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Adrian Paul Interview

Actor - "Highlander", "Eyeborgs"


Saturday, February 12th marks the SyFy Channel debut of the sci-fi film, Eyeborgs. The movie plot circles around the implementation of tiny remote cameras, all controlled by a single source designed to protect the President and the American people. The Eyeborgs wind up with a mind of their own, and it’s up to DHS agent Gunner Reynolds to stop the runaway machines before they succeed in assassinating the President.

Reynolds is played by veteran action star, Adrian Paul, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about Eyeborgs, and his acting history.

Adrian Paul in EyeborgsHorrorview:  Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Mr. Paul.  You’ve got a very hefty resume’ when it comes to sci-fi and action flicks.  Your Highlander material is always popular with our readers, and other films like No Way Up and Nemesis Game fill a cool niche, also.  Can you share with us what drew you to the role of Reynolds in Eyeborgs?

AP: Well actually, I was approached by the producers through an ex-assistant of mine. Apparently they had trouble getting the script to me and then the director, whom I had worked with before, remembered the mutual acquaintance. I liked the ideas they shared with me and the role looked like fun. Although by the time they reached me and I started shooting, it was only a couple of weeks. I was also shooting The Heavy in London, so it was an interesting challenge to play two very different roles at the same time.

HV:  Most of the “villains” in this film are added in post-production.  What was it like to fight imaginary bad guys, or in this case, evil machines?

AP: Let's just say you had to have a good imagination.  But as in this case, this is another tool any actor should learn.

HV:  Your character is a Department of Homeland Security agent.  Did you engage in any special research into DHS when preparing for the film?

AP:  As I mentioned, I had only a couple of weeks to prepare, so the important choice was to make sure I understood the character and his obstacles, hoping that the research on the story had been done, which in talking to Richard Clabaugh, the director, I realized it had.

HV: In the film, the Eyeborgs are created as a method of carrying out the Freedom of Observation Act. This is an interesting spin on the USA PATRIOT Act, which is still the topic of intense debate ten years after the attacks of September 11, 2001.  What did you do to get into the mindset of a government agent, working for an organization that some folks consider too intrusive?

AP: Simple, a government agent is no different than any other job. The key was to find what his beliefs were and to follow through with them one hundred percent, because after all, at the end his beliefs were changed.

HV: On a lighter note, what was it like to work with director Richard Clabaugh?

AP: I can't stand the guy. LOL  Actually I always admired his passion for the subject matter but also his willingness to discuss other points of view.

HV:  Luke Eberl is a young talent, but he’s already starred in a lot of projects, including Letters from Iwo Jima and Planet of the Apes.  Can you tell us something you enjoyed about working with Luke?

AP: Luke talks a mile a minute and he is a very bright guy, which worked well for us in a couple of scenes where we tried a little improv. 

HV: We always love to hear a good story from the set.  Was there a day or an event that happened during shooting that you’d like to share?

AP: There are always stories. Ones you can tell and ones that should remain where they came from. But seriously, there were no real stories except for oddities. Such as the water truck never arrived for the rain scenes so they had to make do with a couple of hoses hooked up to a couple of taps and then add CGI rain afterward. Or the fact that one day we were working in a building that adjacent was a building that doubled as a "church/meeting house” and that had emblazoned on the outside “Smoking is okay.  We support our tobacco industry.”

HV:  Final question.  You’re staying busy, with projects like Cold Fusion.  What’s next for Adrian Paul? Eyeborgs 2, perhaps?

AP: Who knows?  It may be acting, or producing one of the films from my company (, or even directing.  Not sure right now. But Eyeborgs 2 would be fun.

Thanks for taking the time, Adrian.  

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