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The Most Realistic Animatronic Head Ever?

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 19:12

Making the viral rounds this morning is a video of a terrifyingly realistic animatronic head made by special effects wizard Gustav Hoegen.

You can see the head in action in the below video that’s a year old. It makes me reflect back to the androids in films like Aliens (Lance Henriksen as ‘Bishop’) and Prometheus (Michael Fassbender as ‘David’) where I can’t help but wonder if they aren’t predicting the future…

This shit is unreal…

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[TV] Full Cast For Syfy’s “Z Nation”

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:59

Syfy has announced the cast for “Z Nation,” a post-apocalyptic zombie series set to premiere this fall.

Variety writes that Harold Perrineau, pictured, Tom Everett Scott, DJ Qualls, Michael Welch and Kellita Smith have joined the ensemble drama from “Sharknado” production company The Asylum.

In “Z Nation,” three years have passed since the zombie virus has gutted the country, and a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Although the antibodies he carries are the world’s last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all. With humankind’s survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America.

Perrineau will play Hammond, the leader of the group headed west; Scott will portray Garnett, Hammond’s second-in-command; and Qualls takes the role of Citizen Z, a computer hacker who joins the team and helps them navigate the zombie-infested terrain. Welch and Smith are Mack and Addy, respectively, two disparate wanderers drawn to the team — and to each other — by a shared goal: survival. Also in the ensemble are Anastasia Baranova as Addy, Russell Hodgkinson as Doc, and Keith Allan as Murphy.

John Hyams will direct the pilot.

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Scott Derrickson Is Controlling ‘The Outer Limits’ Transmission!

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:55

There is nothing wrong with your computer screen. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Scott Derrickson is controlling transmission…

Derrickson, who started off with The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Still, Sinister and the forthcoming Deliver Us From Evil is blowing the fuck up.

Not only has Derrickson signed on to helm Doctor Strange, but THR reports that he’s reuniting with his Sinister co-scribe C. Robert Cargill to write the big-screen take of the cult classic 1960s sci-fi TV series The Outer Limits!

Derrickson is a longtime fan of the show and he and Cargill will actually focus on one episode in particular: “Demon With a Glass Hand” (watch it below), which was written by Ellison.

The duo will be tackling time travel, alien invasion and genetic manipulation in adapting the episode, which focused on a man with no memory beyond the last 10 days and a computerized hand who discovers he is from the future. The man is being hunted by an alien race who see him as key to their survival but he soon discovers a more complex and terrifying truth.

“Outer Limits” was an influential anthology sci-fi and horror show that ran on ABC from 1963 to 1965. Like “The Twilight Zone,” the other famous anthology series from that era, the show had a well-known opening with a narrator telling viewers, “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission…

MGM is behind the project, which will be produced by Mark Victor via his Mark Victor Production.

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Reflect On the Creepy ‘Oculus’ On Home Video

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:40

From the Producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious, Oculus (read our review), arrives on digital HD July 29 with a Blu-ray and DVD release set for August 5.

Seeing is deceiving in this disturbingly original horror flick that reflects heart-stopping terror as you’ve never imagined! It’s been ten years since the lives of siblings Tim (Brenton Thwaites; Maleficent) and Kaylie Russell (Karen Gillan; “Doctor Who”) were shattered and Tim was convicted of murdering their parents. Now released from a mental institution, Tim wants to move on, but his sister has other plans. Kaylie blames their childhood nightmare on the Lasser Glass—an antique mirror with a grisly history—which she intends to destroy by any means possible, even as the mysterious entity continues to cast sinister spells on anyone who gazes into it.

Blu-ray Special Features:

● Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy
● Inside The Mirror: Creating Oculus
● Original Oculus 33 Minute Short Film with Optional Commentary by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy
● Commentary by Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy
● Theatrical Trailer

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New ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ Capitol Couture Posters

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:32

The one thing I love about The Hunger Game franchise are the marketing materials. Lionsgate is always blowing my mind with their fun tie-ins, which continues with these series of posters over at Yahoo!

These new Capitol Couture one-sheets celebrate the heroes of the districts of Panem in advance of the November 21, 2014 release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.

The worldwide phenomenon of The Hunger Games continues to set the world on fire with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which finds Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) in District 13 after she literally shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin (Julianne Moore) and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) and a nation moved by her courage.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is directed by Francis Lawrence from a screenplay by Danny Strong and Peter Craig.

