UK Quad and Trailer For Hilarious Vamp Comedy ‘What We Do In the Shaodws’

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Check out the UK trailer and quad for What We Do In The Shadows (read our review), a mockumentary/comedy written, directed by, and starring Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords, Men In Black 3) and Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi (Boy, Eagle vs. Shark).

Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav are three vampires living together and trying to cope with modern life; from paying rent, doing housework, and trying to get into nightclubs, they’re perfectly normal – except for their immortality, fangs, and thirst for human blood. When their 8000 year-old housemate, Petyr, turns 20-something Nick into a vampire, the guys must guide him through his newfound eternal life. In return, they are forced to learn a thing or two about modern life.

The film premiered at Sundance this year and is screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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‘Wrong Turn 6′ Infographic Details Kill By Bloody Kill

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Three Fingers, Saw Tooth and One Eye are looking for some new blood, and the hillbilly horror franchise will get that with a new director behind Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Helmed by Re-Kill‘s Valeri Milev, the sixth Wrong Turn arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD TODAY.

In this infographic, the legendary hillbillies’ murderous spree are details kill by bloody kill.

The unrelenting terror starts when an emotionally troubled young man, Danny, inherits an isolated backwoods hotel that may hold the key to his secret past. A trip to the peaceful resort quickly transforms into a blood-soaked killing spree, as Danny’s friends are brutally murdered one by one. Danny discovers that Three Finger and his flesh-eating kin are to blame, but the chilling surprises they have in store for him have only just begun. Danny ultimately learns that he has an unthinkable connection to the clan of hillbilly cannibals, but now that he knows the shocking truth, he will face an even more horrifying choice.

Sadie Katz, Aqueela Zoll, Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth, Joe Gaminara, Harry Belcher, Raymond Steers, Luke Cousins, Tabitha Luke Eardley and Roxanne Pallett star.

The Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Blu-ray and DVD are loaded with tasty special features that will have you hungry for even more gore this Halloween. Check out a behind the scenes look at the dangerous Hobb Springs hotel, and learn how Danny really became part of the cannibals’ bloodline.

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Henry Rollins’ ‘He Never Died’ Gets Miniseries Spinoff

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Rocker-turned-actor Henry Rollins (Feast) is attached to star in a miniseries spinoff of the recently completed indie horror-comedy feature He Never Died writes Variety.

The TV project will see Rollins sink his teeth deeper into the role of Jack, the immortal, bloodthirsty outcast at the center of the feature, which was lensed in Toronto.

He Never Died writer-director Jason Krawczyk, producer Zach Hagen of Alternate Ending Studio and producers David Miller and Adrienne Stern are also attached to the series.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring the unique and bloody horror to Rollins’ cult following through this miniseries,” said 108 founder Abhi Rastogi. “The subject matter is unlike any other, giving audiences the chance to explore a whole new fictional world.”

“He Never Died follows Jack in his battle with cannibalism and mental sobriety. An exceptionally prolonged life has brought depression and detachment. Jack buys stolen blood from a hospital intern, plays bingo, sleeps fourteen hours a day, watches television six hours a day, and lives alone. This is his life – he has shelled himself away from social interactions. The fuse is lit when Jack’s past comes back to rattle him. Jack must now walk a tight rope of sobriety and try to eat as few people as possible in this violent tale of personal responsibility and self worth. As it turns out, there are very few reasons to live when you can’t die.”

Toronto-based 108 Media began shopping the miniseries earlier this month at Mipcom and will bring it to the American Film Market in Santa Monica next month.

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Top 10 70′s/80′s Horror Films From Snot’s Mike Doling

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Hardcore punk/funk band Snot are back and they’re gearing up for a full US tour that will see them perform their classic debut album Get Some in its entirety! The tour kicks off November 28th in Palm Desert, CA and wraps up December 23rd in Pomona, CA.

Guitarist Mike Doling comments:

I want to let you know we are ready to rock out as hard as humanly possible with all you SNOT heads around the world on our first world tour. I hope you’re ready cause we have a ton of massive energy to bring to you. SNOT is something special to us. We will enjoy playing our debut and only record GET SOME in it’s entirety for you live for all you die hard SNOT HEADS! SAY SOMETHING FOR THE RECORD TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT YOU FEEL!!

Vocalist Tommy Vext adds:

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be getting back in the road with my brothers in SNOT. It is a privilege to play with a band that has had an indeterminable influence over countless artists from the bands inception & thereafter. I’m honored to pay tribute Lynn Strait and offer Snot fans on an international level the live experience they may not have yet enjoyed.

