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These PS2 Ads Are Equal Parts Horrifying, Naughty

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 17:10

You can get away with a lot overseas. Here in the States, we’re still trying to figure out how many F-words can be dropped before it crosses a line and becomes “offensive”. In Europe, and various other places, humanity has evolved to a point where nudity and horror can go hand in hand, and can even be used to sell products. In this case, the product is Sony’s last-last-gen-defining console, the PlayStation 2. I sure miss that thing.

FYI, some of these are NSFW.

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This Unnerving 2D Horror Game Channels 'Silent Hill'

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 16:39

At first glance, the 2D horror adventure game Silence of the Sleep resembles Konami’s Silent Hill series, with it’s haunting music, twisted monsters and dirty environments. That’s just on the surface however, as there looks to be much more to this upcoming game than meets the eye. For one, there’s no combat. So if you see something, it’s always in your best interest to choose flight over fight.

What makes this game all the more impressive is the fact that it’s being developed by a one-man team. So everything you’re about to see in its latest unsettling trailer is the work of lone individual with a lot of talent and a solid eye for horror.

Silence of the Sleep just hit Steam Greenlight, you can (and should) vote for it here.

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This Pikachu Cake Fail Will Haunt Me Forever

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 14:56

The Internet seems intent on turning everyone’s favorite Pokemon into a thing of nightmares, though that wasn’t the goal of this particular example. Upon acquiring a Pokemon themed baking pan, complete with adorable Pikachu head molds, Twitter user Kira Hime Teitoku decided to use them to bake a cake. The result should’ve been a tasty, and, unless you consider cake’s effect on your arteries, mostly harmless. Instead, what we got was a thing of nightmares.

This cake (pan) was a lie.

First, what it should have looked like.

Now, for the result. If a kid is in the room, I suggest you ask them to go color somewhere, lest you ruin the remainder of their childhood with this.

Thankfully, this cake connoisseur did the smart thing by giving each head its own individual bag, presumably so she could tie a cement block around them before dropping them into a deep, deep ocean.

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Destiny Potato Release Lyric Video For "Love Song"

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 14:27

Serbian based metal band Destiny Potato has released a lyric video for “Love Song”, the first song from their upcoming debut album. The song is not a cover of the infamous track from The Cure but it’s still a very fun, exciting track that throws in dashes of highly effected vocals, influences from Devin Townsend, and much more. Personally, I’m a big fan and I can’t wait to hear the full album!

Check out the video below.

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[ECCC '14] Mythos of Alien, Predator, Alien Versus Predator, and Prometheus

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 21:08

Dark Horse brutally teased the panel attendees with impassioned tidbits from writers Paul Tobin, Chris Roberson, Christopher Sebela, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Josh Williamson about their new mythos of Prometheus, Aliens, and Predator. This compilation comic series will revamp the Ridley Scott world into a cannon that new and long-time fans will love and appreciate.

Christopher Sebela on Alien Versus Predator, Joshua Williamson on Predator, Chris Roberson on Alien, Paul Tobin on Promethues, and Kelly Sue Deconnick is part of the team, but it wasn’t clear what role she’ll play in the final product. We imagine she’ll write her own arc within the story, because she seemed very passionate about the main character.

Chris Roberson called Alien a little bit Lord of the Flies, a little Gilligans Island and a little LOST. He called his story a castaway type situation. He commented on the fact that he had layered his story with Gilligan’s Island the hints are about seventeen steps deep.

They all met at Scott Allie’s house with Scott’s wife making them all pastries. They all develop the characters and shared parts of the universe. Paul starts laying the groundwork on Prometheus, which launches first. He hands off the characters to the other writers so they can kill them off.

The script for Prometheus #1 was entirely finished with completed art, but FOX stepped in and had to rip the script apart. The things that took place in the original draft conflicted with the ongoing plans for future films. So the entire script had to be rewritten, and the art had to be redone.

Christopher Sebela on Alien Versus Predator called it a Frankenstien story. He loves flawed and broken characters. He aims to make us love this scummy people. Scott chimed in and said every series takes place on spaceships and features bloodbathes.

