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Chris Pine Stars In “Vampire Lawyer” (Halloween Treat)

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 11:52

Chris Pine stars in “Vampire Lawyer,” a film about a blood-sucking attorney that really takes flight once the credits roll.

While the super short has a hilarious pun to sell the premise, this Halloween Treat doesn’t get rolling until the hysterical end credits.

The end credits have all sorts of funny shenanigans ranging from dead-pan serious actor interviews, to green screen footage and even a theme song that’s on part with “BoJack Horseman”.

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Capcom Wants You to Talk About ‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2′

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 11:00

When Capcom revealed Resident Evil: Revelations 2, a decidedly more survival horror take on the franchise that first coined the term back in 1996, most fans were pleased. The game is an attempt to return the series to the genre it once pioneered, but it’s also more than that. This is a stab at introducing a little innovation into a series that’s grown stale over the years. It’s an experiment, and Capcom isn’t afraid to call it what it is.

Polygon recently had the chance to glean some information from one of the game’s producers, Michiteru Okabe, who shed some light on their decision to break the game up into four episodes that will release a week apart starting early next year.

According to Okabe, the decision to break the game up into bite-sized chunks was made to provide enough of an incentive for players to want to finish each episode, as well as to keep it on their minds after the fact. Capcom looks at hugely popular TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, and specifically at how their respective audiences turn to social media to discuss each episode after the fact.

Capcom wants us to do that with Resident Evil: Revelations 2, they’re just not completely sure how to get it to happen. One idea they have is to take a page out of the latter show’s book with a Talking Dead style recap show.

“It will be like watching a TV drama so people can talk,” Okabe said. “I think our format is a bit different, but we definitely had an eye on Telltale and the games they put together. One thing they do really well, and we took inspiration from, even though their episodes are really spread out, people remained very interested because they talked about the game with each other.”

Capcom is doing some really smart things here. They’re looking to successful TV shows and video games for inspiration, while at the same time experimenting on their own. We won’t know how it turns out until next year, but I have high hopes.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is scheduled to hit PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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Lordi “The United Rocking Dead” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 10:30

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Finnish hard rock band Lordi to bring you the exclusive song premiere of “The United Rocking Dead”, which comes from the band’s upcoming seventh studio album Scare Force One!

The horror-influenced masked band’s new album follows last year’s To Beast Or Not To Beast. It can be pre-ordered through Amazon and iTunes.

The stream can be found below along with the band’s lyric video for “Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein”.

Lordi online:
Official Website
Official Fan Website

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[Podcast] Whatever – October 20th, 2014 – “The Evil Without”

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 10:30

This week, Don and Justin are all over the map. From the new flick The Book of Life, to the new game “The Evil Within,” to “American Horror Story: Freak Show”, to “Dino Crisis” they cover it all. Maybe they should rename it “A.D.D. Podcast.”

As always, you can find us on iTunesSoundCloud, or YouTube.

Leave a comment below, head to our Facebook page, or hit us up on Twitter, and let us know your thoughts!

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‘The Guest’ Gets UK Home Video Release With Several Deleted Scenes!

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 10:23

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, A Walk Among the Tombstones, Night at the Museum 3) outs on The Terminator‘s glasses in The Guest, a new action horror from Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, the duo behind A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S, V/H/S/2 and You’re Next.

While we await word on the U.S. home video release, the UK Blu-ray and DVD arrive December 29 boasting 7 deleted scenes, the trailer and audio commentary with Wingard and Barrett,

Maika Monroe (At Any Price, Labor Day), Sheila Kelley (Matchstick Men, Singles), Leland Orser (Seven, Taken) and Lance Reddick (American Horror Story: Coven, Fringe) also star.

Still struggling over the loss of their oldest son, the Peterson family find great comfort when David, a young charismatic former soldier, arrives at their home, claiming to be a friend and colleague of their late son. He is quickly welcomed into their lives, and begins helping out in unexpected ways that seem to change the family’s fortunes for the better.

