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Interview with Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc

The Victim/Aliens/The Terminator
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Hello, Horrorviewers! Catwalk here, just back from my viewing of the 2012 suspense-grindhouse-indie flick, The Victim, featuring Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. The Victim is a feature length film about a guy who just wants to be left the hell alone in his cabin in the woods (Biehn). Instead, he winds up called to justice, when a desperate, beautiful woman shows up on his doorstep, afraid for her life. Stars Michael and Jennifer were kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for our viewers. Welcome!

You guys have been really busy with your new production company, filming all over the globe, and making appearances at conventions. I know that The Victim was really inspired by the grindhouse genre and directors like Robert Rodriguez. Can you give us some details on how that genre influenced the writing and feel of the movie?

MB: Well, working with Robert you get so inspired and he makes you feel like you can just go out and do it that is what did. 3 weeks of writing while prepping. And a 12 day shoot.

JBB: Also the look of the film was inspired by Xavier Gens’ night look in his film, Frontiers.

Some aspects of a movie change during filmmaking. Give us a ballpark number. What percentage of the story was true to Reed Lackey’s original writing, and what percentage changed in the screenplay and script?

MB: It was a page one rewrite but Reed did have Kyle and all the characters [a]nd a vibe ...then I took that and worked with that and wrote the more grind house and Sexploitation. Having fun with the version that I wanted to portray with his characters.

JBB: Annie used to be Jennifer (named after Reed’s wife) but I wanted her named after my grandma. My grandpa used to call her Annie.

The women in the film are strippers; they’re already treated as objects by nature of their occupation. Was there a need to build an emotional connection between the male and female characters, or did it serve the grindhouse vibe more to keep the women somewhat objectified?

MB: I see it more in Annie’s case as her using what she has to survive. But also there is a statement on men; they make really stupid decisions around the idea of getting sex. If you look at the news, it happens all the time.

JBB: It didn't hurt to get in shape and show some body parts off for the grind house vibe.

A little behind-the-scenes here. I understand that Michael decided that the very naked sex scene would be shot on Day One. What was the effect on the cast and crew from that decision?

MB: I figured they would know we were serious and ready to go for it.

JBB: I think his niece, our niece Sydney, who was assistant to makeup and wardrobe is scarred. She was in front of the monitor when Michael disrobed and got a glimpse of ..............

A few more behind-the-scenes thoughts here. What inspired the video/photo montage of the cast and crew?

MB: In the end creds? We were gonna do it with actors then I thought no one has done this with their crew and they worked soooooo hard it also fit with the vibe of the movie.

JBB: Agreed.

A question I always love to ask. Give us one behind-the-scenes memorable moment during the shoot. What’s one event that you will never forget?

MB: When I got choked out because I tapped out too late.

JBB: That's the one I would say too.

[Cat note: Biehn insisted co-star Nathan Honey use a real choke hold in their fight scene. He failed to tap out quickly enough and Honey actually choked him to the point of unconsciousness. They revised the choke grip for the following takes.]

Next up for you guys is the film, Treachery, right? Give our readers a teaser on what to expect from that film?

MB: Well, Travis Romero who co-wrote White Collar wrote it and it is his first time directing. It's a drama with edge and some suspense in the story and who knows what else.

JBB: Good acting and good writing ....and shot in our home!

I want to thank our guests for their time. We certainly had fun catching up to this exciting acting/producing duo as they seek to scare audiences, drive the indie horror market, and build their fan base around the globe.

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