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Marvel Adds Many To ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Defenders’ & ‘Spider-Man’

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 13:22

The Marvel casting couch has been adding actors like crazy over the few days.  THR reported a couple days back that Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Laura Harrier (“One Life To Live“) have joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming.  While details remain scarce on Harrier’s role, Revolori will reportedly be playing a friend of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) named “Manuel”.  The Jon Watts-directed film arrives in theaters in July 2017 and has a cast also comprised of Marisa Tomei and Zendaya.

Next up, actor Eka Darville recently spoke to SpoilerTV about his role as reformed junkie Malcolm Ducasse on Netflix’s “Jessica Jones“.  During the conversation, he revealed that we’ll actually see him before “Jones” gets its second season.  That’s right, Malcolm will rear his head again in “The Defenders” miniseries arriving next year.  At this time he appears to be unsure of how much screentime he will be receiving, but this marks another “Jones” co-star shaking it up with the other Netflix heroes after Jeri Hogarth’s (Carrie-Ann Moss) appearance on “Daredevil” this year.

Speaking of Netflix, their next Marvel series has added two more to its cast.  The currently-shooting “Iron Fist” has cast Jessica Stroup (“90210“) and Tom Pelphrey (“Banshee“, pictured above) as siblings Joy and Ward Meachum, respectively.  They are the children of Harold Meachum (David Wenham), who will be one of the show’s villains.  Meachum was the business partner of hero Danny Rand’s (Finn Jones) parents and had a hand in their deaths.  Rand, of course, is the titular superhero, Iron Fist.

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Looking at the Horrible, Cursed Production of ‘The Omen’!

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 13:01

Donner’s horror classic from the ‘70s saw such bad luck during filming you’d think it was cursed by the Devil himself!

The Omen continues to be one of those standout horror pictures that spoke to something in the human consciousness. Not only did it spawn a series of films, but also created one of the most iconic representations of the Son of the Devil, and managed to make a dent at the Academy Awards, too. Damien’s even a member of freakin’ South Park! But in spite of the mass success and long legacy that Richard Donner’s horror film would see, it’s a miracle that the movie was even completed in the first place. Sometimes films are plagued with a number of production issues that slow things down, but The Omen experienced such a horrendous slew of bad luck, the film would even be considered to be “cursed” in retrospect.

Right out of the gate The Omen was looking at a stacked deck with their being bad luck present even in the pre-production phase. Two months before filming, Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. Obviously this is a tremendous loss to go through for the Oscar-nominated actor who’s responsible for playing Damien’s father, Robert Thorn, in the picture. The subject matter even deals with Peck’s character struggling to kill his son.

When production did commence, there were weird bouts of coincidental bad luck right from the start. An airplane getting struck by lightning is a fairly rare occurrence, and yet it happened to both Gregory Peck’s and screenwriter, David Seltzer’s separate planes. This was merely when they were heading into production to begin with, giving them a fairly tumultuous start to things. Lightning would continue to play a weird factor here though, as not long after, executive producer Mace Neufeld’s plane was also struck by lightning. The experience would traumatize Neufeld, with him describing it as his “roughest five minutes” on a plane. In a final plane-related WTF moment, Gregory Peck canceled a flight reservation of his, only to later learn that his plane had crashed and killed everyone that was aboard! Then, just so lightning could prove that it hadn’t given up, Harvey Bernard, a producer on the film was narrowly missed by lightning while in Rome.

All of that alone would be enough to warrant The Omen as being cursed, especially when dealing with the topics of God and the Devil, and lightning colloquially being seen as an “act of God.” This was merely the tip of the iceberg though. A hotel that Richard Donner was staying at while production was going on would end up getting bombed by the IRA! Miraculously he survived, although he’d also get hit by a car during production, too. Vehicles would continue to be a tricky beast for The Omen, like on the first day of shooting when a head-on car collision would injure a lot of crew members, although thankfully not killing any of them. Later on, the actor who plays the taxi driver who takes Robert Thorn around Italy had the car door slammed on his hand by Peck accidentally, nearly taking off his finger (the huge bandage is still visible in the final film).

Animals can often be a tricky area for productions, especially when being around the Son of the Devil will have a tendency to make them go bananas. In this case, the trainers for the Rottweilers were injured by the dogs, who happened to bite through their protective gear in spite of the proper precautions being taken. Then, the animal handler/zookeeper who helped with the baboon scene at the zoo was eaten alive by a lion two weeks after the completion of the film. It was this act of unnatural bad luck that sealed the deal on the film’s alleged “curse.”