Kelly Sue Deconnick talked about the character of Angela, the leader of the salvage expedition. She’s following in the footsteps of the strong female character established from the legacy of Ripley. She has a very transformative over the course of the entire series.

They addressed the fear of knowing the world of films. They said these series should be easily digestible regardless of whether or not you know the film’s history. The only connection would be to the earliest films in the series. They want to reestablish these properties as really strong individual Dark Horse titles.

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An Organ Powered By The Sea Produces Music That Sounds Like Silent Hill (Random Cool)

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 16:24

On the shores of Zadar, Croatia is a really cool musical invention: an organ that is powered by the sea. Created by Nikola Basic in 2005, what’s happening is that there are several white stone steps that lead into the water. However, underneath these steps are 35 musically tuned tubes that whistle through openings in the ground. When waves hit the tubes, it pushes air through the tubes and, lo and behold, music comes out.

But what’s interesting is that music that comes forth sounds eerily similar to the Silent Hill music of Akira Yamaoka. Head below for a sample or go to this page for more samples and a better history of the project.

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In 'Stranded Deep', You're Stranded, Deep In The Ocean

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 14:30

Is the ocean the next big trend in horror? They say it’s the last place on Earth that’s still mostly a mystery to us, so I suppose it would make sense. Lately, we’ve seen a number of promising indie horror games that are dragging us, kicking and screaming (with those adorable yellow arm floaties) into the big blue, including Monstrum, which takes place on a massive, derelict ship, and Narcosis, which strands us on the ocean floor.

Unlike those games, Stranded Deep isn’t going for scares as much as it is intensity, because, according to its IndieDB page, “supernatural horrors are a thing of the past, experience what a true horror is like.” You have my attention.

Stranded Deep eschews conventional horror for a tale of survival against all odds. In it, you’re set in the water-soaked clogs of a plane crash survivor who’s been tasked with surviving long enough to be rescued. Unfortunately, Mother Nature and her ocean critters are against you, and thanks to a procedurally generated world, she’s also mighty unpredictable.

The game promises to bring a beautifully realized world with detailed biomes, realistic water — with all the realtime buoyancy, subsurface scattering, edge-based depth, and foam you’ll ever need — dynamic weather, item crafting, and “detailed survival aspects and interaction.”

As for the game-y stuff, it will also feature in-game achievements, unlockables, statistics and rewards, as well as full controller and Oculus Rift support.

Alpha Demo – Indie DB

Looks great. I can’t wait to whittle a shank out of a sea cucumber so I can stab Jaws in the eye. Hopefully that’s a feature.

For more on this promising survival game, check it out on IndieDB.

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Finally, 'Alien: Isolation' Has A Release Date!

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 13:36

I won’t bury the lead here — Alien: Isolation is coming October 7th to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

If you’ve managed the remarkable feat of not hearing about this game, it’s a survival horror take on the franchise from developer Creative Assembly that aims to stay true to the 1979 film, make the alien scary again, and breathe life into AAA survival horror. In six long months, we’ll find out for sure if this game is as terrifying as it promises to be.

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[TV] Next On "Hannibal": Promo for Episode 2.6, “ Futamono”

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 10:23

Things begin to heat up in next week’s “Hannibal” when Jack Crawford’s suspicions about Hannibal reach a boiling point.

You can watch the promo below for Episode 2.6, “ Futamono,” which airs next Friday on NBC.

In the episode, “A city councilman’s body is found intertwined with a tree; Jack crashes Hannibal’s dinner party to investigate Will’s suspicions; a revelation shocks everyone.

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[TV] Michael Chiklis Joins "American Horror Story: Freak Show"

Sat, 03/29/2014 - 10:18

Late last night show series creator Ryan Murphy revealed an interesting new addition to “American Horror Story: Freak Show”, FX’s latest anthology series.

Michael Chiklis, pictured, joins the cast as Evan Peters’ father and Kathy Bates’ ex-husband.

EW previously reported that, the seres, returning this fall, is set in Jupiter, Florida, in 1950. “Freak Show” finds Jessica Lange playing a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S.

