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White Sea Release Mysterious, Creepy Video For “Prague”

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 10:00

I’m not sure if this video falls under the “horror” category or not but I spent enough time thinking about it that I wanted to get your opinion. It has a serious David Lynch dream-like vibe, with slow, sensual shots mixed with strange visuals. So, below is “Prague”, the newest video from White Sea (Morgan Kibby of French electronic group M83).

The track comes White Sea’s debut album In Cold Blood, which you can snag on iTunes.

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[BD Review] ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ is Striking But Uneven

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 08:00

I’ve been thinking about this review for the past two weeks, so I guess you could say that it’s been haunting me. But, with the film’s release merely hours away at the time of this writing, I have to finally put pen to paper. Let’s see how it goes.

With Deliver Us From Evil writer/director Scott Derrickson (sharing a screenplay credit with Paul Harris Boardman) has delivered a hugely ambitious horror film that (largely successfully) sets out to balance supernatural horror with a gritty widescreen police procedural. It’s a film that works in many ways, but I emerged from my screening split down the middle. I had been looking forward to this movie for over a year since visiting the set, and what I wanted it to be kept butting up against what it actually is. As a fan of the imagery and tone of Sinister (Derrickson’s prior film), I was looking forward to a bigger budget extrapolation of that exact aesthetic. And that’s not what Deliver Us From Evil is.

But is Deliver Us From Evil good on its own terms? Mostly. From a technical standpoint, it is certainly better constructed than most horror movies. It also follows through on its thematic intent with a clarity that’s lacking in most genre films. But it still kept me at arm’s length. It’s hard to chalk this up to any one element though some of the film’s expository dialogue lands poorly and there’s a music cue at the end that robs a climactic scene of some of its mysticism. There’s also a great Indiana Jones character beat that’s paid off and then set up, which kind of made me gnash my teeth at the missed opportunity. But, ultimately, at 118 minutes, there’s simply too much stuff that works “well enough” intermingling with the stuff that actually works really well. It’s this oscillation between compelling and competent that lends Deliver a somewhat lurching quality that I couldn’t quite embrace.

The good news is that the stuff that’s compelling is truly effective. An opening raid on Iraq (a nice hat tip to The Exorcist that also manages to achieve its own significance) is excitingly staged and provides a more epic sense of scope than you’d expect. And, as with Sinister, there’s no shortage of haunting and effective imagery. Almost any scene with Sean Harris (playing a discharged veteran who didn’t quite emerge from Iraq the way he went in) pops with admirable menace. There’s a decency and compassion in the handling of Eric Bana’s arc (playing a fictionalized version of Sergeant Ralph Sarchie) that I really admired. And the buddy cop element works almost exactly as you’d expect in a Jerry Bruckheimer production, which is to say brisk and fun.

As I said earlier, I left Deliver Us From Evil split down the middle to the extent that I wanted to see it again to truly find out which side of the fence I fell on. While I haven’t been able to make that happen, two weeks have passed and I’m not mad at it the way I normally am with films that betray the audience or take them for granted. Deliver Us From Evil isn’t lazy. Its aim is true. And it has enough good, nasty stuff bubbling up inside of it to recommend to the vast majority of horror fans. I have a nagging suspicion most of you guys will embrace it and wonder what the hell my problem is.

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I Hope You Weren’t Excited for That ‘Doom 4′ Reveal

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 01:16

In news that’s likely to cause a bit of frustration for eager Doom fans, Bethesda has announced that the Doom 4 reveal they teased us with last month will be exclusive to QuakeCon attendees. This means unless you’ve booked a trip to Dallas, TX on July 17, you’ll have to wait with the rest of us to see what id Software has been working on for all these years.

Or I suppose we could all just wait for the inevitable leak onto the Internet, likely courtesy of a shaky mobile phone. That works too.

“This an exclusive thing we are doing for attendees as part of our annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation,” Bethesda explained in a post on the Bethblog. “We’ll have plenty more to show everyone at a later date, but we didn’t want another QuakeCon to go by without doing something special for the amazing QC community and id supporters that have been with us for more than 20 years.”