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‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Character Posters

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:25

TWC-Dimension shared with IGN all of the character posters and a super banner for Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

In theaters August 22, the film is about Dwight McCarthy planing to have his vengeance against the woman who betrayed him, Ava Lord, while Nancy is trying to cope with Hartigan’s death.

Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Bruce Willis, Juno Temple, Jaime King, Rosario Dawson, Michael Madsen, Jamie Chung, Dennis Haysbert, Crystal McCahill, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Julia Garner, Ray Liotta and Stacy Keach all star.

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Gore and Spoilers In Awesome ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Imagery

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:20

In advance of an interview with make-up artist Mike Marino, AITH landed a series of behind-the-scenes images from The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister director Scott Derrickson’s Deliver Us From Evil, which are spiller heavy and insanely gory. It looks like we have some serious shit going down on July 2. Also, read about our visit to the set.

Starring Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Joel McHale, and Sean Harris, “New York police officer Ralph Sarchie (Bana), struggling with his own personal issues, begins investigating a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest (Ramirez), schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the frightening and demonic possessions that are terrorizing their city. Based upon the book, which details Sarchie’s bone-chilling real-life cases.

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‘Akira’ OST Gets A 2xLP Edition

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 17:14

Earlier this year, the highly praised soundtrack to the cult classic anime Akira got a vinyl reissue. Now a 2xLP copy has just been announced and is available to pre-order through Bleep. The title begins shipping tomorrow and it’s unknown if this is a limited release or not. The soundtrack was composed by Yamashiro Shoji and performed by Geinoh Yamashirogumi.

It should be noted that there is talk that this release is unofficial and could pretty much be called a “bootleg”. However, nothing has been 100% confirmed either way, so keep that in mind if you’re a purist or you simply don’t care!

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‘Dead Rising 3′ Hits PC On September 5

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 16:46

We’ve known for a couple weeks now that Capcom is working on bringing Dead Rising 3 to PC, we just weren’t sure when it would happen. Capcom took to Twitter earlier today to gift us with a release date of September 5. If you haven’t played it yet, I hear it’s pretty good.

It also just so happens that you can pre-purchase the game now as a part of Steam’s Summer Sale, which kicked off today.

We are also happy to confirm Dead Rising 3 PC's release date for September 5th. Yay!

— Capcom-Unity (@Capcom_Unity) June 19, 2014

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[EXCLUSIVE Preview] “X-Files Season 10″ #13

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 16:40

Those of you who have been X-Philes for a while now must be reading “The X-Files Season 10″ from IDW. It’s a stellar jump back into the series that is conscious of it’s past and taking the characters into brand new territory. I can’t imagine a better writer than Joe Harris on the title. Really and truly this is everything X-Files fans have been waiting for, for years. The modern paranoia is perfectly channeled in this new series anc comes to define Mulder and Scully in new and exciting ways. So it’s with great pleasure that we here at Bloody-Disgusting offer the exclusive preview of next week’s Issue #13.

From IDW:

The X-Files: Season 10 #13

Joe Harris (w) • Matthew Dow Smith (a) • Francesco Francavilla (c)

“Black oil” has returned and along with it, the long-dead double agent Alex Krycek. In order to solve the mystery of Krycek’s return, Mulder and Scully seek help from the Lone Gunmen, who seem to have trouble of their own.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99                                                          


Bullet points:

  • Ask your retailer about the Mark McHaley variant cover featuring Agent Scully!
  • Witness the strange return of fan-favorite character Alex Krycek!



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[Preview] Silver Surfer #4

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 16:29

Dan Slott and Michael Allred’s “Silver Surfer” has been a total cosmic trip. The power cosmic is all encompassing and manages to create a ton of fun on the page. Every issue give me a Doctor Who vibe and I’m totally into that. After yesterday’s stellar Issue #3 Marvel hit us this morning with a preview of #4.

ALLRED on the GOTG, all kinds of yes!


From Marvel:

This July, the smash hit series of All-New Marvel NOW! continues in SILVER SURFER #4 – from the chart-topping creative team of Dan Slott and Mike Allred! They’ve journeyed the cosmos together, but now it is time to return Dawn Greenwood home. Only to do so, the Silver Surfer must travel to the one place in the galaxy he dreads the most – the Planet Earth! Only he gets a little more than he bargained for on the way. And what should be a quick drop off turns into a very strange adventure when the Guardians of the Galaxy get involved! Plus, don’t miss a guest appearance from two of the Surfer’s Defenders teammates – Doctor Strange and the Incredible Hulk! Don’t miss the book everyone is talking about this July in SILVER SURFER #4!



