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They Made A ‘Killer Klowns From Outer Space’ Porno

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:26

You know they’re running out of ideas when they remake Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Wait, remake? Sorry, I meant make a XXX version of the classic 80′s horror movie.

I always thought the point of remaking, spoofing, or making a porn version of a movie was based on the pre-estsblished audience, but apparently not. And that’s a good thing when it comes to the porn world.

We told you about former XXX versions of horror films, from Scream to A Nightmare on Elm Street, Cabin Fever, Friday the 13th and many others, but now Burning Angel is putting on the clown makeup for Killer Cleavage From Outer Space.

Directed by Joanna Angel:

The inhabitants of planet Areola are quickly becoming extinct, and one Earth penis could save them all. Not just any penis – a perfect penis. Experimentation with an imperfect penis WILL result in deadly tit-lasers. With Areola’s impending doom, Captain Sheridan knew she must send Jessie Lee to complete this mission. Why Jessie? …Well, because she likes dick a lot.

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[Review] ‘Clown’ Delivers All Sorts of Juicy Surprises

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:14

Even though there’s no release date set for the U.S. (as of this writing), the Eli Roth-produced Clown is now on home video in the UK.

The feature spawned from a faux trailer that pegged Roth as the director of a horror film about a man who transforms into an evil clown.

Jon Watts directs the story that begins when a real estate agent finds a clown suit that he puts on for his son’s birthday party. The craziness begins almost immediately when he can’t remove the colored wig or red nose that are synonymous with clowns.

While there’s a lot of fun stuff happening in Clown, the concept is better suited for a short film (see the irony in that?).

Clown comes sprinting out of the gate, delivering all sorts of juicy surprises. But as quick as things get going, everything comes to a screeching halt. The meat of the film feels like a short concept stretched into feature length, and that’s ultimately the film’s undoing.

Even though it’s mostly a bore, there’s still some really cool and fun stuff scattered throughout. Watts has our clown attempt suicide, building a ton of suspense around a homemade device that would decapitate him (the only way to kill the demon). Also surprising is Watts’ unapologetic killing of children, although he makes the huge mistake in not taking it all the way (we never actually see these children die, or be eaten).

Whenever the clown bleeds, it leaves a colorful rainbow of gore that represents the missed opportunity. Still, it’s hard to not recommend a film that’s so unique, clever and ballsy in nature. Clown is still a great weekend rental, especially for horror fans sick of the generic crap being unloaded on a weekly basis.

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[Comic Review] “Rat Queens” #9 Marks An Extremely Effective Comeback

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:11

Reviewed By Katy Rex. “Rat Queens” #9 features a new artist, Stjepan Sejic, previously known for his work on Sunstone and Death Sigil. His high-fantasy art is a good fit for the series, albeit a very different one. Yet, the tone of the series remains unwavering and despite a few narrative hiccups thanks to a lengthy hiatus, the new art is welcomed even if we have to wait until next month to get its full effects.

WRITTEN BY: Kurtis J. Wiebe
ART BY: Stjepan Sejic
PRICE: #3.50
RELEASE: March 5, 2015

The artist change is more apparent in a book like “Rat Queens” because Upchurch also colored his own work, Stepan does as well, which has caused a dramatic shift in palette. Upchurch’s work had previously been lighter, slightly more cartoon-y without being cheesy, with visual cues that allowed you to both take the series very seriously and recognize its parody aspects. Sejic’s tone is much darker, both in colors and in realism, while maintaining the unique character designs that attracted many fans to the series in the first place. The humor is still unquestionably present, but it’s also different from the earlier jokes, in a way that is largely attributable to the aesthetic. Wiebe is versatile enough to write for a variety of artistic styles and strengths, and Sejic’s strength in this issue is clearly the dynamic layouts of the action scenes.

The story is particularly appropriate after the series’ hiatus, because it features the cast of Rat Queens regrouping for the next step. Not only does this echo the series’ own position, but it allows Wiebe to remind us of each of the characters’ voices, their backgrounds and relationships, such that they each have a moment in this issue. This of course also gives a spotlight to each character’s new adapted design under Sejic’s eye, a moment where they are each acting and appearing as exactly themselves.