That’s it, folks. I suggest you smother any pent-up excitement you may have had for seeing something from the next Doom later this month, because Bethesda won’t be sharing it with us after all. How does this make you feel?

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And here’s the game’s E3 debut, if you missed it or simply want to watch it again (I wouldn’t blame you if it’s the latter).

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[Interview] Scott Derrickson On ‘Deliver Us From Evil’!

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 21:15

Writer/director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister) sees his new, ambitious horror film Deliver Us From Evil hit theaters tomorrow, July 2nd. The film stars Eric Bana, Joel McHale, Olivia Munn, Edgar Ramirez and Sean Harris.

By the time I saw Deliver Us From Evil it had been almost a year since I visited the set of the film. And… without getting into a review (still working on that one), I was mixed. There’s a whole lot to like about the film and I think Derrickson takes some interesting risks, but it didn’t click for me 100% right away. I say this not to steer you away from the movie (I think most of you guys will really like it), but to give you some context for the following interview, because it starts out with a conversation I wasn’t expecting to have.

Derrickson had heard that I was mixed on the film, and he brought it up. I don’t think he jumped on the phone expecting to have this conversation either, it just kind of came about organically. What follows is easily one of the most frank interviews I’ve ever conducted, and therefore one of my favorites. In the interest of full disclosure I should note that Derrickson and I are on friendly terms. We don’t hang out socially, but we occasionally discuss books and movies via email and this conversation actually felt a little bit like an extension of that.

Check it out below. There are some slight spoilers.

I’m having kind of a Scott Derrickson week actually. I just watched Devil’s Knot on Netflix.

How was that?

I liked it.

So you liked Devil’s Knot and not Deliver Us From Evil?

What do you mean?

I had heard that you’re not a big fan of Deliver Us From Evil.

There’s a lot about it that I like. And I certainly respect it because I know what your intentions were with it. There are just some elements that didn’t work for me.

Believe me, I don’t mean to put you on the spot. I am plenty comfortable with this conversation. This is what we do. Those of us who talk online about movies, this is what we do.

My issues, and this is still a movie I support, are with some exposition and tonal stuff. The Doors thing at the end threw me a bit, even though you were building to it in the rest of the film.

Are you talking about in the exorcism?


I almost pulled that out. It’s in there for a very short amount of time. So far everyone seems to like all the Doors stuff but, for whatever it’s worth, that’s something that the test screenings proved people genuinely liked. So I left it in. But I also had mixed feelings about it.

I do like the “People Are Strange” moment in the hallway quite a bit.

That’s my favorite use of it. That’s the one I was the most protective of. That and the end credits.

It’s the kind of movie that’s super ambitious and I may need to see it again before I can soak it all in.

I think the thing I would say about it, and this is a good jumping off point for the discussion – and this is where I’ll disagree with you – is that it definitely achieves what I was going for. You might not like the target, but I hit the target I was aiming for. When I got into the process of working on this and working on the script with Bruckheimer and coming back to it after several years of being away from it, what became interesting to me was taking a little bit of the kitchen sink mentality. Maybe this is a movie where I can not only cross genres between a police procedural and a horror film, which is the obvious part, but also imbue it with some real action, like the knife fighting. And some real humor. And a 4 minute dialogue conversation about God in a bar between a priest and a cop.

Which I quite liked.

That was the goal. And to do it all in a sort of glossy Bruckheimer date movie kind of way. It’s certainly intended to be a much louder, faster and thrilling kind of horror film than something like Sinister, which is a much more quiet, artful introspective movie.

Absolutely. And before we go further I should note that some of the contrast between my opinions on Devil’s Knot and Deliver is due to expectation. Devil’s Knot is a quiet movie I caught up with on Netflix, whereas Deliver Us From Evil is something I’ve been thinking about since I visited the set a year ago.

Isn’t that the way it is? If only all movies were seen within a certain context.

I didn’t expect for the conversation to start out like this.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to catch you off guard. I got emailed a thing this morning that had different reactions and I read through them. Because we’re friends and have a history, it doesn’t bother me at all.

Oh so you read the brief thing I sent to Sony after the screening. That had some good stuff in it too.


