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14 Hair-Raising Minutes of ‘Allison Road’

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 21:45

There’s so much P.T. in this early footage from Allison Road that I would have believed it had someone told me this was the work of Kojima and del Toro. The level of detail in the near-photorealistic environments is particularly impressive, as is the developer’s willingness to take their time building up the dread until you can practically feel it hanging in the air.

Allison Road doesn’t have a release date, it is expected to arrive on PC.

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Mondo To Release James Horner’s ‘Aliens’ Score On Vinyl

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 21:20

USA Today has revealed that Mondo will be bringing some amazing new products to the San Diego Comic Con, including a vinyl of James Horner‘s soundtrack to the 1986 sci-fi/horror action film Aliens.

Direct from the site, “The deluxe edition features more than a dozen musical cues new to vinyl plus five bonus tracks, and a cover design by artist Killian Eng.

Eng explains:

I wanted the alien to play a big role but at the same time incorporate its shape into the materials of the space station, almost like it becomes the station itself, keeping the marines in a steady merciless grip.

Below is a small photo of the majority of the cover. There’s no word yet as to a wide release.

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‘The Last of Us’ Sequel Outed By ‘Uncharted’ Voice Actor

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 20:35

Naughty Dog is definitely working on a sequel to The Last of Us, confirmed actor Nolan North during a panel he hosted at Metrocon earlier this month. North is perhaps best known for being the voice of Nathan Drake in the developer’s other PlayStation-exclusive action series, though he did also portray a character in The Last of Us.

“For now I know they’re doing Last of Us 2, but my character in Last of Us kind of met an untimely demise,” revealed North.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the post-apocalyptic game may be turned into a series. This past January, Naughty Dog’s Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann told us the hypothetical sequel had been put on ice until after the studio ships Uncharted 4 (March 2016). The game is due next March, so chances are we won’t be hearing anything official until sometime next year.

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We’re Going To Get A ‘Vampire Hunter D’ Animated Series!

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 19:58

Anime News Network has announced that a CG-animated series based upon the Vampire Hunter D novels, written by Hideyuki Kikuchi, is in the works through California-based production studio Unified Pictures. That studio will be co-producing the series with Japanese studio Digital Frontier, who was behind Resident Evil: Degeneration. Kikuchi will be a part of the project, as will Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust director Yoshiaki Kawajiri.

Unified Pictures producer Scott McLean states:

I’ve been a fan of Vampire Hunter D since I was a teenager. I’m overjoyed at being able to be a part of creating a new chapter for a story I greatly admire.

More information on this project will be unveiled at the Anime Expo that is being held July 2nd-5th in Los Angeles.

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Waxwork Teases Upcoming ‘Nightbreed’ Vinyl

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 19:26

Waxwork Records has posted a short video clip on their Instagram that plays 10-ish seconds of their upcoming Nightbreed vinyl. The record will be available for pre-order next week.

The film, which was released in 1990, was directed by Clive Barker, starred David Cronenberg, and featured a wild, frantic score by Danny Elfman.

Keep an eye on Waxwork’s official website over the next several days for your chance at snagging a copy!

The Tribes of the Moon Embrace You next week! #nightbreed #vinyl #soundtrack #clivebarker #dannyelfman #horror

A video posted by Waxwork Records (@waxworkrecords) on Jun 29, 2015 at 2:24pm PDT

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Ron Perlman Hints That ‘Hellboy 3′ Is Happening

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 18:44

Update: Perlman announced via Twitter that the photo was “…was more aspirational than factual.“. Looks like we’re still going to have to wait.

Ron Perlman took to Instagram Sunday night with a rather provocative photo/message. The photo is a poster for Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and shows Hellboy wearing sunglasses. The text accompanying the photo, however, is where things get delicious. Perlman writes, “Lurking… Waiting… And then, poof… One more Roman numeral after the name… As if by magic………..

While this isn’t a confirmation that Hellboy 3 is in the works, it’s the most optimistic news about the film yet. With director Guillermo del Toro busy on Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim 2, and “The Strain“, among other projects, the timing and scheduling of such a project would be the biggest obstacle should the studios green light the project.