A troubling and violent chain of events cause Anna (Monroe), the oldest daughter, to suspect David’s real intentions, and she begins to realise that his motives are more extreme than the family could ever imagine. This steely-eyed stranger might appear to be a dream come true but as bullets start to fly and the body count rises, the Peterson family’s nightmare is just beginning.

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Even More “Scooby-Doo” Lost Mysteries!

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 10:16

Hoping to build hype for his ongoing Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, IBTrav Illustrations & Design has released a slew of new “Lost Mysteries” from his “Scooby-Doo” collection.

Below you’ll see he’s now put Scoobs and the gang in the middle of Maniac Cop, Bloody Valentine and even Sorority Row.

Keep up with the campaign here, or check out his previous released here on Bloody.

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Fan Raises the Bar for Hand-Made Pyramid Head Costumes

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 10:00

There’s no shortage of amazing Silent Hill cosplay on the Internet — I’ve even spent some time covering some of it — but with Halloween less than two weeks out, I figure the timing is right to check out some more. This Pyramid Head costume was hand-made by Reddit user hkygoalie30, and it’s some damn fine work.

I’m especially fond of his decision to paint the muscles onto his body. I do that too, but for everyday things, like for getting groceries. Exercise is for suckers (also, I’m really lazy).

Is anyone here planning on dressing up as one of their favorite video game characters for Halloween, or can we expect nothing but Groots this year?

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Kick Your Week Off With Some Slayer! Only…Not?

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 09:00

It’s always a good week when you start it off with some Slayer, am I right? You set the tone that this week isn’t going to drag you down. Instead, you’re going to kick its ass because you’re the goddamn boss and people better understand that!

Well, maybe you don’t have to go that extreme but it would be nice to at least have some kinda energetic kick to your week. But I’m going to give it to you in two rather different ways, because I like to be difficult and play with your emotions like that.

The first way is Rob Scallon’s amazing banjo cover of “Angel Of Death”. You might remember Scallon as the guy who did that viral cover of “Raining Blood.” Welp, he’s back and just as insane as before!

The second video is from Sock Puppet Parody as they do their own interesting cover of “Raining Blood” that tackles the perils of laundry. What’s interesting here is that, unless I’m mistaken, the riffs are played backwards, so it still feels like the original but…not. Listen to it and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Enjoy your Slayer kick!

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[TV Review] “The Walking Dead”: Episode 5.02, ‘Strangers’!

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 23:40

The Walking Dead returned for it’s second episode of the season this week, effectively following up what was probably the series’ strongest opening episode with something that could best be described as a disjointed and sloppy slog.

Review By: Clark Thompson

Before anyone thinks they’ve got my whole view pegged here, I am not one of those ‘TWD is only good when there’s tons of action morons’. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve always been a firm believer that this show is at it’s best when it’s character study first, with zombie mayhem second, as without the former that latter falls flat. And while this episode did go for a healthy mix of the two, it’s meandering pacing and shifty focus made for a truly unappealing hour of television.

The episode did seem to hit the ground running with some fantastic scoring by Bear McCreary and cool slow motion footage of our group, a la Reservoir Dogs. It’s just everything in between these shots that was the problem. The dialogue is stiff and unnatural . Giving me the sensation that the actors themselves didn’t have much faith in the writing, or they couldn’t do much with it. And this only persisted as the episode wore on.

For a show that, in my opinion, usually nails these intimate encounters, the tone was noticeably off here. We had characters repeating each other’s dialogue verbatim in some vague attempt at profundity. Like Carol and Tyreese’s spiels about wanting to forget past events or Abraham’s speech about questing for ‘the cure.’ These both fell flat.