Her group of “unusuals” Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy all play performers whom Lange’s character has rescued.

Adds the site, Denis O’Hare and the gorgeous Emma Roberts are also in talks to return.

“Freak Show’s” 13 episodes will track this group as they do anything to keep their business around.

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[ECCC '14] Dark Horse Presents Building Better Characters: Project Black Sky.

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 19:40

Frank Barbiere, Josh Williamson, Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, Christopher Sebela, Fred Van Lante, Josh Hale Fialkov gathered today at Emerald City to talk about their new creator owned revival of old pulp superheroes in Project Blacksky. The initiative gathered to talk about creating a new shared universe of superheroes not bound by the same confines that larger publishers impose.

Project Black Sky was invented through the Captain Midnight book, and evolved from there. The project was a secret government operation lead by Midnight. It’s how he built his wings and most of the technology behind that makes him a hero. The aim is to have socially conscious superheroes with a smaller line where you the story and the universe is easily digestible.

Joshua Williamson started the panel off by talking about the Better Tomorrow arc of Captain Midnight. A story where he doesn’t confront his enemy head on, and has to resort to other means. Williamson noted with issue nine the book gets set on a different course. Something happens in issue 12 that makes Midnight debate quitting and dropping the mantle of the hero all together.

Skyman spun out of Captain Midnight in an attempt to unify the golden age stuff. There has been a series of men under the name of Skyman. In Captain Midnight Skyman went insane and took this jingoistic attitude and went crazy for America. After he is taken off the streets, his story begins. He is a bigot, he sees America through warped 1950’s values. The government puts a black man in the suit, just to diversify things. He was chosen for the wrong reasons, but somehow becomes the right guy in the suit. He brings honor to the title.

What is Project Black Sky? Dark Horse is building to free comic book day, where much more will be revealed.

Brain Boy has wrapped its first arc. The series is comprised of a collection of short arcs. The Men from G.E.S.T.H.A.L.T. are this group who try to capture all the psychics in the world. This is a massive conspiracy that involves the dudes from Black Sky.

The Occultist was a mini before Project Black Sky. Tim Seeley says its a very peripheral tie in. Dr. Strange if he were Peter Parker. Telling a story with a framing device that ties in into Project Black Sky. The protagonist is being watched.

Christopher Sebela is going solo on the Ghost. The book is just starting to deal with Project Blacksky. The first arc rebuilt her world and this is where things start to align, it will be enjoyable on its own. Ghost versus the local TV horror host who is gathering a cult to…. Murder.

Blackout is the first brand new character for Project Black Sky. Making someone up is terrifying and fun. Seeing someone dragged into the Black Sky world. He can open blackholes and walk through walls and objects and then emerge back into the world. There is no safety net, but the book is a lot of fun, featuring an every man who uses this suit to get what he needs.

Research is a joy, all the writers are scattered throughout the United States, but they are trying to interconnect the books as much as possible. Mike Richardson has a bible that is a tome of the rolling changes. It serves as a guidebook that helps create the connective tissue between the books. Growing the universe from the inside out.

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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 128: JP From The HP "John Panich Is Dead"

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 17:30

It’s Friday and I was recommended a video that I just couldn’t pass up! Now, normally for the Twisted Music Video Of The Week, I tend to fall on rock or metal videos. However, this week we dive into some hip hop courtesy of JP From The HP and his video for “Joe Panich Is Dead”. The video follows the last hours of Panich’s life and the first few hours of his death utilizing some truly strange and inventive visuals, courtesy of director Colin Duerr. I’d tell you more but I think that’d be taking away from the video. Head on down and enjoy!

The song comes from the awesomely named album My Asteroid Wants To Kill Your Planet.

“John Panich Is Dead” portrays Panich in his final hours on Earth and his first hours in a hallucinogenic afterlife, juxtaposed with visions of his Mother’s depression regarding his death and the intrigue his corpse has on a troubled Female Mortician. It accomplishes a short story as well as an abstract dissection of the mystery of death and our place in the cosmos; it’s horror and it’s hope.