Written by DAN SLOTT

Art & Cover by MIKE ALLRED

FOC – 06/23/2014, On-Sale – 07/16/2014



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Express Yourself With ‘Doom’ Guy Faces!

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 16:20

Having trouble expressing yourself? Don’t fret, it’s perfectly normal, and now the science of video games has created a way to express your feelings. How? Why, through the magic of Doom, of course. Before today, I had no idea how I was feeling. Now, I know I’m somewhere between Nicholas Cageand F’n Lost. How about you?

In related news, Doom 4 was announced last week. You can watch its teaser trailer below, then, if you like, you can tell us what you want from it.

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5 Skull Review: “Sex Criminals” #6

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 16:18

Well the honeymoon is over for Suzie and Jon as “Sex Criminals” #6 starts the second arc.  This issue switches perspective from Suzie to Jon as he describes the events that transpired over the months since their narrow escape from the sex police.  Jon is not in a good place and Fraction tackles mental illness with the same care and honesty that this title has come to be known for.  Though it may be far from the sexually charged whimsy of the first volume, this series is as engaging and emotionally powerful as it has ever been.

WRITTEN BY: Matt Fraction
ART BY: Chip Zdarsky
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: June 18, 2014

Reviewed by Epic Switzer

This issue crams a ton of heartache into 20 pages.  Despite how much the tone has changed, what I have always loved most about this book remains intact:  As honestly as Fraction and Zdarsky depicted sexuality and falling in love, they too have represented the reality of anxiety disorders, mental health management, and the loneliness associated with a relationship having run its course.  This issue hit close to home for me.  As personally as I feel connected to this book, any reader would find these characters and situations relatable.  Great fiction puts believable characters in unbelievable situations, and Sex Criminals does that exactly.

A great deal of the honesty comes from Zdarsky’s beautiful art.  Jon’s anguish is all over his face; you can read the distress and building tension from scene to scene. Likewise Susie’ s visible worry over the current state of their relationship will break your heart.  There is also a particularly clever use of color as a narrative tool that plays a big part in this issue.   Personally I think some non-traditional panelling might benefit this book, but I’m not complaining.  If its not broke, don’t fix it.

As a title known for being controversial, Fraction’s depiction of pharmacology may just be the most controversial thing about it.  Mental illness, and especially untreated mental illness, seems to be more prevalent than ever, and the dichotomy between medicated and unmedicated Jon is poignant and a major component in the mental illness debate.  Unmedicated, Jon is manic, paranoid, unable to focus and struggling with unmanageable stress.  When he decides to go back on his pills, Jon is hollow, a shell of his former self.  He takes no joy in anything and feels as though he is simply running on autopilot.  Without highs and lows, everything is just neutral.  This is a common issue in the mental health community, relatable to many people, and a succinct depiction of life with “brain stuff” as Jon calls it.

This issue is a real punch in the gut.  Gone are the dildo pumpkins and Willem Dafoe sex masks, and instead here is a truly gripping story about two people in love who can’t figure out how to live healthy lives and love each other at the same time.  I never expected to describe Sex Criminals as a tragedy, but this book left me with the same lump in my abdomen that Jon has.  Hopefully its not CancerAIDS.

I don’t have to tell you, you already know how great this book is.  If somehow you don’t: buy the first trade, jump in with #6, what are you doing?  Buy it already, Stupid.

Epic Switzer AKA Eric is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at

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Wallets Beware, Steam’s Summer Sale is Here

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 15:17

You hear that? That’s the sound of every geek’s wallet crying. It’s a horrifying sound, I heard Akira Yamaoka used it in his work on the Silent Hill soundtracks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as we all had adequate time to prepare, though I’m sure no amount of time could adequately prepare our bank accounts for the horrors Valve has in store for us this year.

The horror that is an inordinate amount of crazy cheap games.

Today’s offering includes deals on a slew of games, including a few that may be of interest to us horror fans, like DayZ, Dead Island: Riptide, and Dead Rising 3. That last one isn’t even out yet, it releases later this summer.

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FFO Art Combines Science Imagery With An Art Nouveau Style

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 15:11

Imgur user fireryone shared the following “The Art of FFOart” gallery.

I’m unsure if they’re the artist, but doing some research it looks as if its origins are from a Moscow-based artist known as ‘FFO’. Juxtapoz explains that this anonymous artist combines textbook science imagery with an Art Nouveau style with to achieve a strangely romantic look at the human form.

Here’s the official FFO art gallery website.