But for this fan, no aspect of this episode was more jarring than the appearance and portrayal of Father Gabriel. To make a potentially long winded rant short, I wasn’t feeling this guy at all. I understand it’s way to early to be writing him off, but as far as first impressions go, this one was bad. The thing I can’t figure out is whether or not it was the character’s annoying quirks, or the actor’s performance that was making me grit my teeth. If memory serves, that’s more or less the feeling you’re supposed to get from this guy most of the time, so for all I know Seth Gilliam was crushing the role.

What I do know, is that I hated every second this guy was on the screen. After what just happened, the last thing I care about is some self loathing priest who’s most pressing matter currently is a lack of canned food items left over from his Church’s food drive. 

Now for what this episode did right for me. Well for starters, despite everything I just said in the previous couple paragraphs, the introduction of the church and the good father. When we got our first glimpse of Terminus last season, most of us (comic fans) knew who we we’re dealing with immediately. Only the setting had changed. We are now officially on track to a more familiar scenario, and quite frankly, a scenario that has added weight due to what went down at Terminus.

The main parallel with the books could be seen in what happened to Bob, a character I was starting to really like. Those who read the graphic novel will remember Dale, after being bitten, leaving his group in the dead of night to find a quiet place to die, only to be nabbed by the hunters.

It’s absolutely fantastic to see this element of the original story coming back in augmented form, It’s extremely powerful, especially when Dale got into his rant about tainted meat, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Something tells me Gareth is going to be on the receiving end of a similar statement from Bob right after he finishes chowing down on that hunk of leg.

It also has to be mentioned that the water logged zombies in the food bank scene were among the show’s best looking/most grotesque. There’s something about horribly aged and disfigured zombies that make them immediately more threatening. While the scene itself seemed just as confused in it’s shot composition as the rest of the episodes stunted dialogue, the dead heads on display were top shelf material.

In the end, I would liken watching this episode to being trapped in a dark room with an hours worth of air, only to illuminate any chance of escape in the last ten minutes. I was excited by the end, if for no other reason than feeling of familiarity on the horizon, which is strange for me as I tend to enjoy when the show deviates from the beaten path. With the groundwork laid down for what is sure to be a harrowing ordeal between survivors and hunters, Daryl and Carol on the trail of Beth, and Morgan wandering around somewhere in close proximity, we’ve got some pretty interesting elements at play. Even if we did waste an entire episode on surprisingly weak exposition. 

One more thing of note before I drop a rating on this sucker. I don’t know if Tyreese lied, or we have the biggest continuity error in The Walking Dead history, but did anyone else notice in the final scene when Bob is regaining consciousness the dude with the gum that Ty supposedly killed last episode. Because I did, and It got me a little worried. If something like that could slip through the cracks, we may be in for a rough rest of the season. Only time well tell.

In the meantime, here’s looking forward to a Rick Grimes hosted BBQ a few episodes down the road. Comic book fans, you know it’s coming.

What did you think of Strangers? How was Seth Gillem as the good father Gabriel? Has The Walking Dead really hit it’s stride with this season? 

Clark Thompson is a 31-year-old horror fanatic currently residing in Kelowna B.C. His main goals in life are to one day experience a zombie apocolypse,and/or undergo surgery to have his heart mounted on the exterior of his chest. You can reach him at or on facebookClorkwork Torange.

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‘Alien: Isolation’ Review: Fight or Flight

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 18:32

After a slew of games that have ranged from disappointing (Alien vs. Predator) to the downright awful (Aliens: Colonial Marines), the Aliens franchise hasn’t had much luck in the virtual realm of video games. Developer Creative Assembly aims to change that with Alien: Isolation, a terrifying game of cat and mouse set in the Sevastopol space station.

It’s clear from the very beginning that the team behind this game is made up of fans of the films. The game has a decidedly old school VHS look, and the environments look like they were taken right off the set of the 1978 film. It’s really quite impressive, enough so that I found myself wanting to watch Alien only a few minutes in.

Alien: Isolation nails the “lo-fi sci-fi” look and feel of the original Alien perfectly. Making sure the Sevastapol station looked like it could have existed alongside the Nostromo couldn’t have been an easy feat, but Creative Assembly has done a fine job in bringing it to life. I found myself exploring every nook and cranny not for places to hide, but just so I could soak up its world.

