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Abduction.../Winter Heat Double Feature

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Vinegar Syndrome
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Dave Watts
Claude Goddard
Shelly Turner
Sue Rowan
Jamie Gillis
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When porno is vintage enough it often comes in double feature form for one low special price.  Vinegar Syndrome seems to be establishing quite a name with its twofer assortments.  Let us go back to the early seventies and lose ourselves in the gigantic pubic manes as well as the indiscriminate moral tangle of “consent optional” coitus featured in these two sample roughies based on kidnapping and hostage situations. After all, who can resist? 

Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)

This one is not as nasty as it sounds at first so please finish the review before passing judgment. Will and Fred are two broke losers who decide that they don’t have the money necessary to get themselves a hot piece of ass.  Of course this is easily remedied when they spy a pretty woman named Jackie coming out of a store and they decide to kidnap her, have their way with her and hold her for ransom.  Because this is an adult film I must admit that the two men actually do force themselves upon her, though only for a moment. It turns out that Jackie is so damned insatiable that both of the men struggle to keep up with her sexually even after all the breakfasts that she cooks for them in the morning.  On top of this, Jackie begins to blackmail the men into pleasing her sexually or she will go to the police herself and get them put away for life.  Complicating matters, Jackie’s sister soon shows up with the ransom money and the two women trick the men out of the loot, steal their car and use the money to go on a carnal spree of their own. If you can get beyond the first few deeply misogynistic moments of this, the rest of the film is truly a testament to the wicked vengeance that comes from a woman scorned. Seriously, it was surprisingly slapstick and soft.

Winter Heat (1976)

This one is more slap than tickle, though its basic theme is similar. Four violent drifters who look chillingly like carbon copy characters from the original film THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT terrorize a small group of women and a cabin and sexually accost them.  I won’t go into details here except to say that some of the scenes were almost convincing.  At the end it does seem that the girls have made peace with their captors and one of them even spouts the same revolutionary nonsense that the leader once did, but this is a tacked on ending designed to make it seem a little less bleak, and “Stockholm syndromey”.  While not openly physically violent, the dialogue and sex scenes are incredibly coercive in tone and fans of vintage stuff who like it simply because of its roughness probably will want this one just for that.

I just want it to be said that I openly recognize and respect that one of the most offensive stereotypes is the myth women that can eventually enjoy being raped and come to care for their captors. Oddly enough, both of these films seem to embrace this incredibly controversial and false premise which will piss off many modern adult film aficionados of either sex. This is why I have to knock a skull off of the grand total because films like this are not for most modern day fans of adult film and I recognize and respect that scenes of sexual violence may not be a “good time” for all, no matter if they feature tidy endings where everyone is now friends.  This being said, I think it packs quite a wallop for $15.00 double feature, academically speaking, of course.

Special features include a trailer for ABDUCTION OF AN AMERICAN PLAYGIRL.

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