AMC Says F**K Ratings, Renews “Preacher” For Second Season!

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Jesse Custer used the Word of God to command a second season of “Preacher”.

Just yesterday I begged you guys to watch this Thursday’s “Preacher” marathon in fear of AMC canceling the series after a weak start. It appears they don’t even give two shits about the ratings, and thus will move forward with an expanded second season anyways. God bless AMC.

AMC made the announced Wednesday that it has renewed its cinematic and critically acclaimed supernatural series “Preacher” for an expanded 13-episode second season, slated for 2017. For those curious, it is currently averaging 3.3 million viewers per episode, including 1.9 million adults 25-54.

“‘Preacher’ is a special television program and we’re eager to share with fans the rest of this wild first season and, now, an expanded second season,” said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios. “What Sam, Seth, Evan and the entire creative team have achieved in bringing Garth Ennis’ graphic novel to the screen is extraordinary. We look forward to more time with these unforgettable characters be it in Heaven, Hell, Texas or beyond.”

This Thursday night, AMC will air a “Preacher” catch-up/DVR marathon of the first five episodes of the current season, starting at 9:00 p.m. and running through 2:35 a.m. Friday morning. The sixth episode appears on AMC this Sunday in the show’s regular timeslot at 9:00 p.m.

Based on the popular cult comic book franchise of the same name, “Preacher” is a supernatural and darkly comedic drama that follows a Texas preacher named Jesse Custer who is inhabited by a mysterious entity called Genesis that gives him the power to make people do whatever he commands. Once this power attracts the attention of two mysterious angels, Fiore and DeBlanc, Jesse, his badass ex-girlfriend Tulip, and an Irish vampire named Cassidy are thrust into a crazy world populated by a cast of characters from Heaven, Hell and everywhere in between.

“Preacher” was developed for television by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (“This is The End,” “Superbad,” “Neighbors”) and showrunner Sam Catlin (“Breaking Bad”).

The series stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip, Lucy Griffiths as Emily, W. Earl Brown as Sheriff Root, Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc, Tom Brooke as Fiore, Derek Wilson as Donnie Schenck and Ian Colletti as Eugene/Arseface.

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Horror Trailers Need to Stop Giving Away Everything

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The other day, both John Squires and myself were tweeting about the latest trailer for Luke Scott’s Morgan. Admittedly, his tweet became a series of small conversations about the state of trailers but we both had the same feeling: the second trailer gave away far too much. You can see for yourself as I’ve put both side-by-side below.

It’s not a new trend for trailers to give away far more than they should. Just look at the trailer for Friday the 13th, which was a literal count of each death. However, what makes these spoiler-y trailers so much worse is the advent of social media, where the clip can then be circulated and thoughts can be levied to far wider audiences.

For example, when I saw a trailer in my youth (pre-widely available or even usable internet days), I could talk about it with my friends and that’s really about it. We’re talking a small circle of people (I wasn’t the most popular kid in elementary and middle school) and it didn’t go much further than that.

However, now I can tweet my thoughts to nearly 2,500 people who can hit ‘Retweet’ to their followers with a single click of a button. The ease with which spoilers and information can be shared is astonishing. That’s why your Facebook feed is inundated with people saying things along the lines of, “I’m going to be missing tonight’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, so it looks like I’m not going on Facebook until I watch it.” We’ve created a system where the information that people imbibe is out of their control, which has its positives and negatives.

Coming back to the point, horror trailers are guilty of sharing too much, which ruins the purpose of seeing the movie. When I go, I want to be shocked. I want to be terrified. I want to feel unsafe in what’s coming, not certain of impending events.

Last year, Trace wrote about how spoilerific the trailer for The Lazarus Effect was (as well as spoiler-y trailers in general), which gave away a key death. This year, the title for that offender goes to Don’t Breathe.

There are four main characters in that movie and the trailer shows one of them being killed. That death should’ve been a traumatic event to be experienced in the moment. Instead, we got it in a bite-sized trailer, so we experience a bite-size emotion. We will now enter the movie knowing of that character’s fate, so why should we allow ourselves to invest any emotion into that person? The fact is we shouldn’t and that immediately harms the movie as a whole.

The studio I guess doesn’t agree with that concept because they made the death one of the main focuses of their trailer AND they put chunks of the 3rd act sequence (from what I’ve heard) at the end of the trailer, essentially showing us segments of acts 1, 2, and 3. At that point, why do we care about seeing the movie? We’ve been shown enough that we can put together the pieces on our own.

Remember the trailer for Quarantine? Or how about Carrie or Last House on the Left? Each of these trailers had a serious problem of giving away the ending. And when I’m talking about the ending, two of the three showed the final sequences of the movie while one revealed multiple points of the climax.

Coming back to Morgan the first teaser was haunting and mysterious. It used audio to create an unsettling clip that showed almost nothing besides empty rooms and stark hallways. The full trailer however gave nearly everything away. It showed what Morgan looks like, what makes her “special”, exciting events, and created a narrative from which we can with almost near pinpoint accuracy guess what’s going to happen and who’s going to die.

This problem doesn’t just fall in the horror world. Batman v Superman was built up to be a battle between two superhero icons. Then they released a trailer that showed them team up to battle Doomsday. The whole title is now defunct because we know that they’re not against each other. Instead, we’re waiting for them to stop bickering and get to the part where things get interesting.

In closing, let me show you the trailer for Insidious, which I feel is an example of a great trailer from recent years. It barely shows any of the scares and when it does it’s in sharp and fast flashes, too quick for us to fully absorb what we’re seeing. Additionally, the line “It’s not the house that’s haunted…it’s your son,” is fantastic. It takes the haunted house theory and upends it, making the movie far more interesting because this is a concept that hasn’t really been done before. It intrigues and excites without revealing much of what makes the movie so damn fascinating and eerie.

Hollywood, there’s a serious problem with giving away too much in trailers. Instead, we need more teasers. If a trailer is two and a half minutes and a movie has a 90-minute runtime, then the trailer accounts for showing us nearly 3% of the film. That is too much. We need 1% but that amount should hook us and make us drool for more, not giving us enough of the meal that we pass on dessert.

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‘Carrie’ Getting a Deluxe Scream! Factory 40th Anniversary Edition

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Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie is hailed as one of the great horror films of its era, one that stunned critics and has since become one of the household names of the genre. Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of the titular character earned her an Academy Award nod for Best Actress, an award she won from the National Society of Film Critics.