What’s even crazier is that more fuel has been added to this fire in recent years, with John Moore’s 2006 remake of the film also getting some residual curse mojo. For Moore’s remake they lost 13,500 feet of film, which contained the scene where Damien’s 666 birth mark is revealed. The lab had no idea what happened and were even in tears over the matter. The most that had ever been lost before was 400 feet of film (one roll), with this being outrageous and unexplainable. In another case of the Devil just playing with these chess pieces as they try to make this film, the actor who played Father Brennan in the remake, Pete Postlewaite, had his brother die. The craziest thing is that it was after drawing the combination of three sixes in a card game. How does that make any sense!

Finally, if there are still any skeptics out there, this is the smoking gun in the whole curse case. Like, I cannot believe that this actually happened because the odds are so astronomically small. John Richardson, the set designer responsible for the infamous decapitation scene in The Omen, suffered a car accident with his wife, Liz Moore, in August while shooting A Bridge Too Far. The car crash not only saw Liz decapitated in a way that looked identical to Richardson’s set design work for the film, but this all also happened on Friday the 13th, with a nearby street sign saying, “Ommen, 66.6km” which makes no sense. That’s too bonkers of a coincidence!

Regardless of if there was some greater power at work willing this bad luck to happen or not, there’s no denying that it’s a crazy amount of loss for a production to take on. It’s amazing that on top of that the crew could remain so resilient and the film would still turn out to be so satisfying. Let’s hope that the cast of A&E’s new Damien series doesn’t need to book any air travel in the near future…

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American Murder Song Introduces the Poisonous “Pretty Lavinia”! (Exclusive)

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 12:00

A few weeks ago, we wrote about American Murder Song, the new musical project from Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) and Saar Hendelman (The Devil’s Carnival series). Embracing the horror aesthetics that brought the two together and channeling the early 19th century, the music promises to be exciting, full of mystery and intrigue, and loaded with murder!

To help give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve got our hands on a video from the duo that introduces a character from their story, a lovely lady by the name of “Pretty Lavinia”! However, don’t take your eyes off the drink she pours you, lest poison and death is the journey you wish to embark upon!

Zdunich tells Bloody-Disgusting:

Wayfarers, strangers and fine countrymen, we invite you to rise for a blacker shot of Murder Ballads. Combining stop motion animation and moving daguerreotype portraits, American Murder Song features a rogues gallery of original murder ballads set in early nineteenth century America.

The first official track will drop one week from today, April 26th, on their official website (link below). You can watch the video above and see a brand new poster below!

American Murder Song online:
Official Website

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I’m Judging the Etheria Film Night 2016 Shorts Program

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 11:02

Etheria Film Night presents the 2016 Official Lineup of “Shorts & Special Presentation Feature Film,” which will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2016. I will be one of the judges for the shorts program (see the full list below).

Nine Short Films and a sneak-peek of Anna Biller’s feature-length film, The Love Witch, will be screened at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA.  Both the Short Film and Feature Film Screenings will be followed by a Q&A with directors in attendance.

Prior to the screenings, Etheria will be honoring Jackie Kong with the Inspiration Award.  Jackie Kong directed the low-budget 1983 creature feature The Being, the 1984 absurdist comedy Night Patrol, and the wacky 1987 horror film Blood Diner. Kong was a pioneering female director at a time when not many women were directing feature genre films. The Inspiration Award is presented to people who have inspired women to write and direct genre films & TV.  Past recipients include Jane Espenson (Once Upon a Time), Lexi Alexander (Punisher: Warzone), Jennifer Lynch (“The Walking Dead”, Surveillance) and Mary Lambert (Pet Sematary).

“Jackie Kong is a bad-ass,” says Festival Director Stacy Pippi Hammon. “When we talk about inspiration, it’s not just the films, but the attitudes that we look up to. Kong’s unflinching determination to tell the stories that she wants to tell is so affirming to so many women. Combined with her having directed some of the most iconic genre films of the 1980s, this attitude makes her stand out as someone we would love to honor. She’s punk rock.”

Etheria Film Night is an annual showcase screening of a progressive slate of genre films directed by women for an audience including producers, managers, show runners, distributors, and genre fans.  Women want to make exciting, provocative, entertaining, fantastic, and terrifying films. Etheria puts the women directors who want to make genre films and TV in front of the people who want to hire them. Past official selections have included films from directors Axelle Carolyn (Soulmate), Rose McGowan (Dawn), Karen Gillan (Coward), Chloe Okuno (Slut), and Amber Benson (SheVenge), among others.

“Every year, the submissions get better and better,” says Director of Programming Heidi Honeycutt. “In 2016, the horror submissions blew my mind. They’re shockingly good. I think our audience is going to freak out. I hope our audience freaks out.”

“I think we’re experiencing a unique time for women in film – particularly genre film – and we’re very proud to be at the forefront of that,” says Etheria’s Director of Creative Sevices Kayley Viteo. “But more than anything, we’re proud to be a venue for these directors who deserve all the recognition.”

