Do You Remember Bravo’s Awesome “100 Scariest Movie Moments” Special?

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They pushed the boundaries. They make us scream. And jump out of our seats.”

I’ve been a horror fan my entire life – I have childhood photos of me walking around in a Freddy mask to prove it – but it wasn’t until my teenage years that I began digging deep into the genre. Sure, I loved all the wackiness and effects on display in the Nightmare on Elm Street films as a kid, but it’s when you get a little older that you start seeking out new movies, learning more about the history of the genre, and really developing your own set of tastes. It was in 2008 that I began writing about horror movies, but prior to that I spent many years researching and learning.

And in 2004, at the age of 18, Bravo (go figure!) provided me with a wealth of knowledge.

Premiering on October 26th of that year, the five-part miniseries “The 100 Scariest Movie Moments” counted down the most terrifying scenes in the history of horror, as chosen by a handful of experts that included Fangoria’s Anthony Timpone. Genre actors, directors, and fans were brought in to talk about the clips as they were played; the impressive roster of “talking heads” included Stephen King, George Romero, Wes Craven, Bruce Campbell, Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, and Leonard Maltin. Their insights served to dig into precisely WHY those scenes were so scary.

As a burgeoning horror nut at the time, I took to Bravo’s “100 Scariest Movie Moments” like a cat takes to catnip, and I remember recording the entire series on VHS tapes and watching them over and over again. I credit Bravo for introducing me to gems like Lucio Fulci’s Zombie, Peeping Tom, Don’t Look Now, and Audition, and seeing some of my favorite genre personalities talking about their favorite horror movies was just such a treat for me. There was really nothing else like it at the time, and even 12 years later, it remains one of the most must-watch horror docs out there.

The scariest movie moment of all time? Chrissie’s ill-fated midnight swim from Jaws, which beat out Top 5 moments from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Psycho, The Exorcist, and Alien.

Unfortunately, “100 Scariest Movie Moments” has never been released on home video, but the whole thing can be watched over on YouTube. Get started with the playlist below!

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I Never Knew ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Had a Blooper Reel

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Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror masterpiece The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the genre’s most iconic titles. It created a franchise that is still going to this day (we’re waiting for more news, Leatherface), one that has generated over $230 million in global box office over the years. It’s a film that terrifies and haunts audiences to this day, thanks to the dirty and grimy feeling of desperation and lost hope that permeate nearly every scene.

Many people see the film not only as a fantastic display of horror but also as a sneaky yet brilliant form of black comedy, a theory I personally ascribe to. There are definite comparisons to Looney Tunes and Hooper himself compared him to the cartoon duck Baby Huey. While the film doesn’t offer too much in the way of laughs, even with its comedic elements, it’s nice to know that there exists a blooper reel that shows the cast and crew having a grand old time making the film, even in some of the most gruesome of scenes.

Below you can see the video, which compiles several instances where the cast can’t contain their laughter at misquoted lines or at tipping over whilst tied up to a chair. It’s rather charming to see such flubs in a film that gives so many people nightmares.

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Brand New Madballs Have Begun Popping Up in Stores!

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I always knew Target was the greatest place on Earth.

Who doesn’t love a good ’80s monster toy? Companies back in that oh-so-glorious decade were hellbent on one-upping each other in the gross department, and one of the most totally awesome exports of the gross-out ’80s were the Madballs. Released by AmToy in the mid-’80s, the rubber monster balls have been revived several times throughout the years, and we’re happy to report that they’re once again back on store shelves. Courtesy of Just Play, those lovable Madballs are intent on making your toy shelf great again in 2017, and they’ve already begun popping up.

We thank Twitter user Toy Empire for bringing this to our attention and providing the above photo, which was taken at Target. We don’t yet know whether or not the new Madballs are exclusively going to be available at Target, but since that’s the only place we’ve heard of them being spotted, we encourage you to head out to your local store and do a little hunting.

*UPDATE: Looks like the new Madballs will also be available in Walmart and Toys R Us, and the full rollout is scheduled for January 17th!*

Seen in the photo are newly stylized takes on classic Madballs characters Oculus Orbus, Skull Face, and Dust Brain. As you’ll see in the photo below, new versions of Horn Head, Slobulus, and Screamin’ Meemie will also be available. Companies like Kidrobot and Mondo have also been making their own Madballs, so it’s a damn good time to be a fan of… gross… balls.

Yeah I just wrote that. What of it?!