Now, that horror is coming to home video in a deluxe 40th anniversary edition from Scream! Factory and it’s a doozy! Including a 4k scan from the original negative, three hours of interviews and featurettes, and a ton of additional features, this is the definitive edition of King’s masterpiece.

At the center of the terror is Carrie (Spacek), a high school loner with no confidence, no friends… and no idea about the extent of her secret powers of telekinesis. But when her psychotic mother and sadistic classmates finally go too far, the once-shy teen becomes an unrestrained, vengeance-seeking powerhouse who, with the help of her “special gift,” causes all hell to break loose in a famed cinematic frenzy of blood, fire and brimstone!

Carrie will be released on October 11th.


NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Negative
NEW Interviews With Writer Lawrence D. Cohen, Editor Paul Hirsch, Actors Piper Laurie, P.J. Soles, Nancy Allen, Betty Buckley, William Katt, Edie McClurg, Casting Director Harriet B. Helberg And Director Of Photography Mario Tosi
NEW Horror’s Hallowed Grounds – Revisiting The Film’s Original Locations
Acting Carrie – Interviews With Actors Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving, Betty Buckley, Nancy Allen, William Katt, Piper Laurie, Priscilla Pointer and P.J. Soles And Art Director Jack Fisk And Director Brian De Palma
Visualizing Carrie – Interviews With Brian De Palma, Jack Fisk, Lawrence D. Cohen, Paul Hirsch
A Look At “Carrie: The Musical”
Original Theatrical Trailer
Carrie Franchise Trailer Gallery
TV Spots
Radio Spots
Still Gallery – Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos
Stephen King And The Evolution Of Carrie Text Gallery

The collector’s edition Blu-Ray with slipcover
A limited edition 18″ x 24″ poster of the newly-designed art from artist Nat Marsh
A second slipcover — made exclusively for this promotion — featuring newly-designed art from artist Joel Robinson
A limited edition 18″ x 24″ poster of the newly-designed art from artist Joel Robinson
Early shipping to arrive three weeks before the national street date

[H/T EW]

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13 Horror Movies That Need the Scream Factory Treatment!

bloody disgusting - Wed, 06/29/2016 - 13:01

If you didn’t snatch up the Deluxe Edition of John Carpenter’s The Thing, which is being released by Shout! Factory subsidiary Scream Factory in September, you really missed out! You can still pre-order the Collector’s Edition though, so never fear! Scream Factory gives loving Blu-Ray released to horror films of all types (both mainstream and cult) and usually loads them with special features. While their cause is a noble one, there are still a bunch of horror films we would love to see get the Scream Factory treatment (including quite a few that haven’t even seen a Blu-Ray release yet). Here are 13 of those films!

Foreign Horror Martyrs

Pascal Laugier’s controversial film Martyrs hasn’t even seen a Blu-Ray release in America yet. You can buy the Region B/2 Blu-Ray on Amazon, but if you live in North America it won’t play unless you have a Region Free Blu-Ray player. And even then, the special features amount to a making of documentary and interviews with Laugier and the special effects artist. This fantastic film deserves a better Blu-Ray treatment and certainly deserves an American release.


Arguably the best film to come out of the New French Extremity movement, it’s perplexing that Inside has yet to see a Blu-Ray release in the states yet. Honestly, it would be great to get a box set of all of the films from the movement, but obtaining all of the rights might prove to be a bit of a chore. Still, the lack of a proper Blu-Ray release for the film that is essentially every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare is puzzling. Let’s get it done Scream Factory!

[REC] Franchise

Let’s just pretend [REC] 4: Apocalypse never happened, alright? I mean, they don’t have to put it in a [REC] box set. Oh fine, they can leave it in. As long as [REC] and [REC] 2 get a release I’ll be happy. They are two of the best found footage films ever created (and definitely two of the best zombie films ever made) and deserve some Blu-Ray love.

80s Horror Critters

Does anyone else own that DVD with all four Critters films on one disc? It’s awesome, right? Seriously though, why aren’t these films on Blu-Ray yet? Sure, Critters 3 and Critters 4: In Space are subpar sequels, but those first two are on point.


Hellraiser had a pretty good release from Anchor Bay in 2009 that is now out of print. The Midnight Madness edition from Image Entertainment, which was released two years later, removed all of the special features. Now is the perfect time for Scream Factory to snatch up the film and give its Blu-Ray release a makeover. It would also be nice if they released a Hellraiser box set similar to the one Anchor Bay and Scream Factory did for the Halloween franchise two years ago, but maybe that’s asking for too much.


C’mon! It’s Lamberto Bava, and you’re going to give it a barebones Blu-Ray release (albeit with perfect audio and video transfers)? Demons deserves better than that. Scream Factory, if you released it as a double feature with Demons 2 (and get some new special features for each one) I’ll love you forever.

90s Horror Candyman

How has Bernard Rose’s seminal horror film (which I am admittedly not crazy about, but I do see the appeal) not made it to Blu-Ray yet? After Hellraiser, it’s the most famous film adaptation of Clive Barker’s work. Scream Factory already released the sequel, but they haven’t been able to snag the licensing rights for the original yet. It’s such a shame.

Dead Alive

Fun fact: the VHS cover for this movie used to scare the crap out of me when I roamed Blockbuster as a kid. Anyway, Peter Jackson’s gory comedy was released on Blu-Ray back in 2011 with so-so video and audio and just a theatrical trailer in the special features. Where is the Peter Jackson commentary? I want an answer! If anyone can make that happen, it’s Scream Factory.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon already saw a pretty decent Blu-Ray release, but there was apparently a lot of footage left on the cutting room floor with tons of horrifying imagery. Methinks Scream Factory and Paul W.S. Anderson need to meet up and put together a Director’s Cut…

The Faculty

Honestly, I just want a cast commentary on this. You’ll laugh, but one of my favorite commentaries is the cast commentary of the 2002 Scooby-Doo movie. They’re just so fun to listen to! I feel like the cast of The Faculty would have the same chemistry. Just imagine feeling like you’re sitting in a room with Elijah Wood, Josh Hartnett, Clea DuVall, Jordana Brewster, Usher and Laura Harris. Better yet, have one Student Commentary with those actors and one Faculty Commentary with Salma Hayek, Famke Janssen, Piper Laurie, Bebe Neuwirth, Robert Patrick and Jon Stewart. You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be awesome. The current Blu-Ray release of the film doesn’t have any extras so there’s nowhere to go but up!

