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Attack of the Killer Facts

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Head Cheeze
Eric Grzymkowski
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Adams Media
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I’m a trivia nerd. Between my subscription to Mental Floss and the countless hours I’ve spent screaming at the television whilst “playing” along with Jeopardy!, one would think I’ve absorbed more than my share of useless knowledge over the years, but, like Cool Ranch Doritos or crack cocaine, I always want-nay, need – more.

Fellow factoid fetishist Eric Grzymkowski delivers just that with the horror-themed trivia tome,  Attack of the Killer Facts, a collection of nifty little tidbits and less-than-savory facts about everything from Anthrax to Zoophilia. 

Have you ever wondered how many insects you unknowingly ingest every year? Well, it’s in here. Curious as to who holds the distance record for projectile vomiting? Look no further.  Want to buy vampire insurance for your casket? Read all about it.  If it’s slightly kooky, gag-inducing, or just downright terrifying, Grzymkowski’s got it covered here.

Be warned. Some of the “surprising” facts here won’t come as news to seasoned horror fans (The Jersey Devil, Mothman, Bigfoot, etc), and some of the trivia’s ties to horror are tenuous at best (Australian women are easy? Polish brides prostituted?), however, info junkie that I am, I welcomed this knowledge, and have already planned my vacation accordingly. 

Broken up into chapters for easy referencing, these  “1,001 Terrifying Truths”  include such topics as Microscopic Mayhem, Extreme Insects, Human Abnormalities, Paranormal Phenomena, and lots more. Grzymkowski presents the facts in short, easily digestible tidbits, each followed by a pithy, humorous observation by the author, making this handsomely illustrated book both a fascinating and extremely funny read, and the ultimate bathroom book for twisted trivia buffs. 

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