I truly hope the team at the B.P.R.D. get to tackle the forces of evil once again. I’m a big fan of the two films and would love to see Perlman as the “big red ape” once again.

Lurking… Waiting… And then, poof… One more Roman numeral after the name… As if by magic………..

A photo posted by Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) on Jun 27, 2015 at 9:00pm PDT

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Syfy Tunes Into ‘Channel Zero’ Anthology

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 18:30

In their latest collaboration, Syfy and Universal Cable Prods are teaming on horror anthology series Channel Zero from Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra) and Nick Antosca (“Hannibal,” Friday The 13th), reports Deadline.

Each season of Channel Zero will focus on a new story. The first season of the series will be based on Candle Cove by Kris Straub, a short story that originates from the user-generated Internet horror phenomenon known as creepypasta. It tells the story of a mysterious children’s television show from the 1980s and the show’s role in a series of murders and one man’s dark secret.

Antosca will pen the script and Landis will produce and oversee creative direction with Antosca.

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[Exclusive Comic Preview] “Fables The Wolf Among Us” #30

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 18:17

Writers Matthew Sturges & Dave Justus along with artist, Travis Moore have taken the wildly popular Telltale Games series The Wolf Among Us and have adapted it into a compelling digital comic series from DC. Today we’re happy to house an exclusive preview of this week’s chapter.

“It’s back to the Crooked Mile for Bigby as he finally tracks down Crane…but an unexpected guest turns things upside down.”

The chapter will be available for download on Wednesday via the DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus.

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Can You Identify The ‘Scream’ Actor By Their Screaming Mouth?

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 15:00

Tonight sees the premiere of MTV’s “Scream“, which brings the terror of Ghostface to a whole new generation on a whole new medium.

But in order for us to prepare for this new story, we’ve got to take a look back at the victims of the original films. We’ve got to remember their pain and, most importantly, their terror. And what better way to recognize someone’s fear than by looking at the scream that escapes their mouths?

Below are 9 images that show only a mouth. Each one belongs to someone who died in one of the Scream films. Can you tell which mouth belongs to which victim? Let us know how you did in the comments below and good luck!

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10 Horror Movies That Had the Balls to Kill a Kid

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 13:01

People die in movies all the time, but it’s rare for a movie (even a horror movie) to kill a kid, especially in a graphic way. Not all movies shy away  from killing a child, though. In fact, some show the death in all it’s bloody glory. It may seem a bit morbid, since this entire post is about dead children. Nevertheless, here are 10 films who had the balls to kill a kid!

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Blood-soaked Images From the Set of ‘WTF!’ (Exclusive)

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 13:46

Straight from the Los Angeles production of Peter Herro’s WTF! comes an exclusive batch of behind-the-scenes stills from the horror film that sees a survivor of a mass killing on a trip with six close friends, when her nightmare threatens to begin again.

Herro is directing from a script he co-wrote with Christopher Centanni and Adam Buchalter. Callie Ott (The Horror), Sarah Agor (Hatchet II, VH1’s “Scream Queens”), Andrea Hunt, Ben Norris, Johnny James Fiore, Nick Reilly and Adam Foster star.

Three years ago, twenty-two year old girl-next-door Rachel (Ott) barely survived a brutal massacre that left her friends in pieces. Time has passed, and Rachel has moved on, but unfortunately history has a way of repeating itself. Her close friends are spending spring break in a secluded house in the woods, and they have cordially invited her to join. Little does she realize that another bloodbath will be showing up as plus one. Once Rachel and her friends arrive at the cabin, the partying, sex, and terror begins.

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New “Fear The Walking Dead” Teaser Shows Missing Persons Posters

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 12:28

A new 10-second trailer for the upcoming AMC spinoff series “Fear The Walking Dead” has been released and it shows three short scenes: one of missing persons posters plastered on a wall, the second of two characters driving, and a third shot that shows a lone zombie walking through a park. It ends with a title card and confirms that the premiere will be this August.