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Trace’s 5 Worst Horror Movies of 2016

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Mr. Disgusting’s Top 10 Horror Films | Several More Must-See Horror Films | Kalyn’s Top 10 | Trace’s Top 10 | Trace’s Worst 510 Best Posters | Worst Posters | Best Trailers | Luiz Picks the Best Horror Shows | Chris’ Best Blu-rays 2016: The Year Netflix Embraced Horror | 10 Sci-fi Movies You May Have Missed | 13 Most Disturbing Horror Movie Moments |
5 Pretty Good Horror Movies You Might’ve Missed in 2016
[Poll Results] The Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016
10 Biggest Horror Stories of 2016
Let’s Play Pretend and Give Academy Awards to 2016’s Best Horror Movies

2016 was one of the best years for horror films in a long time. Unfortunately, even the best years have to have a clunker or two, and that is why “worst of” articles exist. It’s not enjoyable to trash films, but it’s a necessary evil that must be done. I didn’t get to see quite as many horror films as I would have liked (only about 70 out of 120), but to see what was up for consideration you can see the list of 2016 horror films I watched on my Letterboxd page. Let’s get started, shall we?

Dishonorable Mentions

There weren’t many truly atrocious horror films released in 2016, but there were plenty of mediocre ones. First there’s the disappointing (sorry) The Disappointments Room (my review). Then there’s the Inception/The Exorcist hybrid that is Incarnate (my review). Thomas Dekker’s ambitious but lackluster directorial debut Jack Goes Home (my review) meant well but was more a pretentious mess than a substantial character study. You can’t forget about the ghost story Visions (my review)*, which was unceremoniously dumped on Netflix back in January, no matter how much you would like to. Wes Craven’s final producing gig gave us the mean-spirited and sloppily put together The Girl in the Photographs. Finally, there’s Greg McLean’s first major American horror film The Darkness, which is so dull that you’d be forgiven for not realizing it was a horror film.

*I just realized I used the exact same phrase in the title of my reviews for Incarnate and Visions. Whoops. My New Year’s resolution for 2017 will be to get more creative with those.

The films listed above may be mediocre, but they cannot compare to the five worst horror films of the year. So without further ado, I give you these turds. The films listed on the next page earned a pretty strong reaction from me, and had I reviewed them they would have earned a 1.5/5 or lower on our skull scale.

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Trace’s 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016!

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Mr. Disgusting’s Top 10 Horror Films | Several More Must-See Horror Films | Kalyn’s Top 10 | Trace’s Top 10 | Trace’s Worst 510 Best Posters | Worst Posters | Best Trailers | Luiz Picks the Best Horror Shows | Chris’ Best Blu-rays 2016: The Year Netflix Embraced Horror | 10 Sci-fi Movies You May Have Missed | 13 Most Disturbing Horror Movie Moments |
5 Pretty Good Horror Movies You Might’ve Missed in 2016
[Poll Results] The Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016
10 Biggest Horror Stories of 2016
Let’s Play Pretend and Give Academy Awards to 2016’s Best Horror Movies

2016 was a pretty phenomenal year for horror. There was a winner released nearly every month and sometimes even more often than that. Even summer, which was overall a box office disappointment, was saved by horror films like The Conjuring 2, The Shallows and The Purge: Election Year. This made singling out 10 of the best films rather difficult, but somehow I prevailed. In an attempt to reduce reader frustration I have left off any films that I saw at festivals that haven’t seen a release yet. I did the same thing last year, so that means that some films I saw last year at festivals that saw a release this year were eligible for placement on this list. I didn’t get to see quite as many horror films as I would have liked (only about 70 out of 120), but to see what was up for consideration you can see the list of 2016 horror films I watched on my Letterboxd page. Let’s get started, shall we?

Honorable Mentions

As mentioned above, there were a ton of great horror movies this year. Unfortunately not all of them could make my Top 10. Here are some of the films that I thoroughly enjoyed but aren’t exactly the best of the best (of the best).

Let’s start with the mainstream releases. Had Arrival (my review) been an actual horror film it would have easily cracked the Top 5 in this list, but since it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a horror film I left it off. If you haven’t seen it yet stop reading now and go see it immediately. It’s brilliant. Also brilliant? Yeon Sang-Ho’s Train to Busan, one of the most fun zombie movies to come out in over a decade. After all the controversy surrounding the new Ghostbusters, I was surprised to find out that I enjoyed it quite a bit. It is a lot of fun and set up what could be a wonderful franchise, but it looks like that won’t be happening any time soon. Many of you gave us a lot of crap for liking Blair Witch (my review), but I maintain that it is the sequel we deserved 16 years ago. It’s a tense, exciting film that was a perfect way to end the summer. Finally, Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows proved against all odds to be the perfect form of escapism. Who knew watching Blake Lively on a rock for 90 minutes would be so entertaining?