Image source: FFO. See above link. Thanks to Matthew for the tip.

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‘The X-Files’ Movie Holds Up 16 Years Later

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 15:00

It’s been 16 years since FOX released The X-Files: Fight the Future, the spinoff feature film of their popular “The X-Files” television series.

Even though I enjoyed it when I was younger, the 1998 film, directed by Rob Bowman, holds up incredibly well. It’s a freaky slow burn doomsday tale that fit perfectly as a release leading up to Y2K. I say you guys should celebrate the film’s 16th anniversary by watching it this weekend – and hitting Netflix for the series’ tie-in episodes.

The movie and show’s arc followed Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) fighting the government in a conspiracy to find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth.

The film was a success garnering $83M here in the States for a worldwide total of $189.

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‘Outlast’ and its Expansion Are Available Now On Xbox One

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 14:52

If you’re a proud owner of an Xbox One who’s been itching for some real terror, I highly recommend you check out Outlast and its new expansion Outlast: Whistleblower, as both have arrived on Xbox One today. These are good, family friendly games you can share with the kids, so long as your kids are 18+ and don’t mind being chased around an insane asylum by naked men.

You can grab Outlast for $19.99 and Whistleblower for $8.99.

“We hope everyone who downloads Outlast over the coming weeks has a great time exploring the world we’ve built and unraveling the story of Mount Massive Asylum,” said Game Designer and Red Barrels Co-founder Philippe Morin in a press release announcing the games’ release. “I also hope you all are #$&%$*^ terrified by the experience. Have fun, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

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First Look At Gabriel Carrer’s “The Demolisher”

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 13:46

Latefox Pictures has completed production on, The Demolisher. Directed by Gabriel Carrer (If a Tree Falls, In the House of Flies), The Demolisher chronicles the story of a man named Bruce (Ry Barrett), an ordinary repairman tormented by a crippling sense of responsibility for his disabled wife Samantha (Tianna Nori), a former policewoman and survivor of a gang-related assault. Bruce’s increasing hyper-sensitivity to the injustice suffered by his wife steers him down a dark path of vigilantism. His rapidly disintegrating mental health, paranoia and overwhelming sense of condemnation, Bruce channels his inner-rage, punishing young woman, Marie (Jessica Vano), and finding refuge in a world of intense violence.

Latefox Pictures gave Bloody-Disgusting new images and stills which have surfaced in the gallery below.

You can also listen to the DJ TEN track “The Inner Voice” from “The Demolisher” soundtrack online at:

For further information, visit the The Demolisher’s official Facebook page, regularly updated with concept artwork and sneak previews from the upcoming soundtrack.

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‘Nothing Bad Can Happen’ Images Look Like Bad Things Do Happen (Exclusive)

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 12:41

Nothing Bad Can Happen, right? Wrong.

Drafthouse Film just shared with Bloody two exclusive new stills that prove bad things do happen…

The film is said to be a brutal, unrelenting thriller from Germany, directed by Katrin Gebbe and based on a shocking true story.

Hitting theaters on June 27th, “Inspired by atrocious true events, Nothing Bad Can Happen follows Tore, a young lost soul involved with an underground Christian punk movement who falls in with a dysfunctional family curious to test his seemingly unwavering faith. After a chance encounter helping Benno, a stranded driver, and managing to help start his car again in what appears to be a miracle, Tore is invited back to Benno’s home and becomes friendly with him, his wife and two kids. Before long, Tore moves in and gradually becomes part of the family. However, Benno can’t resist playing a cruel game, designed to challenge Tore’s beliefs. As his trials become more and more extreme, Tore finds his capacity for love and resilience pushed to its limits, and beyond.

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More ‘Spectral’ Casting News

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 11:47

Rectify‘s Clayne Crawford, pictured, is the latest to join Legendary Pictures’ thriller Spectral, reports Deadline.

The project, described as a supernatural Black Hawk Down, stars James Badge Dale and is being helmed by first-timer Nic Mathieu.

Crawford will play Sergeant Calvin Toll, a focused but short-fused military lifer. Earlier this month Max Martini also joined the cast.

The project originated from a pitch by Ian Fried then was scripted by George Nolfi and rewritten by John Gatins.

As previously reported, the premise of the project is centered on a modern-day, militaristic and gritty approach to fighting the supernatural. Sources say the pitch has been described as a darker and more serious take on a Ghostbusters-like story, with a plot that revolves around a special ops group formed to bring down evil ghosts that have taken over Manhattan.

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