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Century Media’s Top 10 Halloween Music Videos

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 12:00

Yesterday we brought you Nuclear Blast’s Top 10 Halloween Music Videos, a list that featured ten of their artists in a series of horror-rific orgies of blood, violence, and carnage.

Today we’ve got another list, this time from Century Media Records! The list was culled by none other than Century Media Records president Marco Barbieri and features artists such as Watain, The Haunted, Eyes Set To Kill, Broken Hope, and much more.

Barbieri states:

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s that time of year when the weather starts changing, the nights are longer and we crave to be spooked as we decorate our homes with skeletons and jack-o-lanterns and begin viewing old horror flicks. In line with that Century Media Records is honored that Bloody-Disgusting asked us for some of our favorite creepy music video clips from our artists. Below is a little list featuring old and new, musically brutal and otherwise and all with a flair for things grotesque, haunted, disturbing or monstrous. So take the time to turn off the lights, view our selections, have a chuckle or look over your shoulder in fear… Happy Halloween!

Head on in for this exclusive list!

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4 Rare ‘Halloween’ Images Show John Carpenter On Set!

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 11:29

We’re really excited to share this new Halloween Treat with you guys!

Anchor Bay has provided Bloody Disgusting with 4 rarely seen high resolution photos from the set of John Carpenter’s 1978 Halloween!

We present these images without the Bloody Disgusting watermark so you guys can pull them off the site and use them hoverer you see fit. I absolutely love the above shot of Jamie Lee Curtis hiding from Michael Myers. There’s also the below stunning photo of Lynda (P.J. Soles) being choked by Michael.

Check out a pair of rare shots from Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, even more rare images from Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers here, with a final batch from The Curse of Michael Myers right here!

You guys can (and should) pick up Anchor Bay Entertainment and Scream Factory’s Halloween Complete Collection, now available in stories on Blu-ray (I binge-watched them here).

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Imagine If These Vintage Halloween Costumes Were Real?!

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 10:42

Beware the Horror Blog has just shared some images that should have Mondo working their asses off with plans on making these for next Halloween.

What you’ll see below are faux vintage Halloween costumes inspired by Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Halloween, Trick ‘r Treat and Pumpkinhead.

If these plastic masks were available for real, I would have two of each – one to display on my shelf, the other to wear at various Halloween parties.

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15 Flavors Of Nope: Musician Meredith Yayanos’ List of Most Unsettling Sounds

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 10:00

Ofttimes in horror, it is sounds and music that sets us truly on edge. These notes and cues expertly twist our eardrums until we grit out teeth and goose bumps erupt across our arms, like some master puppeteer who uses piano strings and gently caresses them with razors to make us dance to his sick tune.

To celebrate these demented sounds, I turned to Meredith Yayanos of The Parlour Trick to create a list of her most unsettling sounds and cues. To say that she succeeded in this list is an understatement as her list tackles everything from clips from horror films to glitched out computer drones, TV broadcast hijacks to animals in the wild.

Yayanos writes:

Greetings, kind spirits. Lovely to be here. May I suggest, depending on your proclivities, that you either listen to all of this stuff in a well-lit room while cuddling your favorite binky, or in pristine None-More-Goth darkness? Your call, of course.

In honor of it being Halloween, aka Goth Christmas, aka The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Meredith is selling 5 extremely rare, long sold-out vinyl copies from her personal stash of The Parlour Trick‘s album A Blessed Unrest through her Bandcamp site, autographed, with some extra goodies thrown in. $50 bucks a pop. (Limit of one per customer, please.) Hurry! They’re likely to sell out very quickly.

I own a copy of A Blessed Unrest and I can assure you that $50 is well worth every penny. The packaging is gorgeous and the vinyl is a beautiful red. Plus, it sounds absolutely divine and terrifying on vinyl.

Alright, onto the list!

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Pornhub Comments Replace Horror Poster Taglines!

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 09:44

“In the eye, right in the eye.”

The Poke has won Halloween this year with their series of genre posters that had their tailgates replaces with Pornhub comments.

With tags for films like An American Werewolf In London stating “Too hairy, how can anyone watch this all the way through?,” how could you not bust a gut laughing?!

