‘The Boy’ Image Gallery Comes to Life

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William Brent Bell (Stay Alive, The Devil Inside and WER) is tapping into the fear of dolls with a new take in STX’s upcoming horror, The Boy, which stars “The Walking Dead’s” Lauren Cohan.

In The Boy , “Greta (Cohan) is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village, only to discover that the family’s 8-year-old is a life-sized doll that the parents care for just like a real boy, as a way to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years prior. After violating a list of strict rules, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring Greta’s worst nightmare to life, leading her to believe that the doll is actually alive.

The Boy comes to life on January 22, 2016.

Tuck in the official image gallery below, with four clips also being uploaded as we speak.

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‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Clip: Vin Diesel Plays With a Fiery Sword!

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Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious and Riddick franchises) battles to protect mankind from the ultimate evil in The Last Witch Hunter (review), arriving on Digital HD on January 12 and Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital) and On Demand on February 2 from Summit Entertainment, a Lionsgate company.

The Last Witch Hunter is packed with special features including a behind-the-scenes featurette, animated shorts from Deviantart, the “Paint It, Black” sizzle reel from Ciara, deleted scenes and audio commentary with the director.

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive clip from the making-of featurette that shows Vin Diesel as Kaulder, preparing for a fiery sword fight with the film’s witch!

Kaulder is an immortal witch hunter who has spent centuries tracking down those who practice evil magic. When history’s deadliest witches resurrect their bloodthirsty Queen Witch, Kaulder becomes humanity’s last hope as he clashes with the supernatural in an epic battle for the ages.

Diesel stars as the heroic Kaulder, a legendary warrior sworn to protect the modern world from treacherous black magic and prevent the Queen Witch from returning. The film also features Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings trilogy), Rose Leslie (HBO’s “Game of Thrones”), Julie Engelbrecht (Before the Fall), and two-time Academy Award winner Michael Caine (Best Supporting Actor, The Cider House Rules, 1999; The Dark Knight franchise), who assist in his quest to save our civilization.

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[Blu-ray Review] ‘Voodoo Man’ is 40’s Schlock With a Bit of Charm

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Monogram Pictures was a studio in ‘Poverty Row’ during Hollywood’s golden age. ‘Poverty Row’ was a strip of smaller studios known for making B-movies, and Monogram specifically was known for action/adventure films and westerns. During the twenty year stretch from the 1930’s to the 1950’s that was Monogram’s heyday, the company did manage to push out a few horror flicks as well. One such film was 1944’s Voodoo Man, from director William Beaudine.

The titular Voodoo Man is Dr. Richard Marlowe (Bela Lugosi). Years ago Dr. Marlowe’s wife died and ever since he’s been trying to use voodoo to transfer the essence of young girls into the body of his wife to bring her back to life. He has a pretty good setup too. His house is located in the middle of nowhere which makes capturing unsuspecting solo travelers pretty easy. Assisting him is Nicholas (George Zucco), a man who owns the nearby gas station. When young girls traveling by themselves ask Nicholas for directions, he purposely misleads them towards Dr. Marlowe’s home. Once the girls arrive a couple of goons, lead by Toby (John Carradine), bring them back to Dr. Marlowe and the voodoo ceremony begins.

Dr. Marlowe’s plans come falling apart when he picks up his latest victim, Stella (Louise Currie). See Stella was on her way to be a bridesmaid in her cousin Betty’s (Wanda McKay) wedding. When Stella doesn’t show up, Betty and her fiancé Ralph (Tod Andrews) go to investigate.

Voodoo Man is a fairly minor horror entry, especially from the likes of Lugosi and Carradine. It’s not going to make a top horror list anywhere. In general a lot of the film is a bit ridiculous. I mean what are the odds that multiple pretty, young woman all go down this same stretch of road and all stop at this same gas station, all while driving alone? I would say pretty low but Voodoo Man has you believe that this happens multiple times a day.

Then there’s the actual voodoo ceremony. This couldn’t be more goofy. You’ve got a few weird costumes, some chanting, a bit of fire and Carradine just beating a drum to death. It’s a bit silly to say the least.

Those issues aside, Voodoo Man does have a bit of charm. Lugosi and Carradine are always a welcome sight and even though both made films that are significantly greater than this, they each did their fair share of schlock that was quite a bit worse. As weird as this may sound, the story is actually a bit touching. Dr. Marlowe just misses his beloved wife and will do anything to bring her back. It’s easy to see where he’s coming from.