The most unfortunate thing about this issue is that, while the characters are back and strong as ever, this feels like a first issue all over again. It’s understandable, certainly, for the reasons outlined above, but for those of us who have been waiting since October, the minimal plot movement was somewhat of a disappointment. The story spends almost all of its time allowing each of the characters to recover from the psychic attack of madness from the Lovecraftian hellmonster, but since that attack occurred in issue #7, published on July 16 of last year, more forward trajectory could have been nice.

This is an extremely effective comeback issue, and while it isn’t plot-heavy, it’s easy to be optimistic about the future of this series.

Katy Rex writes comics analysis at, and She really likes butt jokes, dinosaurs, and killing psychos and midgets in Borderlands 2. She has a great sense of humor if you’re not an asshole. Twitter: @eotucomics Tumblr: Email:
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Éohum “Equatorial Rains” Song Premiere (Exclusive)

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 13:00

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Montreal, QC doom/black metal band Éohum to bring you the exclusive song premiere of “Equatorial Rains”, which comes from the upcoming debut album Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch (out April 7th).

The track begins with an eerily off-kilter clean riff that is overlaid with a war thirsty horn melody. It quickly descends into Burzum-esque ferocity, blasting forth like a battle hymn to rally the troops.

Guitarist Jeremy Perkins states:

Equitorial Rains is a power house of voice and riffs, a great blend of black, doom and death metal in one track. The vocals are sublime by Matt McGachy and the song itself rings in your head for days. A hypnotic blend of shredding riffs and an array of new ideas for metal, with its uplifting horns. Lyrically this song could be our manifesto ; speaking of humanities eco-genocidal ways, our path within ourselves to heal without a proclaimed savior and resolve a forgotten wound in our hearths, shedding light at the end of our “histories tunnel”.

Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch features a collective of musicians that includes guest vocals from Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy), Lana Edwards, Phillippe Rieder, Nick Wybo (ex-Vinyl Hero) on drums, Annie Perreault on French Horn/Trumpet, Sylvain Dumont on guitar, James Heymans on bass and Perkins himself on guitar plus a live line up that features drummer Simon Mackay (The Agonist) and vocalist Barrie Butler (ex-Tard).

You can pre-order Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch via Bandcamp.

Éohum online:

Tour dates:
March 27 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar w/ Virulys, Nordmadr

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[Comic Review] “Neverboy” #1 Twists Fantasy Into Harsh Reality

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 12:38

Reviewed By Jorge Solis. A solid thriller with a clever twist, “Never Boy” #1 blurs the thin line between reality and fantasy. An interesting take, this is a dark tale that examines childhood fantasy and the harsh reality of being an adult. Capturing the reader’s attention by surprise, “Never Boy” starts out as one thing, but that twist takes it to a whole new level.

WRITTEN BY: Shaun Simon

ART BY: Tyler Jenkins

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: March 4, 2015

A young man helps his son rehearse for his big school recital. With his wife occupied with her daily routine, the father attempts to console his child, who has a bad case of stage-fright, and build up his confidence. Unfortunately, the parental figure needs his medication to think clearly and make sense of things. Down to his last pill, the young father struggles to figure out what is truly real and unreal.

Writer Shaun Simon focuses on the relationship between adults and children. Simon uses his  main protagonist, who calls himself “Neverboy,” as an unreliable narrator who’s unsure what is reality. When the hallucinations start popping up during the narrative, Simon gives them double meaning, which works well because of the plot twist. Because the big surprise works the first time when you read Simon’s story, you start to see the connections the second time around.

Artist Tyler Jenkins has to illustrate two worlds, reality and fantasy, at the same time. In his character design, Neverboy is tall and grungy, as if he hasn’t matured past his slacker days. Using the coming-of-age themes, Jenkins depicts children with an innocent-like quality. Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick enhances  the surreal aspects of the narrative, especially when Neverboy’s hair loses its tone, due to the lack of medication.