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‘Vampire Rhapsody’ Is A One-Hour Mix Of Cues And Themes From Classic & Modern Vampire Films (Halloween Treat)

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 09:00

SoundColourVibration has posted a rather interesting playlist that features just over an hour’s worth of music from some of the classic vampire films over the years. Curator Jasmine De La Paz gather tracks from films such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Kiss Of The Vampire, Kiss Of The Damned, Interview With A Vampire, and much more.

De La Paz writes:
blockquote>I have always had an infatuation with horror movie soundtracks, specifically from vampire films. There’s such bittersweetness to the music, and most of it is surprisingly very beautiful! The Vampire Rhapsody is a mix of some of my favorite vampire soundtracks, both old and new. You will hear classics from Hammer films, Nosferatu and Fascination, as well as Kiss of the Damned, Only Lovers Left Alive and the Hunger – exploring many genres!

Head down to check out the mix and then tell me some of your favorite vampire film scores!

Track Listing
1. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – People’s Playground Version B (Vampyros Lesbos)
2. Jane Weaver – Parade of Blood Red Sorrows (Kiss of the Damned)
3. Krysztof Komeda – Vampire Comes (The Dance of the Vampires)
4. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – Necronomania (Vampyros Lesbos)
5. Steve Hufsteter – Kiss of the Damned Theme (Kiss of the Damned)
6. Ancanthus – Le Frisson Des Vampires (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
7. Phillippe D’aram – La Louve (Fascination)
8. SQÜRL – Funnel of Love feat. Madeline Follin (Only Lovers Left Alive)
9. Pierre Raph – Crotch Batterie (Requiem Pour Un Vampire)
10. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – The Lions and the Cucumber (Vampyros Lesbos)
11. Hot Blood – Soul Dracula (Only Lovers Left Alive)
12. David Whitaker – The Tiger Dance (Vampire Circus)
13. Jozef Van Wissemm & SQÜRL – Streets of Tangier (Only Lovers Left Alive)
14. Ratandeep Hemraj – Birha Ki Maari Koi (Bollywood Bloodbath)
15. Popol Vuh – Venus Principle (Nosferatu)
16. Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab – Psycho Contact No. 1 (Vampyros Lesbos)
17. Popol Vuh – Die Nacht der Himmel (Nosferatu)
18. Yvon Gérault – The Curse (Viol du Vampire)
19. Elliot Goldenthal – Santiago’s Waltz (Interview with the Vampire)
20. Harry Robinson – Lust for a Vampire (Lust for a Vampire)
21. Harry Robinson – Emma Meets Carmilla (The Vampire Lovers)
22. Wojciech Kilar – Lucy’s Party (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
23. Steve Hufsteter – Bath of Tears (Kiss of the Damned)
24. James Bernard – Vampire Rhapsody (The Kiss of the Vampire)
25. The Hunger Excerpt – Lakme (The Hunger)
26. Pierre Raph – Jade Lake (Requiem Pour Un Vampire)
27. Nicole Romain – Blind Songbird (Viol du Vampire)
28. Steve Hufsteter – Backstage Jazz (Kiss of the Damned)
29. Krysztof Komeda – Both Over Rooftops (The Dance of the Vampires)\
30. Roberto Nicolosi – Preparando La Trappola E Un’Ombra Nel Buio (La Maschera Del Demonio)
31. Harry Robinson – Another Attack! (The Vampire Lovers)
32. Les Baxter – Meeting Katia / Revivifying Blood (Black Sunday)
33. Phillippe D’aram – L’Amour Des Deux Filles (Fascination)
34. Phillippe D’aram – Bizzare Cult 2 (Fascination)

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[TV Review] “AHS: Freak Show” Episode 4.4, ‘Edward Mordrake, Pt 2.’

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 08:25

I try never to reveal major spoilers but I have to warn you, the only possible way to give this episode a fair review is to give away some major plot elements. FULL SPOILERS AHEAD. FALLING ROCKS. You’ve been warned…

After last week’s truly disappointing episode, I had zero expectations for “Edward Mordrake, Pt 2.” But there was a lot to like about this episode—and a bit to dislike. But overall it was a huge improvement in this Halloween two-parter. It started off just awful. First of all, the green mist. I just can’t deal with the neon green mist. It’s so hokey and completely ruins the ambiance for me. But really… if Mordrake were even slightly threatening, I’d deal with the cartoon toxic waste following at his feet. But he’s not. He goes from tent to tent collecting flashbacks in a montage that had me watching the clock. Look, flashbacks and backstory are obviously needed sometimes, but this was an extremely unambitious way of going about it. Developing a character, Mordrake, simply as a plot device to knock out the backstories of our major players in two straight episodes is lazy.

