Brian Pinkerton Interview Catwalk recently had the chat with "Rough Cut" author, Brian Pinkerton, about B-movies, ultraviolence, and all manner of murder and mayhem!
Interview with Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc <p>Catwalk talks to genre fave Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc about their collaboration on The Victim, and their upcoming film, Treachery!</p>
J.T. Bock Catwalk interviews J.T. Bock about her new book, A Surefire Way, part of her UltraSecurity Series!
Michael Gallagher Catwalk trolls Smiley director, Michael Gallagher, about internet celebs, emoticon-faced killers, and Skype addiction.
Interview with Head Trauma Productions Catwalk chats with the cast and crew of Head Trauma Production's Dead Weight!
J.A. Konrath and Blake Crouch Catwalk talks to Blake Crouch and J.A. Konrath about their novel, Stirred, and its unprecedented send off of their much-beloved creations.
Irene Jericho Catwalk hits a few high notes with Irene Jericho, singer of the "operatic metal band", Cassandra Syndrome!
Suzanne Glover The "Executive Vampire" of Ninjas vs. Vampires sinks her fangs into Catwalk!
Daniel Ross Catwalk talks Ninjas, Zombies, and Vampires with Daniel Ross, shuriken slinging star and producer of Ninjas vs. Vampires!
Kim Newman Author Kim Newman was kind enough to take the time to write a guest article for! Kim Newman&rsquo;s Ten Favourite Vampire Movies!
Blake Crouch Catwalk interviews Blake Crouch, co-author of Draculas!
Adrian Paul Catwalk chats with Adrian Paul about the robot menace of Eyeborgs!
Richard Farnsworth Catwalk interviews Richard Farnsworth - author of Succumbing to Gravity!
Radha Mitchell Interview Catwalk chats with the insanely beautiful Radha Mitchell, one of the stars of “The Crazies", about scares, substance, and Surrogates!
Travis Legge Shiv Timberwolf sat down for a trans-Atlantic chat with Travis Legge, writer and director of the upcoming horror RAYMOND DID IT.
Midnight Syndicate Catwalk talks spooky tuneage with the musicians/composers of The Dead Matter
Awakening - Nick Tapalansky/Alex Eckman-Lawn Catwalk talks zombies and the great unknown with writers Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn; the creative minds behind Awakening.
Tun Fei Mou Big McLargehuge gets a rare opportunity to sit down and chat with the director of the notorious Men Behind the Sun films!
Joe Bob Briggs Big McLargehuge was let out of his cage long enough to track down Joe Bob Briggs, Texan B-Movie fanatic/writer/actor/all-around-nice guy, and once the police had Big properly restrained he managed to fire off a few questions with the Drive-In Deity!
Nico Mastorakis Head Cheeze chats up the Greek filmmaker about thrills, chills, and paying the bills outside the mainstream!
Malcolm McDowell Suspiriorum recently got a chance to chat up Malcolm McDowell about his latest film "Evilenko", the state of film today, and, of course, football!
Herschell Gordon Lewis Our own Suspiriorium had a chance to sit down with the man who brought us Blood Feast and 2000 Maniacs as he gives us his views on horror, George Lucas, and what it takes to be an executive producer....
Debbie Rochon Head Cheeze had the chance to chat with the lovely Debbie Rochon, B-Movie Queen Supreme (and off the hook hottie!) Oh...yeah, baby. Head Cheeze was gettin' the vibe...
Jason Sizemore Head Cheeze chats with Apex Digest editor Jason Sizemore, about the state of sci-fi, the future of fiction, and gals named Gill.
Adam Green Don't Feed the Dead ventures into the swamp with Hatchet director and Cabin Fever 2 scribe, Adam Green!
Angela Bettis Don't Feed the Dead had a chance to sit down and shoot the breeze with the super sexy and very cool Angela Bettis of May and The Toolbox Murders!
Neil Gaiman Apex Digest Editor and Horrorview pal, Jason Sizemore, was given the chance to chat to the man, the myth, the legend- Neil Gaiman. We gave Jason the assignment because, quite frankly, he's smarter than us (even if he is from Kentucky).
Timur Bekmambetov Cap'n Kunz recently had the chance to chat with the director of the biggest thing to come out of Russia since Glasnost; the hip and trippy vampire epic, Night Watch!
Eli Roth Head Cheeze got a chance to chat with HOSTEL director Eli Roth about Japanese horror, remake mania, and what it's like to be the genre's most popular film-geek!
Dennis Smither's Jr. Catwalk chats with A BOTHERED CONSCIENCE director, Dennis Smither's Jr.!