On the indie front we had Mickey Keating’s Darling (my review), a beautiful homage to films like Repulsion. Bernard Rose (director of Candyman) surprised everyone this year with a modern adaptation of Frankenstein. Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) had a return to form with the heartbreaking The Monster. And how could we forget about The Autopsy of Jane Doe? André Øvredal’s (Trollhunter) spooky haunted house movie is an exciting roller coaster ride that is marred only by a middling final act. Finally, the best B-movie to come around in a long time is Pet (my review), a film with a second act twist so great it would be a crime to spoil it here.

Up Next: My Top 10 Horror Films of the Year

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The “Home Video Horrors” 2017 Calendar Celebrates Horror VHS Box Art

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 13:54

This. Is. Brilliant.

Like most horror fans who grew up in the ’80s/’90s, I miss (and will probably always miss) those weekend trips to the video store. Sure, it’s become easier and even cheaper than ever to rent new horror movies, but that video store experience, well, it just cannot be replicated or matched. It was special. It was magical. And if I didn’t know it back then, I damn sure realize it today.

One of the fans who has been doing a kickass job keeping the spirit of VHS alive and well is Josh Schafer, the man behind Lunchmeat Magazine. In his never-ending quest to make sure those video shops of our youth never truly go away, Schafer has just created his masterpiece: the “Home Video Horrors” 2017 calendar, a year-long tribute to the VHS box covers we’re all so nostalgic for.

Schafer explains:

If you’re looking to kick off this New Year in an absolutely radical rewind-inclined way, you’ve come to the right place, man. LUNCHMEAT is proud to present HOME VIDEO HORRORS Vol. 1: a 12-month, full-color 2017 calendar paying tribute to a selection of the most spectacular slabs of analog horror ever to rest on video store shelves!

Featuring phenomenal photography from artist Jacky Lawrence (of Charming New Society), each month vibrantly celebrates a different video cover, thoughtfully set in a scene reflective of the film’s content!

The date grid for each month is also amped up with groovy celebration indications for an array of special days from National VCR Day to Potato Chip Day to Elvira’s Birthday! What’s more, there’s also a bunch of fun home-video-driven trivia peppered throughout the months! Dig it!

Celebrate the gory glory of VHS horror and VHSave the date all year long, Tapeheads!

Only 50 calendars are being printed, so be sure to grab yours as soon as possible through the Lunchmeat Magazine website. They cost just $17 each and are selling fast!

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Pinhead Gets Stylized for This Upcoming Mezco Vinyl Figure

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 13:25

He has such sights to show your other toys.

Mezco recently acquired the license to Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth, and they’ve thus far already released a 12″ figure of Pinhead as well as a Living Dead Doll of the lead Cenobite. Up next, the horror icon that Doug Bradley made famous gets turned into a 6″, highly stylized vinyl figure, and the company just unveiled the upcoming offering ahead of the May 2017 shipping date.

From the Mezco website:

The Lament Configuration has been solved and Pinhead has been summoned! The leader of the Cenobites ascends into our realm as an all new deluxe styled figure, in our signature super-deformed style.

Pinhead features his trademark pins in his head, crafted of real metal. Pinhead has eight points of articulation for an extra dimension of posability, making him one of our most articulated figures in this format.

Pinhead comes with two sets of arms and two interchangeable sets of hands (four hands total) enabling for a multitude of poses and play options. He’s accessorized with the Lament Configuration (his infamous puzzle cube) and the unholy instruments of torture, which can either dangle from his corded waist or be held in his hands.

Deluxe Pinhead comes in a specially die-cut window box suitable for display in your collection of depraved treasures.

You can pre-order the stylized Pinhead figure for just $29 today!

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Here’s a Super Hi-res Shot of Pennywise From ‘It’

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 12:53

Watermark be gone! New Line Cinema shared with us a high resolution look at the first official shot of Pennywise from their forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

Bill Skarsgard stars as Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling monster that will torment several children in small town Maine.

Director Andy Muschietti (Mama) recently explained that what makes Pennywise a powerful villain is that he has nothing to hide. “Pennywise shows up, he’s front and center, and he does his show. He has an act,” Muschietti says. “So it’s weird all the time, and every little thing implies a further threat.” I’m not exactly sure what to expect from It, but if his act includes “Poking my head out of sewer pipes,” that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

In theaters September 8, 2017, “In a small town in Maine, seven children known as The Losers’ Club come face to face with life problems, bullies, and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise.

Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Nicholas Hamilton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, and Jeremy Ray Taylor are the modern Losers’ Club, seven kids who are terrorized by Pennywise.

Creature performer Javier Botet will play The Leper, and Owen Teague plays Patrick Hocksetter, a bully who torment the Losers’ Club.

Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Seth Grahame-Smith, David Katzenberg, and Barbara Muschietti produce.

Click the image to get the full resolution shot.

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Creating the ‘Blair Witch’ Time Loop (Exclusive)

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 12:12

Nearly two decades after documentary filmmakers vanished in the groundbreaking film The Blair Witch Project, an investigative team searches for them and the truth behind their disappearance in Blair Witch (read one of several reviews), arriving on Blu-ray Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital HD), DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand January 3 from Lionsgate. From acclaimed filmmakers Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett (You’re Next, V/H/S, The Guest, A Horrible Way to Die), Blair Witch stars James Allen McCune (TV’s “The Walking Dead”), Callie Hernandez (La La Land), Brandon Scott (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”), Valorie Curry (American Pastoral), Corbin Reid (Words with Girls), and Wes Robinson (The Genius Code).

Check out this exclusive making-of footage in which they discuss how the filmmakers came up with the visuals for the time loop.

[Related] Remember When “Scooby-Doo” Spoofed ‘The Blair Witch Project’?

A group of college students venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of their friend’s sister, who many believe is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch. At first the group is hopeful, especially when a pair of locals offer to act as guides through the dark and winding woods, but as the endless night wears on, the group is visited by a menacing presence. Slowly, they begin to realize the legend is all too real and more sinister than they could have imagined.

Get over 3 hours of bonus features on the Blair Witch Blu-ray and Digital HD, including an audio commentary with director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett (here they allegedly drop a bombshell about The Witch), the “House of Horrors: Exploring the Set” featurette, and a 6-part Making-of documentary, “Never Ending Night: The Making of Blair Witch”. The DVD release includes the audio commentary and the “House of Horrors: Exploring the Set” featurette.

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10 Sci-fi Movies You May Have Missed in 2016

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Mr. Disgusting’s Top 10 Horror Films | Several More Must-See Horror Films | Kalyn’s Top 10 | Trace’s Top 10 | Trace’s Worst 510 Best Posters | Worst Posters | Best Trailers | Luiz Picks the Best Horror Shows | Chris’ Best Blu-rays 2016: The Year Netflix Embraced Horror | 10 Sci-fi Movies You May Have Missed | 13 Most Disturbing Horror Movie Moments |
5 Pretty Good Horror Movies You Might’ve Missed in 2016
[Poll Results] The Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016
10 Biggest Horror Stories of 2016
Let’s Play Pretend and Give Academy Awards to 2016’s Best Horror Movies

Every year, blockbuster science fiction movies drive ticket sales for the industry and get us all flocking to the cinema. But for every Arrival or Rogue One, there are many smart and inventive sci-fi films that go totally unnoticed.

Here we’ve assembled a few of our favourites from 2016 that are worth catching up with before 2017 gives us even more.


Jacob Gentry’s Synchronicity deserves credit for its mind-bending plot and a slick noir aesthetic. A throwback to 80s sci-fi, the film feels like an unearthed Trimark Pictures release, and certainly Ben Lovett’s Moog-drenched soundtrack is Vangelis to the max, up there with the best synth scores of the year including S U R V I V E’s Stranger Things and Clint Mansell’s work for The Neon Demon.

In Synchronicity, a physicist who invents a time machine must travel back to the past to uncover the truth about his creation and the woman who is trying to steal it.


Netflix dropped two sci-fi flicks in 2016, ARQ and Spectral, and despite having a blast with Spectral‘s “gritty Ghostbuster” vibe, I found ARQ to be much more engaging and full of surprises. Perhaps that comes down to taste, but for me ARQ proves that an inventive screenplay can sometimes trump big budgets and massive set pieces.

In ARQ, written and directed by Tony Elliott, a couple gets trapped in a time loop, fending off masked home-invaders while protecting an invention that could save humanity.

Approaching the Unknown

From Moon to The Martian, Eurpoa Report  and Gravity, there is a rich tradition of space travel done awry. Approaching the Unknown is a similar tale.

The film stars stars Mark Strong as Captain William Stanaforth, who prepares for a one-way mission to colonize Mars. In what is essentially a one-man-show, Strong gives a bravaura performance  as an astronaut slowly losing it as he faces insurmountable odds and stresses on a perilous journey.

Kill Command

Boasting some truly great production and robot designs as well as taking its story cues from James Cameron’s Aliens, Kill Command is a fun, military sci-fi film that’s a B movie through and through. And that’s okay!

In Kill Command, an elite army unit travels to a remote island training facility to investigate a problem with a new robot prototype. Engage killbots!


Ben Wheatly (Kill List) dystopian High-Rise is an impenetrable fever dream of a film that takes no prisoners in its portrayal of free market ideology run amok. Adapted from the dystopian novel by J.G. Ballard, High-Rise tells the story of the inhabitants of a new, state of the art high rise apartment complex that engage in a sort of class warfare.