Having said that, the flashback of Elsa losing her legs in an insane German snuff film was the realest moment of terror I’ve felt since the beginning of this season. I’m often shocked at what FX can get away with, and the entirety of Elsa’s flashback, from her time as a dominatrix to the torture porn-esque loss of her legs was edgy as hell. I’m not sure that “AHS” has reached this level of edginess in years.

Meanwhile, out in the woods of Jupiter, Jimmy and Maggie stumble upon Twisty doing his general devious thing and right as Jimmy mentions calling the cops, Dandy sneaks up behind them and knocks them out. Next thing we know, we’re at the Dandy Carnival. All the children Twisty’s captured from previous episodes along with a tied up Jimmy are forced to watch as Dandy starts the “Saw the Lady in Half” illusion with Maggie. Only it’s clearly not going to be an illusion. Jimmy frees her in time and they all take off running as Dandy screams (in probably my favorite part of the episode) “You ruined my Halloween! You stupid girl! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate youuuuuuu!” He’s just the best and I’m not even being facetious. He absolutely makes this season for me.

Back at the freak show, there’s a very real moment where you think, “Wow, they might be killing off Jessica in the 4th episode.” But she’s saved as Mordrake hears Twisty’s music and seeks him out. It’s at this point that we learn the super sad history of Twisty. A once beloved “simpleton” clown who was driven out of carnival life once the freaks started a rumor that he “did things with the kids.” After years of trying to continue entertaining only to be rejected and bullied, he became violent—first with himself (the mutilated jaw) and then with others. His flashback was sad, and terribly hard to watch. But after two episodes of waiting, we finally found out what the requirement is for Mordrake to drag you to hell…weeping pity. I was sad to see Twisty leave the “Freak Show” cast because I really loved the dichotomous complexity of his character, but he wasn’t being utilized properly so I think closing him out was a smart move. And plus, it made room for our new psychopathic clown… Dandy!

It took a little while, a bit of a slow burn transformation (which I truly loved, nothing wrong with slow burn), but finally! Dandy has made a full transformation. Dandy did it; he took the plunge and made his first human kill. And his maniacal laughter afterwards showed that he loved it. So… good for him! I’m excited to see what sort of fresh hell he unleashes on Jupiter. Twisty had boundaries but it doesn’t appear that Dandy does. So this should get weird.

What I loved: the edginess of Elsa’s backstory, the happy ending given to Twisty (I choose to perceive that as a happy ending: living amongst his kind for eternity, no longer a tortured soul), Dandy’s ‘Patrick Bateman’ transformation, and no musical number!

What needed improvement: the ridiculous way they chose to showcase everyone’s backstories, Emma Roberts’ acting, and the pacing—when it was slow it dragged like mad, when it moved quickly, it was like whiplash. The episode was all over the place, cutting from scene to scene to scene…a bit much at times.

What I disliked: wasn’t a fan of the completely out-of-the-blue and totally unnecessary appearance of Dell, also the season finale-like ending. That end was dissatisfactory on a few levels. It was schmaltzy as hell, but it also felt like the end of the season. Everything was wrapped up in a big, beautiful bow (with sappiness, to boot). Are we to believe the townsfolk are going to get along with the freaks now? Where do we go from here? It’s clear there is still plenty of conflict inside the big top, but is the external conflict over?

What did you think of ‘Edward Mordrake, Pt 2.’? How did you feel about the various deaths, rebirths, and transformations?

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Andrew Liles ‘Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens And Wicked Witches’ Track Premieres (Exclusive)

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 08:00

We’ve teamed up with Blackest Rainbow Records to bring you exclusive coverage of their upcoming Andrew Liles release Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens And Wicked Witches, which goes up for pre-order tomorrow. The music is damn fine giallo horror synth, so enjoy these tracks as we approach Halloween!

Andrew Liles’ ‘Wanton Wives…’ follows on from where his ‘Maleficent Monster’ left off in June and also follows on from his recent Equestrian Vortex soundtrack 10″ on Death Waltz. This, the second LP of horror inspired nastiness in his series for Blackest Rainbow, features creeping giallo jazz with sultry spoken vocals, synth heavy monsters, cannibal lunacy, and a track called ‘Wild Boar’, wait until you hear that one. This is the sound of someone who has spent too many late nights watching any horror films they can get their hands on.