“Neverboy” #1 kicks off to a great start due to its surprising twist. I’m really hoping that the “Neverboy” can keep advancing the story without the surprise factor.

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[TV] “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” – ‘Aftershocks’ Review

Wed, 03/04/2015 - 04:19

Reviewed By Eric Switzer. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns this week from it’s midseason hiatus with all the charm, wit, development, and surprising moments that have come to define the series.  Aftershocks begins with a flashback to Skye’s mother helping a newly transformed Inhuman cope with his new abilities/ lack of former abilities.  Coupling this with Raina’s new look (I thought the effect was fantastic) bring a heightened level of danger to Skye’s new identity, who unlike the other two looks the same as before.  Their extreme transformation suggests there is a lot more to Skye’s new shaky powers.

Speaking of shaky powers, Skye’s first demonstration happens unbeknownst to the group as they are all too busy shouting at one another in a scene that I can only assume is a nod to the scene in “Avengers” where the team argues in front of Loki’s staff.  It was itself a successful scene, even if you think the “can’t control my new powers” bit is a little played out.

There was actually a fair amount of shouting in this episode.  Some good, like Coulson’s declaration that he is going to go out there and crush Hydra (which had an awesome pay off) and some not so good, like Simmons new anti-super policy which, while certainly raising the stakes for Skye, struck me as a forced moment.  Not that Elizabeth Henstridge didn’t provide a convincing performance, just that it is a little too convenient for her to take that position now especially after she’s been through so much worse.  But it fills a need, so I won’t complain too much.

The shouting award has to go to Ian De Caestecker though, for the scene in which he realizes something is wrong with Skye.  Personally I think Fitz is the most interesting and well acted character on the show, and his journey to recovery this season has been absolutely heart wrenching.  His was fractured way of communicating is so interesting, and seeing him struggle to express something so crucial and terrible to Skye was easily the best moment of the episode.

I mentioned the pay off earlier and I’ve got say again how epically this episode delivers in Hydra carnage.  Coulson said goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy when this season started and is finally making rolling up his sleeves and plowing some Hydra ass.  I love how much momentum this show has, and though so far it has only served to react to the events in the MCU films, I think we are at a point where the show will be effecting things throughout the franchise, and that is very exciting.

I don’t know what Mac and Bobbi are up too, and frankly that type of heavy handed plot setup is annoying to me.  I hope it leads somewhere interesting, but I doubt it.  Aside from these mostly ignorable “network TV” moments, I found “Aftershocks” to be as strong as “S.H.I.E.L.D.” has ever been.

What did you think of Aftershocks? Are you happy to see the Inhumans make their way into the MCU?

Eric Switzer  is an aspiring filmmaker and screenplay writer living in Los Angeles.  His work tends to focus on the lighter side of entropy, dystopic futures, and man’s innate struggle with his own mortality.  He can be found on twitter @epicswitzer or reached via email at



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‘Independence Day 2′ Casts Jessie Usher As Will Smith’s Son

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 20:22

After years in development, Fox is officially preparing for a second battle with alien beings.

Independence Day 2 has named its first cast member, putting the long-gestured sequel into orbit.

Heat Vision writes that Jessie Usher, the lead of Starz’s series “Survivor’s Remorse”, is the first to land a role in ID42. Usher will play the central character in the new film, and also the son of Will Smith’s character. Smith will not return.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the Will Smith-starring sci-fi film hit theaters, grossing more than $800 million worldwide at the box office.

Director Roland Emmerich will return to helm the film.

Independence Day 2 is set for release on June 24, 2016 — almost exactly 20 years from when the first film hit theaters on July 3, 1996.

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Meet the Cast Who Will Be Tormented By Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus’!

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:51

“Parks and Recreation’s” Adam Scott, pictured, Toni Collette, Stefania Owen and Anchorman‘s David Koechner have joined the cast of Krampus, the Christmas-themed horror project from Legendary. Both THR and TheWrap report.

Michael Dougherty, who made the Halloween-themed Trick ‘r Treat, wrote the script with Todd Casey and Zach Shields and is directing.

The story centers on a family that comes under attack from a Santa Claus-like ancient entity who punishes bad kids.