The movie also benefits from the time period. People just talked awesome in the 40’s and 50’s. Everything was fast paced, people talked quick and had no time for chitchat. That probably explains why the film’s runtime was just over an hour. The best scene of this is when Ralph stops to get gas. He is in such a hurry and talking so quick he doesn’t let the poor attendant get a word in. He eventually lives before even getting any gas.

Also people just openly smoke at gas pumps throughout the film. This seems incredibly dangerous, but who cares it’s the 40’s! Go wild and live on the edge!

My absolute favorite thing about Voodoo Man though is that it’s a little bit meta. Ralph is a screenwriter and after he returns to Hollywood he turns in a screenplay based on this whole ordeal. When his producer asks him who they should cast he says, “Bela Lugosi?” This may not seem like much, but for 1944 I think that’s pretty cool.

Voodoo Man is now out on Blu-ray from Olive Films. It’s a standard Olive Films release, meaning it’s bare bones. The transfer looks very good, so that’s nice but I wish Olive would start adding some bonus content. I like the fact that we’re getting these little titles on Blu-ray, don’t get me wrong, but Olive could really step things up a notch by adding even the slightest bit of bonus content. Special features be damned, I still recommend this release as a cool little addition to any horror fan’s library.

Voodoo Man is now out on Blu-ray from Olive Films.

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‘Rabid Dogs’ Remake Trailer is All Kinds of Action-Packed Awesome!

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Mario Bava’s Rabid Dogs was remade by French director Éric Hannezo, and has since been making the festival rounds. In fact, our very own Kalyn was a pretty big fan, calling it a “worthy remake of a cult classic.”

Just yesterday Bloody Disgusting released the poster exclusively, and now IFC has released the first trailer for the action-thriller starring François Arnaud, Virginie Ledoyen, and Lambert Wilson in the film that begins after a bank job goes horribly wrong, and three desperate criminals take a young woman, father and child hostage that sets off a frantic and violent road trip that not all of them will survive.

On Jan. 22 the film will open in New York and on cable on demand, iTunes, Amazon, X-Box, Playstation, Google Play, etc. On Jan. 29 it opens theatrically in LA and will then open in a few more cities TBD over the coming weeks.

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This is a Good Time to Return to ‘Diablo III’

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Starcraft, World of Warcraft and Diablo have more in common than the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors they’re each built on. They’re also proof that Blizzard has mastered the craft of creating video games that are as epic as they are frighteningly addictive.

I spent a decade with Diablo II, and I would’ve spent many, many more had Diablo III not come along to replace it. Even though it originally released in 2012, a steady stream of quality, and free, endgame content has kept it from becoming too tedious.

The latest update — patch 2.4.0 — aims to do just that by adding a substantial amount of new content, including a swampy new environment called Greyhallow Island, a larger stash, and a couple dozen new dungeons that reward players with pieces of a set, which can be collected to unlock more dungeons. You can learn more about it in the video below.

Patch 2.4.0 is a free update that’s available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Art a Montage of Death…and Hope

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AMC released today the official key art for the second half of “The Walking Dead” season six, which returns Sunday, February 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

“This image gives a look at tiny pieces of a larger world our group is about to discover,” said executive producer and showrunner Scott M. Gimple. “In the new world, they’ll find hope, possibility, tragedy and the terrifying cost of change.”

In addition, EW released the above new image that harks back to the mid-season finale when Rick and co. were “covered in zombie guts and slowly making their way through a herd of flesh-easters.”

“We pick up right in that moment,” says creator Robert Kirkman. “Alexandria is overrun. Rick and the kids are all covered in guts trying to get through the crowd. Everyone is where we last saw them, and things get worse from there.

“It comes back to those plans of rebuilding Alexandria,” Kirkman adds. “Assuming some people survive, and it’s a good bet that some do because they’ve already talked in the midseason finale that they’re not planning on leaving Alexandria. It’s a bump in the road, but there’s something special there, and they can turn this into an anchor that they can build upon. They actually have a chance at surviving long term and building a safe place, not going from safety to safety to safety the way they have for the life of the show. This isn’t the prison, and ‘Oh, we gotta move on from here and find another place.’ This is something different. And from there, there will be other things that expand their world in new and terrifying ways.”

“The Walking Dead” is executive produced by Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero and Tom Luse.

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‘The Final Project’ Teaser: Found-Footage at a Haunted Plantation (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 14:01

Cavu’s The Final Project is the debut film from indie filmmaker Taylor Ri’chard and hits theaters beginning February 12th in Atlanta and Houston, and March 4th in New York and Los Angeles.

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive look at the new teaser trailer for the found-footage horror that gives a little nod to The Blair Witch Project.