Legendary UK artist Graham Humphreys returns to create new art, this time featuring Liles bursting from his poor wives chest whilst she grasps a skull and a decapitated head of a voodoo priestess version of herself. She endures a lot…

Head below to stream two tracks and to also see the vinyl editions. Pre-orders will go live tomorrow at 5pm UK time at the Blackest Rainbow Records Bandcamp and orders will ship in early December..

Edition of 500 copies in UV gloss finished sleeve, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. It will be pressed on two colours:

150 copies on 180 gram snow white vinyl with red blood splatter available exclusively from Blackest Rainbow and Andrew Liles.

350 copies on 180 gram pink vinyl with red and green splatter.

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[13 Days of Horror] ‘Neverending Nightmares’

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 00:36

There are only a few days left in this year’s 13 Days of Horror, but don’t let that keep you enjoying this video of the psychological horror game, Neverending Nightmares. The game was inspired by its developer’s battle with mental illness, including OCD and depression. There really isn’t another game that’s quite like this, and that makes this indie game’s brand of terror especially effective.

If you want to try Neverending Nightmares for yourself, you can grab it now on Steam.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a video!

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KFC Commercial Shows the Boogeyman Sucks at Scaring

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 20:30

The Onion posted a faux KFC commercial, paid for by KFC, that’s actually pretty funny. But in the interest of full disclosure, it was directed by V/H/S: Viral‘s Gregg Bishop.

The promo shows the boogeyman sitting down with the family for some KFC (who is on a major campaign to prove they serve real chicken). There, he moans about how he can’t scare the kid anymore because he’s all grown up. It cuts to him attempting to scare, and failing miserably.

It’s cut Halloween fun. The perfect Halloween Treat!

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The “Batman: Death Of The Family” Gift Set Is The Perfect Halloween Treat

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 19:32

About a year ago, the superstar team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo finished their biggest story in “Batman” yet, the return of the Joker. See, since the Joker had been gone for about a year in DC’s New 52 canon. He was last seen cutting off his own face in a effort to show Bruce something. That beneath Joker’s menacing grin… is his grin.

He disappeared without warning, and hadn’t been heard of for a year. Until he turns up in the GCPD, looking for his face. He’s angry, but in love, and he has faith in his love. See, the entire “Death of the Family” storyline is a beautiful and haunting tribute that grinds to the core of the dynamic between Batman and The Joker.

This is a horror story through and through, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween this year, than this gift set. Really, and truly. In it you get the trade paperback of “Death of the Family” but you also get a mask made from Joker’s severed face, and it is something truly special.

The story is filled with unexpected developments, and tributes to past Joker storylines that spin in insane new directions. It’s riveting for long time fans, and unnerving for those new to Joker’s malice. Synder cuts to the core of Batman unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory, and shows just how deep the connection runs that he shares with the Joker.

Greg Capullo gives us a Joker unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Something more chilling and sinister thanks to his stapled on face hanging in every panel. As the story progresses and Joker gets even wilder, the face deteriorates and starts attracting flies. It’s haunting and sickening.

The mask alone makes this set perfect if you’re a huge Batman fan, or if you have one in your life. I cherish the damn thing, even if it is terrifying, and it would serve to help make some really insane look Joker costumes that step outside the realm of the overdone Heath Ledger get up.

Here’s my stupid mug in the thing. You can see that the mask is high quality downright awesome.

I’m planning on wearing this thing just to stalk up and down the streets in my leisure time. It’s become my new favorite thing on my shelf and the perfect reminder of one of the best Batman stories to grace the page in a long long time. I don’t want to give much away, but if the mask doesn’t interest you, I can’t urge you to check out the story. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else in mainstream superhero comics, it’s a horror story first and a love story second. You don’t need the cape and cowl to understand the depth of the terror on the page.

Snyder understands the horror genre, and playfully engages in some genre conventions to really defy your expectations. The mask and the face removal may seem like a cheap gimmick to increase sales, but the reason for the face is so compelling and off putting on the page. You’ll really understand a different side of Joker when you see the husk of rotting flesh hanging from his face in the final chapter. Get in on the joke, and don’t be the punchline, buy this gift set and forever be better for it.