Scott will play the father, a workaholic and rather absent dad who has to step up for his family. Owen will play Scott’s daughter. Collette will play the mother, a woman who pretends everything is perfect with her family via her elaborate meals but will also have to dig deep to protect her family. Allison Tolman already is on board as Collette’s sister-in-law, while Emjay Anthony is playing the son. Koechner will play another father whose child has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

Legendary is eyeing a spring shoot in New Zealand.

Universal will release the movie on December 4, 2015.

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Supernatural Teen Thriller ‘Oxenfree’ Revealed

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:45

Independent developer Night School Studio has unveiled their next project, the supernatural teen thriller Oxenfree. In it, some friends decide to take a break from the stressful life of being teens to head to the coast for a night of partying. This leads to their accidentally open a rift to some sort of hell dimension, freeing murderous horrors from the beyond, because that’s what hell rifts do.

The game stars a handful of actors whose voices you may recognize if you’ve played any recent Telltale game, including Erin Yvette (The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands), Gavin Hammon (The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider), and Britanni Johnson (Borderlands, Borderlands 2).

If you’re wondering why so many of these actors had roles in Telltale games, it’s because Night School Studio is itself comprised of Telltale alumni. Oxenfree is slated to release later this year.

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[SXSW '15] Meet the Sociopath Known As ‘The Boy’

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:43

From Chiller Films and SpectreVision comes The Boy, set to World Premiere at the upcoming SXS Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

“The Boy is set in the summer of 1989. 9-year-old Ted Henley (Jared Breeze) and his father John (David Morse) are the proprietors of The Mtn. Vista Motel, a crumbling resort buried in the mountains of the American West. Since Ted’s mother left, John has drifted into despondency—becoming a living ghost, haunting the motel—leaving Ted to fend for himself. In this isolation, unchecked by the bounds of parenting, Ted’s darker impulses begin to manifest. The arrival of a mysterious drifter, William Colby (Rainn Wilson), captivates young Ted and the two form a unique friendship – setting the stage for Ted’s final, unnerving metamorphosis.

The Boy is said to be a chilling, intimate portrait of a 9-year-old sociopath’s growing fascination with death.

Jared Breeze, David Morse, and Rainn Wilson star in the film directed by Craig William Macneill.

Check out the film’s official festival one-sheet below.

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Indie Horror ‘Caffeine’ Announced for Xbox One

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:07

The story behind the upcoming indie horror game Caffeine is a rough one. Crowdfunding attempts fail all the time, but despite its original, albeit strange, premise and stunning visuals, all three of developer Incandescent Imaging’s funding attempts have been unsuccessful.

I think the issue lies with the footage. Every video I’ve seen makes it looks like a tech demo, rather than a trailer for a horror game. The trailers are visually impressive, but they don’t even hint at its story, which follows a child aboard a caffeine mining starship where everyone has vanished except for a sinister creature that still lurks in the shadows.

That doesn’t seem to have slowed it down, as it was announced at GDC that the game will be bringing its caffeinated brand of psychological terror to the Xbox One later this year.

I spent some time with one Caffeine’s earlier demos. Feel free to check it out below.

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Capcom is Adding Co-op to ‘Resident Evil Revelations 2′

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 17:05

Look, Capcom isn’t perfect. Like everyone else, they make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Lots and lots of mistakes. One of their more recent fumbles regarded the PC version of Resident Evil Revelations 2, which launched without local co-op — a feature that exists on every other platform — without letting anyone know.

PC gamers were understandably upset, and while most of them turned their anger toward the publisher, others used it to remedy the problem. Realizing they done fucked up yet again, Capcom has decided to do what modders have been doing for a week now and add local co-op to the game themselves.

In an announcement on the game’s Steam page, Capcom said they’ve started working on the issue.

Hello RE fans,

Following Resident Evil Revelations 2 PC player feedback, we’ve got some new information to share. The development team has been exploring various options and we’re in the process of creating a way for players to utilize a local co-op feature

Soon we plan to release a beta branch on Steam which will allow two players to play the Story and Raid modes locally via a split screen. We want to get this feature in the hands of our PC players as soon as possible, so this option may not be 100% polished when it is released. Feedback from those who try it out is welcomed. For anyone who isn’t satisfied with this option, refunds are available through Steam.

