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42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection - Volume 2

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As I have often said, old porno never dies; it just gets repackaged and sold in bulk form on another medium for ten cents on the dollar of the original market price.  This review is for the 42nd STREET FOREVER COLLECTION: VOLUME 2. I suppose this is a ponderous title for what amounts to fifteen silent, short sex films that used to play in peep show booths back in the sixties and seventies. Let us take a virtual visit to the recently 42nd street adult film theater and try to convince ourselves that spilled popcorn butter is the ONLY reason why the floors always seem so sticky.

This is the second installment of this “PEEP SHOW” series I have reviewed thus far, so I will struggle to keep things fresh.   What a word is “fresh”, conjuring up images of youth, beauty, and the unspoiled; chaste things never before beheld.  Perhaps this is a direct antonym of Volume 2, which contains two more hours (fifteen short films) of the same filthy, hairy, extremely graphic sex acts by a litany of largely unwashed anonymous players plus a scene with John Holmes, Candida Royale, and a few other noteworthy adult film stars from forty years ago? 

Nonetheless, once again these films appear sans sound or musical accompaniment whatsoever except for the telltale “rattle trap” cacophony of an original 8mm projector which will take some of us back to our days of watching films in elementary school in the 70’s (though sadly, our sex education films were never like this).  For maximum pleasure, I suggest you watch it with the sound off and insert your own soundtrack courtesy of an old Chicago/ Foreigner Greatest Hits CD, (or any other seventies era top forty band whose every song was about bad love affairs or good sex, usually both)   

What makes an adult film hot? This is a question that I have answered to some degree once a week for many years now, and yet the answer (of course) is subjective depending on the viewer.  If you think that cramming as many sex acts into a two hour fifteen film silent compilation as possible sounds scintillating, with no plot development visible whatsoever than the repeated script of “We meet, we’re naked, we’re doing it, and KABOOM he’s done/she needs a tissue.” Well this may be exactly what you are looking for.  Keep in mind that these short films were originally designed to offer a complete experience ($2.00 for 15 minutes) back in the days of the peep show booth, so understandably, the action doesn’t exactly beat around the bush (insert your own vulgar pun here…I am saving up for the finale)

As always there is no real difference between the types of content here and the films of Volume 1, but I will say that Volume 2 does seem to have an awful lot of lesbian sex in it.  Have you ever watched orangutans meticulously picking tiny pink ticks off one another and eatimg them, for sport, sustenance, or as an unmistakable gesture of goodwill?  Watching two 1970’s lesbians desperately pawing at each other’s loins to find each other’s “naughty spot” within each other’s dense “hair diaper” of a bikini region is more than a little like that, and oddly enough, somehow,  even more poignant. Now that’s some vintage monkey love, right there.

Extras include a liner notes by Robin Bougie where he talks about the mystique of these films era.

It’s good to see the little known heroic tale “of lonely men from previous decades paying to jack off in in closets on the worst side of town” finally being treated with the due reverence it deserves. 

Still, these films do pack a wallop, provided you know what to expect.

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