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‘Summer Camp’ Trailer Has An ‘Evil Dead’ Vibe to It!

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 18:49

Ahead of the upcoming American Film Market, Filmax released a strong trailer for Summer Camp that looks like a mix between The Evil Dead and [REC].

Fin‘s Andres Velencoso stars alongside X-Men: First Class‘ Alex Gonzalez, The House of the Devil‘s Jocelin Donahue, [REC]3‘s Diego Boneta and Zombieland‘s Maiara Walsh.

They star as “unsuspecting American camp counselors who confront a virus unlike any seen before.

Check out our exclusive set visit here.

Alberto Marini’s English-language Summer Camp is executive produced by [REC] franchise director Jaume Balaguero.

Summer Camp is said to immerse the viewer on an adrenaline-charged journey by providing an innovative approach to the classical concept of teenagers lost in the woods.

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‘Abattoir’ Begins Building Its Haunted House

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 18:41

Just a day after Saw II‘s 9th anniversary, director Darren Lynn Bousman has gone behind cameras on his long-gestured Abattoir.

Joe Anderson (Hercules), Dayton Callie and Jessica Lowndes (Altitude, Autopsy) have joined Lin Shaye (Insidious) in the haunted house thriller, says Variety.

Bousman is directing from a script by David Schow, Teddy Tenenbaum and Christopher Monfette.

The story centers on a real estate reporter who unearths an urban legend about a house being built from rooms where horrific tragedies have occurred. The investigation ultimately leads to the enigmatic Jebediah Crone and the answer to the terrifying question, ‘How do you build a haunted house?’

Production is currently underway in New Orleans.

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‘SAW’ Came Out 10 Years Ago Today; Let’s Take a Look Back…

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 17:57

Today marks the official 10th anniversary of James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s Saw, which led to me digging through a decade of Bloody Disgusting content.

I was planning on spreading all of this out of the course of the month but I couldn’t find the time to get my act together. October is fuckin’ nuts here on Bloody!

Anyways, there’s all sorts of goodies here from Adam’s [Ghosts Of Gaming Past] A Review Of ‘Saw: The Game’ to these other editorials:

- 00′s Retrospect: ‘Saw’ Makes 2004 a Game-Changer
- Revisit 10 Most Memorable ‘Saw’ Moments!
- James Wan’s 6 Steps To The A-List!!
- [Halloween Treat] “Living With Jigsaw” the Funniest ‘Saw’ Spoof Yet!
- Halloween Treat #8: Love The ‘Saw’ Theme? Now You Can Sing Along!
- Red Band Halloween Snack: ‘Saw’ Franchise Deaths!
- Special Feature: ‘Saw Revisited: Jigsaw’s Long Journey’
- The Full Interview With Tobin Bell And John Williamson On Saw 2 Flesh And Blood
- Theater Scares for ‘Saw’ Fans

In additional to years of content, we also have reviews of all seven films:

SAW (read the review)
Saw II (read the review, and another)
Saw III (read the review)
Saw IV (read the review)
Saw V (read the review)
Saw VI (read the review)
SAW 3D (read the review)

Next up are tons of images, as well as trailers for all seven films. We really went out of our way to dig up HIGH RESOLUTION images as well as HD trailers:

Image Source: Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures

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New ‘Vampyres’ Trailer Bites Into More Blood and Seduction

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 17:57

We now have a new international trailer for Victor Matellano Vampyres, starring Marta Flich (Omnivores) and Almudena Leon (Wax), as well as Christian Stamm in the role of Ted, Veronica Bacorn as Harriett and Caroline Munro (Maniac, The Spy Who Loved Me, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad).

The rest of the cast includes Anthony Rotsa, Victor Vidal, Luis Hacha, Alina Nastise and Remedios Darkin.

Matellano penned the film based on Joseph Larraz’s original 1974 movie. Larraz, who died at september 2013, took part in the pre-production of the new movie.

The remake of Vampyres keeps its sensuality, its gruesomeness, its insolence and the twisted atmosphere, but includes more action, more horror and more gore, according to modern times. This is the story of two vamps that “live” in a dark manor where they bring men with the promise of sex orgies that finally become blood orgies.

Vampyres is being produced by Ángel Mora for Artistic Films.

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[TV] Neil Patrick Harris Gets His “Freak Show” Wish!

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 17:49

Neil Patrick Harris has been openly petitioning for a role on “American Freak Show,” and has finally been granted a wish.

