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Bekka Black
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Sourcebooks Fire
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If you’re looking for a fast, light YA lite horror read (I think I swept through this in about an hour), then this book is for you! Unique in it’s method of story telling using text messages, emails and browser searches (no, no Twitter or FaceBook in there), as an adult reader I wanted more depth and detail. I’m not sure if it could have been enhanced be a few more artifacts as Ms. Black so cleverly used throughout or if the story needed a bit of narrative here and there.

As the story progresses, a certain depth starts to appear for all the major characters, but I had trouble following the story for the following reasons:

·Why Jonathan Harker, an intern, was sent to work with the Count after the owner’s son so obviously fell ill to begin with and exactly what he was supposed to be working on.

·Do interns book their travel and get reimbursed? I don’t know many interns who have that much room on their credit cards.

Now, with the few gotchas that came up, I still enjoyed the book, so what I loved about the way Ms. Black did this story:

·She captured the actions and reactions of her heroine, Mina Murray, perfectly by showing her voice in her texts and her researching after a communication. Each of these indicated her true focus on Jonathan.

·Using modern day social media artifacts to tell the story. Artful and new!

Overall, this is a fun light read. Any teen would enjoy it. It’s not particularly gory, and an interesting take on an age-old story. I’d recommend it for the way in which the story is told; it’s definitely quirky!

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