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After Party Massacre

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Advance Screener
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Kristoff Bates
Kyle Severn
Scarlett Von Sinn
Kyle Severn
Assorted Victims
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After Party Massacre is a disgusting, loud, blood-curdling, dirty, violent flick filled with sex, gore, filth and lots and lots of heavy metal. It’s a sick ride cut right out of today’s metal scene. Only once this concert is over, so are most of the characters.

APM is set during a show featuring thrash, death metal and every flavor in between. I’ve been to gigs that look exactly like this concert from Minnesota to Myrtle Beach, and I’m sure the filmmakers have, too.  This film is targeted at the kids who love this music, because they also usually love grisly slasher flicks and tattooed chicks in short skirts.

The story follows Scarlett, one of the fans in the show who gets trapped backstage and assaulted by a fucked up fan. She returns the favor with a sledgehammer, and the slaughter begins. The next 77 minutes alternate between sex, gore, tattoos, piercings, and a ton of cleverly staged kills. The common thread is an endless stream of music as violent and aggressive as the killings.

The film’s stream of gore is handled well by Screamline Studios and Anatomy FX. The first kill starts with a penis dismemberment, and things just get bloodier from there. The vibrator scene is particularly memorable.

APM is for the all-American male, or for metal chicks who would love to see a bunch of people killed. My initial thought was that APM is a male-dominated movie, because Scarlett is the only girl in the movie who isn’t just a fuck toy. Then I realized the guys are just as one dimensional.  It’s all about sex, gore and heavy ass music.

The action rolls on to tunes by bands like 16 Volt, Acheron, Asphyx, Banished from Inferno, Be My Enemy, Cardiac Arrest, Cyanotic, Defcon, Denial Fiend, Divine Eye, Estuary, Everything Goes Cold, Fatalist, Feral, Funerus, Goreaphobia, Gravehill, Keratoma, Left Spine Down, Lifeless, Master, and Ventana.

APM is a celebration of heavy metal wrapped in a gore-filled horror gift basket. The DVD includes two versions of the film, marked “Death” and “Metal” so even after a case of beers, you can grab the right version. Soulless and Incantation both perform live in the film and over a dozen other bands fill the most extensive thrash soundtrack in recent memory.

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