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Meet the Staff


Head Cheeze (aka: James F. Reilly) has been a horror/sci-fi buff since childhood, with his earliest memories involving some sort of combination of Star Trek, Frankenstein, and that creepy kid floating outside the window in Tobe Hooper’s Salem’s Lot miniseries. By the age of ten, Reilly eschewed the usual young adult literature in favor of the works of Stephen King and Dean R. Koontz, and, with the advent of cable television, discovered a whole new world of blood, boobs, and…more boobs. His early teens were spent scouring video store shelves with his friends, searching for the most extreme horror flicks they could find, as well as many misguided attempts at duplicating the gore effects from said flicks using buckets of corn syrup and food coloring, poorly mixed latex, and, on one tragic occasion, fireworks.

Favorite flicks include Jaws, Peeping Tom, Halloween, Don’t Look Now, Rosemary’s Baby, Suspiria, The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue, Evil Dead 2, Assault on Precinct 13, and…the list really does go on forever. Just give him a stack of slasher flicks, a decent cigar, and a six of Dogfishhead 60 Minute IPA, and he’s a happy lad. It's quite sad, really.

When he’s not watching horror movies or writing horror fiction (he’s had several short stories published in various anthologies and magazines, including Apex Digest, Horror Garage, Undead, and more...), Reilly enjoys taking pictures, playing with his three sons, watching the Food Network with his wife, drinking expensive and oftentimes foul beer, kicking his dogs, and playing videogames, especially DayZ.  

Oh, and porn.



Black Gloves (aka; Ian Hill) became obsessed from an early age with the possibility of the supernatural, and with fantasy/Horror cinema in general. Cruelly, his evil parents would not allow him to watch those kinds of films — although, since he was far too scared at the time even to watch a whole episode of Jon Pertwee-era “Doctor Who” all the way through without cowering on the sofa behind a cushion every Saturday tea time, this was probably a perfectly reasonable decision on their part! Instead, he was forced to make-do gullibly swallowing-whole heaps of pulpy books about ghosts and ‘real-life’ haunted houses, eagerly snapped up each month from his school book club; while his favourite book from this period collected together a selection of black & white publicity stills of famous movie monsters, covering everything from the somnambulist in "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari" to Boris Karloff’s portrayal of Frankenstein’s Monster and the Mummy, and onward to Christopher Lee's elegant Dracula. This book was pursued and re-perused with a page-thumbing intensity usually reserved by religious fanatics for their most sacred texts.

Later, Hammer films on late-night TV and the make-up work of Dick Smith on “The Exorcist” further captured his imagination (many idyllic school holidays were spent moulding fake bullet holes,  open wounds and jagged scars, and dousing oneself in theatrical stage blood from a “Dick Smith’s Monster Make-up” kit), as did the air of transgression surrounding the ‘video nasty’ hysteria that took root later during the early-‘80s. But it was a chance viewing of Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” on VHS, years later, that re-ignited these old childhood obsessions and cemented an everlasting interest in Euro Horror, especially the work of Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci and some of Jess Franco’s work from the late-'60s and the mid-'70s.
Black Gloves also likes Victorian literature, especially the dark Gothic romances of the Bronte sisters, many of Charles Dickens' works (with their clammy Urban Gothic London settings), and the mid-Victorian 'sensation novel' exemplified by the suspenseful novels of Wilkie Collins. He is perennially working on an abortive novel of his own, inspired in part by childhood memories of the media coverage surrounding the Enfield poltergeist case, and partly by the crimes of Fred and Rosemary West.
Check out more from Ian at his new blog, Nothing But the Night!!



One of the most difficult things about reviewing such varied sub genres of underground film every week which commonly run the gamut from violent horror film to openly pornographic movies depicting actual sexual congress among consenting adults is that it requires me to devote great moments of time trying to devise a system that is fair, unbiased and yet inclusive enough, ideologically where films of all types may be compared to one another, using the most discerning and discriminating critical eye.
Fortunately I have devised a meticulous, careful process...(a trade secret of sorts) to help me best decide exactly how a film will be ultimately be scored. I take this endeavor very seriously so the reader should rest assured that great care is always given to all but ensure that the ultimate verdict on any given film is fair, unbiased and derived with an almost scientific observance of the art of proper movie making...when deciding how many skulls to ultimately give a film.


Horroview’s unofficial Queen of the Back Catalog, Kelly particularly enjoys reviewing forgotten films, be they classics or schlock (or both). Her favorite directors include David Lynch, Terry Gilliam, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, Sam Fuller, Ken Russell, and David Fincher. She also loves Pixar movies.  Kelly’s eclectic cinematic tastes can probably be attributed to seeing and loving movies like Destroy All Monsters, The Last Wave, and Phantom of the Paradise in her formative years.

Kelly also is heavy into reading and never goes anywhere without a book. Her reading crosses many genres and includes everything from Literature with a capital “L” to lowbrow trash. Favorite writers include Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, Larry McMurtry, Ray Bradbury, Cormac McCarthy, Terry Pratchett, James Ellroy, J. K. Rowling, C. S. Lewis, John D. MacDonald, Annie Proulx, and George R. R. Martin.

Aside from a caffeine addiction that she can stop any time thank you very much and a propensity to kill off very likeable characters in her fiction, Kelly is a respectable citizen – so what she’s doing as a  Horrorview revieweress is anyone’s guess.

Shameless plug: Check out Kelly’s blog at:

Also, be sure to check out Kelly's debut novel The Day After Yesterday, now available at Amazon in paperback and ebook! (It made A.J. MacReady cry like a little girl!)