Recent Horror Slither

Why in the Hell is James Gunn’s masterful creature feature Slither not out on Blu-Ray yet (at least, once again, not in America)? You would think that after Gunn’s rise to fame after Guardians of the Galaxy some studio would have rushed to get this Blu-Ray released. Maybe the awful box office numbers are giving them pause. Either way, it deserves to see a proper Blu-Ray release.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

One of the most meta horror movies of all time saw a disappointing Blu-Ray release in 2009, when the format was still relatively new. Eight years later and a re-issue seems to be in order, especially considering the fact that there were no extra features included on that release. A sequel to the cult favorite has been talked about for some time. A new Blu-Ray loaded with special features courtesy of Scream Factory could certainly reignite talk of a much-needed sequel.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

For God’s sake will someone release this movie already? If you were able to catch it when it received an extremely brief release on DirecTV in 2014 and felt disappointed, it’s understandable. The film was completed in 2007 (I still remember seeing the posters in the AMC Theaters I was working at at the time) and almost no film will live up to expectations that were in place that long. It’s by no means a terrible film, though. While some of the interview sequences come off as incredibly cheesy, the tapes themselves are terrifying. Could Scream Factory be the one to finally let The Poughkeepsie Tapes see the light of day? I certainly hope so.

Many of these films are relatively mainstream, and Scream Factory has an affinity for releasing lesser-known horror films with cult followings as well. Which horror films, mainstream or otherwise, do you want to see get the Scream Factory treatment? Let us know in the comments below!

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Guillermo del Toro Praises Jan Švankmajer: Support the Czech Filmmaker’s Final Film

bloody disgusting - Wed, 06/29/2016 - 11:50

Jan Švankmajer is a filmmaker that many of us either know of or have seen movies that were influenced by his works. A master of surrealism and stop motion, movies like Little Otik and Alice have astounded and bedazzled audiences while his shorts have influenced household names like Terry Gilliam and the Quay Brothers.

Right now, the Czech filmmaker is raising funds for what will be his final movie, Insects. The film will be made with his longtime producing partner Jaromír Kallista.

A local pub in a small town. It’s Monday and the bar is closed, chairs are turned up on the tables. The pub is empty except for six amateur actors sitting in a corner. They’ve met to rehearse “The Insect Play” by the Čapek brothers. On a raised platform across the room we see a stage, set for Act II of the play. As the rehearsal progresses, the characters of the play are born and die with no regard to time. The actors slowly become one with them and some of them experience frightening transformations…

Below is a video of esteemed director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade II, Pacific Rim) talking about the importance of Švankmajer and of helping fund this film.

You can support Švankmajer’s campaign via Indiegogo.

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‘In the Deep’ Ups the Ante With TWO Sharks! (Poster)

bloody disgusting - Wed, 06/29/2016 - 11:01

We announced last week that Dimension Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Starz Digital will be releasing In The Deep on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand August 2.

Originally titled 47 Meters Down, the new shark thriller is directed by Johannes Roberts hot off his The Other Side of The Door.

The shark thriller ups the ante on The Shallows by adding an additional shark – and Mandy Moore (“This Is Us,” A Walk To Remember), with Claire Holt (“The Vampire Diaries,” “The Originals”), Yani Gellman (“Pretty Little Liars,” “The Young And The Restless”), and Matthew Modine (Full Metal JacketThe Dark Knight Rises).

“In The Deep dives into a world of two sisters (Mandy Moore and Claire Holt) who become trapped at the bottom of the ocean when a diving expedition to observe sharks goes horribly wrong. When the cable attaching the observation cage to the boat breaks and the cage sinks to the bottom of the ocean, the sisters must figure out a way to get back to safety battling injuries, lack of oxygen, and, worst of all, blood thirsty, great white sharks.

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The Sky is Bleeding in This Poster For ‘The Woods’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 06/29/2016 - 10:54

A movie that we’re extremely excited for is Adam Wingard’s The Woods, which Brad called “A new beginning for horror films.” Written by Simon Barrett, the duo who brought us segments in BD’s own V/H/S and its sequel are back with a movie that looks like it will usher in terror like we haven’t felt or seen in a long time.

The movie will, “…involve a group of college students on a camping trip who discover they are not alone,” and will star James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez, Brandon Scott, Valorie Curry, Corbin Reid, and Wes Robinson.

Earlier today, EW revealed a new poster for the film, which you can see below. Using only red, white, and black, the image shows leafless trees puncturing the sky, which is bright blood red. The tagline promises that, “There is something evil hiding in The Woods.”

The site also revealed that the film will make its first public screening at the San Diego Comic Con on July 22nd. The film opens wide on September 16th.

The Woods is produced by Roy Lee (The Ring, The Grudge, The Strangers, It), Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity, Insidious), Keith Calder and Jessica Wu (You’re Next, The Guest).

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[Blu-ray Review] Demi Moore Fights for Her Unborn Baby in ‘The Seventh Sign’

bloody disgusting - Wed, 06/29/2016 - 09:35

The Seventh Sign from director Carl Schultz is a very interesting movie. There are some gorgeous shots, some great acting – especially from a young Demi Moore in one of her earlier starring roles and it’s fairly suspenseful. Unfortunately the ending is a bit of a bummer and the movie kind of jumps all over the place.

Moore stars as Abby Quinn, a young woman who along with her lawyer husband Russell (Michael Biehn), is expecting her first child. We don’t get all the details, but we find out pretty quickly that she’s been pregnant before but something happened that resulted in her losing the baby. Given her past experiences she’s understandably concerned for her child and is trying to do all she can to make sure she protects the baby until she gives birth. Unfortunately for Moore there is a lot she has to protect her baby from. As Abby reaches the later stages of her pregnancy signs of the apocalypse begin appearing and along with them come Father Lucci (Peter Friedman) and a mysterious figure (Jürgen Prochnow) who seems to be the cause. Lucci has plans to save the day and stop this figure (I think) while Abby ends up stuck in the middle of sorts.

Lucci’s whole deal is kind of weird. The movie starts with a town freezing in the Middle East and people seem to think this means certain doom is on the way. Lucci though, he’s like “Nah, technology, probably.” That’s a little weird, right? He’s a man of the church, shouldn’t he be all about spotting the doom?

I am not a religious person and I’ve never pretended to be. I don’t know much about the Bible and what it says. If you were to quiz me on it I would surely fail. What that means is there are probably lots of references and imagery that relates directly to the Bible within The Seventh Sign that meant nothing to me and just went over my head. Either that or I made my own meaning with what I saw. My point is that despite there being a heavy religious context within The Seventh Sign you don’t actually need to be religious to enjoy the movie, but maybe it’s easier to understand if you are? Because I enjoyed it for the most part, but there were a lot of parts that didn’t make sense.

