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Debbie Rochon

Actress: "Dead and Rotting"
Interview by: 
Head Cheeze

 Hey Debbie! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! I heard you are on your way to Hawaii for a new film. Anything you can fill us in on?

I will be shooting 2 movies while there! Both Thrillers. I don't want to give away any surprises... but in one I get to exact a little scholar-esque revenge and in the other I play a cop who delves into an underground 'scene' trying to solve a series of murders that are happening!

Ahhh yes, a tropical island, a scantily clad Debbie Rochon, the sun sets against a tapestry of palm trees as we run down the white sandy beach to a hidden cove………….

Yes, we run excitedly into a hidden cove and you become very intimate with... the end of my knife!

Oh, sorry! I was…uh…somewhere else. We are currently running a contest here at Horrorview where we are giving away some signed copies of one of your latest films, Dead and Rotting. I really enjoyed that movie, but what I really want to know is what the hell is Quest for the Egg Salad?

Dead and Rotting is a great film by first time director David Barton. It was a lot of fun to make and I got to do all the fun stuff like give birth to pumpkin head fetuses! As far as the Eggsalad feature goes... it hasn't been shot yet and right now it looks like I might not be free when they're shooting so we'll see if I am in that one! But it's a parody of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings.

At last count, you were going to be starring or appearing in 15 films in 2002. Where do you find the energy? I mean, I can't even be bothered to look for matching socks.

It takes a lot of stamina! But the love of making the movies keeps you going. I really enjoy what I do so that makes it easier.

Your performance in American Nightmare was one of your best yet and seemed to be a step toward, dare I say it, mainstream cinema! Are you itching to be in the next English Patient, or are you happy to stay in our favorite genre?

I love horror movies but I would also love to make more money so yeah, it would be great to make bigger movies but stay in the horror field, preferably! I loved making American Nightmare I really had a very satisfying time creating that character!

You are obviously a sex symbol, I mean, with your long silky legs, soft pouting lips, dark piercing eyes and voluptuous curves. Ever been in prison?

Yes I was as a teenager! But I paid my dues and I'm out now and ready to make some movies. I don't want to go back.

We want to get to know the REAL Debbie Rochon. The Daily Debbie. Give us an example of what goes on an average day in your life, while we all sit back and imagine you doing this naked.

I get up, write, walk my dog, answer emails, book jobs then watch a movie or two and go to sleep. Exciting huh? LOL! (editors note: ...but naked? Oh yeah.....!)

A lot of folks know you as a talented actress, but you are also a very good writer! Tell us a little about that. Any novels or screenplays in the works?

Not yet. I will write a book one day when I have the time. I am so busy now making movies and doing con appearances I don't have the time. I do get in an article here and there though. I have written for a dozen or so different magazines world wide.

You're a New Yorker, which, by law, states you are my sworn sports enemy. The Red Sox will destroy the Yankees this year, and you will all stare in awe as the mighty Nomar Garciaparra becomes your new God. Will you bow before Nomar!?!

Go Yankees! (editors note: I smell fear!)

Upon visiting your "semi-official" website I noticed a link to an animal shelter. When I clicked the link I became teary eyed, fell to the floor and wept like a small child. Why, Debbie, why!?! Are you an animal activist, or are you like me and just "adopt" stray animals with reckless disregard for public health codes?

I love animals and donate money every month to various shelters. I have rescued animals before and I am sure I will continue to do so. I have a dog now but can't add any other animals at the moment because I travel so much it is very difficult.

Okay, now to delve into the mind of Debbie Rochon with some word association. I'll give you a word and, um… associate it with …something.

B-Movies - FUN

Hollywood - POLITICS

New York - HOME

Blondes - Clear nail polish

Nomar!!! - STRIKE!

Full Moon - PuppetMaster

Beer - Yuck

Television - Sci-Fi Channel

Censorship - Idiots!

Ralph Macchio- Where Are They Now?

Jello Shots - Vomit

Slightly overweight Horror Web Site Interview Guys - My Friends!

When you go on a date in your films they usually end with someone getting sliced to ribbons. This happens to me too, but the police have yet to catch on. What is a perfect date for Debbie Rochon in real life? Meanwhile, we will all be here taking notes in vain.

A perfect date is ordering in dinner and getting under the covers in my flannel jammies and watching 3 rental movies in a row.

So the whole "Let's watch Re-Animator and drink Corona" thing doesn't work for you either? Damnit, Debbie, what is it that women want, then, because that sounds like a helluva time to me?

Women want security! Why? Because they have a lot of insecurity and they need to balance it out. I don't know what women want because I don't even understand them!

Okay, time to get to the favorites! See; people like to see if they have stuff in common with famous people. This somehow makes our menial lives more enjoyable

Favorite Film: Taxi Driver

Favorite Horror Film: The Shining

Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

Favorite Director: Martin Scorcese

Favorite Food: Taco Salad

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: None

Favorite TV Show: The Sheild

Favorite Beverly Hillbilly: Jed

Favorite Band: Prince

Favorite Slightly overweight Horror Web Site Interview Guy: Horror View!

Debbie, you've been a real sport, and we wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. I'd like to close out the interview with the patented Horrorview 5 Questions.

What change would you make in the world today to make it a better place?

- Make it mandatory that everyone buy Dead and Rotting!

Shakira: Modern Pop Superstar or Charo for the MTV generation?


If you could bring back one deceased celebrity for one day, who would it be and why?

- Marilyn Monroe, and ask her if she overdosed or was she knocked off by a politician.

Do you really think that Joanie Loved Chachi, or was it just for the ratings?

- That bitch never loved anyone but herself! Ratings whore I say.

You, me, a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20. What are my chances?

Are there Lizards in Central Park? Does it snow on God's birthday? These are questions we may never know the answers to!

So that's a yes then? Woooo Hoooooooooooooooooo!

Horrorview would like to thank Debbie for being Debbie and the fine folks at Tempe for the hook-up!!