One of the things I liked was the imagery. Like Sinister, there’s some really striking stuff. Like that shot of Sean at the zoo, and keeping him almost a silent presence through the rest of the film.

A lot of that was designed after Sean had come over from the UK. Casting Sean Harris was probably the best bit of casting I’ve ever done because I cast him without reading him and I cast him off of Harry Brown. And I just knew the guy could do it. And boy does he just deliver in the exorcism scene. The look of him was really just based off of meeting him and seeing up close the angularity of his face and the intensity of who he is. And conceptually, with the character, one of the reasons I was interested in doing the movie is that I was fascinated with the idea of having a character where it’s not the typical possession movie where you have the girl in the bedroom. Where weird paranormal things happen and she gets freakier and twistier. It wasn’t that. It was this man who is calculated and dangerous and lethal. And so, starting with the face paint in Iraq, Sean and I talked about the idea that he was still painting it. That the paint was almost blending with his face.

I had written in the script for him to have body paint when he’s shirtless. And Sean was like, “what if he’s cut himself up?” And I said, “what if he’s carved all of the runes into his body?” And little did we know that was going to be 245 prosthetics. But we just went and did it.

The Bruckheimer element really sticks out to me. I was curious to see how his influence would play beyond protecting you from the studio, but I could feel a stylistic presence as well. To me a lot of the car stuff, a lot of the transitions and a lot of the energy in the first act feel like a Bruckheimer film.

Everything you said, and I’m not just being flattering, is incredibly incisive. Because the things that you name are exactly the things that he really focussed on in the making of and the editing of the movie. The car scenes, the transitions. The speed of the first act, the speed with which you get into the story – that was all incredibly important to him. His quality control is focused on the director of photography, the costume designer, the art director… he was so deeply committed to vetting those people and getting the best ones possible for the budget. The movie’s only like $18million below the line. It feels bigger than it is. But he approached it like he does all of his movies. And I wanted it that way. Because it has all of the horror and suspense and action, I wanted it to have kind of a glossy feel to play off the gritty qualities of the Bronx. That was something we talked about specifically and we definitely achieved it.

I haven’t read “Beware The Night” yet, but I have to imagine the specifics of this film are not present in Sarchie’s book. The Iraq stuff and this particular demon.

It’s all a fictional narrative used to tie together certain mood pieces from his book.

Was that added in your pass on the script?

You know it was actually David Ayer who came up with the Iraq stuff. David Ayer did the first rewrite after my draft in 2003 or 2004. Then there were three writers and a dozen or so drafts over the next 7 or 8 years. Then I came back and read all of those drafts and the Iraq opening was one of the few things that I kept. I thought it was an interesting way to justify the origin of this demonic presence.

It’s a nice tie to The Exorcist in a lot of ways.

Totally. Some people, Jerry included, were a little nervous that it was too direct. People will get it. And Iraq means something different now. This isn’t an excavation, this is an invaded country.

There’s so much going on in the exorcism scene, how did you construct it?

It was very difficult because we were in such a tight space and there were all of these beats we had to get through. We had to control the escalation and pacing of it. The idea was always to make it kind of a boxing arena where these three thoroughbred actors could unleash and do what they do best. I think the big surprise of it was Sean Harris. From the night that we shot the stigmata scene all the way through to him speaking all of those Spanish lines, the guy literally went into a trance. He went into a weird trance state and he was not himself. He was retching between takes and he very was sleep deprived. It was scary. What he was playing was scary, even though he was dying the lines it was really weird. When they were taking off his prosthetics he was speaking in tongues and freaking out the makeup guys. I had them take him home and he fell asleep and, the next morning, he didn’t remember shooting the scene.

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[Fantasia '14] Love ‘Summer of Blood’ to Death

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 20:35

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. The full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some new imagery to whet your appetite.

Here’s one new look at Summer of Blood, the hilarious hipster horror film that Patrick Cooper raved about out of Tribeca.