There’s all these things going on around the world – multiple earthquakes, rivers of blood and so on – and yet not one seems to be talking about any of it. I understand this isn’t a disaster movie but the world seems to be coming to an end so I kind of expect people to be doing whatever they can to survive. Instead everyone is acting pretty normal. I’m not sure there should be mass panic exactly, at least not from the jump, but these crazy events happening so close together should be acknowledged, right? I would think some red flags are being raised.

A lot of what happens doesn’t particularly make a lot of sense. Like there are Hebrew code letters that seem to pop up just before something terrible happens and we get the idea that they factor into it all, but never the details. There are lots of little things like this throughout the film. Different things are hinted at but never fully explained or explored. Maybe that’s the idea and it’s supposed to be left for you to figure out and draw your own conclusions.

So while the movie isn’t the clearest linear story, it is enjoyable in large part due to the performance from Moore. She has a ton of energy and natural charm. There’s no question when watching this movie that she’s a star. Even when the movie is moving through it’s weird, confusing moments you’re hooked because Moore is pulling you in. She’ll do anything to protect her baby and you want to watch her do so.

The Seventh Sign is a gorgeous looking movie. Juan Ruiz Anchía serves as the DP and just like he did a number of times before this film and a number of times since, he provides some wonderful photography. There’s one scene in particular that stands out to me. Abby is in a church after following the mysterious Prochnow and she begins to experience some pain in her stomach. She tries to leave the church and stumbles down and as she does so she looks up and there’s this bright blue light shining down at her. This is fairly brief but it’s an excellent shot.

The Seventh Sign is now out on Blu-ray from Australia’s Via Vision Entertainment. You have to import (JB Hi-Fi has it available) this but it’s the only Blu-ray currently available for the film and it is REGION FREE. And it’s a nice looking Blu-ray. It hasn’t been overly touched up digitally or anything like that, so you do have a few scenes where you can see the spots of imperfection from the film but with that you also retain the detail. As I’ve said before, I’m no expert when it comes to breaking down picture quality, but I know when something looks good to me and this looks good. The downside is this is  a bare bones release, so if you were looking for some special features regarding The Seventh Sign you’re not going to find those here. Still this is the only Blu-ray release available in the world and it looks good and that’s what really counts.

There are better biblical thrillers than The Seventh Sign – Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen quickly jump to mind as less clunky, more coherent stories. With that said I think there’s enough to enjoy that makes The Seventh Sign worth a watch. Yeah it’s kind of all over the place and then quickly tries to tie everything together at the end, but you’ve got Moore leading the way and she’s worth the price of admission.

The Seventh Sign is now available on Blu-ray from Via Vision Entertainment.

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[TV Review] “Scream” Episode 2.05: ‘Dawn of the Dead’

bloody disgusting - Tue, 06/28/2016 - 22:01

For an episode titled “Dawn of the Dead,” there sure wasn’t a lot of death. I said in my review last week that I would riot if an episode titled “Dawn of the Dead” didn’t feature a high body count, and here I am rioting. It’s a cool idea to name episodes of Scream after famous horror movies (in case you hadn’t caught on to season 2’s gimmick by now), but at least make them thematically relevant to the plot of the episode. All of the other episode titles made sense, but unless the title is referring to people finally realizing that Jake is dead, the title “Dawn of the Dead” doesn’t apply here. That being said, it was actually a pretty fun bottle episode of the series that essentially served as a place-setting episode for the rest of the season. That bottle episode I was jonesing for last week was delivered this week, and the results were mostly great.

After last week’s Carrie-esque finale, Sheriff Acosta decides to lock down the school and puts all of the students in the library. Shockingly, his deputies aren’t very good at ensuring no one leaves said library (seriously, kids were just strolling in and out of there) and Acosta is proving to be the worst sheriff Lakewood has probably ever had. After letting Kieran off the hook for bringing a gun to school(!) he then takes Maggie off the case for revealing privileged information to Brooke before using Jake’s lifeless hand to unlock his phone. Isn’t that considered tampering with the body or something? Get it together Acosta! Miguel did get in some good zingers on Brooke’s dad this week though, which nearly made up for his ineptness.

Once again, Brooke is seeing the most evolution as a character this week (though Emma nearly gave her a run for her money). Though she has limited screen time, she makes the most of her scenes, effectively moving through the five stages of grief in just a few hours. It’s a little silly but what about Scream isn’t silly? Young sells it and her final moment in the pool (see below) was heartbreaking to watch. We’ll have to wait and see the long-term effects Jake’s death has on her, but one would hope it steels her instead of breaks her.

Someone who refuses to be broken is Emma. I’ve come down on Willa Fitzgerald a lot in the past but she is really making a strong impression this season. After a few episodes of PTSD Emma, we are finally starting to see glimpses of a smart, strong Emma who is on a mission. Dare I say that she is starting to remind me of Sidney Prescott? Emma lying to Acosta about her encounter with the killer was the first time she had truly made anything resembling an intelligent decision, and it was a triumph for the show. Better late than never, right? She was even bold enough to break things off with Kieran, which everyone should back her on. Kieran still fails to make any sort of an impression on the show. Eli, who has been around for two or three episodes, feels like more of a character than Kieran at this point. So we can thank the killer for putting Jake’s phone in Emma’s purse.

Emma’s altercation with Haley, while amusing, came a little out of the blue. Other than the opening scene of the season and one other stairwell run-in with Audrey, Scream hasn’t exactly done much to show us why she is so antagonistic towards Emma. This lack of development on the show’s part made her bitchery towards Emma feel out of place. Who is this girl? Why should we care? It’s the same problem the show has had with Zoe and establishing her as a character. After the catfight, Ms. Lang locks Emma in her office, so that she can come out of her panic attack. She is all about breaking teacher-student boundaries, isn’t she? Oh well, at least Emma knows there’s a new killer now.

Audrey’s adventures through the school led straight to an encounter with Gustavo (I still refuse to call him ‘Stavo) after she saw him once again drawing bloody pictures of the Lakewood Six Five. Why was Gustavo working on his pictures in the middle of a murder investigation where all of the other students could see what he was doing? Because plot, I guess. The kid isn’t very smart, and watching Audrey call him out on his bullshit was a real treat. Unfortunately for Audrey, Noah finally (finally!) caught on to her bullshit and pickpocketed her phone only to look through it and see all of her texts with the killer, including that GIF of her in the storage unit. This terrible subplot will hopefully be coming to an end in the next one or two episodes, as Noah is going to have to confront her about the whole “pulling pins off of Jake’s corpse” thing.