Six college students have organized the ultimate graduation project… a documentary film about one of the most notorious haunted houses in America, the Lafitte Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. A Civil War landmark with a dark past, complete with stories of mutilated soldiers, murdered families and restless shadows roaming its abandoned corridors… no one has entered Lafitte in years- until now. Outfitted with high-tech recording equipment in order to capture every moment of their great adventure, these intrepid young filmmakers bravely venture deep into the misty backwoods of Louisiana. But on this plantation that time has forgotten, something evil still waits and watches. When darkness falls, their deepest fears come to life, as one by one they’ll learn the horrifying truth that awaits all who dare seek the secrets of the Lafitte Plantation. The dead are awake, and there are some places the living should never go.

We’ve also added the art below. Get more on Facebook.

ABOUT THE PLANTATION: Utilizing real locations in and around Georgia, THE FINAL PROJECT features a crew and ensemble of dedicated locals well acquainted with the haunted history of the South. Combining the “found footage” genre with authentic local folklore, it updates the classic American ghost story by tapping into a history too chillingly real to deny. The backstory of THE FINAL PROJECT combines an Old Hollywood touch with a real-life twist. Chretien Point Plantation in Sunset, Louisiana, the real-life model for the film’s Lafitte Plantation, was also the inspiration for the interior of the legendary “Tara” from Gone with the Wind. Its true claim to fame, however, lies closer to home. The site of a pitched and bloody battle between Union and Confederate soldiers at the height of the Civil War, with a bullet hole still embedded in one of its front doors, Chretien Point has long been rumored to be one of the biggest supernatural “hotspots” in North America. Ghostly sightings have been reported for decades, with stories of buried treasure, a vengeful “house mistress”, and even a nearby haunted bridge.

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[Blu-ray Review] ‘The House Where Evil Dwells’/’Ghost Warrior’ – Double Feature Offers Up Samurai Fun

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 13:37

One of the things I love most about Scream Factory is all the double features they release. This allows them the opportunity to release more obscure, or at the very least, less popular films on Blu-ray. It’s quite possible this is just my perception. All I know is that when they announce a double feature release its usually two movies I’ve never heard of. And I always love that because nothing is better than discovering a new movie for the first time. Scream Factory’s recent release of The House Where Evil Dwells and Ghost Warrior allowed me the chance to make two discoveries at once.

The House Where Evil Dwells

Ted Fletcher (Edward Albert) moves to Japan with his wife Laura (Susan George) and their young daughter, Amy. Alex (Doug McClure), a good friend of the family who appears to be some sort of American ambassador living in Japan, gets the family an excellent deal on a Japanese home that is over 200 years old. The home has everything the Fletcher’s want, but rumor has it that the house is haunted, which explains why it’s been abandoned for so long. Still, Ted is convinced the house is right for them and the family moves in.

It takes a few days for the family to adjust, as one would imagine, but eventually they get settled and everything looks like it’s going to work out just fine. But of course, the house is haunted and eventually a haunted house is going to cause problems.

Roughly 150 years before the Fletcher family moved in, a samurai used to live in the house with his wife. One evening when the samurai came home he caught his wife in bed with another man. Naturally, he was very upset about this and in a fit of violence killed both his wife and her secret lover. Shamed by all that happened, the samurai took his own life. These three ghosts are now haunting the house and in a way they take over the bodies of Ted, Laura and Alex. The ghosts then treat the three like puppets in an attempt to re-enact their fateful night.

This early 80’s film is sort of silly but it’s oh so much fun. Director Kevin Connor (Motel Hell) treats the material very seriously, so even despite the overall silliness the movie never becomes a campy parody. It plays as a pretty straight forward ghost story with samurai elements blended in. It never gets really scary, but it’s creepy at times for sure, particularly in a scene featuring giant crabs. The highlights though are the samurai fight scenes, of which there are two, and they get pretty bloody.

Susan George freak outs may be a bit underrated in the history of cinema freak outs. She has some good ones here. I almost recommend the movie just for them. If George losing her shit isn’t enough to sell you, then how about a sword fight between Trampas from The Virginian and the son of Oliver Wendell Douglas from Green Acres? I know, you’re all in.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ghost Warrior

1984’s Ghost Warrior, the only film directed by J. Larry Carroll, is even sillier than The House Where Evil Dwells and a lot less fun. Yoshimitsu (Hiroshi Fujioka) is a samurai who just before being killed jumps off a cliff and into a lake of water. The lake freezes over and 400 years later a couple of hikers stumble upon Yoshimitsu’s frozen body. They take his body back to Los Angeles with plans to unfreeze him and run some tests.