Duerr, who helmed the acclaimed video for Passalacqua’s “Sirens”, returns with his eccentric hand-made style, having built sets, costumes and props for the video along with editing and directing. Panich stars as himself and also produced and performed the track from his album, “My Asteroid Wants To Kill Your Planet”.

The piece will also feature the talents and faces of some of Detroit’s most talented artists such as Joe Average (Of Mice And Musicians), Jimmy Doom (Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death), with dance choreography contributed by Tunde Olaniran and guitar playing by Dave Taylor (The Amino Acids).

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[ECCC '14] Skybound Takes Flight Panel

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 16:45

Robert Kirkman’s Skybound label of Image comics held a panel this morning at ECCC ’14 that featured some of thier hottest talent, Joshua Williamson, Joe Keatinge, and Paul Azaceta. They covered upcoming announcements for books like “Techjacket,” “Ghosted,” and the much anticipated horror possession series, “Outcast.” They also debuted the poster for the first Skybound film production, Air. Hit the jump for all of the news.

Things kicked off with some news about Kirkman’s own “The Walking Dead.” All out War will be ending in a month. Everything on the cover to the last chapter actually happens. After All Out War, there is “A New Beginning” with issue 127. A new female lead on the cover, she seems heavily featured in the covers up until 130. Issue 127 is double sized. They commented on the speculation about who everyone is, and where the regular cast is, but refused to shed any light on the ideas.

Outcast brings the end of life, as we know it. This is Azaceta’s first ongoing book and first dive into horror. The look develops along the way. It’s a different type of horror from The Walking Dead. The book will be less in your face, and more moody and atmospheric. Yet, there is still a promise of blood and gore.

Techjacket digital was a resounding success bringing back the character of Zach Thomson. Originally Kirkman wrote Techjacket as a precursor to Invincible. The digital series took off with a binge reading experience written by Joe Keatinge. So, July launches new Techjacket ongoing. The panel was greeted with a special message from the artist Khary Randolph. The series has a huge manga influence; the approach is all about catching up to Zach’s situation. Keatinge wants to put the series into a larger world with manga influenced cosmic, interstaller story that spirals of control. The series hits July 2nd.

Ghosted was announced at ECCC 2013. Issue nine comes out next month. Williamson talks about the second arc. Series protagonist, Jackson is trying to rescue a girl from the brotherhood of the closed book. He thinks they are kidnapping possessed women. When he finds the girls, they aren’t prisoners, they’re princesses. When their possession starts to reveal itself, they are forced to write demonic books of the dead. The bloodcrow cover for #10 was shown. Something horrible happens in issue 10, and in 11-15 Dan Pinogio will take covers, Jackson is fucked. Issue 11 is a flashback where Anderson goes undercover with a biker gang and sees Goran coming back, in July.

Manifest Destiny real life expedition of Louis and Clark killing monsters to clear for the expedition. The sales are climbing, and haven’t stopped. Keeping awesome momentum. Arc two is about taking on river monsters, taking on the big myths and making them horrifying.

They briefly spoke about AIR, the first Skybound film production with Sony. Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou star, and is executive produced by Robert Kirkman. Not much else was revealed, but the all black poster with a title treatment.

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Vertical Asks, Is 'Anna' a Killer? (Exclusive)

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 15:06

The terribly-titled Mindscape has received a fresh new title for its U.S. release Bloody Disgusting scored exclusive art and details for Anna!

On VOD and in theaters on June 6th via Vertical Entertainment, the film stars Mark Strong, “American Horror Story’s” Taissa Farmiga and Brian Cox.

Leading man Mark Strong plays John Washington, a detective with the unique ability to enter people’s minds and memories (presumably to help people recall event details pertinent to solving cases). Washington takes on the case of a troubled teenage girl named Anna (Farmiga) who is accused of an attempted triple homicide. To uncover the mystery surrounding Anna and her story, Washington will enter her mind and try to find out the truth: is Anna capable of killing, or is there something hidden in her memories that shows otherwise?

Orphan and House of Wax director Jaume Collet-Serra produced!