The six-episode series stars Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, “Sons of Anarchy”) as Madison, Cliff Curtis (“Missing,” “Gang Related”) as Travis, Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) as Nick and Alycia Debnam-Carey (Into the Storm) as Alicia. Also joining the cast as series regulars are Elizabeth Rodriguez (“Orange is the New Black”) as Liza and Mercedes Mason (Quarantine 2: Terminal) as Ofelia.

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#ScreamAThon Celebrates New Series With “Scream” Cast (Exclusive)

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 12:01

Just yesterday we shared the first 8 minutes of MTV’s new “Scream.” But, before the June 30th premiere, MTV will be hosting a “Scream-a-thon,” in which the cast of the new series will be watching Wes Craven’s four films with viewers.

The #ScreamAThon will be airing this weekend on MTV Saturday 6/27 and Sunday 6/28. It will feature two back-to-back marathons of everyone’s favorite horror film franchise: Scream.

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at the wrap promo.

Saturday, June 27th:
#ScreamAThon begins with Scream airing at 7:00pm ET/PT with exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast of MTV’s newest show “Scream,” airing throughout all four movies. The cast shot the interviews selfie style and will be talking about their new series and scary movie topics relating back to the original Scream movies. At 9:30pm ET/PT, MTV is giving fans a sneak peek of the first 8 minutes of the brand new MTV “Scream” premiere, which will lead into the second film: Scream 2.

Sunday, June 28th:
MTV continues #ScreamAThon on Sunday at 12:45pm ET/PT, with another chance to binge all four Scream movies and catch up with the cast, all the way to midnight. For anyone who missed it, or just can’t get enough, MTV will air the sneak peak of the “Scream” premiere at 7:00pm ET/PT, immediately following Scream 2. In case you didn’t stay awake all night to join the cast of MTV’s “Scream” and other Scream-related topics, MTV will be airing interviews throughout the day of the cast dishing on their new show and everything else Scream.

Monday, June 29th:
The opening “Scream” scene will be aired for a third time before the premiere on Monday at 11:34pm ET/PT, immediately following the season premiere of “Wolf Watch.”

Tuesday, June 30th:
“Scream” series premiere episode at 10:00 PM ET/PT on MTV.

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Zomblog – Not Zombies, People Are The Greatest Threat

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 12:00

Maybe a blog about zombies isn’t the best place to talk about equality, current events, or anything in between. But the genre has always been one with a pulse of social commentary. Human on human violence is a depraved part of any zombie narrative but it’s also somewhat of a daily occurrence.

There’s this wound between people of the “civilized” world that we pretend doesn’t exist. In times of struggle or after the apocalypse there is a kill or be killed mentality preceding every page of a story that pushes people to do horrible things to one another in the name of survival. I’m confident that any zombie story that showed people meeting in times of turmoil and only getting along wouldn’t be enjoyed by its intended audience nor would it be true to life.

We know it’s better to take care of one another, especially in times of insanity, but we’re more compelled by people acting against one another to care. Every day American’s kill one another as part of some twisted agenda to keep some idea of freedom safe. It’s hard to wrap your head around in the real world because we’re supposed to have rules. But truth is, we’re steeped in this idea that “survival of the fittest” is the only thing that matters in a world without structure.

But even within structure we’re met with our own worst intentions. It’s in our individualistic nature to think we’re right, that we’re more fit to live than someone else, and the apocalypse is fiction’s most interesting lens on this dynamic. Let’s take The Walking Dead as a case study, because it deals with both person on person violence, and a “better world.”

So spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t read the first arc of The Walking Dead.

It’s no secret that Rick Grimes and his survivors have met their fair share of human filth. The series established humans as the greatest hazard to humankind by the end of the first arc. The dynamic between Rick and Shane was recognizably similar to how our world works now. Two men with different ideals on the same thing. Torn over a women, sure. But torn over ideals.

Neither man could recognize the threats of the outside world to both of them and thus spent more time and energy on battling one another. This doesn’t feel like a logical gap because people fight every day. We like to think that society is the only thing that keeps us from killing one another, but in the world of the post-apocalypse society is more important than ever. Keeping people alive should be paramount. But for whatever reason – we put different values on human life and everyone shrugs and agrees to go along with the wild new status quo of a world with zombies.