We’ll have more specific news to share when the beta branch goes live, so please stay tuned.

If you’d like to try out the beta patch, you can find it here.

The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 released last week, followed by the second, which arrived today. The third episode is scheduled to arrive on March 10 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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Don’t Get too Spooked by This ‘White Night’ Launch Trailer

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 16:36

This week is insane. Yesterday, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 suddenly released on Steam, followed by the arrival of Resident Evil Revelations 2′s second episode, then we’re getting the “narrative survival horror game” White Night and the point-and-click horror adventure game Tormentum tomorrow, then the Zombie Army Trilogy caps it all off on Friday.

I love this job, but I’m also fond of the sun, and I fear I won’t be seeing it for some time.

Heavily inspired by early survival horror games like Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil, White Night is an atmospheric love letter to the genre that draws you into its creepy abandoned mansion with a striking black and white art style and an engrossing story brimming with horror and mystery.

White Night releases tomorrow for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

For a full rundown of all the horror games coming out this month, I highly recommend you take a moment to peruse bazillion this handy guide.

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Which American Horror Story Character Are You?

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 16:00

With all the news coming out about the next season of American Horror Story, I think we should look back at all the fascinating characters that have been a part of the series. From naughty nuns to wicked witches, crafty clowns to ghastly gimps (that was fun), the series has presented some off the wall characters that are well deserving of our attention. So why not have a bit of fun and see how our personality relates to one of the characters in the show!

Below is a quiz that asks 10 simple questions to find our which of the show’s unique characters you are.

I got Tate Langdon, which reads:

You’re a trapped soul in deep denial about your past. You want to be better and you try, but there is something inside you that is holding you back. Until you take responsibility for your actions you’ll forever be lost.

Take the quiz and let us know your results in the comments!

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Nasty Sound Effects Highlight ‘Nina Forever’ Trailer!

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 14:34

Holly loves Rob and tries to help him through his grief – even if it means contending with his dead girlfriend Nina, who comes back, bloody and broken, every time they make love.

Premiering at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival, we now have the first trailer for Chris Blaine and Ben Blaine’s Nina Forever, starring Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Elizabeth Elvin, David Troughton.

The festival trailer opens with a clip that’s highlighted by super gross sound effects. It’s followed by a bloody montage of shots that definitely pimp out this “fucked up fairy tale”.

Holly wants to save Rob, has fallen in love with him. She is training to be a paramedic and works a dead end job in a supermarket where Rob is the only remarkable thing; lost and angry since the death of his girlfriend Nina.

Drawn into a relationship, the first time they’re in bed together so is Nina. A tangled and bloody mess of broken limbs, she is very much dead but still here, still talking, still angry…

However Holly doesn’t freak out and run – she is determined to be the one who heals Rob’s wounds. She can deal with the dead girl sharing their bed, their lives, their minds. If it’s what Rob needs, it’s what Holly will do, whatever the consequences…

Nina Forever will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival March 14, with additional screenings March 17 and 20.

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Is the Robot Truly Evil In This ‘Ex Machina’ Trailer?!

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 14:22

Alex Garland, writer of 28 Days Later and Sunshine, makes his directorial debut with the stylish and cerebral thriller, Ex Machina. Ahead of the SXSW premiere a trailer has been booted up and really plays up the red herring angle, like, a lot. There’s a lot of playful confusion thrown at the viewer, making it unclear who the real antagonist is: the robot, or the scientist who created her. Oh, and the robot gets sexy by putting on some lingerie, that was interesting…

Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson), a programmer at an internet-search giant, wins a competition to spend a week at the private mountain estate of the company’s brilliant and reclusive CEO, Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac).

Upon his arrival, Caleb learns that Nathan has chosen him to be the human component in a Turing Test—charging him with evaluating the capabilities, and ultimately the consciousness, of Nathan’s latest experiment in artificial intelligence. That experiment is Ava (Alicia Vikander), a breathtaking A.I. whose emotional intelligence proves more sophisticated––and more deceptive––than the two men could have imagined.