When Yoshimitsu awakens he obviously freaks out a bit. A lot has changed in the last 400 years. The world is completely different. But as much as things have changed, they’ve stayed the same because Yoshimitsu still finds himself trying to fight for his life. Helping aid Yoshimistcu in this fight is Chris Welles (Janet Julian), a doctor that works for the men who found his body.

This early Charles Band production has some cool ideas and moments, but ultimately is kind of boring. It really lacks a strong villain. You know the dudes that found Yoshimitsu are bad, but you never really know what their plan is. Or maybe I missed it because I was so bored? I don’t know, I just never managed to get invested in this one.

What I did notice about Ghost Warrior is that the production values are pretty solid. And this is how a lot of Charles Band movies used to be. Yes, they were B-movies. Yes, most were less than great. But most had a lot of heart and a lot of fun and looked pretty good. Band movies don’t really look like this these days so in that respect this was a pleasant callback to what Band productions used to look like. Outside of that though, the movie was just ok. Not terrible, just not great.

Rating: 2.5/5

Overall, I think this is a good release. You get two movies for the price of one and because of that it’s ok if one doesn’t work as much as the other. I kind of see it this way – I’m getting The House Where Evil Dwells, and it’s a fun movie, and Ghost Warrior is just a tossed in bonus. Both films look great, but sadly there are no bonus features. I recommend picking this one up still, even if just for The House Where Evil Dwells.

Overall Rating: 3/5

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Watch This ‘Intruders’ Clip Reset a Broken Kneecap!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 12:01

This isn’t easy to watch…

We have a painful exclusive new look at Intruders, the latest horror thriller from team that brought you Delivery: The Beast Within, opening in limited theaters and on VOD platforms January 15th through Momentum Pictures.

Intruders stars Beth Riesgraf stars as Anna, “a woman who suffers from agoraphobia so crippling that when a trio of criminals breaks into her house, she cannot bring herself to flee. But what the intruders don’t realize is that agoraphobia is not her only psychosis.

The clip shows Scream 4‘s Rory Culkin getting his kneecap reset after it was broken. Riesgraf stares on through, presumably, a security camera.

The film also stars Martin Starr (Dead Snow 2, HBO’s “Silicon Valley”) and Jack Kesy (FX’s “The Strain”).

Intruders is the debut feature from Adam Schindler, one half of LA based film collective Type AB, which was behind the festival favorite Delivery: The Beast Within. That film also World Premiered at the LA Film Festival back in 2013, where it secured US distribution through Salient Media/Tribeca. TJ Cimfel and David White penned the screenplay.

Steven Schneider (WER, Insidious, Paranormal Activity) is producing with Jeff Rice (Lone Survivor), Lati Grobman (The Iceman) and Erik Olsen (The Book of Eli, Orphan). Executive producers are Christa Campbell (Texas Chainsaw 3D, Leatherface), Matthew Lamothe, Tommy Vlahopoulos, Brian Netto and Rob Van Norden.

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Arrow’s January-February Releases Have a Little Bit of Everything

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 09:59

Earlier this week we talked about the newest Arrow announcements and while those announcements are very exciting, they’re still a few months away. Have no fear; Arrow isn’t going to keep us waiting around as they have multiple US titles lined up for release in the next month and a half. And each one is looking to be so glorious.

Nikkatsu Diamond Guys – Vol 1 [Blu-ray + DVD] coming January 26 – Limited Edition of 3000 Copies

Nikkatsu, the oldest film studio in Japan, inaugurated a star system in the late 1950s, finding talent and contracting to their Diamond Line for a series of wild genre pictures. This collection celebrates these “Diamond Guys” with three classic films from directors Seijun Suzuki (Branded to Kill), Toshio Masuda (Rusty Knife) and Buichi Saito (Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Peril).

An old hand at tough guy action roles, Hideaki Nitani (Tokyo Drifter, Massacre Gun) stars in Suzuki’s Voice Without a Shadow. Asako, a former telephone operator once heard the voice of a murder suspect which has continued to haunt her. Years later her husband invites his boss, Hamazaki, over for dinner and she realises his voice is suspiciously like that of the killer. Before she can investigate further, Hamazaki is found dead and her husband becomes the prime suspect…

Next, 50s subculture icon Yujiro Ishihara (Crazed Fruit) stars in Masuda’s Red Pier as “Jiro the Lefty”, a killer with a natural talent. Shortly after arriving in Kobe, he witnesses a man die in a crane accident which turns out to be a cover-up for a murder. Jiro soon finds himself on the run, tailed by a determined cop…

Finally, in Saito’s The Rambling Guitarist, mega star Akira Koabyashi (Battles Without Honour and Humanity) stars as wandering street musician Shinji, who falls in with mob boss Akitsu after saving one of his henchmen in a bar fight. Tasked by Akitsu with evicting an offshore fishery, Shinji finds himself in the middle of a very unusual domestic dispute…

Presented on Blu-ray and DVD for the first time in the West, these thrilling genre films feature Nikkatsu’s leading talent at their best.