The start times, screening schedule, and detailed information can be found on the official Etheria website.

The full 2016 Etheria Jury includes Elle Schneider (Digital Bolex), Elizabeth Stanley (Trailers from Hell), John Skipp (Book of the Dead), Peter Block (A Bigger Boat Productions), Guinevere Turner (American Psycho), Bryan Fuller (Hannibal”), Gale Ann Hurd (The Walking Dead),  Rachel Talalay (Dr. Who”), Travis Stevens (Snowfort Pictures), Kailey Marsh (The Blood List), Sophie Sefried (Epic Pictures), Robert Parigi (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”), Paul Feig (“Bridemaids”), Colin Geddes (Toronto International Film Festival), James McCarthy (International Screenwriter’s Association), Molly Kasch (International Screenwriters Association), Sean Keller (“Rage”), Jessie Lilley Campbell (Mondo Cult Magazine), Jay Kay (Horror Happens Radio), Chris Alexander (, Bill Kopp (Eek! the Cat”), Martin Olson (Encyclopedia of Hell), Larry Fessenden (“The Last Winter”), Brad Miska (, April Wolfe (LA Weekly/Village Voice), Jackie Kong (“Blood Diner), Rae Dawn Chong (Tales from the Darkside: The Movie), Darin Scott (“Tales from the Hood”), Elizabeth Kaiden (Tangerine Entertainment), and more to be announced.

Etheria Film Night 2016 Special Sneak Peek Screening:

The Love Witch

Directed by Anna Biller (120:00) (Supernatural Exploitation) (USA) (35mm)

A modern-day witch uses spells and magic to get men to fall in love with her in this tribute to 1960s Technicolor thrillers.

Etheria Film Night 2016 Official Short Film Selections:

Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon
Directed by Kerry Yang (17:00) (Science Fiction) (USA)
Official Website
In Genghis Khan’s last days, an encounter with a wizard sends him to the moon. Just as the mediaeval anti-hero thinks he’s made his greatest conquest, he finds himself on a spiritual quest realizing the absurd clash between one man’s need and the silence of the universe.

Bionic Girl
Directed by Stephanie Cabdevila (14:30) (Fantasy/Sci-Fi) (France)
In this absurdist musical, a scientist afraid to face the outside world creates her own android clone replacement.

Directed by Christine Boylan (13:00) (Western) (USA)
Official Website
When a devastating tsunami destroys the west coast, a cowgirl roams the now lawless Malibu hills looking for justice.

Directed by Olga Osorio (15:00) (Science Fiction) (Spain)
Official Website
Andrea is trapped in a temporal loop. Will she be able to break it?

Directed by Toy Lei (4:47) (Action/Thriller) (USA)
Official Website
A middle-aged contract killer must reconcile her life between her ruthless clients and her young, unquestioning son who wants to be just like her.

The Stylist
Directed by Jill Gevargizian (15:00) (Horror) (USA)
Official Website
Claire is a lonely hairstylist with an unnerving desire to escape her disappointing reality. When her final client of the evening arrives with the request to look perfect, Claire has plans of her own.

Hard Broads
Directed by Mindy Bledsoe (10:00) (Dark Comedy) (USA)
Official Website
Three women have to transport a celebrity’s body without anyone knowing she’s dead.

The Puppet Man
Directed by Jacqueline Castel (9:08) (Horror) (USA)
Official Website
A supernatural killer stalks a young woman and her friends in a seedy, neon-lit dive bar in this short film featuring horror legend John Carpenter.

Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond (15:09) (Horror) (UK)
Official Website
It’s 1982. Twelve-year old Doug is drawn into the lurid world of VHS horror as he explores the mysterious disappearance of his father.

About Etheria Film Night:
Etheria Film Night is an annual showcase screening of a progressive slate of genre films directed by women for an audience including producers, managers, show runners, distributors, and genre fans.  Women want to make exciting, provocative, entertaining, fantastic, and terrifying films. Etheria puts the women directors who want to make genre films and TV in front of the people who want to hire them. For more information, please visit

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‘Hush’ Director Mike Flanagan Talks Slasher Violence, Silence and…Sound

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 10:41

We’re continuing the celebrate the Netflix release of Mike Flanagan‘s slasher, Hush, which stars co-writer Kate Siegel as a deaf woman who is stalked by a psychotic killer (10 Cloverfield Lane‘s John Gallagher Jr.) in her secluded home.

Last week we shared an in-depth piece in which Flanagan revealed the secret to creating authentic scares in a horror film.

Now, we talked to the filmmaker about Hush‘s inspirations, working with silence, as well as sound, and his thoughts on gore/violence in a slasher film.

They say movies are about “showing” a story, not “telling” one. With Hush, Flanagan wanted to challenge himself into making a film with little to no dialogue.

