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Wild Night is Calling

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J.A. Konrath
Ann Voss Peterson
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“I am just a new boy, stranger in this town. Where are all the good times? Who’s gonna show this stranger around?” -  Pink Floyd, Young Lust

Caitlin and Hannah are young women out for a night on the town. They’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and to have a wild night out.  They soon meet Zach and Josh, and convince themselves that these two handsome young men are exactly the recipe for a good time.  The couples pair up, split up, and head to Josh’s to have a good time. When Josh rips his Trans Am across several lanes of traffic, he and Hannah disappear, leaving Caitlin panicking about her best friend’s fate.

Josh quickly switches from drunken frat boy to young hero-in-training, promising that he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Caitlin and Hannah are reunited, safe and sound. Caitlin battles her fear and her newfound confidence in the handsome young man. They struggle to find a direction. Then, when it seems the police are the only answer, Caitlin receives a text from her girlfriend.  There’s trouble, but she’s alive.

Zach and Caitlin race to Hannah’s aide.  They arrive at a green, two-story Victorian home with Josh’s hot rod in the driveway.  They’re afraid, but brave for the sake of Hannah.  Zach busts in with Caitlin in tow. They hear screams upstairs. Lifting the tire iron, Zach leads the way, with Caitlin fearing the worst…

“Wild Night is Calling” is no Van Morrison night-on-the-town kind of story. It’s a lot more complex, with more turns than a Formula One race track. This story is a collaboration between authors J.A. Konrath (“Whiskey Sour”, “Dirty Martini”) and Ann Voss Peterson (“A Brother’s Brand of Justice”, “Wyoming Manhunt”). The pair have also co-written “Flee”; the first installment in The Chandler Series.  The first chapter is included with “Wild Night is Calling” as a teaser to the spy series that opens with a bang, and accelerates from there.

“Wild Night is Calling” features Peterson’s deep dive into emotions, and Konrath’s signature ability to twist a plot like a pretzel.  The devil is in the details, and both the main story and the “Flee” preview prove that the pair of authors have done their homework.  The Chandler Series is certain to captivate and entertain.

The story is available as a $0.99 download on Amazon. Grab it, read it and let me know your thoughts!

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