Full disclosure, as much as I found this film to be haunting overall, by the second act I think it devolves into a big mess. However, what’s good about it works. It’s gorgeous;y shot, and the needle-drop soundtrack is killer.

Into the Forest

Evan Rachel Wood may have captured the zeitgeist with her role as Dolores in HBO’s Westworld, but that wasn’t her only great sci-fi role in 2016. Into the Forest is a harrowing tale of two sisters (Wood and Ellen Page) who find themselves out in the wilderness during an apocalyptic event. As they work to survive in a world slowly crumbling around them, the bond betweem them grows stronger.

Similar to other sci-fi dramas like the recent Z is for Zachariah, Part sci-fi drama, part thriller, Into The Forest emerged as one of the year’s biggest surprises.

Tank 432

Produced by Ben Wheatley, Tank 432 is the directorial debut of that director’s long-time cinematographer, Nick Gillespie. With a resume that includes such psychotropic  flicks as A Field in England and High-Rise, it’s no surprise that his first film is equally as trippy.

In the immensely claustrophobic movie, a group of mercenaries come under attack and hole up inside a long abandoned Bulldog tank. But, while they try to keep the forces outside at bay, the real enemy is already among them, locked inside the ‘Belly of the Bulldog’.

Midnight Special

Jeff Nichols crafts a heartfelt tale of a father trying to protect his son that can only be described as “Spielbergian”. In it, Michael Shannon races across the country to save his gifted son who may have supernatural powers.

Ultimately, the film is a rumination on how difficult it is to allow a child live and learn on their own. As a father myself, I can certainly relate to the conflicts at the center of the film. And even though I felt some of the mysteries of the film fell a bit flat, overall Midnight Special feels like a singular experience.


A polarizing film that seems to have sci-fi fans either hailing it as an original gem or calling it a piece of crap, Terminus is really neither of those extremes. What it it, is a compelling and smart sci-fi indie from Australia with some good performances and an original concept.

In the film, following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind.


If you didn’t see Evolution in 2016, don’t panic! It only got released at the end of November so you’re not that behind. Easily one of the most striking films of 2016 visually, it is also one of the most compelling science fiction films of the last few years. Some are calling it Horror, but Evolution straddles genres in the sci-fi in the same way that H.G. Wells’ “The Island of Dr. Moreau” does.

In Evolution, 11-year-old Nicolas lives with his mother in a seaside housing estate. The only place that ever sees any activity is the hospital. It is there that all the boys from the village are forced to undergo strange medical trials that attempt to disrupt the phases of evolution… then sh*it gets weird.

2016 definitely saw a number of interesting science fiction experiments emerge that flew under the radar. Looking back over the year, it seems strong for genre overall. But don’t let the smaller films slip through the cracks.

Okay, now it’s  your turn. What sci-fi films did you llike in 2016 that seemed to go unnoticed?

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Watch the Award-Winning Short, “Tampoon”

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 11:38

In Jeannie Jo’s horror short, “Tampoon”, “When Miranda makes bad decisions about her love life, a possessed tampon slips in to take care of business.

With the Slamdance Film Festival upon us for another year, Jo has decided to release her short film that was part of last year’s event.

About the filmmaker:

Jeannie Jo is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, performer, and media artist. Her visual art and films have been shown in galleries and festivals all over the world. She was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Southern California.

Look at this impressive list of festivals “Tampoon” has screened at:

  • Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, UT 2016
  • Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, WA 2016
  • Florida Film Festival, Orlando, FL 2016
  • Scream Queens FilmFest Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan(Winner: Audience Award) 2016
  • HollyShorts, Hollywood, CA 2016
  • Hollywood Comedy Short Film Festival, Hollywood, CA (Winner: Best Cringe Comedy) 2016
  • Sydney Underground Film Festival, Sydney, Australia 2016
  • San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, CA 2016
  • Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland 2016
  • Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival, Bruges, Belgium 2016
  • Courts Mais Trash, Brussels, Belgium 2016
  • Hell’s Half Mile, Bay City, MI 2016
  • Ozark Shorts, Los Angeles, CA 2016
  • Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France 2016
  • Stark County International Short Film Series, Canton, Ohio 2016
  • SF Indie Fest’s Another Hole in the Head Festival (Winner: Best US Short), San Francisco, CA 2015
  • NewFilmmakers NY, NYC 2015
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“The Walking Dead” Will Continue Until it Rots

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 11:11

It’s only fitting that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will continue shambling forth until it completely decomposes.

