[TV] Steven Spielberg Talks “Extant” (Video)

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In the following video feraturette, Steven Spielberg talks about “Extant,” premiering tomorrow night on CBS, while star Halle Berry explains her jump to television.

In the new series, “Astronaut Molly Woods tries to reconnect with her husband, John, and son, Ethan, after returning from a 13-month solo mission in outer space. Molly’s mystifying experiences in space lead to events that will ultimately change the course of human history.

The series looks to have everything from alien babies to android children.

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First ‘Into the Storm’ TV Spot Chases Trouble

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New Line Cinema chases trouble in the first TV Spot for Into the Storm, helmed by Final Destination 5‘s by Steven Quale.

In theaters August 8, “In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, even as storm trackers predict the worst is yet to come. Most people seek shelter, while others run towards the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Told through the eyes and lenses of professional storm chasers, thrill-seeking amateurs, and courageous townspeople, Into the Storm throws you directly into the eye of the storm to experience Mother Nature at her most extreme.

Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Arlen Escarpeta, Max Deacon, Nathan Kress, Jeremy Sumpter, Kyle Davis, Jon Reep, and Scott Lawrence all star.

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[Blu-ray Review] ‘Lake Placid’ Gets the Scream Factory Treatment!

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I saw Lake Placid in theaters back in ’99 and haven’t really thought about it since. Being the petulant teenager I was, I couldn’t appreciate the deft blend of horror and comedy David E. Kelley’s script. Older and (a little) wiser, I now appreciate it for the fun, but uneven, little creature feature it is thanks to Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray, which sports a brand new documentary and some fun vintage features. While the comedy bits are pretty spot-on, the horror elements are rather drab and it never feels like a cohesive film.

Lake Placid cuts right to the chase by biting a guy in half within the first two minutes. There’s a mammoth crocodile lurking in a remote lake up in Maine and paleontologist Kelly Scott (Bridget Fonda) reluctantly leaves her New York museum job to investigate. Fish and Game warden Jack Wells (Bill Pullman) and Sheriff Hank Keough (Brendan Gleeson) lead her into the fray. They’re unexpectedly joined by rowdy croc aficionado Hector, play with panache to spare by the Oliver Platt. Once Platt shows up, he pretty much carries the movie. He exchanges heaps of witty banter with Gleeson, while Fonda and Pullman slowly develop a romance, which actually feels totally organic.

There’s a backstory for Fonda that feels really out of place in the film. She’s sent to Maine by her boss, who dumped her the same day. It planted a distrust of men in her, I get that, but it feels like there’s some huge chunks of the story missing.

Following the set-up, Lake Placid sinks into repetitive territory. The whole middle portion is the crew going out on the lake, almost getting eaten, going back to land, and repeating that process. After it’s established that it is in fact a giant crocodile, which happens fairly early on, I have no clue why they keep going out on the water. Why wouldn’t they just stay on land and figure out a way to kill it that didn’t involve almost getting eaten every 10 minutes.

There’s a running gag of Gleeson constantly getting ensnared in traps Platt set in case the croc comes on land. Betty White and her potty mouth are thrown in for some shock value. All of these hijinks are fun and the dialogue is fantastic, but there’s really nothing interesting going on until the climax. The payoff is pretty decent, but doesn’t make up for the drab middle.

The comedy elements are consistent at least, and the relationships between characters are engaging enough to hold interest, but Lake Placid never feels like a cohesive film. Hell at least it’s fun and the crocodile looks amazing (Stan Winston, duh). The animatronic croc looks way better than the CGI one, which appears laughable at times. This was 1999, so I guess all the higher-paid animators were busting their ass on The Phantom Menace or something.

Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray sports a strong 1080p presentation. There’s some minor banding issues in the underwater shots, but other than that there’s nothing to complain about. The film was shot in panorama widescreen and some of the location shots look downright stunning. The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio is fairly dynamic and defined.

The big special feature is the 30-minute doc, where Pullman and various crew members reminisce. A lot of time is spent talking about the animatronic crocodile and other special effects and it’s all really interesting. What’s also impressive is the enormous set they built for scenes like the climax. They shipped in 80 ft. trees and even constructed a massive water tank. It’s really cool stuff and a blast to watch right after viewing the film. For another interesting bit about the crocodile, check out the test footage, which is about seven minutes of the animatronic moving through the lake.

