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Rough Cut

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Brian Pinkerton
Publication Date: 
Bad Moon Books
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Harry Tuttle’s name in Hollywood is synonymous with low-budget, direct-to-video horror releases. (If he was real, I would be the guy reviewing his flicks.) Despite starting his career with a bang, Harry has gone on to release over a dozen el cheapo horror stories with names like “Schizo Sisters”, “Swamp Monster”, “Hillbilly Cannibals”, and “I’ll Skin You Alive.” Each film has been panned by critics and even the production company spokesman privately bashes the work.

As a result, Harry has found himself in a downward spiral. His ex-wife is now dating another director, and they’re set to produce a Hollywood action blockbuster with a hundred million dollar budget. The actress he wants turns down his offer. The media outlets continually bash his work. Meditation and breathing techniques aren’t doing the trick. Harry wants, more than anything in the world, to make the comeback movie that will mark his return to relevance in the industry.

Marcus Stegman is a young man with one dream; he wants to produce the greatest horror movies of all time. Marcus is so wrapped up in his dream that he works twenty hour days, eats only crummy fast food, and is behind on his rent and his credit cards. When he finishes filming, he strong arms his way into a meeting with Harry, and gives him a copy of the movie, “Deadly Desires”. Harry agrees to watch it, but tosses it on the pile of empty promises instead. It isn’t until Harry hits rock bottom that he decides to take a look at Marcus’ movie…

…and it’s the film he has been dreaming of making.

Tuttle gets everything he wants with “Deadly Desires” – fame, fortune, the blockbuster with his name all over it. Is this a dream come true or is there something about this horror film that will make Harry’s life truly horrific?

Author Brian Pinkerton writes a fantastic tale of twists and turns. His details of movie making are as good as any Hollywood insider. He plants plenty of media references and spoofs a number of authors and filmmakers with a wink and a grin. The characters are believable, and Harry is really a guy who the reader will root for. Everyone has their motivation and their individual ways of acting upon it. Marcus in particular is a fantastic fanatic, and his descent makes the book impossible to put down.

“Rough Cut” is a great study in just how far someone thinks they may go to achieve their dreams, and an example of how misleading appearances and expectations may be. Pinkerton writes with an appreciation of the horror genre, blending history with satire to present viewers with a constantly twisting thrill ride.

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