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Release Date for Newly Restored 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'!

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 15:05

MPI/Dark Sky Films announced today a June 20 theatrical release for their newly restored version The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic. The re-release comes in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary.

In 1973, Tobe Hooper, a cast of unknown actors, and a crew of Austin film students and recent graduates headed to Round Rock, Texas in the middle of July. For the next 32 days they worked around the clock in 100 degree weather to make The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The movie became a huge hit on the drive-in circuit and eventually grossed $30 million. It was invited to the 1975 Cannes Film Festival Director’s Fortnight, and was acquired as part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Since then, it has become the eighth highest-grossing horror franchise of all time. In 2012, Sight & Sound magazine named it one of the 250 most important movies ever made.

The new version of the film will be released in theaters this summer with a brand new 4K transfer, roughly four times the resolution of today’s more commonly used 2K for cinema. This is the only transfer of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to go back to the original 16mm A/B rolls, the actual film that rolled through the cameras.

The restoration of the film, overseen by Todd Wieneke of Dark Sky Films, took place at NOLO Digital Film in Chicago with the use of an ARRISCAN Film Scanner.

Taking 5 months of 40-hour workweeks to complete the color grading and the restoration, NOLO engineer Boris Seagraves stated, “This film probably needed the most restoration of any project we’ve done.

Having been shot on less expensive 16mm film stock and cheaper, tougher “reversal” stock, (which means there is no negative), the restoration started by taking the original 16mm film that rolled through the cameras and transferred all 120,960 frames to a 4K scan.

Scratches, film stains, chemical stains, dirt, torn perforations, rips in the film image and glue splices had to go through a pain-staking correction process frame by frame. “There were hundreds, if not thousands, of instances where you’d find a splice mark cooked into the middle of a frame. Some frames would have close to two hundred dirt events on them. We also spent a lot of time stabilizing the image. When doing a digital scan of a conformed 16mm print with a splice at every cut, it can be tough to achieve the high standards we all aspire to in the era of digital cinema. What might have passed as acceptable in the 70′s looks jarring now. So we worked hard to smooth out the tremors that almost inevitably occur when scanning this type of film element. There were tears in the film that we had to digitally rebuild from adjacent frames. There were tens of thousands of things we were dealing with,” said Seagraves.

Estimating that he spent about 50 hours on the color correction alone, NOLO Colorist Michael Matusek used a previous transfer of the film that had been supervised by Tobe Hooper as his guide to a rough color correction. Tobe Hooper then gave notes on this roughly timed version, and the process of adjusting the color began.

Hooper, who helped score the film and did the sound design, was also deeply involved with the audio restoration.

Todd Wieneke stated, “I’ve seen the film literally frame-by-frame and I’m still hearing and seeing things I never noticed before…it just adds a whole different level.” Matusek added, “This 4K scan delivers such an intense reality that it feels like you’re really seeing through the film to the actual world behind it.

Tobe Hooper stated, “I haven’t seen The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on the big screen for many, many years. This 40th anniversary restoration is absolutely the best the film has ever looked. The color and clarity is spectacular, displaying visual details in the film that were never before perceptible. The newly remastered 7.1 soundtrack breathes new life and energy into the film. I am very much looking forward to audiences experiencing this film as they never have before.

Now, 40 years after it’s initial release and coming back home, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s new transfer can be seen with a fresh pair of eyes having its world premiere at SXSW, Monday, March 10th at 9:30pm at the Topfer Theatre.

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[Sundance '14 Review] 'The Raid 2' One of the Best Action Films of All Time!

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:49

Republished for today’s theatrical release.

After kicking all my teeth out at the 2012 TIFF with The Raid, director Gareth Evans returned to Indonesia for the hotly anticipated The Raid 2, which features a 100+ day shoot that allegedly embarrasses stomps on the faces of modern action filmmakers. It’s so good that it will make even adults reenact their favorite scenes in the theater lobby…

Remember those days as a teenager when you’d leave an action film so exhilarated, you’d start exchanging air jabs with your best friend in the theater lobby? The Raid 2: Berandal is that movie,” Ryan Daley says in his review out of the Sundance Film Festival.

