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Cherry Bomb

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J.A. Konrath
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Jacqueline Daniels has been through hell. As Cherry Bomb opens, we see Jack attending the funeral for someone very dear to her. Her nemesis, the serial killer named Alex Kork, is on the run, blood of the deceased barely dry on her hands.

Alex is one twisted bitch. Her older brother was also a serial killer; the infamous Gingerbread Man, caught and killed by Jack and her partner, Herb. Since that day, Alex has plotted revenge, going after the veteran cop and everyone dear to her. In the pages of Cherry Bomb, she decides to spread her net, leading Jack all over the country on a cat and mouse game with death at each turn.

Jack goes through enough emotional swings to make readers light-headed. Author J.A. Konrath proves once again that a story isn’t a story until the characters have trials and challenges to overcome. In Cherry Bomb, Jack develops in ways she may never have thought and readers will enjoy every twist and turn.

Cherry Bomb is the sixth in the Jack Daniels series. Konrath balances violence and humor in delightfully harmonious waves, though in this book, he mixes in sex, providing readers familiar with his work a new flavor to enjoy. Konrath breaks tradition by giving half the book to the antagonist, providing readers her every motivation and frustration as the story progresses.  Before the resolution, readers will have laughed out loud and cringed in disgust more than a few times.

Jack is a great heroine for whom readers will find it easy to cheer. As author Konrath expands into other ventures, and Hyperion scales back its mystery offerings, readers may have to face the possibility that this is the last Jack Daniels novel.  If so, Konrath has left his heroine in a peaceful place for a change. Let’s all hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of Jackie and her colorful supporting cast.

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