Also included on the disc is a vintage featurette, which acts as a glorified commercial for the film, and trailers and TV spots.

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You’ve Never Heard Dimmu Borgir Like This Before

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Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir is known for its horrific visuals and lyrics. But what would happen if someone were to take one of their most apocalyptic tracks and gave it a more…friendly twist? That’s exactly what was done with their track “Puritania” as now there is a Radio Disney version. Nope, not kidding. Head below to hear it and compare it to the original!

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‘Attack on Titan’ Meets ‘Pokemon’, Nightmares Ensue

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The massively popular anime Attack on Titan is already more than a little twisted and gruesome on its own. Almost every episode brings with it copious amounts of gore, as people are crushed, thrown, torn apart, and eaten alive by gargantuan, soulless humanoids called Titans. Mr. Disgusting even recommended it back in June, after powering through the series over a weekend.

My experience with Attack on Titan was largely the same. A friend, who I often use as my personal anime guru, recommended it to me and after taking his advice I ended up spending an alarming majority of the following week binging on the hugely addictive series whenever I could. It’s a difficult show to take a break from, as each episode tends to end with a massive cliffhanger that leaves you yearning for more.

But the point of this post isn’t to stack more love onto Attack on Titan — which happens to be available, with subtitles, on Netflix Instant — it’s to share with you these nightmarish creations by artist Beth Emery. Below, you’ll discover what happens when you combine these monstrous Titans with cuddly, adorable Pokemon.

I’m so, so sorry.

For more of Beth’s work, check out her gallery.

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[Review] ‘Winter of Frozen Dreams’ Forecast is Fair, If Not Dry and Crusty

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A quick mention on a film that passed by under the radar a few years back, and landed smack in the middle of a 10-feature DVD collection released this July 2014 called ‘Ice Cold Killers’. If you come across this foster child of the genre, there are a couple of things you should know before approaching it.

Most importantly, Winter of Frozen Dreams (2009) is more of a true crime murder mystery than a horror story. Its based on a real Wisconsin murder case from the late 70′s that uncovered a seedy sex world beneath the surface of an otherwise unaware town. All things considered, it ends up being more of a character study than a murder mystery, because the film fails to answer any of the questions that the entire plot of the story is based upon.

It starts with good, dark, atmospheric intent. But when someone dusts off Keith Carradine as “the detective on his way to retirement before one last case” (*light cigar) and sends him on set (*action!) he flat out kills whatever was generating, with horrid character acting. Suddenly that morose, independent horror vibe shits the bed and reveals itself as something equivalent to a cheesy TV movie of the week.

Thora Birch (American Beauty) is the gem of this 90 minutes, and is very alluring to the eyes as the main subject of this case, Barbara Hoffman – the young, brunette prostitute who was also a high IQ’d Wisconsin bio-chemisty student, maintaining a 3.9 gpa. Her tabloid like murder case in the 1970′s involved two dead men who she had been seeing outside work at ‘the massage parlor’.  Both of them had life insurance policies taken out to her benefit.  Both of the men end up dead as a result of cyanide poisoning, autopsies later revealed.  Barbara Hoffman maintained her innocence, claiming that one of the men (played by Brendon Sexton III) killed the other in a love triangle dispute, and then killed himself.  Regardless of several letters written in his hand just prior to his death, that Barbara had nothing to do with the first man’s demise, when he is found deceased and the policies and cyanide connections are discovered, Barbara Hoffman is arrested and convicted of his murder.  Loop back to the first scene in the film, where she is found guilty.

The film ends with her stating to the court, that she had nothing to do with the crimes for which she was committed.  She remains in prison to this day, where she does not grant interviews, or attempt early release via parole.  Her whole case remains a bit of mystery, as to whether or not she is just assumed guilty of the murders because of her profession.

While it sure is watchable and no less worse than the prime time crap you find on the three TV major stations during the week, it leaves you very confused. Not one lingering question was definitively explained, solved, or put to rest. Other than being good fodder for a women’s focused cable movie network like Hallmark or Lifetime, why tell this story if you have no side to take on what ‘really happened’? WOFD plays it straight to the reputation of its own unsolved mystery, leaving the answers blank for you to fill in on your own, and your curious mind frustrated, grasping for out of reach resolutions.

Perhaps the creepiest factor about this film is the tabloid story about when they shot Thora’s sex scene – the way her father demanded that he be on set when it was filmed. (*shivers…)

For those interested in reading more about the true crime this film is based upon, check this out.