Bonus Materials
* High Definition digital transfers of all three films, from original film elements by Nikkatsu Corporation
* High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation
* Original uncompressed mono audio
* Newly translated English subtitles
* Specially recorded video discussions with Japanese cinema expert Jasper Sharp on Diamond Guys Hideaki Nitani and Yujiro Ishihara
* Original trailers for all three films and trailer preview for Diamond Guys Vol. 2
* Extensive promotional image galleries for all three films
* Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
* Booklet featuring new essays on all three films and director profiles by Stuart Galbraith, Tom Mes and Mark Schilling

Amazon pre-order: http://amzn.com/B016IN3H2K

Sheba, Baby [Blu-ray + DVD] coming February 9

Fresh off her career defining roles for Jack Hill in Coffy and Foxy Brown, Pam Grier continued her domination of the Blaxploitation genre, in cult filmmaker William Girdler’s (The Manitou, Abby) ‘Sheba, Baby’

Grier plays Sheba Shayne, a private eye based in Chicago who is called to her hometown to stop the local mob boss (played by “that bad D’Urville Martin”, Black Caesar, Dolemite) from moving in on her father’s loan business. Aided by her father’s partner, Brick Williams (Austin Stoker, Assault on Precinct 13, Battle for the Planet of the Apes), Sheba finds out that the violent thugs aren’t going go away without a fight. Car bombs, gun fights and boat chases ensue whilst armed with her curves, street smarts and a .44, Sheba is in for a bloodbath!

Grier would appear in three Blaxploitation classics in 1975 (the others were Bucktown and Friday Foster), where she was at the top of her game and genre, with the Los Angeles Times calling her “cool, tough and glamorous – a female fantasy Wonder Woman”, further cementing her status as the first female action star.

Bonus Materials
* High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
* Original mono audio (uncompressed PCM on the Blu-ray)
* Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
* Audio commentary with producer-screenwriter David Sheldon, moderated by critic Nathaniel Thompson
* Sheldon: Baby – a brand new interview with David Sheldon
* Pam Grier: The AIP Years – a look over the wonder years of the Blaxploitation queen with film historian Chris Poggiali
* Trailer
* Gallery featuring rare publicity images and Lobby Cards
* Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Sean Phillips
* Booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by Patty Breen, webmaster of WilliamGirdler.com, illustrated with archive stills and posters

Amazon pre-order:  http://amzn.com/B017RL9136

Pray For Death [Blu-ray + DVD] coming February 16

In Pray for Death, martial arts legend Sho Kosugi (Enter the Ninja, Ninja 3: The Domination) stars as a family man driven to exact vigilante justice – ninja style!

Akira (Kosugi) has brought his wife and two boys to the United States in search of a better life. But their slice of the American Dream is quickly soured when they fall foul of a group of jewellery thieves. Unfortunately for the bad guys, they didn’t count on Akira being a secret black ninja.

The samurai sword of vengeance falls swift and hard in this classic slice of ’80s ninja action from director Gordon Hessler (Scream and Scream Again, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad), culminating in an action-packed showdown of Commando-esque proportions.

Bonus Materials
*High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
*Brand new digital transfers of the Unrated and R-rated versions
*Original Uncompressed PCM Stereo 2.0 audio
*Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
*Sho and Tell Part 1: Birth of a Ninja – an exclusive interview with Sho Kosugi, in which the star discusses the early stages of his film career, leading up to his role in Pray for Death
*Sho Kosugi on Martial Art Forms – an archive interview with Kosugi, including footage of his ninja demonstration from the 1985 New York premiere of Pray for Death
*Sho Kosugi Trailer Gallery: Enter the Ninja (1981), Revenge of the Ninja (1983), Pray for Death (1985) and Rage of Honor (1987)
*Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matthew Griffin

Amazon pre-order: http://amzn.com/B017RL9208

American Horror Project – Vol 1 [Blu-ray + DVD] coming February 23 -Limited Edition of 3000 Copies

Everyone knows the classic American horror titles: Night of the Living Dead, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street, to name but a few. But we want to tell you a different story: a story of the unsung heroes of stars-and-stripes terror, films that have remained on the fringes of the genre either through lack of availability or else sheer obscurity.This is where American Horror Project comes in.

