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Embrace the Night Eternal

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Joss Ware
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Read Book 1, Beyond the Night, first, otherwise you’ll feel a little lost.
Simon Japp is a man with a past. On the run from his employer, the bodyguard/assassin find his way to a hidden cave in Sedona before all hell breaks loose on the planet. Fifty years later, he wakes up, learns he wasn’t the only one in that cave and stumbles out with his four new friends into a post apocalyptic world. He hasn’t aged, but the world around him has gone to hell.
Sage Corrigan rarely comes out of her computer lab and now that she is determined to interact with the world a little more, she keeps running into danger and into Simon. She’s allowing herself to live again starts to actively help their little band in more than just computer research. The quest leads them back to her home town and she takes Simon with her to pose as her husband.
Sage is learning to trust in herself and in Simon. Simon is learning his dark past can stay in the dark, and he’s strong enough to keep those finely honed skills, but use them for better things. Regardless of his past, we learn he’s a man of honor and dedicated to keeping Sage safe.
Embrace the Night is at once action packed, but character driven. We’ve got zombies, gangas, and their chilling single minded focus. Strangers, immortals with blue glowing crystals. A city where men have multiple wives, their goal - repopulation. And yet, with all that’s going on, somehow Simon and Sage find themselves and each other. As a dark paranormal, this book focuses more on the history and the reveal that’s sure to be coming in the following books, than it does on the romance. The characters are solid and will even make you laugh. Joss Ware has crafted a unique world and blended in just enough of the old to keep us connected to the story and the characters. You get a little tangled up in the beginning with all the characters, but soon enough it smooths out to focus on Simon and Sage. Ms. Ware brings the horrific and bends it just enough to make your wonder at the potential reality of it all. I enjoyed the literary trick of adding in blog posts from a past character. While not a book I would have picked up on my normal perusal of the bookstore shelves, I can say I’m certainly looking forward to reading and review book three in this series.

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