A remarkable eye for detail was needed to make the Sevastapol as memorable a locale as it is, and as it is, it drips with personality that’s immediately recognizable as belonging to this franchise.

This strength extends to nearly every facet of the game, from its menus to simplistic design. There’s a certain level of beauty in this kind of horror game, which continues the popular trend in horror games to drop the player into an unfamiliar environment with limited resources and very capable enemies. Going in guns blazing will always get you killed, whether you’re fighting a gaggle of Working Joes or its more intimidating baddie, a lone xenomorph that hunts poor Amanda Ripley throughout the Sevastapol.

It’s a shame the story and characters are outshined by the gorgeous world they each inhabit. Few of the characters make much of an impression. Many characters are left underdeveloped, their sole purpose to serve as fodder for the game’s enemies.

The game takes place 15 years after Alien and follows Amanda Ripley, the now very grown up daughter of Ellen Ripley, as she embarks on a mission to find out what happened to her mother. With the help of a team formed by Weyland-Yutani, Ripley and co. make a trip to the Sevastopol where the Nostromo’s flight recorder is being held. Finding the answers she needs won’t be easy, because video games, as things almost immediately start going horribly wrong for Ripley.

Alone in an unfamiliar environment where something has clearly gone horribly wrong, Ripley must use her wits and a liberal helping of resourcefulness in order to survive.

Creative Assembly didn’t waste time taking creative license when coming up with the enemies of Alien: Isolation, so they should all be familiar to fans of the films. Personally, I prefer this, because these antagonists have already been proven effective since their introduction in 1978.

This also looks to have given them more time to make sure every one of them is thoroughly terrifying. The androids (called Working Joes) are especially unsettling with their creepy glowing eyes and total disregard for human life, and then there are the fan favorites, including the iconic Facehuggers and an freakishly tenacious alien.

As much as I love the Working Joes, the xenomorph is the real standout. It’s complex AI makes it a cunning predator that will offer a challenge no matter how skilled you’ve become at playing survival horror games. This thing is supposed to be the perfect hunter, an apex predator, and in Alien: Isolation, that’s exactly what it is. It’s a true villain, built to kill and lacking any modicum of mercy.

Unfortunately, the moderately repetitive gameplay mixed with the steep learning curve can sometimes make this game frustrating. When you have what’s essentially an unkillable enemy and a player-controlled character that’s almost completely useless in combat, keeping things from becoming frustrating becomes a balancing act.

As a first attempt, it’s understandable — expected, even — to not get this completely right. Even as a first try (the first in what I hope will become a new series) Alien: Isolation does a fantastic, if imperfect, job at keeping what could have been a massively difficult experience for some players from being too frustrating.

Even still, you need to know going in that this game is tough.

Much of the game revolves around exploration and stealth bits, as Ripley is tasked with locating items or simply surviving long enough to make it to from point A to point B, hiding from enemies and gather precious resources along the way. The items she scavenges can be used to craft tools that will be needed to escape the Sevastapol.

Ripley can make all sorts of things, from flares to noisemakers, smoke bombs, mines, molotovs medkits and even pipe bombs. Finding creative uses for some of these tools can save you, and I really cannot push the importance of learning your way around each early on hard enough. Every item has a purpose, and Ripley will need every ounce of help to stay alive.

Most of the time you’ll want to stay under the radar, but when that’s not an option, Ripley will have access to a few weapons to get her out of stickier situations. There’s not much, but whipping out a revolver, shotgun or flamethrower — my personal favorite — can grant her some breathing room, when it’s needed.

The most important tool in Ripley’s arsenal is the motion detector. You’ll want to use it as often as possible, especially in the game’s darker and more labyrinthine environments. Having an idea of where the things that are hunting Ripley is the only real advantage she has, and it can save you from some horrifying close encounters that she likely won’t survive.