TVLine reports that “American Horror Story: Freak Show” is making Neil Patrick Harris‘ upcoming stint something of a family affair.The site says that Harris and his real-life husband, David Burtka, are set to guest-star on FX’s anthology smash.

Harris will appear in “Freak Show‘s” final two episodes as a chameleon salesman, while Burtka will turn up in the season finale in a sexy storyline with Jessica Lange’s batty chanteuse.

“Freak Show” continues tonight with the second part of their Halloween special.

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Slashers (and Their Victims) Imagined As 80′s Fisher-Price Toys!

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 17:28

I caught this on Twitter this morning but haven’t had a chance to share until now, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t worth the wait.

Minion Factory imagined some of our favorite horror films as Fisher-Price toys!

Dubbed “Fisher-Price Adventure People Killers,” you’ll find custom 80′s toys from Friday the 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, featuring Jason Voorhies, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and their many victims – not to mention absolutely gorgeous artwork (I love the price sticker for added effect).

It’s a BLAST FROM THE PAST with the Fisher-Price adventure people. Some of you might remember these from your childhood but probably don’t remember them being so bloody gory. That is my fault, this mash-up just popped into my brain one afternoon and I just had to make them. It is a literally my youth mashed together with toys I have played with as a kid and my love of the horror movies from teen years.

I also chopped up some Backgrounds from “Scoody-doo: Mystery Incorporated” and put them in the illustration to make my drawings look better since My BG skills are lacking. And before anybody asks, they are done entirely in Photoshop and are not real custom figures.

I would absolutely die for the Myers and Krueger victim…

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[Comic Book Review] “Godkiller: Walk Among Us” #1 Can’t Be Ignored

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 15:33

After finishing “God Killer: Walk Among Us” #1 I was truly moved. It’s an existentialist look at the forces weighing down on our modern civilization, a surrealist nightmare lost in a bleak future, and a dizzying read that will burrow into the core of your being.

WRITTEN BY: Matt Pizzolo

ART BY: Anna Muckcracker Weiszczyk

PUBLISHER: Black Mask Studios

PRICE: $3.50

RELEASE: October 29, 2014

Dystopia is a state of mind. “Godkiller” takes place in a future so bleak that many would consider it the epitome of the apocalypse, yet, somehow amidst all of the insanity that preceded this world’s creation, the characters within are the same as us. That is, they’re trying to thrive despite the circumstances of their society.

The rhetoric is different but the rules of oppression are the same. There are people in control, and others barely pushing to survive. Information is still the most valuable commodity on the market and it’s tearing holes right through the world.

Matt Pizzolo follows a handful of people lost in the chaotic shuffle created by a massive wave of death. Each of them have their own sense of agency, and more than anything try to carry out their own selfish needs. It’s summed up in one phrase in the latter half of this debut issue: “I will not serve.” A bold theme that carries as much weight in a world gone to hell, as it does in our own.

Characters rebel to be selfish. They refuse to be part of something, and in doing so begin to identify with a whole new way of existence. But, I’m not sure if they’re there quite there yet. What I do know, is that this issue is a surreal trip throughout, that pulls at you as you read. This isn’t a passive experience, the narrative will challenge you, and perhaps even require a second read, but inside you’ll find certain kind of idealistic anarchy. The narrative is wild and free, one moment you’re dealing with a collection of whores, where the next they’re being torn apart by some demon like deity who speaks in eloquent sadness.

Anna Muckcracker Weiszczyk is a tour de force. Her art is surreal beyond belief, but somehow follows a logical construction on the page. Her color is draining, and adds a certain type of depressing hellfire to the whole affair. Stylistically she’s all over the place without feeling scattered. A page with wild line work and out of focus backdrops can be followed by a clearly paneled and more traditional series of closeups. It’s an unrelenting visual feast.

This book is dense, and certainly not for everyone. I found I had to read it twice and give it a full night of thought before I truly got anything out of it. But, for me I’m tired of reading things and knowing exactly how I should feel by the last page.

This beast of a book, and its importance may be lost on some. But I urge you to check it out, and give it the time that it requires of you. It doesn’t pretend to have any answers and it certainly doesn’t hide its concerns, but it asks questions of you as a reader which is something we should be demanding more of in comics.

This is crucial reading for our consumer generation. Human psychology is a business, and “Godkiller” asks the question: what happens when you stop buying? It simply can’t be ignored.