Ex Machina hits theaters April 10.

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‘Lake Placid vs Anaconda’ Premiering This April

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 14:09

Syfy has set a premiere date for Lake Placid vs Anaconda, which pits two franchises against each other in a made-for-TV movie.

A production of UFO Films, look for it to premiere on Saturday, April 25th @9PM.

In first details, “Killer crocodiles and giant anacondas clash in this thriller about corporate greed and science gone wrong.

It stars Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Yancy Butler (Kick Ass) and Corin Nemec (“Stargate SG-1″).

There have been four Lake Placid films, with the last being the 2012 home video sequel Lake Placid: The Final Chapter. The first, starring Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, and Oliver Platt, took in $34M for Fox back in 1999.

There are also four Anaconda films, with the last being the 2009 Anacondas: Trail of Blood. Sony’s 1997 Anaconda, starring Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, and Eric Stoltz, made $65M at the box office.

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[TV] “iZombie” Trailer Eats Brains for Clues

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 14:03

She’s not just a badass…she’s a dead, alabaster one.

CW released a new TV Spot for “iZombie,” premiering Tuesday, March 17th at 9:00pm. In it, we learn about how Olivia “Liv” Moore can eat brain and receive clues from doing so…

Olivia “Liv” Moore was a rosy-cheeked, disciplined, over-achieving medical resident who had her life path completely mapped out…until the night she attended a party that unexpectedly turned into a zombie feeding frenzy. Now as one of the newly undead, Liv is doing her best to blend in and look as human as possible. Her appearance passes for “Goth,” with shockingly pale skin and nearly white hair, and her demeanor has gone from exuberant to exhausted.

The change in Liv is baffling to her former fiancé, Major, her mother, Eva, and her best friend and roommate, Peyton, who still has the high-energy, Type-A personality that Liv has completely abandoned. Despite her post-traumatic ennui, Liv has devised a clever way to resist her baser urges to devour fresh human brains – she’s taken a job in the Seattle coroner’s office. In this appropriately dead-end job, Liv can secretly snack on the brains of the many Jane and John Doe corpses that make a final stop in the morgue. Despite carefully covering her tracks, Liv’s brilliant but eccentric boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, discovers her secret and is surprisingly excited about the scientific possibilities. Dr. Ravi even helps Liv in her search for Blaine, the zombie responsible for her current undead status.

Even with her boss’ enthusiasm, Liv remains resigned to an eternity as a zombie without hope or purpose – until she realizes that with every brain she consumes, she retains a portion of that person’s memories. Liv suddenly begins to experience disturbing and often violent visions from the point of view of the murder victims. Much to the surprise of Dr. Ravi and homicide detective Clive Babineaux, Liv often has detailed knowledge of crime scenes and motives that she can’t easily explain. Posing as a psychic, she works with Detective Babineaux to investigate these crimes and discover who is responsible. It’s not the same as being alive again, but at least she can find purpose in her undead existence by helping Clive solve the murders of those who are indeed fully dead.

The series stars Rose McIver (“Masters of Sex,” “Once Upon a Time”) as Liv, Malcolm Goodwin (“Breakout Kings”) as Clive Babineaux, newcomer Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, Robert Buckley (“One Tree Hill”) as Major Lilywhite and David Anders (“Once Upon a Time,” “The Vampire Diaries”) as Blaine DeBeers.

Based upon characters created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, and published by DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint, iZOMBIE is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Spondoolie Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars,” “Party Down,” “Cupid”), Diane Ruggiero-Wright (“Veronica Mars,” “The Ex List,” “That’s Life”), Danielle Stokdyk (“Veronica Mars,” “Party Down,” “Cupid”) and Dan Etheridge (“The Carrie Diaries,” “Veronica Mars,” “Party Down”).

“iZombie” premieres Tuesday, March 17 at 9/8c.