Despite there being no body count whatsoever this week, “Dawn of the Dead” was a strong bottle episode of the series that closed out the first act of the season. Now let’s kill someone next week, okay?

Random Notes

  • In case you didn’t notice, Scream was moved from it’s 11/10c Monday night time slot to Tuesdays at 10/9c. If ratings don’t improve I’m 99% positive we won’t get a third season. Tell your friends to watch the show you guys!
  • Just an FYI: five days have passed in the Scream season 2 timeline.
  • Zoe who?
  • Upcoming titles include: “Jeepers Creepers,” “Let the Right One In,” “Village of the Damned,” “The Orphanage,” “The Vanishing” (I’m stoked to see how this one ends. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know why), and “Heavenly Creatures.”
  • “One man’s creep is another man’s-” “Creep.”
  • “So, I found Jake Fitzgerald just like you asked.” -This line almost won me over on Acosta.
  • “No. You’d never drop a body in front of your daughter. A freezer in the garage? Now that’s more your style.” -This line did win me over on Acosta.
  • Once again, all Gustavo did this week was deliver creepy stares before getting beat up. I’m sure Santiago Segura is a fine actor, but Scream is doing him no favors. Give him something to work with show.
  • If you listen to podcasts and enjoy Scream, check out the Los Angeles-based “Do You Like Scary Podcasts?” podcast, hosted by Kaitlin Reilly and John Padden. The episodes run longer than a single episode of Scream, but it’s a pretty great listen. They like the show but also understand how silly the whole thing is. Thumbs up!
  • Alas, there was no Brooke bitch face this week, so here is a GIF for you all to use when you’re upset (like perhaps when Scream inevitably gets cancelled):

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New Features Are Coming to ‘Doom’ This Week

bloody disgusting - Tue, 06/28/2016 - 21:15

An update will bring a new photo mode for taking in-game screenshots and the option to center the weapon placement for those looking for a more traditional Doom experience when Bethesda starts rolling it out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 30. The features will be joined in the coming months by a series of content updates the publisher first announced at E3 earlier this month.

This should give you an idea of what the classic weapon placement will look like. A complete rundown of what’s coming later this week can be found over here.

Between this nifty homage to the classics and the upcoming ‘Doom 4 Doom’ PC mod that’ll bring the reboot’s arsenal to the first two Doom games on July 18, it’s sort of fascinating how this series has handled its identity crisis. That’s no easy feat, as we’ve seen time and time again in Resident Evil and Silent Hill, among others.

Much of the content the company has detailed has focused on the multiplayer half of id Software’s acclaimed reboot of the decades-old series, some of it free, some of it paid. In July, a handful of game modes will be made available free-of-charge, followed by the arrival of the Unto the Evil DLC that’ll bring three maps, equipment and personalization options.

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This Proves ‘The Ring’ Would Make a Great VR Game

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Virtual reality is looking to change video games in some profound ways over the next few years, and it’s the horror genre that’s positioned to benefit the most as the tech gradually finds mainstream acceptance. The immersion and atmosphere these games require is made considerably more effective when experienced in VR, and a growing number of developers are taking notice.

This VR game based on the Japanese horror film Ringu (The Ring) isn’t official, it’s more of a fan-made proof of concept that also makes a fantastic argument for a developer to make a more “official” stab at adapting the dormant franchise. Created by Japanese designer Tatsunori Ishibashi, this game isn’t at all interested in having us flee from an angry Sadako.

No, that’s too obvious. In this game, you are Sadako.


— たつのる (@tatsunoru) June 21, 2016

I’m sure we can all agree that this obviously needs to happen.

While I have you, you might want to have a look at another video we covered recently that further proves how The Ring and virtual reality were meant for each other. And don’t forget, Rings hits theaters on October 28.

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The Apocalypse is Nigh in the ‘7 Days to Die’ Launch Trailer

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The first game to come out of Telltale’s new publishing label has finally arrived. It’s been nearly three years since 7 Days to Die released on Steam — where it’s currently $9.99 (60% off) thanks to the ongoing Summer Sale — and now the open-world zombie survival game has joined the PS4 and Xbox One. Its $29.99 price tag comes with some neat benefits, like split-screen co-op and the new “Blood Moon” community events, as well as the promise of more to come in the near future, starting with additional multiplayer modes.

The game hasn’t had a perfect launch, with multiple reports of various technical issues that are being squashed right now. One of the more common problems has to do with the local co-op feature, that might be easy to fix:

A number of people have been having problems with split screen, mostly because there doesn’t seem to be a direct prompt for it. Please try the following steps:

Start Singleplayer

Plug in / connect second controller

Sign in as guest or second player on second controller

Hit start.

This should have the game pop up in split screen for you.

If you have issues, you should report them here.

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A Survival Horror Classic Returns in ‘System Shock’

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Make yourself comfortable, hacker. Stay a while.

SHODAN has returned, and she’s brought us gifts. The System Shock remake has finally arrived on Kickstarter where Night Dive Studios hopes to raise $900,000 by July 28. The studio has even released a pre-alpha demo on the game’s crowdfunding page that you can play right away.

If its crowdfunding efforts pan out, System Shock will release in late 2017 for PC and Xbox One. Whether or not it will come to other platforms will depend on how successful it is. The first stretch goal ($1.1M) will add support for Mac and Linux, but there aren’t currently any plans to bring it to the PlayStation 4.

This reboot has been a long time coming. System Shock is a true survival horror classic with a legacy that’s lasted more than two decades and spawned the acclaimed BioShock series, a spiritual successor created by Irrational Games, the developer of System Shock 2. Irrational even paid tribute to their very first game in BioShock Infinite, which featured a ‘1999 Mode’ inspired by the year the game released.

The timing couldn’t be better, as we’ve seen a growing number of horror games that have eschewed the genre’s heavy reliance on unnecessarily cheap scares, excessive gore, harmful stereotypes, and recycled enemies in favor of more thoughtful storytelling, complex characters and deeply personal and even taboo themes.

System Shock laid the ground work for the horror genre as we know it today. It really couldn’t have found a better home then Night Dive Studios, which promises to “keep the new game true to the classic experience, keeping all the things you loved while giving today’s gamers the modern look and feel expected from a great game.”

Below you’ll find a sample of the game’s original soundtrack. Night Dive has been working with the Videri String Quartet, with the ultimate goal of enlisting Prague’s FILMharmonic Orchestra to record the score.