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[Comic Book Review] “Rasputin” #1 Is Legendary

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 15:26

When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.


WRITTEN BY: Alex Grecian

ART BY: Riley Rossmo

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: October 29, 2014

Reviewed By: Katy Rex

Rasputin is one of those public figures, legends, that has held prolonged public fascination. He’s on a short list of historical figures whose inexplicable life story is more interesting than most fiction; Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth Bathory, Lizzie Borden. There are rumors of dark magic and witchcraft, and those possibilities seem as believable as any other explanation. Where Grigori Rasputin benefits is his connection to another favorite historical mystery, that of Anastasia Nikolaevna.

Alex Grecian and Riley Rossimo seem to know exactly how much fact and how much truth of the legend to include. This is definitely a first issue, and it’s setting up the rest of the arc with backstory and development. The art is a beautiful combination of vintage and otherworldly touches. The story engages even as it explicates. The palette (colored by Ivan Plascencia) plays with the era and adds dashes of the supernatural throughout the book.

This is a really enjoyable read. It would have been significantly more enjoyable, however, with different lettering choices. There’s text-in-panel narration in a scrawling, difficult-to-read font that takes away from the overall story, forcing the reader to spend as much time focusing on the letters as the words. Further, there were opportunities for creative fonts, and with a Russian subject, it was ripe for stylized text.

This is a very good series, and one I will continue to read. It’s what I like about historical fiction, that slight bent toward the speculative, keeping close enough to the facts to create intrigue. This story has all the potential to contain all the elements that I like in a good series. Insanity, supernatural, death-defying mysteries, political turmoil, royalty—there’s so much more to come, and It’ll absolutely stay on my pull list.

Katy Rex writes comics analysis at, and She also writes scholarly articles for various academic journals. She really likes butt jokes, dinosaurs, and killing psychos and midgets in Borderlands 2. She has a great sense of humor if you’re not an asshole. Twitter: @eotucomics Tumblr: Instagram: @katy_rex Email:
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[Comic Book Review] There’s So Much to See in “LOW” #4

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 15:08

There’s so much to see in issue #4 of Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini’s series “Low.”

WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender

ART BY: Greg Tocchini

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $3.50

RELEASE: October 29, 2014

Reviewed by Nick Brehmer


Marik has been pulled up into his mother’s hope. The third city, Poluma, still exists and they have found it. However, this hub of science and innovation has fallen into the hands of the scurvy horde and now, like Salus, runs the risk of destroying itself through blind indulgence. The disappointment of Stel and Marik is washed away at the sight of Roln who, back in issue #1, killed Johl and kidnapped his young daughters. Tajo, at least, is alive and has become a sort of play-thing/pseudo daughter to Roln who revels in the familial mind games that he plays with her. The mission of discovery quickly turns into a rescue mission. However, the ebb and flow of doubt and hope continues as Tajo turns out to be more of a willful prisoner than anticipated.

The artwork of this issue is so inspiring. I’m left wondering if the two creators even realize the scale of lore that they create in this universe. It’s on an epic level. Just like the narrative, it’s quick to change and full of surprises. Despite the grit of this new city we get to explore as readers, you want to be there, experiencing and the wonder and disgust that our heroes do.

The thematic brilliance of Remender’s narrative lies in his earnest pursuit of balance. I mentioned in the review of the previous issue that I was concerned that some readers may raise the “preachy” flag on this series. Issue #4 demonstrates that while it may be obvious that Remender is curating a keen sense of optimism, his characters aren’t naïve nor are his situations eschewing discomfort. The opposite really. Remender’s optimism thrives off of discomfort. Optimism requires discomfort in order to be intentional and significant. Balance is also laid out in the development of characters through the incorporation of flaws rather than a strict reliance on their qualities amidst their challenges. For example, up until now, Stel has been the picture of hope, but this issue highlights not only her pride but her rashness as well. Marik becomes the collected one in this issue, but his devotion to his mother’s hope leads him to follow her lead.

In the back matter “Lowdown”, Remender writes that they have a 60-issue story arc planned should things continue to go well for the series. This makes me very, very happy.

A product of the harsh lands of Northern Ontario, Nick Brehmer is in fact a sensitive flower currently blooming in the GTA. He spends his downtime wishing he was British. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @nicholasbrehmer



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