To celebrate this upcoming tour, Mike Doling has put together a list of his Top 10 70′s/80′s horror films! The list covers some recognized classics but also tosses in some films that aren’t given as much love as they might warrant.

Head on in to check out this list!

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Hollows Grove (2014)

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Starring Mykelti Williamson, Lance Henriksen, Matthew Carey

Directed by Craig Efros

I’m a skeptic to the core and a horror aficionado through and through, so when such a boastful claim as “the most frightening film you’ll see all year” is made by the creators of Hollows Grove, I’ve GOT to jump in with both feet and see if a statement is verified and substantiated. I know that every person’s fear response is different and what will make one person wet their Underoos might not even raise a hair on the back of another’s neck. All that I could hope to ask for with each and every passing film that likes to make these allegations is a nice change of scenery and not another one of those “haunted asylum/orphanage films“… oh, crap.

Looking at the movie from the outside, you’d get the inclination that this is going to be another run-of-the-mill found footage display that attempts to freak the viewer out with loud bangs, flash scares, and an annoying cast that ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to drop a camera in order to save themselves, regardless of the peril they’re facing at the time. If you think for one moment that Hollows Grove opted to go that route and follow the blueprint of so many haunted institution films set out before it, then I’m terribly sorry to say that you’ve nailed it directly on the head. Allow me to dissect this carbon copy that fails to deliver the goods on a number of tiers.

The movie, directed by first-timer (outside of one short) Craig Efros, gives us a look into the Hollows Grove orphanage, which is supposedly one of the most haunted buildings in the U.S. and will be the subject of the latest episode of the Spirit Paranormal Investigation Team (S.P.I.T.- no, I’m not kidding) and their reality TV ghost hunting show.

Harold Maxwell (Matthew Carey) tags along with his friends on the team as they ready themselves to patrol the halls of the abandoned structure to see if they can collect evidence of any residual hauntings. The footage used was supposedly from Maxwell’s camera, and at times you get the feeling that the whole ghost hunting prospect is a cash-cow for the team with no real desire to take this stuff seriously. The movie takes a bit of time to get started, and we’re treated to a massive miscast in the film’s start as movie and TV veteran Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump, “24”) plays FBI Agent Jones, who is in charge of the case we’re about to witness. I had no idea that the feds would jump into a case regarding a missing ghost hunting crew, considering everything else they’ve got to look after; in any event, he is only used for about two minutes of actual screen time, so if you love the former Benjamin Buford Blue (Bubba), then you’ll be sorely disappointed.

As we’re on the “why was he even in the movie?” train, another icon is led to storyline sacrifice, and that is Lance Henriksen himself, playing Bill, who works on the show as a props director. His time on camera is amusing but FAR too short.

Also, one of the more irritating performances that I’ve personally seen on film in a while belongs to Matt Doherty in his role of show star Tim. His actions are the stuff of someone you’d like to pound into the ground – take the normal performance of Paul Giamatti, give him about 12-15 cups of high-octane coffee, raise his vocal levels a few octaves, and voila! Instant vexation towards any movie-watching experience.

All right – on to the visuals! We’re used to the routine shaky-cam vista that only a found footage film can offer, and while this is no different, there are at least a few breaks with some stationary cams every now and then, giving your flip-flopped innards a chance to settle. Night-vision also has its time in the sun (or the dark) when the going gets hectic for our crew of spook-spotters, and outside of a couple of certifiable “oh shit!” moments, I honestly cannot say that there is a difference between the Grove and movies like Session 9, Grave Encounters, or the myriad of spectrally haunted establishment films that have come before it.

Was I let down regarding the final product? Yes. Was I mildly amused at the idea of how full of crap the crew knew they were about their show and its production? Yes. Could I honestly recommend this to someone and make a statement that this movie will be the scariest thing they’ve seen all year? Don’t hold your breath. When it comes to investigating these halls, leave the doors locked and move along, please – this building was condemned for a reason, and that reason is justified.

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Whatever the theme by which the BFI chooses to link the three features that make up each of the volumes in its on-going Children’s Film Foundation DVD range, the content is invariably -- and comfortingly -- extremely similar in its design and method. Despite decade-specific modifications employed by each era’s film-makers in their approaches to the storytelling, we can always expect to Black Gloves
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The Boy from Space was a science fiction drama serial made in 1971, originally directed and shot on film by the enticingly named ex-BBC Radiophonic Workshop musician Maddalena Fagandini, and specifically intended to be watched by children between the ages of seven and nine upwards. Unlike most fondly remembered children’s series that have eventually found their way onto DVD in subsequent Black Gloves
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