Even with a decline in ratings, the adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comic series is still massive, pulling in over 10 million viewers per week. Heading into the second half of its seventh season (the show returns February 12, 2017), there’s also no end in sight. Even with talk of a feature film continually teased, AMC looks like they’re going to take this series to its absolute limit. Assuming there’s no massive drop in ratings, who knows how long it can tread water. Kirkman, however, thinks it can last at least another 5 seasons.

In the most recent issue of the comic, Kirkman explained (via, “It took us six seasons to get to 100 [issues]. It won’t take us six years to get to 200 and that will take us to season… TWELVE. And we’ll still be ahead of the show at that point.

Yes, basing this solely on the series keeping up with the comics, “The Walking Dead” could drag its feet for at least 12 seasons. Can you imagine that box set?!

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A Beast is Unleashed On the ‘Split’ Poster

bloody disgusting - Thu, 12/29/2016 - 10:51

A new poster for the upcoming psychological thriller Split (read our review) has been released and it warns viewers of Kevin’s 23 distinct personalities…and to be worried about the 24th.

In the film, opening in theaters January 20, 2017, The Witch‘s Anya Taylor-Joy is kidnapped (along with two of her friends) by James McAvoy. Here’s the kicker… there may or may not be a monster. If there is, it might just be McAvoy who physically transforms into one; it’s like a new kind of werewolf movie with a taste of “Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”!

Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula and Haley Lu Richardson also star in Split, which Trace Thurman reviewed after its secret screening at this past September’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. He explains that, “Like many of [Shyamalan’s) films, it will no doubt split (sorry) audiences, but McAvoy’s performance alone earns the film a full recommendation. He is a marvel to behold.

Here’s the full plot crunch:

While the mental divisions of those with dissociative identity disorder have long fascinated and eluded science, it is believed that some can also manifest unique physical attributes for each personality, a cognitive and physiological prism within a single being.

Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch), Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him—as well as everyone around him—as the walls between his compartments shatter apart.

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This Brilliant Video Edits Kevin McCallister into Battle With Various Horror Villains

bloody disgusting - Wed, 12/28/2016 - 20:25

With special appearances from John McClane and Iron Man!

Okay so look. We realize that we’re a few days past Christmas here, but in my world, Christmas technically lasts through December 31st. My tree is still up. My lights are still up. My stocking is still hung on the chimney with care. And yes, there’s still freakin’ wrapping paper all over the floor. It’s not that I’m lazy. My cats just love playing with it. And also I’m pretty goddamn lazy.

My point? I don’t know. But it’s never too late for holiday fun.

Last month we shared a brilliant video that edited all of our favorite slasher villains into one shared universe, and the genius behind that video is back with another slice of awesome. The new video, uploaded a few days before Christmas but somehow not discovered by us until today, is titled Christmas Town Invasion: Kevin’s Fate, and it’s set in a world where all your favorite holiday icons breathe the same frigid air. Oh and they all want to kill Kevin McCallister.

Because why the hell not? He’s home alone. The perfect victim!

Editing wizard Antonio Maria Da Silva sets the stage:

In Christmas Town, it snows every day of the year, but this night is peculiar. It’s in this city and on this night that the fate of humanity is played out. Or maybe it’s just Kevin’s destiny…

Kevin McCallister vs. Jason, Krampus, and the Gremlins. Enjoy.

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‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Will Call Back Original Trilogy

bloody disgusting - Wed, 12/28/2016 - 18:00

It’s impossible to capture the awe and wonder that we all felt when Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park hit theaters. It was the first of its kind and utilized new technology to bring the dinosaurs to lift. Each and every sequel became less and less impressive, leading up to last year’s Jurassic World, which injected the fun back into the franchise. Sure, it wasn’t a great film overall, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a blast watching it. And at this point, that’s all I wanted from a sequel.

J. A. Bayona is taking on the sequel to Jurassic World, and it sounds as if his head is in the same place as mine. After making a series of bleak and dramatic features, he’s looking forward to creating something that his a more enjoyable emotional curve. In a new interview promoting his A Monster Calls, Bayona explains this, while also revealing that there are plans to call back the original trilogy.

After doing THE IMPOSSIBLE and A MONSTER CALLS I said, ‘I want to have fun now.’ So, let’s do a dinosaur film with Spielberg. It’s great, but at the same time it’s massive and way bigger than [the last] one.

I think what is tricky about doing the fifth movie of a franchise is how will you bring in new stuff and still pay tribute to what we all know and the legacy of the film. So, it’s the balance between the new stuff and the old stuff. I think Colin did a great job in the first one finding the balance between what people are expecting and what people are being again. I was kind of surprised when he pitched me the story because it leads the story to a place that we’ve never seen before and it brings some of the most important elements from the other films and makes something with them. I thought that was very interesting. It’s the second chapter of a trilogy so it gets the story to a place that wants you leaving more and more.