Directed and written by Onur Tukel, “Misanthropic and immature Eric faces a premature mid-life crisis after his girlfriend leaves him. With no career and even less charisma in bed, it seems like this loveable loser is beyond hope, until one fateful summer night when a vampire bites him in a Brooklyn alleyway. The next day, Eric finds his confidence invigorated and his stomach in excruciating pain that can only be cured by one thing…blood.

Onur Tukel also stars in this dark comedy about love, lust, and humanity.

For the full list of Fantasia titles announced thus far, click here and here.

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Yep, That’s a Lyre Made From a Human Skull

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 18:03

Because the world is and forever will be a source of creations that are both wonderfully bizarre and thoroughly ghastly, we can always look forward to things like this, a lyre crafted from a human skull, antelope horn, skin, gut, and hair. Whoever donated their headpiece — whether or not they were willing — has been forever immortalized in something that is officially, in my humble opinion, the very definition of metal.

If you’d like to see this creepy 19th century musical instrument, you’ll have to wait for the Metropolitan Museum of Art to take it out of storage. I’d go on, but I think I just found the perfect birthday gift for Jonny B…

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This ‘Scarecrow’ Cosplay is Mind-Blowingly Good

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 17:12

It’s been awhile since I last covered amazing cosplay, but I stumbled upon this fantastic Scarecrow cosplay and I had to share it with all of you. This rendition of one of the Dark Knight’s greatest villains is the work of Ben, a 24 year-old cosplayer in Germany who clearly loves the Scarecrow as much as I do.

Scarecrow was, in my opinion, one of the best things about Batman: Arkham Asylum, and because Rocksteady knows exactly what we want, he’ll be making a glorious — and very likely terrifying — return in Batman: Arkham Knight, which releases next year.

For more of Ben’s work, check out his gallery.

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Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Coming to PS4, Xbox One in October

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:41

If you’ve been waiting for Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Game to finally arrive on current-gen consoles before you decide to give in and play this amazing series, season one and two of the episodic series will arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One on October 14 for $29.99. The price is a little surprising, I was expecting it to be a bit cheaper since both seasons are already available at a lower cost elsewhere. Even still, I think The Walking Dead is more than worth its price tag.

The release date Telltale picked is also a little confusing to me. October is currently the busiest month of the year, as it will see the release of Super Smash Bros. (Oct 3), Alien: Isolation (Oct 7), Dragon Age: Inquisition (Oct 7), Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Oct 14), Battlefield Hardline (Oct 21), The Evil Within (Oct 21), Evolve (Oct 21), Assassin’s Creed Unity (Oct 28), and Sunset Overdrive (Oct 28), among others.

I’m sure it will perform fine, but geez.

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IFC Gets ‘Damned’ This July; Trailer Poster Premiere!

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:32

From Hellraiser: Revelations, Return to House on Haunted Hill and Mirrors 2‘s director Victor Garcia comes The Damned (formerly Gallows Hill), which was acquired back in February by IFC for release later this year. Here’s the U.S. poster with news that it will arrive on VOD platforms July 25 and in select theaters August 29.

Rich D’Ovidio, whose credits include The Call and Thir13en Ghosts, wrote the screenplay “about a widower who takes his children on a trip to their mother’s Colombian hometown. En route, the family are involved in an accident and take refuge in a secluded inn, where they free a girl locked in a basement and set in motion a terrifying sequence of events.

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WIN “The Twilight Zone”: Essential Episodes!

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:31

Image Entertainment’s “The Twilight Zone: Essential Episodes (55th Anniversary Collection)”, the ultimate must-have collection for any “Twilight Zone” fan, is now available at retailers everywhere.

Bloody Disgusting has (2) copies of this DVD for some lucky readers to enter to win. TO ENTER: Put “Twilight Zone” in the subject line and then send your FULL NAME and ADDRESS to Winners chosen at random. U.S. only. No PO boxes.

This very special collection features some of the most memorable episodes from Rod Serling’s legendary series exploring the fantastic and the frightening. Unforgettable episodes include “Time Enough at Last,” “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” “To Serve Man,” “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” and more! Prepare to travel to another dimension of sight and sound once again with these essential episodes:

• Walking Distance
• Time Enough at Last
• The Hitch-Hiker
• The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
• A Stop at Willoughby
• The After Hours
• The Howling Man
• The Eye of the Beholder
• Nick of Time
• The Invaders
• The Obsolete Man
• It’s a Good Life
• The Midnight Sun
• To Serve Man
• Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
• Living Doll
• The Masks

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[Fantasia '14] The ‘Zombeavers’ Are Attacking Montreal!