“I’d long wanted to do a film without dialog,” Flanagan explained in our exclusive interview. “It’s such a challenge. It forces you to tell a story strictly visually, and that’s a real blast. Kate [Siegel] and I were talking about how much suspense can be generated when the audience is aware of something that a protagonist is not, and how that played so well in movies like ‘Wait Until Dark.’ When we talked about having a deaf protagonist, we both thought it would provide some fantastic narrative opportunities for suspense.?

Sound is extremely important, especially in a movie about a blind woman. Hush had some of the best horror sound design I have ever heard, which was intricate in the impact of the slasher.

“Sound is crucial to the genre in general, but never more so for me than with this movie,” adds Flanagan. “We knew going in that sound would become its own character in this film. Typically, you want good sound design to help tell the story without calling attention to itself – in our case, it needed to call almost ALL of the attention to itself. It would be front and center for long stretches of the movie.

“It’s an incredibly complicated sound design,” he continues. “During production, the camera was almost always steadicam, which means that during takes you’d hear footsteps of the whole crew moving with Kate. You’d also hear me shouting out cues the whole time, because that was the only way to choreograph Kate, John, and the camera during takes. So all of our “ambient” sound had to be built again in post production.

“Then, our ‘silence’ also had to be built… you can’t actually just ‘pull sound out’ of a movie like this, even though that’s how I’ve heard it described. When we’re in Maddie’s perspective, we’re actually hearing a lot of complicated sounds that give us the IMPRESSION of silence. Otherwise, people wouldn’t actually be hearing silence… if we really pulled the sound out, they’d be hearing popcorn being munched, or phones vibrating, or their own shuffling in their seats. Or their house settling. We needed a soundscape that would cover all of those noises, but make you feel like “all the sound went away.

“It’s extraordinarily complex.”

Hush is a slasher, though, and while visuals and sound are key, it’s got to deliver the horror goods. Flanagan speaks to balancing violence and gore in a way that’s not exploitative, and focuses more on character than death and mayhem.

“I do not,” exclaimed Flanagan when we asked if he thinks gore and violence are a necessity in a slasher. “These are movies about the threat of violence, so the idea of it is present even before a drop of blood is spilled. There is only one act of violence in ‘The Strangers’ and it comes at the very, very end… the movie could have worked just as well if we didn’t see it, in my opinion.

“What you don’t want is for violence and gore to become more important than character and structure. A lot of slasher movies from the eighties were only focused on violence and gore, which robs the human beings in the story of any empathetic reaction from the audience, and instead makes them cheer for the gore. I’m not really into that kind of storytelling. I don’t think it appeals to our better natures, and I don’t think it makes filmmakers better storytellers.

“On the flip side, sometimes violence and gore can be used to make profound statements about human nature… I am still haunted by ‘Martyrs,’ which uses both to a degree that is truly art. So they can be used brilliantly, but are not necessary by any means.

Hush, now streaming on Netflix is a stunning and gorgeous piece of cinema that’s as thrilling and tense as they come. Kalyn reviewed the film, stating that “Silence is the most frightening tool of all,” while Trace explained that it’s “a fist-pumping female empowerment film while at the same time an incredibly suspenseful home invasion thriller.”

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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Sourvein’s T Roy Reminisces on ‘Cape Fear’ and its Remake (Exclusive)

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 10:00

Cape Fear, North Carolina is a town whose name lives in infamy thanks to the 1962 psychological thriller and its 1991 remake. But another reason that the town has notoriety is because it’s the hometown to sludge/doom metal band Sourvein, which is fronted by vocalist/guitarist T Roy, a man who has fought tooth and nail to bring his music across the world. As a result, he’s been able to recently release Sourvein’s new album Aquatic Occult unto the masses.

To help celebrate the release of Aquatic Occult, we got Roy to share with us his thoughts on both the original and the remake of Cape Fear:

Well, I love both, I really do… Robert Mitchum is a bad ass, especially for his time. He is the pinnacle. I love the jazz club scene, with all of its attitude. Gregory Peck and Telly Savalas were great as well. Such an amazing film. It is simply a classic.

The remake is also great because Robert De Niro takes the character of Max Cady to a whole new level by pushing the limits. He scares everyone and is the guy you don’t want to mess with. His performance alone makes this version one of my all-time favorite movies and it’s on the Cape Fear river which is where I grew up.

Aquatic Occult features guest appearances from longtime supporter Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Dave Capps (All Tore Up), Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity), and many more. You can pick up your copy of via Metal Blade Records.

Sourvein online:
Metal Blade Landing Page

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New to Blu – Week of 4/19/2016

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 09:43

Each week here at Bloody Disgusting we like to highlight some of the new Blu-ray releases hitting shelves across the world. Please note that this isn’t every release for the week, just a few of the ones that jumped out at us.