When we feel threatened there’s no telling what we’ll do to protect the ones we love, our ideals, and the world. In the world of zombies, these actions feel even more important than ever. Nothing is scared outside of life, but truth be told life is always in short supply. It should be coveted and celebrated.

If we can learn anything from fiction it’s that we accomplish much more when we work together. Not everyone will agree, but killing someone over a single difference is far too regressive for a species as evolved as us. Yet, we’re still out there on the streets consuming one another faster than any other threat in the civilized world. It’s as if we’re the zombies. The drones who wait in line for the next Apple product, and the people who consume more than they create. It’s this reflection that we often acknowledge as a suspension of disbelief in the zombie genre.

However, it just serves as a macro lens on how people treat one another in times of perceived crisis. We already live in a world where people kill each other every day. Our fiction should be a safe place that can show us the depths of human depravity, and teach us something about the equality we all share, through death.

This Zomblog will run every Monday and Friday until I run out of things to say about zombies. 

Until then check out Double Take’s blog – Double Take Universe to keep up to date on the incredible comics that will be coming your way in September. And head over to their Kickstarter to secure yourself the full ten launch issues. Which just went over 10k and has only a few days left to go! So please get out there and support good comics!



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‘Doom’ Started Over Because It “Wasn’t ‘Doom’ Enough”

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 12:00

It’s been almost two years since Bethesda told us id Software had scrapped an earlier version of Doom so the team could start fresh on what would eventually become the game we were treated to just last week. They didn’t go into much detail, just that the decision had been made because the game “did not have a soul.”

That’s not a particularly revealing statement, but in an industry that’s become obsessed with cramming all the polygons into their games in a silly pursuit of photorealism, it’s good to know Bethesda is looking for that sort of thing in their games.

“We weren’t happy with the game that was being made,” Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines told Polygon. “We decided that it wasn’t Doom enough and needed to be thrown out and started over. Some folks left and some faces changed at the studio. Out of that change—which was not easy for those guys to go through—some amazing things happened.”

When they realized the Doom they had might’ve been too heavily inspired by modern shooters like Call of Duty — if you need an idea of how much it had strayed, taking cover was a thing — the decision was made to start fresh.

Sometimes, a seemingly disastrous setback can be a very good thing.

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Enormous #8 Smashes Into Stores This September

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 11:00

215 Ink has announced that Enormous #8 will arrive in stores this September. This second chapter of the explosive survival series’ second arc sees a world of change. There’s still plenty of Kaiju like beasts roaming in the world, but there are plenty of other evolutions roaming about too!

If other series are about the post-apocalypse, than Enormous is about what comes next.Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour follow Ellen Grace as she leads the only remaining North American Search & Recovery Team through the deadly giant monster infested streets of Phoenix. It’s now being developed as a television series, so this isn’t something you can afford to miss!

Check out a preview below, as well as the full solicit information. Take those preview codes to your local comic shop, and be sure to pre-order!


Episode 8 – The Future of the Race

The Sonoran desert has proven to be a death trap for Ellen and DJ as they scout  for the location of an abandoned Titan II missile silo. They’re close to finding the shelter, but in a world dominated by giant monsters, man is still the most dangerous beast.






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Channing Tatum On His ‘Ghostbusters': “…We’re Not Doing That Anymore”

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:41

The Ghostbusters property is one of the hottest things in Hollywood right now. According to Indiewire, there’s the female-driven version that’s being directed by Paul Feig, a potential prequel, an Avengers-style film where several of the characters across films team up to face a great threat, and finally the Channing Tatum-led film that will be directed by The Russo Brothers. Oh, wait. Never mind that last one.

In a recent interview with Screenrant, Tatum put the kibosh on his film, stating, “We’re not doing that anymore. No I don’t think so, I think it’s too complicated. There’s a lot of things going on with that brand and I just feel like it’s over-saturated.

What do you think? Too much at once or is there never enough ghost bustin’?

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‘Disgaea’ Dev Teases New Horror Game

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:30

Japanese developer Nippon Ichi Software has started teasing their next game, and it sure looks spooky. Its first teaser doesn’t reveal much, probably because it’s too busy creeping and crawling its way under your skin in a Blair Witch meets Slender sort of way. I’m no familiar enough with the studio to be able to guess what it might be, but rumor has it this may be our first look at a horror game for the PS Vita titled Yomawari, or “Nightwatch”.

