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Anthropophagous: The Beast

Review by: 
Krug Stillo
Release Date: 
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Directed by: 
Joe D'Amato
Tisa Farrow
Luigi Meontefiori
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The late film director, Aristride Massaccesi had more psuedonyms than I can even begin to remember. One of his most famous was “Joe D’Amato”, beneath which he produced numerous sexploitation films, mostly starring Laura Gemser (Black Emmannuel) followed by a string of gruesome horrors, the first of which was The Erotic Nights of the Living Dead.

Anthropophagous: The Beast remains banned in the UK today as being liable to deprave and corrupt. In all honesty, it is just a gruesome, one-man zombie film. A family are shipwrecked and, in order to survive, the father suggests eating their offspring. Not very pleased with this idea, his wife throws herself onto his fishing knife. He eats them both and by the time the dingey arrives at a Greek island he has become a cannibalistic maniac, butchering and eating all those who get in his way; definitely worthy of the name, The Beast.

A group of travelers arrive on the island only to find it abandoned. That’s one hell of an appetite the Beast has. He chows down on the group until only two remain. He’s about to murder one when the other comes along and kills him with a pitchfork. Refusing to die with an empty stomach, the Beast decides to munch upon his spilt intestines before he falls to the ground, dead.

The gore highlights include:

A) One chap who is so enraptured in his own walkman (check out those headphones) that he fails to notice the Beast creeping up on him until a hatchet is planted in his skull;

B) Another chap has his throat torn out by the Beast’s ferocious bite.

C) A severed head turns up in a bucket of sea water; and

D) Zora Kerova (Cannibal Ferox & New York Ripper) has her throat sliced.

Don’t let Anthropophagous: The Beast’s reputation, plus these gory factors fool you though. In its entirety the film can occasionally be quite tedious. The music, cinematograpy and script really aren’t much to brag about so certain horror fanatics may feel disappointed with the film.

I've intentionally left out the infamous baby fetus-eating scene from the aforementioned gore list. Why? Because this is probably the only reason the film is banned. Whilst watching this scene, the film reaches a more disgusting level. I, for one, lost control of my jaw when I initially saw this. It isn’t that gory but the idea of such an act, which thankfully was never repeated in another film, still has the potential to disturb.

Worthy of its cult following, if you’re into this sort of thing. A lot of people preferred the sequel, Absurd (AKA The Monster Hunter) which more an Italian version of Halloween than a sequel to this standing-by-itself horror movie. Whatever you do, avoid the Medusa release of Absurd ‘cause it’s cut to pieces. Go for the uncut Monster Hunter version .

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