The sequel has Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard reprising their roles, with Rafe Spall and Toby Jones joining the cast. The script was penned by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

The park opens again on June 22, 2018.

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[Poll Results] The Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016

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Which horror film did YOU choose as the best of 2016?

All this week we have been celebrating the end of 2016 by looking back at our favorite horror films released in the past twelve months, but rather than simply tell you what we thought of the year in horror, we wanted to also open up the floor to you awesome readers. Last week we launched a poll designed to let YOU pick the best horror movies of 2016, and now that it’s been open for a full week and voting has been closed, we’re here to share the results. We’re happy to report that 5,062 of you guys and girls voted, and we thank each and every one of you for taking the time.

So give yourselves a pat on the back before we proceed.

1. THE WITCH – 1,469 VOTES

Okay. So let’s cut right to the chase: the best horror movie released in 2016, as chosen by the Bloody Disgusting readers. You chose The Witch as THE standout highlight of 2016, and we’re not at all surprised that a whopping 1,469 of you placed votes for it. I’m not sure there’s a single year-end ‘best of’ list that Robert Eggers’ incredible directorial debut is not on, and there’s a damn good reason for that. The Witch is horror filmmaking at its finest, accomplished and masterful on every conceivable level. So kudos to you for coming out the gate with a masterpiece, Mr. Eggers.

As for the rest of the reader-chosen Top 10 of 2016, let’s not wait any longer…








9. HUSH – 147 VOTES


Other films with a notable number of votes (more than 50) include: The Wailing (120), Blair Witch (116), Rob Zombie’s 31 (104), The Neon Demon (95), Clown (75), The Shallows (75), Phantasm: Ravager (67), and Ouija: Origin of Evil (60).

Thanks again to all who voted. Your great taste has made us proud!

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Fan Theory Video Wonders If “Stranger Things” is a Slenderman Origin Story

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It had these long arms… and it didn’t have a face.”

Some people love fan theories, and others totally hate them. I’m not going to pretend I don’t understand why they annoy some folks, but goddamn do I love a good fan theory. The internet has exposed the negativity of every kind of fandom imaginable, but when fans use their brainpower to come up with wacky, wonderful, and sometimes mind-blowing theories about their favorite movies and television shows, it totally reignites my faith in fandom at large. Fan theories represent fans at their most fanatical, and as crazy as some of them are, I just cannot get enough.

The man behind YouTube page Inside a Mind is known for his in-depth fan theories, and in his latest video he tackles one of 2016’s best things: “Stranger Things.” What’s the theory, you ask? Jamie believes that the monstrous Demogorgon is actually the internet legend we know as Slenderman. Furthermore, he posits that “Stranger Things” tells Slenderman’s origin story.

Of course, while it’s possible that the Duffer Brothers were inspired by Slenderman when creating the Demogorgon, it’s unlikely that this theory holds any real water, but it’s an amusing and interesting one nonetheless. When you really think about it, the two share many of the same defining qualities (nearly all of them, in fact), and if you slapped a black suit and a white mask on the Demogorgon, well, he’d probably look pretty damn similar to Slenderman.

But as Jamie explains, he’s just having fun here:

It’s just my brain going into overdrive, creating nonsense for a bit of entertainment.

Check out the fun fan theory video below.

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Rare ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation’ Doc Surfaces; Watch Now!

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Not all special features end up on the DVD.

Written and directed by Kim Henkel, fourth installment Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation isn’t exactly a high point of franchise horror… hell, it’s widely considered to be the lowest of low points. But it’s a fascinating and interesting film nonetheless, largely thanks to its two stars: Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger, who both refused to even acknowledge the film for many years. As for it being fascinating, well, franchise co-creator Henkel infused the film with bizarre meta elements that make it a curiosity worth revisiting, if nothing more.

Originally released in ’94 and then again in ’97, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation was to be accompanied by an hour-long documentary directed by Brian Huberman, but for whatever reason, the behind-the-scenes doc never ended up being released. Even today, the doc has never made it onto any home video release of the film, but it has finally been unearthed.

The 1996 documentary features in-depth insights from Kim Henkel as well as all kinds of never-before-seen footage from the set, documenting everything from stunts to makeup applications. It even contains behind-the-scenes footage of both McConaughey and Zellweger. It’s titled The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Documentary, reflecting the film’s original title.