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Someone Please Get Me One Of These Limited Edition TMNT Guitars

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The San Diego Comic Con is about to see one of the most tubular guitars! The online retailer Action Figure Xpress (AFX) has announced that a limited edition Eastman/Laird Rockmaster Guitar featuring glow-in-the-dark artwork of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be available with only 100 being made. People at the con can get the guitar signed for free by Kevin Eastman, one of the co-creators of the TMNT! The guitar is priced at $275 and features a basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, and adjustable bridge.

More information can be found here.


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‘BioShock’ Would Have Been Totally Different on the Vita

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Remember E3 2011, when Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine took to the stage to announce a BioShock game that was being designed from the ground up for the PlayStation Vita? That clearly didn’t happen, and since since 2K refuses to talk about it, all we’ve known about the mysterious game is that it was planned to be a new, standalone entry in the series, rather than a port of an existing game.

Now that Irrational is no more, the original idea for the game will likely never see the light of day. The series’ future is in the capable hands of 2K, so it’s up to them to decide whether or not they’ll pursue a BioShock game on the Vita.

As for Levine’s original concept — what would it have been like? What did we potentially miss out on?

According to some tweets by Levine, who now runs a more “entrepreneurial endeavor” within 2K along with a small hand-picked staff comprised of former Irrational developers, the game would have been radically different from what fans have come to expect from the series.

Levine tweeted “on the Vita game: 2k and sony couldn’t put a deal together when I last checked. They seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011.” As for what kind of game it would have been, a follow-up tweet confirmed it would have been “something that would work well on the vita and not be a compromise in any way. also, as some know, i’m a turn based whore.”

“I was thinking a Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture.” Levine revealed.

I’m not a fan of turn-based combat, but this concept actually appeals to me. It sounds like a natural extension of the 2K Marin-developed BioShock 2, which introduced a level of strategy and preparation into each combat scenario.

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These Underwater Photos of Dogs Fetching Toys Are Terrifying

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I’m a dog person. Always have been, and until one decides to go full Cujo on me, that isn’t likely to change. Now, I realize this is a strange post to stumble upon while perusing a site like Bloody Disgusting, but I’m certain that by the time you’re done looking through the gallery below, you’ll agree that these photos are as horrifying as they are comical.

These are some damn eager dogs, you can tell their sole purpose in that very moment, captured by photographer Seth Casteel, is to get that toy. Eyes wide, jaw unhinged, limbs spread — nothing’s going to stand in their way.

For more of Seth’s work, feel free to check out his gallery.

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Prepare for Salem's Season 1 Finale with this Preview of Episode 1.13 - All Fall Down

Dread Central - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 13:05

All season long "Salem" has been building toward the moment that ended last night's episode, and now we're even more excited about next Sunday's finale, Episode 1.13, "All Fall Down." If you are, too, here's the ep's preview.

In addition, you might not realize that there's an app available for the show, which you can learn more about from the video below the preview.

"Salem" explores what really fueled the town's infamous witch trials and dares to uncover the dark, supernatural truth behind them.

Related Story: Visit our "Salem" Archive

The series stars Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley, Shane West as John Alden, Seth Gabel as Cotton Mather, Ashley Madekwe as Tituba, Xander Berkeley as Magistrate Hale, Tamzin Merchant as Anne Hale, Elise Eberle as Mercy Lewis, and Iddo Goldberg as Isaac Walton. Stephen Lang guest stars as Increase Mather.

"Salem" Episode 1.13 - "All Fall Down" (airs 7/13/14)
Alden comes to learn Mary's biggest secret in the Season 1 finale.

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See things as they really are in the comments section below!

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Hell Breaks Loose In ‘jeruZalem’ (Exclusive First Look!)

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 13:04

Now that the holidays are simmering down, cool off in a pool of exclusive first look images from jeruZalem, an end-of-the-world horror-thriller from the Paz Brothers (Yoav and Doron Paz)!

Here’s the plot crunch: “Realistic and never before seen footage of the worst prophesy in the bible – Judgment Day. While visiting in Jerusalem, Three American tourists find themselves trapped inside the city walls as an apocalyptic event is spreading all over the city. Will they escape the city before all hell breaks loose?

Yael Grobglas (known for his role in the Israeli horror Rabies), Yon Tumarkin, Tom Graziani, and Danielle Jadelyn star.