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Go Behind-the-Scenes of Carpenter Brut’s “Turbo Killer”

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In February of this year, synthwave artist Carpenter Brut released a music video for the track “Turbo Killer”. Directed by Seth Ickerman, I hailed it as, “…quite possibly one of the coolest music videos ever“, having been blown away by the grindhouse sci-fi/horror car chase that took place on screen. But how was that video made? What kind of work went into creating something so visually arresting and engaging?

Well, a behind-the-scenes clip has just been released and shows a great deal of the work that went into creating just such a video. To say that there’s a lot going on is an understatement, to put it mildly. There’s a lot of wizardry going on to create the fantastic illusion we’re presented with and it’s fascinating to see everyone come together to create “Turbo Killer”.

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Interviewing the Voice of Horror, Mr. Creepy Pasta!

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The rise of creepypastas over the past several years has been nothing but meteoric. Whereas once it was near impossible to get a short story recognition, much less publication, the internet has allowed dozens of forums and websites to pop up and host these bite-sized horror forays. It is because of these people that the world was introduced to Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, and Eyeless Jack, as well as a swath of others.

Perhaps no one has been more critical and important in the rise of creepypastas than the self proclaimed Mr. Creepy Pasta, whose YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers and has been running for over five years. Featuring narrations of some of the best that the genre has to offer, his channel has accumulated nearly 150 million views and spread the works of countless amateur authors, giving them much deserved recognition.

Now, Mr. Creepy Pasta is bringing the genre into a new realm by creating a 48-page anthology comic book that features two completely original tales and original artwork from Vincent V. Cava. And to celebrate this endeavor, which he admits would, “…actually be operating at a loss if we just barely hit goal“, we’ve interviewed the voice of terror himself!

You can support the Kickstarter campaign right here.

Can you tell me about the comic and how the whole idea came about?

Vincent V Cava and I work on creating creepy pastas. Vincent has always been a fantastic writer and came up with some of the most gruesome and best written stories that I’ve had the pleasure of reading on my channel. In the past year we’d been working on writing other projects and scripts together. During one of those projects we started geeking out about comic books, Superman, Y the Last Man, and how it really influenced us and became a huge part of our lives as kids and adults. Then the big suggestion came up: “Why don’t we make our own comic book?” This was last year sometime, so it was kind of just a joke idea that was being batted around. But as our previous project drew to a close, the more serious we started to talk about it until we looked at printers and artists. More importantly, we started looking at what kinds of monsters and stories we could create for graphic novels, that no one had seen before.

What have been some of your personal favorite creepy pastas over the years?

That’s a hard question. I get asked that at conventions a lot and from fans and I never really have a straight answer for them. Vincent’s written some great stories in the past that really mix comedy and horror well. That’s been one of my favorite themes of creepy pastas so I always hold his work in high regard. Stories like “A Favor for a Favor”, became classics in the creepy pasta sub genre. There’s also many other well written classics from some noted authors like “Bedtime” by Michael Whitehouse, “Candle Cove” from Kris Straub, and “Black Out at Third and Main” by Aaron Shotwell. All these stories are amazing well written and go into a pretty extreme level of horror.

Right now, the Kickstarter for the comic has more than doubled the requested amount. Were you expecting this kind of reception or did the overwhelming support take you by surprise?

About four days into the campaign, the backer count just exploded. At the time, I was on the way to Phoenix Comic Con to make an appearance along side Vincent. We were losing out minds over text. Sending these joke pictures and numbers back and forth just excited about what was happening. I was really reserved with my expectation. Vincent knew that Creepy Pasta was going to be a big exciting topic, but I was really nervous we’d make maybe 100$ or so. But to see that we’re at 200% now is really amazing. And I know it means we can live this dream of finishing and putting out the comic book. And if we hit those stretch goals then I can have a bit more fun with some of the other projects that are tucked away for the occasion.

The two tales in the comic are entirely original but utilize characters already known to the Creepy Pasta community. What was it about these denizens that made you want to expand and add to their lore?

The Rake is really the only character that was established before the comic in a story of the same name by Brian Somerville. The Rake, was a really well done story about this mysterious creature that snuck in and watched or spoke to you in your sleep. With that much mystery behind the character, we just had to give it another look. We spoke with Brian Somerville and got his blessing on the character and just took off with the idea. We didn’t want to go extremely comic bookie with the character. We kept him pretty wrapped in shadows so the horror aspect of him isn’t lost. First and foremost, when looking at this comic, we wanted to keep it scary and gory. We’re not going for an extremely shocking gore factor, but we wanted stories that seemed terrifying and had twists that could seriously catch our audience off guard. Not to toot our horn too much, but I think that’s exactly what these stories will do.

Currently, the Kickstarter is for one 48-page comic that features two original stories and a wraparound with the “Blueman”. Seeing as how this campaign is already a success, can fans expect more issues in the future?

We’ve talked a lot about it, but the big question is how we can get that book to the fans. We enjoyed working on this book and we learned a lot about working comics from this experience. Obviously, from ideal to paper, this idea took us nearly a year and we don’t want to be the case with any future issues. We’re two guys who wanted to make something, not a publisher and not a comic distribution company. So the question is we have the funding to make one book, what’s the costs and the time needed to make a second, and how can we get it to people? What’s good is we’re already asking these question and discussing more issues so I think it’d be safe to say fans have something to look forward to.

What is your dream with this project? Where would you like to see this path lead?

We’ve discussed a lot about what we wanted from the comic book, since the idea first came up. What I think I’d really like to see is this become a small series of books. I’d love to see us put out a small series with a short overarching story of the Blue man and a collection of different artists and maybe even a guest writer or two. I want to make this comic book feel as closely related to online horror as possible and, like I’d mentioned to every one interested in getting involved, it’s always an effort of a group. Creepy Pasta is a collection of stories on the internet from hundreds, if not thousands of different people. If we want to make a series that does it justice then Vincent and I will be guiding and writing the stories, but we need to get more hands in on the artwork and more heads in on the horror aspects.

I’d love to be able to hold a huge, hard cover, collection of stories in comic form with the name Creepy Pasta stamped to the side of it one day.

Can you tell us about any other projects that you’re working on?

I’ve always got new stories coming out from amazing authors on my channel MrCreepyPasta. That’s my job hopefully for life, is to keep chilling stories being told there. I have a few ideas for some new projects if we can hit stretch goal that I think everyone’s going to love but those are a secret until the time is right. I know Vincent’s got some new books he’s working on as well, including a Young Adult Book series under the name Creepy Pasta. And he’s got his new book that hasn’t been released but we’re giving it away in the Kickstarter called “Pastel Colored Dreams and Human Flavored Nightmares”.