US Releases

Doing things slightly different this week and only going with US releases because I’m currently out of town. World-wide releases will return next week. With that said, what a week of US releases we have! The Stuff and Outlaw: Gangster VIP from Arrow and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2?!? In one week?! Those three alone would have made for a great week, toss in a few titles from Kino Lorber and it’s an amazing week!

Try and Get Me! (Olive Films, Region A)

A down on his luck man falls in with a criminal.

The Stuff (Arrow, Region A)

A delicious mysterious goo that oozes from the Earth is marketed as the newest dessert sensation. But the sugary treat rots more than teeth when zombie-like snackers begin infesting the world.

The Revenant (Fox, Region A)

A man of many adventures, Hugh Glass goes West in 1822 in the employ of Captain Andrew Henry to do some profitable fur trapping. He is attacked by a bear, and badly injured. Miraculously, he survives, but the terrain makes it impossible to carry him back. Henry tries, but eventually hires two mercenaries to simply stand watch and bury him. They abandon Glass, alone and defenseless, but unfortunately for them, he recovers. He resolves to hunt down the men who abandoned him.

The Holcroft Covenant (Kino Lorber, Region A)

The son of a German General becomes part of a mysterious conspiracy to gain hidden Nazi funds.

The File of the Golden Goose (Kino Lorber, Region A)

A U.S. agent (Yul Brynner) and a Scotland Yard man (Edward Woodward) infiltrate a forgery ring run by someone called the Owl.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (Scream Factory, Region A)

Young DJ Vantia Block is hosting a music show when two renegade hoodlums phone her and start making trouble. The situation changes rapidly as the kids drive to a passageway and get sawed to pieces by Leatherface while the shocked DJ listens the kids’ screams. Local sheriff approaches Block and convinces her to play the recording made from the phone call on radio, hoping that the killers would show up.

Panic in Year Zero (Kino Lorber, Region A)

While on a fishing trip, Harry Baldwin (Ray Milland) and his family hear an explosion and realize that Los Angeles has been leveled by a nuclear attack. Looters and killers are everywhere. Escaping to the hills with his family, he sets about the business of surviving in a world where, he knows, the old ideals of humanity will be first casualties. Not one to give up, he holds up a store for supplies and hides the family in a cave.

Outlaw: Gangster VIP (Arrow, Region A)

All six films in the Outlaw: Gangster VIP series.

Dangerous Men (Drafthouse Films, Region A)

After Mina witnesses her fiancé’s brutal murder by beach thugs, she sets out on a venomous spree to eradicate all human trash from Los Angeles. Armed with a knife, a gun, and an undying rage, she murders her way through the masculine half of the city’s populace. A renegade cop is hot on her heels, a trail that also leads him to the subhuman criminal overlord known as Black Pepper.

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‘Lasso’ Ropes In Lindsey Morgan to Battle Bloodthirsty Rodeo Cowboys?!

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 21:58

Sick of remakes and want something unique and original. Here you go…

“The 100” star Lindsey Morgan, who also starred in Detention, has been set as the lead in the independent thriller Lasso, Variety writes.

Get this…

The thriller centers around Morgan’s character and Andrew Jacobs’ (pictured below in Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) character as they navigate life working for a senior community center. Their lives are turned upside down when they find themselves fighting to stay alive against a group of psycho, bloodthirsty cowboys from the local rodeo.

Morgan’s character holds a huge amount of guilt for not keeping the senior citizens safe and takes on the duty of ensuring their safety throughout the film.

Evan Cecil is directing from a script by Roberto Marinas. Elaine Gibson is the producer.

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IFC Augments Reality With ‘Let’s Be Evil’

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 21:48

IFC Midnight has acquired US rights to Martin Owen’s Let’s Be Evil, Bloody Disgusting learned.

In Let’s Be Evil, “Three chaperones are hired to supervise an advanced learning program for gifted children, who wear Augmented Reality Glasses to assist in their education. Contained within a secure, underground facility, events quickly spiral out of control.

Let’s Be Evil was written by Martin Owen with story by Elizabeth Morris and Owen, based on an original idea by Jonathan Willis. It stars Elizabeth Morris, Elliot James Langridge, Kara Tointon and Isabelle Allen and was produced by Jonathan Willis.

The film made its world premiere at January’s Slamdance Film Festival.

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“Sleepy Hollow” Star Climbs ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 21:42

Nicole Beharie, one of the main stars of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” who was surprisingly killed off in the season finale two weeks ago, has been set to star opposite Michael Ealy and Jessie Williams in the re-imagining of the 1990 thriller Jacob’s Ladder for director David M. Rosenthal, Deadline reported.

Jacob’s Ladder is being done by LD Entertainment from a script by Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorp. This version is a modern day paranoid action thriller about two brothers.