The Paz Brothers spoke to us about their influence and the genesis of jeruZalem.

Ever since we were kids, we remember our family trips to Jerusalem as a holy, intense, mystical and especially scary experience,” they tell Bloody Disgusting. “Even the non-religious people (like us) are excited from the thought that the Holy Bible is actually buried in the streets of this city. There is a local “joke” in Israel that you shouldn’t dig holes in the ground of Jerusalem because you’ll definitely find some ancient bones of somebody buried there thousands of years ago – a perfect setting for a horror movie.

Around the time we started working on ‘jeruZalem’, we read about Google’s new ground breaking gadget – the Google Glass,” they continued. “As filmmakers, we thought – this could be a great and interesting way of screenwriting. Using this technology, we can take the audience inside the head of the character (Sarah) and using social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter etc.) as a dramatic engine to the story. This way the viewers can have the real experience of the protagonist (Sarah) running for her life while all hell breaks loose.

We believe that ‘jeruZalem’ offers the audience an exciting combination of traditional cinema together with a great, new, up-to-date way of storytelling.

As you can see in the exclusive first images, the scope of this movie looks massive and we couldn’t be more excited to see the final product. The film is currently in post, which hopefully means we won’t be waiting too long.

The Paz Brothers’ first film, Phobidilia, premiered at TIFF and also played in the Panorama section of Berlin.

Those who enjoyed the astounding Big Bad Wolves should be excited to see what comes next from these Israeli horror filmmakers.

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[EXCLUSIVE Preview] Coffin Hill #9

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:57

We here at Bloody Disgusting are happy to offer an exclusive preview of “Coffin Hill” #9 a wonderful horror series from Vertigo that our own Bree Odgen said “…hits you like a ton of bricks.” This slow burn comic is finally coming to a head with issue 9 seeing a lot of threads coming together while still spinning the central mystery even deeper. Once you read the solicit text from Vertigo, you’ll be sure this isn’t an issue you’ll want to miss.

The interior art is haunting and laid out on the page in a provocative manner that makes this issue nearly irresistible. I love the layouts with the black gutters, they give a huge sense of dread.

From Vertigo:

Eve’s search for the Ice Fisher has catastrophic consequences when she and Frost make a shocking discovery about the killer’s true identity but fail to find a missing girl in time. Meanwhile, in Coffin Hill, Nate endures a family reunion from hell when his deadbeat brother Patrick resurfaces with an agenda – and some kickass supernatural help – that means more danger and destruction for the town and everyone in it.

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Warner Bros.’ ‘Disaster L.A.’ Zombie Pic Gets a Trailer

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:38

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) has acquired Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here, independent filmmaker Turner Clay’s newest sci-fi zombie thriller, and has warned fans to brace themselves for a September 23 Direct-to-Video Blu-ray and DVD release, plus Digital Download — in time for Halloween viewing.

Clay wrote, directed and produced (with John Will Clay) Disaster L.A.: The Last Zombie Apocalypse Begins Here which “tells the story of a group of friends desperately trying to escape the toxic smoke that is the deadly result of a meteor shower strike in the middle of Los Angeles. In its wake, neither friends nor strangers are safe from each other. The only hope for survival is to try to reach the coast before it’s too late.

Justin Ray and Jerod Meagher star and Stephanie Estes, Ron Hanks, Michael Taber, Dennis Leech, Ali Williams, Morgan Jackson and Kendall Mayhew are featured.

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The Junji Ito Online Reader

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:35

Junji Ito is one of the biggest names in Japanese horror manga. His work has inspired countless people and will continue to serve as inspiration for many years to come. His work in “Uzumaki” is unlike anything North America has to offer, and it is positively haunting and fantastic. So it is with great pleasure that I direct you to the Junji Ito online reader, a database collection on the web that offers all of his horror work for free.

That’s right you can get almost everything the horror author has ever written right now thanks to OpenAwesome. But, there’s a beautiful catch, his best work the aforementioned “Uzumaki” didn’t make it onto the site. I would recommend starting here, and finishing on the newly released hardcover collection of Uzumaki. You won’t regret it.

So remember, if you find some stuff on here that really chills you to your core, be sure to support Ito by heading out to your local comic shop to order some of his manga. Until then there is The Juni Ito Online Reader.

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Advance Book Review: “Beyond Fear: Reflections on Stephen King, Wes Craven, and George Romero’s Living Dead.”