Simply imagine a crime movie as deeply layered as The Departed or Goodfellas and then add some of the most viscerally thrilling martial arts to ever hit the screen. That, in a nutshell, is The Raid 2.

[It's] one of the best action films of all time,” he adds of the film also hitting theaters March 28 via Sony Classics.

Get the entire review at either link above, and enjoy the ass-kicking new theatrical trailer below!

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[TV] Next On "The Walking Dead": Season Finale Poster Series

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:47

AMC will conclude the fourth season of “The Walking Dead” this Sunday, March 30.

We now have a promo, clip and newest poster for the final episode, “A”, in which “many paths collide; Rick faces sheer brutality; the group struggles to survive.

Michelle MacLaren directs the 16th episode that promises a shocker of a finale.

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[TV] Scream For New "Rosemary's Baby" Images

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:46

Fear is born on the official image gallery for NBC’s “Rosemary’s Baby” four-hour miniseries, an adaptation of the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin. Zoe Saldana plays the new Rosemary.

Red Lights‘ Carole Bouquet, Doghouse‘s Christina Cole and Jason Isaacs also star in the series directed by Agnieska Holland and produced by Lionsgate TV.

It centers on Rosemary Woodhouse (Zoe Saldana), a young wife and would-be mother who, with her husband Guy (Patrick J. Adams), moves into a Paris apartment that has a dark past. After finally getting pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious that both her husband and their mysterious neighbors have ulterior motives about the future of her child.

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'Terminator: Genesis' Casting Shocker; Sequels to Be Filmed Back-to-Back!

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:33

Attack the Block‘s John Boyega is no longer in the running for the lead in Terminator: Genesis, the franchise reboot for Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures, instead Dayo Okeniyi has been set to star, explains Deadline.

The studio have made first plans to shoot three installments to put this saga to rest. The second and third films will be done back to back over nine months! The first film gets underway shortly in Louisiana.

Okeniyi, who co-starred in The Hunger Games and The Spectacular Now, will the son of Miles Dyson.

Doctor Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton) was a major player in James Cameron’s 1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day. He was the inventor of the neural-net processor which would lead to the development of Skynet, a computer A.I. intended to control electronically linked weapons and defend the United States, but which would later seize control of the world and launch a global war of extermination against humanity. – Terminator Wiki.

John Connor and his Terminator intercept Sarah Connor’s attempts to assassinate him, leading to a massive shootout and the eventual death of Dyson. As you may recall, he did have a kid, playing with a remote control car, who must have a integral role in Genesis.

The other leads were already set. “Game Of Thrones‘” Emilia Clarke is Sara Connor, Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clarke is her son John Connor, Jai Courtney is locked as Kyle Reese, and Arnold Schwarzenegger reprises his signature cyborg, in the time-travel saga that will be directed by Alan Taylor. The film has a July 1, 2015 released date.

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Trailer for Chiller's "Animal"; Another Horror From Drew Barrymore...

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 14:17

After disappointing with the awful found-footage Happy Camp, Drew Barrymore’s production company is back with “Animal”.

“Animal,” which airs later this year on NBCUniversal-owned Chiller after a limited theatrical and VOD run, follows a group of close-knit friends who find themselves stranded in unfamiliar territory, pursued by a blood-thirsty predator. Holed up in isolated cabin, tensions mount as secrets are revealed. As the body count rises, the group puts their differences aside and fights for survival.

In the minute-long teaser exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, four friends race through the woods in the dead of night, being chased by said blood-thirsty predator.

Keke Palmer, Amaury Nolasco, Parker Young, Joey Lauren Adams, Elizabeth Gillies, Paul Iacono, Thorsten Kaye and Jeremy Sumpter also star.

Barrymore is an executive producer alongside Flower Films’ Nancy Juvonen, and producers Chris Miller, Ember Truesdell, Kelly Smith and Thommy Hutson. Hutson and Catherine Trillo penned the script and is directed by Brett Simmons. Gary J. Tunnicliffe created the creature effects.

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