Volume One of this series presents three tales of violence and madness from the 1970s. Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood (Christopher Speeth, 1973) sees a family arrive at a creepy, dilapidated fairground in search of their missing son, only tofind themselves at the mercy of the cannibalistic ghouls lurking beneath the park. Meanwhile, The Witch Who Came from the Sea (Matt Cimber, 1976), stars Millie Perkins (The Diary of Anne Frank) as a young woman whose bizarre and violentfantasies start to bleed into reality – literally. Lastly, every parent’s worst nightmare comes true in The Premonition (RobertAllen Schnitzer, 1976), a tale of psychic terror in which five-year-old Janie is snatched away by a strange woman claimingto be her long-lost mother.

Newly remastered from the best surviving elements and contextualised with brand new supplementary material, American Horror Project proudly presents an alternative history of American horror and film heritage.

*Brand new 2K restorations of the three features
*High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard DVD presentations
*Original Mono 1.0 audio (Uncompressed PCM on the Blu-rays)
*English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
*Reversible sleeves for each film featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by the Twins of Evil
*American Horror Project Journal Volume One – Limited edition 60-page booklet featuring new articles on the films from writers Stephen Thrower(Nightmare USA: The Untold Story of the Exploitation Independents), Kim Newman (Nightmare Movies), Kier-La Janisse (House of Psychotic Women) and Brian Albright (Regional Horror Films, 1958-1990: A State-by-State Guide with Interviews)

*Introduction to the film by Stephen Thrower
*Audio Commentary by film historian Richard Harland Smith
*The Secrets of Malatesta – an interview with director Christopher Speeth
*Crimson Speak – an interview with writer Werner Liepolt
*Malatesta’s Underground – art directors Richard Stange and Alan Johnson discuss the weird, mysterious world of Malatesta’s underground
*Draft script (BD/DVD-ROM content)
*Stills gallery

*Introduction to the film by Stephen Thrower
*Audio commentary with director-producer Matt Cimber, actress Millie Perkins and director of photography Dean Cundey
*Tides and Nightmares – brand new making-of documentary featuring interviews with Cimber, Perkins, Cundey and actor John Goff
** A Maiden’s Voyage – archive featurette comprising interviews with Cimber, Perkins and Cundey
*Lost at Sea – director Cimber reflects on his notorious cult classic

*Introduction to the film by Stephen Thrower
*Isolated score
*Audio commentary with director-producer Robert Allen Schnitzer
*Pictures from a Premonition – brand new making-of documentary featuring interviews with Schnitzer, composer Henry Mollicone and cinematographer Victor Milt
*Archive interviews with Robert Allen Schnitzer and star Richard Lynch
*Three Robert Allen Schnitzer short films: ‘Vernal Equinox’, ‘Terminal Point’ and ‘A Rumbling in the Land’
*4 Peace Spots
*Trailers and TV Spots

Amazon pre-order: http://amzn.com/B017RL91JK


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‘The Call Up’ Violates Virtual Reality Game

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 09:58

Altitude Film Sales has secured distribution deals in a number of key territories for Charles Barker’s debut feature The Call Up, reports ScreenDaily.

Vertical Entertainment has picked up US rights with Mongrel Media taking Canada. Deals were also finalised with Altitude Film Distribution for the UK, Nikkatsu for Japan, Defiant for Australia/New Zealand, Betta Pictures for Spain and Gate 23 for Airlines.

“The Call Up follows a group of online gamers who are invited to trial a state-of-the-art virtual reality game, but what starts out like a dream encounter with cutting edge video technology – a perfect representation of soldiers in a warzone – takes a turn for the sinister when the stakes are raised to fatal.

Max Deacon (Into The Storm) plays the lead role alongside Morfydd Clark (Pride And Prejudice and Zombies), Ali Cook (Kilo Two Bravo), Parker Sawyers (Southside With You), Tom Benedict Knight (Dracula Untold), Adriana Randall (Experimenter), Boris Ler (In The Land Of Blood And Honey), and newcomer Douggie McMeekin.

Directed by Charles Barker from his own Brit List-topping screenplay, the film is produced by Matthew James Wilkinson (Stigma Films), John Giwa-Amu (Red&Black Films, The Machine) with Alan Martin (The Machine) exec producing.

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‘The X-Files’: Mulder and Scully Finally Make Out!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 09:53

After nearly a quarter century, Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) have finally released their sexual tension.