[Remember This?] Jacob’s Ladder’s Must-See Sexy, Yet Terrifying Party Sequence…

Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon and Jennifer Monroe at LD Entertainment will produce alongside Alison Rosenzweig and Michael Gaeta of Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films (Fright Night).

The project is expected before the cameras next month.

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Scream Factory Releasing ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’ Tomorrow: Watch These Clips

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 18:59

There’s something about a fan favorite title getting a badass home video edition, one that shows the company behind it really gave it some love and attention. When it comes to doing that, I think we can all agree that Scream Factory really doesn’t like to cut corners, giving us DVD and Bluray editions that could easily be dubbed “definitive”.

Tomorrow, the Scream Factory team is releasing their home video edition of the 1986 horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which is the sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 road horror masterpiece. Packed to the absolute brim with extras, interviews, trailers, TV spots, galleries, and more, you can bet that you’re not going to get a better edition of the movie. Well, not until someone does a 4k restoration…

To give fans a taste of what’s to come, Scream Factory has released three videos for your enjoyment: a trailer, which can be viewed above, an on-location clip and an actual clip from the film, both of which can be seen below.

For a decade, Texas Ranger Lefty Enright (Dennis Hopper) has sought to avenge the brutal murder of his kin by the cannibalistic Sawyer family – Leatherface, Chop-Top, The Cook and Grandpa. With the help of a radio DJ (Caroline Williams), who’s also bent on putting an end to the terror, Lefty finds his way to the Sawyers’ underground slaughter shop, where a battle of epic proportions will soon rage… and the line between good and evil gets chopped to bits!

If you want to pick up a copy for yourself, head on over to Scream Factory!

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Taryn Barker, ‘Demon Hunter,’ Slays Evil (Trailer)

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 15:25

Indie filmmaker Zoe Kavanagh is slaying evil in the trailer premiere for Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter, which is locked to start making festival rounds this year.

In the film “A young girl tormented by the tragedies of her past is brought in for questioning by the police over the death of a man, who she claims to be a demon. Detective Beckett realizes this is the same girl he made a broken promise to six years ago that he’d find the monster that raped and murdered her 12 year old sister. The girl warns of a powerful man named Falstaff who will stop at nothing to claim her soul. Falstaff abducts Detective Beckett’s daughter and now this young girl is his only hope and ally in rescuing his daughter from this demonic cult and proving to him that Taryn Barker is the Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter stars Niamh Hogan in the title role, supported by Michael Parle as Demon Lord Falstaff, with Alan Talbot, Kevin O’Malley, Nic Furlong, Sarah Tapes Jenkinson, and Margarita Grillis.

It was written by Kavanagh and Tony Flynn, and produced by Victor McGowan, Anna Ginjaume Grieve, Zoe Kavanagh, Matthew Taylor, and Stephen Horgan.

Keep up with the film on Facebook.

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“Stan Against Evil” Will Star the Hilarious John C. McGinley

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 15:14

John C. McGinley is an awesome actor (from Platoon to Office Space), especially when he gets to play a jerk. He’s got amazing comedic timing, and can even pull off a serious role. When he mixes the two together it’s pure bliss.

Massive news, via Deadline, who reports that the “Scrubs” alum has locked the lead role in “Stan Against Evil,” IFC’s new scripted comedy-horror series from “The Simpsons” writer Dana Gould.

Also cast in the show, which has an eight-episode order for a fall premiere, is actress-comedian Janet Varney (“You’re the Worst”).

‘Stan Against Evil’ follows Stanley Miller (McGinley), a sour, aging bulldog of a New England police sheriff who has recently lost his position as head honcho due to an angry outburst at a most inappropriate moment — his wife’s funeral. Impatient and judgmental, he’s not exactly accepting or kind towards people from different walks of life. When the new, strong-willed sheriff Evie Barret (Varney) opens his eyes to the plague of angry demons haunting their small New Hampshire town, Stan begrudgingly joins an alliance with her to fight them off.

“Dana has crafted the most deliciously combustible, subversive contrarian on television. And we are going to set it off!” said John C. McGinley, who also will serve as a producer on the series.

Goud executive produces with Tom Lassally of 3 Arts, Frank Scherma & Justin Wilkes of RadicalMedia. Filming is scheduled to begin in June in Atlanta.

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Our 10 Most Anticipated Horror VR Games!

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 15:00

It’s begun. Virtual reality is here, and it’s positioned to be more revolutionary, and lasting, than motion controls, 3D, or any of the other tech-fads we’ve endured over the years. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are available now to anyone who’s willing to spend $799 or $599, respectively, to get in on the fun before the PlayStation VR headset arrives in October for $399, so fiscally risk adverse peasants such as myself can also have the opportunity to strap monitors to our faces. Virtual reality will take some getting used to, both for the creators of these games and the folks who’ll spend hours playing them, so while we wait for it to find its groove, let’s take a look at some of the horror VR games we’re most looking forward to right now.