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[Advance Review] “Nailbiter” #11 Shows How Buckaroo Makes A Butcher

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:58

“Nailbiter” has always been coy about the slow game it’s playing. Edward Charles Warren stands at the center of it all, toying with the reader. Taunting them to read on, and if your anything like Nicholas Finch, you’ve wanted to beat the answers out of The Nailbiter for some time now. Well with issue 11 you’ll get your wish, but it comes with a great cost, an unprecedented level of violence.

Not our exclusive cover, but I couldn’t resist. Riley Rossmo – everybody.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Williamson

ART BY: Mike Henderson

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $2.99

RELEASE: April 1, 2015

The Nailbiter has always been the center of this book, even when Williamson has gone out of his way to show us that things are much larger than the titular killer. But, being a reader and being a protagonist are two very different things. Finch can’t see the forest for the trees. He’s become fixated and dependent on Warren for answers, and that will be his undoing. The over-arching question of how Buckaroo makes a butcher may finally be answered in this issue, and it’s much simpler than you could ever imagine.

At its core “Nailbiter” seems to be about obsession. One way or the other every character has an preoccupying theory that drives them to treat people a certain way. Each of the killers are obsessed in their own right, Finch needs the truth, and well Warren, he’s really got a thing for nails. We get to see how deep these compulsions go, and it’s not pretty. As they build from fascination to obsession and boil over with delusion they push a person into a new state of mind.

So Issue 11 begs the question of the nature/nurture debate. It doesn’t necessarily rest its case on either side, but it makes a compelling argument for something so simple that it can’t be ignored. An idea can be infectious, and it almost seems to me that growing up in Buckaroo is succumbing to a self fulfilling prophecy. Of course, this being “Nailbiter” we don’t get enough to actually make a substantial conclusion. But it feels like we’re headed toward a definitive endgame.

The entirety of the issue is thrilling. It’s the perfect way to begin the new arc, and despite a tease offering answers, the only one you’ll get are the conclusions you reach yourself.

Mike Henderson simply outdoes himself this month with a two page spread of such brutality and literal gut wrenching horror. It’s a sinister way to show off his skill but communicates how much he has grow as an artist over the course of the series. He’s often played with conventional paneling and has even given us spins on our favorite horror movie tropes, but here he honestly outdoes himself. His visual sense of pacing is unrivalled and will seriously have you on the edge of throwing up your meal. He’s that good.

“Nailbiter” #11 has all the excellent intrigue of the series but focuses solely on character, which gives it a much more cohesive feel than previous issues. I can’t imagine a better way to start the new arc, but if you’re looking for answers you’ll have to make them yourself. Issue 12 brings the tease of a definitive conclusion for Finch’s investigation, but knowing Williamson that’ll just be a misdirect. If you really think about what’s going on, you can certainly see where the series is going without the obvious exposition. I could be wrong, but the seeds in this issue tell me differently.

Nailbiter #11 doesn’t hit until April 1st, but thanks to our exclusive cover reveal, we got an early peek. Make sure you preorder this incredible new issue today! (Diamond Code FEB150514)

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Exclusive Dustin Nguyen Variant Cover Reveal For “Nailbiter” #11

Tue, 03/03/2015 - 12:53

Man, I simply love “Nailbiter.” Its easily one of the best horror comics currently running, and it features an intriguing set of questions that never quite get answered to my liking. Luckily, Image Comics has recognized that we love it here at Bloody-Disgusting, and has given us the privilege of revealing Dustin Nguyen’s cover for issue 11. The beginning of the third arc “Blood In The Water”  hits on April 1st, but check out this haunting cover, right here, right now, exclusively on Bloody-Disgusting.

In our advance review we said “Nailbiter” #11 has all the excellent intrigue of the series but focuses solely on character, which gives it a much more cohesive feel than previous issues. I can’t imagine a better way to start the new arc, but if you’re looking for answers you’ll have to make them yourself. Issue 12 brings the tease of a definitive conclusion for Finch’s investigation, but knowing Williamson that’ll just be a misdirect. If you really think about what’s going on, you can certainly see where the series is going without the obvious exposition. I could be wrong, but the seeds in this issue tell me differently.”

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