A.J. MacReady

A.J. MacReady (also known as A.J. Muller) has enjoyed a life-long love affair with all things horror since he can remember.  He read The Shining for the first time at the tender age of ten and hasn't stopped reading Stephen King since.  A.J. still reads whatever horror fiction he can get his hands on, watches ALMOST every movie he can (somehow, missing the Prom Night remake doesn't seem like a crime), and generally being a big ol' pop culture geek.  
His favorite movie director of all time would have to be John Carpenter, and The Thing holds the top spot in his "Greatest Horror Movies Ever Made" list.   As far as recent flicks go, The Mist is probably the best horror movie he's seen in a long time (but Planet Terror would have to be the most FUN).  He has no shame about loving the TV show Supernatural as much as he does, as it's entirely awesome.  Bucking convention, he does not cite The Stand as his favorite book, but rather another Big Steve novel, It.  Recently Dan Simmons' The Terror flat-out kicked his ASS, and he has no qualms recommending it to one and all.
Ultimately - he's a fan just like you.  Come on in and let's enjoy the dark together. . .remember, there's safety in numbers.



Past Contributors



Catwalk (aka: Nick Kelly) grew up on cheap horror flicks, Benny Hill and the Eagles. None of these translates into a long history of film study, directing experience, or long stints on Broadway. He's a fan, just like everyone else who comes here to read about movies and books.

Nick is a musician and writer who has played in short tours all over the United States and has been published in comic books, online magazines, print magazines and industry rags. None of this gives him any more power or compensation than the next guy. Nick is certain he's going to fry in Hell and has been prepared by the flames of a thousand angry fans in the forums. Nick covers the indie beat for Horrorview, but occasionally mixes in a few nuggets from his collection of (best?) forgotten gems!



Fan of horror movies from the age of twelve when my nan let me stay up and watch a double bill of The Beast with Five Fingers and The Ghoul (Tyburn). Thanks Nan, you’ve a lot to be proud of......Did the usual route-Universal, Hammer through the 70s, and 80s splatter/Slasher flicks, then discovered Dario Argento and giallo cinema in general and have never looked back. I own virtually every giallo produced in Italy, and have even watched the ones without subtitles! After I’ve finished my Accountancy exams I’m going to do an Italian language course!

Spend all my time watching movies, playing Xbox live (my ID is Monkeyman66 if anyone wants to add me to their friends list),listening to 80s metal, and watching Liverpool Football Club.

My favourite films include John Carpenters The Thing, Dawn of The Dead  (1979), The Usual Suspects, Gladiator, Suspiria, Deep Red, The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh, Death Laid an Egg, Miller’s Crossing, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Dead Alive(Braindead), Goodfellas, The Godfather, Scarface, The Good the Band and the Ugly, Evil Dead 2, Night of the Bloody Apes, The Beyond…

Favourite Bands-Metallica, Iron Maiden,  Black Sabbath, AC-DC, Queensryche et al

 Favourite directors-(all the usual suspects to be honest) early Carpenter , De Palma, Romero, Hooper, Sergio Martino, Dario Argento, Pupi Avati, Lucio Fulci, and of course the maestros Mario Bava and Sergio Leone.



Suspiriorum (aka: Pete Murfet) hails from the North of England, though he's currently living in London eking out a living in the endangered profession of 'Man in the Video Shop'. A love of films was born from his Dad's Super-8 film collection and family home movies, although having been brought up to strictly follow BBFC age-ratings, his early exposure to the genre consisted only of occasional sneaky late-night TV viewings with the volume turned right down, and an over-active imagination based on second-hand tales of onscreen gore and violence. 

Once officially old enough, the thrill of the previously forbidden led him to seek out the craziest and most extravagant horrors he could find to make up for lost time (a first viewing of 'The Evil Dead' one of the most cherished memories of this time), although his tastes invariably lead him to the artier end of the horror spectrum. A discovery of 'Suspiria' whilst at University was a key moment, utterly redefining his understanding of what a horror film could be, and provoking a continuing love of Euro-horror and Argento and Bava in particular. 

In his spare time he has taken to making mostly rubbish no-budget horror films, which are generally made up on the spot, and half of which he has made completely single-handedly, trying to be both behind and in front of the camera at the same time. The films are slowly increasing in complexity and scope – the new one even has something resembling a script! In other news, Pete also likes to listen to a lot of film soundtracks (although there seems to be fewer new scores of interest in recent years), ponder the meaningless of existence, plan elaborate holidays he'll never take, watch formula 1, and eat a surprising quantity of Red Leicester cheese.







SybirSybir (aka Stacia D. Kelly, PhD) isn't as obsessed with horror as she is with the paranormal. Her earliest stories involved aliens and humans with supernatural powers. Her 3rd grade teacher just loved her for that one. 

She writes paranormal romance, always romance. Now all those non romance readers can gasp in horror and run in horror that she got her Master’s Degree in Writing & Editing so she could write romance. For those of you who love the romance genre, paranormal for her can include fantasy, sci-fi and more, anything not the ‘norm’ is fair game. Her stories range from aliens to Goddesses and everything in between.

She loves reading about hard hitting heroines, Alpha women learning to balance life, love and family wherever those may be. Some like to fight, some just want love. They are all strong in their own ways and love having a strong male by their side, not leading them, but as a partner. Of course, the fun is in getting there. 

Sybir has fallen into the job of Paranormal Romance Reviewer here at Horrorview. Her husband, Cat has subjected her to some of the worst and best Indy horror movies from all the years he's been a reviewer here. It's time she get to share the wealth, not to mention, support her reading habit. Of course, now she's going to get to delve into the Dark Paranormal realm as somehow, some of these books are turning up with Zombies!