Being resourceful and creative with Ripley’s limited supplies and weapons is key, and it’s why Creative Assembly didn’t overcomplicate the design. Without “game-y” elements like special moves, abilities or any sort of complex interactions, the player is free to focus on survival. There’s no awkward cover system, deep combat system, or anything of that nature.

It’s bare bones, and it works.

If I haven’t hinted at this enough, let me make it clear that you will die, and there’s a good chance you will die a lot. It’s up to you to take a page out of the alien’s book and learn from your mistakes. If you can evolve and learn to react faster than the xenomorph that hunts you, then there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

This game is a love letter to one of my favorite films, and it gives me hope in the future of this franchise, at least when it comes to video games. We had to wait a long time to get a great Alien game, but this one was worth the wait. Feel free to wipe the last decade and a half of failed attempts from your memory. This game is even good enough to make up for Colonial Marines.

The Final Word: Alien: Isolation wants to build a terrifying survival horror game around one of the most influential films of all time, and it’s hugely successful in that endeavor thanks in no small part to its strong cast of enemies and some beautifully realized environments.

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Now is a Good Time to Buy Some ‘Resident Evil’ Games

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 16:56

If you’re looking to grow your library of horror games, you may want to head over to PSN where they’ve discounted a handful of Capcom titles, including Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for $1.49, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD for $5.99 and the Resident Evil 6 Ultimate Edition for $19.49 (or $13.64 if you have PS Plus). That last one comes with all of the multiplayer DLC for Resident Evil 6, including its Siege, Onslaught, Survivor and Predator multiplayer modes, as well as additional maps.

For those who aren’t looking to expand their library of horror games, Remember Me has also been discounted to $11.99. The sale will only be live until tomorrow, so if one of these deals sounds too good to be true, I suggest you get on it!

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[Comic Book Preview] “Grindhouse: Drive in, Bleed Out” #1

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 15:57

Alex De Campi’s “Grindhouse: Doors Open At Midnight” was one of the finest series that Dark Horse has ever produced. It was soaking in gore, debauchery, and the right kind of shitty camp dialogue. So it comes as no surprise that Dark Horse greenlit a return series for her loving tribute to the horrible genre we all know and love, so I’m happy to present you the first preview of “Grindhouse: Drive in, Bleed Out” #1. It looks to be a perfect return to form for De Campi, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into issue #1, which hits November Nov 12th.

GRINDHOUSE: DRIVE IN, BLEED OUT #1 | Alex de Campi | R. M. Guéra

Grindhouse is back from the dead, and it’s meaner, badder, and dirtier than ever! In the first of four new exploitation opuses, Scalped’s R. M. Guéra joins series writer Alex de Campi for “Slay Ride,” a brutal holiday tale of revenge and supernatural terror in the driven snow!

* We’re back, just in time to celebrate the holidays in bloody style!

* From the perverted mind of Alex de Campi (Smoke/Ashes, Lady Zorro)!

* World-renowned artist R. M. Guéra (Django Unchained, Scalped)!

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[Interview] Ming Chen Talks About Season 4 of ‘Comic Book Men’

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 15:31

For the past few years when ‘The Walking Dead’ has wrapped up each week, fans have found themselves glued to their television set watching the hilarious antics of Mike, Bryan, Walt, and Ming inside the confines of Kevin Smith’s own Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey. Every week the cast of AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’ debate the latest and greatest in geek, meet their childhood heroes, or wheel and deal with customers looking to unload their collectibles or memorabilia. AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’ celebrates the best in geek culture and mixes it with Kevin Smith’s trademark sense of humor (minus the dick jokes).

Season 4 of ‘Comic Book Men’ just debuted on AMC and promises to be the best season yet as the cast is joined in The Stash by fanboy icons Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Adam West (“Batman”), Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster), Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Walt’s personal hero, Gene Simmons of KISS.