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:13

An  interesting and insightful examination of the horror genre itself, Beyond Fear: Reflections on Stephen King, Wes Craven, and George Romero’s Living Dead is an ambitious historical textbook of the visionaries who created the most memorable nightmares in our society . This is a great follow-up from the creative co-writer of the epic comic masterpiece, “To Hell You Ride.”  This is the book you want to read in the middle of the night.

Written By: Joseph Maddrey

Cover By: Tom Mandrake

Publisher: Bear Manor Media

Price: $24.99

Release: July 10, 2013

Review by Jorge Solis

No one can deny that the three masters of horror, George Romero, Wes Craven, and Stephen King, are responsible for making the genre what it is today. Through interviews, critical analysis, and  in-depth research, we discover what made their nightmarish works a living legend. How did “Night of the Living Dead” become a staple in the zombie norm? What was it about Craven’s sense of spirituality that inspired the resurrection of child-killer Fred Krueger?  Why are King’s ordinary characters revered so much by many readers?  Maddrey asks these questions and finds his answers through his cinematic breakdown.  

What’s really impressive about Maddrey’s writing is how he makes you, the reader, feel for the material. I’m not a huge fan of King’s “Danse Macabre” but I have a better appreciation of the nonfiction book because of Maddrey’s well-developed viewpoints. I was able to see “Danse Macabre” through different eyes  because of the evaluation. As the text continues, there is such an underlining passion about each of the three subjects being critiqued.

Just like  the events in “To Hell You Ride” were a metaphor to Hurricane Katrina and post 9/11 mentality, Maddrey’s analysis comes from a historical viewpoint. The ’60s were a major influence on Romero when he was starting his first “Living Dead” film. You have to understand more about art house cinema before realizing their significance on Craven’s “Last House on the Left.”  I have a better understanding of what it takes for a filmmaker, through their social class and economic standpoint, to make their dark vision come true. You’ll notice that with the first draft of Romero’s “Day of the Dead.”

Saving the best for last, Maddrey dissects King’s growing line of successful books. Each novel gets a spotlight, even the more recent ones. Our author hits on the right spots, discussing the political overtones of “Under The Dome.”  I never knew there was connection between Paul Edgecomb of the “Green Mile,” to Johnny Marinville in “The Regulators.” The short story, “Rage,” which is about a school shooting, is even more relevant because of Maddrey’s introspection.

I am such a huge fan of Tom Mandrake’s artwork in “To Hell You Ride.” To see Mandrake’s gritty illustration again on the cover is so worthwhile. This is another reason why you should buy the “Beyond Fear” book.

Readers will definitely have a lot of fun going their favorite subjects in “Beyond Fear: Reflections on Stephen King, Wes Craven, and George Romero’s Living Dead.”  I even found myself rereading Craven’s sections the most in the book.

“Beyond Fear” will hit stores on July 1O. You can preorder the book from Barnes & Noble or from the official site here.

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Slipknot’s ‘Knotfest’ Hosting 3-Day Event This October

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:03

Masked metal band Slipknot will be headlining their very own Knotfest, a three day heavy music festival that will also see such acts as Danzig, Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, Anthrax, and many, many more. The event will take place October 24th through the 26th in San Bernardino, CA at the San Manuel Ampthitheater & Campgrounds.

Slipknot will be closing the festival on the second and third nights, each having their own unique set. Every ticket purchase will also receive a digital download of the band’s new album, which doesn’t yet have a release date.

Slipknot’s Shawn M. “Clown” Crahan states:

Knotfest is a chance for Slipknot to bring the sensory-overload of a wild European festival–and now we’re coming for you, California. Playing two different sets over two nights at one location is a new experience in the history of this band. This year’s Knotfests in the U.S. and Japan are going to be on another level.

Directly from the press release:

In addition to performances from more than 60 of the heaviest bands on the planet, attendees will descend into an apocalyptic underworld featuring over 20 festival attractions including a Slipknot Museum (curated by the band), carnival rides, a zip line across the festival grounds, drum circles, pillars of fire, freaks, fire-breathers, stilt-walkers, and so much more.

Full information for the festival, along with the full lineup and schedule can be found here.

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Cannibal Corpse Frontman Has Nightmares About…

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:00

American death metal band Cannibal Corpse has written some of the most violent and terrifying lyrics throughout their history, tackling topics of necrophilia, murder, and worse. Hell, they have a song called “Entrails Ripped from a Virgin’s Cunt”. Need I go on any further?