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[Interview] ‘Clown’ Producer Eli Roth On Marketing Indie Horror Movies in a Marvel-Heavy World

bloody disgusting - Fri, 06/10/2016 - 12:01

In 2012, a man named Jon Watts received a phone call from powerhouse horror filmmaker Eli Roth telling him he wanted to make a movie with him. Just a few months prior, Watts had created a fake trailer called Clown featuring a man who puts on a clown suit for his kid’s birthday party, can’t take it off when the evening’s over, and eventually turns into a killer clown. Allegedly, this film which was proved to be a parody later on, was to produced and directed by Roth himself. Although Watts used Roth’s name without his permission, and Roth could have gotten easily and justifiably upset and possibly even sued, Roth surprised everyone with his reaction: He decided to lend a helping hand, and produce Watts’ feature length version of the film.

“Well, it was really good. I mean, if it was terrible I might have had a different opinion of it” Roth states jokingly. “But, it was the first moment that I realized I could be parodied, which is oddly flattering in a way. I was like ‘Wow, I’ve actually become a parody of myself, because so many people thought the trailer was real, it came out about five or six years go, so it was really before Twitter and Facebook and social media and Instagram like you couldn’t dispel it instantly, it just sort of appeared on a website and everyone thought ‘Oh my god, this is real! This is real!’ So, I called up Jon Watts, and I told him how much I loved it. I thought it was great, I thought it was really clever and funny and smart and I thought, ‘Fuck, I wish I had made that movie!’ And I said ‘Do you want to turn this into a feature?’ And he said, ‘Oh my god, thank you for not suing me!’ and I said, ‘Well this is Hollywood, let’s wait until we make money, then we can sue each other. There’s no point in suing each other now’” (laughs).

Although Watts had jumped on major hurdle, getting the help he needed from Roth to turn his short into a feature length film, he now has to deal with the obstacle every indie filmmaker must face at some point in their careers – trying to get noticed in an overly superhero saturated world.

“[Marvel and DC are] spending like, baseline is forty million, and those movies are spending sixty or eighty or sometimes a hundred million in marketing, so that’s what’s making money. There’s a new superhero movie almost every single week, and what happens is all the oxygen gets sucked up” Roth explains. “The best screens and cinemas are going to those movies, and that’s just the world we live in, and that’s just movies in 2016, that’s what movies are, so this is one of the reasons we created CryptTV. My cofounder Jack Davis and I really worked hard to cultivate and build an audience with short form original digital scares that has a very dedicated following and dedicated audience that they are there on CryptTV for that and we know we can reach them, we know we can activate them, so it’s just being smart, and so now we’re using CryptTV, mainly, because why spend all that money running a commercial on television if not necessarily everybody cares about it? Whereas, we put that trailer on CryptTV, it got 2.7 million views organically. It was like eighty thousand shares, insane insane engagement, and you could tell it’s like, ‘Okay, now we’re getting this trailer to an audience who care about this movie then we can retarget the people that saw the trailer cause we did it through facebook, now we can go back to them with more content’. So, you’re only getting the clown content to the people that care about the clown content. That’s been the goal, we’ve done marketing movies like Krampus, and stuff with The Witch and that’s the new way of reaching people is reaching them through their phones and their very like, isolated pods”.

In the end, not only has Watts seemingly effectively battled the Marvel-heavy market and won, but he’s even gone a step further and joined the ranks of Hollywood’s most elite filmmaking club – by landing the upcoming Spider-Man movie directing gig. According to Roth, this multi million dollar company couldn’t have nabbed a man better suited for the job.

“You know Jon can make anything look good on limited resources, he made [Clown] for just over a million dollars, which, it’s not an easy movie to do, and he made it look like it was shot for fifteen, so. He’s off doing Spider-Man for Marvel now, and I’m really, really happy for him, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. It’s just great when you work with a director like that where the as a producer, you can be there to help them creatively, and then let them do what they do best”.

Although holding one’s own in the face of superhero movies nowadays can be daunting, one upside that we can all agree on that the comic book cinematic universe provides is opportunities for up-and-comers like Watts and gang to flourish as filmmakers. It will be interesting to see what Watts has up his sleeve for the upcoming Spider-Man adaptation, especially because his work on Clown has been so impressive, particularly given his very limited financial resources.

Clown hits theaters and On Demand on June 17th, 2016.

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Go Behind-the-Scenes in Ice Nine Kill’s ‘Carrie’-Inspired “Hell in the Hallways” Music Video (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Fri, 06/10/2016 - 12:00

We’ve teamed up with Boston metalcore band Ice Nine Kills to bring you some really fun behind-the-scenes footage from their “Hell in the Hallways” music video shoot, which was directed by Dan Kennedy and Rasa Partin of Little Sky Film. The video is a reimagined version of Carrie, the now infamous story from author Stephen King.

Vocalist Spencer Charnas explains the “Hell in the Hallways video:

As an avid fan of horror films with multiple sequels, I have long had the urge to connect our music videos as a chronologic progression of stories. Taking off from our last video, based on The Exorcist, and moving into this new tribute to Carrie, I tried to create an original narrative that links these two classic tales of terror. Reuniting with Dan Kennedy and Rasa Partin from Little Sky Film (directors of “Communion Of The Cursed”) enabled us to bring my vision to life in an elegantly twisted way. But above all, the band wanted to take a stand against bullying and the cruelty it inflicts on so many kids. At it’s core, the story of Carrie is a profound morality tale about the dangers of bullying and the horrific consequences that can ensue. With a growing understanding by psychiatrists of the life-long consequences of being bullied, along with an increasing number of suicides, it seemed like a good time to put a spotlight on this epidemic.

“Hell in the Hallways” appears on the band’s latest album Every Trick in the Book. The album can be ordered digitally via iTunes and Amazon or physically through MerchNow, where there’s a beautiful red with black splatter vinyl that is limited to 500 copies.