Bloody-Disgusting was able to chat via phone and geek out with Ming Chen at New York Comic-Con about comics, his favorite moments on the show, and what fans have to look forward to with Season 4 of ‘Comic Book Men’.

Bloody-Disgusting: I’m kind of envious that you’re talking to me from New York Comic Con at the moment. I wish I was there, rather than stuck in Brantford, Ontario, where you guys played in the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament a few years back.

Ming Chen: We all love Brantford. The poutine there is pretty good and I have to say that I’m still digesting an Admiral’s Junk Pile, so I’ll always carry a little piece of Brantford around with me wherever I go.

BD: Did you ever envision that the show would last this long and we’d be here talking about the premiere of Season 4 of Comic Book Men?

MC: No. Never. I remember when Kevin called me and told me, he said, “I know this is going to sound weird, but we’re going to do a reality show based around the store. No, I’m not kidding and I’m not high, but they want you on it.” Up until that point the only reality shows that they had shot out in this area was Jersey Shore. Kevin told me that they wanted to shoot it in the comic book store and I told him, “Who the hell would want to watch that?” Then I started to think about it, and I thought that it would be cool to capture Walt and Bryan as I know them on TV, and that’s exactly what AMC did.

BD: Season 4 of ‘Comic Book Men’ has a pretty stellar list of guests coming up including guys like Kevin Eastman, Adam West, and Ernie Hudson. I always thought that Ernie Hudson was highly underrated and deserved more recognition.

MC: Ernie Hudson definitely does not get enough props. People think of him as the fourth Ghostbuster, but he’s a Ghostbuster period.

BD: He’s such an underrated actor. He was great in “The Crow” and was fantastic on HBO’s “Oz”.

MC: The other one that we are very excited about was Billy Dee Williams. He might be a little bit older now, but he’s still every bit as cool as he was back in 1981 and 1983 when “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” came out. He might be even cooler now, and it was crazy just how much the atmosphere changed when he came into the room.

BD: Another guest I was excited to hear making an appearance on the show was Gene Simmons from KISS.

MC: Gene is quite the character.

BD: Did you ask him to spill some blood at The Stash? I always loved the story of the members of KISS spilling blood into the printing of their comic book series.

MC: We did ask him if that was real or not, but we left the bloodletting out of it.

BD: So since the show has taken off, how has life changed for you? Do you guys get recognized when you go out in public?

MC: Well I think that Bryan is the most recognizable just because of his size and stature, but I think the coolest thing that has come out of this is that we keep getting invited to comic cons across the country. I would be going to comic conventions anyways, so that is a dream come true. I love to travel all around the country, and I’m meeting a lot of celebrities from my childhood at these things. Meeting cast members from movies like “The Karate Kid”, “Point Break” and even the cast of “The Walking Dead” has been really cool. In this age of social media, it’s always cool to get photos with them.

BD: I was sad that I missed you the last time you guys came through Niagara Falls.

MC: We’ll be back around Canada again I’m sure. We love everything from the beer to the poutine. Kevin and I both are like Canada’s biggest cheerleaders, and I grew up watching “Degrassi: Junior High”.

BD: Have you had a chance to meet Joey Jeremiah from Degrassi at any cons?

MC: I did. Patrick was i
n Niagara Falls and he told us that he was a fan of the show, which blew my mind as I grew up watching him when I was a kid. Kevin has met them before, and he even got to direct an episode of the new ‘Degrassi’ series, but I had never met them before. Then, to find out that Patrick was a fan of our show was amazing. How many people can say they met someone that they were a fan of and have them say that they are a fan of something that they do? It’s just amazing.

BD: Coming back to the show, one of my favorite cast members has to be the resident collectibles expert Robert Bruce. He seems like he’s just a wealth of knowledge about comic book history and collectibles in general.

MC: We’ve known Rob for years, because he started coming into the store when we first opened. He would always come in and spill his knowledge on us, and he was just this weird guy that knew more about the stuff we were carrying than we did. We’re lucky to have him as our expert on the show.


