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Grave Robbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary)

Review by: 
Jeff Strand
Publication Date: 
Mundania Press
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Meet Andrew Mayhem.

Andrew is not so much a man of experience and taste as he is the result of a series of poor decisions and absolute bad luck.  He is a husband, a father, a friend and a sucker for an interesting opportunity.

Enter Jennifer Ashcraft.

After Andrew fails miserably to fulfill his private eye style obligations to record the adulterous actions of his client’s husband, he winds up beaten and bruised, and vulnerable.  Jennifer approaches Andrew and his friend, Roger, with an unusual proposition that might be everything they need…or everything they fear.  Jennifer asks the duo to dig up her husband, Michael’s freshly buried corpse.  If Andrew and Roger succeed, Jennifer has $20000 in cash waiting for them.  Stunned, and too numb to allow reason to take the reins, they agree.

Imagine their surprise when Michael begins firing shots at them and tearing at his own supposedly dead flesh.  Think of how the case gets more complicated as a hidden killer attacks Andrew, Roger and Jennifer.

Jennifer and Michael are the heads of Ghoulish Delights; a small filmmaking firm that creates custom horror flicks for paying customers. Their crew is an athletic business manager, an acne-plagued cameraman, a red-headed effects genius, and a goth couple in charge of sound and story. Any of the strange characters could be responsible for Andrew’s invite back to the cemetery where he was nearly killed the night before.

Mayhem is soon teased with notes, video and audio clues that draw him deeper into the world where horror movies and real-life mass murder become one in the same. Andrew is a man with limited skills in investigation, interrogation, negotiation and problem-solving. Just how long can he keep himself, his family, and five innocent hostages safe from the blade of a mysterious murderer?

Author Jeff Strand writes Mayhem with a slick wit and a quick tongue, but an astonishing lack of common sense. Despite his flaws, Mayhem is a dedicated problem-solver who manages to wrangle his way out of everything from flying corpses, gun-toting truckers, police interrogation and a psychopath with a crossbow. “Grave Robbers Wanted: No Experience Necessary” is equal parts guts and one-liners. Readers will enjoy Strand’s creative twists, and Mayhem’s uncanny ability to squirm his way out of the eeriest occasion.

“Grave Robbers Wanted: No Experience Necessary” is the first Andrew Mayhem novel. It is followed by “Single White Psychopath Seeks Same” and “Casket for Sale (Only Used Once.)”

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