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:31

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. The full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some new imagery to whet your appetite.

The Zombeavers are attacking another festival, and we now have two new looks at Jordan Rubin’s comedy that follows a rampage of killer beavers hunting college students.

Starring Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins, Rachel Melvin, Hutch Dano and Jake Weary, “Zombeavers is an action-packed horror/comedy in which a group of college kids staying at a riverside cabin are menaced by a swarm of deadly zombie beavers. A weekend of sex and debauchery soon turns gruesome as the beavers close in on the kids. Riding the line between scary, sexy and funny, the kids are soon fighting for their lives in a desperate attempt to fend off the hoard of beavers that attack them in and around their cabin.

For the full list of Fantasia titles announced thus far, click here and here.

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‘Amber Alert: Terror on the High Way’ Finds Trailer, Release Details

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:21

He will stop at nothing…

Nasser Entertainment sent over the trailer for the indie Amber Alert: Terror on the High Way.

From George Mendeluk, “Larsan is a man on the edge, making a dead rush for Mexico and kidnapping two young girls along the way. He is hotly pursued by police chief Martha Geiger, herself a mother of two. Using the Amber Alert system, Geiger constructs a psychological trap that will brutally punish the man who came in to mess with her town.

Tom Berenger, Torri Higginson, Britt McKillip star.

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[TV] Creepy First “Extant” Clip Seduces Halle Berry

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:15

CBS released another a new spot and first ever clip for their sci-fi thriller “Extant,” premiering July 9.

In the clip, Molly’s (Berry) ex-lover (an alien?) appears on the ship to impregnate(?) her.

‘Extant’ is a mystery thriller about a female astronaut, Molly Woods (Berry), trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space. Her experiences lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.

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E3 Demo Footage Shows Off What Makes ‘H1Z1′ Unique

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:09

When Sony showed off their upcoming zombie survival game H1Z1 in April, it looked a lot like the similarly themed DayZ. It’s impossible not to draw the comparison, seeing as both games drop players in a zombie infested world where they’re forced to survive against the harsh conditions of the world that surrounds them, as well as other players who may have been infected with the seemingly incurable condition I refer to as bandit mentality.

In this new video, H1Z1 designer Jimmy Whisenhunt goes into a bit more detail on the features and systems that set this game apart from its competitors.

For starters, there’s a feature called the Discovery System, which shows you what you can craft with items scavenged from the environment. The more items you discover, the more things you can create to improve your chances of survival. A bunch of things can be crafted, from tools and weapons to animal traps and shelter. There’s also something called emergent AI, which adds an element of unpredictability to the game. See all that and more in the video below.

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[TV] Go Behind-the-Scenes of “The Walking Dead’s” Fifth Season!

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 16:08

Andrew Lincoln and the cast and crew of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” welcome you back to the set of Season 5!

Also from set is this featurette “Props, Kills and Explosions”. In it, the cast and crew recount their favorite walker kills, deadly props, and exhausting moments in the Georgia heat while filming “The Walking Dead.”

“The Walking Dead” returns this October to AMC.

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‘Stasis’ Coming No Later Than Feb 2015, New Screens Introduce the Insect Queen

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 15:50

Developer Christopher Bischoff’s ambitious, and gorgeous, sci-fi horror game Stasis has been on my radar ever since it managed to raise a staggering $132,000 on Kickstarter back in December. Its visual style and setting — a starship whose rooms and corridors have been spattered with copious amounts of gore and viscera — draws immediate comparisons to EA’s Dead Space series. But this game, which combines horror with 2D point and click adventure gameplay is so much more than that.

In a post on the game’s Kickstarter page, we’re introduced to the Insect Queen, a gross tumorous mass of organic matter and horns that I am very much looking forward to vanquishing when the game arrives no later than February 2015.