BD: Can you talk at all about Robert Bruce’s companion series that is in development at AMC?

MC: I think they are still developing it. I believe they have shot a pilot, but that’s all I know. Rob is one of those guys that I see every day, and I think if they can show the Rob Bruce that I know to the masses, the show will work.

BD: Do you read any of the press that the show has generated? ‘Comic Book Men’ seems to be quite polarizing with some critics and fans. They either love or hate it.

MC: I get Google Alerts and I’m very active on Twitter and social media. I think when the show first came out people definitely had their doubts. Some of the geeks were worried about how they might be portrayed on the show, but as the series progressed most of them saw that we were cut from the same cloth and that we wanted to celebrate all of this. After that we slowly started to see a lot of our detractors become fans, which is great. I’m happy for that and we all wake up excited about toys and comics like everybody else out there.

BD: I think some people take things a little too seriously, and they forget that the show has an obligation to be entertaining.

MC: Well with Walt and Bryan you definitely get that entertainment. I’m very fortunate to get the opportunity to be around those two, Kevin and Mike.

BD: So let’s talk comics for a minute, and dive into what you’re reading at the moment…

MC: Well I’m definitely a big fan of DC’s New 52 books, and I’d have to say that Marvel’s “Hawkeye” series is definitely one of my favorites right now. I do think that DC does have it locked down on the comic book front at the moment, but on the movie front, it’s definitely Marvel. It seems like when one has something good, the other excels at something else. To be honest though, I would have to say that I’m probably reading more Image stuff than anything at the moment.

BD: I have to agree that Image is just killing it right now. They have so many amazing books coming out from “Walking Dead”, “Saga”, “Lazarus”, to stuff like “Fatale and “Revival”….

MC: “East of West” and all that stuff is amazing. I love superhero stuff, but I think as I get older I’m just concentrating on finding good stories. Image has got it with great storytelling and art at the moment.

BD: Rick Remender is doing great things over there. Jason Aaron’s new series “Southern Bastards” has been amazing.

MC: Absolutely.

BD: So coming back to the show for a minute, will the “Secret Stash” companion podcast come back when the show returns?

MC: Yes absolutely. There will be one for every episode where we expand a little bit more on what happened in each episode. We’re all in Kevin’s world so that means there will be podcasts and more podcasts.

BD: Could you ever envision yourself not talking about your life on a podcast?

MC: Podcasts are a great way to recap what is happening in your life. My hope is that my kids will stumble onto them one day and that it will be like a little snapshot of what I was up to at that time.

BD: So to wrap things up, what can fans of the show look forward to on the upcoming Season 4 of ‘Comic Book Men’?

MC: This might sound vague, but babies and ice cream trucks. If that doesn’t sell Season 4 of the show then I don’t know what else will.

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Behemoth Announce ‘XIĄDZ’ EP

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 15:29

Polish blackened death metal masters Behemoth have announced that they will be releasing a new EP entitled XIĄDZ (don’t even think about asking me how to pronounced that). The limited 12″ EP will be available in three vinyl colors, each hand numbered, and will feature, “…previously unreleased tracks “XIADZ” and “Towards The Dying Sun We March”, and also re-recorded “Moonspell Rites”.”

The album will ship out on November 1st, 2014 and can be pre-ordered here.

Head below for a teaser of the EP.

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What Are Some Of Your Favorite Horror Books?

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 15:00

We cover a vast amount of horror media here, from music to movies, comics to video games, toys to just flat out weird stories that we want to share with you. But sometimes the best thing to do is to avoid visual stimulation and instead stimulate our minds and let our imagination get the best of us. And what better way to do that then with a good book?

Let’s be real, there are some fantastic horror authors out there and some novels that are more capable of terrifying you than any movie released. To this day, there are some passages of novels that creep me out so much that I truly fear going into the dark, walking alone at night, looking into a mirror, and more.