The works of H.P. Lovecraft are becoming increasingly popular lately as a growing number of developers look to them as a source of inspiration for their own stories. Among them is Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac and their upcoming game based on Lovecraft’s novella, At the Mountains of Madness.

Edge of Nowhere follows a team of explorers who are sent into the Antarctic mountains to rescue a missing expedition team. This is one of the few VR games that’s played from the third-person perspective, as opposed to the first-person viewpoint that so many other games employ. The reasoning behind this is entirely about the player’s comfort level, since most people don’t have a lot of experience playing virtual reality games, it can take some time to get used to.

Release Date: Spring 2016 (Oculus Rift)

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Here’s Who Will Direct the ‘Jurassic World’ Sequel

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 13:25

It was announced back in January that Juan Antonio Bayona would no long be directing World War Z as he’s focusing on completing A Monster Calls.

News then broke, via Deadline, that the real reason was that Bayona could end up directing Jurassic World 2 for Universal Pictures.

This morning producer Frank Marshall confirmed the news on Twitter.

Thrilled to announce JA Bayona is on board to direct JW2. Welcome to the team @FilmBayona!

— Frank Marshall (@LeDoctor) April 18, 2016

Colin Trevorrow directed the Jurassic Park sequel/reboot, and after it grossed over $1.6 billion, he accepted the job directing Star Wars: Episode IX.

Trevorrow wrote the sequel with Derek Connolly and they’ve waited to get a good script before looking for a director, the site also reported in January, but all this is going to get moving soon for a complex picture dated June 22, 2018.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are expected back.

I didn’t dislike Jurassic World as much as the critics, and found most of the issues to be script-related. If anything, it was enjoyable, mindless popcorn entertainment that was better than the previous two installments. I’m dying to see what Juan Antonio Bayona can do the franchise and hope the Universal execs let him express his “dark” side that we’re so accustom to.

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[Tribeca Review] ‘Fear, Inc.’ Forgets to Scare

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 13:07

I think we’ve hit peak twist when it comes to entertainment. “The Twilight Zone” set the bar, and M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense took it to a completely new level. Now, after nearly two decades of red herring cinema, it has worn out its welcome. While Vincent Masciale’s Fear, Inc., which just had its World Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, offers nothing new in this regard, it’s at least entertaining.

Fear, Inc. is carried on the back of Lucas Neff, who plays Joe, a boisterous horror junkie who is desperately wanting to be scared, no, terrified. When a man (played by The Sandlot’s Patrick Renna) overhears his complaints, he offers the aid of a company called Fear, Inc. Joe, who can’t stand monotony anymore, calls the number of the business card, setting off a chain of events that echo classic horror cinema (from Friday the 13th to SAW).

Penned by Luke Barnett, the film is heavy inside baseball, but is glued together by fun characters and a series of horror-related gags. Neff is hysterical, and almost single-handedly makes the film watchable, while the rest of the cast elevate themselves to his energy.

The problem, however, is that Fear, Inc. is trying way too hard to outsmart the viewer, and ultimately ends up muddying up the impact with no actual tonal shift. The film could be likened to Behind the Mask in that, when it’s time to get serious, it never elevates itself. It’s focusing so hard on tricking the viewer that it forgets that its sole job is to be a horror film.

And as twisty as the plot may be, the pic is about as generic as it gets. Still, you could do much worse than Fear, Inc., which at least carries a fun spirit and heart of gold.

Ultimately, the irony here is that Fear, Inc. is about a horror fan wanting to feel something, anything, yet doesn’t offer this courtesy to its viewers.

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7 Unbelievable Horror Movie Facts!

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 13:01

Movies are often full of changes and trivia, but these horror films truly have some remarkable tidbits attached to them!

Everybody loves trivia. Whether you’re using it to be a hero and win some contest at a pub or just annoying your friends with it mercilessly, trivia is great because it’s short, digestible bursts of “Did You Know?” What’s more fun than that? The horror community is also such a fervent, passionate group of people that their enthusiasm towards trivia perhaps goes unrivaled. They can tell you exactly who’s under Jason’s mask in Friday the 13th Part IV or how many deaths take place across the Halloween franchise. However, as fun as trivia is, it’s also everywhere. So you know Reagan’s vomit in The Exorcist is pea soup, so does everyone, buddy! Accordingly, we’ve gone the extra mile to find some especially poignant gems from your favorite horror films that you hopefully have never heard before. And if you have, well then your trivia team, “The Dream Warriors” is going to have a lot more competition next time.