Ice Nine Kills online:
Official Website

Vans Warped Tour Dates:
Jun 24 – Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion
Jun 25 – San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center
Jun 26 – Houston, TX @ NRG Park-Main Street Lot
Jun 27 – New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World
Jun 29 – Nashville, TN @ The Fairgrounds Nashville
Jun 30 – Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheater
Jul 1 – St Petersburg, FL @ Vinoy Park
Jul 2 – Orlando, FL @ Tinker Field
Jul 3 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Perfect Vodka Amphitheater at South Florida Fairgrounds
Jul 5 – Charlotte, NC @ PNC Music Pavilion
Jul 6 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach
Jul 7 – Syracuse, NY @ Lakeview Amphitheater
Jul 8 – Camden, NJ @ BB&T Pavilion
Jul 9 – Wantagh, NY @ Nikon at Jones Beach Amphitheater
Jul 10 – Hartford, CT @ The XFINITY Theatre
Jul 11 – Scranton, PA @ The Pavilion at Montage Mountain
Jul 13 – Mansfield, MA @ Xfinity Center
Jul 14 – Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul 15 – Burgettstown, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion
Jul 16 – Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion
Jul 17 – Holmdel, NJ @ P.N.C Bank Arts Center
Jul 19 – Noblesville, IN @ Klipsch Music Center
Jul 20 – Cuyahoga Fallas, OH @ Blossom Music Center
Jul 21 – Cincinnati, OH @ Riverbend Music Center
Jul 22 – Auburn Hills, MI @ The Palace of Auburn Hills
Jul 23 – Tinley Park, IL @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
Jul 24 – Shakopee, MN @ Canterbury Park
Jul 26 – Milwaukee, WI @ Marcus Amphitheater
Jul 27 – Maryland Heights, MO @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
Jul 28 – Bonner Springs, KS @ Providence Medical Center Amphitheater
Jul 30 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Utah State Fairpark
Jul 31 – Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center Arena Lot
Aug 1 – Albuquerque, NM @ Balloon Fiesta Park
Aug 2 – Phoenix, AZ @ Phoenix Event Complex
Aug 5 – San Diego, CA @ Qualcomm Stadium at Jack Murphy Field
Aug 6 – Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater
Aug 7 – Pomona, CA @ Pomona Fairplex
Aug 9 – Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Aug 11 – Nampa, ID @ Ford Amphitheater
Aug 12 – Auburn, WA @ White River Amphitheater
Aug 13 – Portland, OR @ Portland Expo Center

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Exclusive: Director Gene Blalock Talks Among the Shadows; Watch It Here!

Dread Central - Fri, 06/10/2016 - 12:00

With a number of award-winning shorts under his belt, Gene Blalock is certainly a filmmaker to watch. His latest, Among the Shadows, has been receiving overwhelming acclaim, so be sure to check it out below.

But first read our Q&A with him to learn how he created such a unique film.

DC: How did the idea for this film come about? Was there any personal experience involved?

Gene Blalock: I have no personal belief in the supernatural, but all the superstition behind those archetypes make for great stories. I first heard of Shadow People on “Coast to Coast AM,” which is a late-night talk radio show that discusses the paranormal. After some research, it seemed like an interesting topic – one that I had not seen many films address – so it seemed like a fun topic with a lot of possibility. The Hat Man had this sort of iconic appeal to him.

DC: Do you really believe that childhood fears of things lurking in the dark are irrational, or is it reasonable to fear the things in the night?

GB: Even as a child, I much preferred the night. People that you pass on the street every day scare me far more than anything lurking in the shadows.

DC: And you’ve got a lot of CGI effects on-screen, something relatively unusual for a short. Was the visual style a decision that you had from the beginning?

GB: We had a great actor, Andrew Varenhorst (Argo, It’s in the Blood), who played Hat Man in the film, but we always knew we would have to enhance his performance with visual effects. After meeting the amazing Tony Hudson (former ILM visual effects artist – check him out on, I think we stepped things up a bit. But honestly, that is how I would prefer to work – have a physical character interact with the environment and then use VFX to further the story.

DC: How do you feel about the awards that you’ve picked up?

GB: It is always nice when others appreciate what you create. I try not to read too much into whether any of our films receive awards, but rather the feedback I get from our fans and other viewers. That said, I’m happy that it has done as well as it has!

DC: Looking at your IMDb profile, you’ve got a ton of successful shorts under your belt. Do you plan to make a feature anytime soon?

GB: I’m currently finishing up a feature-length documentary on a musician, Johnny Indovina, but I am also hoping to start our first narrative full-length film later this year. We are already in pre-production and planning, so if everything comes together as we are hoping, we can begin production on that soon.

“It’s only a shadow…”

The irrational terrors of childhood – monsters hiding under the bed and demons waiting in the closet – fade into the nightmares of our youth. You’d have to be crazy to imagine that the flicker out of the corner of your eye was real; it was just a shadow, a moth flitting by, surely nothing malevolent. But denial is only a defense against the imaginary and holds no sway against true horror. When old playmates return, is it madness or worse? Answers lie Among the Shadows.

Awards for Among the Shadows:

Best Editing – Indie Horror Film Festival (2016)
Best Director – International Movie Awards (2015)
Best Cinematography – International Movie Awards (2015)
Best Editor – International Movie Awards (2015)
Best International Short Film – International Movie Awards (2015)
Best Musical Score – International Movie Awards (2015)

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Today on VOD: Stephen King’s Cell

Dread Central - Fri, 06/10/2016 - 11:35

While the box office will surely be dominated this weekend by James Wan’s EXCEPTIONAL sequel The Conjuring 2, we must point out that it’s not the only new horror flick available for viewing today. Courtesy of Saban Films, the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell has arrived on Ultra VOD today, beating the theatrical release by nearly a month!

Get a sneak peek via the trailer below!

Look for Cell in theaters and on lower-priced VOD July 8.

Directed by Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2) and written by Stephen King and Adam Alleca, Cell stars Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack, and Isabelle Fuhrman.

Stephen King’s best-selling novel is brought to terrifying life in this mind-blowing thriller starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. At the Boston airport, Clay (Cusack) witnesses a scene of chaotic mayhem when an electronic signal turns hundreds of cellphone users into rabid killers. Desperate to find his estranged wife and son, Clay teams with a train driver (Jackson) to battle the horde of murderous “phoners” as the city descends into apocalyptic madness.

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XCOM 2 Heading to Consoles

Dread Central - Fri, 06/10/2016 - 11:30

In what could quite possibly be the least surprising news story of all time, a console release for XCOM 2 has been confirmed for later this year.

Not only is the sequel one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2016 so far, but it also sold over 500,000 copies in its first week of release, so a console release was more than inevitable.

PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to get in on the alien-blasting action when XCOM 2 hits the systems on September 6.

From The Press Release:
The critically-acclaimed sequel to the 2012 award-winning strategy game of the year is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces. XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now, in XCOM 2, the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda and eliminating all who dissent from their new order.

Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, and facing impossible odds, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to ignite a global resistance and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.

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