So let’s talk about some great books, shall we? Below are a few of my favorite horror novels and then I want to hear from you! Let’s get a book recommendation list here that will keep us all very busy until next Halloween!

Just as a note, I didn’t include some of the great classics like Frankenstein or Dracula since I figured those were given titles.

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Stream Slipknot’s New Album ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ In Full

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 14:32

Metal band Slipknot have made their new album .5: The Gray Chapter, which comes out this Tuesday, available for streaming via their website. The new album follows 2008′s All Hope Is Gone and is being released by Roadrunner Records.

Head below for the official video of “The Devil In I”.

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This Boxman Definitely Won’t Murder You in Your Sleep

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 14:11

Earlier this week, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within arrived soaked in blood and wrapped present-like in barbed wire. The game has an impressive array of baddies for Sebastian and friends to dispatch, but there are two who stand above the bunch, and now one of them is being turned into something you can take home and mount on your mantle, like a trophy.

The Boxman (or Keeper) is a Pyramid Head-esque hammer-wielding monster with a safe on his head, and I’d rank him right under Laura — the four-armed blood witch who happens to be one of the best things about the game — as one of the game’s more memorable creatures.

Recognizing his appeal, Gaming Heads has revealed a 15″ tall Boxman statue sculpted from high quality polystone molding. He stands atop a hand-numbered base and can be taken home for a relatively pricey investment of $269.99. If this is something you may be interested in, act fast, as they’re only making 750 of them worldwide.

The statue will be available in early 2015.

If you’re not sure whether or not this game is worth your time, I called it “a terrifying patchwork of nightmares” in my review.

The Evil Within is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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This is How You’ll Power Your Anti-Zombie Fortress in ‘ROAM’

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 13:41

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to get excited for zombie games these days. There’s just so many of them, that it takes an especially clever execution of the incredibly worn out subgenre to get my attention. So far, the open-world zombie survival game ROAM has my full attention. The attention to detail on the developer’s part is nothing short of monumentally impressive, as each system ties into the next in a really fluid way.

In the latest developer update, we’re treated to a look at wind generators and fuel generators, which you’ll need to power your fortress. If there’s one thing that’s worse than being torn apart by a horde of undead, it’s being torn apart in the dark.

Still no word on a release date, but when ROAM does eventually arrive, it’ll be on PC.

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Halloween Comes Early to ‘Killing Floor’

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 13:27

As we continue to wait patiently for Killing Floor 2, developer Tripwire Interactive is continuing their annual tradition of celebrating the most ghoulish time of the year by adding brand new content to the original Killing Floor. This year’s Halloween event introduces a new nightclub map dubbed Club Clandestine, as well as new achievements, unlockable characters and an official mod called Toy Master Mod with Devil’s Dollhouse Map.

All of it is free and available now as an update to those who own the game. If you don’t own this wonderful game, you can grab it now on Steam at the heavily discounted price of $4.99.

Along with all of the above, there are some new DLC packs, if you’re interested.

Killing Floor DLC Character Pack Bundle (Contains Outbreak, Nightfall, PostMortem, London’s Finest, Steampunk, Steampunk 2 and Urban Nightmare)
Killing Floor Premium Character Bundle (Contains Ash Harding, Harold Lott, Chickenator, DAR, Mrs Foster, Reggie and the 2 Neon characters)
Weapons Bundle (IJC WP 1, Gold WP 1, Gold WP 2, IJC WP 2, Camo WP, IJC WP 3, Neon WP)
Community Content Bundle (IJC WP 1, IJC WP 2, IJC WP 3, Neon Characters, Neon WP)

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[13 Days of Horror] ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 12:39

Every year I like to count down to the best day of the year, Halloween, with a series I call the 13 Days of Horror. Last year, I brought the series to our YouTube channel, and, since no one complained, I’m doing it again this year. This means you can look forward to — or dread, I suppose — 13 days of horror game playthroughs, starting with Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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