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Suzanne Glover Interview

Ninjas vs. Vampires
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Catwalk here with a friend of mine; emerging actress Suzanne Glover.  Suzanne is fresh off of her appearance in the Endlight Entertainment film, Ninjas vs. Vampires.  She was kind enough to take a few minutes to discuss what things were like on the set of a fast-paced flick that marries horror, martial arts and lots of comedy.  Welcome, Suzanne!

Let’s begin with a few obvious questions.  How did you become interested and involved with NVV?

SG: I actually became interested after watching the first film. I received an email for a casting call. I have always been interested in doing special effects and thought I should come to the audition and ask if they would want help with that. Turns out that they didn’t need much help with special effects but they asked if I wanted to audition. I made it through the first round but not the second. I then showed up to the extras casting to do some green screen shots. I got in my first outfit; (kind of a punk vampire) they shot the scene they needed.  I put on the second outfit (the executive one) and the crew got all excited. They talked to Justin and he agreed with them that he liked the look and wanted to add me into the script as “the executive vampire.” So there it was.

How surprised (if at all) were you that you landed a role in the film?

SG: I was completely shocked. I was just messing around.

Tell our readers a little bit about your character, described on IMDB as the Executive Vampire? Did you get an Executive Assistant to boss around?

SG: No, I had no executive Assistant cause that was pretty much my job. “The executive vampire” is the oldest vampire in the house and the liaison between the coven and the old ones. All she does is document. She likes to observe but doesn’t care really to get involved. She does what she’s told because she has no motivation to do otherwise… yet.

Writer/Director Justin Timpane had a pretty aggressive schedule. What were the hours like when filming NVV?

SG: They were pretty crazy. Long hours but the cast a crew were great and a lot of fun.

From our conversations, you had a few things you had to do off-camera.  Care to discuss any of those and how you fell into those tasks?

SG: Yeah, my real passion is the mostly offset. I Love special effects. I hope I can do that one day on another film. I did get to do some makeup on this film but not much.  I also got to do the lighting and sound for most of the scenes in the dungeon area. It was great learning all the techniques needed to make a film run smoothly and I think the product worked out great!

Ok, let’s switch gears.  You’ve watched the finished product. From what I heard, you feel pretty good about your appearances on screen.  Give our readers one or two things that give you confidence after watching the film.

SG: I was completely stoked that I didn’t look huge. I was concerned since that’s all you ever hear is that you gain at least 10lbs on camera but I didn’t. Thanks to wearing a corset I didn’t have that problem.

This is your first film appearance.  Would you be open to similar/additional roles? If so, where do you look for new roles?

SG: I would be open to doing more movies both behind and in front of the camera. I would love to be in a werewolf flick. Just working on the costumes would be pretty spectacular for me.

Can you tell our readers your favorite story or experience working on NVV?

SG: I think my favorite moment was behind the camera when I was working on the sound and lighting in the dungeon. We had a hell of a time lighting some of those scenes due to the location. The guys were great. I had to crawl through some rusty pipes and climb up some crazy rafters to get lights hung in the right place. I like getting dirty so it was no big deal. The crew was great, a real team. I loved it.

Ok, enough time under the interrogation lamp.  We appreciate your time and I’m sure our viewers look forward to your next appearance in front of the camera.  Any parting words for all the Horrorviewers out there?

SG: Yeah, Just keep trying; you never know what just may happen. Hope you all enjoy the movie!

Thanks, Suzanne.  Till next time, this is Catwalk.  Can’t wait for more from the Ninjas franchise, and from Suzanne.