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Director’s ‘Krampus’ Begins Casting!

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:21

Allison Tolman, who co-starred in FX’s “Fargo” (pictured), and Emjay Anthony, the young actor who played Jon Favreau’s son in Chef, are in negotiations to board Krampus, Michael Dougherty’s Christmas horror story, says THR.

The project is a twisted horror comedy centering around a Santa Claus-like ancient entity who punished bad kids. Tolman and Anthony will play mother and son in a family that is under the demon’s attack. Anthony’s character is essentially the lead of the movie, as his is the one that has to step up to save the day.

Legendary Pictures is behind the movie, which Universal will release just in time for next year’s holidays, on December 4, 2015.

The film is being directed by Dougherty, who previously tackled the Halloween holiday with his anthology Trick ‘r Treat, and co-written by Dougherty, Todd Casey and Zach Shields.

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How Vampires Trick Prey Into Eating “Bisgetti”!

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:13

The UK will see the release of What We Do In the Shadows (read our review), a mockumentary/comedy written, directed by, and starring Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, Men In Black 3) and Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi (Boy, Eagle vs. Shark), this weekend. But us in the States? How about waiting until February 13, 2015? Ugh. That’s a brutal wait for a movie that looks so incredibly good. Take a look at all of these awesome clips, for example…

Speaking of, here’s yet another piece of footage where the vamps trick a guy into eating “Bisgetti”, a joke inspired by The Lost Boys!

Diving deep into the throes of vampire life in New Zealand, What We Do In The Shadows introduces us to age-old vampire flatmates Vladislav (862 years old, played by Clement) Viago (379 years old, played by Waititi), Deacon (183 years old) and Petyr (8,000 years old). Stuck in their antiquated ways, they struggle to adjust to 21st century customs, like paying rent, sharing household chores and getting expressly invited into nightclubs. Enter 20-something hipster Nick, who Petyr turns to get an inside education on the modern world. What follows includes a whole lot of discovery: from fashion to technology and even a little feeling — all laced in continuous hilarity, of course.

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[Next On] “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” ‘Blood Bath’

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 11:06

Next on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”: “Recent disappearances around camp raise Ethel’s suspicion of Elsa. Gloria makes a last ditch effort to contain Dandy’s bloodlust.

We’re hoping ‘Blood Bath’ breaks the path this sinking ship is taking – even Bree is losing her patience with the fourth season of “AHS.”

Check out the promo for next week’s episode, which looks to bring some action.

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‘The Shining’ Musical Parody Coming Halloween 2015

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 10:00

If you’re a fan of The Shining as well as musical theater, writer/director Joe Lovero has concocted the perfect combination for you in the form of REDRUM: The Unauthorized Musical Parody of ‘The Shining’, which features music from composer Jon Hugo Ungar. The show will be premiering Halloween season in 2015.

There was a showcase of the piece Wednesday night that featured Tony Award winner Alice Ripley (Next to Normal) as Wendy and Tony Award nominated actor, Douglas Sills (The Scarlet Pimpernel) as Jack.

Lovero explains how he came up with the premise:

REDRUM was born like most major works of musical theater – drunken spouses on their 2nd (3rd?) bottle of wine, watching one of their favorite horror movies for the 1,000th time, crying out ridiculous song ideas while wondering, “why hasn’t anyone turned this into a campy musical yet?!” This of course leads to the next logical step, a 2:30am Craigslist post from a sleep deprived writer/director, seeking a composer to “make beautiful musical theater with” – because everyone knows all great composers seek work on Craigslist from writers that promise to pay them with his wife’s legendary meatballs.

Below is the original short that inspired the musical.

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‘Jurassic World’ Teaser Trailer Is Perfect!

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:56

Out of Universal Spain comes the first ever teaser trailer for Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, and it’s everything you’d expect.

There’s basically no footage, but fans of the Jurassic Park will remember this classic scene from Steven Spielberg’s film – when the water shakes, a Tyrannosaurus Rex is close by…and hungry. I’m assuming this is best experienced in a theater with insane bass.

The bait this time around: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Jake Johnson, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Judy Greer, Katie McGrath, Andy Buckley and Lauren Lapkus star in the Jurassic Park sequel opening June 12, 2015.

This time Universal Pictures will be opening the actual park. If you’re curious what the new park has to offer, check out these leaked brochures!

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HR Giger Inspired ‘Scorn’ is a Thing of Nightmares

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 00:26

If H. R. Giger were still here with us, I imagine he’d appreciate the nod his work is being given by the horror adventure game, Scorn. There’s an alarming lack of video games that draw from his influential style, despite the monumental impact he had on art and the horror genre. It’s been over two decades since he graced the virtual world of bits and bytes that is video games with the Dark Seed series, I think the world has been ready for something new for some time now.

Possibly in an effort to help fill this vacuum, we have Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror game “set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry” that eschews a traditional narrative so “every player would give their own interpretation of the events, themes and their role in this universe through exploration and interaction with the game world.”

In order to realize this dream nightmare, developer Ebb Software is looking to raise €200,000 ($251k USD) through a Kickstarter campaign.

It’s an ambitious goal, but this looks so good. See for yourself.

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People Eaters Rejoice! Cannibalism is Coming to ‘DayZ’

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 23:40

[UPDATE: Grab your people-sized dinner plates, because this has been confirmed!]

Do you often find yourself hungrily observing your fellow man, possibly while wondering what they’d taste like doused with herbs and spices and spit-roasted on an open fire? Would you like a way to relieve yourself of these cravings without ending up in jail? If you answered yes to both of those questions, please turn yourself into your local authority. But before you do the right thing and remove yourself from the general populace, keep reading, because this is right up your alley.

Several sites and a handful of YouTube videos are reporting that the open-world survival game DayZ will be getting a cannibalism mechanic. It’s not confirmed, but if this is true, I can only imagine what the game’s creepier players will do with it if/when it makes its way into the official build.

If this is real, it could make for an interesting, albeit incredibly creepy, gaming experience.

Much like real-world cannibalism, eating players in DayZ could end up hurting you more than it helps. It sounds like consuming flesh that isn’t cooked properly could lead to a degenerative neurological disorder that essentially makes your character go insane.

What do you think? Is this a feature you’ve been hungering for, or is it just weird?

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‘Resident Evil’ HD Remake Producer on Remastering a Classic

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 23:01

In a new video released by Capcom this week, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, producer on the upcoming Resident Evil HD Remake, shows off more of the game while discussing some of the updates they’ve made to the survival horror classic. This isn’t a remaster in the same vein as their recent efforts. It looks like this one will handily blow the HD re-releases of Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica X out of the water.

Resident Evil re-releases on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in early 2015.

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