Last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired a parody of FOX’s “The X-Files,” returning a week from Sunday, in which he imagines himself as part of the Season 10 premiere.

The video below takes place in a secret government office where Mulder and Scully come across an alien in a tube. After marveling at the discovery, Jimmy enters the scene as their new partner. Jimmy explains to them what’s changed since the 90’s, while Mulder remembers “Pogs” and Scully spends an entire minute dialing up to AOL through an old government modem.

But the climax, so to speak, is when Jimmy exclaims: “Also, you two should have sex. It’s been 23 years.“

No more waiting, fans. Watch the duo finally embrace their destiny in the video!

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‘Bunni’ Trailer Slahed Up By a Mentally Deranged Mother

bloody disgusting - Wed, 01/13/2016 - 09:39

Don’t keep a mother waiting.

Fans of homicidal mama’s boys will have a new reason to scream when festival hit Bunni arrives on DVD in March.

To celebrate the blood-soaked visit with Mother, Wild Eye Releasing has unveiled new artwork and a trailer for Daniel Benedict’s award-winning slasher film.

A group of teens explore an abandoned factory at the request of one of their friends. Little do they know he is leading them to a slaughter at the hands of his mentally deranged mother.

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‘Walking Dead’ Creator Wants to Make a Movie Out of the Teen Thriller ‘Oxenfree’

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 23:30

A few days from now, the skies will bubble and split apart so the supernatural thriller Oxenfree can spill out into our world and bring about the all-consuming darkness of an endless night — or it’ll seem that way to me anyway, as I sit at my desk, my eyes glued to a monitor.

Oxenfree is the first game to come out of Night School Studios, a developer founded in 2014 by industry veterans who wanted “to create a game filled with wonder, danger, and humor.” I might’ve shoved “gorgeous” in there somewhere, because it sure is pretty.

Those videos are a sampling of the creative potential that Night School’s partner and Walking Dead creator Skybound is intent to mine. There are more episodes in this behind-the-scenes web-series arriving later this week, and, in the much more distant future, we may even see a film adaptation.

Oxenfree releases on January 15 for PC and Xbox One.

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Fan Mod Turns ‘Dying Light’ Into a Free-for-All

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 22:22

Have you grown tired of the satisfying popping sound a zombie’s head makes when it’s caved in by the sledgehammer you strapped a car battery to, just because you could? Me too. We’ve been cruel to the ghouls in Dying Light long enough. It’s time we take up our homemade Mjolnirs and turn them on our friends and allies.

PC players can do exactly that thanks to the Steam Workshop mod, Don’t Drown. Created by Steam user Rabid Squirrel, this PVP mod pits a party of players against each other with the goal of surviving as long as possible on an island that’s prone to flooding and populated exclusively by enemies of the living and dead varieties.

Don’t Drown is available to download right now, though it’s still a work in progress. Its creator is currently working on adding an underground cave system to it in a future update.

Speaking of future updates, next month we’re getting quite a lot of new content when the massive expansion Dying Light: The Following arrives February 9 alongside the Enhanced Edition.

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Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful’ Brings Dread This May!

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 19:05

When evil spreads, dread comes for all of us.

Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful” returns Sunday, May 1st at 10PM ET/PT!

An erotically-charged, profoundly unsettling new saga, ‘Penny Dreadful’ completely reinvents literature’s most iconic and terrifying characters. Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein and timeless figures from Dracula join a core of original characters in a dark and brutal quest to save a soul — even as they grapple with their own monstrous temptations.

Starring Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green.

There’s all sorts of surprises in store for season 3. Just take a look at this casting for example; Dr. Henry Jekyll has arrived!

Here’s the promo where Hartnett gets a bit hairy.

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R.I.P. ‘Ghostbusters’ Actor David Margulies Passes Away at 78

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 19:03

More sad news to report as David Margulies has passed away at 78, according to his agent Mary Harden.

Margulies is probably best known to horror fans for his role as the mayor of New York City in both Ghostbusters films. He also play Gil Hurn in the “Tales From the Darkside” episode “Distant Signals”. I also personally loved him as the Doctor in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

An accomplished actor on Broadway, Margulies’ career stretched for over four decades and ranged from horror to mystery, drama to comedy. We send our condolences to his friends and family.

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[Blu-ray Review] ‘The Last Horror Film’ is a Good Movie with a Bad Blu-ray

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 18:58

Joe Spinell is one of the most interesting characters to ever grace the big screen. He just has a personality that few before or since him have had. He’s larger than life but not in the traditional Hollywood, movie star way. He’s probably most remembered for 1980’s Maniac, but his best film may have come two years later with The Last Horror Film.