Whatever this is, it’s almost definitely a horror game inspired by Japanese folklore, and there’s plenty room for that. I’m sure that Wii-exclusive Ju-On game could use the company.

Did you hear that scratching noise behind you? That means you’re either about to die an agonizing death, or it’s time for an irrelevant fact. I can’t tell if you’re alive, so I’m going to tell you, or your corpse, about how “Night Watch” is also the name of the first in a series of novels penned by Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko. Someone needs to start adapting that.

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[Review] ‘Felt’ Is a Powerful Psychosexual Horror Film

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:01

Early in Toad Road director Jason Banker’s new film Felt, friends Amy (Amy Everson) and Allana (Allana Reynolds) joke about a killing spree against men. It seems like the only way to heal the psychological wounds inflicted upon them by the opposite sex. They laugh about strangling men with their thighs and stabbing a needle through their penises. It’s a humorous and compassionate scene between best pals that begins to hint at the challenging psychosexual drama to unfold.

There’s a vital and crucial conversation that’s been happening the past few years about rape culture and the seemingly inherit aggression towards women that bubbles in our society. Felt addresses the issue not through pretentious preaching but by charting one woman’s experience to her breaking point. And what a nasty breaking point it is.

That woman is Amy, an experimental artist who’s recovering from her past terrible relationships. Details are never fully disclosed but sexual trauma is suggested at through the body suits she makes crafts out of yarn and felt – complete with male genitals. At one point she makes a stocking mask with a coarsely painted face that I assumed was mean to be her rapist. She wears her outfits in the woods, where she idles and dances around. It seems to be her place of security. Just her and the trees united in despondency.

The emotional instability of Amy slowly escalates into a tension that makes an otherwise meandering film feel downright horrific at times. The approaches by men Amy endures on a daily basis may seem mundane at first, but Banker’s naturalistic docu-style gives them a hefty dose of dread. The narrative thread throughout the film is kept very loose, leaving it up to Everson’s performance to be our constant. She’s in nearly every frame of the film and brings with her a realism and fierce presence that’s equally charismatic and sinister.

Felt’s loose cinéma vérité style and improvisational approach may rub a lot of viewers the wrong way – dismissing it as another mumblecore flick where 20-somethings bitch aimlessly about their problems. This is not that film. It sucks us in through the character of Amy and forces its audience to confront the ugly truths about gender in our culture. The film does amble along at times and the stroke of violence that occurs during the climax comes fast and, despite its gore, left me underwhelmed. The tension leading up towards the third act is terribly effective, however, making Felt a must- and most-uncomfortable watch.

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Owl “Witch’s Familiar” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:00

We’ve teamed up with rock band Owl, which is fronted by bassist Chris Wyse (The Cult, Ace Frehley Band), to bring you the exclusive song premiere for the dark, evil sounding track “Witch’s Familiar”! The track comes from the upcoming album Things You Can’t See (out July 28th).

Wyse describes the song, explaining:

This track is orchestrated with tympani and strings that give it a dark, theatrical feeling. Traditionally, the relationship of the witch’s familiar is that of a magical sidekick, and somewhat a role of servitude. Who is really in control: the witch or the familiar? Who’s in charge: the wife or the husband? It’s like a twisted romance where we always try to manipulate our lovers, our relationships. It’s a very human song even though it deals with fantastical elements.

Head on down to give this fantastic song a listen!

Owl online:
Official Website

Tour dates:
7/4 St. Paul, MN @A Taste of Minnesota (with Badfinger, Fuel, P.O.D.)
7/17 New York, NY @ Lucille’s Bar & Grill in BB King’s Blues Club
7/18 Saratoga Springs, NY @Putnam Den
7/19 Providence, RI @Aurora Providence
7/21 Los Angeles, CA @Whiskey A Go Go (with Philm featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer)
7/23 San Jose, CA @Rockbar (with Philm featuring Dave Lombardo of Slayer)

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