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Tarnished Knight

Review by: 
Shiloh Walker
Publication Date: 
Samhain Publishing
Bottom Line: 

Shiloh Walker offers an interesting twist on our age old fables. The most recent in her series, Tarnished Knight, keeps you engaged with Perci, Jack and Luc. You feel their pain and their passion. I hadn’t heard of the Grimm’s before this, the only reason I’d offered to read it was because Shiloh offered it up for review. I’ve really enjoyed many of her other stories and figured this one would be no different.

What are Grimm Circle stories? A twisted take on guardian angels who kick demon ass yet still suffer through all the emotions of their human lives.

In Tarnished Knight, Perci isn’t in love with her ex-husband, Luc, but neither is she willing to be without him. He needs her. And, Luc isn’t willing to give her up, thinking that when she heals, she’ll come back to him.

Neither is happy about being assigned duties apart from each other.

She’s been sent off to help prepare Jack for his transition to Grimm. Jack doesn’t really need the help. He’s big enough and bad enough to be taking on demons while still human, if only he could get rid of the pesky knowledge that keeps cropping up in his waking and sleeping realms. He shouldn’t know about the Grimm’s, but he’s always known.

It would drive a lesser man insane.

The tragedy behind their fairy tale is so real and gripping, it’s no wonder it made it into the history books with a little more sugar coating. Reality, even in Shiloh’s fictional realm, is always stranger than fiction.

Which just makes you wonder, what’s really behind those fairy tales?

While I wanted a little more detail about the fairy tales, I was intrigued enough to pick up the rest of the series to get up to speed. Those who’ve been reading the series from the start will be able to drop right into the story and stay engaged. Others are going to love it, but want to pick up the previous books to really feel like they understand the entire realm that Shiloh has created. Layers upon layers show through.

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