The Last Horror Film was directed by David Winters (Thrashin’) and pairs Spinell back up with his Maniac co-star and Bond girl Caroline Munro. This movie actually pairs quite nicely with Maniac because it sort of plays like a more light hearted version of Maniac, if that’s something you can imagine.

Spinell plays Vinny Durand, a New York City cabbie who has a bit of an obsession with the queen of horror films, Jana Bates (Munro). Being a cab driver is just something Vinny does to make some cash; his real passion is to make his own horror film starring Jana. He packs his bags to fly out to the Cannes Film Festival, despite his mother (played by Spinell’s real-life mother) thinking it’s a dumb idea. Vinny’s plan is to meet Jana in Cannes and convince her to star in his movie.

It doesn’t take Vinny long to locate Jana and he begins to follow her around filming her with his camera. It’s a pretty good idea. He’ll just record her without her knowing and then she won’t be able to say no. Things are going pretty fine at first but then people around Jana start dying. Is it Vinny or someone else?

I really love this movie. I think it’s a ton of fun and shows off a bit more range from Spinell than we typically see. It’s also a nice slasher/mystery with a fairly surprising ending. Not sure it all completely makes sense, but the film does enough job selling it so I’m willing to buy. And then of course there is the guerilla style filmmaking that went into this. The crew just went to Cannes and shot, permits be damned! So the movie is good. I’m a fan.

The downside is this release from Troma is very Troma-esque. This is only the second Blu-ray from Troma I have, the other being Tromeo & Juliet. The Tromeo & Juliet Blu-ray is a good one, but apparently all their other ones since leave a bit (or a lot) to be desired. I haven’t seen any of those, so I can’t commit on them, but if this release of The Last Horror Film is any indication, then yeah the Troma released Blu-rays are pretty bad.

The transfer just doesn’t look good. Like not at all. I would say it’s a little better than a VHS but worse than any mediocre DVD. Everything looks very dull. I expect a lot better on a Blu-ray. This should be crystal clear HD, but it’s not. I’d understand it if the master print was poor and this is the best we could get. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case. 88 Films previously released a region free Blu-ray and from what I understand it looks great. I haven’t seen that release, but that’s what I hear. I have to imagine it looks better than this Troma release and probably by a wide margin.

So yeah, this release is a bummer. The movie itself I would recommend to any horror fan. It’s awesome. This release is not one I’d suggest picking up, however. Maybe someday Troma will treat releases of their movies with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately that day doesn’t appear to be today.

The Last Horror Film is now available on Blu-ray from Troma.

*Please note the below rating reflects the Blu-ray release as a whole and not the movie.

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J-horror ‘The Temple’ Jams With the Police

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 18:58

Musician Andy Summers, formerly of the band The Police, has joined the cast of Scott Spiegel’s supernatural horror movie The Temple, which is set to become the first Western film to be shot in the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Variety reports.

The movie tells the story of a tough policewoman who is sent to investigate the robbery of a temple near a remote village, where she is confronted by wary villagers and a snooping American TV crew.

I’m hoping this is vastly different than Gramercy’s The Forest, which left a bad taste in horror fans’ mouths. The fish-out-of-water aspect in horror is hard to connect with, which has been proven in the past with American versions of The Grudge.

Anyways, the full cast includes Ian Buchanan (Panic Room), Emrhys Cooper (Person of Interest) and Keith Jefferson (The Hateful Eight). Other thesps include Charlotte Price (Wild in Blue, The Sex Trip) and Bhutanese actress Kinley Pelden.

Principal photography starts in Bhutan on Jan. 20. Pic is produced by Happy Himalayan Pictures and Dream It Productions, and is co-produced by Suzanne Patrick, Pelden, Cooper and Donald A. Barton.

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‘Backtrack,’ Starring Adrien Brody and Sam Neill, Release Change

bloody disgusting - Tue, 01/12/2016 - 18:47

Saban Films has changed the release plans for Michael Petroni’s psychological thriller Backtrack, which stars Adrien Brody (The Jacket), Sam Neill (In The Mouth Of Madness, Jurassic Park), and Robin McLeavy (The Loved Ones, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

The psychological thriller, which had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, will now releases exclusively on DirecTV January 28th and in theaters and on-Demand on February 26th.

In Backtrack, troubled psychotherapist Peter Bowers (Adrien Brody) is suffering from nightmares and eerie visions. When he uncovers the horrifying secret shared by his patients, he is put on a course that takes him back to the remote hometown he fled years ago. There in False Creek he is consumed by solving a decades-old mystery that holds the key to his strange and menacing delusions.

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