So with a band that is so intense and controversial, they can’t POSSIBLY be scared of anything, right? Well, it turns out the singer George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher still has nightmares and they’re actually about werewolves and bigfoots!

I’m doing a side band with Shannon Lucas, who plays in Battlecross and used to play in The Black Dahlia Murder, and Adam [Dutkiewicz], from Killswitch Engage. I was up at Adam’s recording vocals for the project, and he has woods on the edge of his house…They kept telling me I’m gonna see a bigfoot near the woods, or something. And that night, after we were done with the recording, and everyone went to bed, I had these dreams.

I was in between the deck and the woods, like in no-man’s land, and I could see all these glowing eyes coming, like all these werewolves and bigfoots and just fucked up shit coming at me, and I was like, “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna have to sit here and fight!” And I remember I was fighting them. Then I woke up…I didn’t get eaten or nothing. But I wasn’t running from them. I was standing my ground.

You can read the full interview with Corpsegrinder at LA Weekly.

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Orlando, FL Readers: We Got FREE Tickets to ‘The Purge: Anarchy’!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 11:29

Live in Orlando, FL? The New Founders of America have provided B-D with screening passes to check out The Purge: Anarchy for FREE before it hits theatres on July 18th!

The advance screening will take place at AMC Altamonte 18 (433 East Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701) on Tuesday, July 15th at 7:30 PM.

If you want to watch twelve hours of anarchy unfold, all you have to do is email your name to bloodydisgustingpodcast@gmail.com with The “Purge: Anarchy” in the subject line.

The tickets will be supplied on a first-come, first-served basis and given to the winners in front of the theater on the day of the screening starting at 6 PM. Good luck!

Rated R for strong disturbing violence, and for language.

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The Mo Brothers’ ‘Killers’ Gets UK Release!

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 11:26

Arriving in UK cinemas on July 18 is Killers, a stylish thriller from The Raid‘s Gareth Evans and directed by the hugely talented ‘Mo Brothers’ (V/H/S/2, Macabre).

The film sees the explosive meeting of two serial killers with contrasting, and sadistic, styles of murder.

It will then arrive on Blu-ray and DVD September 1.

Here’s the cover art and image gallery, to go with a lengthy synopsis.

Nomura is a good looking and stylish man in his early thirties who lives a successful life in Tokyo, Japan. Girls are drawn to him, something he uses to his advantage as none of them realise the sinister truth behind the clean-cut façade.

Nomura has been leaving a legacy of violent murders that he immortalises through video clips posted on a public video website. He thrives off of the fact that millions are witnessing his work through the virally spread videos.

Thousands of miles away from him, in a whole different world, lives Bayu, a disgraced investigative journalist living in a violent and unstable Jakarta, Indonesia. As Bayu’s life is hit by the nadir of failures, Nomura’s videos trigger his dark side as he starts to record his own brand of “justified” killings. Nomura’s seemingly confident and controlled charm starts to peel when his ego is wounded by the fact that Bayu’s videos have reached a significant numbers of followers that could rival his own.

Complicating matters further is Nomura’s bizarre attraction towards a traumatised young florist Hisae. Bayu himself starts to sink deeper into a spiral of violence; obsessed with bringing down one of the country’s biggest and most corrupt politicians, but during his bloody rampage he doesn’t realise the repercussions towards his young daughter, Elly.

When the rivalry between Nomura and Bayu becomes an uncontrollable psychosis, the two of them must face each other in one of the most exhilarating film finales in years.

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“Trapped” Offers a Real Life Opportunity to Freak Out For 60 Minutes

bloody disgusting - Mon, 07/07/2014 - 11:14

Right now this is only in Toledo but it offers a unique experience. Less freaky (and more sanitary) than Blackout, “Trapped” offers a teamwork and cognitive function exercise that could be super fun or really frustrating depending on who you’re trapped in the room with.

Per ABC,  “<I>it’s a high-stakes scenario where the pressure is intensified with a countdown and your only means of escape is to solve the clues.  You’re trapped in a room and the only way out is to solve puzzles in the room. The interactive experience is part theater and part video game. You’re trapped in a room with up to 11 other people and you have 60 minutes to get out alive. Players can choose either a lab with zombies or a mayor’s office with a bomb.</i>”

You can check out a trailer below.

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