I spent some time with Stasis back in March, you can see how that went in the video below.

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[Fantasia '14] ‘Let Us Prey’ Burns Down the House

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 15:23

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. The full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some new imagery to whet your appetite.

Here’s a fiery new look at Brian O’Malley’s UK horror Let Us Prey, starring Liam Cunningham (“Game of Thrones,” Hunger), Pollyanna McIntosh (Filth, The Woman) and Douglas Russell (A Lonely Place To Die), Bryan Larkin (Outpost 3), Hanna Stanbridge (Outcast), Brian Vernel, Niall Greig Fulton and Jonathan Watson.

In the Irish horror, “An enigmatic stranger is detained in the cells of a remote police station one fateful night. From his basement dungeon the charismatic loner begins to take over the minds of his fellow inmates and those of the police officers. He influences them to bend to his evil will and their latent inner demons explode in a crazed night of blood-spilling and mayhem. Only rookie cop Rachel is able to resist him … Will she survive?

Judge, Jury and Executioner are waiting in Let Us Prey.”

For the full list of Fantasia titles announced thus far, click here and here.

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[Fantasia '14] ‘The Grudge: Beginning of the End’ Haunts Festival!

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 14:58

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. The full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some new imagery to whet your appetite.

We revealed a few months back that Ochiai Masayuki, who directed Infection, Hypnosis and the absolutely atrocious 2008 remake of Shutter, is set to pen and get behind the camera for Ju-on: Owari no Hajimari, or The Grudge: Beginning of the End.

Today, we got our hands on new imagery from the latest entry in which, “An elementary school teacher named Yui visits the home of a boy named Toshio Saeki who’s been absent from school for a long period of time. When she arrives, she re-lives the horrific tragedy which occurred in the Saeki household 10 years earlier. A cardboard box left in a closet holds the key to revealing a long-hidden truth.” Nozomi Sasaki and Kai Kobayashi star.

For the full list of Fantasia titles announced thus far, click here and here.

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‘Escape Dead Island’ Announced, Includes ‘Dead Island 2′ Beta Access

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 14:44

If you fancy yourself a fan of the Dead Island franchise, you must be so happy right now. There’s the colorful ZOMBA, or Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena game Dead Island: Epidemic, the Yager-developed Dead Island 2, and now we have a third game called Escape Dead Island.

Deep Silver describes Escape Dead Island as a survival mystery game, so it doesn’t sound like it will share the zany, carefree personalities of the other two games. It will be set on the fictional island of Narapela and follow Cliff Calo, the son of a wealthy media mogul, who makes a trip to Banoi to uncover the truth behind the epidemic.

Sadly, this will be a single-player experience — another first for the series — but they are releasing it at a discounted price of $39.99.

In related news, if you purchase the game at GameStop you’ll get access to the Dead Island 2 beta that will kick off sometime next year.

Escape Dead Island releases this fall on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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[Fantasia '14] ‘Housebound’ Horror Trapped In the Walls

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 14:18

The 18th annual Fantasia International Film Festival is gearing up to take Montreal by storm with three weeks of inspiration and excitement starting July 17 until August 5, 2014. The full 2014 lineup of programming and special events will be revealed shortly, but in the meantime, here’s some new imagery to whet your appetite.

Check out these new images from the horror comedy Housebound, which was acquired by XLrator Media for release in the States.

In the New Zealand-based film, “Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention. Her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam – a well-intentioned blabbermouth who’s convinced that the house is haunted. Kylie dismisses Miriam’s superstitions as nothing more than a distraction from a life occupied by boiled vegetables & small town gossip. However, when she too becomes privy to unsettling whispers & strange bumps in the night, she begins to wonder whether she’s inherited her overactive imagination, or if the house is in fact possessed by a hostile spirit who’s not particularly thrilled about her return.

Housebound is directed by Gerard Johnstone and stars Morgana O’Reilly, Rima Te Wiata, Glen-Paul Waru, Cameron Rhodes, Millen Baird, Ross Harper, Bruce Hopkins, Ryan Lampp, Ian Mune and Wallace Chapman.

For the full list of Fantasia titles announced thus far, click here and here.

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