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The Ghouligans

Comedy Troupe - "The Ghouligans"
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In the never-ending swarm of budget indy horror flicks, it’s rare to get something so off the wall and out of the norm that it makes you fall out of my chair laughing.  “The Ghouligans!” did exactly that by about the eight minute mark.

The DVD is a compilation of episodes of “The Ghouligans!”  The series is an ongoing bit by the Long Island-based comedy troupe, The Slack Pack.  Essentially there are four characters; the vampire, the ghoul, the wolf man and the Frankenstein.  The entire series is shot in black and white, and is as campy as it gets, based on the Munsters or the Addams Family.

Mike Koscik, better known as Boris in the shorts, was cool enough to take the time to answer a few questions about the Ghouligans!

HV: Boris, I have to ask, what the hell inspired the idea for the skit in the first place, and yes, illicit drug use is an acceptable answer.

MK: The Slack Pack has always been inspired by classic television sitcom comedies. We started out doing skits and comedy shorts for our own local public access show “ Slacker T.V. “The Ghouligans evolution occurred from our creative love for campy comedies and classic horror. Not so much “ Illicit “ drug use.

Count Farnham really gets the most screen time out of the bunch.  Is his difficulty actually enunciating while wearing the fangs intentional or just a comedic side-effect that became part of the series?

Count Farnham will tell you those are his real teeth, but they are fakes. It embarrasses him, but he lost his real fangs in a bar fight. Actually, Void , the zombie , still has his all of his  real teeth. Out of all the Ghouligans, Void  is everybody’s favorite monster. Who wouldn’t love a terminally depressed slow zombie burnout ?

Wolfgang is really my kind of guy, and I type that with one hand while the other holds a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. How did he come about as the partying werewolf?

Wolfgang is the definition of party animal. He’s the cool ghoul everybody wants to party with. He needs to party, he lives off it! Wolfgang is that crazy, rock n’ roll, howling mad monster that is trapped inside the every day man. Just like you, daddy , howl at the moon!

Do you guys find inspiration from other troupes or just wing the whole thing?  I mentioned in my review there’s a lot of the Broken Lizard (Club Dread, Super Troopers, Beerfest) to what you guys do, and I mean that as a huge compliment.

We have been producing television and movies for over ten years. It has been a learning process along the way, and our friends have been a big support to us. We have always put forth a D.I.Y. vibe and have attempted to create our own scene. Although, the Broken Lizard stuff is funny, we were more influenced by such comedies troupes like “ The State” .

I’d be shot in the head by a few guys I know if I didn’t ask about the gorgeous women who support the Ghouligans!  Care to give up some info?

The Ghouligirls are the hippest hotties in the graveyard. Monster bitches that love to groove. Rumor has it, that they are all in love with Boris!

What inspired the move to put these skits together into DVD form?

The DVD was assembled to introduce The Ghouligans, and their many possible adventures to the world. The abundance of short skits on the DVD gives the viewer  a quick injection of each character.

You guys have received a lot of good press.  Anything in particular stand out as a big accomplishment for you in terms of notoriety or recognition?

Any person willing to take the time to review our independent productions , should be the one getting the notoriety. We cherish any and all reviews of our materials .I would say most of the horror conventions that we have been working, has brought the most recognition. People react in so many different ways to The Ghouligans. Some love the idea, some are confused by it, and most people just think its fun. It’s great just to get the name out there.

Feel free to plug away here, but what’s next from The Slack Pack and the Ghouligans?

The Slack Pack Productions is presently developing a television pilot script for “The Ghouligans!” to be shot in early spring 2007.  Our goal is to eventually roll this ghastly concept into a groovy half –hour sitcom. With any luck, it will transform into a mad monster hit.  Watch out, here come The Ghouligans!

The Slack Pack has recently completed its first full length feature movie” Freaks, Nerds and Romantics” A movie about the passions and the struggles of  local New York  punk rock band , trying to create their own scene.

You can check out our websites for information on all materials.

Thanks a ton for taking the time, Boris.  

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