Huberman describes the doc on his website:

Writer and director Kim Henkel remakes America’s favorite campy gore flick (again), keeping in mind complicated ideas about madness, murder and society’s obsession with blame. This exclusive behind-the-scenes footage shows the complex work going into the film’s stunt work, history of some of the most famous murderers in Texas and young actors Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger goofing off around the Texas country house that is transformed from classic country kitsch to classic serial killer lair.

At long last, you can watch the full documentary below!


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Fan Recut the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer to Echo the Original ‘Alien’ Teaser

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We cannot get enough of that Alien: Covenant trailer.

All of my Christmas wishes were granted when the Alien: Covenant trailer was dropped on Christmas day, and I must admit, I’ve watched the damn thing more times than I’ve watched any other trailer this year. As promised, the film looks to be the full-on Alien prequel that many fans were hoping Prometheus would be, and seeing that Face Hugger lit me up like a Christmas tree.

A new Alien film from Ridley Scott. It’s actually happening. Hallelujah.

Of course, the entire internet is as obsessed with the Alien: Covenant trailer as we are, and one fan just took it upon himself to recut the footage into an entirely different trailer. José Mellinas gave the Covenant trailer a makeover by recutting it in the style of the original Alien teaser, removing all the audio and replacing it with the chilling sound that first introduced us to the world.

And on a related note, another fan gave the Covenant trailer his own recut, inspired by the original Prometheus trailer. It’s way more intense and to the point than the actual Covenant trailer, and I’ve gotta say, as much as I love the official one, the “Prometheus style” fan edit is far superior. Just goes to show how much a movie can change in the editing room, particularly its trailer.

Check out both fan recuts below!

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The 13 Most Disturbing Horror Movie Moments of 2016!

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Mr. Disgusting’s Top 10 Horror Films | Several More Must-See Horror Films | Kalyn’s Top 10 | Trace’s Top 10 | Trace’s Worst 510 Best Posters | Worst Posters | Best Trailers | Luiz Picks the Best Horror Shows | Chris’ Best Blu-rays 2016: The Year Netflix Embraced Horror | 10 Sci-fi Movies You May Have Missed | 13 Most Disturbing Horror Movie Moments |
5 Pretty Good Horror Movies You Might’ve Missed in 2016
[Poll Results] The Bloody Disgusting Readers Chose the 10 Best Horror Movies of 2016
10 Biggest Horror Stories of 2016
Let’s Play Pretend and Give Academy Awards to 2016’s Best Horror Movies

One of my favorite parts about all of these year-end lists is going back through all of the horror films I’ve seen that year and picking out the most fucked up scenes to include on the “Most Disturbing Movie Moments” list. I think it may actually be my favorite list to compile at the end of every year. Does that make me depraved? Maybe. Do I care? Not really. Anyway, below are 12 of the most disturbing scenes the horror genre gifted us with in 2016. To qualify for this list the scene in question had to inspire some sort of visceral reaction in the viewer. It didn’t necessarily have to be gory or violent. It just had to provoke a strong reaction from the viewer. For the sake of not letting readers feel left out, films that only screened at festivals this year were not taken into consideration. Those films will go on 2017 lists (should they actually get a release in 2017).

***WARNING: NSFW and SPOILER-FILLED imagery & videos below.***

 Drinking the Kool-Aid – The Invitation

Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation is a masterful exercise in unbearable tension that culminates in a dinner massacre so shocking that it had people screaming in the theater. Out of context it probably doesn’t seem that disturbing, but after 70ish minutes of slow-building paranoia and dread the cathartis that the scene provides is astounding.

The Rape in Hell – Baskin

First-time director Can Evrenol shocked audiences this year with Baskin, a self-proclaimed trip to Turkish Hell (which is apparently worse that regular Hell). There are a plethora of disturbing moments throughout the film’s 97-minute runtime, the worst of which is when one of the cops is forced to have sex with a woman wearing a goat’s skull. It’s a stomach-churning moment in a film filled with them.

Got a Tampon? – Emelie

Emelie is a perfectly average psycho babysitter movie bolstered by a bravura performance from Sarah Bolger (The Lazarus Effect). In one of the film’s more unsettling scenes, Jacob (Joshua Rush) finds Emelie (Bolger) in the restroom during a game of hide and seek. After informing him that she’s on her period, she proceeds to make him find a tampon for her. Best babysitter ever!

Nothing Wrong With Necrophilia – The Neon Demon

Jena Malone is arguably the best thing about The Neon Demon, Nicolas Winding Refn’s pretty but hollow psychological horror film. The film received a jolt of energy every time she came (in more ways than one) on screen. Something that didn’t come to life was the corpse she had sex with towards the end of the film. Not much else needs to be said about this scene, but suffice it to say if you don’t like saliva, you should probably steer clear.

Up Next: Vagina Eggs and Broken Bones

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