1. Stephen’s King is Spelled Wrong in Carrie’s Trailer

At this point Stephen King might have over a hundred adaptations of his stories filling both your television screens and movie theaters, but there was also a more humble time when he wasn’t the mega-author that he is today. Brian DePalma’s excellent adaptation of Carrie is actually the first Stephen King story to undergo adaptation. While the process would open the floodgates for the author, it didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t a household name yet. As a result, the “burgeoning writer” sees his name misspelled in Carrie’s trailer, going the Steven route. With King arguably being the biggest horror writer that there is, it’s crazy to think of a time when he was putting up with people screwing up the spelling of his name.

2. Psycho Is the First US Film to Show a Flushing Toilet On Screen

A lot of people think of the shower when they think of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and rightfully so. One of the most iconic murders in all of horror happens to take place in one. But while everyone is busy focusing on the shower’s importance in the movie, there’s an unsung hero in the bathroom that’s widely overlooked. That’s right, the toilet. Up until this point, a toilet flushing had never been shown in an American film (a terribly lewd, inappropriate act to depict, obviously). Psycho broke barriers by making toilet flushing possible, and cinema has never looked back since!

3. A Man Sued Warner Bros. For Fainting During The Exorcist …and Won!

We all want horror movies to be frightening. That’s their point. But it’s kind of bizarrely twisted that because a horror film does its job too well, it can actually be penalized for it, which is exactly what happened with William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. After an audience member fainted and broke their jaw from hitting it on the seat in front of them, they brought forth a lawsuit towards Warner Brothers. The victim claimed that due to the use of subliminal images (which the film does employ) he fainted. Warner Brothers settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, but awarded him something! A lot of theaters after the fact even had paramedics on hand to deal with the mass hysterics and fainting that was prone to happen, to avoid this from happening again! It all just sounds like a Nathan For You prank gone wrong to me.

4. The Gauntlet That Shelley Duvall Endured During The Shining

Shelley Duvall’s shriek heavy performance in Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining, is pretty apparent even if you’ve only seen a few minutes of the film’s second half. Duvall’s performance as Wendy Torrance is so shrill and fear-filled, it’s too much for a lot of people, going as far as reading as “annoying” amongst certain circles. Whether Duvall’s work rubs you the wrong way or not is irrelevant, the point is that she genuinely seems to be terrified, which is fundamental to the role. The only stipulation here is that apparently Duvall’s performance isn’t so much a wonderfully channeled piece of acting, but rather the result of the onslaught of torture that Kubrick put Duvall through, in order to get her performance to where he wanted it. Kubrick is known for being an eccentric and filmmaking using unconventional methods, but here Kubrick was constantly dismissive to the actress (going as far as telling her she was wasting everyone’s time), told crew to never show her sympathy, and would have her do hundreds of takes for scenes. By the end of the production Duvall was losing her hair and had to carry bottles of water around for how dehydrated she was from crying. That’s a lot of work to create the most terrified wife in horror.

5. Priests Were Present to Bless Moviegoers Seeing The Conjuring

Audiences were so shaken up after watching James Wan’s The Conjuring, that a special screening in Chicago had a priest present after the movie to cleanse any audience members who felt violated by evil spirits. Naturally, this was a whole lot of showmanship, but so much of horror is buying into an illusion that this gimmick actually worked and incited more fear and paranoia from moviegoers. A special piece of boilerplate was even present, warning that, “The film you are about to see is psychologically and emotionally disturbing.” Maybe for The Conjuring 2 they’ll even sprinkle brimstone around the theater.

6. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s Original Title Was Head Cheese

If you work your way through The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s commentary track with director, Tobe Hooper, you’ll come across the interesting tidbit that the film’s to-the-point title went through a bit of a revision process. Hooper and the film’s co-writer, Kim Henkel, had originally given their film the unusual title, Head Cheese, of all things. From that point the title slowly morphed into Leatherface, before ultimately taking on the title that we’re all familiar with (which wasn’t too popular at first, either). It was likely the lack of impetus and rationale behind Head Cheese as a title that sort of explains why thing’s slowly evolved. But can you imagine if one of the most unnerving films of all time had this as its title instead!?

7. The Skeletons in Poltergeist Are Real Human Skeletons

How expensive would you think rubber prop skeletons are? Well, they’re a whole lot more expensive than the real thing, apparently! Makeup artist on the film Craig Reardon brought up that real skeletons would actually be cheaper than creating something, and so this macabre mix of fantasy and reality was incorporated into the picture to great effect (although the actors weren’t told originally, mind you). While not as prominent, Hooper would employ the same technique on Texas Chain Saw Massacre as well, with the skeletons present there, also being the real deal.

Now spread this knowledge and inform every horror fan you encounter! Perhaps they’ll even have something new and unbelievable to respond back with! But what about you? What do you think the crème de la crème of horror trivia is? Sound off in the comments below!

You know, I had heard that on the set for Oujia 2

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